One piece 1012 spoilers reddit

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

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one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

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As of April 28, 2021, the One Piece spoilers on Reddit have gone viral with over 98% upvotes. In One Piece chapter 1011, titled The Code of Anko, the characters were in a gruesome battle in a fight to see who rises as the winner, good or evil?

Big Mom gets an upper hand as she manages to strike Kid and Killer with a new homie called, Hera, which is powered by lightning.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

Zeus, Lomo, and Zoro manage to escape the Skull dome. Nami, Usopp and Tama rush to the Live Floor. They are followed by Page One who becomes a very difficult obstacle.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

When the trio runs into Big Mom, they trick her into killing Page One and clearing their path. One Piece Chapter 1012 spoilers: Nami emerges as the saviour?

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

The next chapter, titled Vortex or Swirl, will see an interesting turn of events. Kiku, who sees the red scabbard approaching them, promises to defend Kanjurou. But Izou is worried for Kiku who loses her arm after being attacked by Kaido. Kiku asks the others to move ahead as she handles the approaching antagonists.

READ - One Piece 1010 spoilers: Zoro possesses a Haoshoku or a Conqueror's Haki Nekomamushi learns about Pedro's death once she meets up with Shishilian. She also learns that the murderer, Perospero, is on the island, Onigashima, and so set off to go after him. On the other hand, Momonosuke feels two voices on the roof. Sanji finds Zoro, who is injured and takes him along with him.

Shortly, Kawamatsu and Izou join Sanji and Zoro as they flee.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

READ - 'One Piece 1011' spoilers and release date: Here is what you need to know Ulti is devastated as she witnesses her brother Page One pass away due to Big Mom's hit. She attacks Big Mom but her efforts are in vain as the powerful Yonko stays unfazed. Ulti then turns towards Tama, who tricked Big Mom into killing Page One. READ - 'One Piece 1011' spoilers: Fans are likely to see 'Queen vs.

Sanji' battle When Tama's ride and defender Komachiya gets defeated and falls, Tama gets hit by Tobi Roppo, the Beasts Pirates. This makes Big Mom extremely angry as she had taken care of Tama as her own. Surprisingly, the attack towards Ulti comes from Nami. She decides to defeat Ulti. When Usopp tries to remind Nami that they must escape, Nami refuses to listen.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

She needs to defend Tama, a child who is hit by a pirate, Ulti. • (Promo Image Source: One Piece Instagram) Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world.

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one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

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So zoro took a hit from two yonko. Marko said fighting two yonko commanders wasn't easy. If sanji is to be on zoros level could we say he should also be comparable to Marko who's is also a yonko commander?

With this in mind Do we think sanji is able to hold off king and queen by himself long enough for Marko an chopper to fix zoro up enough to be able to do an enma shot.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

Then zoro one shot either king or queen and sanji take out the other in a similar one shot kinda fashion? It’s cool how Nami is even more badass in the official release (and that’s on top of how she was pretty funny in this chapter too). Somehow, her line last hit harder.

one piece 1012 spoilers reddit

Love how they had her say that she’s going to crush Ulti. What a week for the Pirate Queen. Top three in the worldwide poll, threatens Big Mom, says she’s going to crush Ulti.slay, Queen!

Hmm, I wouldn't call not moving or speaking as unconscious, he surely couldn't do either after all that, even if he was conscious. But how can he know that Luffy has figured out something? No one told him, nor did he use COO, but he spoke like he saw it with his eyes, that Luffy figured something out and that he be fine? Technically, you're right, Zoro lost consciousness for the moment, but that's not surprising because he was hit out of nowhere from behind but what bothers me, is that afterwards.

How can Zoro know what's happening with Luffy on the Rooftop, if he was knocked out? Law couldn't tell him from the way it seems, there was no inbetween time from Law switching them and explaining something. Observation seems inconsistent because Sanji is with him there. Zoro knowing that Luffy has figured out something seems insane. He wasn't in condition to move or speak, but not even fully knocked out in that medication state?

that's pretty weird. You refer to Chapter 1011 right? but Zoro seemed knocked out there from the Thunder Bagua, how can he know what happened with Luffy if he was hit with Thunder Bagua in that state before? Since Law teleported them in 1011 and they were straight up falling down to Sanji, Law couldn't have told him after going down right? I think Thunder Bagua didn't hit them both. Because we know Thunder Bagua wrecked Luffy out of his consciousness.

It's either that force of the blow was split between Law and Zoro or Law probably used curtain or moved out of the way. Because no way I'm believing Law defense less and Zoro defense less tanked Thunder Bagua and Law basically immediately saw the not event touching moment too But you see them both clearly hit and splitting blood, lighting was there too, panel before and afterwards shown say this too.

That's the problem, how can Zoro be conscious after that, in that medical condition too? G4 Luffy was done much easier, although Kaido wasn't as injured tbf, but then again serious HKaido is stronger too and with both hands this time. I don't see the force argument tbh, the worst you could argue is that Law had curtain on or that Law got hit afterwards, so he would have it easier, however considering the fact that Kaido just obliterates everything in his path without any hindrance, so that it's more plausible regarding losing force, so taking the force full head on even after should and could be the case.

One piece 1012 spoilers reddit is basically a rocket speedblitzing and obliterating anything in his path, which means they could still take the full force, it wasn't directly aimed at the body, nor did Kaido push them treough force, it's just Kaido obliterating anything infront with his force. Either way, they both got hit hard, and if Zoro wasn't even knocked out despite all his injuries and state then I don't know what's happening, he's a tank but that's even next lvl of tankiness for him, borderline busted.

Law also seems fine, don't ask me, one piece 1012 spoilers reddit a tank now and I wouldn't have minded if he atleast trained, but Oda probably wants us to think that he grew stronger from his Doffy fight. Or else there is no explanation for him. Good thought, but It seemed like Zoro talked from experience, like witnessing it, since he knew Luffy was fighting Kaido alone after figuring something out, he wouldn't know the situation regarding Law/Kid/Killer/Big Mom or? Law also ran away immediately, it's not like he was told the situation by One piece 1012 spoilers reddit, he just knew.

Do you mean sensed in since he is conscious right now or when he was on the roof? edit: he does say "it seemed like" in the viz instead of it "seems like" not sure what's on the raw though, might have to check later
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