Drum whisky

drum whisky

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Drum is oak aged, smooth, elegant and uses high quality ingredients at a competitive price. A premium Balinese whisky that is a fair match to several imported competitors. Produced by Bali-based Astidama Distillery, Drum whisky is made from malt and matured in oak casks for 4 years. This process creates a unique aroma, taste and finish. Drum has, however, lost its relevance drum whisky connection to the Indonesian people, by failing to evolve with its loyal consumer base.

BlackMoon Studio were tasked with Drum whisky’s first ever redesign since its inception back in 2005. Creating a label that reflected the high quality and local connection to Drum’s Indonesian roots and traditions.

Batik became the inspiration, a traditional pattern that is ingrained into Indonesian culture and art. Representing heritage, craftsmanship and quality, these values are also associated with Drum whisky.

What’s Unique? BlackMoon Studio meticulously re-crafted all the assets, from the bespoke logo typography to the oak aged casks illustrations. The batik pattern was artfully integrated in between branded elements to bring layering and depth. The stamp within the cask illustration has also become a strong off-pack identity on brand touch points.

The final design exquisitely represents the quality and cultural connection of this premium yet local whisky. Drum roll, please! It's this year's limited edition Ardbeg release for Ardbeg Day, Ardbeg Drum!

Drum whisky at Fèis Ìle and around the world, the single malt brings together the best of both Islay and the Caribbean, as it drum whisky matured in bourbon casks and then treated to a finish in casks that previously held rum. The final result is a delicious, smoky and fruity party, truly capturing the carnival spirit.

drum whisky

Nose: Bonfire wood smoke intertwines with earthy pine, as sweeter tropical aromas of ripe banana, banana bread and pineapple come to the fore. Some richer notes of dark chocolate and candied ginger add depth. Palate: Loads of spices, drum whisky pepper, clove, cinnamon and more ginger surrounded by swirls of earthy smoke, with sweeter notes of liquorice, even more dark chocolate and vanilla pod. Finish: Roasted, slightly burnt coffee beans, and sweet cinnamon and cocoa.

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Please click here for more details. Nice, but. Tried a dram last week.

drum whisky

Powerful with lots of complexity, but I can't bring myself to splash out that kind of money for a bottle, other than for collector's purposes. It just wasn't a home run. Buy a Uigeadail and console yourself with the money you saved.

drum whisky

Cheers from Canada! 7th October 2020 Just a novelty . The romance of the Feis Ile. I don't see what's the fuss all about. Only novelty it's a limited Feis Ile released.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big Islay fan and Ardbeg is my religion. This is a far cry from their core range Uige and Corryvrek.

drum whisky

Ardbeg is synonymous with power and it's a masculine whisky, not for the faint hearted. This is pretty lame off a decent weak Islay with some fruity notes. Only for collector keeping it as a trophy for bragging right. Every year the Feis Ile offering is on the decline. Hope to see an improvement next year. Save your hard earn dosh. 28th August 2019 A celebratory Dram Had this together with the Committee release during the Feis Ile festival. The extra abv cask strength didn't work on this dram, actually u prefered this limited version.

Bursting with flavours, ripe tropical fruits and the peat smoke came across like roasting a porcine with campfire. Very refine for drum whisky Ardbeg and the almagam of flavours was very persistent to the finish.

drum whisky

This dram will make you a very happy man. 26th August 2019
About Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Following the defeat of the British at the Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolutionary War in 1781, the territory drum whisky of the Appalachian mountains became known as Kentucky County.

At the time, the territory was considered part of Virginia, and was overseen by a military governor named John J. Bowman. In order to encourage westward expansion, Virginia issued pioneers who agreed to settle in Kentucky County "corn writs," which granted the pioneers 60 acres of land if they agreed to settle in Kentucky and start farming corn. Within a decade, some drum whisky farmers had settled in Kentucky and were growing corn in an effort to validate their claim to the land.

Following the end of the American Civil War, Johnny Drum returned to his native state of Kentucky. Like many pioneers who had settled the state before him, Drum purchased a farm among the rolling bluegrass fields of Kentucky, and staked his claim to a beautiful, limestone spring. After harvesting more corn than he could sell, Drum distilled the excess grains into bourbon.

Today, Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon celebrates the passion and legacy of Johnny Drum. Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon has an aroma of spicy cinnamon, ginger, oak and caramel. Notes of roasted peanuts, warm cinnamon and vanilla dominate the palate, and drum whisky complemented by touches of oak and honey. The finish is smooth yet bold, with lingering spices nestled against hints of citrus and chocolate. Johnny Drum Private Stock earned the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and was called one of the "best hidden gem whiskies on the market, "by Drink Spirits.

Pick up a bottle today!

drum whisky

About Bourbon There are not many things more American than bourbon, and although most of it is produced in Kentucky, it can be produced all over the USA. It must drum whisky made with at least 51% corn and bottled at 40% ABV or higher. So why not give this American classic a try? Check out our impressive selection of bourbons, find your new favorite in Top 10 bourbons, or explore our treasury of rare & hard to find bourbons. Read More • Blends & Grains • • Blended Malts • Blended Whisky • Grains • World Whisky • • USA • Japan • Taiwan • India • Ireland • Other • Indie Bottlers • • Adelphi • Alistair Walker • Berry Brothers & Rudd • Chorlton Whisky • Compass Box • Douglas Laing • Dràm Mòr • Duncan Taylor • Elixir Distillers • Gordon & MacPhail • Ian Macleod • Hunter Laing • James Eadie • Morrison Whisky Distillers • North Star Spirits • South Star Spirits • Signatory Vintage • The Sipping Shed • Collections • • Diageo Special Releases 2020 • Diageo Special Releases 2018 • Diageo Special Releases 2017 • Flora And Fauna • Connoisseurs Choice • Ages • • POPULAR AGES • 18 Year Old • 20 Year Old • 21 Year Old • 25 Drum whisky Old • 30 Year Old • 40 Year Old • 50 Year Old • 51 and over • Ages • No Age (NAS) • 3 Year Drum whisky • drum whisky Year Old • 5 Year Old • 6 Year Old • 7 Year Old • 8 Year Old • 9 Year Old • 10 Year Old • 11 Year Old • 12 Year Old • Ages • 13 Year Old • 14 Year Old • 15 Year Old • 16 Year Old • 17 Year Old • 19 Year Old • 22 Year Old • 23 Year Old • 24 Year Old • 26 Drum whisky Old • 27 Year Old • AGES • 28 Year Old • 29 Year Old • 31 Year Old • 32 Year Old • 33 Year Old • 34 Year Old • 35 Year Old • 36 Year Old • 37 Year Old • 38 Year Old • AGES • 39 Year Old • 41 Year Old • 42 Year Old • 43 Year Old • 44 Year Old • 45 Year Old • 46 Year Old • 47 Year Old • 48 Year Old • 49 Year Old • Other • • Mezcal • Gin • Rum • Brandy & Cognac • Vodka & Miscellaneous • Wine • Liqueurs • Beer
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image via Will Meek/The Whiskey Wash Johnny Drum Private Stock has been on my “to try” list for drum whisky, but I never went for it at the store or the bar.

There was always something that kept me from it, which usually means there’s an identity problem with it: no buzz, or a branding issue. I was, therefore, excited to get this in my review bag to finally give it a go. After getting to know this bottle, I think it’s safe to say it has a solid identity.

Johnny Drum is a brand from Willett and there are three labels of it, the 80 proof low shelf Green Label, the 86 proof low-mid shelf Black Label, and the 101 proof middle shelf Private Stock, reviewed here.

Legend has it that a teen named Johnny Drum left home in Kentucky to fight in the Civil War. However, he was too young to be allowed to take up arms, but a battalion took him on as a drummer boy. After he returned home to Kentucky, he worked corn and, ultimately, started distilling.

The spirit in this bottle is the legacy of that original recipe. The rest of my original avoidance I think continues to be true. There is not a lot of buzz around Johnny Drum, and I’d bet that with a bottle redesign (it gets lost on the shelf with all of the gloss these days), and going up one more notch and adding a special release single barrel or anniversary version could make this a hotter property.

However, we still give everything a fair shake, so let’s see how it tastes. Tasting Notes: Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon Vital Stats: 101 proof, no age statement, no grain bill information. $40 for 750ml Appearance: Pours a golden orange, with medium, slow legs.

Looks like a bourbon. Neat- Nose: The nose is very interesting. I’m getting pretty defined ripe peach, with cedar, and saw mill. There’s no heat on the nose, which is surprising considering the proof.

Palate: This medium bodied, and is dominated by sweetness, fruit notes, and woods.

drum whisky

I get light caramels, navel orange, sugar cookie, and a fair bit of oak. There is a slight but noticeable astringency. Finish: The finish is medium length, is spicy, and very drying, and has notes of cinnamon, charcoal, and leather. With Water- Nose: With the water addition there is a nice candied apple note on the nose, otherwise drum whisky character does not change much. Palate: In the mouth it is much smoother and more integrated, and a slight smokiness peaks through the sweetness.

Finish: The finish is still very dry, but is more warming rather than prickly, and the cinnamon note is the most prominent. Final Thoughts and Score: I would be very interested in try this bourbon from previous years when there was drum whisky 15-year age statement, and what is in the bottle today. All of the promotional materials about this speak to a strong smoke character, but this bottle was much sweeter and fruitier, which I enjoyed.

The defining character of the however is the dryness, which is the most pronounced in memory.

drum whisky

Ultimately it’s a solid bourbon for the price.With the current situation of imported whisky prices being very expensive, Drum Green Label, produced in Bali, is coming to our attention with its smooth and elegant taste. It’s been so long waiting for a local product with high quality but a competitive price.

The taste is fantastic, smooth and elegant. It’s a premium Bali whisky that’s fair to match with several imported whiskies. Produced by Astidama Distillery, Drum Green Label uses only selective malts from the UK drum whisky high quality grains from Bali.

The whisky is matured in uniquely mixed barrels and aged for drum whisky years. This process creates a unique aroma, taste and finish. Whisky drinkers will find a unique woody and oaky aroma beside a buttery taste and fruity finish. This unique blend is a perfect match with the harmonious spirit of Bali.

Tabanan is an area on the Island of the Gods that still strongly holds the Balinese culture, which empahsizes a harmonious life. Here lies Astidama Distillery that also produces Iceland Vodka. Just like the Balinese culture, Astidama Distillery uses the same principle to create its high quality products. You can find Drum Green Label in good liquor/bottle shops around the island.
Plenty of color, and the nose says it ain’t lying.

Sharp warehouse oak aroma puts an edge on an authoritative nose of honey, Indian pudding, spicy drum whisky candy, and old-fashioned root beer, the not-too-sugary kind. Fiery and bold on the tongue as oak roars from start to finish, but the sweetness builds sip-by-sip: cornbread, buckwheat honey, King syrup, and a teasy bit of citrus peel. Long finish as the oak dies down. At this price, let’s keep it our secret. Sourced whiskey. Plenty of color, and the nose says it ain’t lying.

Sharp warehouse oak aroma puts an edge on an authoritative nose of honey, Indian pudding, spicy hard candy, and old-fashioned root beer, the not-too-sugary kind. Fiery and bold on the tongue as oak roars from start to finish, but the sweetness builds sip-by-sip: cornbread, buckwheat honey, King syrup, and a teasy bit of citrus peel.

drum whisky

Long finish as the oak dies down. At this price, let’s keep it our secret. Sourced whiskey.
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