Ryuguji ken birthday

ryuguji ken birthday

Tokyo Revengers being the HOTTEST anime these days has all of us hooked to it. Its manga as well as the series itself is on another level of greatness! And if you’re a huge fan of some badass action, Tokyo Revengers is the best pick!

When we watch our favorite series, we get so curious about the personality traits of the characters. In that way, we hope that our personalities match our favorite characters! Yes, thank god Ryuguji ken birthday not the only one who does this!

Birthdays leave a huge impact on the personality of the individuals. You must have noticed that people born in the same month have similar personality traits. People born in January are the most competitive and goal-oriented. They can also appear selfish. Tetta Kisaki is born in January and is a very logical person with not only sparkle but a whole damn bowl of badass poured down on him.

ryuguji ken birthday

When it comes to being violent, Tetta Kisaki comes on the first number on the list since he has killed many people too! Hajime Kokonoi is the former commander of the Black Dragons. He also belonged to the Tenjiku gang as well as Toman. Currently, he’s an executive of the Bonten gang.

ryuguji ken birthday

He has a materialistic nature and takes every step by only considering his own interests. Hajime Kokonoi has the nature of moving closer to others that are more powerful than him for his own benefit.

When Akane Inui died, Hajime Kokonoi wanted to save her but he didn’t have much money then. That trauma caused him to love money and power.

Ken Ryugji is the embodiment of coolness! He’s a super chill person, nothing worries him at all unless it’s regarding Manjino Sano!

If you don’t believe me, you can just look at that dragon tattoo on the side of his head! His second name is “ Draken” which represents his dragon. The Tokyo Manji Gang calls him Ryuguji ken birthday. Takashi Mitsuya, being the second division captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, holds much power and authority over its members. He’s also one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

He has such a wholesome personality.

ryuguji ken birthday

In fact, he’s the source of positivity for the whole going. When things get bad, Takashi seems a “hope of light” to the gang. Mitsuya is a level-headed person who tackles every difficulty with a smile on his face.

Takashi Mitsuya also has two younger ryuguji ken birthday, Luna and Manahe acts as their parents. Yuzuha Shiba is the younger sister of Taiju Shiba and older sister of Hakkai Shiba. Both Yuzuha and Hakkai Shiba went through real abuse by Taiju Shiba which eventually starts a fire between the three siblings. She’s a very tough girl who’s always protecting his younger brother from the violence of Taiju Shiba. Moreover, Yuzuha is a rather caring and energetic individual who seems to surpass her own limits just to protect her ryuguji ken birthday ones.

In contrast to his strength, his height makes him look cute. In fact, our second main protagonist might be one of the cutest anime boys. Manjiro Sano takes care of all the gang conflicts. Being the leader of the Toman Gang, he makes sure everything is going smoothly with his gang members. He’s so caring that even if someone hurts his gang member a little, he makes sure to take its revenge !

Kazutora Hanemiya is the main antagonist in the series despite being one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He joined Valhalla to turn against Toman, as he started hating Manjiro Sano.

He’s a broken soul, as a child, he was forced to pick between his mother and dad in case of domestic violence. Being born in such an environment forced him to be violent with others too. Something is very charming about those people born in October. No, I’m not lying at all! I mean, you can just walk up to them and are able to tell that they’re born in October.

They carry a unique aura around them too. Seishu Inui is very charming and he’s the former captain of Black Dragons! He seems quite badass and composed at the same time since he carries an out-of-the-universe aura. He resembles Ryuguji ken birthday Todorki from My Hero Academia as well! Chifuyu Matsuno is the vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He’s one hell of a loyal person who loves justice. He never leaves his friends behind and tries his best to help them.

When needed, he expresses his emotions very well! He’s totally not your typical shy boy. He’s a quite respectable and nice character in the series. Chifuyu loves advising others beforehand. Since he loves justice, he doesn’t stop before higher powers and makes sure to give them a taste of sweet revenge. • Game News • GR Originals • Game Guides • Kirby and the Forgotten Land • Ghostwire: Tokyo • Tiny Tina's Wonderlands • WWE 2K22 • Elden Ring • Gran Turismo 7 • Horizon Forbidden West • Dying Light 2 • Pokemon Legends: Arceus • All Guides • Movies & TV • Anime • Game Reviews • More • Game Trailers • Lists Between the members of Tokyo Manji, Moebius, and Valhalla, the ever-growing cast of Tokyo Revengers is a wide roster, holding many intricate relationships between one another.

Takemichi's journey to save his childhood sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, is a long one and isn't as simple as it seems. While traveling from timeline to timeline, Takemichi's made a long list of friends and an even longer list of enemies along the way. RELATED: Great Anime Like Tokyo Revengers Each new member Takemichi meets brings tons of new fans, interested in each characters' backstories and how they ended up where they are now.

The colorful cast can be difficult to keep track of at times with how many new names and faces are introduced at once. For any fans that wish to brush up on their Tokyo Revengers knowledge, here are some of the most important character profiles in order to get better acquainted with the cast.

Tokyo Revengers Statistics Chart The multiple timelines in Tokyo Revengers can be a bit confusing and may have some fans wondering about what version of each character Takemichi is meeting when he travels back and forth through time.

While Takemichi is in middle school, some of the ages of the new characters he meets along the way aren't as clear. To help any newcomers or curious fans, here is a comprehensive chart of each main characters' age, birthday, and height. Character Age Birthday Height Takemichi Hanagaki (Takemichy) • 14 (Past) • 26 (Present) • June 25, 1991 • 5'5"/165cm Hinata Tachibana • 14 (Past) • 26 (Present) • May 21, 1991 • 5'0"/153cm Naoto Tachibana • 13 (Past) • 25 (Present) • April 12, 1992 • 4'10"/148cm (Past) • 5'9"/175cm (Present) Manjiro Sano (Mikey) • 15 (Past) • 27 (Present) • August 20, 1990 • 5'3"/162cm Ken Ryuguji (Draken) • 15 (Past) • 27 (Present) • May 10, 1990 • 6'1"/185cm Keisuke Baji • 14 (Past) • November 3, 1990 • 5'9"/175cm Takashi Mitsuya • 15 (Past) • 27-28 (Present) • June 12, 1990 • 5'7"/170cm Haruki Hayashida (Pah-Chin) • 15 (Past) • 27-28 (Present) • February 24, 1991 • 5'5"/164cm Ryohei Hayashi ryuguji ken birthday • 15 (Past) • 27 (Present) • October 15, 1990 • 5'9"/176cm Nahoya Kawata (Smiley) • 16 (Past) • 28 (Present) • May 25, 1989 • 5'7"/170cm Yasuhiro Muto (Mucho) • 18 (Past) • 30 (Present) • April 28, 1987 • 6'5"/195cm Masataka Kiyomizu (Kiyomasa) • 14 (Past) • 26 (Present) • January 18, 1991 • 6'0"/182cm Atsushi Sendo (Akkun) • 13 (Past) • 25 (Present) • December 2, 1991 • 5'6"/168cm (Past) • 5'9"/174cm (Present) Takuya Yamamoto • 14 (Past) • 26 (Present) • July 15, 1991 • 5'5"/166cm Makoto Suzuki • 13 (Past) • 15 (Present) • December 28, 1991 • 5'8"/172cm Kazushi Yamagishi • 13 (Past) • 25 (Present) • February 9.

1992 • 5'2"/158cm Emma Sano • 13-14 • November 25, 1991 • 4'11"/150cm Nobutaka Osanai • 17 ryuguji ken birthday • 29 (Present) • December 5, 1988 • 6'0"/182cm (Past) • 6'1"/185cm (Present) Tetta Kisaki • 13 (Past) • 25 (Alternative timeline; Present) • January 20, 1992 • 5'4"/164cm Shuji Hanma • 16 (Past) • 28 (Present) • October 27.

1989 • 6'4"/192cm Chifuyu Matsuno • 13 (Past) • 25 (Present) • December 19, 1991 • 5'6"/168cm Kazutora Hanemiya • 15 (Past) • 27 (Present) • September 16, 1990 • 5'9"/174cm Takemichi Hanagaki The story's main protagonist, Takemichi, has the eerie ability to jump through time. The audience first meets Takemichi in a rather pitiful state; poor Takemichi finds himself at a dead-end with many regrets about how he chose to live his life as a teen.

It is after he discovers his ability to travel back ryuguji ken birthday the past (and also return to the present) that he realizes he can actually change the circumstances of the present. Takemichi is a character of many regrets, and although he may find himself at his limits or wanting to run away, he always preserves to help others. Hinata may serve as Takemichi's love interest for the series, but that's not her only role throughout the ryuguji ken birthday.

Hinata is a kind person that always reassures Takemichi when he is uncertain of his own self-worth. In addition to being the struggling protagonist's support, Hinata also acts as the initial catalyst for the entire first arc of the series. Hinata's kindness and warm personality were the whole reason Takemichi decided to continue returning to the past in a dangerous attempt to save her from her untimely death.

Naoto is Hinata's younger ryuguji ken birthday. While his younger self isn't seen much, present-day Naoto is Takemichi's partner in his journey to change the ryuguji ken birthday.

Present-day Naoto works for an organized crime department in Tokyo and utilizes his experience in the field to help Takemichi understand what steps he must take in order to save Hinata.

While Naoto remains a very professional individual with little to no tolerance for nonsense, he still seems to be open-minded to outlandish concepts as he simply accepts Takemichi's ability to travel in time. Manjiro (more commonly referred to as Mikey) is a founding member and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman).

While he may be one of the shorter members of the gang, Mikey's abilities as a fighter keep him in high rankings. Mikey may be a deadly threat when in combat but still has an incredibly childish and carefree side to himself as well. Mikey is often burdened by keeping any signs of weaknesses or doubt to himself as he wants to keep fellow Toman members confident and unafraid of any oppositions. Draken is the vice-president and a founding member of Toman. Draken, alongside Mikey, is often looked up to as the main source of authority within Toman.

While Draken can be rude at times, he still has lots of respect for those that he calls friends and does not wish for innocent people to be involved in any violent activity related to Toman. RELATED: Most Iconic Best Friends Duos In Anime Draken's softer side often comes out when he is left to care for Mikey. Draken may be an aggressive fighter but his loyalty to those he holds dear to him take priority. Baji was the First Division Captain of Toman and also one of the original founding members.

Baji was a childhood friend of Draken and Mikey's and is very loyal to them. Baji is also incredibly close to his childhood friend, Kazutora. Baji is one of the most volatile members of Toman and has been known to start fights or punch someone out of a simple whim. However, Baji is also incredibly loyal and is willing to let others see him as a traitor just to help Toman persevere.

Mitsuya is the Second Division Captain of Toman as well as one of ryuguji ken birthday founding members. Mitsuya is a soft-spoken person and is one of the most level-headed members of Toman, only resorting to physical combat when absolutely necessary.

MItsuya is a kind person and while he prefers not to fight, he is very willing to in the name of defending his friends. Mitsuya also has shown an interest in sewing as he is the president of his school's sewing club. Pah-Chin is yet another founding member of Toman and is also the former Third Division Captain.

ryuguji ken birthday

While not the brightest member of the gang, Pah-Chin knows that loyalty is an invaluable part of a family. Pah-Chin may be incredibly aggressive but his heart is in the right place.

Pah-Chin may get worked up over trivial things from time to time but his true aggression only comes out in times ryuguji ken birthday he feels he must defend a good friend of his. Peyan is Pah-Chin's best bud and also the Third Division Vice-Captain of Toman. Much like his friend, Pah-Chin, Peyan is very short-tempered.

Also similar to how Pah-Chin made sure to avenge his friends, Peyan did the same when he felt that Pah-Chin was wronged. Peyan's sense of loyalty is so strong it almost acts as a fault of his as his wish to avenge Pah-Chin drove him to seek the help of others, leading him to almost betray Toman altogether.

ryuguji ken birthday

Smiley is the Fourth Division Captain of Toman. Smiley is particularly unique in that he enjoys and lavishes in a good fight with a bright expression on his face. Smiley is often seen with a grin on his face as his nickname would imply and seems to take pleasure in beating ryuguji ken birthday opponents to a pulp. RELATED: The Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time Much like many other Toman members, Smiley has a fierce loyalty to Mikey and is ready to fight at any moment he thinks someone is disrespecting his leader.

Mucho was the Fifth Division Captain of Toman. Mucho is a rather calm individual and is not very expressive. Mucho doesn't seem to shift from his often stoic expression, even when he ryuguji ken birthday in the heat of a dangerous battle. On top of this, Mucho is very quiet and doesn't seem to speak his mind very often as well. Much like many of the other Toman members, Mucho has a strong sense of loyalty towards the leader, Mikey.

Kiyomasa is a minor antagonist and a former member of Toman. Kiyomasa is a cruel person that enjoys beating, humiliating, and torturing those he deems weaker or below him. Kiyomasa is also a very arrogant individual and enjoys taking his status and level of authority to lengths ryuguji ken birthday are farther than they should reach. Kiyomasa is a person that also cannot allow their pride to be hurt as he is very vengeful throughout the series as well.

Akkun is one of Takemichi's childhood friends. Akkun, while still the leader of Takeimichi's group of delinquent friends, is still a very kind and caring person. He has shown on multiple occasions that he is more than willing to sacrifice his own well-being in order to save those that he cares about.

Even with knowing that he cannot take on an opponent, Akkun does not hesitate in jumping and intervening if it means saving a friend. Takuya is one of Takemichi's middle school friends. While he still is close with Takemichi and their delinquent friend group, he is often seen as one of the more timid ones; always uncertain of a plan that includes fighting.

Takuya is often stated by others to be the worst fighter in the group and needs saving ryuguji ken birthday time to time. However, Takuya is still a very loyal friend and will still be willing to fight if it's for the sake of helping a friend.

Makoto is another friend seen in Takemichi's past as a delinquent in middle school. Much like the other members of Takemichi's friend group, Makoto is not a very strong fighter but is still very much willing to step in for the sake of a friend when things get dire.

RELATED: Popular Anime That Are WAY Different Than The Manga Makoto is very loyal and caring when it comes to Takemichi especially as he is often seen expressing concern for him whenever he is injured from a fight. Kazushi is another one of Takemichi's middle school friends from his past as a delinquent. While often teased by his friends for being dumb and wearing glasses "just for show" to appear smarter than he really is, Kazushi is surprisingly knowledgable on topics he takes interest in.

Despite the playful teasing from his friends, Kazushi's intel and knowledge have helped the group on multiple occasions and have proved to be much more ryuguji ken birthday "just for show". Emma Sano is Mikey's half-sister. While Emma tries her hardest to grow up faster and seem older than she really is, she still remains quite childish at times.

Her childish side often comes out when around her long-time crush and friend of Mikey's, Draken. Hinata has stated that Emma is a kind and pure-hearted girl that cares for those around her. However, she often flirts with others around Draken in an attempt to make the oblivious boy jealous. Osanai is the former Eighth Moebius president and also serves as a minor antagonist.

In his younger years, Osanai was a very aggressive and violent individual. Osanai is very confident in his fighting as he is seen taking a boxing stance when in combat. However, present-day Osanai is almost the complete opposite of his middle school self; as he grew to be a very quiet, nervous, and mild-mannered adult, finding himself apologizing for every mishap.

Kisaki is the main antagonist throughout the series. Kisaki is the mastermind behind all the events that eventually lead to Hinata Tachibana's death in the present day. Through much planning, he eventually infiltrated Toman and rose to the top, becoming the leader with the goal of being the top criminal in all of Tokyo. Kisaki is a cruel person that strives for power and infamy and will not allow anything or anyone to get in the way of his goals. Hanma is a secondary antagonist throughout the series.

Hanma is described as an adrenaline junkie, finding a rush in any fight or source of violence in order to truly feel alive.

ryuguji ken birthday

Hanma has been involved with many gangs, finding ties with Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla. RELATED: Iconic Shonen Anime Villains, Ranked By Their Power Hanma also seems to be a very competent fighter as to everyone's surprise, he was able to block one of Mikey's powerful kicks with ease.

Hanma also held his own against Draken, absorbing each of his hits. Chifuyu is ryuguji ken birthday vice-captain of the First Division of Toman and a good friend of Baji's. Chifuyu, along with Mitsuya, is one of the calmest and level-headed members of Toman.

Chifuyu has a fierce sense of loyalty, almost to a fault, as he is willing to sacrifice his well-being if it is in the name of helping a friend. Chifuyu is also one of the more logical and rational members of Toman as he is one of the few confidants Takemichi has in the past that was clever enough to have their suspicions about Kisaki well before anyone else.

Kazutora is one of the founding members of Toman but serves as an antagonist during Toman's battle against Valhalla. Due to rather dark and tragic events of his past, Kazutora is often referred to as a rather unstable person. Kazutora is sadistic and has incredibly violent tendencies. He is frequently seen lavishing in acts of violence and while most gang activity revolves around hand-to-hand combat, Kazutora seems to have no issue with killing others in cold blood.

MORE: Fruits Basket: Every Main Character's Ryuguji ken birthday, Zodiac, And Height
Ken Ryuuguuji Ken Ryuuguuji (龍宮寺 堅)Birthday: May 10, 1990 Age: 15 (past) 27 (present) Height: 185 cm Weight: 75 kg Blood type: O Affiliation: Tokyo Manji Gang Position: Vice-president (founding member) Draken is one of the main characters from Tokyo Revengers. He is one of Mikey's closest confidants and friends, since he is also Toman's vice-captain.

Draken often seems to represent the role of the moral part of the duo, since he appears very conscientious. For example, he later tries to persuade Kazutora to reconcile with Mikey and prevent the war between Valhalla and Toman. Draken has tremendous fighting power and is probably Toman's strongest fighter after Mikey. He loves to ryuguji ken birthday on motorcycles and dreams of running his own motorcycle (repair) store later on.

Since Draken doesn't seem to have a family, he lives in Shibuya in a building where women do favors for money. He has a room there and was also more or less raised by the owner, even though this seems quite unusual. He has nothing to do with the business there per se, but simply lives there and also knows all the women who work there personally.

In the second future, Draken is on death row because he was driven to kill someone by Kisaki's manipulation.

ryuguji ken birthday

Takemichi gets some of his information about what happened in the past from Draken in the future. For example, he informs him about what happened to Baji, which Takemichi later tries to prevent. In the first original timeline, Draken is already dead, which is initially assumed to be the cause of Mikey's corruption. He was stabbed in an ambush, which Takemichi later manages to prevent.

After Takemichi later explains to Mikey and the others that he can time travel and the gang seems to be forced to develop into the bad, Mikey decides to disband the gang. In this future without Toman, Draken realizes his dream of owning a motorcycle store together with Inupi. However, since Ryuguji ken birthday did not fare well in this future, Takemichi decides to make one last time jump to save Mikey.

During this procedure, Takemichi is attacked together with Senju and Draken intervenes, getting shot. He ryuguji ken birthday on the spot with a smile as he can finally be reunited with Emma. The last thing he does is tell Takemichi to watch Mikey for him.

(Source: NinskiBobinski) History Draken was born in Shibuya's red light district. He never knew his father, and his mother was a prostitute who abandoned him at birth and died when he was two years old.

He got his head tattoo in fifth grade and called himself "Draken" from Fourth Middle School. He became a bit famous and feared, but was no match for Sameyama's middle schoolers crew. As they had beaten him, he could not deny their orders. One day, they told him to bring "Mikey" from Seventh Middle School, as he also was getting cocky like Ken.

Ken went looking for him and was excited that he may even fight him, but was surprised to see how small Mikey was. He told him that some middle schoolers wanted to bring Mikey to them and Mikey agreed to go.

However, as soon as Mikey saw Sameyama, he jump kicked him in the face and knocked him out, scaring the others. Mikey recognized Ken as Draken and wished to become friends with him. He is also childhood friends with Mitsuya, whom he met before Mikey.

ryuguji ken birthday

Mitsuya and Draken have matching dragon tattoos, but Mitsuya grew his hair out to cover his. Plot Toman Arc Draken and Mikey visit the fights organized by Masataka Kiyomizu. One of the guys introduces himself to Mikey, but Mikey ignores ryuguji ken birthday and continues on, with Draken explaining that Mikey talks only to those that he is interested in. As Mikey passes Masataka, Draken kicks Masataka in the guts, telling him to bow more when he faces Mikey. Mikey takes a liking to Takemichi and declares they are friends.

Mikey and Draken then disband the underground fight club, as it brings bad name to Toman. The next day, Mikey and Draken visit Ryuguji ken birthday in school.

Draken beats multiple third years in the hallway as they irritate him, and then orders them to line up laying on their stomachs, so that he and Mikey ryuguji ken birthday walk over them. They want to hang out with Takemichi, but Hinata thinks they are there to kidnap him, so she slaps Mikey and attempts to leave with Takemichi.

Draken stops her, but as she explains that she wants to protect Takemichi, Takemichi places his hand on Draken and tells him to release Hinata, as there are things he won't give up ever again and asks them to not hurt her. After the situation is cleared and Mikey has no bad feelings, Draken tells Takemichi that he threatened him, but it'ss fine as protecting a girl is old school and not many good-hearted boys like that exist anymore.

Mikey, Draken and Takemichi then go out together, where eventually Mikey reveals his plan on making new era of delinquents and wishes for Takemichi to be part of it.
Contents • 1 Appearance • 2 Personality • 3 Skills • 3.1 Authority • 3.2 Fighting Prowess • 3.3 Mechanical Knowledge • 4 Appearances • 5 Quotes • 6 Etymology • 7 Trivia • 8 References • 9 Site Navigation Appearance Draken is a muscular teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age.

His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. His blonde hair is long on the top of his head and kept in a neat braid.

He leaves a few strands of hair lose in the front. He is confirmed to be quite lean and has chiseled abdominal muscles.

Takemichi remarked that his body does not seem like that of a teenager. Draken has a scar on the left side of his abdomen after being stabbed.

ryuguji ken birthday

He wears the standard Toman Toppoku while with the gang, and his favorite casual outfit seems to be a patterned long jacket. Draken in casual clothes Personality Like the president, vice-president Draken is also quite the wild individual. He loves a good fight and relishes meeting strong opponents. He is rude to those he considers beneath him and ryuguji ken birthday it clear he does not like them. Unlike Mikey, Draken is the more mature and logical of the two. When the two are being scolded in the hospital by the father of a girl who was assaulted by Moebius, Draken is the one who forces Ryuguji ken birthday down to apologize, understanding the man's rage and that it was better to receive his anger without a word than to try and defend themselves.

When Pah-chin decides to take the fall and responsibility for Toman by deliberately getting arrested, Mikey tries to get Pah-chin to run.

However, Draken stops him, saying that it is the right thing for Pah-chin to do. There are times when Draken's anger gets the best of him, though, and he lashes out in rage. Draken is also a very caring individual. He hates overtly showing affection to the ones he cares about but will go to great lengths to take care of Mikey. He puts up with Mikey's antics and values him as a close friend, carries Mikey around when he falls asleep, takes him to eat his favorite foods, and wakes him up every morning for school.

In addition, he gave Emma a plushie for her birthday, and Emma notes that it was one that she had been wanting for a while.

ryuguji ken birthday

Skills Authority As Toman's vice president, Draken's authority over the gang comes second only to Mikey in theory. In reality, ryuguji ken birthday authority is more or less equal to that of Mikey's.

Thus, he is able to freely command its members as well as increase their morale. Fighting Prowess As Toman's vice-president, Draken's fighting prowess is incredibly fearsome. When he is hit in the head by a metal pole, he is still able to stand and defeat 20 opponents. His recovery is remarkably quick as he quickly heads right back into ryuguji ken birthday when reinforcements shortly arrive. He even survives a life-threatening knife ryuguji ken birthday.

With his immense strength, Draken prefers to fight like a brawler, using simple yet powerful and vicious kicks and punches. He has knocked back a formidable opponent taller than he is ryuguji ken birthday feet back with a haymaker after defeating tens of enemies beforehand.

He was also able to send flying the much taller and larger South Terano as well. His power is so immense that he was able to hold his own against and defeat a whole gang by himself and was still in fairly good shape after that. Although one could surmiss that his strength is comparable to Mikey's it is proven this is not the case when a combined force of Draken himself, along Peh-yan, Chifuyu and Mitsuya were unable to defeat Mikey.

Mechanical Knowledge Draken is well-versed in machines, especially motorbikes. He is skilled enough to fix and assemble parts of a bike with ease. He also tends to miscellaneous chores in the brothel he lives such as fixing lightbulbs. Appearances Toman Arc • Episode 3 - Resolve • Episode 5 - Releap Moebius Arc • Episode 6 - Regret • Episode 7 - Revive • Episode 8 - Rechange • Episode 9 - Revolt • Episode 10 - Rerise • Episode 11 - Respect Valhalla Arc • Episode 13 - Odds and Ends • Episode 14 - Break up • Episode 15 - No Pain,No Gain • Episode 16 - Once upon a time • Episode 17 - No way • Episode 18 - Open Fire • Episode 19 - Turn around Quotes • (to Takemichi Hanagaki) "You can find guys good at fighting all over the place.

But a guy who'll stand up to anyone because there's something he won't give up, not many guys like you at all." [1] Etymology • The name Ken means "hard, firm" (å …). • Ken's surname Ryuguji means "dragon" (龍) ( ryu), "temple, shrine, palace" (å®®) ( gu) and "temple" (寺) ( ji).

Trivia • According to the official character book: • His dream is to have a half motorcycle body. • His image color is pink. • The person he respects is Sano Manjiro (Mikey).

• The person he dislikes or fears is Kazutora. • He likes fiddling a motorcycle. • He dislikes old men who wear too much perfume. • His special skill is counselling service (because he listens to the young women in the establishment everyday). • His heroic story (or failure story): He crushed a biker gang with Mikey sleeping on his back.

• His favorite spot is near Dogenzaka in Shibuya. • Draken's relationship: In the past: • Mikey: Respect • Emma: Love • Takemichi: Like • A daily activity of a certain day (from morning till bedtime): • Go to wake Mikey up, go to school, crush the delinquents of another school, or fiddle with a motorcycle, just go along with Mikey’s mood on the day.

• From the ryuguji ken birthday "Who do you want to be your lover?", Draken is ranked number 2 from Top 3 Best Boyfriends. • From the question "Who do you want to marry?", Draken is ranked number 1 from Top 3 Best Husbands. • From the question "Who's strong in arm wrestling?", Draken is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Best.

• His favorite hobby is muscle training. • His favorite food is hot curry. • His motorcycle is a Kawasaki Zephyr 400.

ryuguji ken birthday

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[12January2020] Happy birthday, #SB19 KEN SUSON 💙

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