Emma stone cruella

emma stone cruella

Blinged-out bras were the biggest trend emma stone cruella the Met Gala Kylie Jenner wasn’t the only one in a wedding dress at emma stone cruella 2022 Met Gala. Emma Stone hit the red carpet in a short, flapper-style Louis Vuitton dress, complete with a sassy feathered skirt.

The ensemble wasn’t just sweet, it also had a memorable backstory. Stone, 33, first wore the look to her wedding reception in September 2020 when she married writer and comedian Dave McCary, 36. The “Easy A” actress and her now-husband first met when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” in December emma stone cruella and he directed her in a sketch called “Wells for Boys.” In 2019, he proposed in the “SNL” office where they first met. Stone made a sustainable splash in custom Louis Vuitton.

AFP via Getty Images They emma stone cruella their March wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic before getting married in a low-key Los Angeles ceremony in September 2020. They welcomed their daughter Louise Emma stone cruella McCary in March 2021. Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquière was responsible for the look and dressed all of the stars — including Gemma Chan, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Cynthia Erivo and more —in archive or previously worn designs, according to Vogue.

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière dressed Emma Stone, Sophie Turner and all the other Louis Vuitton guests in archival looks that have been previously worn. Getty Images for The Met Museum/ This year’s Met Gala theme was “ In America: An Anthology of Fashion” with a focus on gilded glamour. While it certainly doesn’t make the list of the craziest Met Gala moments of all time, it is the sweetest and most sustainable outfit repeat.

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Emma Stone as Cruella herself puts in an incredible performance, which is perfectly accompanied by the compelling blend of rock, R&B, pop, and punk music that underscored the character's narrative and key plot points. While it may cause controversy that Disney has decided to turn all of its animated properties into live-action movies, this film certainly achieves a lot by the selection of music that soundtracks it.

Acting as a prequel to the classic animated 101 Dalmations, Cruella shows the childhood of Estella, a precocious girl who has a liking for dogs, and how she grows up to become the icon of the title. The movie finds its setting during the 1970s punk rock movement in London, and Cruella finds her footing in the city as an aspiring fashion designer who is at war with Britain's upper class – and, in particular, with Emma Thompson's Baroness von Hellman, an established designer who shares a history with Cruella's family.

As she comes to flex her artistic genius over the course of the movie, she embarks on a mission of revenge, challenging the establishment and the Baroness. The music backing Estella's transformation is the '70s punk that laid the foundation for heavy metal and grunge. Related: Cruella Ending & 101 Dalmatians Setup Explained More than 30 sings released throughout the 1960s and '70s feature in Cruella, and they range from classic funk to feminist power ballads.

The soundtrack is able to create a strong sense of time and place, despite (or because of) its variety – centering around British beat music of the 1960s for which The Beatles are known. Also on the soundtrack are some of the British Invasion's major hits from famous bands such as The Zombies, The Rolling Stones, and The Animals.

It's all inescapably English, and, more than that, inescapably the music of London plucked from the height of the British rock'n'roll movement – the perfect underscore for Estella Miller's transformation into Cruella de Vil. "Bloody Well Right," by Supertramp (1974).

Cruella opens with a classic anti-establishment hit plucked straight from 1970s London. The steady backbeat of Supertramp's "Bloody Well Right" plays during a montage of Estella's early years at primary school, a.k.a.

elementary school. Emma stone cruella, like many artists and musicians of the time, chafed against the strict British school system, instead embracing her wild nature. Estella's rebellious attitude is reflected in the opening lyrics of the song, " So you think your schooling is phoney, I guess it's hard not to agree. You say 'It all depends emma stone cruella money and who is in your family tree.'" "Whisper Whisper," by the Bee Gees (1969).

The progressive rock song — picked from what is widely considered the best Bee Gees album of the 1960s — plays as Estella's mother, Catherine, pulls her car up emma stone cruella a mansion where she hopes to get financial assistance. "Inside-Looking Out," by The Animals (1966). What better to kick off the first action scene of the movie than a bluesy rock hit from the early days of The Animals?

"Inside Looking Out" has a relentless beat that kicks in as Estella starts wreaking havoc at the Baroness von Hellman's ball, and keeps driving forward as the infamous Dalmations break free for a chase. Eric Burdon's vocals slide easily from bass to soprano, creating a wild feel culminating in Catherine's death. Related: Every Live-Action Disney Remake, Ranked From Worst To Best "Watch the Dog That Bring the Bone," by Sandy Gaye (1969).

Cruellastarts getting funky when Estella moves to London, with Gaye's soulful single creating a "nothing in life is free" vibe. The song accompanies a scene where Estella flees from the police and makes a lasting connection with fellow street urchins Jasper and Horace and, as an added bonus, fits the movie's dog theme.

"She's A Rainbow," by The Rolling Stones (1967). Ten years later, a groovy, modern tune serves as the introduction to adult Estella, who is helping Jasper and Horace pull off complex cons by designing high-fashion disguises. Estella's artistic genius, shown onscreen in a colorful burst of outfits, is also reflected in the song lyrics, "She comes in colors everywhere.

She combs her hair. She's like a rainbow." "I Gotcha," Joe Tex (1972). "Time of the Season," by The Zombies (1968). Estella's entry into the world of fashion through a renowned London department store is accompanied by this well-known psychedelic pop song . only to end in disappointment when the audience discovers she's been hired as a janitor. "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," by Nancy Sinatra (1965). Estella, who start exhibiting Cruella tendencies, sings along to this ultra-popular country hit as she decides to walk away from emma stone cruella job in a drunken fit of rebellion, destroying/redesigning the Liberty's front window.

Related: When Cruella Is Available To Watch For Free On Disney+ "Five to One," by The Doors (1968). Another R&B song bordering on hard rock accompanies the entrance emma stone cruella the Baroness, the best fashion designer in London, who hires Estella on the spot before her chaotic escape from the police.

"Feeling Good," by Nina Simone (1965). Emma stone cruella oft-covered jazz standard plays as Estella walks into the House of the Baroness, reflecting her visceral pleasure at making it big.

"Fire," by the Ohio Players (1974). Cruella takes another turn toward funk right before Estella meets Artie, with the distinct sound again marking an important moment of transition in her life as she spots a red dress in the window of 2nd Time Around. "Whole Lotta Love," by Ike & Tina Turner (1975).

Cover of a 1969 Led Zeppelin song. "The Wild One," by Suzi Quatro (1974). Quatro's feminist anthem is the first song in the movie to embrace the 1970s punk rock movement — when much of the movie is set — so it's appropriate that it acts as an introduction for the villainous Cruella, who eventually becomes a punk icon in her own right.

The song's apropos lyrics, "You can't hold me down. I'm the wild one," play as Cruella makes her entrance at the Baroness' ball. "Hush," by Deep Purple (1968).

Cover of a 1967 Billy Joe Royal song. "Livin' Thing," by the Electric Light Orchestra (1976). Orchestral string music gives way to soft rock in ELO's hit single, matching the complete chaos that descends on the Baroness' ball when Horace crashes into a cake and rats are let loose. Related: All The Live-Action Disney Remakes In Development "Stone Cold Crazy," Queen (1974).

The frenetic pace and lunatic lyrics of "Stone Cold Crazy" are an obvious match for Cruella's state of mind as she speeds away from the Baroness' party. Having discovered that the Baroness murdered her mother, Cruella is going slightly emma stone cruella. "Boys Keep Swinging," by David Bowie (1979). A close examination of London's rock n'roll scene wouldn't be complete without an homage to David Bowie, whose look seems to have inspired Artie's costumes.

"One Way or Another," by Blondie (1978). As is frequently the case in movies, this power punk-pop song turns ominous as it plays to a montage of Cruella embarking on a mission to destroy the Baroness and take over the fashion world.

Related: Why Glenn Close Is Credited On Cruella 2021 "I Get Ideas (When We Are Dancing)," by Tony Martin (1951). A romantic ballad turns literal when the Baroness gets ideas and steals Cruella's dress design. "Should I Stay or Should I Go," by The Clash (1981). Cruella reaches peak punk when The Clash's chart-topping single accompanies a scene where Stone's character turns garbage into haute couture.

The ironic statement is one of Cruella's best publicity stunts and embodies the "stick it to the man" ethos of punk. "I Love Paris," by Georgia Gibbs (1953).

An old-fashioned Cole Porter crooner brings some humor to the literal dirty work Jasper and Horace are doing as they swing a metal detector over dog poop. "Love Is Like A Violin," by Ken Dodd (1960). The lush "easy listening" music of 1940s makes a surprise appearance in Cruella as the Baroness takes credit for a dress designed and created by Estella.

The scene creates some contrast between the two characters — where Estella is in love with fashion, the Baroness seems emma stone cruella be in love with power and status. "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps," by Doris Day (1965). The well-known English cover of a 1947 Spanish song plays as Jasper and Horace break into the House of the Baroness.

"You're Such A Good Looking Woman," by Joe Dolan (1970). "I Wanna Be Your Dog," by John McCrea. Cruella renews its focus on dogs with an original cover of The Stooges' 1969 proto-punk hit. The garage band song plays during Cruella's moment of victory — a flash mob fashion show in the park after she destroys the Baroness' formal fashion event. This scene also marks the first appearance of Cruella's famous Dalmatian coat (which she doesn't actually make from puppy hides).

Related: Disney+: Every New Movie & TV Show Coming In June 2021 "Smile," by Judy Garland (1963). Emma stone cruella sweeping cover of Nat King Cole's 1961 jazz classic provides a striking contrast to a scene where Cruella is near death.

The song foreshadows John's rescue of Cruella after the Baroness sets fire to her home and leaves her to die. At Cruella's lowest point in the film, perhaps there are still seeds of hope?

"Nightmares," by The J. Geils Band (1974) "Gettin' Out," The J. Geils Band (1974). This toe-tapping rock song is the backdrop to Jasper and Horace's jailbreak. "Eternelle," by Brigitte Fontaine (1968). "Come Together," by Ike & Tina Turner (1970). The Cruellasoundtrack continues to pay homage to the history of British rock n' roll with a cover of the lead-off track to The Beatles' famed 1969 album, Abbey Road. The song plays as Cruella and her friends literally come back together, regrouping for their final attack on the Baroness.

Related: 2021 Now Has An Insane Amount Of Blockbuster Movies "The Wizard," by Black Sabbath (1970). "Sympathy for the Devil," by The Rolling Stones (1968). Another well-placed Rolling Stones smash entreats the audience to have sympathy for the devil as Cruella officially becomes Cruella de Vil.

She may be the bad guy, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve some courtesy. "Call Me Cruella," by Florence + the Machine (2021). The highly anticipated song by Florence + the Machine plays over the credits, ending Disney's live-action origin story with an original song for Cruella's title character. "Cruella de Vil," by Mel Leven (1961). In a post-credits scene, Disney pays tribute to the original 101 Dalmatians by having Roger (Kayvan Novak) sing a verse of "Cruella de Vil," hinting at his future composition in the 1969 animated movie.

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And Emma Stone looked just as chic as she arrived on the red carpet at the premiere of the black and white movie the following day in the Greek capital. The La La Land star, 33, looked ethereal in a floaty pale blue dress which was covered in sequin embellishment and cinched with a red belt.

Radiant: The La La Land star, 33, looked ethereal in a floaty pale blue dress which was covered in sequin embellishment and cinched with a red belt On Thursday, Emma looked sensational in straight leg trousers and a wrap-around oversized jacket as she stepped out at the Greek National Opera.

She completed her stylish ensemble with a pair of silver stilettos and kept her accessories simple with two dainty gold necklaces. Emma accentuated her gorgeous features with a touch of eyeliner and a slick of pink lipstick. Emma Stone was dressed to impress for the premiere of her new short film, Bleat, in Athens.

Under the expert guidance of stylist Petra Flannery, the actress was decked out in Louis Vuitton. Her glamorous dress was characterised by an off-the-shoulder neckline, voluminous sleeves and floor-sweeping skirt. Talk about making a emma stone cruella Inspired by the look, we have scoured the web for dresses that will have similar effect.

Explore our favourite finds by the likes of Club L and Elisabetta Franchi emma stone cruella the carousel. MailOnline may earn commission on sales from these product links She styled her rouge tresses in loose waves and later took to the stage to speak to the crowds at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center following the screening.

The Cruella star was in Athens ahead of Friday's premiere of the film. She shot Bleat in February 2020 but it is set to premiere on May 6 in Kallithea, Greece.

emma stone cruella

Elegant: She completed her stylish ensemble with a pair of silver stilettos and kept her accessories simple with two dainty gold necklaces It was filmed on the Greek island of Tinos and Emma has once again teamed up with The Favourite director Yorgos Lanthimos for the project. It also stars French actor Damien Bonnard. The actress previously collaborated with Lanthimos in the much-lauded feature The Favourite, and she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work on the film.

The short film will be screened at the National Greek Opera on Friday where the film's soundtrack will be performed live inside the Stavros Niarchos Hall during the screenings. Emma is also currently preparing for the release of the forthcoming movie Poor Things, in which she is set to star. The project is based on Alasdair Gray's novel of the same name, which was originally published in 1992. Good spirits: Emma flashed a huge grin as she appeared on stage during a press conference after the screening of Bleat The upcoming movie is centered on a woman named Belle Baxter, who drowns herself and has her brain replaced with that of her unborn child by her father.

The La La Land star's involvement with the project was initially announced in March of last year. Willem Dafoe is currently set to portray Dr. Godwin Baxter in the forthcoming movie.

Other cast members include Mark Ruffalo, Jerrod Carmichael and Margaret Qualley. Elsewhere, Emma has been enjoying motherhood welcoming her first child, a daughter named Louise Jean McCary, with her husband Dave McCary last year. Job: Emma took to the stage to speak to the crowds at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center following the screening The Arizona-born actress began dating McCary in June of 2017, and they revealed they were engaged in December 2019 via social media.

They delayed having a large wedding last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pair was seen later in the year wearing wedding bands.

A source confirmed to People that the couple had tied the knot in 2020. The Easy A actress gave insight into her life as a mother during an interview last year on Lorraine. Interviewer Mark Heyes told Emma: 'How has lockdown been for you? You're now a mummy which is amazing.' Emma's pregnancy was confirmed back in January when a source told E! News: 'Emma is pregnant and just loves married life!' All smiles: Emma flashed a massive smile as she arrived at the venue alongside Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos According to TMZ, who have obtained a 'copy of the birth certificate', the star chose the name, Louise Jean McCary, as a sweet tribute to her grandmother, who is called Jean Louise.

'Having a baby has brought them closer in a way they never expected,' an insider close to the couple told Us Weekly last year. The actress 'has been at home with her husband and the baby,' and has remained 'very low-key and has asked people to just respect their privacy during this time.' Dave has remained 'hands-on and helping with their daughter' since they welcomed the child in Los Angeles March 20, as the Oscar-winning La La Land actress has been 'soaking in all the precious moments of being a mom for the first time.' Do you want to automatically post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline?

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Starsky & Hutch it ain't Not great • Darling abs of May! New Larkins star Emma stone cruella Rae flaunts her toned midriff as she leaves the gym. after replacing Sabrina Bartlett in the ITV show • Gigi Hadid gushes she feels 'so proud' to be her one-year-old daughter Khai's mom in Mother's Day tribute. after paying homage to mom Yolanda • Gogglebox star Jenny Newby forced to watch the show's Emma stone cruella win from hospital after being rushed for a minor operation days before • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Martin Freeman puts on a smitten display with his girlfriend Rachel Mariam in emma stone cruella red carpet appearance • Charlotte Dawson looks radiant in an off the emma stone cruella midi dress as she takes son Noah, 15 months, to friend Taylor Ward's baby shower • The 10 best Amazon deals to shop this weekend - Apple AirPods, Echo Dot smart speakers, and classic Crocs are on sale with up to 44% off • • 'I'm going to stay out of trouble!' Liam Gallagher is cutting out alcohol ahead of the upcoming biggest shows of his solo career • Amy Schumer reveals the sexually-charged joke that The Academy wouldn't emma stone cruella her say at the Oscars Just weeks after hosting the event • James Corden looks race ready as he takes to the paddocks in McLaren team overalls at the Miami Grand Prix.after quitting The Late Late show • Shanina Shaik is PREGNANT!

Model announces she's expecting her first child as she pens heartfelt note to her unborn child on Mother's Day • Dennis Waterman dies aged 74: Actor best known for roles in Minder, the Sweeney and New Tricks passes away at his home in Spain with his wife by his side • Jeremy Irons in the doghouse: Actor is caught driving with his hound on his lap. again Pictured in the driving seat with Smudge • Baroness Bra Michelle Mone faces criminal interview over £200m PPE deal as part of probe into masks and gowns contracts Controversy • Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner gush about their momager Kris Jenner as they lead the charge in wishing her a happy Mother's Day • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: 'Well that's awkward isn't it!' Ant and Dec suffer blunder after scooping Best Entertainment Show gong • Kristin Cavallari celebrates Mother's Day with mom Judith and daughter Saylor: '3 generations of the ladies' Happy family • • Emily Ratajkowski rings in her second Mother's Day as a mom by posting a slew of adorable throwbacks with her one-year-old son Sylvester • John Legend celebrates his 'partner and the best mommy our kids could ask for' Chrissy Teigen in heartfelt Mother's Day post • New chapter for Camilla's book club: Duchess teams up with Chalke Valley History Festival for opening event in collaboration with her literary project • Prince Edward is given Ulster Jubilee role and William and Kate will head for Wales as royals are set to visit all four nations to spread UK unity • Jennifer Lopez shares epic throwback video of her and Ben Affleck wishing everyone a happy Mother's Day at basketball game Old times • BAFTAS TV AWARDS 2022: 'It was an absolute honour!' Stephen Graham pays tribute to wife Hannah Walters as Time wins Best Mini-Series • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: emma stone cruella showed how powerful TV can be': Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice win Must-See Moment for Strictly dance • Serena and Venus Williams look effortlessly chic in floral summer dresses as they walk hand-in-hand at the Miami Grand Prix Day out.

• Gabrielle Union and husband Dwyane Wade go for fashion gold at the Formula One Miami Grand Prix as A-listers and athletes alike make their stylish entrance • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Alison Hammond exudes retro glamour in a dazzling green shawl while joined by dapper son Aiden, 17, on the red carpet • • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: 'I stand with them!' Cathy Tyson pays tribute to Ukraine while accepting Best Supporting Actress gong • Bindi Irwin shares a sweet tribute to her 'beautiful' daughter Grace Warrior as she celebrates Mother's Day She's very close to her wildlife-loving family • Paul Walker's daughter Meadow shares photo with late father in honor of Mother's Day: 'I'd like to thank my pops for being the best parent in the world' • The stars of Neighbours: Where are they now?

Catching up with the soap's most beloved actors as the cast list for the final episode is revealed • Khloe Kardashian wows in edgy outfit as she celebrates Mother's Day weekend in style at Good American and Saks Fifth Avenue bash Looking good • Tina Knowles gushes emma stone cruella her daughters Beyonce and Solange - and family friend Kelly Rowland - in sweet Mother's Day post: 'My three girls' • The Larkins star Sabrina Bartlett 'complained to bosses about co-star Tok Stephen using snap of her as his Whatsapp profile picture' - before actress quit the show • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Nicola Coughlan commands attention in a pink ball gown with three giant bows Wow • It's that time again!

British emma stone cruella Sam Ryder joins the outlandish line-up at Eurovision Song Contest opening ceremony in Italy • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Leggy Michelle Keegan wows in a shimmering pale pink gown as she puts on a loved-up display with husband Mark Wright • • Jason Oppenheim is 'happy' for ex Chrishell Stause after she moved on with G Flip.

but new relationship has been 'really hard on him' • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Strictly star Rose Ayling-Ellis exudes glamour in a slinky black gown as she's nominated for Must-See Moment with Giovanni Pernice • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Susanna Reid looks effortlessly chic in a belted black jumpsuit as she shares backstage outfit snaps Stylish • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Charlotte Hawkins exudes elegance in a chic floor length gown as she attends the bash with Good Morning Britain crew • Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford and Katherine Schwarzenegger lead the A-listers celebrating Mother's Day as they share heartfelt tributes • Britain's Got Talent bosses defend golden buzzer act Keiichi Iwasaki amid 'fix' row as fans discover magician auditioned for FOUR other Got Talent shows • Doctor Strange sequel conjures $265M on US domestic box office debut.

as rival multiverse flick Everything Everywhere clings to No. 5 spot • Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause tattoos 'get me outta here' on new flame G Flip's thigh. as she swiftly moves on from relationship with Jason Oppenheim • 'What do I look like to you?!': Heartstopper actress Yasmin Finney hits back at transphobic comment asking if she was 'a boy or a girl' as she posts stunning selfie • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa shows off his style credentials as he poses with co-star Aimee Lou Wood.

after it was revealed he will be the next Doctor Who • • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn cuts a dapper figure in a black suit as he makes solo red carpet appearance • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly and Janette Manrara stand out from the crowd as they hit the star-studded red carpet • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Jodie Comer goes braless in racy plunging gown with thigh-high split as she's nominated for her role in Channel 4's drama Help • Fashion-loving Time Lord!

How new Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa, 29, fled war-torn Rwanda for Scotland and overcame racist bullying and being homeless to land role • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Tom Daley shows off his eclectic sense of style in a white blazer with asymmetrical blue-and-yellow prints • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Jessica Pummer puts on a dazzling display in a blue disc dress with floral bows The 29-year-old looked incredible • Lewis Hamilton shows off his eclectic sense of style. after backing down on promise to boycott the Miami Grand Prix over piercings • Helen Skelton 'hired a private detective after she became suspicious about estranged husband Richie Myler's behaviour before they split' • Pregnant Leona Lewis cradles her blossoming bump as she steps out for manicure in Los Angeles Baby emma stone cruella the way • BAFTA TV Awards 2022: Emma stone cruella George looks glamorous in a black gown as she hits the star-studded red carpet • • Neighbours FINAL episode reveals full list of cast RETURNING to Ramsay Street alongside fan favourites Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan • Christina Hall gushes about her husband's support while being 'sucker punched left and right' in custody dispute with ex Ant Anstead • Romeo Beckham cuts a casual figure in a £572 hoodie as he enjoys a late night dinner date with model girlfriend Mia Regan in Miami • Saweetie goes barefoot on top of car outside Cheetahs in Hollywood after dropping stacks of cash on strippers Here we go • Bono and The Edge perform surprise concert in Kyiv bomb shelter: U2 rockers entertain small crowd after being invited by president Zelensky • Mel B pays tribute to her 25 year friendship with Victoria Beckham as they hug in sweet snap after she wore her design to receive her MBE • Jessie Wallace is spotted cosying up to new 'builder boyfriend' in his van.

'as she moves him into her home after being whisked off on a romantic getaway' • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Good Morning Britain crew make a stylish arrival after being nominated for Shamima Begum interview • Jason Momoa shows off his muscular physique as he speeds through Rome on a Harley Davidson while filming scenes for Fast and Furious 10 • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Steph McGovern shows off her toned arms in a chic sleeveless gown as she hits the star-studded red carpet • • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Janette Manrara stands out from the crowd in a ruffled pink gown as she graces the red carpet at star-studded event • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Vick Hope wows in an embroidered tasselled gown as she hits the red carpet at the star-studded event.

• BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Rochelle Humes looks sensational in a emma stone cruella gown as she cosies up to husband Marvin on the star-studded red carpet • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Suranne Jones exudes elegance in a strapless black gown as she attends glittering event • 'I think I've made it': Selena Gomez gushes she is 'so grateful and so excited' to make her Saturday Night Live hosting debut Delighted • Justin Bieber declares he is going to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto as emma stone cruella pays tribute to mom Pattie Mallette on Mother's Day • Hugh Emma stone cruella shares heartwarming Mother's Day tribute to his mum Grace McNeil - following the pair's emotional reunion after she 'abandoned' him at age eight • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Olivia Colman looks chic in a black trouser suit as she attends with husband Ed Sinclair • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Eleanor Tomlinson turns heads in a gorgeous silk gown as she joins other stars on the red carpet • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Ashley Roberts emma stone cruella her toned legs in a metallic silver thigh-split gown as she hits the red carpet • • Binky Felstead looks glamorous in a white swimsuit as she relaxes by the pool on Ibiza hen do ahead of her upcoming wedding to Max Darnton • Britney Spears gives a peek at her WEDDING VEIL ahead of nuptials to fiancé Sam Asghari.

as she laments being silenced during her 13-year conservatorship: 'I was a f****** nun!' • Leigh-Anne Pinnock flashes her toned midriff while Jade Thirlwall showcases her sensational style as they enjoy a boozy night out in Manchester • 'Your new obsession': Chloe Ferry shows off her VERY peachy posterior in a skimpy thong bikini - after fans accused her of ANOTHER Photoshop fail • 'I'll be taking the light and love of him wherever I go': Jenny Powell poses in a yellow bikini in Turkey as she pays tribute to her late father Leslie • Benedict Cumberbatch drops his drawers and uses pages from a book to wipe himself as he preaches 'rules are meant to be broken' in hilarious SNL sketch • Rose Ayling-Ellis is to be the first celebrity to sign a CBeebies bedtime story as she hopes it will 'inspire hearing children to learn British Sign Language' • Paris Hilton addresses 'toxic' beauty standards on social media and the impact it can have on young people: 'It's not good for someone's mind' emma stone cruella Corrie's Lucy Fallon flaunts her toned frame in a cut-out plunging pink mini dress as she enjoys a night out in Manchester • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Rochelle Humes looks chic in a black-and-white striped blouse while being serenaded by her glam squad ahead of event • • Anna Nicole Smith's ex Larry Birkhead dresses their daughter Dannielynn, 15, in one of Janet Jackson's old outfits for Kentucky Derby gala • Jeremy Clarkson suffers blow over plans to extend Diddly Squat farm shop as councillors refuse bid to increase size of car park from ten to 70 spaces • Binky Felstead cuts a chic figure during a boozy boat trip with former co-star Ollie Locke on Ibiza hen do ahead of her upcoming wedding to Max Darnton • Meghan Markle celebrates Mother's Day in the US with Archie and Lilibet - after announcing the children will travel to the UK for Platinum Jubilee • James Arthur 'sends flirty messages to Emma stone cruella Circle winner Natalya Platanova asking if she's "still single"' after rekindling romance with ex Jessica Grist • Strictly's Nadiya Bychkova and Kai Widdrington put on a sombre display as they appear to have a heated chat during the show's professionals tour • Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn turns heads in a futuristic latex look after it was revealed there was 'no place' for her on the smash hit Netflix show • Bruce Willis sweetly holds daughter Evelyn's hand as she takes a stab at rollerskating.

after actor announced retirement following aphasia diagnosis • Little Mix flash their toned physiques in eye-catching crop-tops as they take to the stage in Manchester - one week before indefinite break to focus on solo projects • Katie Price's fiancé Carl Woods refuses to attend the glamour model's sister Sophie's upcoming wedding to Harry Brooks after family fall out • • Charlotte McKinney, Brandy and Vivica A. Fox show off their chic style in summery ensembles while attending the 5th annual Best Buddies' Celebration of Mothers • Karrueche Tran goes TOPLESS beneath a silky purple cardigan as she attends the Ocean Drive Race Week Celebration in Miami Beach • Loose Women unveil all-male panel with Vernon Kay, Strictly's Johannes Radebe and Roman Kemp at the helm for show special Loose Men.

• Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn, 15, dons a colorful creation while dad Larry Birkhead gushes that she looks like her mother's twin as they lead stars • Elizabeth Hurley, 56, flaunts her toned physique in a TINY black bikini as she soaks up the sun in a sizzling Instagram snap • Prince William and Kate 'want to be known by emma stone cruella names and NOT their titles': Duke and Duchess plan shake-up royal protocol to modernise the monarchy • Travis Scott attends sister Jordan Webster's graduation ceremony at Howard University.

before hitting the stage for first public performance since Astroworld tragedy • Amanda Bynes steps out in Los Angeles with fiance Paul Michael. one week after the couple's explosive argument that led to 911 phone call • Nicole Kidman shares 'wonderful memories' with her beloved mum Janelle on Mother's Day Shared a loving tribute to her mother, Janelle, 81, for Australian Mother's Day • RuPaul's Drag Race judge Ross Mathews marries fiancé Wellinthon Garcia.

with Drew Barrymore serving as FLOWER GIRL for the lovebirds in Mexico • • Princess Charlene returns to public life: Prince Albert of Monaco's wife stays close to their twins on second appearance since November • Pregnant Ashley Greene cradles baby bump as she poses beside husband Paul Khoury at the 5th Annual Best Buddies' Celebration of Mothers in Malibu • No need for a brolly!

The Earl of Wessex dons a bowler hat and pin-stripe suit as he joins the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades Association's annual parade in Hyde Park • Katharine McPhee, 38, stuns in an elegant black gown beside tuxedo-clad husband David Foster, 72, as they emma stone cruella his foundation's A Night On Broadway gala • Brooke Burke is a vision in green as she kicks off Mother's Day celebration with dinner at celeb-loved Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica • Rihanna shows her growing baby bump some TLC by drenching herself in Fenty Skin products as she gives glimpse at her 'self care' routine • Christine McGuinness says she feels liberated after discovering she has ADHD just months after learning she is autistic • Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness star Elizabeth Olsen reveals she used Scarlett Johansson as a role model for navigating the superhero genre • Priscilla Presley says she was brought to TEARS after learning daughter Lisa Marie 'loved' director Baz Luhrmann's new Elvis biopic • Amy Schumer is forced to cancel Netflix Is A Joke Festival performance after testing positive emma stone cruella COVID-19 • Teresa Palmer reveals her 'number one dream' is to have EIGHT children 'just like her nanna' - after welcoming her fourth baby Prairie Moon • Kylie Jenner flashes her amazingly taut midriff in a bikini as she enjoys a piña colada after losing 40lbs in three months since giving birth • Tommy Fury says he WON'T propose to girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague until she stops asking him '100 times a day' • EMILY PRESCOTT: Would separate homes have saved Helen Skelton's marriage to rugby ace Richie Myler?

• Taraji P. Henson receives honorary doctorate from her alma mater Howard University before delivering 2022 commencement address • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go casual in button-up tops as they continue their house hunting adventure at a $68 million mansion • Justin Bieber relaxes shirtless in bed with his beloved dog Oscar in cute footage taken by the pop star's wife Hailey • RHOC alum Kelly Dodd details 15-year-old daughter Jolie's trip to the ER after an appendicitis scare that turned out to be a 'UTI that went into her kidneys' • Christine McGuinness flashes a huge smile as Olivia Attwood shows off her abs while sprinting down the track during training for The Games • Carrie Underwood shows off VERY muscular legs in purple cut-off shorts and a pair of bedazzled denim cowboy boots as she leads performers at the 2022 iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas • Peter Andre hits back following 'racist and homophobic' remarks made towards the diverse cast of Grease • Now it's Wagatha Christie, the TV rematch: As court showdown looms, Coleen Rooney signs up for a Netflix documentary • Jodi Gordon says she's 'so happy' about returning to Neighbours to farewell her character Elly - amid AVO drama with banker boyfriend Sebastian Blackler • Selling Sunset star Chelsea Lazkani went from living on a council house estate ' to making thousands in commission as a real estate agent • 'An amazing moment': Britain's Got Talent judges hold back tears after poignant performance from a choir of frontline workers • Britain's Got Talent: Ant and Dec press their golden buzzer for magician Keiichi Iwasaki following his impressive illusionist performance • Her Royal Heinzness!

Camilla reveals she has 'never followed a recipe in her life' and prefers beans on toast to posh nosh - in interview with her food critic son • Pregnant Taylor Ward shares an insight into her extravagant baby shower as she prepares to welcome her daughter with husband Riyad Mahrez • Fleabag's Jamie Demetriou tipped as a BAFTA TV favourite to win.

years after emma stone cruella snubbed by big drama schools • Demi Rose puts on a VERY busty display in halter neck bikini top with cut out detail and high rise bottoms as she sizzles in the hot California sun • Scully's in the money! X-Files star Gillian Anderson, 53, films an advert in London for a Silicon Valley cybersecurity firm that will net her £500,000 • Snoop Dogg rocks a quirky sweatsuit and a leopard-print bucket hat for performance at E11EVEN in Miami during Race Week Miami 2022 • Robbie Williams reveals he will play HIMSELF in upcoming biopic Better Man but says movie bosses are looking an actor to play his younger self • Boris Becker 'complains about prison food after being served corned beef for first meal - with disgraced tennis star shocked by lack of hygiene • EMILY PRESCOTT: Is Princess Olympia of Greece regretting her unorthodox choice of headgear?

MORE DON'T MISS • Cristiano Ronaldo's partner Georgina Rodriguez reveals they've named their baby daughter Bella Esmeralda. after the child's twin died at birth • Bella Thorne shows off her flat midriff in a tiny black crop top and skirt in a series of tantalizing Instagram photos • Kat Graham and Kandi Burruss step out in style to teach others how to increase their influence during 2022 CultureCon Atlanta • Chris Pratt bares toned arms as he steps out with pregnant wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and his children Jack, nine, and Lyla, one • Karrueche Tran shows off her toned figure in a white swimsuit as she enjoys a beach day with her pals in Miami • Should Emma Corrin be crowned Britain's wackiest dresser?

Why DOES the actress look like she's wearing a football kit in her latest role, asks KATIE HIND • 'I just wish it was resolved': Jennifer Grey reveals ex fiancé Johnny Depp's trial with Amber Heard 'breaks her heart'. after detailing his 'ill temper' • Chantel Jeffries displays her long legs in semi-sheer crochet shorts as she picks up lunch after soaking up the sun in Miami Beach • Ukrainian model bags a job fronting Mulberry's collection of handbags just three months after attending a protest outside the Russian embassy • Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness soars at the box office ahead of projections for the biggest domestic opening of 2022 • Myleene Klass nails spring chic in a bright pink floral emma stone cruella as she arrives to host Smooth Radio • Strictly's Graziano plants a KISS on his co-star Katya Jones' cheek as they leave their Sheffield hotel before they take to the stage at the Utilita Arena • Shirtless Colin Farrell, 45, shows off his toned torso as he sports tracksuit bottoms and boots following a sweaty hike in Los Angeles • Mickey Gilley, the country music hitmaker and an inspiration behind Urban Cowboy, is dead at 86 • 'Scary?

I was petrified.' Mel B's daughter Phoenix, 23, reveals life with her abusive stepfather - and how she's come through it • TOWIE's Yazmin Oukhellou reveals she's fractured her emma stone cruella and has been forced to use crutches - but injury doesn't stop her from partying in Dubai • Ab-baring Lewis Hamilton is dripping in jewellery after backing down on promise to boycott the Grand Prix over piercings clash with F1 boss • Olivia Culpo showcases her washboard abs while sparkling in a sequined bra and skirt.

as she celebrates her 30th birthday weekend • Shawn Mendes displays his ripped abs as he enjoys a beach day in Miami.

after his dashing appearance at the Met Gala • Mary J. Blige is radiant in a hot pink top as she hits the stage for her first Strength Of A Woman festival in Atlanta • Leslie Ash, 62, cuts a casual figure as she uses a walking stick while heading out for a stroll in the sunshine emma stone cruella her husband Lee Chapman • Cardi B shares sweet flashback pictures of herself cuddling baby Wave. as she says she wants to be 'this thick' again • Ferne McCann looks incredible in a swirl print bikini as she jets to Greece with beau Lorri Haines.after revealing she wants to marry him • Vanessa Hudgens shows off her 'after party fit' with a fringed crop top and miniskirt revealing her taut midriff as she shimmies in funny video • 'He's used to calling the shots': Simon Cowell's sister-in-law Emma fears he has become a 'groomzilla' ahead of wedding to Lauren Silverman • Kate Lawler dons a brown sweater as she steps out with daughter Noa, 14 months, on her 42nd birthday - ahead of wedding to fiancé Emma stone cruella Bojtos • Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse look loved-up as they party into the night after her concert in Los Angeles • James Gunn reveals filming for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.

3 has officially wrapped.before teasing appearance of 'an unannounced actor' • Jesy Nelson puts on a busty display in a TINY black bralet and stylish jeans as she enjoys a boozy night out with pals • Korean actress Kang Soo-youn, who was set to return to film later this year after a decade-long absence, dies at age 55 • Jason Momoa gives a glimpse at his muscular frame as he amps up the pace on a Harley Davidson while filming for Fast and Furious 10 in Rome • 'I don't want anywhere civilised!

Georgia Kousoulou reveals she wants FOUR hen parties emma stone cruella admitting it was 'about time' Tommy Mallet proposed • FIRST LOOK at Love Island's NEW villa: Work begins on the rustic six-bedroom Mallorcan abode ahead of the series launch ahead of new crop of singletons • Maisie Williams transforms into fashion icon Christian Dior's sister Catherine as she is seen on set for the first time filming The New Look in Paris • Fred Savage, 45, who starred in The Wonder Years is FIRED as executive producer of ABC's revival after investigation into his 'inappropriate conduct' • Caity Lotz and Kyle Schmid get engaged after a romantic rooftop proposal in Morocco • Kendall Jenner reveals picture of NBA beau Devin Booker is her iPhone lock screen.

before taking her massive Mercedes G-Wagon for a spin in LA • Inbetweeners star Simon Bird looks unrecognisable with a bizarre bowl cut wig and a bushy beard as he films new comedy show in Northwich • Snoop Dogg's son Cordell Broadus has his brand-new 2022 BMW X6 retrieved by the police after it was stolen • Kerry Katona unveils the results of her SECOND breast reduction after complaining she 'wasn't happy' with her last procedure • Brooke Burke displays her toned abs and trim legs poolside as she creates new workouts for her exercise app in Los Angeles • Kylie Jenner puts on a sultry display as she shares another glimpse of her look from the Met Gala aparty - after red carpet dress was branded her 'worst look • Could YOU work for the royals?

Kensington Palace advertise £27,500-a-year job as PA to Kate Middleton's assistant private secretary • 'I'm sure Sam will be alright!' Rylan Clark reveals he's been given a telling-off by Eurovision bosses after taking UK hopefuls on a boozy night out • Seann Walsh's ex Rebecca Humphries to release a memoir about self-worth and 'escaping toxic relationships'.

four years after THAT kiss • David Beckham dons a black suit as emma stone cruella parties with James Corden, Lebron James and Adele's boyfriend Rich Paul at £3k-per-head Amex party in Miami • Married At First Sight's Olivia Frazer slammed as a 'hypocrite' for sharing racy lingerie video - after outing co-star Domenica Calarco for nude photo • Strictly couple Nadiya Bychkova and Kai Widdrington enjoy another cosy outing during a break from their tour as they stroll through Liverpool • Janet Jackson, 55, makes a rare public appearance as she displays her edgy fashion sense in a black coat and chunky boots at charity gala • Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause jokes she's 'coming out of the closet' amid new romance with Gay 4 Me nonbinary singer GFlip • Susanna Reid shuts down a cruel troll who brands her 'chunky' and asks if she has 'put on some weight' with a snappy response • 'We have the BIGGEST smiles': Big Brother's Brian Dowling announces he's having a baby with husband Arthur Gourounlian after surrogacy woes • 'I thought I would throw up!' Minnie Driver felt 'humiliated' after being asked to fake an orgasm unless she 'fancied having a real one' during audition • Emma stone cruella one with nature!

Princess Anne wraps up warm as she plants a tree at 'world class' wildlife park in Scotland • 'This is going to be my baby daddy': Pregnant Britney Spears shares a hilarious clip of fiancé Sam Asghari and their puppy Sawyer Parents-to-be! • Jack Whitehall dons a casual navy polo shirt and white trousers as he films a Prime Video series about food on the picturesque streets of Italy • 'HBD to my baby mama!' Ed Sheeran shares rare intimate snap with wife Cherry Seaborn as he wishes her a happy 30th birthday • Daisy Lowe shares details on her sex life as she admits she feels 'happiest' while getting frisky 'two or three' times a day • Ulrika Jonsson reveals she had an abortion in 1996 but carries 'no guilt' since it was 'her right' - as she blasts US Supreme Court leak to overturn Roe v.

Wade • 'Keep your eye out for his tour!' Jason Manford drops biggest hint yet that friend Peter Kay may return to the stage for stand-up gigs • Why a white trouser suit is the new royal must-have! Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are ditching shift dresses for a 'powerful and successful look' • Childhood snaps show fresh-faced celebs as they reveal their childhood dreams before rising to stardom - so how many do YOU recognise?

• Harry and Meghan could STILL appear on Buckingham Palace balcony despite Queen's ban: Outcast Sussexes 'set to appear alongside other emma stone cruella • Eva Mendes tearfully reveals her mother isn't 'doing well right now' but describes her as 'a survivor in every way' during TODAY show appearance • Legendary supermodel Maye Musk, 74, looks angelic in a powder blue mesh dress and cloak at the season three premiere of Passionflix's Driven • Blac Chyna named as suspect in battery investigation for allegedly 'kicking woman in the stomach' and 'damaging her cellphone' during altercation at LA bar.

• Kris Jenner is sleek in all-black and large sunglasses for date night with Corey Gamble in Los Angeles. after couple attended star-studded Met Gala • Emily Atack puts on a seductive display in a figure-hugging brown co-ord as she enjoys a glass of red wine in sizzling snaps • Infinity pools, walk-in closets and multimillion-dollar price tags: Inside the REAL homes of Selling Sunset cast including Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn • Dave Chappelle 'upset' his armed attacker isn't facing felony charge: Suspect faces 18 months in jail as he appears in court to plead not guilty • Tom Cruise rocks an all-black ensemble while Jennifer Connelly wows in a white dress as they attend Top Gun: Maverick photocall in Mexico City • Brooklyn Beckham's ex Hana Cross flashes her taut abs in a busty black bikini on Miami beach - weeks after her former flame married Nicola Peltz • 'If I dance with someone I'll put the routine on my chest': Anton Du Beke jokes he's going to get his first tattoo in emma stone cruella of Strictly • Amanda Holden, 51, shows off her incredibly toned physique as she slips into red bikini for throwback snap • Sophie Turner TURNED DOWN an invite to the Kardashians' Met Gala afterparty because she was so awestruck by Kendall Jenner's beauty • Ariana DeBose looks sensational in a curve-hugging white gown while Dove Cameron wows in a quirky ruffled skirt at the GLAAD Media Awards • Sophie Turner shows off her baby bump in a sapphire gown and holds hands with husband Joe Jonas .

ahead of appearance on The Tonight Show • Emeli Sandé stuns in cream suit as she attends launch party of her new album after revealing same-sex romance with 'soulmate' Yoana Karemova • Tommy Dorfman stuns in yellow off-the-shoulder floral gown with a lengthy train at the 2022 GLAAD Media Awards in New York City • MAFS warring brides Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer to come face-to-face at Australian Fashion Week • Martin Roberts says he has 'got another shot' and is planning to spend more time with family after horrifying health scare left him 'hours from death' • Jesy Nelson smoulders in a baby pink semi-sheer robe with lacy briefs as she lounges on the kitchen counter in a very seductive new shoot • Dove Cameron models a bizarre ruffled skirt and black opera gloves before changing into dramatic ballgown during the 33rd GLAAD Media Awards in Emma stone cruella • 'I'm proud I stayed strong': Tom Parker's widow Kelsey shares a sweet video hugging her two children as she returns home following Loose Women interview • Love Island winter edition returns!

ITV bosses 'begin plans to reprise series as for 2023' - just weeks before the summer cast enter the villa • Amanda Kloots rocks a plunging black sequined gown with a daring slit to the 9th Unbridled Eve Kentucky Derby Gala in Louisville • Mark Wahlberg announces plans to bring his burger chain Wahlburgers to New Zealand. with the first location opening in just months • 'I love this man so much!' Sophie Turner knew Joe Jonas would be her husband from the FIRST night they met and admits she 'wept' after their date • Alyssa Milano draws eyes in a vibrant green gown at Sundance's P3P Presents An Old Hollywood Inspired Mother's Day Charity Event in Santa Monica • Love Island shares FIRST teaser ahead of the ITV dating show's eighth series as it declares war on rival dating shows by saying 'the OG of love is back!' • Lewis Hamilton bares his tattooed chest ahead of the Miami Grand Prix as he admits he might have to pull out over jewellery clash with F1 boss • Dakota Johnson braves the rain in a brown suede coat as she checks out of her NYC hotel.

after attending star-studded Met Gala • Matt Damon rocks a mustache and shows off bulging biceps in a grey tee as he leaves the set of Oppenheimer in LA • Gwen Stefani says it was 'really fun' doing her own makeup for the 2022 Met Gala after her makeup artist canceled last-minute • Cynthia Nixon rocks a yellow leather pantsuit with a turquoise ampersand pin as she attends the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City • Laverne Cox rocks a plunging copper brown dress with a massive black chain necklace to the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City • Ashlee Simpson is effortlessly chic in a brown blazer and distressed denim as she cozies up to husband Evan Ross while out shopping in LA • David Walliams smashes his car into bollard.

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Katie Price larks around at another £80 make-up masterclass in Glasgow - after being greeted by just 12 fans at an Edinburgh salon • Cushty! Del Boy's yellow three wheeler beats the Batmobile and Knight Rider's Kitt to be named TV's most iconic car • Jason Oppenheim breaks down over 'very difficult' break-up from the 'love of his life' and admits he'll 'never love someone like her again' • Bruce Willis' daughter Scout goes bra-less under clinging crop top as she walks dog Grandma in LA.

after the actor's retirement over aphasia • 'The longest morning of my life': The One Show's Alex Jones details her lengthy wait in hospital as her two-year-old son Kit underwent surgery • Myleene Klass looks effortlessly chic in a zebra printed maxi dress and smart blazer cinched with a Chanel belt as she arrives at Smooth Radio • Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lauren Conrad glow in summer dresses as they kick off Mother's Day weekend in West Hollywood's La Peer Hotel • 'It's all about self-love baby!' Gemma Collins launches range of three Durex vibrators in the hopes of removing the stigma around using sex toys • Claire Foy's real-life lead role - not with a corgi but a cavapoo!

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Prince William takes to the court as he pays a visit to Sports Key in Birmingham • Rebecca Romijn tells Jerry O'Connell that she still misses ex John Stamos. as she reveals she saw him recently for the first time in 17 years • From navigating ships to commanding the kitchen: As MasterChef winner Eddie Scott is awarded the culinary trophy, MailOnline takes a look at his career • Lady Gaga soars as she plays piano on an airstrip with jets in the stylish new video for her Top Gun: Maverick single Hold My Hand • Dave Chappelle reveals he spoke to man, 23, who attacked him emma stone cruella stage in LA as he appears at secret comedy show with Chris Rock • What next for Prince Andrew?

Now Duke and his emma stone cruella are BANNED from the Buckingham Palace balcony. but the Queen 'WILL make a special effort to include Beatrice and Eugenie' • Casualties of the Queen's balcony cull: Ban on Harry, Meghan and Andrew leaves TWENTY relatives out in the cold - including Beatrice and Eugenie • The Queen hopes to attend the State Opening of Parliament but with a few 'tweaks' for her comfort - while palace officials draw up contingency plan for Prince Charles • Selling Sunset: Jason Oppenheim reveals his brokerage has sold a staggering $2 BILLION in real estate in the nine years since it opened • Jeff Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sanchez accidentally flashes her nude shapewear as she enjoys a date night with the Amazon billionaire in New York City • 'Big hair, don't care!': Lily Collins shows off her gorgeous new look with fuller locks and a stylish fringe • Dennis Waterman was a tough guy with no time for the PC brigade - on AND off the screen: As the star of The.

• Keir Starmer cancels speech amid claims he'll be forced to RESIGN if he's fined over beergate. as new. • Posturing Sir Beer's mess is entirely of his own making: Like all politicians who try to strike poses on the.

• The 34 menopause warning signs that GPs must recognise: Campaigners warn that symptoms go way beyond. • Is it ever OK to sit in your front garden? Asks JO BRYANT as she reveals other new outdoor etiquette no-nos • DR MAX PEMBERTON: One in TWENTY of us has a personality disorder like the one experts say Amber Heard has • Ronnie O'Sullivan's daughter, 25, vows to never let the snooker star meet his three-year-old granddaughter • Harry feeling the heat? Prince goes semi-shirtless to get some sunscreen at California polo match as Palace.

• Prince William fears Harry will use conversations they have during the Platinum Jubilee weekend as material.

emma stone cruella

• Meghan Markle REMOVES all references to her doomed Netflix animation show 'Pearl' from Archewell website. • EXCLUSIVE: Florida tourist, 65, and his wife are pictured celebrating anniversary at luxury Sandals resort.

• Power bills will soar by a THOUSAND pounds and the government's £200 handout is ‘not going to be anywhere. • Boris had food poisoning and was sick on his suit before brutal GMB interview where he was 'beaten up' by. • Don't worry about Rwanda. nobody will send you there: Smugglers boast on social media of '100 per cent. • Will F1's bling ban drive out Lewis Hamilton? The seven-time world champion insists he is being unfairly.

• Dennis Waterman died with fourth wife Pam by his side at his home in Spain: Wave of tributes flood in for. • 'My apologies!' Kay Burley is left red faced after confusing Dennis Waterman with Popstars namesake Pete in. • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: 'I am in bits!' Viewers are moved to tears as In Memoriam montage pays touching. • Russian kindergarten children dress up as tanks adorned with a 'Z' for Victory Day - as Emma stone cruella prepares to. • Putin's regime is 'mirroring' the Nazis and he and his acolytes will share the same fate as Hitler, Ben.

• Ukraine claims more than 25,000 Russian servicemen have died since invasion began: Kyiv officials say. • BREAKING NEWS: G7 announces plans to ban imports of Russian oil to punish Putin for invading Ukraine • Sixty dead as Russia bombs school: Putin is condemned for 'war crime' following missile strike in eastern. • Russia could destroy ALL NATO countries in 'half an hour' if there was nuclear war, head of Kremlin's space. • Putin loses 39th colonel in Ukraine War: Vladimir suffers blow on eve of Victory Day military parade as.

• The female Ukrainian soldier, 21, who'll fight on till the end: 'Songbird of Mariupol' wins an army of fans. • EasyJet plans to strip SEATS from planes this summer so it can operate flights with fewer cabin crew as it.

• DOMINIC LAWSON: Will the UK break up? Don't believe the claims of Sinn Fein and the SNP • Hay fever tablets run low across the country due to shortage of active ingredient chlorphenamine maleate • Modern couples looking to start a family are turning to IVF. because they are too busy for sex, emma stone cruella.

• The woman who could tear the UK apart honoured IRA trio just weeks ago: While Sinn Feinn leader Michell. • Prince Edward is given Ulster Jubilee role and William and Kate will head for Wales as royals are set to.

• Crunch talks to avert Irish chaos: Victorious Sinn Fein raises pressure for a border poll but ministers say. • President Bongbong! Imelda Marcos's former British public schoolboy son looks set to win today's election.

• DAILY MAIL COMMENT: 'Sinner' Starmer must say sorry for Beergate • Now Left-wingers join calls for answers as pressure grows on Keir Starmer over 'beergate' • Teenage truckers could solve delivery crisis as ministers plan to axe EU rules setting limits on. • Boris Johnson will announce 'Brexit Bills bonanza' to tear up EU laws in this week's Queen's Speech - and. • 'Keeping up with yummy mummies destroyed me': Salima Saxton gave up her career to be a mother.

but found. • Max Verstappen wins the inaugural Miami Grand Prix after passing Charles Leclerc early on and holding off. • Gardener, 35, took his own life just three days after his girlfriend and mother-of-three was found dead in. • More than 65,000 patients a month are left waiting too long for their cancer diagnosis every MONTH, data. • Why you should always ARGUE over breakfast (but never before bed) - Top Oxford professor reveals how to.

• BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: 'An evening of lead balloons!' Viewers CRINGE as Tom Daley's awkward knitting joke. • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Ant and Dec lead the winners as they scoop Best Entertainment Show gong for the FOURTH. • Prince William opens a BAFTA segment on climate change urging viewers to be more sustainable after video. • Ant McPartlin beams leaving BAFTA TV Awards with glam wife Anne-Marie and Declan Donnelly as the triumphant. emma stone cruella 'It makes everyone feel seen': New Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa attends the BAFTA TV Awards 2022 alongside writer.

• BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: 'I'm SO nervous!' Jodie Comer is overcome with emotion as she wins Leading Actress for. • BAFTA TV AWARDS 2022: Michelle Keegan, Ashley Roberts, Eleanor Tomlinson and Rochelle Humes put their best. • MORE HEADLINES • Dennis Waterman dies aged 74: Actor best known for roles in Minder, the Sweeney and New Tricks passes away at his home in Spain with his wife by his side • Meghan Markle REMOVES all references to her doomed Netflix animation show 'Pearl' from Archewell website after woke production was axed by the streaming giant • Russia could destroy ALL NATO countries in 'half an hour' if there was nuclear war, head of Kremlin's space agency claims • Boris had food poisoning and was sick on his suit before brutal GMB interview where he was 'beaten up' by Susanna Reid over cost-of-living crisis • Florida man, 65, killed 'by faulty air conditioner' at emma stone cruella Sandals resort in Bahamas was celebrating anniversary with wife, who was left paralyzed, couple's devastated son reveals • Harry feeling the heat?

Prince goes semi-shirtless to get some sunscreen at California polo match as Palace aides 'hatch plan to STOP the Sussexes taking Netflix crew into Queen's Platinum Jubilee events' • Gardener, 35, took his own life just three days after his girlfriend and mother-of-three was found dead in suspected suicide, inquest hears • 'It's the wrong plan, in the wrong place': Furious residents emma stone cruella they fear for their safety amid outrage over Priti Patel's 'Guantanamo-on-Ouse' plan to house 1,500 asylum seekers in sleepy Yorkshire village • EasyJet plans to strip SEATS from planes this summer so it can operate flights with fewer cabin crew as it battles staff shortages • University graduate, 23, who had peanut allergy 'collapsed and died just over an hour after taking two bites of chicken tikka masala pizza he ordered on Deliveroo' • BREAKING NEWS: G7 announces plans to ban imports of Russian oil to punish Putin for invading Ukraine • Dominic Raab warns EU that action on Brexit protocol can't be 'put off' after Sinn Fein WINS Northern Ireland elections and threatens reunification poll within five years - while DUP is set to boycott Stormont unless Brussels backs down • 'The evil has returned.

Again' Ukraine president Zelensky gives emotional address on VE Day after Russian invasion as Europe marks victory over Nazi Germany in WWII • Moment Italian police storm £570m superyacht 'owned by Vladimir Putin': Officers seize giant vessel near Pisa and serve papers to its British captain as part of sanctions against Russia over Ukraine invasion • Ministers lash Keir Starmer's 'double-standards' as leaked memo demolishes his Beergate story showing curry WAS pre-planned - while Labour leader's allies up the stakes by branding him 'Mr Rules' amid full-blown police probe • Prince William and Kate 'want to be known by first names and NOT their titles': Duke and Duchess plan shake-up royal protocol to modernise the monarchy public relations blunders during tour of Caribbean • Jill Biden makes secret Mother's Day visit to Ukraine where she met with Zelensky's wife and slams 'brutal' Russian invasion • Putin loses 39th colonel in Ukraine War: Vladimir suffers blow on eve of Victory Day military parade as elite soldier dies in gun battle during intelligence mission near Kharkiv • 'Less room for pheasants, more room for peasants!': Up to 200 activists trespass on Duke of Somerset's private Devon estate to demand more land access as walker shares photo of 'shot' pheasants dumped in undergrowth • More than 8,000 empty houses owned by the MoD should be used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees, Lib Dems urge • Russian kindergarten children dress up as tanks adorned with a 'Z' for Victory Day - as Putin prepares to hold huge parade in Moscow today despite '25,000' of his soldiers dying in Ukraine and new offensive stalling • More than 100 years of history wiped out by Putin's bombs: Before and after images show devastation to historic school in Ukraine after being targeted by Russian missiles • PM bets on the Red Wall to save his skin: Furious Tories demand tax cuts after disastrous local polls as ministers say Boris 'can and will' fight the next election - and scrambles to 'reset' his premiership with Levelling Up drive in Queen's Speech • Sixty dead as Russia bombs school: Putin is condemned for 'war crime' following missile strike in eastern Ukraine as President Zelensky confirms dozens of civilians died in the blast • Jeremy Clarkson suffers blow over plans to extend Diddly Squat farm shop as councillors refuse bid to increase size of car park from ten to 70 spaces • Bono and The Edge perform surprise concert in Kyiv bomb shelter: U2 rockers entertain small crowd in subway station after being personally invited by president Zelensky emma stone cruella Moment disabled teenager with assistance dog was refused entry to Wetherspoons in row with door staff who said it's 'against company policy' to let the animal in • Ukraine claims more than 25,000 Russian servicemen have died since invasion began: Kyiv officials say Putin's forces have also lost 1130 tanks, 199 planes and 2741 armoured personnel carriers • Keir Starmer cancels speech amid claims he'll be forced to RESIGN if he's fined over beergate.

as new photo shows he made a point of dining outside for photo-op the day before curry • Fewer than a THIRD of Scots back Sturgeon's plan to hold separatist referendum next year despite SNP's local election domination - as majority say they want to stay in the UK • Heatwave starts here!

Britons are set to pack out beaches and parks today as temperatures hit 23C and will get even hotter next week with mercury edging towards 26C - making it warmer than Mexico • 'People think I'm in the Gulag': 'Bald and Bankrupt' British YouTube star denies Russian claims that he was arrested near Kazakhstan spaceport saying he was 'questioned for a few hours' before being fined £60 • MOST READ IN DETAIL
Running time 134 minutes [4] Country United States Language English Budget $100–200 million [5] [6] [7] Box office $233.5 million [8] [9] Cruella is a 2021 American crime comedy film based on the character Cruella de Vil from Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians.

[10] The film was directed by Craig Gillespie with a screenplay by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara, from a story by Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel, and Steve Zissis. [11] It is the third live-action adaptation in the 101 Dalmatians franchise and serves as a reboot and an origin story for the title character.

Emma Stone stars as the title character, with Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Mark Strong in supporting roles.

Set in London during the punk rock movement of the 1970s, the film revolves around Estella Miller, an aspiring fashion designer, as she explores the path that will lead her to become a notorious up-and-coming fashion designer known as Cruella de Vil. [12] In 2013 Walt Disney Pictures announced the film's development with Andrew Gunn as a producer. Stone was cast in 2016 and also serves as an executive producer on the film alongside Glenn Close, who portrayed Cruella in the previous live-action adaptations, 101 Dalmatians (1996) and 102 Dalmatians (2000).

Emma stone cruella photography took place in England between August and November 2019. Cruella premiered in Los Angeles on May 18, 2021, the first major red carpet event since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and was released in the United States theatrically and simultaneously available on Disney+ with its Premier Access feature on May 28.

The film received generally positive reviews with critics praising the performances (particularly Stone, Thompson, and Hauser), Gillespie's direction, visual style, costume design, production values, and emma stone cruella, but criticism for its screenplay. It grossed over $233 million worldwide. The film earned two nominations at the 94th Academy Awards, including Best Makeup and Hairstyling, winning Best Costume Design.

It was also nominated in the former category and won in the latter at the 27th Critics' Choice Awards and 75th British Academy Film Awards while Stone was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical at the 79th Golden Globe Awards. A sequel is in development, with Stone set to reprise her titular role.

Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 3.1 Development and casting • 3.2 Filming • 3.3 Music and soundtrack • 4 Release • 4.1 Theatrical and streaming • 4.2 Marketing • 4.3 Home media • 5 Reception • 5.1 PVOD viewership • 5.2 Box office • 5.3 Critical response • 5.4 Accolades • 6 Sequel • 7 References • 8 External links Plot [ edit ] In 1964 England, Estella is a creative child with a talent for fashion, but is ostracized for her unusual hair and develops a nefarious streak. Her mother, Catherine, decides to move them to London, stopping at a party at Hellman Hall to ask the host for money.

Sneaking inside, Estella loses her mother’s necklace while being chased by the host's ferocious Dalmatians, which push Catherine off a cliffside balcony to her death. Blaming herself, Estella runs away to London and befriends street urchins Jasper and Horace.

Ten years later in 1974, Estella practices thievery and grifts with Jasper and Horace, honing her fashion skills by designing their disguises, alongside their dogs, Buddy and Wink. For her birthday, Jasper and Horace get her a job at the Liberty department store, but Estella is made a janitor and denied the chance to emma stone cruella her talents. She drunkenly redecorates a window display and impresses the Baroness von Hellman—a renowned but authoritarian haute couture designer—who offers her a coveted job at her fashion house.

Estella gains the Baroness's confidence but notices her wearing Catherine’s necklace, which the Emma stone cruella claims is a family heirloom that an employee once stole. Estella asks Jasper and Horace to help retrieve the necklace during the Baroness's Black and White Ball. To conceal her identity, Estella creates an alter-ego, "Cruella", and wears one of the Baroness's old designs from a vintage clothing store owned by the flamboyant Artie.

At the ball, Cruella steals the spotlight as Jasper and Horace break into the Baroness's vault, but she is already wearing the necklace. Jasper releases rats into the party, allowing Estella to swipe the necklace. The Baroness summons her Dalmatians with a dog whistle, and Estella realizes the Baroness caused Emma stone cruella death.

In the ensuing chaos, one of the Dalmatians swallows the necklace. Seeking revenge, Estella orders Jasper and Horace to kidnap the Dalmatians, and recovers the necklace. Cruella upstages the Baroness at various events in extravagant fashions, gaining notoriety via society columnist Anita Darling, Estella’s childhood friend.

Furious, the Baroness fires her lawyer, Roger Dearly, while Cruella's increasingly haughty behavior discomforts Jasper. Estella designs and sews an elaborately beaded dress as the signature piece for the Baroness's spring collection and stages a robbery in the fashion house, leading the Baroness to lock up all the dresses. The night of the spring show, the Baroness opens the vault to emma stone cruella that the dress is ruined-the beads were in fact moth eggs, and thousands of moths have hatched from them.

Seeing what she has done, the Baroness realizes Estella and Cruella are the same person. Having wrecked the Baroness' show, Cruella stages her own fashion show outside in Regent's Park, wearing a faux Dalmatian-fur coat. Returning home, Estella is confronted by the Baroness and her men, who have captured Jasper and Horace.

Setting fire to the building, the Baroness leaves Estella to die, and has Jasper and Horace sent to prison for her murder. Estella is saved by John, the Baroness's valet, who reveals that the necklace unlocks a box containing Estella’s birth records: the Baroness is her biological mother. She had ordered John to murder the infant Estella to focus on her career and keep her late husband's inheritance.

Instead, John gave the baby to Catherine, one of the Baroness's maids, who raised Estella in secret. Cruella breaks Jasper and Horace out of prison and reveals the truth, recruiting them, Artie, and John emma stone cruella her final scheme. The quintet sneaks into the Baroness's charity gala, having arranged for all the guests to dress as Cruella.

Estella confronts her mother on the balcony, and the Baroness feigns an embrace before pushing her over the cliff, unwittingly witnessed by her guests. Estella secretly survives with a hidden parachute and, now legally dead, adopts her Cruella persona for good. The Baroness is arrested, swearing revenge on Cruella De Vil. Before her "death", Estella willed her inheritance to Cruella, including the manor which she renames Hell Hall, moving in with her accomplices.

In a mid-credits scene, Anita and Roger each receive a Dalmatian puppy from Cruella. Cast [ edit ] • Emma Stone as Estella / Cruella: An ambitious grifter and aspiring fashion designer, who will go on to become a notorious and dangerous obsessed criminal.

[13] [14] • Billie Gadsdon as five-year-old Estella • Tipper Seifert-Cleveland as twelve-year-old Estella [15] • Emma Thompson as the Baroness: The narcissistic, authoritarian, and egotistical head of a prestigious London fashion house and a renowned haute couture designer, who is Estella's new boss and eventual rival.

She plays a key role in Estella's transformation and was Estella's biological mother. [16] • Joel Fry as Jasper: A thief who grew up with Estella after her adoptive mother's death.

To play Jasper, Fry did not look back at the character's depiction in the original animated film or the 1996 live-action remake, only copying his physical mannerisms. [17] • Ziggy Gardner as young Jasper • Paul Walter Hauser as Horace: A thief who grew up with Estella after her adoptive mother's death emma stone cruella Jasper's brother. Hauser drew inspiration for the role from the performance of Bob Hoskins as Mr.

Smee in Hook. [17] • Joseph MacDonald as young Horace • Emily Beecham as Catherine: Estella's adoptive mother, an impoverished laundrywoman and former maid at Hellman Hall. • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita Darling: Estella's childhood classmate, who works as a gossip columnist.

[18] [19] Anita is later gifted a female Dalmatian emma stone cruella named Perdita by Cruella. • Florisa Kamara as young Anita • Mark Strong as John: The Baroness's valet and loyal confidante who aids her in her schemes. He later saves Cruella's life in a warehouse fire and helps her get a piece of revenge. John McCrea portrays Artie, a member of Cruella's entourage and owner of a vintage fashion shop.

He was the first original character in a live-action Disney film to be openly gay and the character is inspired by Emma stone cruella Bowie and Marc Bolan. [20] [21] Additionally, Kayvan Novak portrays Roger Dearly, a lawyer working for the Baroness, who becomes a songwriter after he is fired, and is subsequently gifted a male Dalmatian puppy named Pongo by Cruella; Jamie Demetriou portrays Gerald, a clerk at Liberty who is Estella's initial boss; Andrew Leung portrays Jeffrey, the Baroness's assistant; Leo Emma stone cruella portrays the headmaster at Estella's school; Paul Bazely portrays the police commissioner Weston; Ed Birch portrays the Baroness's head of security; Paul Chowdhry portrays a Kabab Shop Owner, while Abraham Popoola portrays his co-worker George; and Tom Turner appears as the Baron von Hellman, the Baroness's late husband and Cruella's biological father.

Production [ edit ] Development and casting [ edit ] Craig Gillespie took over as director from Alex Timbers. A live-action Cruella de Vil film, based upon the character in Disney's 101 Dalmatians franchise, was announced in 2013.

[22] Andrew Gunn was hired to produce the emma stone cruella, with Glenn Close (who previously played the character in the 1996 live-action adaptation 101 Dalmatians and its sequel 102 Dalmatians) serving as executive producer [3] [22] and Kelly Marcel revising the script originally written by Aline Brosh McKenna.

In January 2016, Emma Stone was cast in the titular role of Cruella de Vil. [13] Costume designer Jenny Beavan later stated that her role on the film was to help Stone appear as a younger 1970s portrayal of Close's 1990s role in 101 Dalmatians, possibly confirming the shared continuity between the films, though the characters of Roger and Anita appear as the same age as Cruella and portrayed as different emma stone cruella with different occupations in this film.

[10] However, Stone was not allowed to portray Cruella smoking as she had previously been since Disney had banned characters being shown smoking in its films since 2007. [23] In August 2016, Jez Emma stone cruella was hired to rewrite the previous draft of the screenplay. [24] In November 2016, it was reported that Disney had hired Alex Timbers to direct the live-action adaptation, with Marc Platt joining the film as a producer.

[2] However, in December 2018, it was revealed that Timbers had left the film due to scheduling emma stone cruella and Craig Gillespie would instead direct the film. [25] In May 2019, Emma Thompson joined the cast as the Baroness, described as "an antagonist to Cruella who's thought to be pivotal in her transformation to the villain we know today.” Nicole Kidman was considered to be the top choice and Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, and Demi Moore were also in consideration for the role, while Dev Patel was considered for the role of Roger Dearly.

[26] The same month, Tony McNamara and Dana Fox were hired to write the recent version of the screenplay. [27] Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser were added in the following months as Jasper and Horace.

[28] [29] Filming [ edit ] In August 2019, during the D23 Expo, it was revealed that principal photography for Cruella had already begun. [30] The first official image from the film featuring Stone as Cruella de Vil with three adult dalmatians on a leash, Hauser as Horace and Fry as Jasper was also unveiled during the event.

[31] In September 2019, Mark Strong, Emily Beecham and Kirby Howell-Baptiste were added to the cast. [32] [33] [34] Filming wrapped in November 2019.

emma stone cruella

{INSERTKEYS} [35] Music and soundtrack [ edit ] Main article: Cruella (soundtrack) On March 31, 2021, it was announced that Nicholas Britell was hired to compose the film's score. [36] The score album was released on May 21, 2021, by Walt Disney Records. [37] A separate soundtrack album for the film was released on the same day. Both albums feature "Call Me Cruella", an original song performed by Florence and the Machine, which appears in the end credits of the film.

[38] Release [ edit ] Theatrical and streaming [ edit ] Cruella was originally scheduled to be theatrically released on December 23, 2020, [39] [40] but it was delayed to May 28, 2021, as filming began. [41] The film received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association, "for some violence and thematic elements," making it the second live-action remake/spin-off of a Disney animated film to receive the rating, following Mulan.

[42] On March 23, 2021, it was announced that the film would be released simultaneously on Disney+ with Premier Access in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. [43] The film premiered at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on May 18, 2021, the first major red carpet premiere since the pandemic began. [44] Tickets for the theatrical screenings went on sale on May 14, 2021, and it was announced that the film would also be screened in Dolby Cinema in select territories.

[45] [46] It was first screened for critics the same day. [47] Marketing [ edit ] A prequel novel titled Cruella: Hello, Cruel Heart was published by Disney Publishing Worldwide on April 6, 2021. Written by Maureen Johnson, the novel is set before the events of the movie, in 1967. It followed sixteen-year-old Estella and her encounter with Magda and Richard Moresby-Plum, two wealthy siblings who introduced her to the world of the rich and famous.

[48] A tie-in novelization of the film by Elizabeth Rudnick was published by Disney on April 13, 2021. [49] A book titled Cruella's Sketchbook was also released on the same day. [50] A manga adaptation of the movie by Hachi Ishie, titled Cruella: Black, White and Red was released by Viz Media on August 17, 2021. [51] On May 28, 2021, MAC Cosmetics launched a make-up collection inspired by the film. [52] On May 28, 2021, Disney+, in partnership with Social Tailors and Jeferson Araujo released an AR Effect [53] for Cruella, where users could share stories on Instagram of themselves with makeup and visuals inspired by the new movie of the Disney character.

[54] [55] Home media [ edit ] Cruella was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Digital on June 25, 2021, and Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on September 21, 2021. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the film was released on home video on August 16 and 18, respectively.

[56] [57] On August 27, the film was made available for streaming to all customers on Disney+. [58] Reception [ edit ] PVOD viewership [ edit ] According to Samba TV, the film was watched by about 686,000 American households in its debut weekend (39% behind Mulan 's 1.12 million), resulting in around $20.57 million in revenue for Disney.

The company also reported 83,000 UK households watched the film (resulting in $2.35 million), 15,000 in Germany, and 9,000 in Australia. [59] In its first 30 days, the film was watched in an estimated 1.8 million U.S. households, generating a total of $54 million. [60] In January 2022, tech firm Akamai reported that Cruella was the seventh most pirated film of 2021.

[61] Box office [ edit ] As of March 6, 2022 [update], Cruella has grossed $86.1 million in the United States and Canada, and $147.4 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $233.5 million. [9] [8] In the United States and Canada, Cruella was released alongside A Quiet Place Part II, and was projected to gross $17–23 million from 3,892 theaters in its opening weekend, and around $30 million over the four-day Memorial Day frame. [62] The film made $7.7 million in its first day, including $1.4 million from Thursday night previews.

It went on to debut to $21.5 million and a total of $26.5 million over the four days, finishing second at the box office. 61% of the tracked audience was female, with 43% being under 25 years old.

[63] [6] In its sophomore weekend the film grossed $11 million, finishing third behind The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and A Quiet Place Part II. [64] [65] The film then fell to 5th place in its third weekend, grossing $6.7 million. [66] Deadline Hollywood wrote that despite having a running total of $71 million through five weeks, sources believed that the "Disney+ Premier PVOD tier is impacting the pic's overall revenue, not just at the box office, but in the movie's downstream ancillary revenues." [67] The film made $26.5 million in its domestic opening and earned $16.1 million in 29 other countries, for a global debut of $43 million.

[68] In China, Cruella debuted with a less-than-expected $1.7 million opening, finishing behind holdover F9 which earned $8.9 million. [69] Critical response [ edit ] The performances of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were widely praised by critics. [70] [71] On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, 74% of 400 critics have given the film a positive review, with an average rating of 6.8/10.

The website's critics consensus reads: " Cruella can't quite answer the question of why its title character needed an origin story, but this dazzling visual feast is awfully fun to watch whenever its leading ladies lock horns." [72] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 59 out of 100 based on 56 critic reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews". [73] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported 84% of audience members gave it a positive score, with 63% saying they would definitely recommend it.

[63] Writing for Variety, Peter Debruge said: "The director, who brought a wicked edge to pop-culture redux I, Tonya a few years back, has rescued Cruella from the predictability of the earlier 101 Dalmatians remakes and created a stylish new franchise of its own in which a one-time villain has been reborn as the unlikeliest of role models." [4] A.

O. Scott of The New York Times called the film "refreshing" within the Disney live-action efforts, while complimenting the film's visual style and storytelling in a Dickensian tale, as well as favorably referring the film as a PG-13 revenge take to Joker. [74] Peter Travers, reviewing the film for ABC News, wrote: "If looks really were everything, Cruella would be flying high on the dazzling costumes that two-time Oscar winner Jenny Beavan has designed for and with two Oscar-winning Emmas–Stone and Thompson–are dressed to wow and deliver much to enjoy in this beautifully crafted fluffball and hits its stride when the two Emmas go on the diva warpath—all in the name of female empowerment." [75] [76] Justin Chang of Los Angeles Times remarked the movie as "dazzling fun" and lauded the performances of Stone and Thompson, of which he described the rivalry of the performances as "hard to resist on-screen", and hailed Beavan's costume design on the film as one of her best works since Mad Max: Fury Road, while drawing parallels of the film's moral ambiguities and Stone's portrayal of the titular character to her previous performance as Abigail Hill in The Favourite.

[77] Alonso Duralde of TheWrap wrote: "Placing these characters in the '60s and '70s allows director Craig Gillespie and screenwriters Dana Fox and Tony McNamara to place the characters into an exciting moment of fashion history ... Costumer Jenny Beavan, art director Martin Foley, and production designer Fiona Crombie, and their respective departments, all seem to be enjoying and making the most of the film's period demands." In addition, Duralde also lauded the performances of Stone, Hauser, and Thompson, drawing comparisons of the characterizations of the latter's portrayal of the Baroness to Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada and Reynolds Woodcock in Phantom Thread.

[78] Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian awarded the film four out of five stars, describing it as "entertaining" and an "outrageous punk", as well as praising the performances and dynamic between Stone and Thompson. Furthermore, Bradshaw also complimented the tone of the film's soundtrack to Michael Jackson and similarly praised the film's mid-70s costume and production designs of Beavan and Crombie as "top-notch". [79] Chicago Sun-Times 's Richard Roeper rated the film with 3/4 stars, and highlighted Gillespie's direction for being "clever" and "devilishly offbeat" while praising the performances of Stone and Thompson as "appropriately over-the-top and wildly entertaining", drawing its comparisons to The Devil Wears Prada and also commended the costumes, makeup, and the production values of which he referred to as "spectacular", "dazzling" and a "visual feast", comparing its style to Phantom Thread and noting the similarities of the vibe and tone of the film's soundtrack to Goodfellas, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Baby Driver.

[80] The Daily Telegraph's Robbie Collin scored the film four out of five, similarly praised the film, which he described as a "rollicking tale" and an "acid-tipped wackiness", and lauded the film for its different approach in the Disney live-action adaptations as well as the previous 101 Dalmatians versions and its interpretation of the central character in a new context. He also similarly praised the performances (particularly Stone and Thompson) as well as the supporting cast, which he referred to as "zany", while specifically remarking of Stone's performance of Cruella De Vil as "sharp-angled, hyper-expressive" and that Thompson's portrayal of the Baroness "stalks the fine line between threatening and ludicrous with stiletto-heel precision".

In addition, Collin also praised the film's visual style and Beavan's costume design as "eyeball-popping" and "a garden-hose-blast to the eyeballs of pure sartorial flair and exuberance". [81] K. Austin Collins of Rolling Stone rated the film with three out of five stars, praising Stone's success in embodying the titular character, and describing her performance as "vampy, stylish, and cruel" while comparing the film's style of storytelling to I, Tonya, of which he noted a similar internalized victim-like story perspective of Tonya Harding to Cruella de Vil and even pointed out on the similar "plausibly two-sided" depiction of Stone's Cruella to Andrea "Andy" Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada, but with a twisted spin.

He also commended the supporting performances, particularly Thompson and Hauser, referring the film as "a battle of wits and knits", "entertaining", and "fun".

[82] Jamie Jirak from ComicBook.com called the film as "raising the bar when it comes to their [Disney's] live-action catalog", praising the art department, the performances and nostalgic elements. [83] Debopriyaa Dutta from Screen Rant opined that the film told a "masterfully nuanced origin" and praised the performances of Stone and Hauser.

[84] The Hollywood Outsider's Morgan Lanier described the film as “taking place in the 70’s with a lot of camp to lighten the mood”, praising Stone for giving Cruella “a twist of vulnerability” and giving the longstanding Disney villain a “fun glimmer”. Lanier also praised Thompson’s performance saying “Thompson gives the baroness the ability to chill a room”.

Lanier concluded that the movie was “joyous, campy, great costumes, […] amplified by a killer soundtrack”. [85] Kate Erbland of IndieWire gave the film a "B-", and labelling the film as "exciting" and "fun" and a "colorful, loud, and unexpected look" on the origin story of Cruella De Vil while Erbland singled out the praises on the casting and the performances of Stone, Thompson, Fry, Hauser, and the costumes, but found fault at the film's runtime of which she referred it as "bloated".

[86] The Washington Post 's Ann Hornaday described the film as "tedious, transgressive, chaotic and inert". While praising the performances of Stone, Thompson, Fry, and Hauser, as well as the costumes; she criticized the film, writing, and the runtime of which she found it as "overstuffed", "overlong", and "miserably misanthropic". [87] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle thought the film was misbegotten and felt that it favors more on style over substance.

Though he praised Thompson's performance, the costume design and the soundtrack, he chided the film's writing as "lazy" and "careless". [88] Matt Zoller Seitz of RogerEbert.com gave the film 2/4 stars, and said: "There's no denying that Cruella is stylish and kinetic, with a nasty edge that's unusual for a recent Disney live-action feature. But it's also exhausting, disorganized, and frustratingly inert, considering how hard it works to assure you that it's thrilling and cheeky." [89] Jacobin 's Eileen Jones labelled the film as a "dopey, uninspired, and tedious mess", specifically criticizing the script as "basically rotten" and describing the transformation of Cruella's character as "the complete mangling of one of the greatest Disney villains of all time." Jones took issue with the absence of the "implied critique [...] of Cruella's wealthy entitlement and mad consumer obsession" as shown in 101 Dalmatians, and the attempt to make a "legendary dalmatian-skinning villain" into a "scrappy, likable hero." Jones complimented the film's costume design, specifically emphasizing the "trash gown" shown at the Baroness fashion show, and describing it as "sufficiently cool that costume designer Jenny Beavan may win another Oscar." [90] Accolades [ edit ] Award Date of ceremony Category Recipients Result Ref.

Academy Awards March 27, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [91] [92] Best Makeup and Hairstyling Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, and Julia Vernon Nominated Alliance of Women Film Journalists January 31, 2022 Time Waster Remake or Sequel Award Cruella Nominated [93] ACE Eddie Awards March 5, 2022 Best Edited Feature Film – Comedy Tatiana S. Riegel Nominated [94] [95] American Cinematheque Awards - Tribute To The Crafts January 26, 2022 Feature Film - Costume Designer Jenny Beavan Won [96] Art Directors Guild Awards March 5, 2022 Excellence in Production Design for a Fantasy Film Fiona Crombie Nominated [97] [98] British Academy Film Awards March 13, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [99] Best Makeup and Hair Nadia Stacey and Naomi Donne Nominated Casting Society of America March 23, 2022 Feature Big Budget – Comedy Mary Vernieu, Lucy Bevan, Bret Howe, Emily Brockmann, and Olivia Grant Nominated [100] Chicago Film Critics Association December 15, 2021 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Nominated [101] Costume Designers Guild Awards March 9, 2022 Excellence in Period Film Won [102] [103] [104] Critics' Choice Movie Awards March 13, 2022 Best Costume Design Won [105] Best Makeup Cruella Nominated Dorian Awards March 17, 2022 Campiest Flick Nominated [106] Golden Globe Awards January 9, 2022 Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical Emma Stone Nominated [107] [108] Gold Derby Film Awards February 27, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [109] Best Makeup and Hair Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, and Julia Vernon Nominated Grammy Awards April 3, 2022 Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media Cruella – Various Artists Nominated [110] Hollywood Critics Association January 8, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [111] Best Hair & Makeup Carolyn Cousins and Nadia Stacey Nominated Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards December 1, 2021 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [112] London Film Critics' Circle February 6, 2022 Technical Achievement of the Year Nominated [113] Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards February 9, 2022 Best Period and/or Character Make-Up in a Feature-Length Motion Picture Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, and Guy Common Won [114] Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling in a Feature-Length Motion Picture Nadia Stacey, Naomi Donne, and Julia Vernon Nominated Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards April 9, 2022 Favorite Movie Actress Emma Stone Nominated [115] People's Choice Awards December 7, 2021 The Drama Movie of 2021 Cruella Won [116] The Drama Movie Star of 2021 Emma Stone Nominated Online Film Critics Society Awards January 24, 2022 Best Costume Design Cruella Nominated [117] San Diego Film Critics Society January 10, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [118] [119] Best Use of Music Cruella Nominated Seattle Film Critics Society January 17, 2022 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Nominated [120] Set Decorators Society of America Awards February 22, 2022 Best Achievement in Décor/Design of a Comedy or Musical Feature Film Fiona Crombie and Alice Felton Nominated [121] St.

Louis Film Critics Association December 19, 2021 Best Costume Design Jenny Beavan Won [122] Best Soundtrack Cruella Won Sequel [ edit ] In May 2021, both Stone and Thompson stated that they would like to do a second Cruella film as both a sequel and prequel in the style of The Godfather Part II. [123] In June 2021, Disney announced that a sequel is officially in the early stages of development, with Gillespie and McNamara expected to return as director and writer, respectively.

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emma stone cruella

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Thank you to my amazing team for working so so hard and for always having such fun. My crowd team, oh my goodness, Julia Vernon is a total genius emma stone cruella I was so spoilt with the talent in the room.

Wait till you see the looks! It's been the emma stone cruella challenge. So fast paced and totally mad at times but I'm so proud of what we've done. Now to rest! #makeup #design #hair #designer #cruella #cruelladevil #emmastone #disney #teamworkmakesthedreamwork Thank you to emma stone cruella super talented @soleiljacksonillustration for my bags!".

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This is hands down the BEST Disney film I've seen in years and has the best soundtrack I've ever heard. Emma Stone is hypnotic as Cruella, Emma Thompson is delightfully wicked. The ancillary characters are very strong, as well. This film should received multi Oscar nods for acting, fashion, cinematography, and direction. The films' only drawbacks were the iffy CGI Dalmatians and particular animal references to skunks and raccoons that most outside the UK would never pick up on; neither animal is found in the UK.Search Search Skip to search results • News • Metro • Page Six • Sports • Post Sports+ • Sports Betting • Business • Opinion • Entertainment • Fashion • Shopping • Living • Media • Tech • Real Estate • Astrology • Video • Photos • Visual Stories • Sub Menu 1 • Covers • Columnists • Horoscopes • Sports Odds • Podcasts • Careers • Sub menu 2 • Email Newsletters • Official Store • Home Delivery • Tips • A peek inside the 2022 Met Gala • And….cut!

How audiences helped forever change these movies we love • ‘Cruella’ review: Emma Stone makes villainy fun and sexy • Celebrity engagement rings that rock, from Lily Collins to Emma Stone Before fur-loving baddie Cruella de Vil became a puppy killer, she was a scrappy punk rocker with dreams of becoming a fashion designer — until she got hell-bent on revenge on her evil boss and, well, things got out of hand.

That’s according to “Cruella,” the latest live-action Disney movie that updates or provides a twist to one of its animated classics. This time, that classic is 1961’s “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” And the latest incarnation of the villainess, played by Emma Stone, not only gets a backstory, but an entire makeover.

“When we first meet Estella” — that’s Cruella’s birth name — “she feels like a girl who’s grown up in 1970s London,” hair and makeup designer Nadia Stacey told Vogue. “Then, as the story progresses, she transforms.” Stacey, along with costume designer Jenny Beavan, had to show that change through 47 increasingly crazed looks, from bespectacled bereted naif who dyes her naturally black-and-white hair red to a deranged glamazon who embraces her wild two-toned emma stone cruella and dons a series of spike-encrusted leather jackets, enormous deconstructed chiffon skirts, Ziggy Stardust-inspired face paint and Marie Antoinette-worthy updos.

(The original cartoon villain, comparatively, had one ensemble — a white fur coat slung over a skimpy black slip dress — that she wore over and over again.) Emma Stone unveils the villain’s humble beginnings in Disney’s “Cruella” while sporting a slew of stunning looks, including a graphic “The Future” makeup moment inspired by the Sex Pistols’ 1977 album Never Mind The Bollocks.

Laurie Sparham 2021 Disney Enterprises Inc., Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney “This character has been reworked several times throughout the years, and each time, it’s been more edgy and using punk iconography,” fashion historian Monica Sklar told The Post, citing the popular movie “Descendants” and the TV show “Once Upon a Time,” not to mention Glenn Close’s famous turn as Cruella in Disney’s 1996 “101 Dalmatians.” “This character has been reworked several times throughout the years, and each time, it’s been more edgy and using punk iconography,” fashion historian Monica Sklar told The Post.

©Disney+/Courtesy Everett It’s effective stylistic shorthand. “Punk has a strong sense of self, a questioning of authority and the conformity and rigidity of society that can become quite aggressively contrarian,” said Sklar, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia who has written a book called “Punk Style.” “There are many misnomers equating punk with nihilism,” whereas, in truth, it’s “extremely self-expressive.” The movie uses more than 200 wigs, with some of the more elaborate updos taking up to four hours to construct.

©Disney+/Courtesy Everett It took a lot of work to land on an almost fantastical emma stone cruella that was still grounded in London in the 1970s. Beavan scoured costume houses, as well as vintage fairs and markets in London, New York City and Los Angeles for inspiration, lugging 10 suitcases worth of garments to Stone’s home in LA. “I think it was about six hours of fittings,” Beavan told Vogue. “We found the basis of the whole Cruella look.

I emma stone cruella think we used one actual piece [from the vintage pieces pulled], but we knew where we were going with it.” Stone had 47 costume changes in the film, with her looks inspired by designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and punk icons like the Sex Pistols. Getty Images That look consists emma stone cruella a strict color palette: black, white and gray, with red for dramatic moments, such as the vintage 1950s ruby gown — which in the film is designed by her former boss and nemesis, played by Emma Thompson.

Stone’s Cruella twists and shreds, so that it looks like a deranged Alexander McQueen dress. Beavan also had a vintage jacket remade and embellished it with dozens of safety pins and metals and paired it with an enormous organza skirt festooned with 5,060 handmade faux flower petals. Costume designer Jenny Beavan got a veteran costume maker to construct this skirt, made of 1,125 feet of organza and 5,060 faux flower petals.

Laurie Sparham 2021 Disney Enter Then there were the dozens of wigs and out-there makeup looks, which took inspiration from everything from 18th century Versailles to current drag culture. “I watched ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ while I was working [on the hair designs],” Stacey told the website PopSugar.

“There was a massive picture of [goth-punk singer] Siouxsie [Sioux] in the corner of my makeup station,” she said. “Siouxsie’s eyebrow shape was probably one of the first staple references [we had].” Makeup artist Nadia Stacey modeled Emma Stone’s eyebrows on punk rocker Siouxsie Sioux.

Eugene Adebari/Shutterstock Yet, as Cruella grows more evil, the grander her look gets, so that it far eclipses and goes beyond punk. Particularly when it comes to fur.

“There’s a long-standing relationship with punk and leather, as well as animal prints,” said Sklar. “But fur, not so much.” 60 best Mother’s Day 2022 sales: Coach, 1800 Flowers and more • 28 last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to save the day • 7 best places to order chocolate delivery online for Mother's Day 2022 • Shop the 10 best online cookie delivery services of 2022 for Mother's Day • Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift at Proflowers and save 15 percent • Sections & Features • News • Metro • Sports • Sports Betting • Business • Opinion • Entertainment • Fashion • Shopping • Living • Media • Tech • Real Estate • Astrology • Video • Photos • Visual Stories • Alexa • Covers • Horoscopes • Sports Odds • Podcasts • Columnists • Classifieds • Post Sports+ emma stone cruella Subscribe • Articles • Manage • Newsletters & Feeds • Email Newsletters • RSS Feeds • NY Post Official Store • Home Delivery • Subscribe • Manage Subscription • Delivery Help • Help/Support • About New York Post • Customer Service • App FAQ & Help • Emma stone cruella Guidelines • Contact Us • Tips • Newsroom • Letters to the Editor • Reprints • Careers • Apps • iPhone App • iPad App • Android Phone • Android Tablet • Advertise • Media Kit • Contact © 2022 NYP Holdings, Inc.

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