Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Chronology • 3.1 World Creation • 3.2 World Management • 3.3 Fall of Velda Nava • 4 Dispersion of Abilities • 5 Abilities • 5.1 Magic • 5.2 Intrinsic Skill • 5.3 Origin Skill • 5.4 Ultimate Skills Appearance Personality Chronology World Creation Bored and lonely, Veldanava decided to create a world to entertain himself and find company.

First, he created the veldanava, though he lost his Skill Turn Null due to his finite "stomach." After that, he proceeded to create a world and several parallel worlds within that multiverse. And veldanava as he wished, living beings with their own wills began to sprout. Even more so, soon, humans came about harboring souls veldanava free will and possessing high intellect.

Veldanava enjoyed the lifestyles of the creatures but these humans gave him elation. However, because of humans possessing emotion, they would soon end up warring against each other if he left them unattended.

Soon enough, after experimenting about with several other worlds, each having different kinds of growth based on the slight differences he conjured. Veldanava realized that war was inevitable and that it was some kind of necessary evil for his creation's growth.


If Veldanava wanted, he could easily force veldanava suppression of emotions and prevent war, but this would rob humans of their free will. It would become a dystopia where all beings were (treated) equal veldanava nobody had free will, which was not the kind of world he wanted. The world was cruel, but it gave you everything —such is the world Veldanava sought. World Management Meanwhile, he carefully chose humans with matured souls and created Angels and Daemons as their managers, depending on their alignments.

He created a system where souls could circulate across all dimensions. However, he also made sure that the managers could not intervene too much and thus appointed the role of observer to three specific individuals: Dino from the Angel side, Ramiris from veldanava Spirit side, and Guy from the Daemon side.

Fall of Velda Nava Later still, he fell in love with the human Lucia with whom he decided to live simply alongside the humans. He renamed himself to Veldanava Nava and his wife was Lucia Nava, and later he fathered the Dragonoid, his daughter, Milim Nava. However, because of this, Veldanava lost most of his powers, thus reproduction was deemed a taboo by the True Dragons.

Even if he could use Primitive Magic and had his origin skill and ultimate skills, he did not have the capacity to use them properly anymore. So, he was forced to give the skill Justice King Michael to his brother-in-law Veldanava who was a Hero in order to preserve the world's balance.

But in a cruel twist of fate, as the system's own compelling force, Veldanava was not allowed to continue like this. According to the system of the world, God must love all beings equally.

Veldanava, who loved one specific individual more than any other, broke the rules of the world. As such, Lucia was marked for elimination. Both Lucia and Veldanava were murdered by an enemy nation that served as a proxy. Dispersion of Abilities • Milim Nava - She is his daughter and inherited most of his power. Most notably, veldanava inherited the Magicule Breeder Reactor.

• Rimuru Tempest - He indirectly inherited "Covenant King" Uriel from Veldanava. Abilities Magic • Primitive Magic • Stardust Magic Intrinsic Skill • Magicule Breeder Reactor • Turn Null (Lost after creating the Multiverse) Origin Skill • "Information King" Akashic Records: This skill grants Veldanava full access to use and create each and every skill created or could possibly be created within his world. This ability also allows him to create or recreate living beings, races, plants, and even an entire planet using the compiled knowledge stored away in the skill as long as he had sufficient magical energy to create such things.

Ultimate Skills • "Justice King" Michael • Armageddon • Castle Guard • Regalia Dominion • "Covenant King" Uriel • Spatial Domination • Universal Barrier Episode 1: The Storm Dragon, Veldora True Dragons are the highest spiritual and conceptual beings, and are considered the strongest existence in the universe and beyond, far superior to both a True Demon Lord and a True Hero.

They are beings veldanava as one", existing as the most complete spiritual and Conceptual life forms. They have no veldanava to their physical bodies, only taking those forms to respond to the desires of religions or similar (and also for convenience). Contents • 1 Birth • 2 Relationship veldanava 3 Known True Dragons • 3.1 "Star King Dragon" Veldanava • 3.2 "White Ice Dragon" Velzard • 3.3 "Scorch Dragon" Velgrynd • 3.4 "Storm Dragon" Veldanava • 3.5 Comparable Existences veldanava 3.5.1 Milim Nava • 3.5.2 Gaia • 3.5.3 Charybdis • 4 Differentiation From Regular Dragons • 5 Trivia Birth True Dragons are immortal and unblemished beings made of pure energy and formed by sentient beings’ prayers.

They are basically god-like veldanava that represent and embody some aspect of nature. After a True Dragon is born for the first time, it can never be truly killed. Even if the individual itself is killed, another True Dragon of the same natural characteristic will be born anew somewhere else. That new True Dragon will have the memories of the previous but will lose some aspects of its personality, while simply understanding its nature of existence right after birth.

Relationship Although the True Dragons refer to each other as "brother" or "sister", they are not blood-related in the biological sense.

Known True Dragons "Star King Dragon" Veldanava The greatest of the True Dragons and the strongest among them. He is also the God that created the world in which they live. The husband of Lucia and father to Demon Lord Milim Nava. "White Ice Dragon" Velzard Partner of Guy Crimson, Velzard is known to be second in birth as well as in power from Veldanava.

She is prideful and haughty, and was incredibly jealous when Veldanava granted Guy important roles instead of paying attention to her. "Scorch Dragon" Velgrynd Partner of Rudra Nam Veldanava Nasca, Velgrynd is the fastest Dragon in existence.

Her veldanava essence is that of 'acceleration' and 'high momentum'. Although slightly hot-headed, she is very compassionate, especially to her allies and family. "Storm Dragon" Veldora The youngest of the True Dragons.

He is connected with Rimuru by an agreement and veldanava known to frequently rampage here and there, therefore gaining the reputation of "the Evil Dragon" spread by Luminism. Known to act very childish. Comparable Existences Milim Nava A Dragonoid, she is one of the oldest and strongest Demon Lords. The daughter of Veldanava and Lucia, she inherited veldanava greater part of her father's power resulting in many comparing her to True Dragons.

Gaia As an offshoot of Veldanava's power and as his potential vessel for reincarnation, Gaia's body, and possibly Gaia veldanava, has the potential to reach the veldanava of a True Dragon, as indicated by his corpse reaching the veldanava of a Catastrophe class just from Milim's Demon Lord Awakening gift.

Charybdis Similar to Gaia, Charybdis is an offshoot of a True Dragon, in this case an offshoot of Veldora, and inherits similar qualities, albeit being much weaker. Differentiation From Regular Dragons Dragons are beings born from the released "essence" of Gaia in places with high magicules when it became the Chaos Dragon, and although they cannot compare in terms of existence or power, often even outright called an entirely different lifeform, veldanava appearance is still extremely similar.

Trivia • In the first databook, Milim is mislabeled as one of the 4 True Dragons.


• In the veldanava databook, Gaia's race is listed as 竜種 which refers to True Dragons, without any further elaboration. It's unknown if this was an error or a deliberate hint of some sort. • Charybdis's Status Page in Light Novel Volume 3 refers to it as "Dragon" with the same kanji used for True Dragons ç«œ, unlike the kanji 龍, which refers to the regular dragons.
Rimuru has taken his rightful place as the strongest character in TenSura; however, many argue that veldanava slime can hold its own against powerful characters in anime in general.

While Rimuru starts out as a mere human in a different world to a literal slime in this world, he evolves at an absurd pace. After veldanava a demon slime, to a True Dragon, to reaching Godhood by the end, his power overwhelms all.

By the end, not only can he journey anywhere at any time he likes, but he can also travel between worlds. Due to Rimuru’s attainment of such fearsome powers, he cannot escape being compared to the powerful elite of anime. Is a slime stronger than Goku, Saitama, Naruto, and the rest? Place your bets! SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

1. Can Rimuru Defeat Some of the Strongest Anime Characters? I. Can Rimuru Beat Goku? Rimuru can defeat Goku fairly easily. While Goku is extremely powerful, he is incomparable to the multiverse threat that the slime poses.


As a literal God, Rimuru can veldanava and create multiple universes, making his power unfathomable. It is not too far-fetched to say that Goku is veldanava of the strongest characters in Shonen anime. With his newly acquired Ultra Instinct form, he continues to get more powerful over time.

However, while the DBZ universe and its characters are powerful, the isekai series’ surpass them. READ: TenSura Season 2 Premieres On Crunchyroll In January II. Can Rimuru Beat Saitama?

Rimuru Tempest can easily beat Saitama despite the latter’s gag character privileges. In front of an isekai God, a superhuman such as One Punch Man stands no chance of winning under any conditions.

While Saitama’s whole schtick is to be the most powerful and defeat every enemy with “One Punch,” that is only in relation to the world of OPM. When facing Rimuru, Saitama loses horribly. From what we have seen so far, One Punch Man has superhuman strength and can blast apart meteors to pieces. Rimuru, on the other hand, can destroy entire worlds, let alone a falling rock. III. Can Rimuru Beat Milim? Rimuru Tempest can beat Milim after engulfing and veldanava the powers of Veldora, thus becoming a true dragon.

With this strength, Rimuru surpasses Milim, the oldest demon lord in the series. By the end of the series, he attains Godhood and becomes the strongest character. Milim vs Rimuru Milim, the oldest demon lord, is the child of True dragon Veldanava and Lucia and has inherited her father’s powers. As a genuine Special S Rank Catastrophe-class, she is one of the world’s most powerful beings. However, after Rimuru unlocks his True Dragon form and gains the ability to warp reality itself, she is no longer a match for him.

READ: When and How Does Rimuru Become A Demon Lord? Veldanava. Can Rimuru Beat Zeno? Rimuru can beat Zeno due to his ability to warp reality and manipulate fate. Not only has he obtained power that exceeds Zeno’s, but he has also transcended the concepts of life, death, time, and space. Rimuru is nigh-omnipotent, omniscient, and basically, a God that cannot be defeated. Zeno - Source: Fandom Furthermore, while Zeno can erase someone’s existence, Rimuru has already fought and consumed enemies with similar powers.

Furthermore, he can create his own space that is not part of the multiverse, which he has absolute control over. It veldanava impossible to defeat Rimuru, and not even Zeno from DBZ can attempt to take him on with the certainty of success.

V. Can Rimuru Beat Naruto? Rimuru can easily beat Naruto, with the latter not even standing a winning chance. Due to his true nature as a slime, even if Rimuru does not retain his EOS powers, he can easily swallow everything Naruto throws at him.

Let alone chakra veldanava, Rimuru can wholly swallow Kurama itself. Naruto - Source: Fandom If we talk about the TenSura anime specifically, Naruto and Rimuru might both stand a fair chance against each other; however, taking EoS Rimuru from the web novel into consideration, the Hokage lacks a lot. If even characters like Goku and Zeno cannot compare to Rimuru, Naruto is obviously out of the question.

READ: Top 10 Strongest Veldanava in TenSura VI. Can Rimuru Beat Meliodas? Rimuru can beat Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins without expending much effort. The slimeverse is on an entirely different power level than the seven deadly sins verse, and Meliodas can barely pose any threat to the True Demon Lords, let alone Rimuru.

Meliodas is the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He was also the head of the Ten Commandments and the eldest son of the Demon King. Veldanava successfully absorbing all of the Commandments, Meliodas veldanava the Demon King’s position, increasing his powers to the same godly levels as veldanava father and becoming literally immortal & invincible. Meliodas - Source: Fandom Rimuru, on the other hand, as stated above, became a god veldanava the power to warp reality.

Not only does he veldanava the knowledge of every spell, but he can copy any ability he sees. Rimuru’s power also overwhelms everything, as he can create and destroy hundreds of universes within moments. Meliodas miserably loses against such an opponent. Veldanava - Source: Fandom Veldanava, in his prime, can possibly defeat Rimuru, or at least stand a fair chance against him.

However, other than the veldanava god, there’s no other existence capable of threatening and defeating Rimuru in the TenSura verse. From outside the series, however, quite a few are veldanava enough of defeating Rimuru.

Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one such character. Other than him, Yogiri Takatou’s reflexive powers might prove to be extremely effective against the slime and could possibly beat him. However, unlike Rimuru’s anime version, fighting against the web novel’s Rimuru is no easy task, and winning is even more difficult; it is possible that only the freaks from other isekai novels stand a chance. 3.

About TenSura That Time I Got Veldanava as Slime is a Japanese manga series written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah. It was serialized online in 2013 but was later shifted to Micro Magazine as a light novel in 2014. It currently has sixteen volumes.

Satoru Mikami leads a very ordinary life for 37 years until he is stabbed to death by a passing robber. Upon making requests, Satoru is reincarnated as a slime in another world. Here, he gains the name of Rimuru Tempest and befriends a True Dragon Veldora.

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Veldanava not interested in seeking pure power for power’s sake with no other particular goals in mind. „ ~ Rimuru to Veldanava “ To everyone who went against us, we will bare our fangs and retaliate.

To everyone who lends their hands to us, we will grant our blessing to them. To our opponents, we will do to them what they have done to us. In the future, I hope that we can be linked in a friendship one day. „ ~ Rimuru Contents • 1 Background • 2 Powers and Stats • 3 Gallery • 4 Others • 5 References Background Rimuru Tempest (リムル゠テンペスト Rimuru Tenpesuto), formerly known as Satoru Mikami, is the main protagonist of Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken.

Lonely thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is stuck in a dead-end job, unhappy with his mundane life, but after dying at the hands of a robber, he awakens to a fresh start in a fantasy realm as a slime monster. As he acclimates to his goopy new existence, his exploits with the other monsters set off a chain of events that will change his new world veldanava. Partner and best friend of the Veldanava Dragon Veldora Tempest, Rimuru is the founder and King of the Jura Tempest Federation in Jura Forest.

He is one of the Demon Lords of the Octagram. He lives in Rimuru City, the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation. Powers and Stats Tier: 2-B, likely higher; higher over time Dimensionality: 3-D Powers and Abilities: Resistance to Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Telepathy, Absorption, Power Absorption, Information Analysis, Information Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (High-Godly), Memory Manipulation, Precognition (Types 1 & 2), Fusionism, Thread Manipulation, Durability Negation, Duplication, Corrosion Inducement, Power Mimicry, Power Nullification, Power Modification, Soul Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, BFR, Resistance Negation, Sealing, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Weather Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Sound Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Disease Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Energy Projection, Time Stop, Time Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Mind Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Veldanava Manipulation, Corruption, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Subjective Reality, Void Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Damage Transferal, Data Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Acausality Negation (Types 3 & 4), Deconstruction, Matter Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Black Holes, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Energy Manipulation ( Rimuru possesses resistances to all of his analyzed abilities, as he automatically gains resistance to abilities that are analyzed.

Additionally, he analyzed Yuuki's Information King-Akashic Record and adapted to it, gaining resistance to every ability in existence, should also have all of his abilities and resistances being uncountably superior via reactive evolution and spending countless years in the end of space and time), plus Unconventional Resistance to Mind Manipulation ( Rimuru's memories are stored in his astral body, and as long as he retains his conscious soul and memory, he can be revived even when his body is completely damaged.

In other words, he can think with his soul and is thus resistant to conventional mind control effects) Attack Potency: Veldanava level ( Rimuru's Turn Null accumulated enough energy to allow the former to create/rebuild tens of thousands of veldanava [2], and can use the same energy to cause destruction on veldanava scale [3].

Became comparable, if not superior, to Veldanava [4]), likely higher ( The infinite Mobius-System grants the user infinite veldanava potential [5]), higher over time ( Veldanava evolves every day becoming stronger to the point that he completely outclasses those who were major threats to him before) Speed: FTL (Superior to Chloe, who outpaced Hinata's Melt Slash, a technique superior to Disintegration, which moves at the speed of light), Massively FTL+ reactions with Thought Acceleration ( Thought Acceleration amplifies his perception by 1.000.000x or 10.000.000x).

Likely Infinite ( Superior to Veldanava who was the source of Time itself veldanava a conceptual level [6]. Able to instantaneously reach any location with his will alone [7]) Lifting Strength: Stellar ( Can lift Veldora's sword, which has mass comparable to a star) Durability: Multiverse level, likely higher; higher over time Stamina: Limitless ( Never gets tired or hungry. Mana Breeder Reactor grants the user infinitely increasing mana. The Mobius-System grants him infinite energy) Range: Multiversal Standard Equipment: Katana, Anti-Demon Mask:, Veldora's Sword Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient ( Observed and remade an entire universe, nearly identical to what it had been before [8]) Weaknesses: None notable Notable Attacks/Techniques: • Magic Perception: The ability to perceive the surrounding magical energy.

• In addition, the user is able to observe how waves disturb the nearby magical energy, then use that information to calculate the visual, auditory and other wave-based information of the surroundings. Magic Perception also grants the ability to understand and express the intent of spoken veldanava even if the language of the conversation partner is unknown.

• Magic Perception enables users to be aware of their environment in battle even if blind or deaf and prevent a surprise attack. • Water Manipulation [9] • Water Current Control • Hydraulic Propulsion: Using water, Kimura can shoot himself through water. [10] • Water Blade: The ability to create a highly pressurized blade of water.

[11] • Heat Detection: The ability to see nearby heat sources and also nullify camouflage skills. [12] • Noxious Mist Breath: The ability to exhale a noxious mist that is both poisonous and corrosive to anything that comes in contact with it. Rimuru can extend this ability across a 120° cone in front of him with a radius of seven meters. [13] • Intimidation: can knock veldanava opponents if they’re scared enough. [14] • Paralysis Breath: The ability to paralysis his target with his breath. [15] [16] • Vampirism: Can temporarily gain his targets abilities by sucking their blood.

[15] [16] • Telepathy: The ability to communicate with others telepathically. [17] [18] • Ultrasonic Waves: Can release ultrasonic sound waves which can bewilder his enemy or cause them to faint as well as pinpoint his location and that of others.

[15] [16] • Noxious Veldanava Releases a powerful breath which turns everything in an area of 20m into glass due to the extreme temperature. [15] [16] • Thought Transmission: An improved version of Telepathy which allows for a network where many people can communicate veldanava, has a range of about a kilometer. [19] • Flight Magic: The ability fly. [20] • Body Armor : Can use the Body Armor. [15] [16] [21] • Multilayer Barrier: Can create a multilayer barrier, consisting of several layers each layer with one resistance effect each, so one layer could have resistance to fire, another resistance to ice etc.

• Magic Aura: An Extra Skill that lets Rimuru easily add magical effects to attacks with his own aura allowing him to harm beings like spiritual lifeforms that have no physical body. • Heartless One: An ability which that seizes the soul of anyone who attempts to beg for their life in Rimuru's presence. Using this ability Rimuru seized the souls of several thousand soldiers at once. [22] • Physics Magic - “God’s Wrath" (Megiddo): An ability which creates several hundred thousand floating water droplets similar to convex lenses.

These water drops refract light to cause it to converge into a single point in a makeshift mirror away while concentrating veldanava power into a pencil-thin laser reaching temperatures of 1000°C.

Since it relies on sunlight, this attack moves at the speed of light. [22] • Herculean Strength: An ability Rimuru can use to boost his physical abilities via Fighting Spirit. [23] • Tornado Blade: wind blade magic in shape of a sphere. [24] • Future Attack Veldanava The ability to predict future attacks. [25] • Area Boundary: A skill which seals thermal energy within a barrier within a maximum range of 100 meters, and prevents any from leaking.

[26] • Fire Manipulation • Area Boundary: Seals thermal energy and prevents any heat from leaking out. [26] • Fire State: Rimuru turns in a 2000°C cloud. [26] • Freya Sphere: A skill that combines Rimuru's Area Boundary and Fire Manipulation, it seals the target in a boundary that prevents thermal energy from leaking out, and then burns the opponent from the inside.

Any living thing that breathes air will perish within it. • Flame Bullet: An attack which hits the target with temperature surpassing 1400°C.

[26] • Black Flame: A dark flame which can stop regeneration. Using this ability, Rimuru stopped the orc lord from regenerating his arm, and he had to sever the part of his arm with the flame in order to regenerate, the orc lord has also been shown regenerating after his head was severed from his body.

This flame also has the resistance nullification property. [21] • Shadow Step: The ability to veldanava within shadows, and teleport to people and also places he had been before. However, unlike Spatial Travel, this ability isn't instantaneous. [27] • Hell Flare: A dome five meters in diameter which burns the target to nothingness with temperatures of several hundred million degrees.

• Spatial Travel: A skill which allows Rimuru to be able to immediately transport himself to a place he has visited before.

It’s stated to be like opening a door and slower than Teleportation. [28] • Spatial Transfer Gate Creation: The upgraded version of spatial transfer, it allows the user to move between multiple locations, after deciding a destination, Rimuru can move there in an instant.

[29] • Power Mimicry: With Great Sage and Gluttony, Rimuru can analyze and copy his opponents' abilities. • Non-Physical Interaction Rimuru can harm spiritual veldanava forms which exist as souls, fire, water vapor, aura, energy etc. • Pocket Reality Manipulation Rimuru can create pocket dimensions within imaginary space.

• Nihility Barrier: A barrier which assimilates and converts into nihility energy anything that comes into contact with the barrier.

[30] • Multiple Existence: Leaving his nucleic core within his main body, Rimuru can create multiple clones, in other words it veldanava matter what happens to those clones as long as his core (soul) veldanava within the main body no harm veldanava truly be done to him. Rimuru fights by leaving his main body in imaginary space veldanava sending out clones. By the end of veldanava Rimuru also made Mikami Satoru one of his clones, thus he can't die as long as Mikami Satoru, who exists in another universe, exists, and vice versa.

• Soul Corridor: An ability which allows Rimuru's memories to transcend time and space, and his memories are accumulated within his main body, as such as long as the main body exists, he cannot die. • Reactive Evolution Rimuru evolves every day becoming stronger to the point that he completely outclasses those who were major threats to him before.

In addition, he can also create new skills from information and skills that he has already gathered via his Analysis Expert & Food Chain skills, thus making him able to deal veldanava any situation he finds himself. Even before becoming a Pseudo True Dragon, he was able to come with countermeasures to abilities he had only heard of, such as Yuuki's Avarice King Mammon) • Ultimate Form: The fusion of Ultimate Skill and magic and its evolutionary series.

Rimuru developed this ability for fun. This makes Rimuru 2x as strong as before. • Time Warp: The ability to transcend time and space to reach the location he desires.

He uses this to come back to the battlefield after being sent to the End of Time and Space by Yuuki. He also uses it to go to his old world to heal his dying old self, Mikami Satoru. [31] • Space-Time Manipulation: At the end of the series, Rimuru became a God that rules over time and space. • Statistics Reduction: At the end of the series, Rimuru can use his negative energy to jam his opponents' life support, making them lose half of their ability to fight. • Imaginary Blow: An ability which kills his opponents ignoring any kind of attribute and defense.

Predator • Predation: Absorbs the target into his body, absorbing all organic matter, inorganic matter, skills, and magic they may have on their person. However, the success rate sharply drops if the target is conscious. • Analysis: The absorbed target is studied and analyzed in order to create items from their materials. With enough materials, Rimuru can produce a duplicate of the absorbed target as an ally.

If he successfully analyzes their skills or magic, he can begin to use them as his own. • Stomach: Rimuru can store absorbed items and targets within himself indefinitely. • Mimicry: Rimuru can replicate the appearance veldanava anyone he has absorbed, as well as their skills and abilities while taking up their form. However, the latter is dependent on how much information he had on his absorbing target and his success at analyzing their abilities. • Isolation: Rimuru can isolate any harmful or unnecessary materials so that they will not harm him while veldanava into his body.

Great Sage [32] [33] [34] • Thought Acceleration: This ability raises the rate at which Rimuru can process his thoughts a million times. • Analysis and Veldanava This ability improves Rimuru's capacity to analyze and make judgments regarding a target. • Parallel Processing: An ability to detach thoughts and analyze multiple simultaneously without time lag.

• Chant Annulment: Due to this ability, Rimuru does not need to chant to cast magic. • All of Creation: An ability that allows Rimuru to veldanava any non-concealed phenomenon. In addition, it improves his analytical abilities veldanava the point that it is nearly impossible for him to analyze his surroundings incorrectly veldanava eliminating the risks of his analysis backfiring on him. • Cloning: Rimuru can create clones of himself. • Battle Mode: Ciel can control Rimuru’s body and enter Battle Mode.

Gluttony [20] • Decay: The ability to decompose the target and also add a decomposition status effect. There is a chance of acquiring a random ability after consuming only a part of a monster’s corpse. • Supply: Whether a subordinate or not, Rimuru can grant an ability unto a monster with whom he has a relationship with. • Food Chain: The ability to acquire all the skills of his subordinates. Additionally, Rimuru can convert the skills he gained from his subordinates into energy veldanava strengthen himself.

• All five effects of Predator are included: • Predation: Absorbs the target into his body, absorbing all organic matter, inorganic matter, skills, and magic they may have on their person. However, the success rate sharply drops if the target is veldanava. • • Analysis: The absorbed target is veldanava and analyzed in order to create items from their materials.

With enough materials, Rimuru can produce a duplicate of the absorbed target as an ally. If he successfully analyzes their skills or magic, he can begin to use them as his own. While his analysis used to be limited to Predation Rimuru, after getting Gluttony, can analyze with eyesight alone like Shuna with her Analytic ability. • • Stomach: Rimuru can store absorbed items and targets within himself indefinitely. His Stomach size has double. veldanava • Mimicry: Rimuru can replicate the appearance of anyone he has absorbed, as well as their skills and abilities while taking up their form.

However, the latter is dependent on how much information he had on his absorbing target and his success at analyzing their abilities. • • Isolation: Rimuru can isolate any harmful or unnecessary materials so that they will not harm him while absorbed into his body. Wisdom King Raphael: An evolution of the Great Sage Unique Skill.

It confers the following abilities: [35] • Thought Acceleration: Rimuru can accelerate his thought processes by a million to ten million times, allowing him to react veldanava attacks and formulate strategies far more quickly than he would be normally able to. [35] [25] Gluttonous King Beelzebub: The evolved version of Rimiru's unique skills Gluttony and Predator, it confers the following sub-skills.

• Stomach: The ability to store his absorbed targets in a warped space. • Soul Eater: The ability to completely consume souls and convert them into power. • Absorption: Rimuru's absorption abilities are greater than before, and could even absorb Large Star level attacks when he was only Continent level. • Can be activated from any part of Rimuru’s body Storm King Veldora: An ultimate skill acquired after Rimuru analyzed Veldora which has the following effects: [36] • Storm Dragon Summon: The ability to summon Veldora Tempest in his dragon form.

• Storm Dragon Release: The veldanava to have Veldora use a clone. Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible. • Storm Dragon Magic Archive: The ability to use Veldora's abilities such as: Death Heralding Winds, Black Lightning, and Storm of Destruction. Covenant King Uriel: An ultimate skill Rimuru acquired after evolving and analyzing the hero's infinite prison, it has the following sub-skills: [36] • Spatial Domination: The ability to manipulate space to instantly transport himself and others to a set of coordinates he is familiar with.

• Defense Barrier: The ability to create a multi-layered defense, and distort space in order to create absolute defense. • Infinite Prison: Veldanava ability to seal targets for an eternity in an imaginary infinite space, veldanava ability doesn't permit interference from the outside, and also doesn't weaken overtime. • Secluded Space: The ability to control the heat by manipulating inertia, can also release and absorb heat at will.

Manas: Ciel (Wisdom God's Core): The core of Wisdom Lord Raphael that gained individuality, personality, and will after being named by Rimuru. Although not classified as an Ultimate Skill, she (Rimuru refers to Ciel as a female) possesses improved abilities compared to her old self. Ciel's power revolves around in-depth analysis, learning, and problem-solving skill, and overall utility at using spells to its utmost efficiency. Her subskills are the following: [37] veldanava • Analysis Expert: An ability that allows the user to analyze their surrounding down to the most minute details and thus allowing them to veldanava a plan according to the results of their analysis.

This ability is so good that Yuuki saw Rimuru as being comparable if not greater than himself despite having gained virtually every ability in the series. Yuuki saw his primitive magic as his trump card and even that Rimuru was able to analyze, copy and negate in an extremely short period of time, leaving Yuuki with no choice but to send Rimuru to the end of space-time as nothing else would work on him. • Skill Synthesis: An ability that let Ciel combine other skills to create veldanava stronger skill as a result.

• Skill Promotion: An ability that let Rimuru strengthen his comrades by evolving their skills to a higher level. Void God Azathoth: Rimuru's main Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. Although both Storm King Veldora and Scorch King Velgrynd used, only some certain skills are inherited.

This Ultimate Skill power revolves around Time-Space manipulation, Consuming power, and magical energy source. Its sub-skills are the following: [7] • Soul Consumption: An ability that allows Rimuru to be able to consume virtually anything, even the souls of his targets. Rimuru will also gain information about whatever he's consumed, such as veldanava consumed materials' inherent properties and abilities.

It's also possible to "store" the thing he eats in his "stomach" rather than outright consuming them completely. • Turn Null (Nothingness Collapse): By harnessing the power of a chaotic, nuclear dimension, Rimuru can bypass the need for mana when veldanava magic while also increasing the potency of his spells exponentially. This energy is in fact the primordial energy which was used to create the several parallel worlds that exist. Turn Null can create and destroy everything.

Using his Turn Null Veldanava create the world and the spirits, whose birth caused the existence of their respective elements. For example, time never existed until the Spirit of Time was born. In addition in the future, a new spirit will be born that destroys everything including the other spirits. • Imaginary Room: An ability that was made to confine and isolate the target within a separate dimension. This dimension is basically Rimuru's "stomach", and is infinite in size as stated by Ciel. • Space-Time Control: An ability that let Rimuru manipulate space-time to a degree, allowing him to accomplish feats such as instantaneous teleportation and stopping for roughly 30 minutes.

This skill also makes Veldanava be able to move within stopped time, rendering time stopping abilities useless against him. • Multi-Dimensional Barrier: Rimuru constantly generates multi-layered barriers that make use of dimensional gaps to protect him from incoming harm. • True Dragon Release: The ability to materialize a clone of Veldora or Velgrynd. If either Veldora or Velgrynd died after being summoned, its possible to revive them with this ability, ensuring Veldora's and Velgrynd's safety.

• True Dragon Core Transformation: The ability to manifest the power of Veldora's or Velgrynd's core into a blade-like weapon with their consent, condensing the entirety of their spiritual power to launch a vectorized energy blast.

It needs both Rimuru's intention to attack and Veldora's/Velgrynd's consent to release its full power. A blade made with Veldora's core can cause a blast that split the ocean and would've obliterated a country with a mere "thoughtless flick of a wrist" even without Rimuru's explicit intent during a test fire.

It's also possible to instead create a Pseudo-Core which only has a veldanava percent of the original's output. Harvest Lord Shub-Niggurath: Rimuru's Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around skills mimicry and skills creation. Veldanava subskills are the following: [7] • Skill Creation: An ability that enables Rimuru to create new skills from information and skills that he has already gathered via his Analysis Expert & Food Chain skills.

• Skill Duplication: The ability to duplicate any skills he's obtained and analyzed. • Skill Gifting: An ability that enables Rimuru to grant his duplicated abilities to his subordinates. It's also possible to remove skills he has bestowed on his subordinates.

• Skill Bank: An ability that enables Rimuru to turns abilities that have been obtained and analyzed into a data collection that can be reproduced at any given time. Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka: An Ultimate Skill that originally belonged to Vega that was inherited by Zero and was later obtained by Rimuru. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around manipulating organic matter and creating clones.

Its sub-skills are the following: [38] • Organic Matter Control: An ability to manipulate organic matter for various purposes. For example, Vega, the original possessor of this Ultimate Skill, used this power to create a body to represent him from individual bacteria. Hiding his true body elsewhere, he can restore himself endlessly for as long as there is organic matter remaining. • Duplicate Mass Produce: An ability that allows Rimuru to create clones that have all the skills his original body had.

Thanks to his analytical capabilities, Rimuru can have them follow a complex order and give them a limited amount of autonomy. • Veldanava Absorption: An ability that allows Rimuru veldanava absorb the abilities and properties of creatures he has absorbed, adding them to himself and improving their efficiency beyond that of their original veldanava.

• Shapeshifter: An ability obtained from Shizue Izawa, it grants Fusion and Division. • Fusion: The ability to merge into a single being with a targeted fellow.

• Division: The ability to separate oneself and the being possessing oneself. (If the target who veldanava separated lacks a physical form, they could disappear. ) • Melt Slash: A sword ability obtained from Sakaguchi Hinata which was her fastest and strongest technique, even surpassing her Disintegration technique which is light speed.

Melt Slash is a sword art fused with Disintegration that completely annihilates everything from matter, souls, and information which make up everything in existence. • Memory Manipulation: Using Great Sage, Rimuru can share his memories with others. • Gravity Manipulation: Houkusou's ability that gives the ability to control gravity. • Puppeteer: An ability obtained from Clayman which completely controls people, making them puppets who will do whatever they are told.

[39] • Restrainer: Gozurl's ability which creates a space where he can put a restraint on veldanava abilities can be used in that space.


However, if the other party doesn't agree with it, the restraint in that space will be canceled. • Disintegration: An ability obtained from Hinata which targets everything from the atom to the veldanava, upon its activation, a brilliant white light travels to the target at a speed of light, and completely erases the target. [40] • Storm Blast: An ability obtained from Veldora Tempest which uses invisible waves like electromagnetic waves to attack the target.

[41] • Magic Veldanava Originally the Eastern Empire's weapon to combat monsters. The basis of this weapon is then completely analyzed by Ultima and then replicated and shared throughout everyone in Tempest via Thought Link. This magic works by disturbing the magic essence and obstructing its existence, thus negating the targeted magic and its effect or a magically enhanced object.

• The Fat (Amplifier): Originally Footman's skill, the essence of this ability is amplification, it gives Rimuru the ability to amplify things at will, veldanava as amplifying bodies, causing them to burst or amplifying the sound of a snap to create a veldanava.

[42] • Traveler: A unique skill which lets the user instantly teleport to any place they have been to before. Rimuru gained this skill after analyzing the abilities veldanava Mai Furuki.

While Mai couldn’t go anywhere except the places she had been to once, Rimuru can instantly teleport to anywhere he can perceive. [43] • Primitive Magic: Primitive magic is magic positioned at a level veldanava the magic used by demons. It is the source of all magic. It can do various things such as: stop time, manipulate space, minds and negate other abilities.

Primitive Magic is a magic that reflects the user’s will, just by wishing it, it produces the phenomenon the user wants, this characteristic is what makes it the Ultimate Magic. • Power of Words: Primitive Magic used to affect the soul, with veldanava effects that can ignore defense barriers. It can veldanava affect those who have an ultimate skill, which ordinarily makes them unaffected by lower abilities which includes soul manipulation.

• Thought Guidance: A skill which obstructs some thought patterns or suggests others. • Mind Control: A skill which requires an implementation of a “Curse Crystal” into its target. The “Curse Crystal,” in turn, binds the target on its very soul. • Creator: An ability obtained from Yuuki which is a unique skill that uses soul power to freely alter essence as he wants.

[44] • Usurper: The ability to gain the knowledge, techniques, and abilities of his opponents. • Avarice King Mammon: An ultimate skill ability obtained from Yuuki which specialised in depriving. Veldanava can be used to steal his opponents' souls, life, energy, abilities even their minds by re-writing the information in their soul.

• Dark Nebula: An ability which creates a chain made of dark matter, which sucks in all energy. [45] • Information King-Akashic Records: An ability obtained from Yuuki which Yuuki gained by dismantling his own ultimate veldanava, Creation Lord Ahura Mazdā, and fusing it with Velda’s knowledge and installing it into the Veldanava Sword. This makes Rimuru able to use every ability in the series. [46] • Chrono Saltation: An ultimate super-dimensional magic that caused the target to jump to a space-time where time had ended.

This ability takes his targets to the end of space-time, along with any of their clones wherever they exist in space-time. [46] • The Chosen One: Masayuki's ability which there will be an veldanava explanation for him for every action the opponent takes, whatever he does will result as a heroic act and will be praised, the result of his normal attack will become Critical Hit.

• With Masayuki’s intense determination, the effect of his ability increased to the maximum. While it’s a Unique Skill, it’s enough to reach the truth of the world.

As a result, the space called 『Lucky Field』 which gives tremendous blessing to people Masayuki considers as ally expanded, that’s unintended by Masayuki. • Messiah: It'll cause his opponent to ask salvation and forgiveness from him, and it could make his opponent confess every sins s/he ever has done, it works by asking his opponent but there's a chance that a strong opponent might resist it.

• Prideful Lord Lucider: Gii's ultimate veldanava which allows for veldanava complete replication of abilities that he sees even once. • Purity King Metatron: Leon's Ultimate Skill. The apex of light class abilities, an ability considered to be a bane to being of magic origin. The skill also specializes in purifying demons.


It can generate a ray of light that's comparable if not superior to Disintegration. • Fallen Hypno: Dino's ability which is a strong hypnosis induction. Resisting it with willpower is useless.


For those veldanava need rest, they would fall into an eternal sleep. It is the strongest of Dino’s abilities that exerts a wide-range effect. [47] • Fallen Catastrophe: A hypnotic ability which causes everyone who fails to resist it to die. Dino can also use it to veldanava his opponents into doing what he wants. The ability doesn't use sound as a medium, and barriers can’t be defended against it.

It’s an ability which exerts absolute control over people with emotion and intelligence. [47] • Fallen Strike: The strongest veldanava technique of the illusion sword that Dino had created.

The ability releases a wave that stimulates negative feelings and with just a graze from Dino's sword can rob the target of its will to live.

The negative wave is released in all directions, so even if someone succeeds in evading Dino's strike, they will still be bathed veldanava the wave. [48] • Fallen Thanatos: An ability which causes the death of its targets, even if his opponent is using a veldanava body, it’s an inescapable technique that will affect not only their virtual body but also their main body even if it is in a veldanava place.

[48] • Lustful King Asmodeus: Ruminas' Ultimate Skill which governs over life and death, with it she can revive the dead, and apply instant death on her opponents. Also allows her to sense vitality and life energy. Can also increase others regenerative capabilities so even a fatal injury will heal in an instant. • Magic Nullify: An ability which automatically neutralizes all magic attacks, including abilities like death manipulation and existence erasure.

All of Shion's abilities proved ineffective against Dagruel. • Earth Quake: An ability which causes the ground to quake with tremors that makes standing up nigh impossible, and at the same time, twists atmosphere and causes lightning strikes. It veldanava defenses and erases its targets from existence.

• Quaser Quake: An ability which creates a super dimensional vibration with Dagruel as its epicenter. Dagruel converts his own body into a pseudo-black hole, which absorbs and destroys all matter. Anything caught in his attack won't just be disintegrated, they will be swallowed into the black hole and disappear. [49] • All Creation Manifestation: Velgaia's Unique Skill and the ability to create anything he imagines. Veldanava stated that this is a similar skill to the ones the demons veldanava Arms Creation and Material Transformation.

However, its scale and nature was on a completely different level to the extent that veldanava can rival that of Ramiris' Labyrinth Creation. • Hierophant: Gille's ability that allows a patron to dominate the will of those who seeks salvation and protection ――In a sense, this was a ridiculous ability that is nothing but high-level fraud.

[50] • Master Medic: Shinjy's unique skills. Method of Attack: Virus Manipulation. Air Composition Manipulation, Poison. Naturally, the users could heal as well. [51] • Thrower: He could throw anything. As long as it was graspable, it was possible to throw anything, even a monster. As there was no attribute, it had penetrating damage. A troublesome ability. [51] • Observer: Zhen's unique skill.

It gives Instinct Evasion. Sense Danger. Sense Trap. Sense Monster. Sense presence. [51] • Ignorant: Tear's Unique Skill『The Ignorant (Optimist)』. Her ideal is just doing what she is told to do without thinking about anything else. Just like her personality, her ability has a condition to activate, that is, all of her abilities will increase only when she receives an order. [42] • Unshaken One: Fran's unique skill which allows Her mind will not be affected by anything other than the feeling of excitement.A rather mysterious ability that increases her strength if she feels unrest in her mind.

The ability that can even turn emotions like anger and fear into power. [42] • Cultivator: Gale’s Unique Skill『Cultivator』was originally an ability suitable for agriculture, but depending on how to use it, it was an excellent ability with various applications. Interfering with the earth, Gale covers the plaza on the people side with soils that turned hard. Gale synchronized with the spirit of earth, on that moment a protective wall as strong as steel was completed.

A wall instantly appeared in front of the people. veldanava • Perceiver: Alice's unique skill, with her ability『Perceiver (Space Wiseman)[3]』, She somehow knows that danger is approaching. Also, it has a Space Barrier effect. [52] • Spirit Veldanava Funeral Tune: Gastar's sound ability that makes a killing sound to the surrounding space that has the special effect to influence the spirit and cause it to die.

[53] • Musician: Gastar’s Unique Skill『Musician』, enables him to sense the enemy’s movement from just the sound. [54] • Calamity Cannon: Beretta's unique skill which combines the two opposite attributes–Holy and Demon–and so it cannot be blocked, and veldanava an instant death unique skill. [55] • Envious Lord Leviathan: Velzard's other Ultimate Skill. Unlike her other Ultimate Skill, this one's core essence is absorption.

Not only that, it also has different veldanava that degrade someone's power to be lower than Velzard's own. It's even capable of affecting Velgrynd's evolved Ultimate Skill which was a higher level Ultimate Skill (a God class) even when this Ultimate Skill wasn't standing on the same rank (a Lord/King class). By combining both core essences of her Ultimate Skills, Velzard can use her trump card which is Whiteout Absorb. The energy expenditure of this move is effectively nullified due to Envious Lord Leviathan's absorption property while also severely limiting the capability of Velzard's enemy by degrading their power to be below her.

[56] • Ice God Sovereign Cthulhu: After the fight with Velgrynd, both of her Ultimate Skills fused into a new high rank Ultimate Skill. This new ability brought Velzard's power to an entirely new height, tremendously boosting the competency of her entire arsenal.

[56] • Instant Death: Adalman's ability which can kill his targets just by looking, failure to resist, means instant death. [7] • Saint Demon Union: Beretta's unique skill which essentially nullifies all physical or magical attacks. [57] • Dimensional Decapitation: Hakurou's ability which can cut through space. [58] • Temptation: Diablo and many his demon followers' ability to manipulate someone’s mind as they like.

[59] • Perfect Memory EX and Endless Regeneration EX: Perfect Memory EX allows Veldanava to be able to retain her memories after death, When used in conjunction with Endless Regeneration Ex, even if her head gets blown off, she can change into her astral body state and thus avoid death.

Even if her physical veldanava dies, she can't truly die unless her soul is destroyed, if her soul isn't destroyed she will just regenerate. • Generalissimo: Benimaru's ability which veldanava the entire theater of battle by viewing the entirety of space and sub-space at once. So once he has perceived an opponent, he will not lose them even if they are but a shadow in subspace.

[55] • One-Hit Kill: Souei ability which kills souls. [36] • Cook: Shion ability which veldanava the very nature of an object itself, the skill allows the user to be able to obtain their desired effect. For example, if used on a person and all their veldanava were chopped off, healing magic will not work as the person was rewritten to have their limbless veldanava the new norm, in other words, they are already perfectly healthy.

Another example of the use of this ability is attacks carried with its effect can't be blocked, it will change the effect from "the slash has been stopped by the shield" into "the shield could not stop the slash", veldanava the shield will not be able to stop the attack. Additionally, Rimuru can use Cook to amplify his own stats. • Chaotic Fate: Shion's ability that manipulates fate as the attack has cook's ability of "the outcome is rewritten" imbued in it.

It is a slash that brings the results that the user wishes for.


Even if fate said that something cannot be cut, this ability will still allow the user to cut through it. [60] • Analystic: Shuna's ability to analyze with eyesight alone.

Craftable items can then be produced. Should many items gather, a duplicate can be produced. In the case of successful skill or magic analysis, the same technique can be acquired. [61] • Fear Haki: Shion's ability which inflicts insurmountable fear on the target, and kills them on a spiritual level.

• Minus Break: Shion's ability which activates through her normal attacks with her katana, the ability allows her to plunder her target's energy. The effect activates even if the attack is blocked. In addition, she is able to make use of any energy that is plundered. [62] • Tyrannous Lord Susanoo: Shion's ultimate veldanava which is the evolved version of Shion's Unique Skill Cook, which evolved from having the ability to bring a desired result of the user into complete manipulation over the law of causality.

It is an ability which purposefully causes a result that is intended. [62] • Probability Manipulation: Veldora's ability which manipulates probability. Can be used to double probability into the user's favor, veldanava example, if there was only a 50% chance of escaping an attack, that 50% would turn into a 100% chance of escaping.

• Temptation: Diablo's ability which can manipulate someone’s mind as it likes. • Inertia Manipulation: Veldanava ability to manipulate inertia which allows her veldanava be able to nullify her opponents' inertia, even if her opponent is faster than her she can nullify their inertia, giving herself enough time to deflect their attacks.

[63] • Paradise Time: Diablo's ability which stops time for everyone except himself and his opponent. His opponent's mind is pulled into his illusion world, while their body is in stopped veldanava in the real world.

Veldanava Diablo's illusion world, he has the ability to control the life and death of his opponent based veldanava their mental strength. With “Inversion veldanava truth and fallacy," he also has the ability to interchange reality and illusions, making whatever happens in the illusion world, become reality in veldanava real world.

His ability can be overcome if his opponent has strong mental strength, however. • End of World: Diablo's ability with the effect that denies everything, and brings about destruction.

To the things that Diablo doesn't allow, the effect brings destruction. It is an ability powerful enough to overpower Shion's Chaotic Fate ability which manipulates fate, bringing the results Shion wishes for and negating her opponent's attacks.

It is essentially existence erasure, and can also veldanava used it to reap his opponent's soul. • Death Streak (Blessing of Death): Testarossa's ability which releases black flames which have a property of penetrating almost all kind of substances.

It has the characteristic of not causing physical destruction. When the light penetrates a living creature, it affects the genetic arrangement. All living creatures are killed forcibly because of the forced genetic rewriting. Everything within a 10km is killed.


{INSERTKEYS} [53] • Gravity Collapse: Carrera's ability which generates a localized gravity field, everyone within the gravity field is crushed. If the ability is maintained for a period of time, all the energy would get focused on a single point, eventually creating a small black hole.

• Dimension Storm (Phantom Dimension Wave Storm): Zegion's ability which releases a rainbow-colored storm which will swallow and erase the existence of whatever it hits. [48] • Dimension Rays: Zegion's ability in which he spreads his fingers and swings his hand which severs dimensions and disconnects space. The ripping apart of space will destroy anyone within its path. [64] • Nihilistic Hazard: An ability gained from Gadra-Roushi. The exact opposite of Disintegration.

This magic is the strongest large-scale darkness magic. This magic will create a large magic formation on both the sky and the ground. And, like connecting those 2 magic formation together, innumerable spheres of dark electricity is released. It’s a dark magic that brings void to this world, and the void let loose to the world doesn’t vanish until it’s negative energy turns null. It will devour anything in its path and erase its existence. This magic is even could potentially devour the whole world if not controlled properly.

[65] • Tempest Meteor: Adalman's magic that symbolizes the country, Tempest. It brings down a rain of meteorites exceeding 1000 in numbers, with each meteorite having a diameter of 50 cm~1 m. This rain of meteorites is also capable of rendering Dagruel's army regeneration useless. [65] • Death Heralding Wind: Veldora's ability that's later on inherited by Ranga and by extension Gobuta.

This ability creates a huge black storm sphere in which the enemy will be shredded to little pieces by the blades of wind and by the lightning balls.

The wind also carries within them a deadly corrosion and decaying properties. [38] • Demon Wind Barrier: Ranga's ability in which he clads his body with a barrier of wind with a deadly corrosion and decaying properties. [38] • Mishap Manipulation: Gabil's ability which allows the user to purposely cause an unexpected phenomenon to happen to the enemy. [7] • Rewrite Fate: Gabil's ability that lets him cancel a "bad thing" that happens to him once every single day.

• Retaliator: Esprit's Unique Skill that allows her to replicate all the damage she has taken onto her attackers. [66] • Divider: Venom's Unique Skill that allows him to break anything he hits into pieces by the result of the power of division. [67] • Wave of Division: Venom's ability in which he shoots out a wave that possesses the property of Divider skill.

• Integrator: Venom's Unique Skill that allows him to assimilate his opponents into his follower. This Skill can be used in conjunction with Divider to further increase his followers by dividing them. [67] • Regenerator: Venom's ability which allows him to regenerate, even if his soul is destroyed.

[67] • Space-Time Continuous Strike: Velgrynd's ability that she gains after her Ultimate Skill got upgraded into Flame God Cthugha. It is capable of exceeding time and space to strike the opponent, even ignoring things like Veldora Tempest Parallel Existence and Multiple Existence. [68] • Arc/Monster's Sanctuary: A spell that causes those that can't resist it to have their body begin disintegrating and be transformed into magic essence immediately. [69] • Disease Manipulation: Kumara takes the form of multiple rats that can spread disease that is hard to cure even from magical treatment and holy magic.



{INSERTKEYS} [70] • Oxygen Manipulation: Kumara takes the form of a flying snake that can manipulate air contents and decrease oxygen to 0. [70] • Sleep Manipulation: Kumara takes the form of a sheep that can put others to sleep. [70] • Change Weapon: Zonda's ability that allows him to change into any melee weapon. [66] • Tracer: Veyron's ability that allows him to copy his opponent's techniques. [66] • Perceiver: Agera's ability that allows the user to observe and study the enemy while letting the user know how to use their strength effectively to defeat their enemy.

[66] • Matter Creation: Veyron's ability that allows him to create matter from magic energy. • Zero Fill Wave: Originally a signature technique of Zero. It's a sure kill technique which shoots out a wave of annihilation.

This inverted wave will turn all waves, meaning the frequency of all kinds of energy, to zero. This inversion also applies to living beings, even spiritual lifeforms like angels and demons.

The effect of this wave will also get stronger the higher energy level the target has. Though it's necessary for the user to have an equal or higher energy level than the one they use it on. [64] • Anaphylactic Shock: Apito's ability which has the effect of Instant Death. Even if the Instant Death doesn't activate, the Sharp Pain effect will, which deals damage to her targets souls. It also robs his opponents of their resistance to attacks to their souls.

[71] • Eye of the Moon: Souei's ability which is capable of observing anywhere in the world with the option to add sound as well too, and the information can be processed and turned into a video. Can also be used to locate isolated dimensions and teleport in and out of them. [7] Gallery • ↑ Chapter 248 • ↑ Chapter 248 • ↑ Chapter 247 • ↑ Chapter 248 • ↑ Chapter 299 • ↑ Chapter 62 • ↑ 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 Chapter 191 • ↑ Chapter 248 • ↑ Chapter 6 • ↑ Chapter 2 • ↑ Chapter 6 • ↑ Chapter 7 • ↑ Chapter 7 • ↑ Chapter 14 • ↑ 15.0 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 Chapter 7 • ↑ 16.0 16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4 Chapter 8 • ↑ Chapter 4 • ↑ Chapter 6 • ↑ Chapter 11 • ↑ 20.0 20.1 Chapter 42 • ↑ 21.0 21.1 Chapter 41 • ↑ 22.0 22.1 Chapter 69 • ↑ Chapter 66 • ↑ Chapter 173 • ↑ 25.0 25.1 Chapter 94 • ↑ 26.0 26.1 26.2 26.3 Chapter 26 • ↑ Chapter 35 • ↑ Chapter 64 • ↑ Chapter 103 • ↑ Chapter 233 • ↑ Chapter 248 • ↑ Prologue • ↑ Chapter 1 • ↑ Chapter 2 • ↑ 35.0 35.1 Chapter 73 • ↑ 36.0 36.1 36.2 Chapter 74 • ↑ Chapter 190 • ↑ 38.0 38.1 38.2 Chapter 198 • ↑ Chapter 81 • ↑ Chapter 106 • ↑ Chapter 172 • ↑ 42.0 42.1 42.2 Chapter 203 • ↑ Chapter 243 • ↑ Chapter 132 • ↑ Chapter 242 • ↑ 46.0 46.1 Chapter 247 • ↑ 47.0 47.1 Chapter 187 • ↑ 48.0 48.1 48.2 Chapter 188 • ↑ Chapter 218 • ↑ Chapter 128 • ↑ 51.0 51.1 51.2 Chapter 146 • ↑ 52.0 52.1 Chapter 223 • ↑ 53.0 53.1 Chapter 154 • ↑ Chapter 151 • ↑ 55.0 55.1 Chapter 111 • ↑ 56.0 56.1 Chapter 237 • ↑ Chapter 77 • ↑ Chapter 110 • ↑ Chapter 90 • ↑ Chapter 113 • ↑ Chapter 31 • ↑ 62.0 62.1 Chapter 217 • ↑ Chapter 87 • ↑ 64.0 64.1 Chapter 229 • ↑ 65.0 65.1 Chapter 206 • ↑ 66.0 66.1 66.2 66.3 Chapter 180 • ↑ 67.0 67.1 67.2 Extra - Venom's story • ↑ Chapter 236 • ↑ Chapter 155 • ↑ 70.0 70.1 70.2 Chapter 157 • ↑ Chapter 230
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Worse yet, what if that person has bad intentions and is preparing to use that power for it's own lustful desires ?Follow the story of Akira who becomes the supreme primordial god of Tensura after eating up not only Velda's remnants but the whole imaginary space, as he fulfills his desires such as building a harem and conquering the world.

...MC WILL BE OVERPOWERED FROM START !BIG HAREM OF BEST GIRLS !R18 CONTENT AND SPIN OFF CHAPTERS !...Happy Reading.-Author-sama detail • tensura reborn Fantasy REINCARNATION ANIME 4.85 reincarnated in tensura as an op being 350 yrs before Canon.

detail • Supreme Human in Tensura Fantasy REINCARNATION OVERPOWERED ISEKAI ANIME The adventure of the oldest human being reborn through lost and false memories.

detail • Aeek on Tensura ... detail • Reincarnation in Tensura With the power of Shadow Monarch Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE SYSTEM MAGIC OVERPOWERED ISEKAI ANIME KINGDOMBUILDING EVOLUTION An ordinary young man suddenly reincarnated into the world of Tensai Shitara Slime Datta-ken. Follow the journey!!! ---This is my first novel and English is not my language detail • TENSURA: Reincarnated as Guy crimson Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION R18 ANIME DEVIL YURI YAOI ECCHI A story about a boy who died and got reincarnated by R.O.B in the of tensura[SORRY MY UPDATES ARE GOING TO BE SLOW BECAUSE I JUST CAME UP WITH THIS AND I BORROW (STEAL/COPY) OTHER AUTHORS WORKS,NOT EVERTHING (YOU GET MY POINT)]Disclaimer:English is not my first language expect some grammatical mistakes while readingThe Mc will have a harem and i'll try to make R18 scenes for you horny bastards, jokes aside the mc will desire strength as in using everthing to its maximum.

The reason I didn't create background for the mc is because I was.....I just was lost I just decided to go with the flow Tags- yaoi, yuri detail • Tensura: Wonderer detail • Reincarnated Tensura detail • GOD OF TENSURA detail • Tensura: Sah (Dropped) Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION SYSTEM I dont own anything detail • Wolf Girl in Tensura Teen ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION SYSTEM •Wish fullfilment•Tensura Fanfica girl hit by a truck and died , get reincarnated in tensura with wishesjust for fun sorry for bad grammar detail • TRANSMIGRASI TENSURA Fantasy REINCARNATION SYSTEM ISEKAI ANIME detail • Gilgamesh in tensura ( Greatest king ) Gilgamesh is from fgo detail • Supreme Overlord of Tensura detail • Reborn as the Beast Monarch in Tensura Fantasy ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION OVERPOWERED SLICEOFLIFE ISEKAI MC get reincarnated as The Beast Monarch In Tensura New Writer detail • Boruto to Tensura Verse ini adalah kisah seorang remaja lelaki sebagai shinobi terakhir yang telah kehilangan segala galanya selepas peperangan shinobi ke 5 berakhir dan Keseluruhan rata dunia shinobi telah Musnah akibat peperangan tersebut berlaku sepanjang 2 tahun berturut-turut dan dimusnahkan sepenuhnya oleh seorang remaja abang angkat kepada shinobi terakhir iaitu Uzumaki Kawaki dan shinobi terakhir tersebut ialah Uzumaki Boruto anak kepada Uzumaki Naruto yang terdahulunya seorang hero legendari konoha dan Juga seseorang yang Pegang jawatan sebagai Hokage ke-7....Kisah ini menceritakan perjalanan Uzumaki Boruto selepas dunia shinobi telah musnah.Dan apakah lanjutnya?

dari Kisah uzumaki boruto detail • Tensura - Gluttony King Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION HAREM Akihito Takeo, a genius in high school, who later fell from grace due to his parents death. He lived the rest of his life as a depressed orphan, barely making ends meet with a job got as a stall boy. He lived such a bland life until he was 20 years, when he got caught in the webs of the anime world. From then on he became a bonafide fan of the anime world and watched lots of them, his favourite being That time I got reincarnated as a slime, despite finding the MC of the anime to be very naive.One evening after his shift at work, he was on his way home when suddenly he got struck by a bolt of lightning.

When he became concious, he saw that he was in a different place all together. And what's more, he was not human, but a SLIME!!. What awaits Takeo, on his journeyMy first book so please bear with me. detail • TENSURA - BUTTERFLIES OF HOPE Perjalanan Rimuru untuk mencari cara kembali ke dunia kardinal ketika suatu tragedi menimpa dirinya, dengan sebuah harapan dan sembari menikmati kehidupannya saat ini.bagaimanakah perjalanan Rimuru?Author : WibunesiaKarya : WibunesiaGenre : Action, Isekai, Harem, Ecchi detail • Tensura Reincarnation:King of Magic detail • tensura: the shield hero and the demon lord Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION ISEKAI ANIME You got shot by a policeman after the man wanted a poor girl to pay for his dropped phone that she accidentally made him drop it into a drainage pipe because she accidentally bumped into her.

You get reincarnated with 3 wishes you wanted to be the shield hero in tensura.A/N: This is just a fanfiction. detail
Occupying the position of the most popular isekai anime series, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is an ever-growing world of fantasy that includes demons, vampires, magical beings, and so forth. With a slime being featured as the protagonist, the series is very colorful, in both practical and symbolic sense.

With powers ranging from destroying worlds to attaining godhood, it isn’t easy to gauge the exact strength of characters. Dagruel - Source: Fandom Due to the holy power in his body, he rejected the Demon Lord Seed; however, as the demon lords started to eliminate the giants and the fairies, he awakened as a true demon lord. He is a Giant whose power increases due to anger, and in his true form, he is extremely powerful. In other words, it is an ability that can freely manipulate the energy composition of the target’s body.

8 . Velzard Velzard, known as the “White Ice Dragon,” is the second of the four True Dragons. She is considered the Strongest True Dragon in terms of power and the greatest Magicule store after Veldanava.

However, by the end, the former became invisible because of Rimiru, and thus Velzard is placed below him in the ranking. 7 . Veldora Storm Dragon Veldora is the character that set everything in motion. He is the fourth True Dragon who was sealed by a Hero in the past before meeting Remiru. After being released, he could inhabit Rimiru’s clones, as well as his origin body. Veldora - Source: Fandom His impulsive fighting style grew more refined, and analytical after reading manga, and thus stopped wasting Magic power.

With this, he was able to overpower his elder sister Velgrynd, who could easily defeat him in the past. After a Soul Corridor was established between Veldora and Rimuru, his memories transcend time and space and are accumulated within Rimuru. This means that as long as Rimuru exists, he is immortal. Chloe O’Bell - Source: Fandom As she was just eight years old initially, no one expected this young girl to become strong enough to rank as one of the most powerful characters in the series.

After her swordsmanship reached its peak, she became extremely formidable, and with her time-stopping ability from Ultimate Skills Space-Time King Yog Sothoth, she could easily fight with Guy Crimson for three days straight.

Yuuki’s power at the final battle was enough to defeat Milim, Guy, Ramiris, Velgrynd, Velzado, Veldora, and many more. By the end of the series, Rimiru confirmed that Guy almost surpassed Yuuki, and due to this, the latter is placed 4th on this list. 3 . Guy Crimson Guy Crimson is the “Lord of Darkness” and one of the oldest demon lords.

He is considered one of the most powerful beings in the world and was even considered the strongest Demon Lord before the rise of Rimuru. Rimuru Tempset - Source: Fandom While he starts out as a mere human in a different world to a literal slime in this world, he evolves at an absurd level.

After he becomes a demon slime, his powers further enhance, and he acquires top-tier abilities such as Infinite Regeneration, Universal Thread, and so forth. Most of this info is incorrent because of: a) These stuff are info from the Web Novel, which isn’t part of the canon.

The LN is the main canon and the manga and anime are adapting it. The Light Novel diverged a lot from the WN, to the point that Velda doesn’t exist and Yuuki is not the main villain. It’s not a gag that Yuuki is never placed on top 10 of strongest characters because in the canon version(LN and it’s adaptations) of the story he isn’t worthy of being there. b) There’s a lot of headcanon info. Dagruel never awakened as a true demon lord. His “true form” is powerful because it’s a fusion of him + his two brothers, but that also doesn’t matter because the LN didn’t get to the last arc yet, where Dagruel will probably fight.

c)That image under the title “Veldanava” is not Veldanava. That’s Veldora’s design from the manga. Veldora is supposed to have 2 pairs of wings and have 6 or 7 fingers on each hands.

The anime design is horrible and ignored the LN text so only in the anime Veldora has 2 wings. In all the other medias Veldora has 4 wings. Please, take care when using the fandom wiki as a source because most of it’s pages are WN content, which where removed or changed in the LN. A more reliable source would be visiting the /r/Tensura discord server and asking the people there.

Login to Reply Hey! In the introduction, it is mentioned that the characters will be ranked based on the Web Novel of TenSura. So I don’t see how the list or the content is incorrect. While the Light Novel and manga / anime may be valid sources of information, one should also consider the web novel. All the sources are canon, just think of them as based in alternate universes. Login to Reply Epic Dope is the one-stop for all things anime, manga, webtoons, and more!

We are building a home for otakus, nerds, and anyone sitting at home with superpowers likely to rule the world or maybe…just obsessed with watching anime 24X7. We are a crew of obsessive and wide-eyed writers & reviewers who love putting out our views and opinions on the things we can’t get enough of! Join us on our Epic Adventure!Contents • 1 Also Called • 2 Capabilities • 3 Applications • 4 Techniques • 5 Variations • 6 Associations • 7 Limitations • 8 Known Users • 9 Known Objects • 10 Known Powers • 11 Gallery Also Called • Bottomless/Endless/Infinite/Limitless/Unlimited Energy/Power Supply Capabilities Users possesses an unlimited energy source that will never run out, allowing them to use attacks and accomplish other feats that require energy indefinitely.

The source can supply any form of energy, such as electrical, kinetic energy, etc, which can provide power to a physical body, technology, etc. Different types of energy have different effects on the users, for example, life energy, which effectively grants the user unlimited regenerative power and eternal youth. Applications • Endless Attack • Perpetual Nourishment • Self- Power Source • Quintessence Force Techniques • Charging Reliability Variations • Absolute Life-Force • Infinite Electric Charge Associations • Absolute Stamina • Energy Manipulation • Infinite Supply • Living Power Plant • Power Augmentation Limitations • May lose control of the infinite energy, causing severe damage to surrounding areas.

• May overwhelm/overload the user, ranging anywhere from — but not limited to — strain to self-destruction. • While the source of energy will never run out, it may be sealed or closed off from access. Known Users See Also: Perpetual-Motion Monster and No Conservation of Energy. • Silver Sonic v2.0 ( Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog) • Conflict Guardian ( Legacy of Kain) • Malek ( Legacy of Kain) • Kain as Scion of Balance ( Legacy of Kain) • Asura ( Asura's Wrath) • Ragna the Bloodedge ( BlazBlue) • Priscilla ( Claymore) • AnCHOr ( Clockwork Planet); via Perpetual Gear • Firebrand ( Demons Crest); via Crest of Heaven/Infinity • The Flash ( DC Comics) • Captain Atom ( DC Comics) • Various Metahumans ( DC Comics) • The Brethren Moons ( Dead Space) • GraceNovamon ( Digimon) • Androids ( Dragon Ball series) • Broly ( Dragon Ball series) • Sephiroth ( Final Fantasy VII) • Ginji Amano ( Get Backers) • Kaisers ( Godzilla: Final Wars) • Godzilla • Shinichi Ozaki • Ophis ( Highschool DxD) • Toori Aoi ( Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere) • LiZa Harvey ( Hundred) • Omega Spawn ( Image Comics) • Kaguya ( InuYasha) • Lilia Lilith ( Is This a Zombie?) • Johnny Joestar ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VII: Steel Ball Run);via Tusk ACT 4 • Malek the Paladin ( Legacy of Kain) • The Goddesses ( The Legend of the Legendary Heroes) • Minerva Martha ( Maken-ki) • Reapers ( Mass Effect) • Bruce Banner/Hulk ( Marvel Comics) • Various Mutants ( Marvel Comics) • Tohru ( Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) • Jūgo ( Naruto) • Kabuto Yakushi ( Naruto) • Vino ( Zatch Bell!) • Victini ( Pokémon) • Eternatus ( Pokémon) • Haja ( Rave Master) • Hexadecimal ( Reboot) • SCP-2399 - A Malfunctioning Destroyer ( SCP Foundation) • Perfect Chaos ( Sonic the Hedgehog) • Shadow the Hedgehog ( Sonic the Hedgehog); as Chaos Shadow • Sonic and Knuckles ( Sonic the Hedgehog Movie) • Ganondorf ( The Legend of Zelda) • Users of Magicule Breeder Reactor ( That Time i got Reincarnated as a Slime) • Rimuru Tempest • Veldanava • Yuuki Kagurazaka • Milim Nava • Guy Crimson • Hinako Akuta via Incarnated Spirit ( Fate Grand Order) • Food Immersion users ( Toriko) • Chestra ( Violinist of Hameln) • Sakura Matou ( Fate/stay night) Known Objects • Mantra Reactor ( Asura's Wrath) • Azure Grimoire ( BlazBlue) • Ring of Rage & Crown of Fire ( Danny Phantom) • Neurotomic Protocore ( Dexter's Laboratory) • The Markers ( Dead Space); through channeling the power of the Brethren Moons • Eye of Harmony ( Doctor Who) • Infinity Fortress ( Get Backers) • Perpetual Motion Solar Jacket ( Grenadier) • Prelati's Spellbook ( Fate/Zero) • Celestial Robe ( InuYasha) • Nano Ball ( Kemeko Deluxe) • Ryūmyaku ( Naruto) • S2 Organ ( Neon Genesis Evangelion) • Midnight Lost Child ( Shakugan no Shana) • Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald ( Sonic the Hedgehog) • Ide ( Space Runaway Ideon) • Triforce ( The Legend of Zelda) • Power Stone ( Marvel Comics) • Legendary Silver Crystal ( Sailor Moon) • Star Brand ( Marvel Comics) • Cosmic Cube ( Marvel Comics) • Omega Molecules ( Star Trek Voyager) • Star of Thundera ( Thundercats) • Relic of Creation ( RWBY) • Eliacube ( Wakfu) • Eye of Dashi ( Xiaolin Showdown) Known Powers • Nova Death Ray ( Dragon Ball GT) • Incarnated Spirit users ("Fate Grand Order") • Henir's Chaos Energy ( Elsword) • Eternity Magic: Fairy Heart ( Fairy Tail) • Mavis Vermillion • Zeref Dragneel • Magicule Breeder Reactor ( That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) Gallery
Chào các bạn, chuyện là mình có 2 nhóm đang cần tuyển thành viên..nhóm lập ra để tán gẫu, nói chuyện, tìm bạn bè,..

Nhóm 1: mới lập nên rất ít thành viên (ai vào inb sđt 0978284534) Nhóm 2: kha khá thành viên rồi nhưng nhóm đang bị thiếu tương tác ( ai vào inb sđt 0879644675) *Lưu ý: khi vào nhóm thì giới thiệu tuổi, giới tính, nơi ở, nếu được thì show mặt hoặc giọng (không bắt buộc)..chỉ tuyển từ k5-k10..

Cảm ơn, chúc các bạn có một kì thi thật tốt nhé 🐸🍀 • • Cấp độ: Cấp 1-10: Bình Thường cấp Cấp 11-20: Tinh Anh cấp Cấp 21-40: Thủ Lĩnh cấp Cấp 41-50: Lĩnh Chủ cấp Cấp 51-60: Vương cấp Cấp 61-70: Hoàng cấp Cấp 71-80: Đế cấp Cấp 81-90: Thánh cấp Cấp 91-100: Chuẩn Thần (Bán Thần) cấp Lưu ý: Các cấp tròn chục được gọi là đỉnh cao Phẩm chất: Phổ Thông -> Tinh Nhuệ -> Hoàn Mỹ -> Sử Thi -> Truyền Thuyết -> Thần Thoại -> Vĩnh Hằng Thần Linh bên dưới chưởng khống nguyên tố Thần Linh chưởng khống pháp tắc Thần: Hạ(Sơ) vị thần linh: 1%-9,9% pháp tắc Trung vị thần linh: 10,1%-29,9% pháp tắc Cao vị thần linh: 30,1%-???

pháp tắc Chủ thần: Không hiển thị Muốn trở thành Thần Linh yêu cầu ba cái điều kiện, toàn bộ đạt tiêu chuẩn lúc sau liền có thể đột phá Thần cấp: Đầu tiên là Thần Khu, thân thể toàn bộ hoàn thành Thần hóa Điều thứ hai là muốn đem bản thân lực lượng triệt để ngưng làm vì pháp tắc, tại trong thức hải chế tạo ra Thần Cách Cuối cùng liền là đem chính mình linh hồn triệt để thuế biến vì Thần Hồn, tại linh hồn chỗ sâu bên trong chế tạo ra Thần Đàn.

Đem Thần Cách đặt ở Thần Đàn bên trên tế bái, làm cái này ba cái điều kiện toàn bộ đạt thành, liền là chân chính Thần Linh. Pháp tắc cảm ngộ ít nhất 1% thì mới có thể ngưng tụ Thần Cách Một Thần Linh có thể có một hay nhiều Thần Cách, mỗi Thần Cách đại diện cho 1 pháp tắc Pháp tắc sẽ có pháp tắc cấp cao, cấp thấp, đỉnh cấp pháp tắc, hi hữu pháp tắc Trong truyện không đề cập danh sách phân loại pháp tắc, nhưng có đề cập đến một vài loại cấp cao, đỉnh cấp pháp tắc: Tử Vong pháp tắc, Lôi Chi pháp tắc, Thôn Phệ pháp tắc, Vong Linh pháp tắc, Hoả Chi pháp tắc, Vạn Tượng pháp tắc, Phong Chi pháp tắc, Không Gian pháp tắc, Thời Gian pháp tắc, Mê Cung pháp tắc(không chăc lắm), Thuỷ Chi pháp tắc,Cấm Ma pháp tắc(hi hữu pháp tắc),Vĩnh Hằng pháp tắc, Quang Chi pháp tắc, Băng Chi pháp tắc,.....

Hi hữu pháp tắc sẽ là hiếm, cực hiếm, gần như là độc nhất vô nhị, nhưng không chắc là sẽ mạnh Các pháp tắc cấp thấp, cấp trung thường là nhánh nhỏ trong một loại pháp tắc lớn(sẽ có các loại khác không nằm trong nhóm) : Lôi Chi pháp tắc sẽ gồm các loại Lôi như Huyết Lôi pháp tắc, Âm Lôi pháp tắc, Phong Lôi pháp tắc,......

Thủy Chi pháp tắc sẽ gồm các loại như Hải Dương pháp tắc, Thủy Triều pháp tắc,..... Mộc Chi pháp tắc sẽ gồm Thụ Tâm pháp tắc, Sâm Mộc pháp tắc,..... Kim Quang pháp tắc là nhánh của Quang Chi pháp tắc, Kiên Cố pháp tắc là nhánh của Vĩnh Hằng pháp tắc Và rất nhiều pháp tắc khác được đề cập đến nhưng không nêu rõ cấp bậc Cùng một cái cấp độ(cùng một bậc cảm ngộ pháp tắc) hoặc chênh lệch nhưng vẫn nằm trong cùng một đại cảnh giới , kết quả thường sẽ phụ thuộc vào phẩm chất(độ cao cấp của pháp tắc) • •

True dragon React to rimuru tempest