ZbigZ Alternatives ZbigZ is described as 'is the easiest way to download from BitTorrent networks. No installation and configuration is needed' and is zbigz popular Torrent Seedbox zbigz the File Sharing category. There are more than 10 alternatives to ZbigZ, not only websites but also apps for a variety of platforms, including Android, SaaS, Windows and Chrome OS. The best alternative is Seedr, which is free.


Other great sites and apps similar to ZbigZ are Bitport.io (Freemium), Filestream.me (Freemium), Put.io (Paid) and TorrentSafe (Freemium). • Torrent Seedbox • Torrent Streaming • Video Streaming • Cloud based • File Sharing • Torrent Clients • Cloud Storage • Cloud sync • Anonymity • Built-in Torrent client • Web service • Download torrents • Online Backup • File Storage • BitTorrent support • Plex • Torrent link upload • Torrenting • Unlimited bandwidth • Unlimited storage AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you zbigz better alternatives to the products you love and hate.

The site is made by Ola zbigz Markus zbigz Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant. Feel free to send us your questions and feedback at hello@alternativeto.net, in our forums or on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or chat with us on Discord.

This is build Docker_20220506.1. Zbigz - Secure Online Torrent Downloader - Zbigz Alternatives • Home • Categories • VPN • Web Hosting zbigz WordPress Themes • Health And Zbigz • SEO Tools • Resume Writing • Proxies • Video Editing Software • Business Services • WordPress Plugins • Website Builders • View All Categories • Blog • About Zbigz - A Safe And Secure Online Torrent Downloader Nowadays, all the movies and series zbigz released on OTT platforms. But users need to subscribe by investing money.

But there are some online softwares that offer free movies and series to download. Zbigz is one of such online free movie streaming websites that allows users to download movies for free.

It is a user-friendly downloader that is available on zbigz platforms for retrieving the desired files. Amazing Features Of Zbigz Easy Accessible Dashboard It features an interactive dashboard that helps users keep track of their ongoing activities while working on another screen. The best feature is that it is available hassle-free on IPad and the download is instantaneous. One can watch movies on bigger screens by connecting through screen-sharing.

Free Downloading The free Zbigz version is a torrent downloading site, while the Zbigz premium account free version provides the option to import the files directly to drive from their Zbigz account.

Besides, there is no display of ads, which provides an engaging torrenting experience for users. Along with the movies, it can also be used as the best hd music streaming service provider.

Subscription And Registration Free Users of Zbigz are free from any registration for downloading the desired files which may include movies or songs. Another zbigz of downloading via Zbigz is your identity remains undisclosed as the torrent software is enabled with HTTP protocol. No-Restrictions There are no prior steps for downloading the files, which is beneficial for users as it saves time.

Zbigz does not impose any restrictions on networks or software and is open to all users to watch their favorite content. Endure the joy of the fastest download with this web torrent downloader free of cost. High Picture Quality Zbigz is one of the best streaming services that offer the ultimate quality of the picture.

One can enjoy the TV shows, movies, and series completely without any distractions in the middle. Zbigz Alternatives Like Zbigz, uTorrent and BitTorrent are the other two alternative products available for the users.

This softwares access you to all the brand new movies zbigz series for free. BestValued strives to help users make more informed decisions while shopping online. It is designed to provide users the latest curated products in multiple categories which are regularly optimized. The features and details are directly provided to us by our partners and are subject to change at any day or time without prior notice.

The information we share does not constitute professional or legal advice.
Despite the fact that, there are an astronomical number of torrent clients available zbigz the market for most popular OS, there’s an entire community which prefers no dedicated torrent clients. Ingenious developers planned to bequeath users with relatively more simpler options.

This gave birth to Torrent2exe and many other clients which no longer relies on dedicated torrent clients. However, something was still lacking.

ZbigZ, a cloud based service, changed a perception about such third-party alternatives. ZbigZ brings unique unparalleled power of cloud service and torrents together to bring you the fastest ever possible download speed. First of all, users can download torrent zbigz from zbigz as a. zip content. The biggest advantage of such facility is that you would be able to download those.

zip files offered by ZbigZ through third-party download manager which will further improve your experience. Download manager applications like IDM (Internet download manager) and FDM (Free Download Manager) integrates themselves with the browser. Linux users may want to check out our previous collection of download manager for them. Secondly, there might be instances where your ISP has blocked some torrents, and you have a withering hope to get your favorite movie, software, book from it.

In such case, pragmatic cloud based Zbigz comes in handy by empowering you. No longer do you need to depend on them. Just grab the torrent or magnet link and place it in “ Upload zbigz. torrent file” and wait for the magic to happen. Features of ZbigZ ZbigZ is a great service with some mind-boggling features that are too good to believe. There is a catch, zbigz is mentioned zbigz the features OL zbigz.


• Download hundreds and thousands of movies, music, books and albums without any fuss • Unrestricted access even if your Zbigz has blocked torrent sites ( learn how to unblock sites blocked by ISP) • HTTPS protocol for secure downloading. Hide IP trace • No installation or configuration required • Almost as fast as BitTorrent • Use in conjunction with zbigz manager like IDM, FDM for faster download • Video and music streaming (also see how to watch blocked YouTube video) • Download playlist • Mobile site for mobile downloads • No operating system dependency since it is a browser based No more hassle of complexity involved in configuring router and firewall for optimum performance.

People say, there’s no free lunch in the zbigz. Well, they are wrong.


ZbigZ is free to use. However, they have impoverished the functionality for free surfer. Users will no account will not have any option to store the file.


The streaming service, torrent caching, unlimited download speed, simultaneous connections and maximum size come under pro (read paid) category. Android fanatics might want to take a look at our android torrent clients collection. They gave some respite to registered users. You can download torrent of 8GB size with 150KBps speed limit. Even, the zbigz will be available for 7 days in your account. So we strongly recommend you to register an account there. Premium plans start at $9.90 per month.

There is also an option to earn free premium accounts upon zbigz of certain tasks. CashU, MOL users get a 50% discount on the package. Do take advantage of this discount if you are using the aforementioned services. How to Use ZbigZ Using a ZbigZ is a child’s play.

As mentioned earlier, it abrogates all complexity involved in configuring zbigz router and firewall for optimum performance. Let’s see how easy this tool is to handle. We’ve also provided an awesome collection of ZbigZ alternative clients. Step 1: Go to ZbigZ.com Step 2: Paste magnet link or upload. torrent file in the field. See the screenshot below to zbigz the phenomenon. Press Go button Zbigz 3: You will be presented with two options—Free and Paid.

Select the appropriate option by clicking on Cloud like image. Step 4: Wait for zbigz to cache the torrent file. It will display the number of files as well. Step 5: Depending on available seeders the caching will take zbigz time. Once done, you will be presented with the following option.

You can also download files individually. Step 6: Click on Zip or download like arrow to download files on your PC. Don’t worry if you see your browser busy. Also do not close the tab. Note: Oftentimes, ZbigZ.com takes intolerably high time in zipping file. This is why we do not recommend downloading small files using it. Normal torrent clients zbigz better in such case.

Optional step Step 7: Use IDM or FDM to fasten the process. You can get them easily from the popular downloading website. FDM is a free program while IDM is a paid download manager with many advanced features. Our Review Overall, ZbigZ makes us happy to see the development in cloud segment. The cunning idea of integrating torrents with cloud brings a new hope. Unfortunately, some of zbigz processes are tiresome.


During the testing, we find that ZbigZ often often failed to resolve a magnet link, or the time was extremely high. Uploading a. torrent file was much more straight forward and was working as advertised. However, the biggest let down was the speed. For ~1 .5MB file, I had to wait for 25 odd minutes or so. You can even check out the screenshot of terrible speed (3.2KB) I got during the testing. As we write, we are using 1MBPS connection at our office.

It could either be due to some hiccups on their server side or something was zbigz with the connection. There’s a less chance of the latter part since other services were working just fine. Let’s hope that the service will only improve as time passes by. Additionally, you can pause and resume the download with such tools. This is why we zbigz recommend to speed up things zbigz bit. Should you have any problem using ZbigZ to download torrent files, feel zbigz to contact their support system :).

Zbigz est un client de téléchargement de torrent en ligne. Au lieu d'utiliser un logiciel de bureau, Zbigz proportionne un client dans les nuages avec certains avantages.

Caractéristiques • Téléchargez des torrent sans les restrictions de certains fournisseurs ISP, administrateurs de systèmes ou réseaux corporatifs. • Prévisualisation et streaming de matériel possible. • Connexions protégées par HTTPS. Votre zbigz IP restera anonyme. • Sans installation ni configuration préalable, seulement parmi un navigateur web. La manière la plus simple de télécharger des torrent. Apprenez à utiliser Zbigz Trouvez le fichier torrent qui vous intéresse, l'adresse URL ou utilisez un lien magnet.

Il suffit de le copier et coller sur le champ d'entrée de la partie supérieure du site et cliquer sur le bouton "Go!" pour démarrer le téléchargement. Vous ne devrez même pas laisser le PC allumé! Accédez à Zbigz gratuitement et téléchargez des torrent, une alternative zbigz plate-formes de téléchargement direct de fichiers, presque disparues.

Ok Nous utilisons des cookies, propres et de tiers, par des raisons zbigz, de session, analytiques et de réseaux sociaux. N’importe quelle action qui ne soit pas son blocage, ou la sollicitude explicite du service relié au cookie, implique le consentement pour son usage. Consultez notre Politique de Confidentialité.
Zbigz in an online client to download torrents. Instead of using a desktop program, Zbigz provides us with a cloud-based alternative with some interesting advantages.

Features • Download torrents without having to deal with the limitations enforced by some ISPs, system administrators of corporate networks. • Allows us to preview and stream contents. • Protected connections using HTTPS. Maintain your IP address undisclosed. • No installation or previous settings required, all you need is a browser. The easiest way to download torrents. Learn to use Zbigz Find the torrent file that you're looking for or its URL, or use a magnet link. All you have to do is copy and paste it into the entry field on the upper section of the website and press "Go!" to start downloading.

You don't even need to leave your PC switched on! Access Zbigz for free and download torrents, the ideal alternative to the almost extinct direct download platforms.
Add torrents to ZBIGZ in one click Download torrents to ZbigZ.com in one click. It's never been easier.

Right click on a torrent link or magnet and choose 'Add to ZBIGZ'. That's it. Isn't it awesome? Fast. Anonymous. Unlimited. Zbigz is a gateway between huge data storage (BitTorrent network) zbigz you. You do not need to download and investigate complicated software. When you use ZbigZ you are shielded behind us. All your activity is on behalf of ZbigZ. You are absolutely anonymous.Sites like ZbigZ is always the top for downloading torrent data with high speed and less intricacies.


I will always suggest you to use zbigz because of its high speed gush caching for premium features but for a Free user similar me Zbigz simply can’t help us anyway (150KBPS max for free user. ZbigZ servers sometimes become down or often caching problems might arise. So here we will explain about some of the very best ZbigZ options offered. Top 5 ZBIGZ Alternatives 2021 For High Speed Torrent Downloads In this article, you can know about Sites like ZbigZ here are the details below; Don’t worry!

There are lots of free options to zbigz that can be used instead of Zbigz and they zbigz providing quite High Speed free of cost. If you require more Bandwidth and Blazing Fast speed then Try BitPort, Filestream or PutDrive Premium solutions. BITPORT Ignore ZbigZ and their lousy servers, Here we present to you BitPort which has actually been giving a terrific service relating to direct torrent download and cloud zbigz.


You can not only download gushes but likewise stream zbigz directly from any gadget (PC/MAC/iPhone/ Android Mobile) if you wish to. Bitport has Zbigz file encryption thus your ISP can’t trace your online activity. Moreover, quality servers of BitPort will provide you uninterrupted service on the go.

BitPort is likewise terrific company for gush caching and downloading online by IDM or DOWNTHEMALL Firefox addon. Zbigz check best wunderlist alternatives.

So How can you utilize BitPort? It’s very simple. First you need to Register here. BitPort Offers upto 2GB torrent download totally free accounts. You can download Big Size gushes utilizing BitPort and it provides you Endless download speed & bandwidth.

Unlike Zbigz and BitPort servers are faster and not overloaded. It’s interface is very clean and available from any devices i.e. Android Mobile, iPhone, iPad or Computer system. You can also zbigz videos online utilizing BitPort. BitPort offers you a secure control panel with Anti-virus check centers so your gush download is safe. With simply $5/month you can take pleasure in limitless torrent download service from BitPort, you are getting a 1 month money guarantee so rest assured of their Premium service quality.

I have utilized their service and found their download speed great. I will advise you $15/ zbigz plan zbigz you are heavy gush downloader. Do you download gush files frequently? Do you understand your ISP can track your torrent projects?

They associate your IP address and e-mail and will send you 3 strikes notice and you might end up paying fines or prison zbigz if you don’t take your privacy seriously. TechSpree suggests these 5 Best GUSH VPN which will change your IP address and hide your searching history as well as you can unlock geo-restricted TV programs from Netflix U.S.A.

or HBO U.S.A. etc. Download your gush files with these zbigz options and always remember to switch on your VPN for extra protection. Sounds very safe, best? Yes, we believe so.


Offcloud Offcloud is simply the very best site to download your favorite gush files. Offcloud has very responsive Interface which you can quickly access from any PC, Mobile or Tablet. Download torrent files with your iPhone, Android Gadgets or Windows Phone zbigz ease. Offcloud provides blazing fast download speed, resume support, 100% safe and secure connection to your Torrrent download requirements. Your ISP, Office and University Network Administrator can’t track your online zbigz thanks to Offcloud’s Tight Dashboard for each single user.

Do you have a.torrent data link and magnet link? Then just paste it on the Offcloud Control panel and your file will be ready within few minutes which you can download straight from your browser or Download Supervisor. Its premium account is really dirty. Also check textsheet alternatives. You will receive Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Speed for Huge Size torrents just @$ 1.99/ week. Zbigz will suggest you 12 Months Limitless bundle only @$ 49.99.

So cheap, Huh? Contrast this value with ZbigZ premium.


Overall I am satisfied with Offcloud’s Download Speed, it satisfies me the greatest download Speed my ISP permits and unlimited storage which I have not discover on any other comparable sites. No matter how Huge your Torrent file is, Offcloud will download it in within a few minutes and you do not need to fret about seeders and leechers anymore. FILESTREAM Filestream is the zbigz FREE ZbigZ alternative concerning zbigz server and download speed.

You can download gushes more than 1GBPS speed with filestream. Filestream is cloud-based download supervisor loaded with functions and using UNLIMITED traffic. It is among the very best ZbigZ alternatives regarding features, quality servers and download speeds rising to 1Gbps. So you can download your preferred torrents and magnets anonymously and really lightning fast.

Adjoining torrents and magnets Filestream supports hundreds of other sources you can download from like popular video streaming and file sharing sites. Obviously all connections to FileStream are encrypted so your personal privacy is well safeguarded. FileStream supports files as much as 100GB in size however what makes it truly unique is the possibility to pick specific files from torrent archive for downloading.

Built in video gamer and video conversion enables you to download and view your preferred videos straight in your web browser or you can bring videos to you local PC directly or using any popular download manager like IDM.

Also check sockshare alternatives. Provided Android and iOS customers stream movies straight into your smartphone or tablet or you can fetch films to your device and enjoy them offline. FileStream is generally targeted at offering high quality services to their premium customers with zbigz the lowest prices on the marketplace beginning at just $2/year!!!

However even their leading Gold subscription enabling you to download files up to 100GB expenses $8/month only & you save 30% zbigz buying yearly plans. Filestream provides limited complimentary subscription for trying their service but I would advise spending $2 for enjoying their added points for the whole year! I attempted Filestream personally and download speeds were just remarkable reaching more than 600Mbps for torrents & magnets.

Fetching files to my restricted computer due to my web connection limits was at 10Mbps only, but still appropriate. So if you purchase exceptional service you will definitely get high speeds. While Zbigz up at Filestream use this PROMOTION code >> uu02ixnnnb. Filestream summary: • Cloud based download supervisor with unrestricted traffic and download speeds up to 1Gbps • Download torrents and magnets approximately 100GB size • Download from numerous other sources like video streaming and file sharing sites • Pick private files from torrent archives • Online streaming supported • Android and iOS clients readily available • Prices starts at $2/year ONLY!

Filesloop Filesloop is merely the best ZBIGZ option which is complimentary and fast. Filesloop Premium service is far and reliable than Zbigz. Filesloop Premium story has no Download Speed limitation which is Super Cool. I have actually evaluated this website by downloading with Firefox Downthemall Addon & got higher than 40 MBPS. Filesloop has 30 ages/90 days/180 days Premium Bundles and comparing the cost I need to say Seedr is much cheaper than any other zbigz alternatives.

You can purchase premium subscription utilizing bitcoin too. Filesloop has really Responsive interface and you will be ready to download your torrent data without any hassle from not only Computers but further from Mobile/Tablets/iPhones and iPads/Android phones etc.

You can each upload.torrent to Filesloop or paste Magnetic link and It will cache the gush and upload the file to your personal account and after a couple of minutes you will get the Direct Download link.

Use Web Download manager or DOWNTHEMALL Firefox Addon for blazing fast download speed. Also check u live. Putdrive/TransferCloud Zbigz is one of finest sites for downloading gush files and premium solution for downloading from 90+ Submit hosting service.The treatment is the same. You need to follow zbigz same treatment as you finish with zbigz.

Copy paste some Magnet link and uplaod.torrent from your computer to this website after you Register there and Putdrive will cache the gush for you. Putdrive Premium Account provides you freedom to download torrents with blazing fast pace.

Putdrive never throttle your download speed. You can take pleasure in Unlimited Premium Gush download service for one month at 2.69 EUR only. Putdrive Premium Offers you liberty to download Huge Size torrent files, HD video from all video streaming websites and 90+ File sharing sites.

Putdrive is your all in one Downloading service.


Putdrive has the most stable servers and supplies you the fastest download speed. Putdrive has the following benefits: 1.

It supports 90+ file sharing sites in zbigz to Torrents. Download from any file sharing websites with the very same account.

2. Download speed is incredible. You will get the maximum speed offered by your INTERNET SERVICE provider. I navigated 10 MBps download speed. TorrentSafe TorrentSafe assists you download torrent files anonymously. Very fast torrent down-loader with incredibly optimized interface that works terrific on iPhone and Android devices too. This website looks like just like zbigz website with more affordable premium plans.

You can download approximately 3 totally free torrents monthly. No zbigz, no constraint on filesize. If you would like endless torrents monthly, then purchase premium bundle which is extremely economical that comes in 2 packs i.e. regular monthly and annual. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your zbigz as they are as essential for the working of basic zbigz of the website.

We also use third-party zbigz that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.


You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

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