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what is SaveAs services SaveAs is an a free online tool to convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) files and save them on your device - this tools can save videos on computers, tablets and mobile devices [ Android Mp4 facebook and iOS iPhone,iPad and iPod. How to use Facebook downloader? • Copy Video URL. • Paste the URL in a above field. • Click "Download" button to Save video in High or Normal resolution See Tutorial: How to Download Facebook Videos Download Facebook videos on Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad: NEW : Add Our Facebook Downloader web app on your iPhone : - Open your Safari broswer and open and choose your favorit language - At the bottom of the screen you'll see an icon depicting an arrow that looks like it's trying to get away from a square, click on it.

- Now find "Add to Home Screen" and press ADD go home screen and you will see our APP icon Download Facebook videos on Android : Add Our web Application on your Android (Samsung - Huawei - Sony .etc : - Open your Chrome browser and goto and choose your favorit language. - at upper right press on the three dots. - you wil find [ Add to Home Screen ] Text and you are done Frequently Asked Questions Can i download mp4 facebook videos on iPhone / iPad / iPod ? Yes this site is spcially designed for iOS devices .

all you need to do is to open this site from Safari and Paste video URL and start download Does SaveAs service needs any money after some Downloads limit? SaveAs is Totally Free and has no limit to download.

Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded? Videos usually saved under "Downloads" folder but you may used Save As Option and changed it to another one you can make a simple Check on Windows by Pressing [ CTRL+J ] and if you are using MAC you can Press [ Shift+Command+J ] in your Browser to view your download history.

Can I download Live Facebook videos? You can't save Facebook Live videos while streaming but you can download it after they finish streaming.

Why the video is playing instead of downloading? You Can solve this issue, instead of left clicking use the Right Click -> Save as. and choose the location you'd like to save the video to.

Does this website keep a copy of videos or downloaded videos or search history ? Saveas is offcially not associated with Facebook. It does not host or entertain any pirated or copyright content on its server and all the videos that are downloaded are done directly from their CDN servers on to the respective user's machine.

Facebook to Mp4 - People are using Facebook all over the world rapidly and It’s become the World’s largest social networking site. Every minute, millions of videos are mp4 facebook to Facebook, through which Users are entertained. After all this good thing, the one biggest drawback is users are not able to download their favorite Facebook videos due to some restrictions from Facebook.There is nothing to worry about, Here We are going to Introduce with a Superfast online Facebook video converter which is called iLoader.

It will help you to Convert Facebook video to Mp4 directly into your device without any cost. Just remember It’s not an app, It’s an Online tool which will make your downloading ease.You don’t have mp4 facebook install into your system just have to visit this portal on your browser and paste the facebook video link which you want to download. Download Facebook Video to MP4 in a Simplest Way Facebook to Mp4 is that tool which will be useful for those who want to Convert Facebook video to MP4.

Its downloading feature is amazing which will help the user to download their favorite Facebook video. Your facebook video is just a Single click away.

It's the simplest and safest Facebook video converter that you won’t face any problem with converting Facebook video to mp4.Just copy the link of Facebook videos which you want to download and simply paste that copied link at iLoader and within a few seconds your Facebook video will be shaved in your system. You are going to use a next-generation tool that will take you to the new dimension of downloading.

iLoader supports all types of downloading formats like you can convert FB video to mp4 with HD Supports.Keep Flick Tool is a bug-free and fast downloading tool designed to fit your mobile, desktop, and tablet. Our aim has been that we will provide mp4 facebook best service to the user for which they deserve.

mp4 facebook

This modern tool has the biggest advantages that it has no disadvantages. This is best because you will not have to download it to your system, All you have to do is open the tool in your browser and after pasting your link, your video will be downloaded automatically. Facebook to Mp4 has developed its features in such a way that any user can download any of their Facebook live videos from here. You must be aware of Facebook to Mp4. This is one of the best Facebook video converters and downloading tools that users should use.

Downloading Facebook Live video is not a big deal now if you are aware of Facebook to Mp4. The downloading process of Facebook to Mp4 takes a couple of second.Its facebook mp4 converter features are so advanced that you can pinch-up any time that you can convert any Facebook video to mp4 within a couple of seconds.

This tool has been developed with such fast technology that you will like it very much. This is an error-free tool that will give an incredible downloading experience.

Look at these most simple steps for downloading Facebook Video to mp4. Steps For Downloading facebook Videos Step 1: Visit to by login to your facebook account. Step 2: Now choose your favorite facebook video and play that video. Step 3: Then Copy that particular facebook video link from address bar or by right click on this video. Step 4: In the Next step launch Facebook to mp4 and paste that video link in that empty downloading box.

Step 5: then hit the mp4 facebook button. Step 6: Now your favorite facebook video will be download into your devices like desktop,tablet or mobile that you are using. We know that people worked very hard to download online videos, but they could not succeed. Because many sites have some privacy so that they do not allow mp4 facebook download. Watching online videos consumes more data and if you want to watch those videos later, you have to be streaming without any desire, which wastes your time and also internet data.

So we have a unique solution to all these problems which we will provide you without mp4 facebook money. According to the data, people around the world like to spend their free time on social networking sites. When we access any social networking sites, we watch several images and videos shared by our friends and relatives that make us feel good. Sometimes we like those videos so much that we want to download Live videos them but those sites do not allow us to download.

Now, you ave the right tool that will help in downloading. If anyone likes to download Online Videos and is not able to download that then It will be frustrating to him. That's why we launched Facebook to Mp4 so that you can download Live videos from any website within a few seconds, Which will save your Internet data And Time.

Facebook to Mp4 Online Downloader This Live Video Downloader has enriched with all the latest and advanced technology. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free. We also assure you that it will be free in the future also. Anyone can use this tool because it is very simple to use.

Just copy your video URL which you want to download and paste that copied URL on the website and save your video in your devices Instantly by using this tool. You don’t need to download this tool because It’s not an app it’s a website. You can Download Videos by URL from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and any other leading networks also.

It supports very high fast downloading and It’s a bug-free tool. Our main aim to provide you a better downloading experience which will be legendary. You can open this website on any browser and download videos from any streaming site. Just try this advanced tool and download video by URL from anywhere which is free of cost.

Facebook to mp4 is an Extremely fast Live video downloader tool that is simple to use. You can mp4 facebook an unlimited number of online videos from any video streaming platform in just a mp4 facebook click. Download and enjoy your videos with your loved one. Keepflick is a surpassing tool that allows you to download any videos without investing a single cost.

This tool is very easy to use. Facebook to Mp4 is Facebook video downloader online. And it's really the best Facebook video downloader. If you follow 3 step process explained above, YMP4 will help you download videos from Facebook and save them for offline access.

Facebook video downloader. Ymp4 can help save Facebook as mp4 & mp3 file on your device. No signup, free, unlimited downloads from Facebook. If you need we can also convert Facebook videos to mp3. Just watch out for the mp3 format option on the page with download links. Facebook Downloader Free Online With no registration or software downloads required, our free Facebook video downloader allows you to convert and download your favorite videos you see on Facebook to MP4 and save directly to your computer, tablet or mobile phones.

This service is free of charge. All you need to do is copy the Facebook video URL you want to download, paste it to the search box above, then click on Download. Please be aware that some copyrighted material cannot be downloaded with our platform. Our Converter is compatible with all major devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

Please take note that we do not save any videos you convert or download to our servers, We only provide service. All videos are downloaded directed from third-party server. It is prohibited to download copyrighted videos. You do so at your own risk. Facebook to mp4 is NOT in any way collaborating with or have any commercial arrangements with, affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
Discontinuation of Service in the United Kingdom Dear Savefrom User: As you may have heard, our industry has been under strenuous attacks by certain Mp4 facebook copyright holders.

Because of these attacks, it has become financially impractical for Savefrom to continue to provide services in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, Savefrom will be terminating its services in the United Kingdom. We thank you for your past loyalty mp4 facebook patronage and wish you health and safety during the present health crisis and beyond.

Very truly yours, Savefrom Instructions on how to convert Facebook videos 1. Copy and paste the Facebook video URL or enter keywords of the video clip on the search box of our Facebook downloader. 2. Select the output format that you want to convert to.

3. The converting process will take a while then the desired video format will be downloaded to your PC. It’s really fast and easy.

mp4 facebook

The Best Facebook Converter With the help of our Facebook Converter, converting Facebook videos to audio or video files now becomes an easy job. Our service supports a variety of audio formats such as M4A, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC and video formats including AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, KMV, M4V, WEBM, FLV, 3GP.

What is more amazing is that you can do all this for free! To further accommodate your needs, our Facebook Converter is fully compatible with all devices like PCs, tablets, mobile phones as well as all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. Specially, you can use mp4 facebook Facebook Converter without having to pay any fees, use any software or require any registration.
VeryNinja is Facebook video downloader online. And it's really the best Facebook video downloader.

If you follow 3 step process explained above, VeryNinja will help you download videos from Facebook and save them for offline access. Facebook video downloader.

mp4 facebook

Very.Ninja can help save Facebook as mp4 & mp3 file on your device. No signup, free, unlimited downloads from Facebook. If you need we can also convert Facebook videos to mp3. Just watch out for the mp3 format option on the page with download links.

Try VeryNinja
Frequently asked questions on downloading videos from Facebook 1. How to convert Facebook video to MP4? Copy the URL of your Facebook video, paste it on OFFEO’s Facebook to Mp4 Downloader and save the video in your preferred format. 2. What are the formats that I can download my Facebook Videos? You can download Facebook videos into three formats: 1.

MP4, 2. Mp3 (Audio) and 3. Mp4 without Audio (mute version) 3. How can I download videos from Facebook for free? Using OFFEO’s Facebook to mp4 converter you can download unlimited FB videos for free mp4 facebook any charge or signups! 4. How to save a Facebook video to phone? You can save a Facebook video to any device including Android, iPhone (ios), Windows, and even a Mac.

Just input the URL of the Facebook video above to the address bar and hit mp4 facebook.

mp4 facebook

5. How do I download a 1080p Facebook video? Once you have added the URL to the search bar above, click “Download” and select 1080 P from the quality column.

You have different choices given so that you can select from 240p to 1080p. 6.

mp4 facebook

What is the best facebook video downloader? There are quite a few options when it comes to saving Facebook videos to your device. OFFEO is definitely one of the best that you can rely on and even take it a step further by using the platform to edit your videos. 7. Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

All downloaded videos are saved directly to your device.

mp4 facebook

Depending on your browser it could be set to Downloads or some other folder.• Video Downloader • How to? • How to use

• • How to use Extension? • • Mp4 facebook to use Private video Downloader? • More • Private Video Downloader • • Facebook Video Downloader (2nd Server) • • Twitter Video Downloader • EN • English • Español • Português • Deutsch • Français • Italian • Chrome Extension • Contact us UPDATE (1 July 2021): is now simply We are pleased to announce that we are rebranding FBDOWN as part of our strategy, moved to a new home

This step's major idea is to emphasize the strength of our growth and commitment by delivering the service quality that meets your expectations.

What does that mean for you? Apart from the name change, there will be no other changes that would affect the functionality of FBDOWN. Simply, you'll be able to continue using our mp4 facebook like before. As we continue our journey together toward the 10 Year mark, we'd like to take some time and thank you for your time with us.

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If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime. UPDATE (31 December 2020): We fixed some bugs with the downloader as well as made improvements to its performance. Videos from Facebook Watch and are downloadable again.

We are going to release a new version of our Chrome Extension that fixes the detection of videos on Facebook, stay tuned! Also we'd like to take this chance to wish you a Happy New Year 2021. UPDATE (25 September 2020): New Extension Update We are happy to introduce the new Chrome Extension update (V6.0). We totally revamped the extension from the ground up, adding new features, fixing bugs and improving the interface. Here's what's new: - Support mp4 facebook the new Facebook theme and Facebook Watch feed.

- More formats are downloadable from Facebook (up to 4K). - Fixed the issue of videos without Audio. mp4 facebook Videos are converted, processed and downloaded through our website, for your convenience. - Brand new and cleaner interface. - Support for new websites. - and more. We are still testing new features and fixes, that's why we'd love to hear your feedback. UPDATE (18 March 2020): We fixed some bugs with the downloader and improved some UI elements.

Also we are working on fixing the Private Video Downloader and some other issues that you reported, however it's going to take some time due to the current situation we are all facing (COVID-19). Take care of yourselves and your families! UPDATE (23 December 2019): We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

We send you our warmest greetings of this festive season and best wishes for happiness this New Year. We fixed an issue with mp4 facebook URL types: mobile links ( and the new links are supported. The Downloader is now fully working as usual. Thanks for submitting bugs and issues. UPDATE (25 April 2019): Multilanguage Support: now supports 5 new Languages and more coming soon!

The languages that are coming soon are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish. Everything is still in Beta testing and if you notice anything wrong or want to improve the translations, feel free to contact us.

mp4 facebook

UPDATE (1st April 2017): Hoorray! We finally updated our Chrome Extension to v4.0 and it brings a lot of new features and fixes altogether: Fixed issues with some Facebook videos not being detected. Download videos from any website is mp4 facebook and 100% Working Redesigned the popup window making it more compact and easier to use.

The extension should update itself automatically, mp4 facebook that's not the case then please remove it and install it again from HERE Facebook Video Downloader Online How to Download Facebook Videos - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - Contact us - About FBDOWN does not host any videos on its servers. All videos that you download are downloaded from Facebook's CDNs. FBDOWN is a Social Media Services website and is not associated by any means to Facebook or the Facebook brand and doesn't have anything to do with Facebook, Inc.

Read the full Disclaimer.

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