Travel agency softwares

travel agency softwares

How To Name Your Agency Hey, I’m Monique, and I’m here to help you on your journey of creating an effective agency name. I will provide plenty of insights into how to use the Agency Name Generator to your advantage. As you read on, you can expect to find a name analysis of large agency firms operating in various sectors, a step guide on how to name your agency business, and our top tips to consider when curating an effective agency business name.

20 Agency Name Ideas To kickstart your search for the perfect name, you • Advertising Agent • Agent Allies • Opportune Organization • MaxiMarketing • Campaign Crusader • Tranquil Travel Agency • Accelerate Administration • SEO Saints • Solution Strategists • Reclaim Recruitment • Agency Outright • Concord Campaigns • Travelgenics • Jackpot JobSolutions • Oracle Organization • Career Compound • A+ Agency • Travel Eagle • Advertisement Intelligence • Marketing Advocate Agency 20 More Agency Name Ideas • Placement Pros • Oasis Travel • Advantage Agency • Sleek Solutions • Head Start • Message Mavens • Speedy Getaways • Emoville Agency • Royalty Travel Systems • HeadHunters • Scirizon Media • Nexus Marketing • Hype Advertising • Pegasus Travel Agency • Accurafind Agency • Catered Career • Target The Pitch • Choice Campaigns • Double Click Digital • Right Recruiting Best Real-world Agency Business Names To gain a deeper understanding of successful agency business names, I looked into some of the world’s leading agencies.

Keep reading to find out how business owners named these companies and why it works for them. MetaDesign The creative design agency founded by Erik Spiekermann, MetaDesign is a highly pronounceable two-syllable name. Meta can be an acronym for ‘most effective tactics available,’ which suggests strategic designs are made here. Shutterstock Shutterstock is an ingenious combination of industry terms that speaks directly to its target audience of photographers and filmmakers. While the shutter is a key camera feature, stock refers to stock photographs.

Elite Model Management The term ‘Elite’ instantly tells clients that the agency works with the finest models. Equally, it establishes itself as a superior agency in the sector. The name is highly brandable with the melodic use of alliteration that travel agency softwares states the agency’s intentions. Saatchi & Saatchi The leading ad agency’s name unites the founding brothers, Charles and Maurice Saatchi’s surname.

Not only does the unique travel agency softwares stand out, but it reflects a premium service. Expedia Group ‘Expedia’ merges ‘Explore’ with ‘Speed’ which links directly with its core value of offering easy-to-book getaways.

It bodes well with the demographic of people seeking affordable, hassle-free vacations. The name is incredibly memorable as it is pronounced exactly how it is spelled. How to name your agency in 5 simple steps The name of your agency can have a total impact on the way your business is perceived. These simple steps can help you methodically develop an agency business name you are proud of. 1. Decide your agency type The term agency is broadly used to name businesses situated in an extensive range of sectors.

The aim here is to identify keywords that relate to the industry you are entering. While you may wish to describe your agency in literal terms, using suggestive keywords can differentiate you from your competitors. To get you started, I have found a selection of words you can use for common agency types: • Marketing: Communications, campaign, media. • Design: Creative, branding, vision. • Recruitment: Personnel, executive, career.

• Modeling: Management, talent, scout. • Advertisement: Group, promotion, acceleration. • Photographic: Studio, photography, capture. 2. Insert keywords into the Agency Business Name Generator Once you have established your keywords, you can enter them individually into the Agency Name Generator.

Feel free to adjust the settings per word using the filtered taskbar on the left-hand side. Ensure to tick the ‘rhythmic’ button when travel agency softwares inspiration for alliterated names. Your goal is to curate a list of potential names that could represent your business. 3. Shortlist your ideas Now you should possess a substantial list of contending names to analyze. Carefully consider how your target audience may perceive each term.

Research each word to discover what it represents and eliminate words that can be misunderstood or taken out of context. During this stage, you can ask yourself the following questions: • Does this name represent who we are as an agency?

• Is the name simple and easy to remember? • Are clients likely to misspell this name? • Does this word combination work effectively as a hybrid? • Does the title convey relevant meaning? 4. Complete market research The name of your organization has the power to attract potential clients. Therefore, it is essential to find out how your target market may react to your final options.

Consider reaching out to previous connections that work in the same field as your business. You can also gain first-hand opinions from potential clients who may best relate to the words used.

Aim to prioritize professional figures over friends and family as your feedback may be more direct and constructive. 5. Check availability As we reach our final stage, you may have travel agency softwares 2-4 options left. Before selecting your winning name, you will need to check each option’s availability online.

To save time, you can use our domain name checker, accessible through our Agency Name Generator. You will also need to determine whether you have incidentally included any Trademarked words using the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). Unfortunately, you will need to deduct names that have been Trademarked or are already taken.

5-Tips for creating unique Agency Business name ideas As you follow my handy guided steps, you may wish to bear these top tips in mind.

1. How to create a memorable name The key to sustaining a practical business is employing a memorable agency name. To achieve this, aim to include words that are easy to pronounce. You can practice this at home by speaking potential options aloud to see how well they roll off the tongue. Memorable names usually contain at least one of these features: • Use abbreviated or rhythmic word combinations (use the Organization Name Generator to get started!) • Suggestive terms that help consumers understand what the agency offers • Industry-relevant terminology • Easy spelling 2.

Use acronyms If your intended name is slightly longer, you may wish to use acronyms, like 72% of the best brand names operating today. As you construct an abbreviation, consider whether the letter combination is melodic and pronounceable as a word.

For example, clients can speak the acronym featured in ‘M&C Saatchi’ swiftly. Combined with Saatchi, the brand sounds rhythmic when spoken aloud. Aim to use a maximum of 3 letters that contain just one syllable. 3. Review your competitors Conduct a competitor analysis to determine which words industry giants may use. For an idea of branding, review how each organization incorporates the agency travel agency softwares into its logo. You can also gauge industry-favorite words.

For example, many popular large advertising agencies use the word ‘Group,’ which evidently bodes well with clients. Consider taking note of overused words, as this may help you identify a niche in the market.

While it is important to stand out from your competitors, aim to maintain relevance to the industry. 4. Avoid customizing words just to create a unique name When another organization has taken your preferred potential name, it can be tempting to play around with hybridizing words or altering the spelling.

While this can be frustrating, it is essential to maintain sight of your core values travel agency softwares how you wish to be represented. If customizing your name makes it less memorable, consider heading back to the drawing board. An example of this situation may be adding an additional ‘D’ to ‘Career Compound’ to create ‘CareerCompoundd.’ Although this may be available, the extra ‘D’ adds little value to the brand and looks misspelled.

5. Keep it short and simple After reviewing numerous brand names, you may have noticed that many agencies stick to names containing 2-3 words. The reason for this is that longer names often get lost in translation and are less memorable. As a comparison, a long agency name may be Total Career Development and Recruitment Agency. Instead, you could use something like Career Core Agency, or CCA for short. Relevant name generators and articles Related: Talent Agency Names Related: Recruitment Agency Names Related: Creative Agency Names Related: How To Start A Travel Agency Set Your Prices Quickly build quotes, bids, and estimates with our flexible estimate block.

With optional line-items, optional quantities, taxes, discounts and more, you can quickly represent your products and services in a polished and readable format. Organize all your products and services in the Pricing Catalog for instant recall.

Get It Signed Close the deal faster with integrated e-Signatures. Place signatures, initials, and text field elements throughout your proposal wherever you need prospects to take action and your prospect is guided through a quick acceptance workflow to complete their acceptance.

Counter-signing support is also included. Template Travel agency softwares Travelers want to be excited about the trip they have planned and saved up for. An elegant, visual proposal will show them the adventure in store for them with your company. Our travel proposal template includes sections for your company’s experience, the client’s itinerary, travel insurance, and other important trip details.

Benefits • Make use of a convincing and professional travel proposal that will get potential customers thrilled over a dream holiday. • Persuade prospective clients that you are the right travel agency for them by listing travel agency softwares tour offerings, industry partners, awards, and other unique selling points.

• Fuel travelers’ desire for a vacation with romantic and idyllic descriptions of travel destinations. • Present a transparent and easy-to-understand itinerary pricing list that itemizes all costs associated with the client’s chosen itinerary.

About Us Travel can be an expensive activity, which is why travelers want to make absolutely sure that they are dealing with the right travel agency. This section allows you to make a convincing case for your company by serving as travel agency softwares about your agency’s history, your crew’s travel industry experience, your portfolio of itineraries, your industry partners, and your awards. Destination Details No proposal from a travel agency would be complete without relevant information regarding the destinations and itineraries being offered.

Here, you are presented with an opportunity to inspire prospective clients to travel to these picturesque locations by describing each destination in the best way possible.

Itinerary Pricing In this section, you can create a straightforward itinerary pricing schedule that catalogs all the costs associated with each tour or itinerary. These can include the airfare, the hotel transfer or car rental, the travel insurance, and all individual activities included in the itinerary. Travel Insurance Travel insurance is an important consideration that not only protects travelers from medical emergencies but also from trip cancellations, loss of belongings, and other unforeseen circumstances.

In this section, you can provide the details and inclusions of the insurance product you are offering to your clients. Terms and Agreement Travel arrangements can often be very complicated and can constitute numerous details pertaining to bookings, payments, documentations, and many other things. It is important that your agency and your customers understand your obligations to each other, which is why you need to have this clear-cut terms and agreement section to remind yourselves of these relevant details.

Accept and Sign This section finalizes the agreement between your agency and the customer. A travel agency is a group of people or a single professional who has unique insight and knowledge into tourist destinations, travel modes, climates, and other areas of hospitality service. They have established networks with travel partners to ensure that customers are getting the best bang for their buck when on vacation.

One travel agency softwares the ways travel agencies obtain clients is through digital and traditional marketing methods. However, getting prospects into the door is the first step. You must then nurture your leads further by helping them create the vision for which they are searching under terms and conditions they can easily understand. A great way to approach both of these processes is by having a high-quality, well-rounded travel proposal template in tow.

A travel agency proposal template allows you to create a cohesive document that enables you to share with clients your services processes, packages you offer, and estimates based on their needs.

Presenting them with a proposal for travel agency business is sure to “wow” them than compared to other agencies who are likely just using a Microsoft Word document. Introducing your travel agency in this manner is smart. In this travel agency proposal template guide, the Proposable team helps you understand the most imaginative and professional ways that you can use to put your best face forward. The phases—or lifecycle—of the sale process for travel agents demands your undivided attention with a focus on the customer’s needs.

From the initial outreach to sending quotes to the sale, you have a lot to accomplish within a very short window of time. Here are the eight steps in the sales cycle to keep in mind as you develop your service process: • Identify your target market • Build trust as an authority • Determine the needs of your customers • Select the appropriate travel options • Present them to your customers • Help them work through challenging objections • Close the sale • Follow-up with your customers If that sounds a bit overwhelming, take reassurance in knowing that you can manage this aspect better with the right documents in place and a little bit of careful planning.

A travel agency quote template is a great way to get started. You will likely find several types of travel agency business proposal letter and travel agency proposal to client documents online. From the suite of Microsoft products, you can generate a travel proposal template Word or travel quotation format in Excel document. In Google, you have a little more flexibility in terms of collaborative tools to work directly with your clients to make real-time changes in your travel agency business proposal letter PDF or travel agency business proposal letter sample.

However, some travel agencies find these tools to be still cumbersome. Using a travel agency proposal PDF in proposal templating software includes so much more. From one single location, you can create dynamic travel agency email examplestravel agency forms templates PDF documents, or even a travel agency quotation format in Word that you can later export.

No longer do you have to dread the necessary component of creating a travel agency letter to customer or travel agency quotation letter every time you need to secure a new client. Software solutions, like Proposable, get it done for you. Corporate travel is the bread-and-butter of a travel agency.

These clients are great since they will utilize your services regularly on large ticket items and volumes. As such, you will also have to meet the specific needs of these high-end clients. Everything that you do during the sales lifecycle matters as they will evaluate you for how you take care of them.

Putting together the right corporate travel proposal template for your corporate travel proposal is the first step toward meeting this goal. You can create a beautiful, concise document that lets them know you came to play ball. Here are a few elements to include, whether you need a travel agency proposal for corporates or a travel agency introduction letter to hotel : • Cover page • About us • Destination details • Itinerary pricing • Travel insurance • Terms & agreement • Digital signature and datelines In the next section, we will reveal how email marketing is useful for travel agents and how you can find a few templates to get you started.

Email marketing is an effective sales tool for travel agencies. When executed well, the ROI on your email marketing campaigns will pay for themselves ten-fold. As a travel agency, you can use email marketing to attract new business, highlight travel specials, and any other service you want travel agency softwares offer to frequent and sporadic travelers alike.

In short, it is an eye-catching and cost-efficient way to market your services to your prospects, leads, and customers. There are a few sites you can look at to find free travel email templates. Email marketing travel examples are in abundance through any email marketing company, Microsoft Word, Google, and premium proposal templating software. However, the best travel emails c ome from templating software, like Proposable.

Not only can you store and manage your proposal in the cloud, but you can also integrate with Gmail to help you deliver PDF documents via email. There are no restrictions on what to create or how you can sell your travel agency services. Starting your travel agency is a bit more cost-effective since you do not have to buy products or store them in a warehouse somewhere.

Instead, you need to focus on different aspects that align with the hospitality industry. Developing a travel agency business plan doc and presenting it as a travel agency business plan PPT is a great way to attract investors and reassure banks that you are a professional person. If you need help getting started, you can find a sample business proposal for travel agency PDF or online travel agency business plan PDF to help you mirror what other successful companies do to attract new money.

A few areas to focus on include finance, marketing, human resources, customer service, and technology management. When you can show a bank that you keenly understand the various aspects of business ownership, you are more likely to receive approval for funding. Be sure to devote extra attention to your accounting procedures and marketing plan.

These two elements are what manage and generate money, which means that banks will appreciate your attention-to-detail in this area as well. A sponsorship proposal is a document to use when you are seeing sponsors for any event.

You can use a sponsorship proposal template in case you decide to elevate your travel agency services for a corporate client. A good proposal for event sponsorship letter sample includes: • Cover page • The event • Benefits of sponsorship • Sponsorship travel agency softwares • Terms & conditions • Digital signature and date lines If you are considering adding sponsorship to your list of services, you may find it helpful to work alongside sponsorship proposal examples when developing a sponsorship proposal letter or sponsorship proposal template free document.

Make sure that you use a document that makes sense for the type of event you are attempting to attract. For example, television sponsorship will benefit from a tv show sponsorship proposal template. By following the information and advice in this guide, you are sure to leverage the power that the travel agency industry has to travel agency softwares.

While it is hard work keeping track of everything on your never-ending to-do list, nothing feels better than being your boss while doing something you love.
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Without it, you could end up buying materials or cable you don’t need, building something that’s too big, or wasting critical time during load in working out minute details.

travel agency softwares

So instead, we plan. And there are a few amazing lighting and stage design software that can help with this process. Lets look at the 5 essential lighting & stage design software available today! (Hint: several of these are free.) SketchUp Free (Pro Version – $695) Easily the most popular among the church creative arts community, this software was developed by the team at Google, and now run by Trimble as a great travel agency softwares level design software for 3d environments.

With a wealth of online tutorials and a large user base, this will be one of those stage design software’s that will be easy to learn and grow from others’ experience. Did we mention they have a free version that still has a TON of features? You can grab the free software details here. VectorWorks $395 – $2945 Among the most powerful stage design softwares we’ll list here, with the full features of a 3d drawing program, specifically designed for the entertainment, lighting and stage designer communities.

This program is the “bee’s knees” as far as features, and if you’re really serious about your designs, this may be the program for you. VectorWorks is used by some of the top stage and scenic designers (including the designer of the recent Justin Timberlake tour!) but it comes with quite the price tag.

Click here to learn more about this software.

travel agency softwares

AutoCad $1575-2755/year AutoCad is arguably the industry standard in the architectural and industrial engineering fields. For more professional stage design and lighting designers, they would use a program like this to lay out rigging points, design the structural elements of their design and compliment a program like VectorWorks.

This program is not for the faint of heart, and will require a significant amount of training and learning. Click here to learn more about this stage design software: AutoCad.

LXFree Free If you’re not looking for a true visualization software, but instead a plotting software to map out your lighting, signal flow and DMX addresses, then maybe LXFree is for you.

The purpose of this program is to plot out your lighting fixtures in a theatrical or live production environment. Download the free program here (Sorry their website doesn’t have much detail). Stage Plot Pro $39.99 As stage designers, you can’t just look at the aesthetics of a stage, but also the layout (and placement) of key musicians, singers, pastors and other people.

This stage design software will help you with those elements specifically. Especially if you constantly have different setups, or are using a worship space for a variety of ministries, this application may become useful for you as you make stage plots for each band/ministry. Check out the free trial here. Wysiwyg $900-5700+ Quite possibly the most recognized and used stage design software in the professional world of lighting and video production, Wysiwyg is a very powerful design program.

With the ability to bring in Cad files, along with a variety of other formats, this program has great power and functionality. Learn more here. Capture $460+ Distributed by Elation Professional lighting, Many would argue that it’s relatively easy to learn, simple to use, but powerful in design features. One of the things that makes Capture stand out is it’s vast library of design elements for those in the lighting and stage design fields. Click here for more details. There travel agency softwares have it!

5 great stage design softwares that you should consider if you deal with stage design and lighting design on a regular basis. Of course, you can always use pen and paper! (p.s. check out this custom SALT ModNotebook… where you get FREE Digitization of all your notes, including shipping travel agency softwares, with every purchase.

That’s a stage designer’s best friend! click here to view the ModNotebook.) Let us know what software you use and like the most! Luke McElroy Luke McElroy is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to TripleWide Media, SALT Conferences and Orange Thread LIVE. Author of several books including most recently released Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling.

Hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine in 2013, Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful worship environments for thousands of Church communities throughout the entire world. He currently lives in Nashville, TN and regularly writes about creativity, travel agency softwares and faith at More posts by Luke McElroy Elevation Worship began as the musical arm of the Elevation Church, a multi-site church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that was founded in 2006 by pastor Steven Furtick.

The group was originally formed around the musical core of Chris Brown, Mack Travel agency softwares, and Wade Joye, all of whom sang and played guitar, while Furtick contributed to their songwriting. While a shifting cast of instrumentalists worked with Elevation Worship, singers, Brown and Brock would become two of their on-stage focal points and a number of other vocalists were featured, including Jenna Barrientes, Jonsal Barrientes, London Gatch, Anna Sailors, and Jane Williams.

× The multi-generational family band—consisting of brothers Ed Cash and Scott Cash, Ed’s daughter Franni, his son Martin and dear friend Andrew Bergthold—grew roots when the Cash brothers were just kids. Their dad played guitar, and their mom played piano, resulting in a home filled with music.

Despite there being an eleven year age gap between them, as both Ed and Scott entered their teens and early 20s, they embarked on similar individual journeys as touring artists and had the opportunity to be deeply involved in the ministry of Young Life.

However, when they each became fathers, the dream of being an artist was relegated to put on the back burner. Instead, behind the scenes, Ed went on to become an award-winning songwriter and producer, steering records for artists like Chris Tomlin, Crowder and Bethel Music and co-writing timeless songs like “How Great Is Our God,”“Amen (Because He Lives)” and “All My Hope,” among other hits.

After stepping off of the road to spend more time with his growing family, Scott began working with Ed writing and producing, and the brothers have written many songs together including “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”. Though no longer pursuing careers as artists, both brothers continued to lead worship and remained involved in playing music at Travel agency softwares Life camps.

They never could have imagined how, years later, God would bring their artist dreams full circle in the form of a family band. “I think many producers are, in some way, closet artists,” Ed attests. Andrew, Franni and Martin were also aspiring musicians, passionate about sharing their gifts through songs and stories. × Worship Leader, singer and songwriter Tim Timmons is a man of faith whose principles were tested by hard luck and mortal challenges before he produced his first album of praise & worship music.

Coming back from a dramatic cancer diagnosis, Timmons forged a career as an inspirational recording artist with albums like 2013’s Cast My Cares and 2015’s Awake Our Souls, later venturing into children’s music with 2017’s Who I Am.

Travel agency softwares was born in Irvine, California on February 9, 1976, and he developed an interest in music as a child, taking up the drums when he was seven years old, learning to play guitar and write songs when he was 11, and teaching himself to play piano. Timmons developed a knack for songwriting, travel agency softwares in his early twenties, he began turning professional, eventually co-writing with the likes of Mike Doheney of the group Tenth Avenue North, Michael Farren of Pocket Full of Rocks, Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter Jason Walker, and LaRue frontman Phillip LaRue, while also serving as a worship leader at Mariners Church in Irvine.

However, in 2001, Timmons began re-examining his life when he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Originally told he had only five years to live, Timmons devoted himself to his wife, his growing family, and his work travel agency softwares a worship leader.

After he’d more than doubled his initial survival expectancy, Timmons felt a new calling to use his music as a tool to bring people to a greater understanding of what it truly means to follow Jesus. Declaring that “Following Jesus versus being a believer in Him is revolutionary,” Timmons put a new emphasis on music and songwriting, and in 2013, he landed a record deal with the Christian music label Reunion Records.

Cast My Cares, Timmons’ travel agency softwares album of worship music, was produced by Paul Mabury, and was released in the summer of 2013 and reached number 13 on Billboard’s Christian chart. He followed up in 2015 with Awake Our Souls and toured in support of the release with MercyMe and Phil Wickham. Timmons’ next project was the 2017 children’s album, Who I Am, which he co-produced with Christian Hale and released independently.

That same year, he offered his first holiday release with the five-song Mighty Christmas EP. Written during a church retreat, Timmons next offered up the anthemic single, “I Belong,” which featured an appearance from CCM legend, Amy Grant. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi × Homeschooled preacher’s kids with finance degrees don’t usually quit their Budget Analyst jobs that provide health insurance to pursue stand-up comedy, but Andrew Stanley did, and he hasn’t looked back.

He is now touring all over the country (as well as internationally) performing at clubs, festivals, fundraisers, churches, corporate events, bars with 4 people in them that “didn’t know there would be comedy tonight”…. Andrew possesses a unique perspective that pairs well with his dry delivery and observational nature. He was the winner of the 2017 Search for the South’s Funniest Accountant and in 2019, he was selected as a New Face of Comedy at Montreal’s prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Andrew’s parents are still alive so he works clean. × Jeff started his career in the studio as an independent music producer and engineer, and from 2007 to 2016, was the Front of House engineer for Chris Tomlin. Jeff travel agency softwares the globe several times, both with Chris and with Passion Conferences. He was a part of North Point Community Church in Atlanta since its beginning and has partnered with North Point, as well as other churches over the years, helping them train production excellence and engagement, both on the platform and off.

Jeff’s heart for helping churches excel led to the development of Sonnet House, a ministry designed to provide church production teams resources for technical training, creative communication, and spiritual connection to God and each other.

Jeff has brought that calling to the founding of MxU, as they partner together to provide world-class resources to church teams so they can get better at what they do while getting better at who they are.

travel agency softwares

He is also bringing those skills to bear as he leads the commissioning and training of new systems for WAVE, an AVL integrator based in Charlotte, NC. Jeff lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his beautiful wife Elizabeth (who is far superior to him in all respects), their even more superior daughter, Stella, and Lula the dog. × Jim Yakabuski is a live concert audio engineer who mixes FOH for Gwen Stefani, Peter Frampton, Matchbox 20, Van Halen and many more. Jim is also a co-founder and instructor at The MIX Institute, a live audio school focused on helping House of Worship audio engineers become better mixers of music.

Travel agency softwares is also a contributing writer for Church Sound Magazine and Live Sound International. He has been mixing live audio for 40 years. × Samantha Potter is an audio engineer and an editor for ProSoundWeb with a passion for writing and educating.

Additionally, she serves as the “Install Empress” for Allen & Heath USA, helping to merge the live sound solutions we all love into the commercial and install space. Growing up as a musician, Samantha found her way to live sound by way of the studio, proving that bassists make the best sound engineers.

The host of Church Sound Podcast and a co-director and lead instructor for Church Sound University, Samantha can travel agency softwares be found teaching, writing, and hosting discussions on various live-sound topics. × For the last 20 years, James has been working in multiple aspects of the audio industry. On arriving in the USA from Australia, James took up a house engineer position at Henson studios in LA while also embarking on world tours with multiple bands, most notably Hillsong United in the FOH position.

He now resides in Nashville TN and while not on the road, mixes records from his home studio and consults for LAcoustics. × Kem is a brand therapist who has spent three decades working at the intersection of techs and creatives. Known for her ability to eliminate complexity and information overload, she helps people clear the organizational hurdles that sabotage effective work.

Kem’s book, “Less Chaos. Less Noise” is a go-to communications resource for top churches and not-for-profits.

travel agency softwares

× In 2007, Brad Sitton left his dream job as Director of Creative Media at Passion Conferences to start Blister Studios, an innovative motion graphic design studio creating video content travel agency softwares DC Shoes, Chick-Fil-A, Passion Conferences, Golden Corral, North American Mission Board, Youth Specialties, BigStuf, Orange Conference, North Point Community Church, just to name a few.

In recent years, Brad and his twin brother Brian started to craft games for any size crowd. Over the past several year’s they’ve had an opportunity to impact countless churches as well as create custom games for Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and more!

Brad currently lives in Atlanta with his smoke’n hot wife, 3 kids and is learning to sail. He is a two time winner of the RedBull Flugtag competition and surprisingly good at building sandcastles. × Patrick McEwen has worked in church production and event production for over 15 years.

He managed environments for Youth Ministries and Sunday Services across Metro Atlanta before becoming a full-time Production Manager.

travel agency softwares

He founded McEwen.Co in 2018 and has helped design, implement, and manage systems for events across the nation. He’s the lead Stage Manager for Catalyst Conference, Leadercast, and Q Conference. He has also been the Crew Lead and Stage Manager for SALT Conference for the past 2 years. He and his wife Jenn live in Atlanta, Georgia with their two daughters.

× Timmy is the Lead Audio Engineer and Audio Specialist at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. As Long Hollow continues to launch satellite campuses, the need for skilled supervision in audio and visual areas continues to increase.

Starting in 2011, Tim has provided this much-needed leadership and expertise to make our satellite campus worship experiences the best they can be. He also is a sought-after freelance audio engineer working with travel agency softwares CMT Awards, CMA Festival and countless CCM artists and tours as a consultant. × Jeremy Bagwell is the Business Development Manager at Ross Video for the House of Worship industry. His passion for live production was fueled by a long history of work in and out of the local church.

He loves creating well engineered systems that fuel people and churches to do what they do best. Formerly, Jeremy was the Live Video Director and Production Director for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. Before North Point, he serves for 4 years at 12stone Church as Production Director for two different campuses.

Jeremy is a prolific video director and systems engineer and wants to help push the church into innovative technology with purpose. × Tyler Hirth is the Production Manager at Long Hollow Baptist Church and oversees the entire production environment, equipment and teams at Long Hollow for all of their campuses and buildings.

He has been at Long Hollow since 2007 and oversees the recruitment and training of production volunteers, designs and oversees A/V technical installations, and technical directs a majority of weekends services and events. Aside from his leadership at Long Hollow, he is also the technical director for The Huckabee Show on TBN, shot in Gallatin, TN. He and his Wife Andrea love being part of the Hendersonville, TN area and are proud to call Long Hollow home. × Rocket, as he is known among friends, is the Central Production Manager for Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN.

Through his role, he serves on the creative team as part of programming and production. Through the use of audio, video and lighting, he strives to create engaging and distraction free moments where people can fully experience God’s presence.

When he’s not at the church, he can be found spending time building something in his home woodworking shop, recreating Pinterest finds, or hanging out with his beautiful wife Molly in the great outdoors of Nashville, TN.

× Christina is the Creative Arts Volunteer Coordinator for Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. She leads the music team auditions as well as orchestrates the Sunday scheduling for their worship volunteer teams. Christina is passionate about music, the local church, and how worship can engage a community! She desires to bring this passion to others through the music of Cross Point. She is also a recently new mother and finding it to be her greatest joy!

× Chad Hall is the Founder and President of United Production Services, Inc; the parent company to Take One Film, BOLD Distribution, BOLD Bags and Nashville Production Rentals.

As a seasoned video production specialist and an expert camera shader, Chad Hall has had the opportunity to travel agency softwares on countless television broadcasts including the CMT Awards, Dove Awards, and countless sporting events. He also has credits as a chief engineer on the television series “four”. He and his wife are active members of the local church in Hendersonville, TN.

× Mark MacDonald is Church Brand Strategist for, a national church communication and branding agency, coaching pastors and churches to become relevant in their community. He’s the bestselling author of “Be Known For Something” (, has written 800+ magazine articles, and is the Exec Director of Center for Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Courageous Storytellers).

Over 30+ years, Mark has served as Pastor, Marketing VP, Creative Director, and Strategist; in one of Eastern Canada’s largest agencies, his own agency, for the 3000+ Florida Baptists, and most recently at one of the largest church consulting groups (Generis).

He and Tammy, his wife of 30 years, have 2 grown sons in Calgary and Chicago. Follow him: @markmac1023 × Gloria Umana is the founder and executive director of the Ex-Nihilo Collective and an internationally known and sought after communicator and spoken word artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia! In 2016 Gloria turned down a dream opportunity of working with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and instead surrendered to the calling of God upon her life, which led to a life of purpose.

Gloria has worked alongside and has spoken on various platforms such as, Liberty University Convocation, Life Way, Ravi Zacharias Ministries, Passion City Church, Fresh Life Church, and more. While Gloria started as a spoken word artist only a little less than three years ago, her ministry has quickly evolved as she has been given opportunities to teach on a multitude of platforms all over the globe.

Gloria Umanah is not JUST a spoken word artist or a communicator. She is a daughter, co-creating with The Creator, passionate about seeing a people walk into the calling of holiness — a generation who doesn’t see holiness as legalism, but as a standard and calling.

× Jacob Boyles is a prolific graphic designer who has worked with reputable brands including Bloomingdales, Chick-Fil-A, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and countless others. Currently, he is Elevation Worship Graphic Designer at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. He brings a fresh perspective to the graphic design space and is pushing the envelope for the travel agency softwares church through his creative eye and innovative approach.

× Adrian Varner is the audio lead for SALT Conferences, having lead our main sessions audio team for the past 6 years! Through his leadership, he has pushed the envelope for the church through sonic atmosphere’s, while also leading and shepherding from the shadows.

In his day job, Adrian is a system design engineer for Diversified Audio. He and his wife are based in Atlanta, GA and love serving the local church and helping equip them to reach their local travel agency softwares with quality environments and engaging atmospheres. × Jason Morris serves Westside as our Global Innovation Pastor, overseeing the church online, global church planting, and bringing new ideas and creativity to expand God’s Kingdom for Westside.

Jason is experienced as a missionary to Paraguay, South America for almost 9 years where he helped churches grow healthy with new ideas. He received his B.A. in Missions and M.A. in Biblical Exposition from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. He and his wife Maria have been married since 1993 and have 2 amazing kids: Isaac and Brianna.

Jason loves new tech gadgets, sci-fi, yerba mate, and speaking spanish. × Josh serves as L-Acoustics’ primary frontline contact for House of Worship clients. From travel agency softwares to 2016, he worked as a freelance audio engineer and production manager for Christ In Youth. In his career, Josh has been a FOH and monitor engineer, production manager, and tour manager for a wide variety of clients, including some of the nation’s largest churches and congregations.

He mixed FOH for the first L-ISA Immersive system deployment at SALT 2019. Last year Josh also designed, commissioned and trained on the world’s first L-ISA install in a HOW environment. Josh’s background and expertise allow him to provide the best care and dedicated solutions for churches everywhere.

× Suzette Allen has been a portrait photographer for 35 years, and teaching Photography/Photoshop for 20 years. Her passion for creativity and people has served her well, as she encourages and inspires photographers to go after their visions and creativity! Suzette is also a Global Ambassador for Panasonic Lumix Cameras and Adobe Influencer. She is a Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer, as well as an Approved Photographic Instructor with Professional Photographers of America.

She has served her industry in education, as a school director (West Coast School of Photography) and also served on the Board of Directors of both West Coast School and California Photographic Workshops. Now as an instructor, she has had the immense honor of teaching at over a dozen of the Affiliated Photographic Schools across the country! × Dr. Jerome is a functional neurologist and founder of Thrive Neuro Health in Atlanta, GA. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology, a Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation, a Fellow of the American Board of Childhood Development Disorders, and the former Executive Director & Atlanta Clinic Director for Cerebrum Health Centers.

Above and beyond he is a disciple of Jesus Christ and believes that neuroplasticity with biblical teaching can teach us a lot about mental health, our purpose and connect the dots between many unanswered questions! × Dex Alexander is the founder and Creative Director of Legible Strategy and Creative, a branding and communications firm in Southern California. Legible ensures churches, non-profits and civic groups communicate with clarity so they can best serve the community they are so vital to.

To date, they have helped dozens of organizations, large and small, engage and influence the world around them. × Kierre is a renowned worship leader, Kennedy Center performer, off-broadway cast member and passionate about seeing walls and barriers torn down that separate the body of Christ. He has toured with artists like Tasha Cobbs, Vashawn Mitchell and more.

He joined United Pursuit and is part of the collective, Common Hymnal. He has served on staff at Daystar Church as the Next Generation Worship Director since 2013. Kierre is married to Marika Lindsay and together they are missionaries who travel domestically and internationally to serve and spread the message of Jesus Christ to all who will listen.

× Jacob Padgett is the Set and Lighting Designer at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He joined the creative team in their main Hendersonville campus to oversee the work of design and build future sets for Sunday services, maintain lighting equipment, consoles and volunteer training at the various campuses of Long Hollow and provide support of the visual lighting atmospheres for weekly services.

× Nathan Williams serves as the Technical Director at Victory World Church in Atlanta, GA. Having been on staff for over 10 years, he has had a front-row seat as the church has grown to over 10,000 weekly attendees across multiple campuses, representing more than 110 nationalities, making it one of the largest multicultural congregations in the United States.

He overseas sound, lighting, stage design and live video production as he leads a team of engineers and volunteers of over 300 every week. Nathan and his wife Ashley recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and are proud parents of four children. × Ezra Cohen is a filmmaker and creative director specializing in creating unique visual environments in films, commercials, and live concert environments.

He has created unique visual textures and experiences for commercial brands like Musicbed, Express, Adidas and Sony as well as music artists including Hillsong Young & Free, Justin Bieber, Tha Chainsmokers, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Hillsong United and more. Recently, he’s been featured as travel agency softwares teacher and online course instructor by some of the most renown publications in the world, including Forbes and more.

× Joey currently serves at Christ’s Church, Mason OH. He is the Online Pastor and also oversees Worship & Arts, Communications and Production teams. Growing up in Brazil as a preacher’s kid, he has a keen eye for multi-generational ministry, as well as the ability to see innovation and change as a society and culture shift. He’s an ordained minister and has been serving in various capacities in America since 2002. He regularly blogs and contributes to the conversation of online church at

× Alex Fuller is a seasoned lighting professional who is passionate about using the technical arts as an extension of worship. He started sweeping floors as a kid in a local production house, and completed his first coast to coast tour of the US by age travel agency softwares. He has over 15 years experience as the lighting and scenic designer for several churches, touring events, and conferences including Bethel, Saddleback Church, Jesus Culture, Hillsong United and more.

His experience in the Christian market affords him a unique understanding of the challenges that many production teams face. His goal is to partner with you as you define your vision, overcome obstacles, and create the environment that you desire. × Phil Bowdle got his start in creative ministry back in 2004.

Today, Bowdle is the author of “Rethink Communication: A Playbook to Clarify and Communicate Everything in Your Church” and works travel agency softwares the Creative Arts pastor at West Ridge Church in Northwest Atlanta.

On a travel agency softwares basis, Bowdle leads teams who work in communication, media, worship, travel agency softwares production. He also speaks, blogs, and offers coaching about communication, leadership, and the creative church. × Will Doggett is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer and the Founder of From Studio to Stage, an online resource dedicated to teaching people how to learn to perform with Ableton Live on stage. He’s passionate about making complex things simple and has been teaching others to use Ableton Live as a tool for Leading Worship since 2008.

He has served the church in many roles as Worship Leader, Music Director, Creative Director, and Production Director. × Justin Firesheets has been the Production Director at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Ala., since Feb. 2009 after having spent the previous six years working in the sports broadcasting industry. He is responsible for the management of the production systems, volunteer teams, and equipment at all 23 campuses of Highlands, which has grown to become one of the largest churches in the United States.

× Stephen Brewster has more than 15 years in professional creative environments including music marketing and management, artist development, creative team leading and art directing. Currently a leadership and creative coach in Nashville, Tennessee, Stephen previously led the creative team in dreaming, creating and executing experiences, communications, music and more for all areas of ministry at Freedom House Church in Charlotte,N.C.; Life Church in Orlando, Florida and Cross Point Church in Nashville.

He loves to spend time with his wife, Jackie, and their four children. × Katie Allred runs, where she has helped over 23,000 people who work in churches with their marketing and communication strategies.

Katie is also an assistant professor of marketing and software development at the University of Mobile. Katie is also a Certified StoryBrand Guide and would love to help your church or business communicate more clearly × Kenny Jahng is the founder and CEO of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic communications agency that works with nonprofit and Christian ministries. The Company’s clients includes American Bible Society, Princeton Theological Seminary, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and The United Methodist Church.

He also co-leads the Church Communications Facebook Group community with 22,000+ communicators. Kenny runs, a daily social media content service. He is also StoryBrand Certified. Connect with him at or follow his #DailyKJTV vlog on LinkedIn × Grant Norsworthy is not another singer who talks too much. He’s a speaker who sings songs. An Aussie who was based in Nashville from 2002 to 2018, Grant Norsworthy achieved considerable success as a professional musician including a Grammy® nomination, a Dove Award, extensive touring, recording and radio hits with bands like Paul Colman Trio and Sonicflood.

Now conducting global ministry work travel agency softwares his Nelson, New Zealand home base, Grant uses his musicianship, freewheeling wit and uncommon candor to encourage audiences to deeper faith in Christ and good works. As the founder, content developer and principal instructor for More Than Music Mentor, he provides high quality online and onsite training for the heart and the art of worshiping musicians everywhere.

× At 13 years old, David began his journey in church production when he found out that he could skip the main church service to serve in the youth group AV booth. Fast forward a *few* years, and David has worked as a professional lighting designer and teacher in the church, corporate, and live music worlds. Today, David runs, teaching lighting to beginner and intermediate-level lighting enthusiasts, and is a volunteer tech director at a medium-sized church in Nashville, TN.

× Shannon is a writer, speaker, and Associate Executive Pastor at Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee. She has also been a pastor to women and children and sits on the Executive Leadership Team of the church.

She’s been in ministry for over 25 years and has experience in many facets of church leadership, from leading high performing teams, to volunteer recruitment and engagement, service programming, communication, and production. A trusted voice on a wide range of topics, Shannon is grateful to spend time writing for ministry and leadership blogs, training leaders, and speaking at conferences and churches. Over her tenure of ministry, she’s had the honor to work with North Point Community Church, Passion Conferences, Rethink group and more.

Shannon and her husband Jeffrey have been married since 1999 and have three teenage children, Maggie (18), Jack (15), and Ali (14) and two dogs, Nash and Loretta. × Nathan is a gifted speaker with 20 years experience in pastoral leadership including lead pastoring, urban church planting, international missions and worship/creative ministries.

Demonstrating great aptitude in counseling, discipleship and spiritual formation with a concentration in the development of christian leaders. Prior to being a pastor, Nathan spent many years as a song-writer and signed artist to the Integrity Music label where he has credits for Don Moen, Glenn Packiam and more.

Most recently, Nathan and his wife Tricia have started fundraising for their newest call in ministry, Refreshing the Refreshers, a ministry seeking to serve those on the edge of burnout in ministry under as a partner of LifeImpact Ministries.

× Gary Molander is an Author, Pastor, Filmmaker and Artist who has served the church and the greater creative community for over a decade! Gary served as a pastor for seventeen years, and has a Masters Degree in Creative Arts. He is also the author of, Pursuing Christ. Creating Art., a powerful book on creativity and the church. He is also the co-owner of Floodgate Creative, and has worked with Pro Athletes Outreach, Credera Inc., and Chick Fil-A to help promote their stories and events, using video and film.

Gary has been travel agency softwares part of SALT Conferences since the first gathering in 2013, and regularly shepherds the creative leaders and technical teams that are a part of the SALT Community.

He and his wife Angela live in Nashville, Tennessee. × Known by most as “Dr J”, he holds degrees in Interpersonal Communication and Literature from Wheaton College; Counseling Psychology from Auburn University; Higher Education Leadership & Policy from the University of Tennessee; and has additional education in leadership & organizational change from Harvard University. Most recently, Dr. J has been a consultant working with current and future leaders through his leadership coaching, being a faculty member of Vanderbilt University and as an author of his recent book, Fired Up: Kindling and Keeping The Spark in Creative Teams.

× Nikki spent over 20 years leading and building a successful multicultural creative department of over 150 people in an organization of 4000+ through her ministry in Baltimore, MD. With a degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, she is a brilliant vocalist and worship leader with over 20 years of songwriting, worship and music experience. Currently, she serves as a coach and consultant to churches across the world helping them go from mono-cultural to multi-cultural with their organizations.

× Brady Shearer is the CEO and Founder of Pro Church Tools. Brady’s work centers upon helping churches seize the 167 hours beyond their Sunday services and navigating their ministries through the single biggest communication shift we’ve seen in the last 500 years.

Through his leadership at Pro Church Tools, they’ve launched countless incredible resources for the local church including Nucelus, RebelGive, StoryTape and more. He regularly posts on the Pro Church Tool’s with Brady Shearer YouTube channel which has over 83,000 subscribers travel agency softwares currently resides in Ontario, Canada. × Samer Massad is one of the dynamic communicators at Woodstock City Church in Woodstock, GA. Woodstock City Church is one of the campuses of North Point Community Church under the leadership and direction of Andy Stanley.

Samer received his Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary prior to moving to Georgia. He has had the opportunity to speak to leaders, students and audiences around the nation by being a top-hailed speaker at Orange Conference, Youth Specialties, North Point Church and more. × Luke McElroy is the founder and visionary of SALT Conferences.

Author of four books including most recently released Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling, Luke was hailed as one of the “top innovators for worship” by Worship Leader Magazine.

Luke’s leadership has helped create powerful live environments for thousands around the world. He and his wife Tricia are proud to call Nashville, Tennessee home. × Joseph grew up in Akron, OH, and eventually made his way to Atlanta, GA as a hip-hop artist. There he connected with the team from North Point Community Church and Big Stuf Camps where he served as creative director, communicator and emcee of Catalyst Conference for many years.

As the founder of Two Cents Creative, he and his team use art, media, film and interactive experiences to share story in a way that captivates audiences attention, while communicating in a compelling manner. He has had the opportunity to shape moments and create content for Passion Conferences, Chick-Fil-A Leadership Seminars, NBC’s Your Move with Andy Stanley, Elevation Church, SALT Conferences, Big Stuf Camps and many more! Currently, Joseph is serving as a Shephard of creative filmmakers in Fayetteville, GA with Pinewood Studios.

× Travel agency softwares Packiam is the associate senior pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also the author of 5 books including his most recent: Blessed Broken Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus. Glenn earned a Doctorate in Theology and Ministry from Durham University in the UK and is an ordained priest with the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA).

Prior to becoming a pastor, Glenn was one of the founding leaders and songwriters of the Desperation Band. As a signed songwriter, he has had the honor of writing and co-writing over 65 worship songs, including several well-loved songs, like “Your Name” and “My Savior Lives.” Glenn has been a SALT keynote speaker many times and currently lives with his wife, Holly, and their four children in the shadow of the mighty Rocky Mountains.

× Andy Mineo is a New York City-based hip hop recording artist signed to Reach Records. His album, Uncomfortable, became the No. 1 independent record in the country and delivered a No. 3 and No.10 position on Billboard’s Hip Hop and Top 200 album charts, respectively. He has appeared on Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning, MTV, and his colossal hit “You Can’t Stop Me” won an ESPN Whammy Award for MLB’s Top Walk Up Song.

Andy Mineo carries his music beyond through scripting, producing and directing many of his own music videos. He also is the founder of the podcast “work in progress” and most recently collaborated with rapper Wordsplayed for the release of their mixtape, Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed present Magic & Bird. ×
How To Name Your Travel Company As a travel agency, your business name is key to capturing the customer’s imagination and compelling them to book that next holiday!

With our insiders’ guide on how to name your travel company, you’ll be able to craft a business name capable of converting would-be vacationers into eager tourists! Our Travel Company Name Generator will be your personal guide throughout the naming process.

Give it a go and see what business names await you! Once you’ve tried out the name generator, continue reading for advice on how to create a travel company name that will maximise your chances of success in the field. We’ve included a competitor analysis, hot industry-related tips and a step-by-step guide for travel agency softwares your travel agency.

20 Travel Company Name Ideas To ease you in, we’ve provided 20 examples of travel company names made using our Travel Agency Name Generator. Try the name generator for yourself and see if you can do better! • Skylink Globetrotters • Conquest Voyages • Frontier Finder • TravelBea • Barefoot Adventures • Restore Holidays • Nomadology • Carefree Cruises • Platinum Gateway • Eden Voyages • Aurora Treks • Finding Paradise • Destination Luxury • Restful Trips • Amity Expeditions • Exploraholic • Budget Wonders • Talisman Trips • Dreamscape Direct • LoveTravel Holidays 20 More Travel Company Name Ideas • Tall Tale Travels • Wayfaring Wanderer • Takeoff Treks • Tranquil Treks • Tempest Trips • Worldly Wanderer • Back On The Road • Off The Clock • Wicked Wanderlust • Jovial Journeys • Expedition Go • Sights To See • Worldwide Jaunt • Ever Onward • Global Quests • Best Venture • Vast Voyages • The Winning Expedition • Awesome Abroad • Wondrous Wandering Best Real-world Travel Company Business Names If you’re struggling to travel agency softwares started, taking a look at what the industry big hitters do can be a good way for you to see what’s working.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five successful travel companies and explained what makes their names effective. You’ll find a mix of full-scale tourism businesses and niche travel agencies in the list, so that you can gather some useful ideas no matter what direction you want to take your travel company. TUI Group As the biggest tourism business in the world, it felt necessary to include TUI Group in this list.

Its name, which literally means ‘Tourism Union International’ in English, is nothing especially flashy. This is more a story of how a name has grown with the brand as the company has expanded to become the market leader. Intrepid Travel Founded in Australia in 1989, Intrepid Travel is the biggest small group adventure travel company in the world. Its focus is on highly immersive and adventurous tour packages primarily aimed at the younger traveller.

The adjective ‘Intrepid’ speaks directly to that kind of audience, and that’s why this name works. Secret Escapes Secret Escapes is a British members-only travel travel agency softwares that offers discounted luxury holidays to users through its website and app. We love this name because it essentially incorporates the company’s USP of offering exclusive, ‘Secret’ holidays into the title. Moreover, it still sounds good as a standalone name.

Artisans of Leisure Founded in 2003, Artisans of Leisure is a luxury travel company headquartered in New York. It can’t just be me that thinks this: even the name sounds expensive! Its wealthy target market will certainly be drawn in by the name, whilst other travellers with less money to spare will probably know it’s out of their price range just by reading it. Online-only travel companies are now a massive part of this industry, so they had to be represented in this list.

We could’ve picked others, but selected because its name really resonates with a certain type of audience; it’s a call to arms for the spontaneous and unprepared traveller. Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Travel Company Business It’s time to put your ideas into action! Our six-step guide to naming your travel company will enable you to find a truly eye-catching name for your new business—with a little bit of help from the Travel Agency Names Generator, of course!

1. Choose your business model The travel business has changed a lot in recent years—and that was the case even before the COVID-19 pandemic came along! Online travel companies have shaken up the industryputting many traditional travel agents out of business.

That said, there is still considerable demand for brick-and-mortar travel agencies, particularly in niche markets. Your first big call needs to be which of these lanes you want to pursue, as, ultimately, this will dictate the rest of the business decisions—name included! 2. Identify your target market So you’ve now decided whether you’re going physical or going online. But what profile of vacationer are you going travel agency softwares target?

Particularly during the early stages of your business, it’s better to focus on a highly specific target market than to try to appeal to everyone.

Ask yourself what profile of customer you want to attract. Students in need of a cheap city break? Low-income families looking for a restful staycation?

Or affluent travellers seeking luxury experiences? 3. Brainstorm relevant keywords Once you’ve nailed down your target market, start to put yourself in their shoes. Consider what they want from a holiday. Is it adventure? Relaxation? Cultural experience? The answers to this question will allow you to start thinking of keywords that resonate with your customer. We’ve already seen a couple of good examples; ‘Intrepid’ from Intrepid Travel speaks the language of young travellers seeking adventure and ‘Secret’ from Secret Escapes appeals to a sense of exclusivity for wealthier vacationers.

Another option here is to think about your customers’ pain points. Essentially, what frustrates them when booking a holiday?

travel agency softwares

If you’re someone who struggles with planning a holiday months in advance, the name suggests that this is a provider that can solve that problem for you. 4. Use the Travel Company Business Name Generator We recommend shortlisting 5-10 keywords travel agency softwares off your target market’s needs and pain points.

One by one, input these words into the Travel Agency Name Generator. The objective here is to shortlist five business names to take forward to the market research stage. Save your favourite business names as you go. On the left of the screen, you are able to filter names based on character length, keyword position and number of words.

Generally, we recommend keeping your name as concise as possible. In addition, try out the ‘Rhyming’ toggle. Switching this on will show you names only with rhythmic or travel agency softwares elements that can make for a catchier business title! 5. Conduct market research You’re down to your final five names. At this point in the process, you may have your own personal favourite that you’re itching to take forward. Before that, though, it’s important to get some outside opinion. Get in touch with any clients or coworkers who would be willing to help.

If possible, seek the opinion of professionals within the travel industry. Present them your shortlist of names and get them to answer the following open-ended questions for each one: • What first comes to mind when you see this name?

• How does the name make you feel? • Is the name easy to pronounce? • How unique is the name? • What services or products do you associate with the name? • Does the name appeal to you? 6. Check web domain availability Hopefully, you’re now left with one standout name that you’re ready to commit to! The last step is to see if the business name is available as a website domain.

The Travel Company Name Generator has a feature that allows you to check this whenever you click on a name. This is important. Having a web domain that is inconsistent with your business name will make it difficult for your customers to find you. You’ll also want to check if the business name is still available on relevant social media platforms. Social media is an increasingly popular way for travel companies to engage with customers. Having a website and social media accounts that are easy to find will give your travel agency every shot of success.

4 Tips for Creating Unique Travel Company Name Ideas Still unsure if your chosen travel company name is right for you? We’ve put together four key tips for the naming process that ensure the final product is highly original and appealing to customers.

Inspire Booking a holiday is a big decision that can set people back weeks or even months’ worth of pay. As a travel company, the name of your business really needs to sell the prospect of a holiday to consumers. If you can evoke images of sandy beaches or bustling cities with your name, customers will be more likely to consider your services. Make it catchy A catchy business name is a memorable business name. If your company name has a nice ring to it, it will stick with your customers and they’ll be more likely to spread the word to friends and family.

You can achieve this by experimenting with new words, using rhyme or incorporating alliteration. Take care that the name is still easy to pronounce, though. Keep it short Shorter names are travel agency softwares effective; they’re easier for customers to remember and also more brandable. As a general rule, keep travel agency softwares names below the 20 character mark and only uses words that are three syllables or less.

Remember that you can also use travel agency softwares if you need to shorten your name. Think long-term Locking in a name for your travel company is a big travel agency softwares. It can’t just be something you like now, it needs to be a name that you’ll still love in 1, 5, or 20 years’ time. Sleep on it for a while to make sure its the name you want to grow with.

Also, avoid incorporating any trendy elements into your name. These will pass. Relevant name generators and articles Related: How to Start a Travel Agency Related: How to Start a Travel Blog Related: How to Trademark a Business Name Related: Park Name Generator Related: How To Name A Business Related: How To Start A Startup Related: How To Start A Vlog
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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: "Sonata Software" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR ( June 2016) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Sonata Software Limited Type Public BSE: 532221 NSE: SONATSOFTW Industry Information travel agency softwares services Founded 1986 Headquarters Bengaluru Number of employees ~4,200 Website www .sonata-software .com Sonata Software Limited is a Global IT Services company, that provides services in business intelligence and analytics, application development management (ADM), mobility, cloud, social media, testing, enterprise services (ERP and CRM), and infrastructure management services.

It is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Founded in 1986 as the IT division of Indian Organic Chemicals, the company spun off as an independent entity in 1994.

The company became a public company in 1998. In 2001, the company obtained SEI-CMMI Level 5 certification and in the following years, set up offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Head Office at Bull Temple Road, Bangalore Its subsidiaries and affiliates include: • Sonata Software Limited.

• Sonata Software FZ — LLC • Sonata Information Technology Limited (SITL) • Sonata Software Travel agency softwares America Inc. [2] • Sonata Software GmbH • Sonata Europe Limited • Encore Software Services • Sonata Scalable Australia • Sonata Sopris USA • Sonata Software Qatar WLL • Halosys Technologies [3] Sonata's shares are publicly traded in Indian Stock Exchanges. Sonata's total revenue for FY 2011–2012 was USD 218.90 million (*numbers restated for divestiture by Sonata in its JV).

Sonata Software has been assessed at SEI CMMI (Dev) Ver1.2-Level 5 certified, for its development centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad. History [ edit ] In March 2014, it opened an American branch in Redmond, Washington.

[4] In August 2014, Sonata Software bought a controlling stake in Rezopia, a travel reservation agency that was the first to use the cloud for taking reservations. [5] [6] It also acquired Xyka, Rezopia's service provider.

[6] In April 2015, the company entered into a partnership with the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli travel agency softwares promote entrepreneurship by providing resources for NIT, Tiruchirappalli's Travel agency softwares for Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation.

[7] In August 2015, It acquired a 100% stake in Halosys Technologies, which specialized in mobile enterprise. [3] In October 2015, Sonata Software acquired Interactive Business Information Systems Inc (IBIS), a Georgia based supply chain software company founded in 1989. [8] In August 2016, Parablu, the US-based provider of CASB-enabled cloud security solutions for Enterprises travel agency softwares a partnership with Sonata Software.

[9] In March 2020, Sonata Software announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Melbourne-based Customer Experience company GAPbuster Limited (GBW). [10] In August 2021, Sonata Software announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire San Jose based Encore Software Services Global offices [ edit ] Global Development Center at Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore Asia-Pacific [ edit ] • Singapore: Singapore [11] America [ edit ] • USA: Fremont; Atlanta; Princeton; Newton; Redmond; Schaumburg [11] Europe [ edit ] • Germany: Frankfurt, Hanover [11] • UK: Middlesex, Cheshire [11] • Netherlands: Amsterdam [11] Middle-East [ edit ] • UAE: Dubai [11] • Qatar: Doha [11] See also [ edit ] • Fortune India 500 • List of Indian IT companies • List of companies of India References [ edit ] • ^ "Sonata Q2 profit rise 3% sequentially - Times of India".

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• ^ a b "Sonata Software Strengthens Travel Vertical With Acquisition of Stake in Travel SAAS Rezopia" (Press release). PR Newswire. 24 August 2014. • ^ "Sonata Software Ltd and NIT Trichy partner to promote student innovation and entrepreneurship".

Reuters India. 20 April 2015. Archived from the original on 30 June 2016. Retrieved 2 June 2016. • ^ "Sonata Software to acquire IBIS for $14 mn". Business Standard. 30 October 2015. Retrieved 2 June 2016. • ^ "Parablu joins hands with Sonata Information Technology Limited". DQ India. 2 August 2016. Retrieved 2 August 2016.

• ^ "Sonata Software acquires Australian company GBW". The Economic Times. 4 March 2020. Retrieved 4 March 2020. • ^ a b c d e f g "Sonata Software Ltd". The Times Of India. External links [ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sonata Software. • Official website Hidden categories: • Articles needing additional references from June 2016 • All articles needing additional references • Use dmy dates from September 2016 • Use Indian English from September 2016 • All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English • Commons category link from Wikidata • Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Edit links • This page was last edited on 12 November 2021, at 09:20 (UTC).

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Technology is growing fast day by day and so is the use of the internet.

As the internet has worked to streamline many processes, it has turned marketplace for Online Travel Agencies(OTAs) too crowded. In today’s fast-paced world, Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, MakeMyTrip enormously influence the way travelers make tour bookings.

These Online Travel Agencies offer many benefits to traveling bookers by bundling hotel reservations with rental cars, air tickets, etc. Online Travel Agencies are not only competing for clicks and revenues but they are also competing with hotel chains and airlines that sell their product directly from their website. As the travel industry is rapidly becoming a very competitive market, we need innovative strategies to increase its revenue.

In this post, we will be discussing some of the key strategies to increase revenue for Online Travel Agency. 1. Have A Good Website We come across many travel agencies website that does not turn out beneficial. So it is very very important to have a good, attractive and user-friendly website of your Online Travel Agency. Firstly, while designing your website, you should be sure that it attracts the customers quickly by having high-quality professional photographs and proper functionality.

Your website should describe each and every service provided by your business like hotel booking, car rentals, flight bookings, etc as shown in the below image. See to it that all travel agency softwares services are properly linked to the relevant service page. Source You can also flash pop-ups coming on the side panel of your website that shows best deals or offers. This will attract the attention of the visitors visiting your website and will create interest to see the details of the available best deal or offers and book the same.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your website has a strong SEO and can be found easily. Your Domain name should be such that it is easy to remember and it also highlights your brand. The best example for this is

Anyone can easily identify by reading the domain name that this company is into booking business. 2. Engage With Social Media One of the most popular sales technique for travel agencies is the use of Social Media.

With an active social presence, your content will appear closer to the top of the page in search results. Having a great website is not enough. You also have to get engage with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. That’s because Google ranks content that is spread via these networks higher than other content. Have you noticed how many vacation photos your friends post on Facebook or Instagram? That’s because people like to brag about their travel on social media.

People get influenced by their friend’s photos and book their trip accordingly. You can see in the below stats that 52% people get influenced by watching photographs of their friends on facebook while 48% stuck with their plan. Source Build a page on such social sites where people post their stories, photos, and videos of their most recent experience. It is also fine to post some special offers or best deals on this page to increase revenue for your travel agency.

Increase WooCommerce Store Sales "Abandoned cart pro is worth every penny. We have successfully recovered about 17k just this month in sales.

The extra benefit of exporting and diagnosing potential sales and areas where we need improvement are immense. An extra special thanks to David Katzner and the developers for their attention to some custom requests we had asked for." - Kenny Rhoads at MultiTable Learn more 3. Offer Packages Combine different services you provide to a unique experience by offering packages. You can promote exclusive seasonal packages, announce hot deals from airlines, try to offer a better price by selling hotel and activity together.

This can be interesting for you and for your customers. It is a trend to sell travel packages online. All the leading Online Travel Agencies like Orbitz, opt this strategy to increase their revenue. Source Customers prefer to go for a holiday with tour packages because all things are well travel agency softwares in advance by the travel agency and they can feel relaxed and enjoy their outing as well.

If you offer your customers good service along with attractive and best deal packages then definitely they would come back to you for the next trip. This is how you can increase the revenue of your online travel business. 4. Offer Added Value The simplest thing to increase your revenue per customer is to offer added value to their experience as they agree to pay the price for your tours.

Your customer would be a happy customer if you give them something more than the offer. Source For example, you can offer free lunch or dinner option with your tour package. You can also offer a free sight-seeing for a day. If it’s a couple who booked your tour then you could offer a glass of wine and tapas prior to the viewing to make the experience more romantic. 5. Upload Videos Sixty percent of all traffic online comes from video, according to Forrester research.

People who love to travel, love to document their journey in form of photographs or videos and share them as well. You can always ask your customers to share these experiences with you. All their experience can be a showcase on your website and also on social channels. For example, customers want to see exactly what they are getting when they book a room online. Highlight the hotel’s exterior, public spaces, dining facilities, meeting rooms, guest rooms and bathrooms when shooting videos and developing virtual tours.

People planning for their trips can get a clear idea of how the experience would be by watching to those videos and make a choice accordingly. 6. Encourage Your Customers To Leave Reviews The practice of checking reviews before booking is becoming more and more common.

The impact of Customer reviews is that you can improve your sales 5 times. You can encourage your customers to leave their precious reviews by running competitions for the best travel picture with reviews each season and award a prize or perhaps give a small discount on their next trip. Source The web allows people to read more about their specific travel destination and they will surely search for reviews.

So encourage your past customers to post a review of their trip experience on your site so new customers will be able to book with confidence.

The reviews can be taken for any services, for example, you can see the review page of Hotel Bay View in Singapore and get an idea.

7. Manage Online Reviews And Take Action Reviews are a barometer that can be used to identify that the services you are providing are doing well and also let you know the areas where you need to do better.

travel agency softwares

It is not necessary to always get a positive review. In fact, negative reviews always inspire you to improve yourself in criteria’s in which you are lacking behind. Every day, millions of people check reviews that are posted on Online Travel Agencies website before finalizing their decision. It travel agency softwares not good to always upload good and positive reviews of your travel agency. So you should always manage your customer’s reviews with positive as well as negative responses you get.

Below is the stats of impact of online reviews on visitors and travelers. Source You should also take action on the negative reviews and improve your services. This is the best way to increase revenue for online travel agencies. 8. Ask For Referrals Customer Referrals are one travel agency softwares the top and most effective way to increase revenue for Online Travel Agencies if implemented correctly.

Asking for referral should be a habit to get more clients. It is a small effort for a great reward. Sometimes people are not comfortable to ask for referrals. Small businesses usually don’t ask for the referral as they feel shy and uncomfortable. They assume that by providing good services/products, their clients are satisfied and then definitely will pass good words about them to others.

But this doesn’t work. It is not that they don’t want to help you out, but it’s that it never comes to their mind unless you ask them. So it is very important to ask your client for referrals and be specific when asking for a referral. If you don’t tell your contacts who your target customer is, then you will be wasting time.

Source Referrals can be asked by emails and on social media Channels too. You can write the referral email for your client and ask them to drop in their name and send to their friends. You can also publish a blog post about your services on social media channels like facebook, twitter, etc., and share it with your customers. Travel agency softwares them to share on their page or tag their friends in the comment section.

9. Know Your Audience Another most important steps to increase your revenue is to know your audience properly. You should try to understand the needs of your customer first. Only then you will be able to speak their language and fulfill their requirements and make them satisfy with your services. To know your audience well, you need to ask them some questions, but remember questions should not be too long and boring. It should be short and up to the mark.

For example, you can ask them what’s their budget? How many days would they like to go for a trip? Which place are they interested in going?

etc. With the help of this response from your audience, you will be able to know them well and can try to give your best too.

Source As the needs and requirements of your audience are clear in your mind, you can offer them best deals/packages accordingly. This will surely make your audience turn into a happy customer and help in increasing your revenue. 10. Engage Your Audience Once you know who your audience is, then the next logical step is to engage them based on their habits.

Sometimes your agency may be working with the same customers for years and hence, develop a great relationship that makes it easier for them to select a product they will love. But even if you work with different group of customers, you can engage them by updating latest deals, offers, hot spots to travel, etc. This will help them to find a travel product that fits them well. You can engage your audience on social media and your website by writing good blog posts and uploading latest updates.

Local new channels and newspapers are also powerful tools to engage your audience. Look in the below image how an online vacation planner company called Zicasso use such tools and get engaged with their audience regularly.

Engage with Audience You can also engage your travel agency softwares by giving a quick reply to their queries and sending thanking emails or messages if they comment on your blogs. 11. Start A Blog Whenever your customers are planning their next journey or just fantasizing about it, they would love to read about the experience of other people with you.

travel agency softwares

Create a blog on which audience can read about all the beautiful destinations your agency can offer along with your past customer’s experiences. Source You can write the trips yourself or encourage your customers to write about their adventures and accept them as guest posts. This is an extension of both your self-generated and user generated content. Good writing is a sales technique that helps to build a relationship with clients.

Online Travel Agencies like MakeMyTrip, Travelocity use this sales technique which helps them to increase their revenue. 12. Develop A Trusted Reputation People are always looking for an travel agency softwares adventure at a good value but they also want a reputed Online Travel Agency who can guide them safe, appropriate and provide the best deal for their journey.

Developing a trusted reputation of your Online Travel Agency is not an easy task. You have to work hard and stand out to be the best from the other competitors. It all depends on the services you give, best deals you offer and also a good customer support that you provide to your customers.

Source Customer support plays a vital role in building your agencies reputation. Say for any reason, your customers have any complaints or cancellation of bookings, at that point of time it is very important how you deal with such travel agency softwares and give your customers good and satisfactory support. Customer support also helps in building good reputation especially when your customers don’t speak the language of the country for which they have booked the trip. It is important that you are clear to the customer and they understand well what they have booked.

13. Be Responsive And Always Available Waiting for any reply is the most frustrating thing your customers may feel. So you should respond to all the queries of your customers within a short span of time. You should be extremely responsive through email, social media and your website. Receiving prompt response may also help you in building a good reputation of your Online Travel Agency. Source The above image shows the response time your guest expects. Prompt the response from your side, better is the reputation of your company and it ends with an increase in revenue.

14. Use Professional P hotography And Good Description Your website should be different and unique. It should not be same as your competitors. Take your customers travel agency softwares about it. Your customer’s suggestions will make you better. They are the person who will give you right opinion. Ask them for their reviews and accordingly, you can make your website better with the good description of all the services you provide.

Also, you should use professional photography on your site to have a pleasant and attractive look by which visitors will be engaged to your site. For travel websites, the quality photograph is an essential factor to impress your visitors. You can check how Airbnb use professional photographs and receives 2-3x bookings on an average. This definitely attracts the customers and also creates a good impression on them. Source Thus, use of professional photography and the good description of each and every service travel agency softwares provide will help you to boost your revenue.

15. Send An Email Newsletter Email marketing strategy has been a smart choice for direct communication since a very long time. It still remains so, even with the advent of social media and travel agency softwares fancy marketing channels.

Email is a great way to generate leads and keep people informed of the news and updates about your travel agency. Remember your email marketing strategy should be a weekly or monthly newsletter to travel agency softwares your company fresh in the minds of your customers. Source With sending emails to your customers you can promote exclusive seasonal packages, announce hot deals from airlines and other travel partners, or post helpful travel tips from your agents.

Use your email newsletter as a showcase for everything your website has to offer travelers. You can combine the power of technology and story-telling to create highly customized emails.

16. Host a Contest Hosting a contest is an another most used technique to motivate people to get involved with your agency. Everyone loves the possibility of winning something whether it is a free flight, a free night at a hotel or a discount.

Contests are a great way to engage your audience. You can see in the below image and get an idea how MakeMyTrip host contest and sends contest alert. Host a Contest You can ask your customers for a photo gallery or video of their best vacation or ask them to write 500 words describing their dream destination.

One of the best examples you can see in the below image is of Alaska Airlines who hosted Chicago Contest through a special tab where viewers can upload a video or a photograph in which they “put the smackdown on ordinary”. They have to collect votes from their friends. Alaska Airlines (Formerly Virgin Airlines) The winner wins a flight from Chicago to California on a competitor airline and then a free California getaway and a trip back to Chicago on Alaska Airlines’s inaugural flight.

The idea behind it was a hope that if people travel one time by other flight followed by the Virgin experience will surely convert a few fans. In the same way, you have to make your audience work for the travel agency softwares or for attractive discounts. They will love to share their experiences and probably they may come back for their next trip, even if they don’t win. 17. Regular Content Update Google loves fresh, original content. When you update your content frequently Google will trust that you are an engaging, active business and they may rank your site higher in the search.

People look for timely information. Regular updates of special offers, events and hotel details will ensure you to get more customers. It is travel agency softwares to keep your audience informed and updated. Source As travel business is getting competitive day by day, updating new content shows that your business is active. By showing that you are engaged and interested in providing information, you make sure that you are committed to your customers. 18. Be Clear Writing clearly is one way to capture and retain our customer’s interest.

Be clear, specific and bold in what you are writing. If you are offering any deals or hosting any contest, be clear and specific. There should not be any hidden cost or extra charges applicable.

travel agency softwares

Keeping in mind that all type of customers may visit your website, so use simple words that could be understood by all audiences. Being clear also helps your customers who don’t speak the language of the country they have booked for, it is very important that you are clear to the customer and that they understand what they book. Source Make sure the customer leaves with a clear view on things such as pick up time and location, what to bring, what to pay on arrival, extra cost if any etc.

19. Tailored Sales Promotion Nowadays people prefer to book a tailor-made tour so that they can enjoy their destinations in the way they want and also in their budget.

Hence, tailored sales promotion is important to increase the revenue of your travel agency. Tailored sales promotion includes a combination of different products into a unique experience. Create a package and try to offer a better price by selling hotel, flight and activity together. This can be interesting for you and for your customers. Source You can have a look on Cox & Kings website to get an idea of tailor-made holidays they offer.

20. Mobile Friendly It is travel agency softwares very important to ensure that your travel website is properly responsive with multiple mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPads, etc. This is important because nowadays people prefer to view and book their trip from devices like mobile, tablets, etc.

Source Having a mobile-friendly travel website allows customers to enjoy a seamless transition between devices and gives much more satisfying user experience. Mobile-friendly travel sites are easier to navigate and benefit from faster load times.

Thus it simplifies booking process and makes convenient for the customer to make the booking from anywhere, anytime at their comfort level. Google offers a helpful Mobile-Friendly Test for your website. This can give you an idea of how mobile-friendly your travel site is? Conclusion: You can check these 20 Key Strategies to Increase Revenue for Online Travel Agency and implement it for your business growth.

Hopefully, these tips will bring you one step further in running a successful Online Travel Agency. It will surely create interest in your customers to get more engaged with you. • Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce • Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce • Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce • Deposits For WooCommerce • Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce Categories • Addons • Free Plugins • Premium Plugins • Premium WooCommerce Plugins • Premium WordPress Plugins • pricing plan • WooCommerce Plugins • WordPress Plugins • WP-Ecommerce Plugins
By Sushil BatraNew Delhi [India], April 4 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Monday permitted Journalist Rana Ayyub to travel abroad and said there is no cogent reason for presuming that she would not appear before the investigation agency and hence, as no case is made out for issuing the impugned LOC.

The Bench of Justice Chandra Dhari Singh on Monday said the impugned Lookout Circular (LOC) is accordingly liable to be set aside as being devoid of merits as well as for infringing the Human right of the Petitioner to travel abroad and to exercise her freedom of speech and expression.

For the reasons discussed above, the impugned LOC is set aside and quashed. However, a balance has to be struck qua the right of the investigation agency to investigate the instant matter as well as the fundamental right of the petitioner of movement and free speech, said Justice Chandra Dhari Singh. The Court further added that it becomes evident that the LOC was issued in haste and despite the absence of any precondition necessitating such a measure.

"A LOC is a coercive measure to make a person surrender and consequentially interferes with petitioner's right of personal liberty and free movement. It is to be issued in cases where the accused is deliberately evading summons/arrest or where such person fails to appear in Court despite a Non-Bailable Warrant.

In the instant case, there is no contradiction by the respondent to the submission of the petitioner that she has appeared on each and every date before the Investigating Agency when summoned," the Court noted. The Court, while passing the order, said the instant petition stands allowed in the above terms with the conditions that the petitioner shall intimate her travel dates and detailed itinerary to the investigation agency forthwith along with the address of the places that the petitioner shall be visiting.

"The petitioner travel agency softwares deposit an FDR to the tune of Rs 1 lakh before the Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai. The petitioner shall not attempt to tamper with the evidence or influence the witnesses in any manner, the petitioner shall return to India on the date specified i.e. 11th April 2022; and the petitioner shall give an undertaking to appear before the Investigation Agency immediately on her return and on dates that might be fixed by the Investigation Agency for interrogation, if any, after the travel period," the court said.

Ayyub has recently approached the Court to seek quashing of the Look Out Circular/Directions issued against her that has restrained her from travelling abroad. Advocate Vrinda Grover, counsel who appeared for the petitioner, submitted that the petitioner/journalist is being persecuted for speaking truth to power and being critical of the incumbent establishment.

Advocate Grover submitted that on March 29, when the petitioner arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai, to board a flight to London to attend an event about the global problem of cyber-attacks on travel agency softwares journalists on 1st April in London, as well as to deliver a keynote speech in Rome on the status of journalism in India on April 5.

She further submitted that it is ED's case that the petitioner had collected funds by crowdfunding for COVID relief work and has not done proper accounting. It was submitted that there is nothing on record to suggest that the petitioner was evading the legal process. Petitioner had been in regular communication with ED and had responded to each and every summons travel agency softwares by the ED under the PMLA, that she had also joined the investigation and has been cooperating throughout.

The Court noted that ED vehemently opposed the instant petition and argued that the petitioner has been involved in a very serious offence and has misappropriated funds collected in the name of relief work. It was submitted that the petitioner had submitted fake bills and thus the money raised for relief work has been siphoned off. ED also submitted that it had attached her assets worth Rs 1.77 crore in connection with alleged irregularities in the collection of charitable funds for COVID relief work.

Further, it was submitted that the agency had issued summons to her earlier as well, but she did not respond and that it did not want her to leave the country because it would delay the probe and filing of chargesheet in court.

(ANI) By Sushil BatraNew Delhi [India], April 4 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Monday permitted Journalist Rana Ayyub to travel abroad and said there is no cogent reason for presuming that she would not appear before the investigation agency and hence, as no case is made out for issuing the impugned LOC.

The Bench of Justice Chandra Dhari Singh on Monday said the impugned Lookout Circular (LOC) is accordingly liable to be set aside as being devoid of merits as well as for infringing the Human right of the Petitioner to travel abroad and to exercise her freedom of speech and expression. For the reasons discussed above, the impugned LOC is set aside and quashed.

However, a balance has to be struck qua the right of the investigation agency to investigate the instant matter as well as the fundamental right of the petitioner of movement and free speech, said Justice Chandra Dhari Singh.

The Court further added that it becomes evident that the LOC was issued in haste and despite the absence of any precondition necessitating such a measure. "A LOC is a coercive measure to make a person surrender and consequentially interferes with petitioner's right of personal liberty and free movement.

It is to be issued in cases where the accused is deliberately evading summons/arrest or where such person fails to appear in Court despite a Non-Bailable Warrant. In the instant case, there is no contradiction by the respondent to the submission of the petitioner that she has appeared on each and every date before the Investigating Agency when summoned," the Court noted. The Court, while passing travel agency softwares order, said the instant petition stands allowed in the above terms with the conditions that the petitioner shall intimate her travel dates and detailed itinerary to the investigation agency forthwith along with the address of the places that the petitioner shall be visiting.

"The petitioner shall deposit an FDR to the tune of Rs 1 lakh before the Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai. The petitioner shall not attempt to tamper with the evidence or influence the witnesses in any manner, the petitioner shall return to India on the date specified i.e.

11th April 2022; and the petitioner shall give an undertaking to appear before the Investigation Agency immediately on her return and on dates that might be fixed by the Investigation Agency for interrogation, if any, after the travel period," the court said. Ayyub has recently approached the Court to seek quashing of the Look Out Circular/Directions issued against her that has restrained her from travelling abroad. Advocate Vrinda Grover, counsel who appeared for the petitioner, submitted travel agency softwares the petitioner/journalist is being persecuted for speaking truth to power and being critical of the incumbent establishment.

Advocate Grover submitted that on March 29, when the petitioner arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai, to board a flight to London to attend an event about the global problem of cyber-attacks on women journalists on 1st April in London, as well as to deliver a keynote speech in Rome on the status of journalism in India on April 5.

She further submitted that it is ED's case that the petitioner had collected funds by crowdfunding for COVID relief work and has not done proper accounting. It was submitted that there is nothing on record to suggest that the petitioner was evading the legal process. Petitioner had been in regular communication with ED and had responded to each and every summons issued by the ED under the PMLA, that she had also joined the investigation and has been cooperating throughout.

The Court noted that ED vehemently opposed the instant petition and argued that the petitioner has been involved in a very serious offence and has misappropriated funds collected in the name of relief work. It was submitted that the petitioner had submitted fake bills and thus the money raised for relief work has travel agency softwares siphoned off.

ED also submitted that it had attached her assets worth Rs 1.77 crore in connection with alleged irregularities in the collection of charitable funds for COVID relief work. Further, it travel agency softwares submitted that the agency had issued summons to her earlier as well, but she did not respond and that it did not want her to leave the country because it would delay the probe and filing of chargesheet in court. (ANI)

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