Queen medusa battle through the heavens

queen medusa battle through the heavens

• Fights Break Sphere • Fight Through The Sky Genre Fantasy Wuxia Adventure Romance Based on Doupo Cangqiong by Tiancan Tudou Written by Zhang Ting Directed by Yu Rongguang Starring Leo Wu Lin Yun Baron Chen Li Qin Xin Zhilei Liu Meitong Opening theme Jackdaw Teenagers by Hua Chenyu Ending theme Battle Through the Heavens by Xiao Zhan, Gu Jiacheng, Wu Jiacheng & Peng Chuyue Country of origin China Original language Mandarin No.

of seasons 1 No. of episodes 45 Production Production locations Hengdian World Studios Xiangshan World Studio Yunnan Duyun Production companies Wanda Media New Classics Media Release Original network Hunan TV First shown in China Original release September 3 ( 2018-09-03) – October 25, 2018 ( 2018-10-25) Battle Through the Heavens Traditional Chinese 鬥破蒼穹 Simplified Chinese 斗破苍穹 Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Dòupò Cāngqióng Battle Through the Heavens ( Chinese: 斗破苍穹; pinyin: Dòupò Cāngqióng; lit.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

'Fight Through The Sky') is a 2018 Chinese television series adapted from the eponymous novel Doupo Cangqiong (斗破苍穹) by Tiancan Tudou (天蚕土豆). It stars Leo Wu, Lin Yun, Baron Chen, Li Qin, Xin Zhilei and Liu Meitong. [1] The series aired on Hunan TV on Queen medusa battle through the heavens 3, 2018 till October 25, 2018. [2] [3] Contents • 1 Synopsis • 2 Cast • 2.1 Main • 2.2 Supporting • 2.2.1 Jianan Academy • 2.2.2 Xiao Tribe • 2.2.3 Gu Tribe • 2.2.4 Nalan tribe (Yunlan Sect) • 2.2.5 Mite'er tribe • 2.2.6 Snake tribe • 2.2.7 Others • 3 Production • 3.1 Casting • 3.2 Filming • 4 Soundtrack • 5 Awards and nominations • 6 Ratings • 7 References • 8 External links Synopsis [ edit ] Xiao Yan ( Leo Wu) is the son of Xiao Zhan ( Yu Rongguang) and Gu Wenxin ( Carman Lee).

When Xiao Yan was nine, his mother was killed by enemies and his father never talked about it. Until he was fifteen years old, his martial art has made no progress due to his mother's ring absorbing all his progress.

One day, Xiao Yan encounters the old man Yao Chen ( Baron Chen) after making contact with the ring. With the help of Yao Chen, Xiao Yan makes great advances in martial arts, and learns of the main instigator the death of his mother. Xiao Yan enrolls for the Jianan Academy ( 迦南学院) and makes friends there.

Once he is framed and narrowly escaped, he finds that his family have been doomed. In order to revenge for the murder of his mother, but also for the justice of Jianghu, Xiao Yan resolutely chose a single person to challenge the forces of evil.

Cast [ edit ] Main [ edit ] • Leo Wu [4] ( Shi Xiaosong (young) [5] ) as Xiao Yan ( 萧炎) • A martial arts genius. Younger son of the Xiao family, Disciple of the Medicine Lord. Lost his abilities at the age of nine after his mother's death but soon makes great advances after his encounter with his teacher, Yao Chen. • Lin Yun [6] as Xiao Xun'er ( 萧薰儿) • Descendant of the Gu tribe.She was adopted by Xiao Yan's family since young and is loyal queen medusa battle through the heavens him.

She has had a crush on Xiao Yan since their childhood due to Xiao Yan sneaking into her room to use his Dou Qi to strengthen her bones. Becomes the Dragon Mother of the Gu Clan.

• Baron Chen [7] as Yao Chen ( 药尘) • The Medicine Lord, previous master of Xing Yun pavilion. Xiao Yan's teacher. Also Xiao Yan's Mother's former teacher.

• Li Qin as Xiao Yixian ( 小医仙) • Daughter of the Ice King. Xiao Yan's bosom friend. She has a body filled with different kind of poison. • Xin Zhilei [8] as Medusa ( 美杜莎) • Queen of the Snake tribe. • Liu Meitong [9] as Nalan Yanran ( 纳兰嫣然) • Descendant of Nalan tribe. Young mistress of Yunlan sect. Xiao Yan's former fiancee, who canceled their engagement after he lost his abilities. However, she accepted a three year agreement from Xiao Yan to fight for their respective clan's prides. Supporting [ edit ] Jianan Academy [ edit ] • Su Qianwei [10] as Ruo Lin ( 若琳) • Grandmaster of Taidou.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Xuner's teacher.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

Known for her beauty and good morals. • Ling Xiaosu [11] as Han Feng ( 韩枫) • Master of Xing Yun pavilion. Elder of Jianan Academy. Yao Chen's disciple. Traitor working alongside the Soul Hall and causing Xiao Yan's Mother's death. • Xiao Zhan as Lin Xiuya ( 林修崖) • Leader of the "Wolf Teeth" forces. He is skilled in hunting magical beasts.

• Wu Jiacheng as Hao Tian ( 昊天) • Known as "Bloody Sword". A talent at refining medicine. • Peng Chuyue as Han Xian ( 韩闲) • Leader of the Medicine sect and then member of the Yan Sect. • Gu Jiacheng as Hu Jia ( 虎伽) • The character in the novel was the grand-daughter of the vice-principal of Jianan Academy, known as "Demon Girl".

Changed to a male in the television adaptation. • Hua Cheng [12] as Bai Cheng ( 白程) • Arrogant Senior Disciple who despises Xiao Yan. Xiao Tribe [ edit ] • Yu Rongguang as Xiao Zhan ( 萧战) • Leader of Xiao tribe. Xiao Yan's father.

• Li Shen [13] as Queen medusa battle through the heavens Ding ( 萧鼎) • Xiao Yan's elder brother. Leader of Mo Tie army, a group of outlaws who fight for good. • Yan Xi [14] as Xiao Li ( 萧厉) • Xiao Yan's second brother and Vice-Leader of Mo Tie Army. Gu Tribe [ edit ] • Carman Lee [15] as Gu Wenxin ( 古文心) • Xiao Yan's mother; Yao Chen's disciple.

Forced to commit suicide after being falsely labelled as a Traitor • Li Zifeng [16] as Gu Yuan ( 古元) • Gu Wenxin's brother; Xiao Xuner's father. • Miao Yilun [17] as Gu Tianyi ( 古天仪) • Xiao Xuner's brother. Nalan tribe (Yunlan Sect) [ edit ] • Norman Chui as Nalan Jie ( 纳兰桀) • Elder of Nalan tribe. Nalan Yanran's grandfather. • Su Qing as Yun Yun ( 云韵) • Eldest disciple of Yunlan Sect. Nalan Yanran's teacher. • Zeng Jiang as Yun Shan ( 云山) • Former leader of Yun Lan sect.

Yun Yun's teacher. • Cheng Haofeng as Gu He ( 古河) • Number one medicine practitioner of the world. Elder of Yun Lan sect. Yun Yun's admirer. Mite'er tribe [ edit ] • Qiu Xinzhi [18] as Hai Bodong ( 海波东) • One of the top ten experts of Jia Ma Empire. Grand elder of Mite'er tribe. Known as the "Ice King". Xiao Yixian's father.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

• Zhu Xiaoyu as Mi Tengshan ( 米腾山) • Leader of Mite'er tribe and Elder of Jianan Academy. Snake tribe [ edit ] • Du Chun [19] as Mobasi ( 墨巴斯) • Leader of Snake Tribe. • Xu Kelong as Qing Lin ( 青麟) • Female general of Snake tribe. Others [ edit ] • Guo Xiaofeng as Fa Ma ( 法犸) • Imperial advisor of Chuyun kingdom. • Chen Zexi as Ye Lan ( 夜岚) • Crown prince of Chuyun kingdom. • Guo Ziyu [20] as Fan Ling ( 范凌) • Leader of Blood Sect. • Miao Haojun as Ge Ye ( 葛叶) • Gong Rui as Yun Zhen ( 云震) • Dou Bolin as Mo Li ( 墨黎) • Wang Wanjuan [21] Production [ edit ] Casting [ edit ] On January 16, 2017, it was announced that Leo Wu will play the leading role of Xiao Yan.

The role of Xiao Xun'er, the female lead, was announced to be portrayed by Lin Yun. [22] Filming [ edit ] Principal photography started on January 16, 2017 and took place in various locations including Hengdian World Studios, Xiangshan World Studio, Yunnan, Duyun. [23] The series ended filming in July 2017.

Soundtrack [ edit ] No. Title Lyrics Music Singers Length 1. "Jackdaw Teenagers (寒鸦少年)" (Opening theme song) Ding Yanxue Hua Chenyu Hua Chenyu 2. "Battle Through the Heavens (斗破苍穹)" (Ending theme song) Chen Xi Chen Xi X NINE ( Xiao Zhan, Gu Jiacheng, Wu Jiacheng, Peng Chuyue) 3. "Song of Cultivation (修炼歌)" Chen Xi Dong Dongdong Wu Jiacheng 4. "Mountains, Water and Heart of Youth (山水少年心)" Kun Yadong Guo Haowei Wei Xun 5. "Granting You (许你)" Chen Xi Dong Dongdong Lin Yun 6. "Healer's Heart (医心)" Kun Yadong Guo Haowei Su Qing 7.

"Wait for Me (等我)" Wang Zhu Wang Zi Saixixi 8. "Burning Day (焚天)" Sheng Hao, Three Three Li Zifeng 9. "Scent of Dreams (梦留香)" Wang Zhu Wang Zi Liu Meitong 10.

"Hero (英雄)" Dong Dongdong Awards and nominations [ edit ] Award Category Nominated work Result Ref. 12th Tencent Video Star Awards Top Ten Series Battle Through the Heavens Won [24] Ratings [ edit ] In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share (CSM52) Average audience share (National Average) Ratings Audience share Ranking Ratings Audience queen medusa battle through the heavens Ranking 1-2 September 3, 2018 0.674% 5.859% 1 0.42% 4.64% 1 3-4 September 4, 2018 0.661% 5.644% 1 0.43% 4.66% 1 5-6 September 5, 2018 0.673% 5.968% 1 0.36% 4.24% 1 7-8 September 10, queen medusa battle through the heavens 0.937% 8.763% 1 0.41% 4.94% 1 9-10 September 11, 2018 0.789% 7.2% 1 0.37% 4.22% 1 11-12 September 12, 2018 0.671% 6.138% 1 0.33% 3.84% 1 13-14 September 17, 2018 0.567% 5.324% 1 0.36% 4.16% 1 15-16 September 18, 2018 0.517% 4.663% 1 0.33% 3.66% 1 17-18 September 19, 2018 0.606% 5.463% 1 0.35% 4% 1 19-20 September 24, 2018 0.686% 5.363% 1 0.39% 4.03% 1 21-22 September 25, 2018 queen medusa battle through the heavens 6.062% 1 0.34% 3.95% 1 23-24 September 26, 2018 0.642% 5.899% 1 0.28% 3.34% 2 25-26 September 27, 2018 0.594% 5.462% 1 0.31% 3.64% 2 27-28 October 3, 2018 0.641% 5.555% 1 0.39% 4.12% 1 29-30 October 4, 2018 0.785% 6.433% 1 0.47% 4.97% 1 31-32 October 10, 2018 0.644% 6.206% 1 0.33% 4.11% 1 33-34 October 11, 2018 0.667% 6.22% 1 0.34% 4.21% 1 35-36 October 17, 2018 0.794% 6.982% 1 0.36% 4.17% 1 37-38 October 18, 2018 0.738% 6.618% 1 0.33% 3.9% 1 39-40 October 24, 2018 0.704% 6.094% 1 0.34% 3.71% 1 41-42 October 25, 2018 0.751% 6.92% 1 0.41% 5.08% 1 Average 0.697% 6.13% 1 0.36% 4.17% 1 References [ edit ] • ^ "《斗破苍穹》燃情启程 吴磊林允蓄势前行".

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queen medusa battle through the heavens

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queen medusa battle through the heavens

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queen medusa battle through the heavens

Sina (in Chinese). January 13, 2017. • ^ "《斗破苍穹》第一季开拍". Sina (in Chinese). January 17, 2017. • ^ "腾讯视频星光盛典:Baby美杨超越萌,老戏骨们最有范儿". Tencent (in Chinese). 18 December 2018. External links [ edit ] • Dau Pha Thuong Khung Vietnamese version • Battle Through the Heavens at IMDb Edit links • This page was last edited on 18 April 2022, at 04:27 (UTC). • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 ; additional terms may apply.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a queen medusa battle through the heavens organization. • Privacy policy • About Wikipedia • Disclaimers • Contact Wikipedia • Mobile view • Developers • Statistics • Cookie statement • • Contents • 1 Appearance • 1.1 Light Novel • 1.2 Manhua • 2 Personality • 2.1 Alluring • 3 Plot • 4 Trivia • 5 References • 6 Navigation Appearance Light Novel Before her Transformation, She was a very beautiful snake woman.

She had a graceful, sexy and all around lovely body and wears graceful purple-colored gorgeous robe. She was voluminous and exquisite, much like a matured juicy peach, with a faint luring sense seeping out.

She has long black hair which extends to her narrow waist. She had purple-colored snake tail. [2] After Transformation and completely merging with the Heaven Swallowing Python, she gains a younger appearance. The body of the current Queen Medusa was merely wrapped by a pale purple robe. Her black hair moved along her shoulders and fell all the way to her raised butt before it stopped. Her tempting figure with the front protrusions and the raised backside was like a honey peach that had been ripened to its limit, repeatedly releasing a charm that caused people’s hearts to boil.

Xiao Yan’s gaze moved down and was somewhat surprised to find that the snake’s tail that was originally there had turned into two long, fair human legs at an unknown time.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

Her snow white small legs were suspended around half an inch from the ground. They were crystal clear without the slightest stain or dust. [3] Manhua In Manga, She has long crimson colored hair, pale snow white skin and golden colored eyes. She normally wears a purple color skin tight dress. Also, Yun Shan mistakes her as her daughter and is said to have a crush on her. Personality She is very prideful and has superiority complex as she wanted other people to address her as "Your Highness" or "Queen".

Medusa has a soft queen medusa battle through the heavens towards children and admitted that humans are interesting(Only In Manhua). She didn't have much respect for Human Life before Xiao Yan. She has the traits of a Medusa (A Name meaning Snake Queen, i.e there were various Queen Medusa before her) which is a "Medusa truly loves someone until the end once she has been subdued by him." [4] Despite the fact that Xiao Yan has taken her virginity [5], she has conflicted feeling about killing him which she acknowledges.

Alluring This was the feeling that the woman gave to others at first glance with the exception of her icy-cold face. The merging of coldness and enchantment caused her to possess an unusual allure that had a deep impact on men. Her snow-white chin formed a slightly sharp incline that caused her entire body to be filled with a pride that was difficult to hide.

This kind of pride was not an ordinary woman’s arrogance, but an honorable haughtiness that only a woman who possessed a high status could display. The thing that possessed the greatest attraction to men was this haughtiness. A man would possess an incomparable satisfaction the moment he pushed down such a haughty and distinguished woman.

[6] Plot She first appeared during the Green Lotus Core Flame Arc, where she tried to use this flame to breakthrough. She accompanied Xiao Yan because he can make a pill that would merge her soul with Xiao Cai allowing her complete control of her body.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

During the 2nd Battle with Yun Lan Sect, she didn't help Xiao Yan much. During the stay in the Inner Academy, after the fight with Snow Demon Sky Ape she got control of the Heaven Swallowing Python and was the first one after Xiao Yan to meet Yao Lao and made a deal of additional 2 year Support.

She can't hurt Xiao Yan because of Xiao Cai's spirit. After The Falling Heart Flame arc she tries but fails to kill Xiao Yan due to conflicting feelings in her heart. During the Misty Clod Sect Destruction arc she protected Xiao Yan from Protector Wu of hall of souls.

Later on she joined hands with Yao Lao's spirit to fight Protector Wu who self destructed the elite Wu Zongs spirit and using the force captures Yao Lao's spirit. She once again fought Protector Wu to free Yao Lao but failed. Later on during Yan Xiao's retreat for Dou Huang class, Medusa was the sole Dou Zong in the Jia Ma Empire and helped them despite being injured during the fight against the three sects.

[7] Afterwards Medusa asked Xiao Yan to accompany her to Snake-People Tribe's location in the city to meet the Elders. When Mo Ba Si tries to create trouble for Xiao Yan Medusa reprimands him and uses a protective tone when talking about Xiao Yan. [8] Despite keeping her outside appearances she panicked when she heard that she was pregnant. [9] When she heard that Xiao Yan insisted on making 'Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill' which is a tier 7 Pill and uses a Top grade technique, her eyes revealed a gentleness that had never existed before as she looked at Xiao Yan.

She became one of the key members of the Yan Alliance and helped managed it in Xiao Yan's absence. They get married later on the series. [10] Since she lacked strength, Yao Lao suggested Xiao Yan to let Cai Lin go to Nine Serene Spring of Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe so that she can evolve.

[11] After Xiao Yan resolves the matter within the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, he obtains Demon Saint Essence Blood [12]. He gives 1/5 portion of it to her along with 'Great Bodhisattva Return Pill' a Tier 9 treasure pill which allows to breakthrough Ban Sheng Class.

Due to Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python boasting an extremely dense, dark and cold aura, the dark and cold energy of the spring is helpful to her breakthrough. She later on meets a hidden tribe of 7-colored Heaven Swallowing Python which helps her improve her strength and becomes Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python [13] After Exiting her retreat she helped Xiao Yan defend against Huang Tian [13], Later she revealed that she has reached four star Dou Sheng and was a little depressed that something like being stronger than Xiao Yan would likely never appear again because he was stronger than her currently,even after getting the inheritance.

[14] Trivia • She is a capable leader and often manages organization in Xiao Yan's stead. • She has a daughter with Xiao Yan. She named her Xiao Xiao. Little Cai (the 7-colored heaven swallowing snake who used to share a body with Medusa) was reincarnated used Xiao Xiao's body, allowing the latter to use its strength. • She is the third person to see Yao Lao in his spirit form (the first being Xiao Yan, the second being Hai Po Dong). [15] • Xiao Yan has given her the name "Cai Lin", meaning "colorful scales" which references to the colorful scales on the Heaven Swallowing Python.

[16] • She houses the Ancient Souls of the 7-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python Tribe within her and can control them to fight with her. Those souls are the ancestors whose part of their souls still present despite their damaged physical bodies.

Since, she has awakened them, and they have attached to her body. this allows her to use attacks that far surpasses her level.

Xiao Yan tells her that in the future, if they have the opportunity, they will try to repair their souls of the ancestors. • She is Xiao Yan's first wife, as a way to thank her for all her help with his Xiao clan while he was roaming in Central Plains. [10] • Back then, an evolved Queen Medusa (not Cai Lin, but a former Queen Medusa) had appeared on the continent in queen medusa battle through the heavens past.

Coincidentally, she was molested by a young master from a top-tiered faction. In the end, that woman charged into the faction and went on a massacre, decimating that faction. From then on, the men on the continent took a detour whenever they saw Queen Medusa.

They are all afraid that they might end up leading their faction to destruction if they were careless. [4] • Medusa truly loves someone until the end once she has been subdued by him.

[4] • Queen Medusa is not just her name, but also her status. [16] Apparently there are many Medusa's over the generations. • According to the unofficial queen medusa battle through the heavens that had been past between Medusa's over the generations, the husband of the Queen must have a strength that was even stronger than her. [17] • Things would be alright if the queen of the Snake-people tribe did not marry, but if she really gave her heart to someone, she be extremely loyal to that person.

If her beloved died, her heart would die with him. This was the tradition of the Snake-people tribe’s Queen Medusa bloodline. Hence, Cai Lin understood that she would never be able to forget that person in her lifetime. Despite having been apart for many years, that figure did not fade.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

Instead, that figure had been etched even deeper into her memory. [18] References • ↑ Epilogue • ↑ Chapter 210 • ↑ Chapter 354 • ↑ 4.0 4.1 4.2 Chapter 647 • ↑ Chapter 620 • ↑ Chapter 642 • ↑ Chapter 758 • ↑ Chapter 775 • ↑ Chapter 776 • ↑ 10.0 10.1 Chapter 1390 • ↑ Chapter 1456 • ↑ Chapter 1468 • ↑ 13.0 13.1 Chapter 1546 • ↑ Chapter 1547 • ↑ Chapter 517 • ↑ 16.0 16.1 Chapter 648 • ↑ Chapter 765 • ↑ Chapter 1377 Navigation v • e Characters Main Xiao Yan Recurring Yao Chen • Little Fairy Doctor • Qing Lin • Yao Tian Huo • Ya Fei • Yun Yun • Nalan Yanran • Su Qian • Zi Yan Harem Cai Lin • Gu Xun Er Male Hai Bodong • Jia Xing Tian • Fa Ma • Gu He • Lin Yan • Liu Qing • Lin Xiuya Female Xiao Mei • Xiao Yu • Hu Jia • Han Yue • Han Xue• Cao Ying Enemies Yun Shan• Han Feng • Feng Qing Er• Hun Tiandi

This kind of merger may have allowed Queen Medusa to gain the leading role but her emotions would be somewhat mixed with that of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ to a certain extent.

Queen Medusa was filled with killing intent toward Xiao Yan, but the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was extremely attached to Xiao Yan. The mixture of these two was the cause of the current complicated emotions that Queen Medusa had for Xiao Yan. While being filled with killing intent, she had difficulty really performing the killing move. This conflicting emotion was the source of the frustration within Queen Medusa’s heart.

[1] Medusa's relationship with Xiao Yan is somewhat complicated. In their initial encounter, they fought when she was in her adult form. However, after she merges with Xiao Cai, she remains dormant until Xiao Cai asks for her help to save Xiao Yan. Initially, Medusa only kept Xiao Yan alive so he could create the Spirit Fusion pill to seperate her spirit from Xiao Cai's. Their relationship begins to grow slowly as Medusa was unable to harm Xiao Yan due to Xiao Cai's spirit remaining inside her.

Her affection towards him also shows when he saves her twice: once against a raging beast and the other during a battle. Later on queen medusa battle through the heavens the story, Xiao Yan unintentionally rapes her during process of consuming the Essence flame as the aphrodisiac affects his mind. This leads to newfound enmity towards Xiao Yan, but from time to time Xiao Yan always able to escape from her clutch.

Yao Lao would eventually renewed Xiao Yan's promise to concoct a pill for her. She would assist him during his quest against Yun Shan, and played important role when the Soul Clan appeared though she failed to prevent them taking Yao Lao away.

Her pregnancy eventually leads her to accept Xiao Yan as her husband due to the importance of Medusa bloodline and she begins to care for him, especially since Xiao Yan didn't budge on his promise to provide nurturning pill for the child.

She also helped him to manage things on Yan Alliance during Xiao Yan's travel to middle territory. They eventually marry under the witness of Xiao Ding and Xiao Li. Regardless of how powerful she was and how strong she acted in public, she still displayed a rare warmth and obedience in front of her man.

Xiao Xiao Her daughter with Xiao Yan. She really loves her and would prioritize her well being before hers.

queen medusa battle through the heavens

She even planned to leave Xiao Yan forever if he ignored his promise to provide Xiao Xiao with the nurturing pill. Later on, during a battle for Yan Alliance, she would ask Xiao Yi Xian to ensure Xiao Xiao's safety should the battle was lost.

While Medusa always keep indifferent and cold attitude towards people, she always become a gentle and warm mother for Xiao Xiao. Yao Lao Cai Lin often clashed with Yao Lao, as he protected Xiao Yan over and over again during the time she was 'enslaved' by Xiao Yan. She doesn't really have enmity towards Yao Lao, particularly because she understand the true strength of Yao Lao and understand that he is the source of Xiao Yan's alchemy. She would try to save Yao Lao when he was captured post Xiao Yan's battle with Yun Shan, though she failed to do so.

Later on, when they meet again as she brought Xiao Xiao to meet Xiao Yan's father, she would let him taking Xiao Xiao as his disciple. Zi Yan She quickly befriended Zi Yan and even Xiao Yan was surprised how she behaved and cared for Zi Yan. Being of an exquisite Magical Beast bloodline herself seems to let her stand her ground in front of Zi Yan's bloodline. The duo's relationship is so good it causes Xiao Yan headache when Cai Lin took her out to do some mischievous things to gather the material she needs for Xiao Yan to craft the pill she needs.

That aside Zi Yan appears to treat her like her elder sister and is obedient towards her. References Battle Through the Heavens started as a light novel and inspired both a manhua (Chinese comic) and donghua (Chinese animated series).

This popular fantasy series centers around the journey of a man named Xiao Yan, and the characters surrounding him, including Medusa. She is beautiful, powerful, and a capable leader. Battle Through the Heavens started as a light novel and inspired both a manhua (Chinese comic) and donghua (Chinese animated series). This popular fantasy series centers around the journey of a man named Xiao Yan, and the characters surrounding him, including Medusa. She is beautiful, powerful, and a capable leader.

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Battle Through The Heavens AMV💕 Queen Medusa 彩鳞Cai Lin 美杜莎女王💕❤️✨ ⭐️ XMASwu-Star ⭐️

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