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The marksman role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular and arguably the hardest role in the game. As a marksman, you’d have to rely on your teammates to protect you most of the time, and in return, your team expects you to carry them in the late game.

There are many marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, but only a few can be considered the strongest in the meta due to how overwhelming their presence is in the game. With that said, here are the five strongest marksmen in ML in the current meta. RELATED: SS meaning in Mobile Legends: 30 Essential Gaming Terms That You Should Know About Who is the strongest marksman in ML? A hero is as strong as its player.

Depending on your playstyle, a marksman hero can either dominate or lose the game. It is essential to know your playstyle so you can use the right marksman hero in your matches.

Here are the five strongest marksman heroes in MLBB; 5. Brody Brody is a powerful marksman but requires hours of practice.

Brody has appeared a lot in various MLBB esports scenes. His slow basic attacks are his downside, but he deals double damage in a single auto-attack compared to other marksmen as compensation.

If your playstyle is landing precise skills and auto attacks, then Brody is the perfect hero for you. 4. Bruno Bruno is a newbie friendly hero and is quite powerful. Bruno is one of the easiest marksman heroes in MLBB. He has a decent attack range and poke potential, allowing you to keep bullying the enemy at a safe distance.

His ultimate can stun and reduce the armor of enemies hit, which can benefit you and your team. If your playstyle revolves around keeping your distance and playing safe, you should pick Bruno. 3. Wanwan Wanwan has very high mobility and kiting potential as a marksman. This hero is for players who prefer moving around a lot. Wanwan has so much mobility compared to other marksmen heroes as she can leap from a short distance for every skill or basic attack she makes.

Not only that, but marksman ml attacks also deal extra true damage based on the enemy’s max HP, allowing marksman ml to take down tanks easily. Her insane mobility and kiting potential have put her as one of the strongest heroes marksman ml the current meta. 2. Claude Claude is a high-risk but high-reward hero. Arguably one of the most popular marksman heroes in MLBB.

His playstyle revolves around maximizing his first skill “Art of Thievery.” The skill allows him to gain marksman ml stack when it marksman ml an enemy. For every stack, he gains movement and attack speed stacking up to 10 times.

Players often rush the item Demon Hunter Sword as this allows him to deal more damage based on his target’s max HP, similar to Wanwan. However, if you fail to build this marksman ml in time, Claude becomes so underwhelming.

If you want a high-risk but high-reward marksman, then Claude is the one for you. RELATED: What is MGL in Mobile Legends? 1. Yi Sun-Shin Yi Sun-Shin is a very flexible marksman that can switch between melee and range attacks. What sets him apart from other marksmen heroes in ML is that he can switch between melee and ranged attacks, depending on how close he is to his target.

Your ally base will transform into a Naval Fleet and will spawn turtle ships that Yi Sun-Shin can ride to gain movement speed and stun enemies hit by it. His ultimate can also reveal invisible units and slow them down while dealing with massive damage.

If you prefer a flexible marksman hero, then Yi Sun-Shin is the right hero for you. Every marksman hero in Mobile Legends has marksman ml own unique mechanics that set them apart from each other. It all boils down to what your playstyle is and marksman ml hero you are comfortable using. Marksman is one of the hero roles in Mobile Legends that has a fairly wide attack range. Marksman is very important for a team and can be a core hero in a team.

The damage generated from the Marksman hero is quite sick and because of that it is usually used as a damage dealer in Mobile Legends gameplay. Then, how to Counter ML Marksman Mobile Legends? On this occasion, we will provide an explanation of how to counter the marksman hero in Mobile Legends.

The Mobile Legends Marksman role is also in the current meta season often used in hyper carry meta where it is used as one of the core heroes and other heroes act as support to make it grow fast. Meta hyper carry is very effective for marksman heroes with notes that other heroes that support it can play well.

By using the Hyper Carry meta you can win a gameplay easily. Using Hero Lock Hero Lock is a hero that can be used easily to target the opposing team’s core hero. By using Hero Lock you can counter enemy marksman heroes easily. Examples of hero locks that you can use effectively are Helcurt, Hayabusa, Chou, Kaja, and many others. If you use a hero lock, make sure you do a good job, which is to kidnap the enemy’s hero core to kill him.

That way the enemy’s hero core will not be able to develop and be left behind from your team’s hero core. Using Tanks Lolita Lolita becomes a tank hero who can counter enemies easily. Lolita has the skill to bring up a shield which marksman ml used to absorb the damage given by the enemy.

By using Lolita you can counter enemy marksman heroes easily. Take advantage of two Lolita skills properly to absorb all damage from enemy marksman heroes.

In addition, Lolita also has skills that can be used to stun enemy heroes. Marksman ml Stuner Hero Using stun heroes is also an effective way to counter enemy marksman heroes in Mobile Marksman ml. By using a stun hero you can stun the marksman hero so you can’t spam basic attacks easily.

When stunned, take advantage of the momentum properly, whether to run away if HP is already low or strike back to kill the marksman hero.

marksman ml

That way you can easily counter the enemy team’s marksman hero. Using Blade Armor items The Blade Armor item is an item that is useful for reflecting or reflecting the damage given by the opponent from his basic attack by 25%. By using this Blade Armor defense item you will also get an additional +90 Physical defense.

This item is perfect for countering the marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Using Dominance Ice Items You can also use Dominance Ice items as items to counter your opponent. By using this item you will get an additional +500 mana, +70 Physical Defense, and +5% Movement speed. The passive skill of this item itself is that it can reduce the opponent’s attack speed marksman ml 30%, very suitable for countering the opponent’s marksman hero. Invade Farm Land You can try this using this trick.

Keep invading the opponent’s farm by doing ganks, jungle invades, and others. With this, your team will get a large space. Hero marksman becomes a very troublesome hero if it is finished and can make your team experience defeat in a Mobile Legends gameplay.

Therefore you need to know the right way to counter your opponent’s marksman hero. So, that’s the explanation of how to counter the mobile legends marksman hero that we have discussed. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read marksman ml the counter method above and apply it in a Mobile Legends gameplay! K eep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player! Recent Posts • Differences Avatar Lite and Special Border in Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Get the Blazing Recall Effect Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Increase Psionic Treasure in Mobile Legends (ML) • 5 Strongest Battle Marksman ml For Hero Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML) • Gord Conqueror Skin Get Revamped in Mobile Legends (ML)
Granger Pros Cons + Very high burst damage.

+ The ultimate also has CC and AoE. + Long range and destructive ultimate. Can be used as an artillery. + Can have an element of surprise to enemies. + Highly-effective team fighting marksman.

marksman ml

+ Has a considerably effective maneuverability. + The 6th bullet and 3rd super bullet deals superbly high damage. – Can easily be ambushed. – Vulnerable to CC effects. – Vulnerable to assassins, especially with very high damage and speedy maneuverability.

– Ultimate must be carefully aimed, especially the 3rd shot. Tips & Tricks Granger Granger is a marksman, but he plays more like an assassin with his crit damage allowing him to burst targets down rapidly. Once he has a few items, Granger can be an unstoppable menace, especially if he gets ahead of the enemy team with a few kills. As a marksman, Granger needs to stay in the backline of team fights, using his critical shots on key targets if possible. His high range and even larger range ultimate allow him to keep his distance while still inflicting high damage.

Work with your team to push objectives together, with Granger’s damage allowing the marksman ml to plow through enemies and take turrets. Read more: Best Granger build 2022 Top 2: Brody Brody Pros Cons + The attack range is far enough. + Easy to be mastered by ordinary people at once. The movement is very agile because it can attack while walking. + Strong in the early marksman ml thanks to the high damage in the early game.

+ Superior one-on-one situations. – Difficult to Do Farming. – Weak Against Opponent Crowd Control Attacks. – Very Dependent On Stack. – Pretty Slow Attack Speed. – Weak When Late Game. Tips & Tricks Brody Early Game: At level one marksman ml your skill 1 and go to Gold lane. While laning try to hit enemies through the minion wave with your first skill.

Mid Game: Don’t fall behind in the economy. Your main damage will come from your build so try to complete it and focus on the farm.

marksman ml

Do not initiate unnecessary fights, instead of that do a quick rotation in mid lane in order to do a successful gank with your mage. Late Game: In this phase, Brody will shine the most. Try to stay with your tank.

marksman ml

Follow your marksman ml before ganking. Do not ever use your ultimate first, try to hit it when enemies are low on HP. Read more: Best Brody build 2022 Top 3: Wanwan Wanwan Pros Cons + High comeback possibility because of Crossbow of ultimate. + Can poke the enemy using 1st skill. + High mobility because of passive. + Free Purify because of 2nd skill (except Suppress effect). + Nightmare for Close combat heroes (Fighter). – Low damage in early game.

marksman ml

– Requires marksman ml activate ultimate ultimate after hit all 4 mark of passive. – Depends on item’s. – Needed a support from Tank. – Hard to master because of passive. – 2nd skill cannot removing Suppression effect. Tips & Tricks Wanwan Early: Ever since the reintroduction of Red Buff, you always want to start in the Bottom Lane.

Make sure to take the buff at level one (ideally with the help of Tank or Support). As a Marksman, Wanwan needs time to scale and get her Core Items.

marksman ml

Mid Game: With Corrosion Scythe, you already have a decent powerspike. Make sure to keep farming small jungle camps and take Red Buff whenever it’s available. Marksman ml to help your team secure Turtle and look for reckless Tanks to unlock your ultimate. Late Game: Stay back and don’t get cocky. Even with one defensive item, you get blown up very quickly.

Try to ambush the enemy since your first skill can easily trigger 3 Weaknesses for an easy ult. Positioning is everything now and a single mistake can easily cost you the game.

Read more: Best Wanwan build 2022 Top 4: Bruno Bruno Pros Cons + Can deal high critical damage because of his Mecha Legs (Passive) + Easy to use + Unlike other marksmen, He have 2 CC Skills (Stun, and Knockback) + Can reduce enemy Physical DEF from his Wave of The World Animation (Ultimate) – Squishy – Short blink skill – Weak against CC Tips & Tricks Bruno The more you hit your enemies with your skill, the more damage they take.

Always pick up the Powerball of his 1st skill to reduce the cooldown of Flying tackle (2nd skill) and he will have powerball again. Bruno can also take down high physical defensive heroes. Likewise, always be aware of your position as Bruno can be burst down easily. You can also use Powerball to clear minion waves faster. Use your 2nd skill to chase or escape from enemies. Use your Ultimate if the enemies are grouped together. Bruno is very item dependent so make sure you can farm well.

It is better to have 2-3 core items before you start engaging aggresively. Read more: Best Bruno build 2022 Top 5: Hanabi Hanabi Pros Cons + Burst AOE damage. + Many CC skills. + Easy team-work. + Rely on gear-leading. + Mighty role in team fight. + Highest durability. + Immunity of control skill. + Disrupt enemy position. – Lack of escape skill.

– Lack of burst damage. Tips & Tricks Hanabi Hanabi has a really an easy Gameplay style when compared to any marksman. Hanabi can literally just aim her attacks on one enemy and still deal an insane amount of damage to all her enemies. Till the Hanabi doesn’t have her Berserker’s Fury, she cannot really join any team fight. Berserker’s Fury and Windtalker are marksman ml important to bring out her Maximum Damage in Team fight.

Just rotate between Gold Lane and Midlane, and just farm through killing Minion waves. Don’t marksman ml to push towers, as you can easily die if you get ganked by even One Enemy. Once you receive Berserker’s Fury, start ganking your lane and Midlane only. You can also start pushing your lane. After destroying your lane first tower, go to Midlane and destroy the first tower.

Read more: Best Hanabi build 2022 Marksman Tier List Tier Heroes S+ Granger, Brody, Wanwan S Bruno, Hanabi, Miya A+ Claude, Beatrix, Layla, Lesley A Yi Sun-shin, Popol and Kupa, Clint, Yu Zhong B Moskov, Irithel C Karrie, Kimmy Read more: • Best Marksman in Mobile Legends • Best Fighter in Mobile Legends • Best Assassin in Marksman ml Legends • Best Mage in Mobile Legends • Best Support in Mobile Legends • Best Jungle in Mobile Legends • Best Roaming Hero Mobile Legends • Best Mid Lane Hero Mobile Legends • Best Exp Lane Hero Mobile Legends • Best Gold Lane Hero Mobile Legends ©2022 Zathong · Network: - - Mobile Legends Expert Wingman Tier List Patch 1.5.78: Mobile Legends Tier List.

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15 Marksman Moskov Marksman merupakan hero yang dapat mendominasi permainan ketika di Late Game, hero jenis ini biasanya sangat lemah di Early Game dan harus mendapatkan pengawasan ekstra agar bisa dapat bermain dengan sempurna.

Sekarang sudah memasuki maret 2020, pastikan kalian tahu tentang marksman terbaik maret mobile legends 2020 Inilah Marksman (MM) Terbaik Mobile Legends (ML) dengan Damage Tersakit : Wan Wan Mobile Legends Sebagai Marksman Terbaik ML! Hero Marksman terbaik yang akan kami berikan di tulisan ini ialah Wanwan. Dengan bernama lengkap Agile Tiger Wanwan, hero Marksman di Mobile Legends ini memang marksman ml tidak diragukan lagi kemampuannya dalam sebuah match.

Terutama jika kalian bisa memainkannya dengan benar. Marksman terbaik di awal season 18 yakni Hero Wan Wan Mobile Legends.

Hero satu ini sangat lincah, memiliki damage tinggi hingga skill anti CC. Wan Wan pada awal season ini sering di Ban di Rank Mythic karena beberapa kelebihan marksman ml. Oleh karena itu, hero ini menjadi hero Marksman terbaik saat ini. Karrie Karrie rupanya berhasil unggul dari kedua marksman terbaik sebelumnya yakni bruno dan granger. Hero ini sangat cocok untuk dimainkan jika musuh memiliki 2 hero Tank.

Karrie memiliki kemampuan pasif true damage yang siap melibas banyak tank setebal apapun. Baca juga: Cheat Terbaru Mobile Legends Force Quit Player ML, Bikin Resah Granger Merupakan Marksman (MM) Tersakit Mobile Legends Marsman satu ini memiliki burst damage yang sangat tinggi.

Kelebihan granger daripada marsman lainnya yakni terletak pada kelincahannya. Hero ini memiliki skill blink yang sangat berguna untuk melarikan diri atau mengejar musuh dengan mudah.

Marksman Terbaik Mobile Legends: Bruno Bruno adalah MM tersakit ML yang sebelumnya sempat menjadi top 3 marksman terbaik di season 15. Marksman satu ini memiliki kelincahan dan damage yang tinggi. Bruno memiliki skill pasif Mecha Legs yang marksman ml critical damage yang dapat di stack. Efek ini bisa kalian dapat dengan spam skill pada musuh. Semakin banyak kill kalian, maka semakin besar damage bruno.

Baca juga: Skin Epic Gratis Mobile Legends Di Kuis ML Terbaru 2020 Kimmy Kimmy merupakan hero MM tersakit ML yang memiliki kemampuan yang marksman ml, ia memiliki dua analag untuk menyerang sekaligus berjalan. Hero ini memiliki burst damage yang kecil namun damage per second nya sangat merepotkan. Kimi dapat berjalan sekaligus menembak tanpa heti dan memiliki damage yang cocok untuk melakukan rush bahkan di awal pertandingan.

Irithel Irithel merupakan marksman dengan damage yang sangat mengerikan di Late Game. hero ini dapat membunuh lawannya hanya dengan 2 kali tembakan ultimate saat di Late Game.

Sama seperti Kimmy Irithel juga dapat berjalan sambil menembak musuhnya secara brutal. Sayangnya, basic attacknya tidak terlalu sakit jika tidak di combo dengan skill marksman ml nya Marksman Terbaik Mobile Legends: Claude Claude memiliki burst damage dengan serangan area yang sangat bagus.

marksman ml

Hero ini dapat menyerang berputar dan damage area yang luas. Karena hal itu, claude menjadi marksman yang sulit diatas bagi sebagian besar pemain. Skill yang dapat membuat kalian terkena pada daerah yang luas membuat pemain tidak bisa kabur.

Dengan kombinasinya dengan Dexter. Hero ini sangat lincah dan susah untuk dibunuh. Ketika kita menembak, Dexter akan ikut menembak dan memberikan damage tambahan sebanyak 20%. Baca juga: Build Combo Guide Grock ML Tank tebal Mobile Legends MM tersakit ML Lesley Lesley memiliki kemampuan kamuflase yang membuatnya dapat menghilang ketika war berlangsung.

Hero ini memiliki serangan damage yang tinggi dalam satu serangan. Kemampuan ini sangat membantu Lesley untuk melakukan tarik ulur pertandingan dengan mudah. MM tersakit ML 2021 Clint Clint memang tak begitu sering digunakan, namun hero ini memiliki damage pertembakan yang sangat mematikan. Dengan kombansinya dengan skill 2, Clint dapat mengejar musuh seraya memberikan damage yang besar.

Dengan hanya 2 marksman ml tembakakan saja. Clint sudah cukup untuk membunuh hero core musuh. Baca juga: Hero ML Split Push Terbaik Di Mobile Legends Maret 2020 Brody Brody mungkin sekarang adalah salah satu marksman yang memiliki damage single target tertinggi di kelas marksman. Hal ini berkat critical dan burst miliknya yang sangat tinggi dan sulit sekali dihindari. Hanabi Salah satu marksman sidelane terkuat saat ini, Hanabi memiliki damage yang sangat tinggi dan juga konsisten.

Hanya saja di early game memang Hanabi kurang begitu bisa diandalkan, tetapi di late game lain cerita. Beatrix MM Terbaik Sama seperti Hanabi, Beatrix juga sangat kuat di sidelane. Hal ini juga membantu dirinya karena Beatrix memiliki poke dan harass yang kuat. Di late game, dirinya sangat mengerikan dengan damage tingginya.

Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin memiliki damage kuat berkat pasifnya yang bisa stack dengan item buildnya. Selain itu YSS juga sangat fleksibel karena bisa bertarung efektif di jarak dekat maupun jauh ketika fight. Popol & Kupa MM Popol & Kupa memiliki damage yang tinggi karena secara tidak kasar kalian menggunakan dua hero. Dirinya juga fleksibe karena bisa juga jadi tank dimana masih memiliki damage yang relatif tinggi. Ia menjadi Marksman (MM) Marksman ml Mobile Legends (ML) karena rolenya yang bisa berubah bahkan sekarang ini menjadi fighter.

Marksman Moskov Moskov merupakan hero marksman terbaik dan tersakit yang terakhir. Memang semua hero memiliki damage yang tinggi namun tentu saja harus dibarengi dengan pemain yang Pro. Nah Moskov sendiri sangat mengandalkan basic attack serta attack speed yang tinggi. hero ini dapat menembus banyak hero sekaligus dalam radius jangkauannya. Nah itulah 15 hero Marksman (MM) Terbaik Mobile Legends (ML) pada kali ini. Manakah Marksman terbaik menurut mu?. Pastikan kalian menguasai ke 15 marksman tersakit dari mobile legends 2021 tersebut.

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Currently, META marksman is becoming more and more popular. They don’t play in the jungle anymore, now they move to the gold marksman ml and of course the way to play marksman Mobile Legends (ML) in the new META will also be different.

Therefore, we will look together for those of you who are curious about the most effective way. This can help you play better, especially in the gold lane later if needed. You could say if you play in the jungle, the marksman will be somewhat more active and help map control. But because they play in this gold lane, they must have a passive style of play. This is based on my experience playing because personally, I have always been a sidelane offlane player and also a safelane. Playing marksman is not that much different because the core also enters this realm.

How to Play Marksman Mobile Legends (ML) in this new META Keep in mind that marksman ml here includes marksman mage, for example Kimmy. Basically they are all the same and the only difference is the form or type of damage as well as their build items. The style of play remains the same and the methods will also be the same.

So that’s why we will include heroes like that, even though so far only Kimmy is a magic marksman. Well for those who are curious can see below. The first thing you have to understand is the task of a marksman when playing in the game. Let’s just say that each role has a job desk and marksman is the easiest, but the risk is high.

So that we can just divide it into a game phase marksman ml. That is from the early game to the late game. This is because marksman is more prominent if we look at it from this point of view. Early Games This early game is a phase where marksman has to be careful and doesn’t have to be efficient.

This is because marksman must farm as much as possible and avoid unnecessary and risky fights. With farming marksman ml you can do, it marksman ml really help yourself and your team later. Well if you can, try doing what is called a flash farm and we will discuss this below.

marksman ml

Flash Farm Flash farming is a method that, as the name implies, is that you farm very quickly. The method is actually easy, the practice is difficult because you have to be able to farm with full efficiency without wasting time.

The trick is that when you are in the laning phase, you quickly finish off wave creeps without wasting time. After that while you wait for the next wave to come, you can take the farm marksman ml. You must understand how to play marksman in Mobile Legends.

For example, take some jungle creeps, golden snails, scuttles, or even rotation to mid if your mid is rotating or roaming. Do this repeatedly and do not let you waste time. But the negative side is usually this flash farm is risky in the gang because you keep moving without a safe position.

In addition, the tempo of the game is faster and for some people and their strats are not good. But the most important thing is that you will throw away the creep wave equilibrium and also eat your team’s farm. But if you use a core whose powerspike in the late game is very high, you can achieve this even in the mid game.

Mid Game In the mid game this time it will depend on your condition in the early game. If your early game is safe and you have got the core item then you can join the fight, but don’t be too barbaric and try not marksman ml die in vain.

marksman ml

Doing a trade kill is not even recommended because you will usually lead the net worth which will be very detrimental. Therefore, if you get a kill, run away and continue farming again. If your early game is not good, you can just continue farming again. At least get your core items which will be very helpful later. This is because marksman are usually very spoiled and thirsty for items.

Don’t forget to also do objectives like marksman ml and lord because it will really help your team. It should be noted that judging marksman not only from KDA, from GPM/XPM to objective is very important.

marksman ml

Late Game In the late game, actually marksman doesn’t have much of a task because you only need to end the game. Teamfight, kill, objective, and end game will be very important for marksman when they enter this phase. The most important thing is that in the late game you have to move as a team.

Do not often go solo or split up marksman ml this is very dangerous and can even be a factor of defeat in the future. How to play marksman Mobile Legends is important to remember.

Focus on dealing only damage and getting enemy towers so that later it can also benefit your team when playing. Do not let you bother in this case because the late game must be full of items. Marksman Tips Next, we will discuss a few tips for those of you who want to play marksman better. From me it’s actually not so much because you need experience by playing the most important thing.

So, let’s look at some marksman ml for how to play marksman ml Mobile Legends marksman : Focus Farming As marksman you have to focus on farming in the gold lane. This is because core items are very important for marksman so that they can be active more consistently later.

Therefore, do not leave it alone. Get Core Items, Help Team Do not replace the core item because as the name implies, the core is a core item. Don’t let it be missed or replaced except for luxury items that are more flexible. Without core items, marksman will be “sluggish” later. Luxury Items Marksman ml Conditions Now lastly, you can customize luxury items depending on the conditions later. For example, Claude, the core items are DHS and Golden Staff, but the remaining items are free and these are called luxury items.

For example, he can buy BFB, Hunter Strike, and others. So that’s just a few ways to play marksman Mobile Legends. Hopefully it can help you when playing later because playing as a marksman is a big responsibility.

It’s not difficult, it’s just very risky. K eep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player! Don’t forget to follow our social media on Instagram and also subscribe our youtube channel Recent Posts • Differences Avatar Lite and Special Border in Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Get the Blazing Recall Effect Mobile Legends (ML) • How to Increase Psionic Treasure in Mobile Legends (ML) • 5 Strongest Battle Spell For Hero Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML) • Gord Conqueror Skin Get Revamped in Mobile Legends (ML)Marksman is a type of role that has a high attack/damage and critical and distance.

This type is commonly referred to as carry/ADC [Attack Damage Carry]. Marksman plays an important role in the game by defeating enemies from a distance. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the hero of the opponent, because this type of hero usually has low durability and mobility in early game. Marksman heroes always relies on Tanks.

marksman ml

When using this type of hero, you should use gears that increase your attack speed, because in addition to kill the marksman ml, Marksman can also destroy the tower quickly. Bellow are list of marksman heroes in Mobile Legend.
Marksmen are ranged heroes whose power is almost entirely based on their basic attacks: by using their reach to land massive continuous damage from a distance, marksmens are capable of taking down even the most difficult opponents when positioned behind the safety of their team, and perform better at securing objectives such as the Lord and turrets.

Marksmens are classified into three types: pure, primary, and secondary. Trivia General • Irithel is the first Marksman hero who can move and use the basic attack at the same time.

• Kimmy is the only other Marksman who can move and attack at the same time. • Kimmy and Beatrix marksman ml Renner or Bennett) are the only heroes whose Basic Attack necessitate manual aiming. • Yi Sun-shin is the only hero that can change the base's model.

• Miya is marksman ml only Marksman who can go Invisible, by using her Hidden Moonlight. • Lesley can also go to half-invisible via Master of Camouflage, but she can be detected by distortions in the field such as AoE skills, revaling skills, etc. • Moskov and Clint are the only Marksmen whose passive lets their Basic Attack penetrate through targets in a straight line. • Layla has the lowest durability of any hero but has the longest basic attack range in the game, enough to destroy a defensive tower outside its range.

• Roger and Kimmy are the only Marksmen who are unplayable in Mayhem Mode. • Bruno is the only hero who never uses hands in any attack. • He is also the only hero with the sport-related mode of attacking. • He is the only mechanical marksman in the game, having mechanical legs, although his other skins are human.

• Marksman is the only category of heroes that exclusively features Human or Humanoid heroes (such as Elves), with the only possible exceptions being Karrie, having non-human legs for being a Yasson, and Roger in his wolf form.

• Granger is the only marksman which doesn't affect his Attack Speed that he only relies on [[ Critical Damage and Chance- Critical Damage and Chance]]. • Wanwan is considered to be the most difficult marksman because of her Tiger Pace affecting her Crossbow marksman ml Tang can't be activated unless marksman ml hits all the vital points on the target in 4 directions which will benefit her with her passive.

• Popol and Kupa is the only hero who has 5 abilities. He is the only hero which always accompanied by his pet resulting in a 2v1 situation. • Brody is the only marksman hero in the game who can charge his basic attack and he is also the slowest marksman.

• Beatrix is the only marksman hero who carries 4 weapons at once, including Renner, Bennett, Wesker and Nibiru. • Kimmy and Natan are the only marksmens that have Magical Damage specialty. Skins • Only Irithel (Sagittarius) have Zodiac skins.

• 7 of the marksmen have Squad skins: • Layla S.A.B.E.R. - Breacher and Blazing Bounties - Blazing Gun • In fact, Layla has more than 1 Squad Skins, that are S.A.B.E.R. and Blazing Bounties. • Hanabi V.E.N.O.M. - Nephila • Granger Lightborn - Overrider • Bruno HERO - Firebolt • Kimmy Dragon Tamer - Frost Wing • Claude Blazing Bounties - Blazing Trace • Brody S.T.U.N. - S.T.U.N. Brody • Marksman ml this class of heroes, only Moskov and Clint have a Season Exclusive skin.

BEST Marksman in Mobile Legends (Season 22)