Mandalika lombok

mandalika lombok

Descriptions of Indonesia's Mandalika MotoGP and World Superbike-hosting track as a 'street circuit' is probably somewhat misleading; rather, this is a purpose-built race track that incorporates some existing public roads and is then handed over for normal traffic usage when not used for racing.

Nevertheless, the track is something of a unique proposition, set on the tourist destination island of Lombok and in a hugely important market for motorcycle manufacturers. The whole project is also important to the local government, which is looking to boost interest in the area and help it recover from the series of earthquakes experienced by the island in 2018.

Circuit History Indonesia had been pushing for a MotoGP race for some time, with initial plans to upgrade Sentul Circuit foundering, before competing plans for a new permanent circuit designed by Hermann Tilke emerged. Located in Palembang, South Sumatra, this would have benefited from infrastructure development tied in with the 2018 Asian Games but the plans were subsequently cancelled.

Instead it was Mandalika which found favour when the project was given a boost in late 2018 when Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpaleta visited Mandalika to meet with the project's backers.

An announcement followed in early 2019 that Mandalika would host not only MotoGP mandalika lombok also the World Superbike Championships from mandalika lombok onwards in a five-year deal. MRK1 Mandalika lombok, along with RoadGrip Motorsport, was appointed by the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (IDTC) to plan, implement and also run the new circuit. "We are very conscious that when we announced this project there was a reasonable amount of scepticism about the concept of a street circuit," Mark Hughes of MRK1 Consulting said during a presentation of the project.

"We have to make very clear that the track mandalika lombok been designed and built to the appropriate FIM safety standards for MotoGP." The design of the circuit, featuring a 4.32-kilometre layout with 17 corners, was approved by FIM Safety Officer Franco Uncini and while largely a ground-up design, has been influenced by some of the tourist resort's existing masterplan. "The master plan for the resort was actually finished before we got involved.

And then between Roadgrip, MRK1 and ITDC we've tweaked that track design," Hughes said. "We knew we couldn't go in and entirely change it, there had already been too much invested in that, and with the support of Dorna and also the FIM we then made some small changes to accommodate the safety requirements for a Grade A license." Track facilities double as community facilities A large percentage of the infrastructure used for the circuit is removable, to allow it turn back into a road network for the resort for the rest of the year.

The pit building which will double up as a conference and exhibition centre so it will have use outside of the race events. Other temporary facilities will include some of the grandstands, which in total will seat 50,000, though double that are expected to attend, so high is the local interest in bike racing. In developing Mandalika's street circuit complex, ITDC collaborated with France's Vinci Construction Grand Projects, which also was the main investor for the project.

The US$1-billion deal with Vinci was signed in August 2018 and foresees 15 years of development. Aside from the circuit itself, Vinci plans to build supporting facilities including a shopping mall to a hospital and apartment buildings mandalika lombok 131 hectares of land within the special economic zone.

Eleven hotels, with around 1,900 rooms, are eventually planned adjacent to the track though neighbouring Bali is expected to provide the bulk of the accommodation.

Lombok's airport is set to upgraded with longer runway, while there will also be a terminal for ferries and high speed boats, that will bring people from Bali to Lombok. Construction hampered by pandemic Groundbreaking began in October 2019, with the development mandalika lombok the foundation and underground utilities system as well as roads by IDTC, before Vinci came on board to complete the racing circuit and associated facilities.

The coronavirus pandemic slowed efforts and the original 2020 completion date spilled over into 2021, with most of the experts required to oversee construction located outside Indonesia and unable to travel during the lockdown periods. This meant that work largely had to be supervised via live drone footage and Zoom calls - a fact that would have consequences down the line.

mandalika lombok

Early on a special aggregate mix was chosen for mandalika lombok racing surface, using stone from a variety of different Indonesian quarries. This required particular preparation in order to produce a durable surface with good grip levels, with the stones milled to a set size and washed before mixing and paving.

Unfortunately, it was this part of the quality control process that failed, as would become apparent when racing began. The build programme was further hampered by mandalika lombok need for workers to quarantine, meaning that by the middles of October 2021 the circuit had only just reached 97% completion, with the project set to be finished at the end of the month, a few weeks out from the inaugural race.

In the meantime the circuit was facing pressure from another direction, with the Coalition of Indonesian Infrastructure Development Monitoring requesting the WSBK race be postponed.

It came amid claims that many local and traditional Sasak communities who had been evicted from the circuit site had not received compensation from the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). The claims were refuted by the IDTC. Further problems erupted when the first event - a round of the Asia Talent Cup - had to be postponed by a week, as the circuit could not demonstrate it had enough trained marshals to hold the event safely.

It meant that, rather than a lower key inaugural event to test everything was in order, Mandalika's competition debut would be with the higher profile World Superbikes round. This was pushed back by a week to give more time to complete the circuit. Weather gods prove temperamental on debut With a last minute push, the circuit was ready for its inauguration on November 12, 2021, with a special ceremony attended by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

He declared the newly named Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit open, before taking a lap on his personal motorcycle. Wet conditions were the order of the day when racing finally got underway, with extreme weather set to dog the weekend. Qualifying saw the rains fall, though the riders were pleased to find an exceptionally grippy surface which was only a few seconds a lap slower than the dry times. However, Saturday's race one was greeted with torrential rain and thunderstorms shortly before lights out resulted, resulting in it being postponed until Sunday.

Mandalika lombok, Sunday's races were able to go ahead, with Jonathan Rae taking both wins for Kawasaki but it was not enough to prevent Toprak Razgatligolu from taking the title for Yamaha. Even then the second of the two races was again rain-affected, with a delay to the start due to weather conditions meaning it was run to a reduced 12 laps. Problems are apparent when MotoGP arrives While the World Superbike event was deemed a success despite the weather, it was perhaps the latter that disguised some of the biggest problems to come.

However, when the MotoGP teams arrived in March for their pre-season test, there was no hiding the problem, as the track surface began to disintegrate. Mandalika lombok complained of being shot-blasted by the gravel, mandalika lombok dust on the racing surface was a major secondary issue. “Unfortunately the quality controls that should’ve been in place weren’t possible because of Covid,” Hughes admitted.

"Some of the aggregate wasn’t cleaned properly, which is why the surface failed during the tests – dirty aggregate was the big problem and that’s mandalika lombok why there was so much dust and dirt.” The only solution was a partial resurfacing of the worst-affected areas from Turn 5 to Turn 16, which would have to be rushed through ahead of the MotoGP race. This in itself was no mean feat, requiring a governmental intervention to divert paving equipment from Jakarta airport and then ship 1,000 miles it to Lombok, while new aggregate was shipped in from the northern island of Sulawesi, 500 miles away.

This also proved problematic and further aggregate had to be sourced from Lombok itself, from a quarry four hours away from the circuit. Once again, washing of the stones was a challenge but nonetheless, the resurfacing was completed on schedule, though without a full period for curing, just a week before the race.

This latter point wasn't helped by the searing temperatures which greeted the race itself and which had prompted Michelin to revert to an earlier specification tyre. Riders continued to complain about the track surface and as the Sunday races wound on, it became clear that the surface was again breaking up, particularly at the final corner.

Mandalika lombok direction elected to shorten the race distances in order to preserve the surface as far as possible. Once again the weather gods had their part to play and a sudden downpour ahead mandalika lombok the MotoGP race forced an hour's delay, with a local 'rain handler' despatched to try and banish the clouds. It seemed to work as the rain relented and the grid assembled for its shortened race. KTM rider Miguel Oliveira ran out a commanding winner.

Fixing the problems once and for all It's clear that a complete resurfacing is now required, this time using specialist equipment with the right aggregate mix. Given the importance of the race to Indonesia, this costly work is likely to be green lighted ahead of the return of the World Superbikes in November 2022.

Thankfully, the Covid restrictions that so hampered the initial construction have receded, mandalika lombok better supervision of the project. Assuming the project commences on time, there should just be enough time to ensure proper curing on the new surface before racing returns, Jump onboard The Mandlika Circuit is located in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone on Lombok Island, Indonesia. From Singapore and Malaysia, you can take a direct flight to Lombok International Airport, which is located not too far from Mandalika.

Flights are also available from various major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. From Jakarta, the flight will take about 2 hours, while from the nearby Bali, it will only take about 30 minutes. From Bali, you can also take a ferry from Padang Bai Harbor to Lembar Harbor in Lombok. From there you can take a bus or a taxi to Mandalika that will take about 2-3 hours. Get directions Enter your starting address: Global Global (English) Indonesia Indonesia (English) Indonesia (Bahasa) Russia Russia (English) Russia (Russia) China China (English) China (Chinese (Simplified)) Korea Korea (English) Korea (Korea) Japan Japan (English) Japan (Japan) France France (English) France mandalika lombok Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (English) Saudi Arabia (العربية) Australia Australia (English) Taiwan Taiwan (English) Taiwan (Chinese (Traditional)) Hongkong Hongkong (English) Hongkong (Chinese (Traditional)) Singapore Singapore (English) Singapore (Chinese (Simplified)) Malaysia Malaysia (English) Malaysia (Chinese (Simplified)) Thailand Thailand (English) United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (English) United Arab Emirates (العربية) Netherlands Netherlands (English) Netherlands (Netherlands) United Kingdom United Kingdom (English) Germany Germany (English) Germany (Germany) United States United States (English) Philippines Philippines (English) India India (English) • Global Global (English) Indonesia Indonesia (English) Indonesia (Bahasa) Russia Russia (English) Russia (Russia) China China (English) China (Chinese (Simplified)) Korea Korea (English) Korea (Korea) Japan Japan (English) Japan (Japan) France France (English) France (French) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (English) Saudi Arabia (العربية) Australia Australia (English) Taiwan Taiwan (English) Taiwan (Chinese (Traditional)) Hongkong Hongkong (English) Hongkong (Chinese (Traditional)) Singapore Singapore (English) Singapore (Chinese (Simplified)) Malaysia Malaysia (English) Malaysia (Chinese (Simplified)) Thailand Thailand (English) United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (English) United Arab Emirates (العربية) Netherlands Netherlands (English) Netherlands (Netherlands) United Kingdom United Kingdom (English) Germany Germany (English) Germany (Germany) United States United States (English) Philippines Philippines (English) India India (English) • Along the south coast of the beautiful Lombok island lies a long and wide stretch of beautiful white sand beach facing the glistening Indian Ocean.

On the background are lush green hills and mesmerizing landscapes. This is Mandalika, once a surfers’ best-kept secret, now it has emerged as the island’s capital of leisure. Mandalika shouts heaven from all of its enchanting corners.

The special tourism economic zone boasts vibrant bars and nightclubs, thrilling racing circuits, exciting water parks, luxurious hotels and resorts, fascinating golf courses, rejuvenating spas, and plenty more; there’s everything for everyone at this 1,250-hectare paradise. The tourism industry in Mandalika is equalling its neighboring island, Bali. Mandalika is also a melting pot of tourists from all parts of the globe. Here, the tourism industry fused seamlessly with the unique and colorful culture of the local people that is still well preserved for generations.

Mandalika is also conveniently located near some of Lombok’s most outstanding beaches. These include Tanjung Aan, Mandalika lombok, Gerupuk, Serenting, and Seger Beach. From the top of the Merese Hill and Batu Payung Beach, you are presented with some of the most amazing panoramas of Lombok.

All kinds of fun water sports activities await at Kuta Beach. Those who enjoy swimming, surfing, and fishing can head to Gerupuk Beach, while those who prefer peace and serenity can head to Serenting Beach.

For a one of a kind cultural experience, head down to Seger Beach during the annual tradition of Bau Nyale Ritual and join in mandalika lombok local festivity you won’t find elsewhere. Blessed with beautiful nature and enhanced by the hands of professionals, Mandalika is designed to make your dream vacation a reality. With all its exceptional splendors, a trip here will be unforgettable and will make you long for more.

Get Around Getting around in this area is quite simple. A public transportation vehicle called Bemo runs all over Lombok including Mandalika, and it will get you to most places.

You can also rent a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle. However, since most of the facilities in the area are within walking distance, you can simply walk or stroll as you enjoy the vibe. Get There From Singapore and Malaysia, you can take a direct flight to Lombok International Airport, which is located not too far from Mandalika. Flights are also available from various mandalika lombok cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

From Jakarta, the flight will take about 2 hours, while from the nearby Bali, it will only take about 30 minutes. From Bali, you can also take a ferry from Padang Bai Harbor to Lembar Harbor in Lombok. From there you can take a bus or a taxi to Mandalika that will take about 2-3 hours.
Mandalika View by Private Sanctuary is being developed on a prime piece of land 3 minutes from Kuta, the mandalika lombok hub in South Lombok.

It has unobstructed views over the planned golf course of Mandalika Resort and Kuta Bay. Currently there are still some plots for sale for Villa Developments that will be fully managed by Private Sanctuary for a good return and piece of mind that your holiday property is kept in great shape. Make your dream become reality for below USD 500,000 at one of the most beautiful places in South East Asia, Lombok Indonesia. 172 Shares So you may mandalika lombok heard of Bali, or been there mandalika lombok a tropical and stunning island in Indonesia, with good vibes popular with many backpackers & tourists.

However, that’s the exact problem due to such beauty & cool island vibes, Bali has become over run with tourists, prices have accelerated and it just doesn’t feel like the tranquil paradise it once was. So what’s the solution?? Enter the neighbouring island Mandalika in Lombok, a short ferry or 30 min drive from Lombok airport. Lombok Island, Indonesia. Has some wonderful beaches.

Source: Conde nast traveler. (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) This area has been dubbed the next “Bali” and a hidden gem of Indonesia. Once a surfers best mandalika lombok secret, Mandalika is similar to Bali in terms of stunning never ending beaches, exquisite scenery and rolling lush hills but not over commercialised and a hell of alot cheaper!

Mandalika already has some great facilities from luxurious resorts to spas & even golf courses. As an emerging destination and big development plans backed by the Indonesian government this is the perfect place to explore now!

At the moment many couples on honeymoons have found refuge in the peace of Mandalika on Lombok Island. However, the government plans on creating a “new Bali” a vibrant island region with fantastic and unique bars, restaurants and hotels.

Mandalika, Indonesia. Source: (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) At the moment, there is still plenty of attractions to explore though, apart from the peaceful nature, there is a range mandalika lombok bustling bars, nightclub, a host of thrilling water parks and even racing circuits!

In 2012, Mandalika will host the Moto GP on it’s fantastic race courses. Spacing on the 1,250 hectare paradise there is enchanting spots to be discovered all over and even some relaxing spa areas.

Is Mandalika the new Bali? Probably, YES! Indonesia is the third fastest growing economy in Asia and the fastest within South East Asia! The government has big plans mandalika lombok boost tourism even further with it’s “10 New Balis Development” involving 10 islands including Lombok which with have large investments injected into their development, tailored towards tourism. With 17,000 islands to choose from, these ten new Balis have been carefully chosen.

There has been many government initiatives also looking at attracts direct foreign investment, making the entire process easier! Architectural rendering of a portion of the Mandalika Resort as seen from above A’an Bay. Image from Arch Case Archtitects website. (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) So if your looking for a place to purchase a holiday home or even an investment this could be the ideal spot. Things to do in Mandlika: Mandalikas Beaches: Perfectly located close to some of Lomboks most fantastic mandalika lombok, Mandalika is the place to be.

Mandalika lombok mesmerising beaches nearby include, Kuta, Tanjung, Aan, Gerpuk, Serenting and even Seger Beach. For mandalika lombok most spectacular panoramic views head to the top Merese Hill and Batu Paying Beach. For peace & quiet head to Serenting Beach. For surfing Gerupuk Beach and Ubrug Beach, (Ubrug beach has calmer waves and finer sands) Lombok-Indonesia-Mandalika-beaches2. Source: thejakartapost (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Insider Tip: Head to Seger Beach during the annual Bau Nyale Festival: Held on the last week of February, this is a cultural experience not to missed!

With surfing competitions, a food market and even a photography contest. In addition, the Nyale sea worms appear of which attract many people to catch rare glimpses of these unique creatures. It is said, in ancient tradition that if you catch these one creatures, you will experience good luck for eternity. Seger beach is also a great all round beach, the perfect blend between scenic nature and a cultural hotspot.

Another popular attraction here is, Princess Mandalika, a statue of local Lombok legend. Mandalika Waterparks/Water Sports: For the most amazing host of water activities head to Kuta Beach.

At Gerupuk Beach you can experience, swimming, sea fishing and of course surfing. Hiking in Mandalika: For truly breath taking views & unbelievable vista, hike up Merese Hill for a challenging yet oh so mandalika lombok trail! Sunsets are ideal. If you would like it even quieter try the hike at 4.00am, and make it for an unbelievable sunrise with magical views over the Indian Ocean, creating an unforgettable moment.

Ratu-Batu-Bolong-temple. Source: (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Best Places to eat? If you really want to immerse yourself in some culture, then you have to try the food of the Sasak tribe. The indigenous Lombok people which make up a whopping 85% of the entire islands, population!

A favourite dish of mine is the Roasting sambal & the tasty grilled beef cubes on a skewer (satay rembiga). These are like the equivalent local delicacies of mie bakso and babi guling in Bali. Other even more authentic treats include Bebalung (Beef/mutton soup) and Sayur Nangka (Jackfruit curry) Kuta Beach area is a hub of fantastic food vendors & restaurants. Kemangi Restaurant fuses together western & local Asia flavours for some uniquely taste bud tingling dishes.

Food-Kuta-Lombok. Source: (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Healthy Option? For a truly healthy and extremely fresh option, take a stroll down to Kenza. The vibrant atmosphere mandalika lombok bamboo decor will make you want to stay for food and even some of their delicious superfood smoothes!

Great instagrammable. Similar cafes here include the popular Café Fin and Terra with vegan & many plant-based options on offer. Swanky Venue? If you fancy a venue, little less backpacker and more vacationista head down to Markisa Mandalika lombok.

Their char grilled octopus and tasty pasta dishes can all be enjoyed while overlooking stunning views from this rooftop restaurant. If you’d like a similar vibe to here on another night try Hungry Bird, famous for it’s traditional Lombok Curry, a yellow curry with chicken, vegetables & coconut milk!

mandalika lombok

Another great spot is Ayam Taliwang, which offers great seasoned chicken blended with a mixture of traditional Lombok spices. Markisa-dining Lombok (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Cocktails: Continue on your evening & wash that tasty cuisine down with a few Cocktails!

mandalika lombok

Blended with local herbs and tropical fruits from Kemangi’s cocktails. Best Places to Stay in Mandalika: Mandalika has a vast selection of accommodation options at really reasonable prices! For the opulent among you, the Novotel Lombok is nice spot located centrally in the city, so lots going on around.

With traditional Sasak Style rooms and even a few private villas with pools, you won’t be disappointed at your stay here! After checking in head up mandalika lombok the tropical gardens, which over look the turquoise bay of this beach front resort. Novotel Lombok-Hotel2. Source: (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Another fantastic boutique style resort is Origin Lombok located just north of Kuta Beach.

With pristine white decor throughout it stands out amongst the lush green tropics. This is a great place to stay on your last day or two to just relax and recover by the pool, sipping on a cocktail mandalika lombok course!

For large groups, Villa Sorgas is a ideal venue, just between Tanjung Aan and Gerupuk Beach. This gorgeous villa nestled in the hillside offers perfect views of the sunrise & sunsets Lombok is famous for! Another great pick is: Santika Mataram Hotel Transport in Mandalika: Once in Mandalika, most places you can walk to as everything is pretty close by.

However, there is also the Public transport vehicle or “Bemo” which can take your all over Lombok. Other options, include, bicycle or renting a car or motorcycle ideal if exploring other parts of the island. Bemo-In-Lombok2. SourceL (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) How to get to Mandalika? Direct flights run often to Lombok International Airport. After just take a 30 min drive to the Kuta beach area of Mandalika. If you’ve been Bali before, you can mandalika lombok take a ferry from Padang Bai Harbour to Lembar Harbour in Lombok.

Afterwards hop in a taxi or take the bus, it should take around 2-3hours to reach Mandalika. Or take a 30 minute flight from Bali. Flying from Singapore or Malaysia? Singapore runs many direct flights to Lombok International Airport.

mandalika lombok

Flights are also available from other major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta (2 hrs to Lombok) and Surabaya. Transport-Lombok-Bali. Source: (Mandalika-Lombok Guide) Overall, Mandalika is an epic nature sanctuary, the perfect place to get away from it all and in addition experience true Indonesian culture without as many bells, whistles & expense mandalika lombok places like Bali. Fun Fact: The Name “Mandalika” stems from a beautiful princess of Sasak Tribe.

She was cursed with indecisiveness, and could not decide which prince to marry out of her many suitors. In the end she, dived into the sea rather then break one of the princes hearts. Then it is said that the unique sea worms appealed and that is why many try to capture these during the festival.

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The Mandalika International Street Circuit (for commercial reasons, Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit) is located in the Mandalika resort region of the Central Lombok Regency in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara state. Asia Talent Cup, Superbike World Championship, and Grand Prix motorcycle racing races are held at the track.

The 120-hectare sports cluster and entertainment project would likely involve the development of hotels and other amenities. It is said to be a street circuit because sections of it may be utilized in the future to give regular traffic access to additional resort facilities as a purpose-built racing track with vast run-off spaces. “We’ve always declared that we don’t race on a street circuit…”, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta said in 2019.

mandalika lombok

Dwianto Eko Winaryo, MGPA’s Director of Construction and Development, asserts that the Mandalika International Circuit’s asphalt is the newest Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) asphalt, and that it is the greatest in the world, even beating the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. The use of Stone Mastic Asphalt asphalt has a number of advantages. It’s difficult for one of the racers to slide in the rain. It is designed to lessen the effect of the rider falling when crossing on a wet track in this regard.

Mandalika also has a unique selling point: its location is in a special economic zone with a wonderful coastal vista. The Mandalika International Street Circuit, located on the southern coast of Lombok Island and surrounded by magnificent views of the hills and sea, will eventually become one of the highway circuits on the MotoGP calendar. The paddock portion of the track will be able to house 40 garages, while the main grandstand will be able to seat more than 50,000 people.

The zone without seats or standing stands, on the other hand, is expected to hold over 138,000 people, while the luxury suites will hold 7,700 spectators.

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Mandalika in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province Located near to Bali Island, Mandalika is chosen as the next hidden gem of Indonesia tourism. It belongs to West Nusa Tenggara Province and has attracted lots of tourists over time. Consisting of beautiful beaches and lush hills, it becomes a nice place to enjoy nature and find peace.

Even the government has provided various facilities and accommodations to support those who visit the site. No wonder, mandalika lombok resorts can be found there, offering a comfortable place to stay when visiting Mandalika. Not to mention some couples choose it as their honeymoon site.

The Nuance As mentioned before, Mandalika has the best features which are the beaches. The crystal clear sea water and the breezy wind never fail to satisfy those who visit those coastal areas. In fact, there is a resort operating in that area so tourists can rent it for numerous purposes like a honeymoon, family vacation, etc. In the back, hundreds of trees and a majestic hill are seen clearly. Somehow, they create a peaceful atmosphere there.

In terms of nuance, it is a bit similar to that of Nusa Dua Bali! Exploring Mandalika In a nutshell, Mandalika is a good nature sanctuary and a great place to get closer to nature. Many tourists come to the site to enjoy its beauty and learn a bit of Lombok culture. According to legend, the name Mandalika derives from a beautiful princess of Sasak Tribe. No wonder, lots of princes would like to marry her despite her indecisiveness.

As she didn’t want to hurt any man’s heart, she decided to plunge into the sea. At the time, tons of sea worms appeared miraculously. The best thing to do in Mandalika is exploring its beaches, including Tanjung Aan, Seger, Gerupuk, and Serenting. All of those beaches are indeed amusing, featuring flawless sea scenery and excellent waves.

It is safe to say that they share similar characteristics to each other. The thing is only some of them are suitable for surfing. For instance, there is Ubrug Beach which becomes surfers’ favorite spot to enjoy the hobby. For those who don’t like surfing, they can come to other beaches that have calmer waves and softer sand. Mandalika is not only famous for its nature beauty, but it also offers an interesting culture to learn.

The most famous one is called Bau Nyale Festival, which is a merry local event done regularly on a particular day. Even tourists are allowed to join it and enjoy the festival with the locals. So, what is it about? People who live in Mandalika would gather in a specific land and hunt earthworms. It is said those worms have been there since hundreds of years ago and the locals consider them sacred and blissful.

Nearby Attractions • Narmada Park • National Museum of NTB • Mandalika lombok Bolong Temple How to Get There The first checkpoint is in Mataram City and it can be done either by plane or ferry from Bali Island. Once travelers get there, the next destination is Mandalika Bus Station. From there, they can take a minibus to nearby tourist spots which take about 1 hour.

Make sure to carry some money to rent a hotel room, though. Where to Stay • Novotel Hotel • Santika Mataram HotelThe History Welcome to Mandalika Lombok An unpolished gem located to the west of Bali, a less visited paradise of exquisite beauty is inviting you.

Welcome to Mandalika Lombok! Mandalika is a coastal resort in the southern coast of Lombok Island. The crystal clear sea here will mandalika lombok and brighten your mood. The coast is lined with trees and undulating hills that entice you to sing and dance as if the hills were alive.

It’s a wonderful place to enjoy nature and bask in a peaceful atmosphere, unlike that of mandalika lombok busy Nusa Dua in Bali. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy nature and bask in a peaceful atmosphere
Mandalika (Indonesia) Show map of Indonesia Coordinates: 8°53′40″S 116°17′29″E  /  8.894477°S 116.291374°E  / -8.894477; 116.291374 Coordinates: 8°53′40″S 116°17′29″E mandalika lombok /  8.894477°S 116.291374°E  / -8.894477; 116.291374 Country Indonesia Province West Nusa Tenggara Regency Central Lombok Established ( Special economic zone) [1] 1 July 2014 Area [2] • Total 10.36 km 2 (4.00 sq mi) Time zone UTC+08:00 Mandalika is a coastal resort area in Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

It is designated as a special economic zone ( Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus / KEK) [3] which stretches over 1,035.67 hectares of the southern coast of the island of Lombok. Mandalika is 17 km straight from Lombok International Airport and approximately 50 km from the city centre of Mataram, the province's capital.

[4] [5] It was inaugurated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on 20 October 2017. [6] [7] Contents • 1 History • 2 Development • 3 Racing circuit • 4 References History [ edit ] The Indonesian government sold Mandalika to the Dubai Development Corporation for US$240 million in 2007. Due to the global financial crisis in 2008 funding dwindled, so the Emirates had no choice but to sell Mandalika back to the Indonesian government for half of the purchase price.

[ citation needed] The Indonesian then-President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mandalika development project on 21 October 2011. [8] Six Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) on the development of the site were signed in conjunction with the ceremony.

The proposal to grant mandalika lombok economic zone status to Mandalika resort area was based upon Law No. 30/2011 of the regulations covering Special Economic Zones and included in Government Regulation Number 2/2011 (on the Implementation of the Special Economic Zones).

[8] Government of Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding in 2018 to invest $500 million in the area. [9] Development [ edit ] The Mandalika Resort Development Project is planned to be undertaken in an area of about 1,200 hectares site in Kuta, Pujut subdistrict and has a projected value of US$3 billion, which include approx 7.5 kilometers of white-sand beaches. Plans have been detailed for hotel, villa and a high end resort projects.

A Formula One circuit, a plenary room for concert events, a seaport for excursions and other ships, an integrated Disneyland-styled theme park, an underwater park, golf course, mangrove park, eco park, and a technical park have all been proposed.

[10] Mandalika resort area is managed by the state-owned Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), which has five beaches in southern part of Lombok: Kuta Beach, Serenting Beach, Aan Cape, Keliuw Beach and Gerupuk Beach. The area of 1,179 hectares will be divided in three zones: • mandalika lombok residences in the west part • hotels, villas and public utilities in the central part • exclusive hotels and villas in the east part Mandalika lombok resort area is expected to have 2,000 hotel rooms and attract up to 2 million foreign tourists annually by 2019.

[11] [12] Hotels under construction in the resort area are: • Pullman Hotel- 270 rooms; its construction had begun in October 2017. • Royal Tulip Hotel- 198 rooms; started on 26 March 2018.

• X2 Hotel- 240 room • Club Med Hotel- 350 rooms • Grand Mandalika lombok Hotel- 342 rooms • Aloft by Marriot Hotel, 173 rooms • Paramount Lombok Resort and Residences is being constructed on a plot of land measuring 7.65 hectares. The hotel with 1500 rooms would be operated by hospitality firm Paramount Hotels and Resorts, which is expected to be completed in 2020. [13] Racing circuit [ edit ] Mandalika International Street Circuit The Mandalika Street Circuit, potentially a venue for MotoGP, Superbike World Championship mandalika lombok Formula One races will be delivered by Vinci Grand Projects.

The sports cluster and entertainment project, measuring 120 hectares, will eventually include the construction of hotels and other facilities. [14] As mandalika lombok of the conservation maintenance, the vegetation that provides the backdrop to the Mandalika Resort area will be set aside as a conservation area of over 3000 hectares. This area with many native species will only be accessible for low-impact activities, such as cycling or hiking to minimize damage to the flora and fauna.

[15] On 23 February 2019, it was announced that the circuit would host the returning Indonesian motorcycle Grand Prix in 2021.

[16] The track will have 4.320 kilometres length with 17 corners. [17] In April 2021, it was announced that the race circuit layout and surface was completed, but without the associated infrastructure. Officials from MotoGP™ organisers ( Dorna) inspected the track, but no race was scheduled for 2021; World Superbike event was still possible later in the year, depending on travel quarantine requirements.

The project was heavily criticised by the United Nations, due to reports of locals being dispossessed of their homes, lands and livelihoods. [18] References [ edit ] • ^ Dariyanto, Erwin. "Politikus Demokrat Kritik Klaim Jokowi soal Mandalika". detiknews. • ^ "Mandalika". • ^ "KEK Mandalika". 16 February 2017. • ^ "Moto GP Mandalika, Jalan Bypass Dari Bandara Lombok-KEK Dibangun - Ekonomi". 19 March 2019.

mandalika lombok

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mandalika lombok

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mandalika lombok

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mandalika lombok

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Retrieved 14 October 2019. • ^ New track tipped to be Mandalika lombok ‘icon’, but UN condemns project, April 2021. Retrieved 3 September 2021 Edit links • This page was last edited on 20 March 2022, at 21:40 (UTC).

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Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit Masterplan The time has now come – after 24-years in the making and weathering the global pandemic – that the Lombok Circuit has been ‘gearing up’ and is finally ready to host its inaugural event this November 19-21.

The MGPA (Mandalika Grand Prix Association) is ready for the World Superbike or WSBK Mandalika Motorcycle Race in Lombok this month. “It is an honour for us as part of Telkom Indonesia to be involved in this international motorcycle racing event,” said PT Melon Indonesia CEO Dedi Suhurman in a recent press release. There are 25,000 tickets available with 11,000 offered up online since October 23 through PT Melon Indonesia – who is the holding company of Telkom Indonesia, one of the main sponsors.

The ticket seats are divided into six categories ranging from IDR 795, 000 (USD 55) to IDR 2.8 million (USD 196) For the first time since 1997, WSBK will be back in Indonesia with the final round of the 2021 season set to take place, at the scenic Mandalika International Street Circuit located on the Island of Lombok, east of Bali.

Twenty-Four Years in The Making The inclusion will represent a giant leap for Lombok, which is located in West Nusa Tenggara and has been identified by the Indonesian Government as a key focal point for economic growth through tourism and property investment. Already attracting hundreds of investors each year, the hope is major international events such as the MotoGP – as well as Formula One, which has not been ruled out for the future too – can turn Lombok into a mandalika lombok sporting destination.

Lombok MotoGP will be a fabulous venue host offering accommodation set in paradise. MotoGP Lombok 2021 rendering Mandalika Circuit - © ITDC The Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) signed a deal with Dorna Sports for Mandalika lombok hosting rights in 2018, marking a historic breakthrough both for Lombok and the sport. With a population close to 270 million, the country famously boasts the largest motor-racing fanbase in the world, yet has hosted a race mandalika lombok twice in history and been absent from the racing calendar for more than two decades.

Mandalika Motogp 2022 trailer The 1996 and 1997 Marlboro Indonesian Grands Prix were mandalika lombok held at Sentul International Circuit in Bogor, West Java, and with the MotoGP era only starting in 2002, featured three different racing classes: 125cc, 250cc and the MotoGP equivalent 500cc. Watched on by around 50,000 spectators, Mike Doohan won the inaugural race before Tadayuki Okada took top spot on the podium a year later.

Notably, an 18-year-old Valentino Rossi, who would go on to win seven MotoGP world championships, triumphed in the 125cc category in 1997.

Lombok Map Infographic What is the Mandalika Project? And why matters ? That same year, a financial crisis across Asia prompted the race to be dropped from the 1998 calendar and it never returned as the likes of Thailand, China and Malaysia’s Sepang Circuit jumping ahead. Yet with the financial situation of the country strengthening, Indonesia is firmly back in the sports tourism sector.

In 2018, it hosted the Asian Games, a year later held the ASEAN School Games, and has formally bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics. A Trillion In One Part of the MotoGP deal between Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation ( ITDC a government touristic development sector) and Dorna included a commitment to construct a custom-made racing circuit. The contract was eventually given to VINCI Construction Grand Projets, the French firm responsible for the Stade de France that hosted the 1998 FIFA World Cup final, and the ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

Once mandalika lombok Mandalika International Street Circuit and its surrounding infrastructure is complete later this year, it is expected to host various other motorsports events, including the World Superbikes Championship, as well as conferences, congresses and business summits. When not in use, it will be open to the public and the objective is to create an ideal environment for external investment that can boost the island’s economic mandalika lombok international status.

Officials estimate that MotoGP Lombok alone can generate around 1 trillion IDR (US$71 million) for the Indonesian economy. Mandalika project – Kuta Lombok tourism Development – Stage 1 - Invest islands According to government and tourism officials, the Lombok MotoGP world championship race is going to bring not only much-awaited international exposure to the country, but also more opportunities to its people. As race teams now eye the 2022 calendar, local riders may find themselves with testing opportunities as marques look to align with Indonesia in a bid to increase marketing exposure.

Any participation would presumably inspire future generations to chase the same dream, creating a long-lasting impact on the country’s economic well being within the sporting world stage. Lombok Mandalika Map “I fully support the MotoGP Lombok event to be held in March 2022,” said Indonesia State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir.

“This is mandalika lombok line with the Indonesian government’s accelerated national vaccination programme. We want to guarantee the safety mandalika lombok both domestic and international visitors.” A March date means the Mandilka Circuit would probably be round two of the 2022 season, after the traditional Qatar opener, although there have also been rumours that Phillip Island might be moved to the start of the year.

Exposure On and Off Track Indonesia is very much a sporting nation and the No. 1 fan base of MotoGp, so the Lombok Circuit is very much anticipated and will be nationally appreciated. “We also know that the fans from Indonesia will attend massively and the GPs will become one of the most iconic ones of the whole season.

Indonesia is a key market, not only for Dorna but for all the stakeholders of the Championship,” said Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. Although mandalika lombok are no Indonesian riders in MotoGP this year, 28-year-old Dimas Ekky Pratama from West Java and 23-year-old Andi Farid Izdihar from South Sulawesi both raced in Moto2 last season.

While Izdihar will compete in Moto3 this year for Honda Team Asia, Pratama is expected to be the mandalika lombok of the new Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team.

Pertamina Mandalika International Street Mandalika lombok Meanwhile MP1, an Indonesian company operating in events and sports management, has partnered with Gresini Racing mandalika lombok a multiple-year partnership agreement that covers all four categories: MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, mandalika lombok MotoE.

More tie-ups are expected. The Mandalika International Street Circuit may not be a true street circuit in the sense of Monaco or Singapore, but the permanent design does incorporate public roads.

mandalika lombok

ITDC, the company responsible for the venue and its surroundings, believe the 4.32 km Mandalika Circuit mandalika lombok will be one of the fastest in the championship. It is expected to cater to 150,000 spectators and with a 10-year contract promising to broadcast Lombok into 428 million homes across 200 countries, thus providing ontinual exposure of the island is guaranteed for at least the next decade.

Lombok: Indonesia’s Hidden Treasure Located easily just a half-hour from Bali, Lombok is far less developed and thus offers a more tranquil escape.

mandalika lombok

Though the past few years it has seen visitor numbers increase considerably, with the tourism market focused more on sustainable, responsible travel unlike other popular tourist spots in Mandalika lombok.

The island’s clear blue waters are filled with a wide range of marine life, including giant turtles, stingrays and colourful schools of tropical fish, whilst being home to Desert Point, one of the best surf spots in all of Asia. Pengantap bay, Lombok Island - © Invest Islands Mandalika is thus designed as an ecotourism destination. The entire US$3bn project is spread across 1,175 hectares and includes 16km of coastline, condotels, beach clubs, shopping malls, leisure facilities, a golf course, and various other commercial entities.

mandalika lombok

The circuit itself minimises its carbon footprint by incorporating public roads into the design and using clean energy to sustain the majority of support facilities.

Likewise, solar power, a water desalination plant, and a promise to retain 51 percent of the area as open green space are all part mandalika lombok the plan to protect the region’s natural beauty and enhance local culture. Find out more about the real estate in Lombok With construction well underway, the Mandalika Beach Club set to open its doors very soon to support the inaugural racing circuit weekend, with this exciting and ambitious project undoubtedly increasing tourism on the island.

Glamour and adventure are a winning partnership – with something for everyone now on offer – as well as the island being a photographer’s dream. The idea of Lombok eclipsing Bali as Indonesia’s top tourist attraction is not yet on the agenda, but merely joining its neighbouring island at the top table of Asian holiday destinations will be a mandalika lombok success.