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• Mera (wife) • Aqualad (various) • Aquaman marvel Notable aliases Orin King of the Seven Seas Dweller-in-the-Depths Aquatic Ace Marine Marvel Terra Firma Rider aquaman marvel King Tide AC Protector of the Deep Abilities • Superhuman strength, intelligence, durability, endurance, speed, agility, and senses • Telepathic control of all aquatic life • Telepathy • Divine empowerment • Aquaman marvel the Sacred Trident • Proficient in magic • Master tactician • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist • Underwater adaption • Hydrokinesis • Multilingualism • Extreme Night Vision Aquaman ( Arthur Curry) is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941). [1] Initially a backup feature in DC's anthology titles, Aquaman later starred in several volumes of a solo comic book series.

During the late 1950s and 1960s superhero-revival period known as the Silver Age, he was a founding member of the Justice League. In the 1990s Modern Age, writers interpreted Aquaman's character more seriously, with aquaman marvel depicting the weight of his role as king of Atlantis. [2] The character's original 1960s animated appearances left a lasting impression, making Aquaman widely recognized in popular culture and one of the world's most recognized superheroes. Jokes about his wholesome, weak portrayal in Super Friends and perceived feeble powers and abilities have been staples of comedy programs and stand-up routines, [3] [4] [5] leading DC at several times to attempt to make the character edgier or more powerful in the comic books.

[6] Modern comic book depictions have attempted to reconcile these various aspects of his public perception, with many versions often casting Aquaman as serious and brooding, saddled with an ill reputation, and struggling to find a true role and purpose beyond his public side as a deposed king and a fallen hero. [7] Aquaman has been featured in several adaptations, first appearing in animated form in the 1967 The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure and then in the related Super Friends program.

Since then he has appeared in various animated productions, including prominent roles in the 2000s series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Actor Alan Ritchson also portrayed the character in the live action television show Smallville. In the DC Extended Universe, actor Jason Momoa portrays the character in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, Aquaman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the HBO Aquaman marvel series Peacemaker, and the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

[8] [9] [10] Contents • 1 Publication history • 2 Fictional character biography • 2.1 Golden Age • 2.2 Silver Age • 2.2.1 Allies and enemies • 2.2.2 End aquaman marvel an era • 2.3 Modern Age • 2.3.1 Retelling origins • 2.3.2 New direction • 2.3.3 Hiatus between series • 2.3.4 Sixth series • 2.3.5 The "missing year" through Final Crisis • 2.3.6 Blackest Night • 2.3.7 Brightest Day • 2.4 The New 52 and Convergence • 2.5 DC Rebirth/ DC Universe • 3 Arthur Joseph Curry • 4 Powers and abilities • 5 Other versions • 5.1 Aquaman marvel • 6 Collected editions • 6.1 The New 52 • 6.2 DC Rebirth • 7 In other media • 7.1 Television • 7.2 Film • 8 Theme park attractions • 9 Reception and legacy • 10 See also • 11 References • 12 External links Publication history [ edit ] Aquaman's appearances began in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941 and continued until issue #107, after which all superhero stories were replaced with humor features.

At this time, in 1946, Aquaman was aquaman marvel to Adventure Comics with issue #103 along with the other superhero features from More Fun Comics. Aquaman would continue to feature in Adventure Comics for the next 15 years, being one of the few DC superheroes to appear continuously throughout the 1950s. In 1961, Aquaman starred in a four-issue run in the anthology series Showcase in issues #30–33.

These Showcase issues are notable as Aquaman's first cover appearances in any comic. Simultaneously, the Aquaman backup feature ended in Adventure Comics with issue #284 and was transferred to Detective Comics with issue #293. Soon thereafter, the first Aquaman solo series began, with the first issue cover-dated February 1962.

The same month, the backup feature in Detective Comics ended with issue #300. Simultaneously with the solo series, an Aquaman backup feature was also published in World's Finest #125–139 (cover-dated May 1962 to February 1964).

The solo series Aquaman would last 56 issues in its initial run until 1971. After a three-year hiatus, Aquaman returned as a backup feature in Adventure Comics for issues #435–437 before becoming the main feature in issues #441–452.

This run transitioned into a revival of the Aquaman solo series in 1977, resuming the initial run's numbering at #57; however, the series ended after just seven issues with #63 in 1978. Aquaman once again returned to Adventure Comics as part of the Dollar Comics revamp of the series, appearing in issues #460–466 over 1978–1979.

When this ended, Aquaman appeared in three issues of World's Finest Comics (#262–264) and then returned to Adventure Comics as the first feature for four more issues (#475–#478). The feature found a new home as a backup in Action Comics for 14 issues (#517–520; #527–530; #536–540), which would be the end of Aquaman's Pre- Crisis solo appearances.

Aquaman's first Post- Crisis appearance was in the four-issue miniseries Aquaman (vol. 2) in 1986, which gave the character a new blue costume which did not reappear in any later series. In 1988 the character starred in the one-shot Aquaman #1, followed by the Legend of Aquaman Special one-shot issue in 1989. This was followed by the five-issue miniseries Aquaman (vol. 3). A new ongoing series, Aquaman (vol. 4), began in 1991, but was cancelled after 13 issues.

The character was reinvented in the 1993–1994 miniseries Aquaman: Time and Tide, which provided a revamped origin for Aquaman. This was followed by a new ongoing series, Aquaman (vol. 5), which lasted until 2001 with 75 issues altogether, aquaman marvel it the longest-running Aquaman solo series to date. Aquaman (vol. 6) was launched in 2003, following on from the Obsidian Age storyline in JLA.

In the wake of the DC event miniseries Infinite Crisis and DC's " One Year Later" relaunch, the series was renamed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis aquaman marvel issue #40 until the final issue (#57); these 18 issues starred a brand new, younger Aquaman named Arthur Joseph Curry. There were no more solo Aquaman publications in Post- Crisis continuity, although the original Aquaman did feature as a main character in the limited series Brightest Day.

The New 52 continuity reboot in September 2011 saw the beginning of the ongoing series Aquaman (vol. 7). A spin-off team title, Aquaman and the Others, also ran for 11 issues from 2014 to 2015. Aquaman vol. 7 lasted for the entirety of the New 52 era of DC, ending with issue #52 in 2016 as part of the line-wide relaunch DC Rebirth. The New 52 volume was immediately followed by the one-shot issue Aquaman: Rebirth, preceding the launch of the current ongoing series Aquaman (vol.

8), which ended with issue #66. A digital only series titled Aquaman: Deep Dives was released in 2020. Fictional character biography [ edit ] Golden Age [ edit ] Aquaman's first origin story was presented in flashback from his debut in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941), narrated by the character himself: The story must start with my father, a famous undersea explorer—if I spoke his name, you would recognize it. My mother died when I was a baby, and he turned to his work of solving the ocean's secrets.

His greatest discovery was an ancient city, in the depths where no other diver had ever penetrated. My father believed it was the lost kingdom of Aquaman marvel. He made himself a water-tight home in one of the palaces and lived there, studying the records and devices aquaman marvel the race's marvelous wisdom.

From the books and records, he learned ways of teaching me to live under the ocean, drawing oxygen from the water and using all the power of the sea to make me wonderfully strong and swift. By training and a hundred scientific secrets, I became what you see—a human being who lives and thrives under the water.

In his early Golden Age appearances, Aquaman can aquaman marvel underwater and control fish and other underwater life for up to an hour. Initially, he was depicted as speaking to sea creatures "in their own language" rather than telepathically, and only when they were close enough to hear him (within a 20 yards (18 m) radius). Aquaman's adventures took place all across the world and his base was "a wrecked fishing boat kept underwater," in which he also lived. [11] During his wartime adventures, most of Aquaman's foes were Nazi U-boat commanders and various Axis villains from when he once worked with the All-Star Squadron.

The rest of his adventures in the 1940s and 1950s had him dealing with several sea-based criminals, including modern-day pirates such as his longtime archenemy Black Jack, as well as various threats to aquatic life, shipping lanes, and sailors. Aquaman's last appearance in More Fun Comics was in issue #106, before being moved along with Superboy and Green Arrow to Adventure Comics, starting with issue #103 in 1946.

Silver Aquaman marvel [ edit ] Aquaman's adventures continued to be published in Adventure Comics through the 1940s and 1950s, as one of the few superheroes to last through the 1950s in continuous publication.

Starting in the late 1950s new elements to Aquaman's backstory were introduced, with various new supporting characters added and several adjustments made to the character, his origins, his power and persona. The first of these elements was the story "Aquaman's Undersea Partner" in Adventure Comics #229 (October 1956), where his octopus sidekick Topo was first introduced.

This and subsequent elements were later removed or altered from the Aquaman character after the establishment of DC's multiverse in the 1960s, attributed to the Aquaman of Earth-One. The Silver Age Aquaman made his first appearance in Adventure Comics #260 (May 1959).

In it and subsequent Silver Age comics, it was revealed that Aquaman was Arthur Curry, the son of lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost underwater city of Atlantis. Due to his heritage, Aquaman discovered as a youth that he possessed various superhuman abilities, including the powers of surviving underwater, communication with sea life and tremendous swimming prowess.

Eventually, Arthur decided to use his talents to become the defender of the Earth's oceans. It was later revealed that in his youth Arthur had adventured as Aquaboy and, on one occasion, met Superboy, Earth's only other publicly active superpowered hero at the time.

[12] When Arthur grew up, he called himself "Aquaman". It was later revealed that after Atlanna's death, Tom Curry met and married an ordinary human woman and had a son named Orm Curry, Aquaman's half-brother. Orm grew up as a troubled youth in the shadow of his brother, who constantly bailed him out of trouble with the law. He grew to hate Aquaman not only for the powers that aquaman marvel could never possess, but also because he believed that their father would always favor Aquaman.

Aquaman marvel disappeared after becoming an amnesiac and would resurface years later as Aquaman's nemesis the Ocean Master. [13] Aquaman's ability to talk with fish eventually expanded to full-fledged aquaman marvel communication with sea creatures even from great distances.

He also retroactively developed a specific aquaman marvel akin to Superman's vulnerability to kryptonite or Green Lantern's vulnerability to the color yellow: Aquaman had to come into contact with water at least once per hour or he would aquaman marvel. Prior to this, Aquaman could exist both in and out of water indefinitely.

[14] In Aquaman #18 (December 1964), Aquaman married Mera in the first superhero wedding depicted in a comic book. [15] Allies and enemies [ edit ] Aquaman was included in the Justice League of America comic book series, appearing with the team in their very first adventure, [16] and was also a founding member of the team. [17] Aquaman took part in most of the 1960s adventures of the superhero team. Aquaman's supporting cast and rogues gallery soon began to grow with the addition of Aqualad, an outcast, orphaned youth from an Atlantean colony whom Aquaman took in and began to mentor.

[18] Aquaman later discovered the submerged fictional city of New Venice, [19] which became Aquaman's base of operations for a time. [20] Aquaman is recognized as the son of Atlanna and is later voted to be the King after the death of the former regent, who had no heirs.

[21] By this time, Aquaman had met Mera, [22] a queen from a water-based dimension, and married her shortly after he became king. [21] They soon have a son, Arthur, Jr. (nicknamed "Aquababy"). [23] Aquaman in Adventure Comics #443 (January 1976), art by Jim Aparo The 1960s series introduced other such archenemies as the Ocean Master (Aquaman's amnesiac half-brother Orm), [24] Black Manta, [25] the Fisherman, [26] the Scavenger, [27] and the terrorist organization known as O.G.R.E.

[28] Other recurring members of the Aquaman cast introduced in this series include the well-meaning but annoying Qwsp (a water sprite); [29] Dr. Vulko, a trustworthy Atlantean scientist who became Aquaman's royal advisor and whom Aquaman eventually appoints to be king after leaving the throne himself; [30] and Tula (known as " Aquagirl"), an Atlantean princess who was Aqualad's primary love interest.

[31] End of an era [ edit ] In the mid-1980s, after his own aquaman marvel demise, Aquaman is briefly made the leader of the Justice Aquaman marvel of America. In a storyline in Justice League of America #228–230, an aquaman marvel of Earth by a race of Martians occurs at a time when the core members are missing. Aquaman is thus forced to defend Earth with a League much depleted in power and capability, and he aquaman marvel it upon himself to disband the Justice League altogether in Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984), thereafter reforming it with new bylaws requiring members to give full participation to the League's cases.

With the help of veteran Justice League members the Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, and the Elongated Man, Aquaman recruits and trains four new and aquaman marvel members: Gypsy, Vibe, Vixen, and Steel. Arthur also relocates the team's headquarters to a reinforced bunker in Detroit, Michigan after the destruction of the JLA's satellite headquarters during the Martian invasion.

[32] Aquaman's participation in this new version of the Justice League ended in #243 (October 1985), aquaman marvel he resigned to work on his marriage with Mera. Modern Age [ edit ] After the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, several short miniseries were produced in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, beginning with 1986's four-issue miniseries Aquaman (February–May 1986), written by Neal Pozner and featuring Aquaman in a new, largely deep-sea blue "camouflage" costume.

The series was well received and a follow-up limited series was in the works, but was eventually cancelled due to creative problems. [33] This series also expanded on several details of the Silver Age Aquaman's origin as well as Aquaman's relationship with his half-brother, the Ocean Master, whose origin was retold in more complete detail.

The series also added mystical elements to Aquaman's mythology and reinvented the Ocean Master as a sorcerer. Aquaman reappeared in his blue costume in Aquaman Special #1 (1988). Aquaman's deep-blue camouflage suit in Aquaman (vol. 2) #1 (February 1986), art by Craig Hamilton In late 1988, the character appeared in the Invasion! storyline, guest-starring with the Doom Patrol and once again wearing his trademark orange and green costume.

Retelling origins [ edit ] In 1989, the Legend of Aquaman Special (officially titled as Aquaman Special #1 in the comic's legal indicia, the second Special in back-to-back years) rewrote Aquaman's mythos and origin while still keeping most of his Silver Age history intact. The special was written by writer Robert Loren Fleming with plots/breakdown art by Keith Giffen and full pencil art by artist Curt Swan.

This origin story of the Modern Age recounts that Aquaman is born as Orin to Queen Atlanna and the mysterious wizard Atlan in the sunken Atlantean city of Poseidonis. As a baby, Orin was abandoned to die on Mercy Reef (which is above sea level at low tide, causing fatal air exposure to Atlanteans) because of his blond hair, which was seen by the superstitious Atlanteans as a sign of a curse they called "the Mark of Kordax." The only individual who spoke up on Orin's behalf was Vulko, a scientist who had no patience for myth or superstition.

While his pleas fell on deaf ears, Vulko would later become a close friend and advisor to the young Orin. As a feral child who raised himself in the wilds of the ocean with only sea creatures to keep him company, Orin was found and taken in by a lighthouse keeper aquaman marvel Arthur Curry who named Orin "Arthur Curry" after himself.

One day, a young Arthur returns home and finds that his adoptive father has disappeared, so he sets off aquaman marvel his own. In his early teens, Orin ventures to the far North, where he meets and falls in love with an Inupiat girl named Kako. It is also here that he first earned the hatred of Orm, the future Ocean Master, aquaman marvel was later revealed to be Arthur's half-brother by Atlan and an Aquaman marvel woman.

[34] As detailed in the five-issue miniseries Aquaman (June–October 1989) (by the same creative team of the 1989 special of Robert Loren Fleming, Keith Giffen, and Curt Swan), which continued a few of the themes from the Legend of Aquaman Special, Mera is eventually driven insane by grief over the death of her son, Arthur, Jr., and is committed to an asylum in Poseidonis. Shortly afterwards, a jellyfish-esque alien force conquers Atlantis. Arthur is forced to save the city, but is hampered by an escaped Mera, who personally blames Arthur for the death of their son.

In a fit of rage, Mera leaves Earth for her homeworld of Xebel in another dimension. The publication of writer Peter David's The Atlantis Chronicles #1–7 (March–September 1990), which tells the story of Atlantis from antediluvian times to Aquaman's birth, introduced the ancient Atlantean characters Orin aquaman marvel whom Aquaman was named) and Atlan (who was revealed to be Aquaman's father).

Another Aquaman ongoing series with creative team Shaun McLaughlin and Ken Hooper (#1–13) thereafter ran from December 1991 to December 1992, which portrayed Aquaman reluctantly deciding to remain in Poseidonis as its protector once again. For a time, Arthur served as Atlantis' representative to the United Nations, but always found himself thrust back into the superhero role.

Becoming more and more of a workaholic and solitary figure, Aquaman eventually returned to the oceans and soon becomes tangled aquaman marvel in another attempt by Black Manta to destroy Atlantis by dragging it into a war with a surface nation. Peter David returned to the character in another miniseries, Aquaman: Time and Tide, aquaman marvel 1993–1994 four-issue miniseries which further explained Aquaman's origins, as he finally learns all about the history of his people through the Atlantis Chronicles, which are presented as historical texts passed down and updated through the centuries.

Aquaman learns that his birth name was Orin and that he and his enemy the Ocean Master share the same father, "an ancient Atlantean wizard" named Atlan. This revelation sends Orin into a bout of rage and depression, setting the stage for later confrontations between the two, as it is said in the Chronicles that "two brothers will also battle for control of Atlantis".

This is in contrast to the Silver Age Aquaman, who had always known that the Ocean Master was his half-brother Orm, although Orm's aquaman marvel prevented him from remembering this fact for some time. This series is credited by Kevin Melrose of Comic Book Resources with helping the character reach the height of his modern-era popularity.

[35] New direction [ edit ] Aquaman starred in his own series again with the publication of Aquaman (vol. 5) #1 (August 1994), initially scripted by Peter David, following up on his 1993 Time and Tide miniseries. This series was the longest-running for the character, lasting until its 75th issue.

David left the series after issue #46 (July 1998) after working on it for nearly four years. The 1990s version of Aquaman on the cover of Aquaman (vol. 5) #17 (February 1996), art by Jim Calafiore David began by giving Aquaman an entirely new look, aquaman marvel his former clean-cut appearance.

Following his discoveries reading the Atlantis Chronicles during Time and Tide, Aquaman withdraws from the world for a time.

Garth finds him weeks later, with his hair and beard grown long, brooding in his cave. Aquaman loses his left hand when the madman Charybdis, attempting to force Arthur to show him how he can harness Arthur's ability to communicate with sea life, sticks Arthur's hand into a piranha-infested pool.

[36] This loss causes Aquaman to become somewhat unhinged and he begins having prophetic dreams, and then, feeling in need of a "symbol", attaches a harpoon spearhead to his left arm in place of his missing hand. His classic orange shirt is shredded in a battle with Lobo, [37] but rather than replace it, he instead goes shirtless for a while before donning a gladiatorial manica.

[38] After aquaman marvel destruction of the harpoon, [39] Aquaman has it replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic harpoon from S.T.A.R. Labs [40] with a retractable reel that he can fully control. A major storyline, culminating in #25, concerns the Five Lost Cities of Atlantis. Facing an unearthly invading species linked to the origin of the Atlanteans, Aquaman has to search out and unite the lost cities. This storyline established Arthur as a Warrior King and a major political power, ruling largely undisputed over all the Atlantean cities.

The remainder of Peter David's run focused on Orin coming to terms with his genetic heritage and his role as king. During this time he discovers the remnants of a sentient alien ship beneath Poseidonis and is able to take control of it, returning Poseidonis to the surface and bringing Atlantis into greater contact with the outside aquaman marvel.

The cultural changes this brings about, including increased tourism, as well as his conflicting duties as superhero and king, bring him into increasing tension with the political powers in his city.

After a brief stint by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, David was replaced as writer by Erik Larsen with issue #50 (Dec. 1998) and again by Dan Jurgens in issue #63 (January 2000). The series ended with issue #75 (January 2001). During this time Aquaman's wife Mera returns, once again sane, from the otherworldly dimension where she had been trapped and Aquaman narrowly averts a coup d'état orchestrated by his son Koryak and his advisor Vulko. Arthur's second harpoon is also destroyed, this time in a battle with Noble, King of the Lurkers.

Aquaman replaces it with a golden prosthetic hand developed by Atlantean scientists which can change shape at his command, thus retaining the powers of the former harpoon while also being more all-purpose. After a brief war with an island nation, Aquaman expands Atlantis' surface influence by annexing the country to Atlantis. Hiatus between series [ edit ] Aquaman had no regular series of his own from 2001 to 2003, but his plot went through several developments via his cameo appearances in multiple other titles.

Aquaman was a founding member of the reformed JLA [41] and remained an active, if sometimes reluctant member of that team, until the " Our Worlds at War" storyline in 2001 (shortly after the cancellation of Aquaman vol.

5), during aquaman marvel Aquaman and the city of Poseidonis disappear during a battle between Aquaman and an Imperiex probe. The Justice League eventually found out that the city was still there, just magically shielded, but in ruins and apparently uninhabited.

These Atlanteans were trapped in the ancient past, sent there by Tempest (Aqualad) as a last measure when it appeared that the city would be destroyed by the probe. There, however, they were enslaved by their own Atlantean ancestors, led by a powerful sorceress named Gamemnae, and Aquaman himself was transformed into living water and imprisoned in an ornamental aquaman marvel.

Over time, this civilization had collapsed until only Gamemnae herself, now immensely powerful, inhabited the ruins. After a few months of their own time, but fully 15 years for the Atlanteans, the JLA free Aquaman in "The Obsidian Age" storyline in JLA.

[42] Although the original League is killed by Gamemnae, their souls are contained by the magician Manitou Raven to use in a spell to contain Gamemnae in Atlantis until the present day, when he is able to resurrect them. Aquaman is freed from his imprisonment in the pool and Zatanna enhances his abilities so that he can now control the entire ocean as a powerful water wraith. With this power, Aquaman is able to sever Gamemnae's connection to the city by sinking it under the sea again.

While he fights Gamemnae, the League members return the modern Atlanteans aquaman marvel the present, where they begin rebuilding the city, which is once again at the bottom of the sea.

Sixth series [ edit ] The initial look of the 2003 aquaman marvel by Yvel Guichet A sixth Aquaman series began shortly afterward, initially written by Rick Veitch, who sought to take Aquaman in a more mystical direction. Subsequent writers who contributed to the series include John Ostrander, Will Pfeifer, Tad Williams, and John Arcudi. This series ran 57 issues, starting in December 2002 (cover-dated February 2003).

Initially focusing on Aquaman's efforts to survive after he was exiled from Atlantis and the ocean, the theme of the storyline changed when Aquaman became involved after a sizeable portion of San Diego sunk into the ocean. Over the next few months, it was discovered that the sinking was the work of a scientist who had acquired a sample of Aquaman's DNA.

Believing that the human race as it currently existed would destroy Earth, he had sunk the city while also using the DNA sample he took from Aquaman to convert most of the residents into water-breathers. Aquaman goes on to establish himself as the protector of 'Sub Diego', aided by new Aquagirl Lorena Marquez, despite such problems as the human residents' poor reaction to being trapped underwater and the Ocean Master's attempt to rewrite history so that he is Aquaman while Orin is the Ocean Master.

Starting with #40 (May 2006), following the events of the Infinite Crisis storyline, the series was renamed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis which ended with issue #57 (October 2007). These issues featured a new, younger Aquaman named Arthur Joseph Curry. The "missing year" through Final Crisis [ edit ] Following the " One Year Later" storyline (starting with Aquaman (vol. 6) #40 (May 2006)), the series was renamed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis and taken in an entirely different direction by writer Kurt Busiek.

In this version, Aquaman is missing and presumed dead following the events of Infinite Crisis. A young man with aquatic powers by the name of Arthur Joseph Curry is summoned by the mysterious Dweller in the Depths to take up the mantle of Aquaman, but it gradually emerges that the Dweller himself is Aquaman, having lost much of his memory and been strangely mutated, while gaining magical powers (see the Arthur Joseph Curry section below). These changes were explained later during the "missing year" between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later aquaman marvel in the weekly series 52, where Aquaman makes a brief appearance at the memorial for Superboy.

Sometime later Ralph Dibny, seemingly accompanied by Doctor Fate's helmet, meets a bearded, long-haired and amnesic Orin in the ruins of Atlantis. The helmet portends that " if he lives. if he lives. it is as a victim of the magicks of legend and the power of the sea." [43] During Infinite Crisis, Orin makes a deal with the gods of the sea in a desperate bid to gain the power to save the lives of aquaman marvel Sub Diego inhabitants who had lost the ability to live in water.

Using the bones of his severed left hand in a magical ritual, the sea gods give Orin the power to raise Sub Diego onto dry land. However, as a side effect of aquaman marvel, Orin mutates into the "Dweller of the Depths" and loses his memories.

[44] The fate the Dweller foresees for Arthur Joseph Curry once they meet is revealed to really only be a confused memory of the Dweller's own past as Aquaman.

In the midst of trying to help his successor, Arthur Joseph, the Dweller (Orin) is murdered by Narwhal. [45] Upon the receipt of Orin's body, members of the Justice League of America, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash, examine the body in Atlantis and wish the best for Mera and the new Aquaman. [46] Orin seemingly reappears in Atlantis during the 2008 Final Crisis storyline to fend off the forces of Darkseid, but this Aquaman is revealed aquaman marvel be from another Earth in the multiverse.

[47] [48] The appearance of this Aquaman is later perceived by Hal Jordan and Barry Allen to be an unsubstantiated rumor, however, since this person was never seen nor heard from again. [49] Sometime between his death and the beginning of the 2008–09 Blackest Night storyline, Orin's body is moved and buried on land at Mercy Reef alongside Tom Curry in accordance with his final wishes.

[50] Blackest Night [ edit ] Main article: Blackest Night In Blackest Night #1 (July 2009), Garth returns to Atlantis and tells Orin's wife Mera that he is angry at the notion of Aquaman's body being buried on land. Mera relays to Tempest that Orin felt safe on land and that this is indeed what Arthur wanted. Sometime later, a black power ring is seen entering Orin's grave, bidding him to rise from the dead. [50] Aquaman's corpse rises, along with those aquaman marvel Tula and the Dolphin as revenant members of the Black Lantern Corps, and demands that Mera reunite with him in death, offering her a chance to see her son again.

Garth is killed and joins the Black Lanterns himself. Mera rejects Aquaman's corpse before fleeing. In the climax of the miniseries, Aquaman is among those resurrected by The White Lantern Entity and is reunited with Mera.

The Black Lantern Ring helps reconstruct Orin's body and when he is resurrected, his hand is restored as well. [51] Brightest Day [ edit ] Main article: Brightest Day Aquaman and Mera spend the night together in the lighthouse of Amnesty Bay, but in the morning Mera finds Arthur on the dock looking at the sea and wondering why he was resurrected.

[52] They later intercept a pirate vessel, but Aquaman finds that he can now only call on dead sea life to help him. [53] While cleaning up an oil spill, Aquaman and Mera are attacked by soldiers from Mera's homeworld, led by the Siren, and Mera reveals that the Siren was sent to kill him. [54] Mera also hints that, despite the long-lasting exile of her people, Xebel's soldiers had been enemies of Black Manta himself from a aquaman marvel time, even preceding the first public appearance of Aquaman.

She also states that, despite Mera's original mission being a solo one, the Siren is now backed by an entire Death Squad of elite Xebel soldiers acting at the orders of the acting princess and also later reveals that the Siren is her younger sister. [55] Aquaman is instructed by the White Lantern Entity to find Jackson Hyde before a second, unidentified group does. [56] Mera states that she knows who Hyde is [57] and after she tells Aquaman, he leaves and rescues Jackson from a Xebel attack.

It is revealed that Aquaman's Silver Age origin has been re-established and he is once again the half-human son of Tom Curry and an Atlantean queen. [58] The Entity subsequently reduces Aquaman to what appears to be white water. [59] Aquaman is revealed to be one of the Elementals, transformed by the Entity to become the element of water and protect the Star City forest from the Dark Avatar, the Black Lantern version of the Swamp Thing.

[60] After the Dark Avatar aquaman marvel defeated, the Aquaman marvel Thing returns Aquaman to normal. Afterward, Aquaman is reunited with Mera, at which point he discovers that the Xebels' weapons were made of Atlantean technology. [61] The New 52 and Convergence [ edit ] As part of The New 52, DC's 2011 relaunch of their entire superhero line, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado served as the initial creative team of the company's new Aquaman series, the first issue of which was released September 28, 2011.

[62] The three creators remained on the title for the first 16 issues [63] which subsequently lead into the first continual Aquaman-related crossover in years: " Throne of Atlantis". The relaunched series cemented Aquaman's status as the half-human son of Tom Curry and Atlanna and saw him return to Amnesty Bay with Mera. Greatly distressed by the harsh treatment given to the oceans during his time as ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman decides to abdicate the Atlantean throne and return to full-time heroics.

Arthur struggles, however, with his lack of reputation with the greater public, which views him as a lesser metahuman with less impressive powers than those of his peers. [64] He is also once again a founding member of the Justice League [65] and it is revealed in Aquaman (vol. 7) #7 that early in his career, Aquaman had teamed with a mysterious, loose-knit group of characters simply known as the Others. The Others consist of Aquaman, the South American jungle girl Ya'Wara and her panther, a Russian known as Aquaman marvel, an ex-army veteran called Prisoner-of-War, the Operative, and an Iranian called Kahina the Seer.

All of the Others have in their possession an enchanted relic from Atlantis. From 2014 to 2015, an independent Aquaman and the Others series was launched based on the success of these new characters. The 2015 Convergence storyline gave Aquaman a aquaman marvel look at issue #41. In this story, he has been deposed from his throne by Mera, now Queen of Atlantis, who is now hunting him as a fugitive. Along the way, Arthur acquires some new powers and new equipment, giving him access to powerful mystical capabilities.

It is aquaman marvel revealed that Atlantis is really being run by the Siren, identical twin sister of Mera, whom Mera had aquaman marvel prisoner. DC Rebirth/ DC Universe [ edit ] Following the company-wide rebranding in DC Rebirth with one focus point to bring back legacy and relationships, Arthur finally proposes to Mera in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Aquaman was given an eighth volume of his eponymous series, which started with a one-shot comic book entitled Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (August 2016).

This series kept writer Dan Abnett, who had taken over the title for the last three issues of The New 52 and who had previously written the character for a short time a decade earlier. Aquaman (vol. 8) focuses on Aquaman's role as king and diplomat with Arthur attempting aquaman marvel strengthen Atlantis-surface relationships by opening an Atlantean embassy in Amnesty Bay, with Mera appointed as ambassador. The series largely focuses on the main cast featured in the New 52 series, consisting of Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta while also fleshing out forgotten side characters such as Lagoon Boy, Tula (Aquagirl), Black Jack, and others.

After the events of Drowned Earth Arthur loses his memories, begins going by Andy and lives amongst aquaman marvel enclave of island dwellers making their home on Unspoken Water. [66] Unbeknownst to aquaman marvel, however, this habitation is a place set within the Sphere of the Gods where forgotten sea deities go—either when/after they aquaman marvel, fade from their worshipers' memories or simply forget their role in servicing the ocean's majesty.

[67] One such goddess, who was actually a primordial adept from before time, begrudgingly makes her home on a separate island adjacent to that of the divinity who betrayed her and her departed husband. Namma, aquaman marvel real name is actually Mother Salt, has every intention of drowning the world in brine with the intended consequence of killing everything that lives and breathes on it in revenge and to start over—remaking the universe in her own image.

[68] With the help of one of Namma's cast-off creatures—needed to regain her full power as well as aid from the forgotten gods—who is reawakened by Arthur/Andy's clarion call through the Life Force power, Aquaman is able to best the vengeful divine progenitor and scatter her essence across the cosmos, ending her threat for a time. [69] In thanks for aiding them in quelling their mother's fury, the Sea Gods of the World and the newly revived Father Sea (the aforementioned life mate of Mother Salt), give praise to Arthur for his valor and integrity.

The Sea Gods awaken his dormant demigod abilities by bestowing upon him tribal tattoo's, christening him a bastion of the High Seas, while Father Sea himself retrieves Arthur/Andy's trident from the waters bestowing it to him once more. [70] Yearning to remember who he was, Arthur/Andy undergoes a ritual where he communes with another primal ocean entity known as Mother Shark, who, when asked to, restores Arthur's memories wherein he realizes Mera killed him in a fit of rage because of his hesitation about hearing that he is going to become a father.

[71] Aquaman and the sea gods return to Amnesty Bay, the gods settle on Amnesty Island, in an abandoned lighthouse formerly occupied by Tristram Maurer, a 19th-century horror writer. Aquaman is called upon to bail Jackson Hyde out of jail, and Jackson appoints himself Aquaman's ”assistant”. [72] Along with Callie and Tula, the two fight a sea monster which mysteriously disappears when the new lamp in the restored lighthouse is destroyed.

An Amnesty Bay civilian named Ralph is killed during the fight, and at his funeral, Aquaman meets the resurrected Tristan Maurer. [73] Black Manta destroys an Atlantean historical site in order to provoke a confrontation with Mera and the recently resurrected Arthur. Mera, along with Arthur, Jackson Hyde, and Arthur's new ally Tristan Maurer successfully fight off Manta, who is equipped with a mecha provided by Lex Luthor.

Mera joins her powers with Jackson to create a gigantic, bioelectric powered water construct of herself, destroying the mecha, however, the strain of the immense hydrokinetic power Mera she is forced to use puts her in a coma, and she gives birth to her daughter Andy shortly after. Arthur was present for his daughter's birth, and fell in love with her instantly, losing all of his trepidation about becoming a father or the kind of life they could have together.

He named her Andy, the name he used while amnesiac and stranded on Unspoken Water. Mera remains comatose for ten months, during which Arthur and Andy would regularly sneak into Atlantis to visit the comatose Mera in secret.

After 10 months in a coma, Mera reawakens. With the ruse of a fake wedding to Vulko she calls to Atlantis the leaders of the 7 underwater kingdoms. Prior to the wedding, she has the entire widowhood arrested. Once all 7 kingdoms are assembled, to their surprise, Mera announces that she was dissolving aquaman marvel Atlantean monarchy and that she intended to hand power to the people.

Orm attempts to take power for himself, however, Orm and his forces are stopped by Aquaman, assisted by the Justice league and the Sea gods. Following this, Mera finally embraces her daughter, as she and Arthur settle down in Amnesty Bay. Soon afterwards, Mera and Arthur marry in the presence of their family and friends, in what was originally planned as a welcome back party for her. [74] Following the abolition of the monarchy, Arthur and Mera intended to hold themselves apart aquaman marvel Atlantis to allow the city to govern itself, but they were forced to intervene when the Frost King's forces attacked the city during what was intended to be their honeymoon.

Arthur journeyed into the city's heating vents to meet with the Fire Trolls who lived in the tunnels below Atlantis, hoping they could be an ally against the Frost King. Originally Mera agreed to stay behind to guard Andy but quickly followed him, arriving in time to save Arthur from a Fire Troll with a hydrokinetic attack.

The Trolls were in awe of this and swore loyalty to her. With her army of Fire Trolls, Mera and Arthur defeated the ice creatures attacking Atlantis. [75] Arthur Joseph Curry [ aquaman marvel ] Arthur Joseph Curry is the second DC Comics superhero to be known as Aquaman. Created by Kurt Busiek and Jackson Guice, he first appeared in Aquaman marvel Sword of Atlantis #40 (May 2006). As part of DC Comics's One Year Later event, Aquaman's series was renamed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis with issue #40 (May 2006).

The new developments included a new lead character, a new supporting cast, and the inclusion of sword and sorcery–type fantasy elements in the series. The character was short-lived, and was not seen much leading up to the revival of Aquaman in the 2010 Blackest Night miniseries, aquaman marvel he was not featured in DC continuity at all following its 2011 reboot, The New 52. Arthur's story resembles versions of the original Aquaman's. While awaiting transport to Miami, Florida, a young man named Arthur Joseph Curry is washed out to sea when a storm ruptures the tank he is in.

This Arthur Curry, much like the Golden Age Aquaman, is the son of oceanobiologist Dr. Phillip Curry. Arthur's mother, Elaine, died in childbirth and Dr.

Curry was forced to use a mutagenic serum on his son when he was born three months premature. Arthur has lived his whole life in the main tank of his father's research facility at Avalon Cay, his only window to the outside world being television.

Arthur Joseph Curry on the cover of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #54 (September 2007), art by Rachel and Terry Dodson Shortly after his arrival in the sea, Arthur is mentally contacted by the mysterious "Dweller of the Depths", a deformed humanoid with tentacles instead of hair and a left hand made of water who is later revealed to be the new form of the previous Aquaman (Arthur Curry). The Dweller urges him to help King Shark, who still bears scars from a previous battle with Aquaman during the recent Crisis.

The Dweller, confusing this new Arthur for Aquaman and calling him his "charge", tells Arthur and King Shark of a prophecy regarding Arthur's future, a prophecy which seems to be a distorted version of the original Aquaman's history.

The Dweller reveals that the original Aquaman was "transformed into one akin to a great and terrible enemy aquaman marvel your people and became the vessel of power strange, ancient and terrible." Arthur's first aquaman marvel to Atlantis and the oceans causes him to meet many of Aquaman's supporting characters, including Mera, the Sea Devils, Vulko, and, eventually, the Ocean Master.

During this adventure, the Dweller progressively realizes that he himself is the original Aquaman, despite having no memory of his former life. Later, Arthur finds a humanoid squid named Topo, a naive youth attracted by superheroics and seeking to become a sidekick and Tempest, who is amnesiac, unable to breathe water, and implanted with a post-hypnotic suggestion warning of an upcoming battle.

The foreseen battle soon occurs, during which the Dweller is apparently killed. The Justice League is called in to evaluate The Dweller's situation, but are unable to determine if he is truly dead, or if he can somehow resurrect himself due to his new magical nature. [46] In Sword of Atlantis #57, the series' final issue, Aquaman is visited by the Lady of the Lake, who explains his origins. She explains that the original Aquaman had given a sample of his water hand to Dr. Curry in order to resurrect Curry's dead son, Arthur, whom he had named after the hero.

When the original Aquaman attempted to resurrect Sub Diego, a part of his soul attached itself to the dead body of Arthur Joseph Curry, while Aquaman's (Arthur Curry) body mutated into the Dweller of the Depths. Blaming himself for this death, Aquaman vows to never be called 'Arthur' again, refraining from using what he sees as a "stolen" name and asking only to be called Joseph in the future.

[76] Joseph is considered as a candidate for the new Outsiders by Batman. After seeing him in action with Metamorpho, however, Batman decides against his induction. [77] In their quest to rid the Earth of all forms of kryptonite, Superman and Batman journey deep below the sea, where they find a large amount of the substance. The two of them are met with hostility by Aquaman and King Shark. A brief fight ensues, but, eventually, Joseph allows them to take the kryptonite.

Before doing so, he points out that not everyone may want Superman to find all of Earth's kryptonite, but that Superman would have to be at least part human to understand that. [78] Joseph Curry would continue to be the stand-in king of Atlantis until after the Final Crisis storyline.

aquaman marvel

It was revealed that Joseph had stepped down from his position due to being unable to deal with the pressure of carrying on the Aquaman legacy.

Tempest later finds Joseph's trident and costume draped over a throne, confirming that he had abandoned his duties as Atlantis' king. [79] This is the final real reference to Arthur Joseph Curry, with the character never appearing again or being referenced in any DC material since that point. The character has yet to reappear after two of DC Comics' major relaunches, 2011's The New 52 and 2016's DC Rebirth. Powers and abilities [ edit ] Aquaman's most widely recognized power, apart from being able to breathe underwater, is the ability to communicate with marine life, which he can summon from great distances.

This was originally described in the stories as an ability to actually speak with fish, [80] like Dr Dolittle's ability to speak to animals, and later was retconned into an ability to communicate with them telepathically. He once stated that this power more relied on encouraging and compelling the subject rather than full control, citing piranha as a species he has trouble commanding under any circumstances due to their ruthlessness and hunger.

Although this power is most often and most easily used on marine animals, Aquaman has at times demonstrated the ability to affect any being that lives upon the sea (e.g., sea eagles), or even any being evolved from marine life (e.g., humans and some aliens). Per the 2011 DC continuity reboot, The New 52, Aquaman's telepathy has been greatly downplayed: acknowledging that most marine life does not possess enough intelligence to carry on a meaningful telepathic communication, Aquaman is now stated to simply add compulsions and needs in the mindset of aquatic life, compelling them to do his bidding by a subtle altering of their cerebellum.

[64] It is later revealed during DC Rebirth/ Drowned Earth that Arthur's ability to speak with the ocean comes from a metaphysical energy known as the Life Force, [81] a vast ocean of genesistic power which enables him to connect with any and all forms of sentience within the cosmos, even from across realities. [82] Through it, Arthur could also use its power to revert lost forms and assert varying consciousnesses within, like making the human shell of Mother Salt's monster daughter, the Cailleach, subservient to her human host's will; even restoring the true forms and divine powers aquaman marvel long-forgotten ocean gods while calling out to them through his aquatelepathy.

[83] Orin pre-Flashpoint has had an ill-defined level of telekinetic capability he would use every so often. It's very, very rarely touched upon and the only times he ever used it few and far between; often applying these abilities as a focus for team battles to strengthen combo attacks with other supers. [84] The character has a number of other superhuman powers, most of which derive from the fact that he is adapted to live and thrive in the harshest of underwater environments.

He has the ability to breathe underwater and possesses a superhuman physique strong enough to withstand attacks from superhuman opponents and resist machine gun fire. [85] Aquaman frequently displays feats of super-Atlantean (the average Atlantean can lift/press approximately two tons) and superhuman strength. While not on par with Superman and Wonder Woman, he has proven capable of leaps up to six miles. [86] He can swim at extremely high speeds, capable of reaching speeds of 3,000 meters per second [85] (10,800 km [roughly 6,700 miles] per hour) and can swim up Niagara Falls.

[87] He can see in near total darkness and has enhanced aquaman marvel, granting limited sonar. [2] Although Aquaman can remain underwater indefinitely without suffering any ill effects, he grows weak if he remains on land for extended periods. However, when Batman invented Aquaman's water suit, he was able to walk on land for an indefinite amount of time and was no longer vulnerable to a " dehumidifier".

[2] This weakness was later removed from continuity in 2011, establishing that he grew up on land before learning of his Atlantean heritage, [88] but he still runs the risk of dying by dehydration within incredibly hostile environments, such as deserts. [89] Aquaman had also been bestowed an ability he never showcased before, given to him by an old Sea Monarch, granting him the ability of unaided flight using his own power. [90] Before The New 52, the Trident, granted by Poseidon to the rightful ruler and protector of the seas, was indestructible and a very powerful melee weapon, which Aquaman wielded with unmatched skill.

Apart from its power as a melee weapon, the Trident also had the power to manipulate water, fire bolts of aquaman marvel energy and act as a focus to amplify the magical power of others, most notably Tempest.

[91] In The New 52, the Trident comes in multiples; one belonging to the aforementioned sea god, [92] and another which is part of a collection of seven very powerful Atlantean magical items, forged by the first king of Atlantis who calls himself 'The Dead King'. [93] initially thought to be the most powerful weapon of the set, with the possible exception of the recently discovered seventh item, the Trident is completely indestructible and able to hurt even the most powerful of opponents, aquaman marvel as the evil New God Darkseid.

In one instance, the Trident was shown glowing with magical power when Black Manta used the rest of the items to discover the hidden seventh one.

In The New 52, Poseidon's trident has displayed the power to summon tsunamis and deluges, [94] and call down thunder and lightning, [95] project and control ice, move landmasses, and grant the ability for Aquaman to teleport himself across global and even interplanetary distances using water as a medium.

[96] It can also transform into a gladius (a type of sword used by ancient Roman gladiators) and back into a trident at will. [97] Arthur also uses both versions of the trident to boost the range of his telepathy.

[98] Sometimes when Arthur utilizes aquaman marvel trident of Atlan's supernatural powers, his eyes glow with arcane power and this further strengthens his abilities aquaman marvel well as giving him various arcane energy-based capabilitie. [99] After the loss of his left hand, Aquaman initially replaced it with a cybernetic retractable hook, then a liquid metal hand.

The mechanical hand was replaced by a magical hand made out of water, given to him by the Lady of the Lake, which granted Aquaman numerous abilities.

These included: the ability to instantly dehydrate to death anyone he touched, shoot jets of scalding or freezing water from it, healing abilities, the ability to create portals into mystical dimensions that could act as spontaneous transport, control and negate magic, manipulate almost any body of water he sets his focus on [2] and the capability to communicate with the Lady of the Lake.

[100] His biological hand was restored when the character was resurrected in Blackest Night #8. At various times in his life, Aquaman has been transformed into a purely oceanic entity with power over all the seas of the world; [101] this was usually temporary, as he would often revert to normal afterwards.

[102] [103] [104] Other versions [ edit ] • In the aquaman marvel, following the establishment of DC Comics's multiverse system, [105] the Golden Age version of Aquaman became known as the Aquaman of Earth-Two, while the Silver Age version of Aquaman became the Aquaman marvel of Earth-One. Although the two versions never met, the Earth-Two Aquaman did appear post-Golden Age in All-Star Squadron #59–60 (July–August 1986), just before the character was retroactively eliminated from existence via the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

[106] • The 1980s series Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! presented the parallel Earth of "Earth-C-Minus," a world populated by anthropomorphic animal superheroes that paralleled the mainstream DC Universe.

Earth-C-Minus featured Aquaduck, a duck version of Aquaman with similar powers. [107] • Aquaman watches over the seas and his kingdom in the Supergirl: Wings Elseworlds story.

• Arthur Curry appears in the 1997 Tangent Comics one-shot Green Lantern, in which he is revealed to be the son of the pilot Captain Boomerang, and a member of Boomerang's fleet. • Aquaman is the focus in a look into the future in Old Lady Harley. During a Joker attack on the Justice League, Aquaman and Lobo had pursued the villain. A simple accident has the Joker decapitated by Aquaman's trident. Future Aquaman acts as a peacekeeper between America and Mexico, a meeting that goes well for all concerned.

[108] • In the Countdown tie-in issue The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman, a female version of Aquaman is shown to reside on Earth-11. This version is called "Anne", is physically similar to Joseph Curry, and commands the armies of Atlantis. The Aquawoman of the slightly revised Earth-11 appears in The Multiversity #1 aquaman marvel as one of the assembled heroes of the Multiverse who have come together to save it from destruction.

• In the 2003–04 intercompany crossover JLA/Avengers, Aquaman teams up with the Avenger the Vision to investigate the changes to their respective Earths as a result of the actions of the Grandmaster. He displays his immense psychic control over sea life when he single-handedly shuts aquaman marvel the minds of Atlantean soldiers under the control of Attuma, although his abilities only partially affect Namor the Sub-Mariner, due to Namor's half-human physiology.

• In the alternate timeline of the 2011 Flashpoint storyline, Aquaman is brought back to Atlantis when he was a teenager, due to the death of his father. As a result, the young Arthur never learned compassion and kindness from his father, who aquaman marvel killed by the Atlantean agents sent to recover him. [109] In the present day, Aquaman and all of Atlantis wage war against Wonder Woman and the Amazons, [110] which began when Diana's mother Hippolyta was killed on Aquaman and Diana's wedding day.

In an act of retribution, Wonder Woman later killed Mera, who had apparently married Aquaman. [111] The death of Hippolyta was, however, revealed to be a casualty of war since the real target was Wonder Woman herself.

Aquaman later caused Western Europe to sink into the sea, killing over 60 million people, and intends to sink England as well.

[112] In the present, Aquaman reassigns the Siren and the Ocean Master to assassinate Terra in New Themyscira. The mission fails, with the Siren being killed by Diana's aunt, Penthesleia. The Amazonian Furies then attack the reinforcements led by Aquaman, who is confronted in battle by their leader, Wonder Woman.

[109] During their struggle, Wonder Woman tells him that they have both been deceived by the Ocean Master and Penthesileia, who are responsible for the war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. [113] This Aquaman returns in Convergence: Justice League #1.

• In the prequel comic to the online video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Aquaman appears to attack Japanese fisherman who killed a whale. He is intercepted by the Justice League, with it turning into a brawl between the Justice League and the Atlanteans. Superman, having undergone the death of his wife and unborn child and the destruction of Metropolis, threatens Aquaman to stop his efforts. While warned over a communication link with Batman not to test him, Aquaman does just that, summoning a kraken.

In response Superman, Green Lantern, Shazam, and Wonder Woman lift the entire city of Atlantis off the sea floor and carry it to dry deserts, putting its inhabitants in harm as a way to bully Aquaman. He relents and, as a result of this, largely abstains from the conflict between the Regime (led by Superman) and the Insurgency (led by Batman). In Year Four, he gets involved when Batman informs him that the Greek gods have attempted to force their own rule over the world, so Aquaman and Mera take on Poseidon.

He wins the conflict, as his wife stalls a massive tidal wave from crashing on Themiscyra. Superman comes to Atlantis in Year Five to ensure the Regime has Aquaman's support, aquaman marvel Aquaman having frequently made it clear he is not choosing sides.

aquaman marvel

Aquaman agrees, purely to get Superman to leave. Earth-3 [ edit ] During the 2013 " Trinity War" storyline, Aquaman's Crime Syndicate counterpart is revealed to be The Sea King. He apparently fails to survive the passage from Earth-3 to Prime Earth, but is awakened in " Forever Evil: Blight" [114] after being possessed by Deadman.

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Machine Aquaman (vol. 8) #53–57, Annual (vol. 3) #2 168 September 8, 2020 978-1779502810 4 Echoes of a Life Lived Well Aquaman (vol. 8) #58–65 200 February 9, 2021 978-1779505880 In other media [ edit ] Main article: Aquaman in other media Since his comic book debut in November 1941, Aquaman has appeared in a number of adaptations.

These formats include television shows, video games, and films. Television [ edit ] Aquaman has made multiple television appearances. The character was featured in the animated series Super Friends, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Harley Quinn and Aquaman: King of Atlantis. [5] [117] He also appeared in the live-action television series Smallville being aquaman marvel by Alan Ritchson.

There was also an Aquaman pilot aquaman marvel by the creator of Smallville, featuring Justin Aquaman marvel, which never aired. Aquaman has made non-speaking appearances in the animated series Teen Titans Go!.

Film [ edit ] Vijay depicted an Indian version of Aquaman in a parallel universe in the 2010 film Sura.

Within the live-action DC Extended Universe films, American actor Jason Momoa plays Aquaman, and the character made his feature film debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Momoa reprised the role in Justice League (2017) and starred in his own film Aquaman (2018). This movie version of Aquaman is of Polynesian ethnicity, rather than the blond-haired white man of his traditional depiction. Momoa's Aquaman has long, dark hair, a full beard and extensive tattoos.

aquaman marvel

{INSERTKEYS} [118] [119] Actor Vijay depicted Aquaman in his own style with stunts as an Indian version in multiverse who fights for the rights of his fisherman community in 2010 Sura (film). [120] Theme park attractions [ edit ] • Aquaman: Power Wave is a Mack water roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. The roller coaster is set to open in 2022.

[121] Reception and legacy [ edit ] Aquaman was listed as the 147th-greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine. [122] IGN also ranked Aquaman as the 53rd-greatest comic book hero of all time, opining that "even though he'll forever be the butt of jokes thanks to his fishy powers, comic readers have come to love Aquaman as a noble (and very powerful) figure who is forever torn between the worlds of land and sea." [123] In a 2011 reader poll, Parade magazine ranked Aquaman among the top 10 superheroes of all time.

[124] By 2008, cultural critic Glen Weldon noted that Aquaman had become ridiculed by a popular mindset that cast him as an ineffectual hero. This was due to the perception that his heroic abilities were too narrow. Weldon wrote that critics and pop culture comedians who chose to focus on this had overplayed the joke, making it "officially the hoariest, hackiest arrow in the quiver of pop-culture commentary." [125] [126] See also [ edit ] • List of Aquaman enemies • Namor a similar character from Marvel Comics References [ edit ] • ^ "Happy 70th Birthday Aquaman!".

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Waiter (uncredited) Andy Esho ... Sicilian Villager (uncredited) John Gettier ... Submarine Crew (uncredited) Daniel Goodwin ... Russian Submariner (uncredited) Bailey Hendy ... Atlantean Warrior (uncredited) Tahlia Jade Holt ... Atlantean (uncredited) Lane Howson ... Beach Goer (uncredited) Wayne Huang ... Modern Atlantean (uncredited) Beau Jones ... Fisherman (uncredited) Ross Kernahan ... Ancient Atlantean (uncredited) Braden Lewis ...

Beachgoer (uncredited) Jordan Lewis ... Ancient Atlantean (uncredited) Niam Mayes ... Tourist (uncredited) Salvatore Merenda ... Bar Patron (uncredited) Marco Minici ... Delivery Man (uncredited) Sam Monaghan ... Russian (uncredited) Rhianna Palmer ... Bar Patron (uncredited) Kai Pantano ... Commando (uncredited) Anna Patch ... Atlantean (uncredited) Sam Price ... Atlantean (uncredited) Jon Quested ... Russian Sailor (uncredited) Jon Reigle ...

Atlantean (uncredited) Bella Rose ... Arthur's Class at Aquarium (uncredited) Thomas Sebecke ... Russian Submariner (uncredited) Bobby Silva ... Modern Atlantean (uncredited) Jimmy Star ... Ancient Atlantean (uncredited) Rafael Torrijos ...

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hairdresser: Mr. Momoa (as Jen Stanfield) / makeup artist: Mr. Momoa Tia Stephanou ... makeup artist Lexi Stewart ... makeup and hair assistant Sophie Thorpe ...

additional special makeup effects artist Lesley Vanderwalt ... hair designer / makeup designer Brian Wade ... special makeup effects and creature sculptor Elka Wardega ... special makeup effects artist Chad Washam ... special makeup effects Noriko Watanabe ... hairdresser: Ms. Kidman / makeup artist: Ms. Kidman Kerstin Weller ... wig mistress Billie Weston ... special makeup effects artist Kodai Yoshizawa ...

makeup effects sculptor Suzanne Diaz ... key makeup artist: additional photography (uncredited) Megan Farquharson ... additional hair stylist (uncredited) / additional makeup artist (uncredited) Vivienne Boo Fox ... additional hair stylist (uncredited) / additional makeup artist (uncredited) Jessie Galea ... assistant makeup artist (uncredited) Gail Kane ... additional hair stylist (uncredited) Zara Long ... Prosthetic Technician (uncredited) Cora Montalban ...

additional makeup artist and hair stylist (uncredited) Jacqueline Priem ... additional hair stylist (uncredited) / additional makeup artist (uncredited) Eleanor Sabaduquia ... makeup department head: additional photography (uncredited) Taylor Scott ...

makeup additionals assistant (uncredited) Robert Smithson ... contact lens technician: Jason Momoa (uncredited) Shelley Veitch ... additional hair artist (uncredited) / additional makeup artist (uncredited) Production Management Lynn Andrews ... production manager: Newfoundland unit Vivek Arora ... production manager Luca Fortunato Asquini ... Italy scout Andrew Baguley ... unit manager Anne Bruning ... unit production manager Fabrizio Cerato ...

unit production manager: Italy Jingjing Fan ... production supervisor Vinay Gautam ... production manager Victor Ho ... unit production manager: additional photography Afnahn Khan ... post production executive Joshua Levinson ... post-production supervisor Louis Lewarne ... production manager: second unit Chris McLeod ... associate production manager Nathaniel Purdon ... unit manager: second unit Kieran Shevlin ...

assistant unit manager: second unit Ssaurabh Tyagi ... production manager (as Saurabh Tyagi) Heidi Wagner ... production assistant Jamie Whitfield ... assistant unit manager: main unit Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Rahul Singh Agnihotri ... assistant director Deborah Antoniou ...

second assistant director Michael Bate ... additional assistant director Jay Corry ... second second assistant director: second unit Gene Corser ... production assistant: second unit Luke Dunham ... assistant director Mehdi Elkhaoudy ... first assistant director: desert and aerial unit Nerida Groth ... second second assistant director Tom Hooper ... second second assistant director Nathan Kimball ... second second assistant director: additional photography Rahul Singh Rana Krishna ...

assistant director Christine Luby ... second second assistant director: second unit, block 1 John Mahaffie ... second unit director Hamza Malih ... second assistant director (credit only) Sophie McWilliam-Kerry ...

third assistant director offset Michael O'Connor ... third assistant director Elisha Rashleigh ... onset production assistant Nouiga Reda ... assistant director Aimee Robertson ... second second assistant director: second unit Luigi Spoletini ... first assistant director: VFX unit Terry Stone ...

first assistant director: Newfoundland plate shot unit Jo Suna ... second assistant director: second unit Greg Tynan ... third assistant director P.J. Voeten ... first assistant director: second unit Simon Warnock ... first assistant director Albert Cho ... first assistant director (uncredited) Art Department Fernando Acosta ...

digital artist: Not credited Aaron Ahrens ... plasterer Lucy Allan ... painter Rimma Aranchikov ... weapons standby Shane Aumont ... set dresser Wayne D. Barlowe ... concept artist Kohen Barry ... Sculpt Labourer Brett Beacham ... head of department prop maker Josh Beacham ... props Liam Beck ... concept artist Alexander Beere ... sculptor foreman Pedro Paulos Bellini ... rigger: Scanline VFX Shane Bennett ... props Belle Blamey ...

assistant standby props Pascal Blanché ... concept artist John Bratton ... gang boss: additional photography Wendy Brough ... set painter: paint bible Claire Bryant ... set decoration assistant Constance Buccafurri ... storyboard artist John Burless ... props Gary Cameron ... model maker Liz Cameron ... clearance coordinator Steven Carroll ... key sculptor James Carson ... concept artist Mitch Cass ... construction designer Rowan e Cassidy ... concept artist Bern Castle ... props Rohan Chant ...

set builder David Childs ... construction foreman David Chow ... set designer Court Chu ... concept artist Dane Churchouse ... leadman Neptali Cisneros ...

concept designer: Cantina Creative Ross Clarke ... assistant construction supervisor Jason Cowie ... prop maker Andrew Crichton ... set dresser Hannah Crosby ... art finishing assistant Tim Croshaw ...

set designer Martin Crouch ... screen graphics supervisor Matthew R. Cunningham ... concept artist Richie Dehne ... property master Joel Dimmack ... graphic designer Wayne Diskin ... stand-by carpenter James Doh ... storyboard artist Ray Don ... design assistant Benjamin Donnelly ... junior concept artist Tony Drew ... assistant art director Graham Dunn ... lead hand Dane Eade ... set builder / stand-by carpenter Hilton Ellingham ...

set builder. leading hand Michael Elvidge ... props Michael Epstein ... graphic designer Lauren Ann Evans ... art dept coordinator (as Lauren Evans) Peter Exton ... steelwork foreman Dan Eyre ... set foreman James Fitchett ... scenic set painter Anthony Fitzpatrick ... set builder Nathan Blanco Fouraux ... 3d set designer John Fox ... visual consultant Doug Franks ... set dresser Connie Gallo ... sculpting labourer Jamie Gardner ... construction manager Leyla Gashe ... hero art finishing assistant Julien Gauthier ...

concept artist Cosmin Ghiga ... concept artist Simon Gill ... set dresser Lindsay Good ... art department coordinator Michael Gowen ... assistant art director Ben Grangereau ... concept artist Collin Grant ... storyboard artist Aidan Gray ... set designer Nic Gribben ... 2ic propmaker Michael Grose ...

mould maker Dane Hallett ... concept artist Jack Hammonds ... prac lighting assistant Mark Harman ... on set dresser Karleen Harrington ... set dresser/swing gang Matt Hatton ... storyboard artist Darryl Henley ... storyboard artist Juan Hernandez ... paint foreman: additional photography John Higgins ... set decoration coordinator Jenny Hitchcock ... assistant art director Charlotte Rebecca Hoffman ...

assistant art department coordinator Fred Hughes ... construction foreman Luke Hughes ... set builder Christopher Isenegger ... graphic designer Tobias Jahke ...

prop foreman Ellisha James ... props Brodhie Jenkins ... Swing Gang George Kabot ... graphics coordinator: scenic artist Andrew Kattie ... senior set designer John Mathew Kelly ... set dresser Ivan Khomenko ... concept artist: MPC Michael Kissane ... stand by props: second unit Chase Kliber ... art department coordinator: additional photography Brett C. Langby ... greens person Ji Young Lee ... art deptartment pa (as Ji Young-Lee) Aidan Leggat ...

set builder Peta Logan ... set dec coordinator Kevin Loo ... set designer Caroline Louis ... assistant property master: 2nd Unit Jeremy Love ... concept artist Tristan Lucas ...

senior mold maker Scott Lukowski ... concept artist Mike Lytle ... on set painter: LA unit Lotta Madden ... set dec assistant painter Kevin Mahoney ... paint supervisor: additional photography Richard Mansfield ... Weapons Coordinator Victor James Martinez ...

concept designer Byron McGilvray ... props / standby assistant Lucinda McGuire ... design assistant Matthew McGuirk ... action vehicles coordinator Robert McKinnon ... concept artist Chris McMahon ... Head Sculptor Martin L. Mercer ... storyboard artist Sebastian Meyer ... concept illustrator Joshua Min ... concept artist Rachel Minchin ... props Melissa Mulligan ... assistant sculptor Ed Natividad ... conceptual vehicle designer Luca Nemolato ... 3d artist Brad Nielsen ... concept artist Richard Nitz ...

standby carpenter Corey O'Connell ... assistant stand-by props: second unit Emile Oliver ... assistant property master Steven Parsons ...

prop runner (as Steve Parsons) Dante Passmore ... sculptor foreman Stephen Paul ... on-set screen graphics technician Maria-Rose Payne ... hero prop painter Ross Perkin ... set designer John Pickering ... blue screen arena project manager Susie Pilzninski ... digital assets manager Manuel Plank-Jorge ... concept artist Vicki Pui ... concept artist Siobhan Purkis ... design assistant Ronald Rametta ...

leading hand John Rann ... construction supervisor David Renn ... props Todd Rex ... sculptor Mary Robin ... prop coordinator (as Mary de Quetteville Robin) Emma Rudkin ... set decoration buyer Francesca Sabeto ... props maker John Satler ... props Christian Scheurer ...

conceptual designer Charlie Shelley ... set dec buyer Josh Sheppard ... storyboard artist Aaron Sims ... concept artist Darrin Smith ... construction gang boss Xander Smith ... prop modeller Matt Stanford ... prop maker leading hand Tuesday Stone ... assistant set decorator Steve HyunSuk Suh ... concept artist Rodney Sweet ... art department Howard Swindell ... Creature Concept Art Andre Taft ... post-visualization artist: WB & PROOF Inc. Geraldine Tartan ... sets buyer Eddy Taylor ...

concept artist Shaun E. Thompson ... art dept runner (as Shaun Thompson) Joseph Tiernan ... set decoration runner (as Joe Tiernan) Harrison Trubie ... swing gang Rachel van Baarle ... set designer Cornelis Van Den Boogaart ... carpenter Gena Vazquez ... props Diego Velasquez ... concept art Michael Verbeek ... construction foreman Isabelle Vesey ... property assistant (as Izzy Vesey) Roland Vetter ...

set builder Mike Villarino ... construction coordinator: additional photography Tony Voevodin ... props Ron Wallekers ... greens supervisor Dan Waring ...

lead swing Matthew Whetter ... props Evan Whitefield ... concept artist: ILM Tony Williams ... assistant art director William Wright ... on-set screen graphics Peter Wyborn ... prop manufacture art director Darshankumar Joshi ... art director: additional photography (uncredited) Michael Pecchia ... executive producer aaron sims creative (uncredited) Roger Robinson ...

storyboard artist (uncredited) Sound Department Paul Aulicino ... assistant supervising sound editor Emad Borjian ... adr recordist Peter Brown ... supervising sound editor/sound design Alexander Burstein ... boom operator: Additional Photography LA Unit Curt Cash ... marketing re-recording mixer Dane Cody ... sound recordist: second unit: block 1 Harry Cohen ...

sound designer Eliot Connors ... sound designer Bill Donnelly ... sound mixer: Promos Joe Dzuban ... supervising sound editor/sound design/re-recording mixer Thomas Giordano ... production sound tech: additional photography - Los Angeles Glynna Grimala ...

Supervising DIA and ADR Editor Catherine Harper ... foley artist Shane Hayes ... supervising foley editor Seth Jackson ... boom operator: second unit Mark Kenna ... dolby atmos consultant Tim LeBlanc ... re-recording mixer Darrin Mann ... foley mixer Ashley Mason ... adr recordist Andrew McKean ...

boom operator: second unit (as Andy McKean) Dan Morgan ... adr supervisor: London Scott Mulready ... production sound mixer: 2nd unit Ryan Murphy ... mix stage engineer Anand Pawar ...

dialogue editor Tony Pilkington ... stage engineer Mark Purcell ... mix technician Nick Roberts ... dialogue recordist Stephen P.

Robinson ... sound designer Kira Roessler ... dialog supervisor Katherine Rose ... foley artist (as Catherine Rose) Nicholas Rowan ... epk sound recordist Guntis Sics ... sound mixer Aaron Southerland ... adr mixer Gareth Van Niekerk ... adr recordist Geraldo Gutierrez ... re-recording mix technician: ATMOS & 7.1/5.1/2.0 Nearfield (uncredited) Nourdine Zaoui ...

sound recordist: Morocco (uncredited) Special Effects by Blair Berens ... mold department Bruce Bright ... sfx pre rig supervisor Mark Brims ... special effects purchasing officer Leanne Brooks ... special effects coordinator Brenden Barry Brown ... special effects technician Orlin Budinov ... special effects technician Mark R. Byers ... special effects supervisor: additional photography Patrick Carmiggelt ... special effects technician Brian Cox ...

special effects supervisor Mitchell Cox ... special effects technician Cameron Davidson ... special effects technician: additional photography Mike Elizalde ... prop fabrication Corinne Fortunato ... special effects technician Dean Franklin ... senior special effects technician Joel Gardyne ... special effects technician Katherine Geaney ... special effects crew Bernard Golenko ... senior special effects technician Rob Heggie ... on set supervisor: 2nd unit Rick Howie ...

special effects senior technician Alyssa Imai ... special effects assistant Clint Ingram ... sfx pre rig supervisor Pete Kelley ... special effects technician: Ironhead Studio Steve Koch ...

specialty costume sculptor: Fractured FX Don Lanning ... sculptor Vladislav Lazov ... special effects supervisor: Morocco Jim Leng ... special effects on set supervisor Yam Levi ... vfx artist Bob Mano ... creature effects: Fractured FX Josephine McAvenna ... special effects technician Hannz Mulligan ... fabricator Ceri Nicholls ... senior special effects technician Murray Nielson ... special effects technician Hauk Olafsson ...

special effects technician Justin Michael Patterson ... special effects technician: Fractured FX (as Justin Patterson) James Paul ... special effects foreman Trefry Paul ... special effects Ali Pearce ... special effects technician Cassie Pearce ... special effects technician Tim Phoenix ... special effects Brian Poor ... animatronics designer: Fractured Effects Inc. Ray Purkis ... special effects breakaways supervisor Amber Quillen ... special effects technician Lawrence Rahitana ...

special effects technician Yuri M. Ramos ... fabricator Reggie Rizzo ... fabricator Taylor Schulte ... special effects technician Colin Selby ... special effects electronics engineer Bryan Sides ... special effects: on-set gold suit technician Alanna Suen ... creature suit fabrication Patricia Urias ... special effects technician Danelle Vierkant ...

fabrication department Elliott Viles ... 3d scanning technician Chris L. Ward ... special effects technician: additional photography Tony Watt ... special effects technician Visual Effects by Resham Aaron ... matchmover: method studios Mohamed Abdou ... digital matte painter: environment artist De Abhijit ...

lead asset td: MPC Sajeev Abhishek ... tracking/matchmove/layout artist Jayapradeeshwaran Abimanyu ... digital artist Darrell Abney ... senior creature modeler: ILM Abin Abraham ... senior modeler: MPC Nathan Abreu ... visualization artist: the third floor Juan Pablo Acosta Duarte ... Techanim artist (as Juan Pablo Acosta) Paolo Acri ... compositing supervisor: ILM Grant Adam ... head of pipeline: method studios Tim Adams ... lead paint artist: ScanlineVFX Savio Adarsh ...

visual effects artist Savlaram Adhav ... lead compositor: visual effects James Adkins ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Mathieu Aerni ... digital artist: luma pictures Ritesh Aggarwal ...

stereo supervisor DNEG Ankita Agrawal ... io coordinator: ScanlineVFX Manjeet Agrawat ... stereo compositor Luis Ivan Aguilar ... lighting artist Lydia Aguilar ... compositor: DNEG Jose Ajex ... digital artist Vladislav Akhtyrskiy ... supervisor Mashi Akiyama ... head of layout: MPC Montreal Ayman Akoshali ... postvis animator: Proof, Inc Jordan Alaeddine ... crowd td: ScanlineVFX Amer Alameddine ... creature td: Industrial Light and Magic Togrul Alekperov ...

lighting/lookdev Kaevski Aleksandar ... rotomation Marcus Alexander ... stereoscopic supervisor Niki Carras Alexander ... creative resource manager: the third floor Tim Alexander ... visual effects supervisor: ILM SF Tony Alexander ... lighting look dev lead Nigel Allan ... lead previs artist/td Stuart Allan ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Michael James Allen ... digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic (as Michael J.

Allen) Juan Pablo Allgeier ... lead environments: Digital Domain (as Juan Pablo Allgier) G. Alokhnath ... digital artist Darienne Alphonso ... on-set vfx production assistant Carlos Alvarez ... compositor: DNEG Chrisser Alvarez ...

visualization artist: the third floor Kori Amacker ... cfx artist Louis Amaden ... generalist: ScanlineVFX Gerard Emmanuel Amador ... digital artist Luiz Amaral ... rigger: Scanline VFX Sumit Milind Ambhore ...

vfx roto artist: Prime Focus Ltd. Ohkba Ameziane-Hassani ... groom supervisor: method studios Noah Sage Amrani ... visualization artist: the third floor Jongjun An ...

senior compositor: ScanlineVFX Seshadri Anand ... visual effects Benjamin Andersen ... lead fx pipeline td: Method Studios Andrew Anderson ... lead character effects artist: ScanlineVFX Andreas Andersson ... digital compositor Eric Andrusyszyn ... compositing supervisor: MPC Siau Yene Ang ... digital compositor Harini Annavarapu ... software developer: MPC Shawn Annets ... artist manager George Antzoulides ... previsualization artist: Proof, Inc Syed Arafath Apsar ...

visual effects Nathan Arbuckle ... cg lead: Rodeo FX Chris Archinet ... lighting artist: Rodeo FX Josue Arias ...

visual effects artist: digital domain C.S. Arjun ... visual effects artist Chris Armsden ... lookdev r&d pipeline: Weta Digital Michael Armstrong ... visual effects coordinator: ScanlineVFX Jyoti Arora ...

department coordinator: roto paint and outsource Ivan Arsic ... compositor Arun.s ... pipeline developer Anelia Asparuhova ... asset supervisor Noor Ata ... previs artist: HALON Entertainment Krishna c Athul ...

production operations associate Simon Auquier ... digital compositor: MPC Patrice Avery ... producer: Halon Nor Azman ... digital compositor Cecilia Azyhadeé ... lighting artist Alireza Babarahimloo ... compositor: Dneg Gennady Babichenko ... visualization artist: the third floor Anu Babu ... digital compositor Nibin Babu ... rotoanim artist Thomas Bacanu ... compositor: Double Negative Atal Bacchani ... matchmove supervisor Zahida Bacchus ... visual effects coordinator Tigran Badalyan ...

senior compositor: ILM Jenny Jiyeon Bae ... production coordinator: Method Studios Manuel Martin Baena ... modelling: MPC Eileen Bai ... creature technical director: ILM Jörg Baier ... compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Song Baiheng ...

concept artist Al Bailey ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Alexandre Bain ... digital compositor Liping Bak ... generalist: ILM Per Balay ... effects artist: ScanlineVFX Yunus Balcioglu ... senior fx technical director: MPC Frances Baldasarro ... capture technician: Clear Angle Studios Adam Balentine ... compositing supervisor: ScanlineVFX / lead compositor: ScanlineVFX Peiman Bandari ... compositor: Dneg Snehasish Banerjee ...

visual effects artist Spriha Banik ... production coordinator: method studios / visual effects coordinator Nabilah Banu ... technology: ilm: ILM Thomas Banuls ... lead creature FX Alexandru Banuta ...

environment artist: Rodeo FX James Banville ... technology support / technology support: Rodeo FX Carlo Barbera ... digital compositor Lisa Barbier ...

visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX Pierrick Barbin ... digital artist: ILM Nicholas Barnes ... asset supervisor Steve Barnes ... compositor: Method Studios Lorna Barnshaw ... visual effects artist: clear angle studios Aaron Barr ...

visual effects Juan Barrales ... visual effects artist Manuel Barrero ... compositor: method studios Pharoah Barrett ... visualization artist: the third floor Andrew Barrie ... digital compositor: Digital Domain Isaac Barter ... digital compositor: MPC Waldemar Bartkowiak ... modelling lead Jordan Bartlett ...

rigger: Method Studios / rigging td: Method Studios Jay Barton ... visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain Pradeep Barua ... fx artist Roman Bataev ... cfx artist: MPC Addison Bath ...

head of pipeline: the third floor Christopher Batty ... senior postvis supervisor: Proof, Inc Matt Bauer ... previs artist Ines Baumgartner ...

visualization artist: the third floor Joel Bautista ... compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Arthur Bayard ... generalist environments: ILM Ecem Baysal ... rigger Julien Baëza ... visual effects artist Amanda Beals ... lighting td: mpc Eliott Beaudon ... cg artist: Raynault VFX Jesse Bechard ... modeling artist: Rodeo FX Paul F. Becker ... stereo and VFX executive producer Marianne Bell ... previsualization artist: The Third Floor / visualization artist: the third floor Alexandre Bellefeuille ...

environment artist: MPC Pedro Paulos Bellini ... rigger: Scanline VFX Jev Belyaev ... visual effects artist Alex Benavente ... previs coordinator: the third floor Chris Bending ... HOD crowd simulation: MPC Alejandro Benitez Valenzuela ... lighting artist: MPC George Benson ... visual effects senior coordinator: MPC Chiranjit Bera ... visual effects artist: Vfx Roto Artist Lara Berners ... compositing department manager Jim Berney ... additional visual effects supervisor Jeremy Berruel ...

lead modeller: MPC Thomas Bevan ... fx td: Industrial Light & Magic Francis Bezooyen ... modeler: Scanline VFX Prashanth Bhagavan ... digital effects artist Udit Bhardwaj ... vfx artist: visual effects Pravesh Bhoyar ... visual effects lead: method studios Borole Bhumesh ... texture artist Alex Bicknell ...

additional visual effects producer Jason Bidwell ... compositor Fariq Bin Said ... technical assistant: Industrial Light & Magic Dudley Birch ... digital matte painter / layout artist: method studios Anupam Biswas ... digital compositor: MPC Mohsen Bizar ... visual effects artist Jourdan Biziou ... visualization artist: the third floor Claudia Blackburne ...

animation intern: Method Studios / animator: method studios Duncan Blackman ... layout location supervisor Adam Blank ... senior layout artist: ILM Samuel Blouin ... compositor: Rodeo FX Ashley Blyth ... lead layout: ScanlineVFX Draghici Bogdan ... senior visual effects artist Joao Bogossian ... digital compositor Ioan Boieriu ... cg supervisor: ScanlineVFX Ariane Boisvert ... lead cg coordinator: Rodeo FX Dan Bollwerk ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Bogdan Bondarchuk ... digital compositor Vijay Bonde ...

digital compositor: MPC Ricardo Bonisoli ... lead texture artist: ILM Rob Bonstin ... visual effects Loganathan Boopathy ... visual effects Nick Booth ...

digital imaging supervisor: weta digital Marco Bordignon ... digital compositor Dan Bornstein ... fx supervisor: ILM Mark Bortolotto ... lead compositor Marie-Pierre Boucher ...

global production manager: RodeoFX Kevin Bouchez ... compositor Julien Boudou ... animator: Method Studios Ryan Bowden ... senior fx technical director: Industrial Light and Magic Jason Bowers ...

digital effects supervisor Stephen D. Bowline ... software and technology: ILM Sreekanth Boyapati ... visual effects Paul Boyd ... visual effects artist Adam Bradley ... rotoscope hod Jeremy Bradley ... visual effects editor Kristoffer Brady ... concept designer Jon Bragado ... lead layout artist: Method Studios Anton Brand ...

animation td Alex Branton ... pipeline supervisor Baby Braulio ... system administrator: ScanlineVFX Douglas Braun ... lighting technical director: MPC Ben Breckenridge ... stereoscopic supervisor Rob Bredow ... visual effects Dimitri Breidenbach ... digital compositor: WETA Digital Justin Brekke ... production operations manager: MPC Emilien Breuillier ... matchmove artist: Rodeo FX Gossart Brian ...

HOD Techanim: MPC Bill Bridges ... lead animator: ScanlineVFX Dean Broadland ... pipeline supervisor Laura Brocato ... visual effects coordinator: Warner Bros Thomas Brockmann ... visual effects artist: MPC Danielle Brooks ...

fx artist: Method Studios Dave Brown ... fx artist: method studios Ghislain Bruneau ... cg artist: Raynault VFX Justin Brunett ... animator: Luma Pictures Tom Bruno ... postvis artist Mattias Brunosson ... lead animator: ScanlineVFX Paul Buckley ... fx supervisor: method studios Chad Buehler ... digital compositor Matthew Bullock ... visual effects supervisors (as Matt Bullock) Cuco Bures ... senior nuke technical director (as Jaime Burés Cuco) Christian Burggraf ... senior systems admin: ScanlineVFX Linus Burghardt ...

lead 2D compositor T.J. Burke ... visualization artist: Digital Domain Jeffrey Burt ... lead layout artist: MPC Glenn Burton ... visualization executive producer: Day for Nite Amirah Busairi ... roto/paint artist Simon Butler ... fx artist: Digital Domain Christopher Buzon ... compositor: mpc Howard Cabalfin ...

roto paint supervisor: digital domain Jasmine Cadavid ... cg coordinator / cg coordinator: Rodeo FX Andy Cadzow ... previs artist / visualization artist: the third floor Ignacio Caicoya ... digital compositor: ILM Lisieux Calandro ... visual effects artist: fx td Celeste Caliri ... digital matte painter Melanie Callaghan ... visual effects producer Moisés Cambra ... digital compositor / digital compositor: MPC Beverley Joy Camero ... lighting artist (as Beverley Joy Ang) Dylan Campbell ...

digital compositor Stefania Cancemi ... lookdev / surfacing artist: method studios Marco Cantaluppi ... compositor Julie Cardinal ... visual effects producer: Rodeo FX Andrea Caretta ...

lead digital compositor Derrick Carlin ... animator: Industrial Light & Magic Barbera Carlo ... digital compositor Curtis Carlson ... lead compositor: ScanlineVFX Jesse Carlson ... senior lighting td: ILM Clint Carlton ... texture artist: MPC Eric Carney ... virtual production supervisor: the third floor Dan Carpenter ... lead stereo compositor: DNEG Alex Carr ... digital production manager Jessica Carrington ... visual effects coordinator Huey Carroll ... post viz artist Jonathan Carré ...

digital compositor: Weta Digital Lewie Carson ... clean up/roto artist: Method Studios Lucie Casale ... fx artist: ILM Yeri Casanova ... vfx coordinator: ScanlineVFX Erico Caselle ... visual effects artist Omar Garcia Castaneda ... lead compositor: Rodeo FX Enrique Sandoval Castro ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Gerardo Castro ... roto & paint artist Norman Cates ... digital compositor Max Cayhuela ... visual effects coordinator (as Margot Cayhuela) Lesly Cazares ...

visual effects coordinator: method studios Joe Censoplano ... lead look development compositor: luma pictures Carlo Cersosimo ... clean up/roto artist: method studios Qian Hao Chai ... senior software developer Adeline Chan ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Hubert Chan ... lead layout artist: MPC Karhoe Chan ... lead layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic Kien Geay Chan ... lighting artist: method studios Yuk Leung Mo Chan ...

vfx td: Industrial Light and Magic Janice Chandra ... roto paint artist: BaseFX Anoop Chandran ... matchmove and rotoanim artist: MPC Yashvhanth Chandrasekaran ... digital compositor Varghese Chandy ... matchmove and rotoanim artist: MPC Wang Chang ... lead digital compositing Pol Chanthasartratsamee ... lighting artist: Method Studios / senior lookdev/lighting artist Kirk Chantraine ...

production engineering manager Jo-Wan Chao ... modeling supervisor: BaseFx Tse-Yuan Chao ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Rob Chapman ... lead crowd technical director Matthieu Chardonnet ... senior effects technical director: ILM Marcin Charlicki ... digital compositor: ILM Devrishi Chatterjee ...

lead digital compositor: MPC Satyendra Chaturvedi ... lead visual effects compositor Ankur Chaudhary ... show td: method studios Daniel Chavez ... digital production supervisor Paul Chavez ... layout artist Stephane H. Chaya ... digital compositor: Rodeo FX (as Stephane Chaya) Marlene Chazot ... cfx artist: MPC Chin Chee Cheah ... digital artist Gene Chee ... digital artist Anwei Chen ... visual effects producer Bruce Hwang Chen ... digital compositor Michael Cheng ... DMP/Environment Artist: MPC Eugene Matthew Cheong ...

roto/paint artist: ILM Harshavardhan Cherukuru ... visual effects artist: roto artist - MPC Films Joel Cheyne ... visual effects coordinator: ilm Keval Chheda ... visual effects coordinator Cheow Hong Chia ... roto & paint artist Gabriel Chifor ... paint and rotoscope artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Kai Hsin Chin ... digital compositor: ILM Daniele Chindamo ... senior generalist td Das Chinmay ...

lead compositor: MPC Tadeusz Chmiel ... cg generalist: ILM Borae Jungsuk Cho ... senior pipeline td HyunJin Cho ... layout: ILM Jiyeon Cho ... senior compositor: post-vis Jung-Yoon Choi ... digital artist: ILM (as Jung yoon Choi) Young Choi ... senior producer: ScreenX Nilansh Chopra ... digital compositor: visual effects Tim Chou ...

sterescopic supervisor Matthew Choy ... lighting and lookdev artist Kenneth Chua ... matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Che Yen Chuang ... dmp artist: method studios Vincent Cirelli ...

sr visual effects supervisor: Luma Pictures Genevieve Claire ... digital production manager Rhys Claringbull ... cg supervisor: ILM Jimi Clark ... department manager roto/paint & outsource Stephen Clark ...

model & texture artist Erik Classen ... compositor: dneg Darrell Claunch ... previsualization artist Pascal Clement ... digital compositor: MPC Jessica Clifton ... matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Gregory Coelho ...

cg modeller Sean Coghlin ... character animator Ilinca Cojocaru ... visual effects coordinator Nicolae-Gheorghe Cojocaru ... effects technical director: Industrial Light & Magic Derek Cole ... ncam operator Tony Cole ... visual effects supervisor Amanda Collins ... artist manager: Method Studios / previs coordinator: the third floor Emanuele Comotti ... visual effects: Industrial Light & Magic Carlos Conceicao ...

global head of dpr: basefx David Conley ... visual effects executive producer: Weta Digital David Connely ... senior scanning 3d artist: clear angle studios J. Todd Constantine ... visualization artist: the third floor Niko Conte ... flowline artist Shane Cook ... lead compositor: ScanlineVFX Lyle Cooley ... crowd td Gemma Cooper ... digital compositor: Weta Digital Karin Cooper ... creature technical director Michael Corcoran ...

lead creature technical director Irene Cordero ... visualization artist: the third floor Johnathon Cormier ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Aaron Cornwall ... visual effects asset coordinator José Ignacio Corrales Villalobos ... senior lighting artist Lydia Cosgrave ... matchmove artist Krishnamurti Costa ...

senior digital artist: ILM Karl Cottee ... production accountant: method studios Beauman Coty ... compositor Darryl Couch ... on-set vfx assistant Christopher Courtland ... digital compositor: Scanline VFX Patrick Couturier ... rotoscope artist: Rodeo FX Evelyn Cover ... virtual production manager: the third floor Gareth Cowen ... previs artist: Day for Nite Daniel Cowley ... compositor Jaume Creus ... digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Tim Crowson ...

lighting artist: Method Studios Chen Cui ... digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Kevin Culhane ... post vis artist: Digital Domain Scott Cullen ... postvis artist Christian Cunningham ... lighting lead David Cunningham ... cg supervisor: Method Studios Murray Curtis ... compositor: method studios Sean Cushing ... visual effects executive producer: Cantina Creative Marc Czerwiec ... senior compositor: MPC Jacinthe Côté ...

visual effects producer: Raynault VFX Beth D'Amato ... digital paint and roto arist: ILM Josh Dagg ... visual effects supervisor: for exceptional minds [us] Ashish Dani ... senior environment td: scanline VFX / senior environment technical director: scanline VFX Yuki Danura ...

rigger: Rodeo FX Will Van Dao ... roto/paint artist: Scanline VFX Cory Darough-Hardekopf ... digital modeler: Method Studios Kaushalya Dattwani ... digital compositor Alejandro Davalos ... digital compositor: MPC Brad Davenport ... production coordinator: Method Studios Rhys Davey ... animator: method studios Stephen Davis ... roto/paint supervisor: ScanlineVFX Chris Dawson ...

compositing supervisor: In house Christabel Dcruz ... character effects artist: visual effects German de Benito ... senior fx artist: Rodeo FX Jeffrey de Guzman ... environment supervisor: ILM Carlos Patrick De Leon ... layout supervisor Lex de Vroomen ... production assistant Michelle Dean ... digital artist Chris Debski ... lighting artist: Rodeo FX Richard DeForno ...

postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Vance Dehne ... roto paint artist Eric Deinzer ... compositor: In House Christian Carlos Camacho del Carpio ... roto-paint artist: Rodeo FX Pablo del Molino ... generalist Emmanuel Delange ... Lead integration: Digital Domain (as Emmanuel De Lange) Natalie Delfs ...

layout artist Samantha Delgado ... visual effects artist: MPC Michael Deliso ... visualization artist: the third floor Stanley A. Dellimore ... global head of layout: MPC Aaron Dennis ... effects technical director: ILM Jonathan Derby ... model/texture artist: method studios Cindy Deringer ... visual effects coordinator Mark Derksen ... digital compositor Kevin Desa ... pipeline td: Method Studios Kush Desai ... matchmove and rotoanim artist Rohan Desai ... global head stereo Nikhil Deshmukh ...

lead animator: MPC Shripad Deshmukh ... digital compositor Kunal Deshpande ... crowd td Antoine Desilets ... roto artist: Rodeo FX Vincent Desjardins ... rigging department lead Francois-Maxence Desplanques ... effects technical director Eric Deuel ... previs lead: the third floor Joshua Devenyi ... digital compositor: DNEG Prasanna Kumar Dhanabalan ... matchmove and rotoanimation artist Craig Dibble ...

lead render systems engineer: MPC Vinny Dijo ... pipeline developer Eric J. Dima-ala ... lead environment artist: Digital Domain Linda Dimaculangan ... office administrator: Scanline VFX Julian Dimsey ... head of production: Method Studios Josephine Dinata ...

visual effects production manager Dinesh-r ... texture and lookdev artist: MPC Spencer Dinney ... compositor Steve Ditchburn ... visual effects coordinator (as Stephen Ditchburn) Bhardwaj Divyanshu ... visual effects: Matchmove Bhavya Dixit ... lead stereo compositor Aaron Dixon ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Van Le Do ... digital production manager Nacho Doctor ... effects technical director: MPC Andrew Dohan ...

digital compositor Peter Dominik ... environment technical director: MPC Nora Rahel Dommer ... compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich (as Tobias Dommer) Andrea Dongo ... modeler: Scanline VFX Tim Donlevy ...

vfx cinematographer/vfx photographer/on-set vfx td: Scanline VFX Robert Dorris ... digital artist Maksim Doslo ... lead artist Emeline Doumange ... digital compositor: mpc James Dower ...

fx artist: ScanlineVFX Jorik Dozy ... lead environment artist: ILM Matthew Dravitzki ... visual effects producer: Weta Digital Paz Drimer ... digital production administrator: Digital domain Alex Drinkall ... capture technician: Clear Angle Studios / on-set vfx photographer: Clear Angle Studios Adam Driscoll ... visual effects associate production manager Philip Drobar ... vfx production assistant: MPC Florian Dubois ... digital compositor Bogdan Dubovyk ...

senior modeler: Scanline VFX Laura Dubsky ... compositor: method studios Stéphanie Dubé ... lead texture artist: MPC Ryan Duhaime ... senior lookdev artist: ILM Alexandre Dumont ... digital compositor: Rodeo FX Rachael Dunk ...

look development lead: ILM Andrew Dunkerley ... lighting artist: method studios Brian Gideon Dunn ... visualization artist: the third floor Clementine Dupont ... cloth/hair effects artist: ScanlineVFX Florence Durante ... matte painter Yanick Dusseault ...

visual effects art director: Raynault VFX Ryan Dutour ... digital compositor Sunil Dutta ... layout artist: Method Studios Chris Dwyer ... data manager: Method Studios Alberto Díaz ... compositing artist Scott Eade ... head of layout: MPC Vancouver William J. Earl ... cross show lighting lead: MPC Aaron Eaton ... visual effects artist: Cantina Creative Charlene Eberle Douglas ... executive visual effects producer: raynault vfx Abdullah Ecirli ...

digital compositor Gottfried Eder ... visual effects artist: ILM Andi Edirisinghe ... model/texture artist: method studios Christopher Edwards ... visualization executive producer, the third floor David Edwards ...

lead compositor: Method Studios Jake Efthymiou ... systems administrator: Scanline VFX Julia Egerton ... compositor / compositor: method studios Moritz Eiche ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Andrew Eick ... visual effects producer: Stereo D Hesham Eissa ... lead fx artist Shahar Eldar ... postvis artist: Proof Inc Kelsey Elias ...

digital compositor Erik Elizalde ... show td: Method Studios Dean Elliott ... animator: method studios James Elster ... digital compositor: ScanlineVFX Bessaguet Eléonore ... digital compositor: MPC Gastón Emery ... generalist: method studios Sze Jia Eng ...

visual effects coordinator Marco Aurélio Engelmann Santos ... digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Richard Enriquez ... previs producer: Halon Tom Erickson ... assistant vfx editor Vincent Escueta ... technical assistant: ILM Rao Eshwar ... compositor: MPC India Jack Evans ... lighting technical director Bill Eyler ... compositing supervisor: MPC Lawrence Fagan ...

spydercam flight control Alan Fairlie ... compositing td: Method Studios Shizan Faisal ... digital compositor Brad Falk ... cg supervisor Paul Faulkes ... visual effects artist: ILM Ari Feblowitz ... visualization artist: the third floor Dan Feinstein ...

compositor: ScanlineVFX Tom Fejes ... digital artist Liz Feldstein ... lighting artist: Method Studios Christine Felman ... visual effects co-producer Manuel Ferdinand ... pipeline td: ScanlineVFX Munich Savio Joaquim Fernandes ...

production engineer: ILM Victor Maiorino Fernandes ... model/texture artist: method studios Sébastien Fernandez ... lead environment Deak Ferrand ... concept artist: Rodeo FX Caithlin Ferrier ... digital compositor George Ferris ... digital compositor Chris Ferriter ... executive producer: Halon Entertainment Clive Finn ... generalist: ScanlineVFX Dan Finnegan ...

visual effects artist Rob Fitzsimmons ... environment artist: Digital Domain Paul Flanagan ... effects technical director Rolf Fleischmann ... visual effects editor Carlos Flores Tavitas ... vfx coordinator: ScanlineVFX Larkin Flynn ... digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic Jeremiah Forkkio ... postvis artist: Proof, Inc Carl Forsell ... visual effects artist Derek Fortuna ... vfx assistant coordinator: Warner Bros. Michael Fournier ...

visual effects editor: MPC Frederick Fowles ... head of rigging David Fox ... visual effects producer: ILM John Fragomeni ... executive staff: president Katrin Frantz ... digital compositor Eduardo Franz ... visualization artist: the third floor Duncan Fraser ... model/texture artist: method studios Evan Fraser ... matchmove supervisor: ScanlineVFX Jonathan Freisler ... lead fx artist Roland Friedrich ...

senior compositor: ILM Michelangelo Frisoni ... digital compositor: Rodeo FX Mara Fröhlich ... production manager: Method Studios Kyoko Fukushima ...

compositor: DNEG Eloi Fulla ... effects artist: Scanline VFX Paul Fuller ... fx artist: ScanlineVFX Jasmine Furby ... visual effects Martin Furman ... visual effects: Industrial Light & Magic Roberto Fusciardi ...

production coordinator: MPC Katarina Gacevska ... lead paint/roto artist: ScanlineVFX Akash Gade ... visual effects artist Haji Gadirov ... fx td: MPC Raphaël Gadot ... fx artist: method studios Daniel Stefan Gagiu ... surfacing/environment artist: ILM Emilie Gagnon ...

visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX Patrick Gagné ... creature modeler Qian Gagné ... lighting artist: MPC Abhijeet Gaikwad ... matchmove lead Amol Ajit Gaikwad ... texture artist James Gammans ... previs artist: Halon Entertainment Nazare Ganesh ...

modeling artist Abhrajit Ganguly ... digital artist Stuart Gardiner ... visual effects artist: Clear Angle Studios Nathan Gardner ... digital paint lead: Industrial Light & Magic Catherine Gaucher ...

visual effects line producer: Raynault VFX Thibault Gauriau ... lead fx: ILM Nicolas Gauthier ... digital compositor: ILM Sinje Gebauer ... senior visual effects producer: ScanlineVFX Munich Darcy George ... compositor: Method Studios Rino George ... digital paint artist: ILM Tomi George ... compositor Nadim Ghaoui ... visual effects coordinator Mohamed Ghouse ... senior compositor: MPC, Montreal Brian Giacoppo ... digital artist: ILM Mathew Giampa ...

compositing supervisor: Scanline VFX Jennifer Giandalone ... studio coordinator: for exceptional minds [us] Filippo Giansante ... senior 3d artist Charles Gibson ... second visual effects supervisor Jami Gigot ... generalist: ScanlineVFX Gabriel Giguère ...

matchmove artist: Rodeo FX Herod Gilani ... visual effects artist Michael Gilbert ... vfx editor: Method Melbourne Walter Gilbert ... lead compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Jason Gilholme ... senior pipeline td: Method Studios Utkarsh Giri ...

visual effects artist Girishlalmp ... digital compositor Adley Glemaud ... digital compositor Allie Glisch ... vfx assistant Matthew Goben ... post-vis coordinator Francois Godofe ... effects artist: ScanlineVFX Elizabeth Golan ... visualization artist: the third floor Dano Goldman ... visualization artist: the third floor Frederique Gollain ... visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX Marc Gollenia ...

compositor: method studios Delcio Gomes ... senior generalist: Industrial Light & Magic Daniel Gonen ... cfx artist: MPC Samuel Gonon ... lighting artist: method studios / visual effects artist Daniel Gonzalez Solozabal ... senior compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Daniel Gonzalez ... visual effects artist Gerri Valentina Gonzalez ... marketing coordinator: luma pictures Jorge Carlos Gonzalez ... modeler (as Jorge Gonzalez De Cossio) Héctor González ...

digital compositor: MPC Chelsea Goodchild ... digital compositor Alex Goodfellow ... crowd technical director: ILM Avi Goodman ... cg supervisor: method studios John Goodson ... digital artist Zachary Goodson ... visual effects artist: Proof, Inc Alexander Goodwin ... animator: method studios Mariana Gorbea ... senior modeller Steven Pierre Gordon ... visualization artist: the third floor Joanna N. Goslicka ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Satyanarayana Gottapu ...

digital artist: MPC Yann Goument ... senior hard surface modeler: ILM V.A.N. Govind ... matchmove artist: visual effects Pradeep Gownipuram ...

senior compositor: MPC Markus Graf ... visual effects artist Duncan Graham ... modeler/hard surface Sandro Grassetti ... lead surfacing artist: method studios Michael Grawert ... previsualization artist: Proof, Inc Luke Gray ...

pipeline technical director: DNEG Meagan Green ... lighter/compositor: Luma Pictures Crystal Greenall ... modeler: ScanlineVFX Susan Greenhow ... visual effects executive producer: ILM Julian Gregory ... matchmove supervisor: Method Studios Todd Greshuk ... software and technology Christopher Grifasi ... digital compositor (as Chris Grifasi) Dave Griffiths ... compositing supervisor Brett Grisham ... previs associate production manager: the third floor Björn Gromoll ... digital compositor Johannes Gross ...

lighting artist: Method Studios Akshay Gs ... software analyst: MPC Scott Gudahl ... senior compositor Omar Gudjonsson ... digital compositor Diego Guerrero ... lead lighting technical director: mpc Gina Guerrero ... pipeline technical director: the third floor Seraphin Guery ... senior lighting td: ILM Utsav Kumar Guha ...

texture and lookdev artist: MPC Anthony Guiry ... technical assistant: ILM Alvin Gunawan ... effects technical director: ILM Arihant Gupta ... fx td: mpc Utkarsh Gupta ... compositor Alex Guri ...

compositing supervisor Victor Gutarra ... digital compositor Carlos Guzman ... effects technical director / fx artist: ScanlineVFX Mahadev Hajong ... digital artist: MPC Scott Hale ...

post visualization compositor: Digital Domain Adam Hall ... additional postvis coordinator: Proof, Inc Alexis Hall ... senior fx artist: ILM SF Martin Halle ... senior effects technical director: Flowline Alex Halstead ... lead effects artist: Method Studios / lead fx artist: Method Studios Éric Hamel ...

matte painter: Raynault VFX Mohammed Hamid ... visual effects artist Briana Hamilton ... modeler/rigger: Proof, Inc Gene Hammond-Lewis ... compositor: method studios Donghoon Han ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Rikke Gjerløv Hansen ... cfx production manager: ScanlineVFX Ryan D. Hansford ... lighting artist Karolina Hardinger ... visual effects artist Hariprasanth ... visual effects artist Harshal Harne ... texture artist: visual effects Rio Harrington ... lead stereoscopic compositor Philip Harris-Genois ...

cg artist: Rodeo FX Claire Harrison ... fx artist: Method Studios Peter Hart ... head of matchmove and layout: Method Studios David Harter ... compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Philip Hartmann ... cg lead Thomas Hartmann ... fx artist: ScanlineVFX Munich John Hasbrook ...

postvis lead: the third floor Miki Hasegawa ... lead fx artist: MPC Jasmin Hasel ... visual effects executive producer: ScanlineVFX Munich Ed Hawkins ... lead compositor Eric Hawksley ... clean up/roto artist: method studios Ryan Jefferson Hays ...

art director: MPC Todd Heapy ... visualization artist: the third floor Gunnar Heiss ... compositor: Method Studios Quentin Hema ... digital paint hod: Weta Digital Joe Henderson ...

visualization artist: the third floor Claas Henke ... visual effects art director: ScanlineVFX Jason Henrey ... visual effects artist Marie-France Henri ... digital compositor Simon Herden ... digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Oliver Hermann ... technical animator: MPC Cody Hernandez ...

visualization artist: the third floor Lazaro Hernandez ... pre/post visualisation artist Etay Herz ... creature technical director Sean Heuston ... compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Este Heyns ...

capture lead: Clear Angle Studios Myriah Higgins ... lighting artist: MPC Ruben Hinarejos ... crowd technical director David Hipp ... sr. fx artist Bryan Hirota ... senior visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX David Hisanaga ... digital artist: Industrial Light + Magic Sherry Hitch ...

lead digital artist: ILM Andrew Hodgson ... modeller: Method Studios Ed Holdsworth ... compositor: method studios James Hollingworth ...

animation td: Method Studios Blake Hollins ... asset td: Method Studios / asset td: method studios Marty Hon ... digital artist: Digital Domain Melvin Hong ... rotopaint artist Teo Hong ... environment generalist Ryan Hopkins ... effects TD supervisor: ILM Russell Hopwood ... compositor Shailey Horton ... digital compositor Daniel Hourigan ... lead fx artist: method studios Lane Howard ...

visual effects coordinator Greg Howe-Davies ... compositor: method studios Jason Howey ... postvis artist Josiah Holmes Howison ... look development lead: ScanlineVFX Katie Hoyt ... stereo production supervisor Chung-Yin Hsieh ... compositor / compositor: ScanlineVFX Mike Hsu ... fx/flowline artist: ScanlineVFX Jiaxuan Hu ...

visualization artist: the third floor (as Ceen Hu) Wei Hu ... senior fx artist Xinjie Hu ... tech support Pei-Zhi Huang ... senior effect td: ILM Wanghua Huang ...

fx artist: Method Studios Natapon Huangsakuncharoen ... senior creature technical director: ILM Miggel Huard ... production assistant: ScanlineVFX Melissa Huerta ... digital artist: Scanline VFX Catherine Hughes ...

associate vfx producer: Luma Pictures Neil Hughes ... visual effects coordinator Álex Huguet ... visual effects artist Shawn Hull ... creative previs supervisor, the third floor Stu Hunter ... paint & roto lead Patrick D. Hurd ... visual effects co-producer Jessica Amber Hurst ... creature technical director: ILM John P. Husky ...

visual effects assistant editor Paul Huston ... digital artist Brent Hutchin ... Systems Administrator Andrew Hutchinson ... crowd/mo-cap: ScanlineVFX Andrew Hwang ... visualization artist: the third floor Julien Héry ...

compositing supervisor: Rodeo FX (as Julien Hery) Marco Iannaccone ... rigging/Techanim supervisor Hasan Ilhan ... lead generalist/lead cg: ScanlineVFX Sanaz Imanzadeh ... environment key artist: MPC Brett Ineson ... virtual production supervisor: Animatrik Film Design Ciprian Iorga ...

digital compositor Giorgio Iovino ... digital matte painter: MPC Erich Ippen ... visual effects artist Azadeh Iranban ... rigging td: Scanline VFX Alexander Isaksson ... visualization artist: the third floor John Iskandar ... senior lighting technical director: ILM Anirudh Iyengar ... render technician: Method Studios Abhishek Iyer ... Technical Animator Francesc Izquierdo ... lead crowd technical director Carl Jackson ... fx technical director Michael G. Jackson ...

postvisualization supervisor: Day for Nite Lionel Jacobs ... digital compositor Cale Jacox ... compositor: Method Studios Vishal Jadhav ... visual effects artist David Jaffe ... culture and artist coordinator: method studios Nitin Jain ... digital compositor Bhargava Jaisimha ... texture and lookedev artist: MPC Prerana Jaiswal ...

visual effects artist: weta digital Persie Jalgaonwala ... visual effects artist: Senior Lighting Artist Indranil Jana ... MPC Daehwan Jang ... senior layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic Seok Ryan Jang ... compositor: Scanline VFX Federico Janni ...

modeler: Proof, Inc Jagadeesh Jayakumar ... production engineer: ILM Timothy Jeffs ... animator: method studios Eric Jennings ... senior creature technical director: Industrial Light & Magic Seung Ryong Jeon ... digital compositor Hanjoo Jeong ... senior effects technical director: Digital Domain Jin Ji ...

visual effects artist Neil Jianoran ... compositor: method studios Carolina Jimenez Garcia ... layout technical director: Scanline Michael Jimenez ... digital compositor: MPC Wongsakorn Jitbunyachot ... crowd technical director: ILM Zahid Jiwa ... digital compositor: Raynault VFX Sindre Bjøringsøy Johnsen ...

digital compositor David Johnson ... rigger: Method Studios Gios Johnston ... head of creatures: Weta Digital Ian Joli ... matchmover: method studios Mathieu Jolicoeur ...

digital compositor: Raynault VFX Adam Jones ... head of it: Method Studios Bruce Jones ... visual effects supervisor: Hollywood visual effects Joseph Jones ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Marc Jones ... layout/matchmove supervisor: ILM Morgan Jones ... lead compositor: Method Studios Robert Jonker ... visual effects Rijo Joseph ... rotoanim artist Himanshu Joshi ... fx technical director: ILM Subash Jude ... key lighting artist Rajeev K.J. ... digital compositor Fady Kadry ...

Lead groom artist: Method studios Javier Kadry ... data wrangler: Luma Pictures Andrew Kalicki ... technical coordinator: Luma Pictures Georg Kaltenbrunner ... fx supervisor: ILM Bammidi Kalyan ... rotoAnim artist Kamalakkannan ... lead compositor Raghavendra Kamath ... stereo production manager Barry Kane ... computer graphics supervisor: Industrial Light & Magic Brian Kang ... digital matte painter Arunan Kannan ... software analyst: MPC Ujjwal Kant ...

matchmove & rotoanim artist: Trace VFX Yu-Sui Kao ... Environment Artist: MPC Anurag Kapil ... matchmove and rotoanim artist Sanat Kapoor ... visual effects coordinator Ranjeeth Naik Karamathota ... visual effects artist Chris Karlberg ... digital artist Abhyuday Karn ... digital compositor: MPC Michael Karp ... machmove artist Ashwin Karthik ... key lighting artist: MPC Ravi Krishna Kasumarthy ... digital compositor Prateek Kaushal ...

stereoscopic supervisor Tadaomi Kawasaki ... senior digital matte painter: MPC Maryia Kazakevich ... cfx artist Jake Kearney ... visual effects artist Kristian Kebbe ... fx artist / fx artist: method studios Mark Keetch ...

lead hard surface modeller: ILM Kiersten Kelleher ... ncam operator (as Kiersten Swete) Shawn Kelly ... animator: ILM Spencer Kelsey ... postvis artist Don Kennedy ... visual effects producer: Rodeo FX Xander Kennedy ... visual effects artist: MPC Film / visual effects artist: MPC Dulshan Keragala ...

senior asset artist: Luma Pictures Katharina Keßler ... visual effects associate producer: Scanline VFX Rahul Kewlani ... digital artist Suraj Kaur Khalsa ... vfx production supervisor: Warner Bros Alex Khan ... lead lighting artist: Luma Pictures Areeba Khan ... assistant technical director Alamgir Khandaker ...

compositing lead Akshay Khanna ... digital compositor Ganesh Khanra ... modeler: MPC Cindy Khoo ... head of digital production: ScanlineVFX Tristan Kilmer ... layout artist: MPC Bumjun Jeremy Kim ... compositor: ScanlineVFX Dongsoo Kim ... digital compositor: ILM Ilene Kim ... visual effects production supervisor Jeff Kim ... roto/paint: ScanlineVFX Se-kwon Kim ... ScreenX producer Eric Kimelton ... visual effects producer: digital domain Stephen King ...

lead animator Nikitha Kini ... texturing artist: MPC Doron Kipper ... data coordinator: Digital Domain Anooj Kiran ... lead integration artist: Digital Domain Oliver Kirchhoff ... crowd td: industrial light & magic Ryan Kirtack ... visualization artist: the third floor Andrea Kistler ... visual effects coordinator Sudheesh Kk ... digital compositor Ivo Klaus ... fx supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich Kyle Klein ... previs coordinator: the third floor Steven Knipping ... visual effects artist John Knoll ...

production and technical support: ILM Chakravarthy Kocherla ... visual effects: Texture & LookDev - MPC Goran Kocov ... senior digital artist: ILM Jadeesh Kodiyil ... digital compositor Raji Kodja ... postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Matthew Koehler ... bidding producer: THE THIRD FLOOR, inc Nathan Koga ...

post-vis compositor: Proof, Inc. Jean Le Koh ... lead paint/roto artist: ILM Kenneth Koh ... visual effects artist Yishan Koh ... visual effects production coordinator: Industrial, Light & Magic David Kohler ... Lighting Artist Anne Putnam Kolbe ... visual effects executive Daniel Kole ... lead creature technical director: ILM Jordan Koler ... lighting artist: method studios Bhaskarachari Komaragiri ... digital compositor: MPC Arek Komorowski ...

digital effects supervisor: Scanline VFX Madhuri Reddy Kona ... visual effects producer: MPC Elicia Koo ... compositor Allie Koppel ... head of finance: the third floor Meier Korbinian ... fx artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Dmytro Korolov ... compositing td: MPC Collin Kortschak ...

senior visual effects coordinator Jacob Koslosky ... generalist td: Rodeo FX Jack Kosoyan ... visualization artist: the third floor Lucas Kot ... motion capture specialist K.

Kothandaraman ... creature fx technical director Aaron Kozak ... office manager/senior accountant: ScanlineVFX Leonardo Krajden ... senior 3d generalist Sylvia Kratzsch ... senior lighting td: ILM Scott Kravitz ... senior animator Sascha Kremers ... lead pipeline td: ScanlineVFX Munich Robert Kreps ... visualization artist: the third floor Hannes Krieger ... fx lead: Scanline VFX Barry Kriegshauser ...

lighting artist: method studios Uma Krishnamurthy ... head of production Arun Krishnan ... matchmover: Method Studios Yadu Krishnan ... senior paint & roto artist: ScanlineVFX Yadu Krishnan ... software analyst: MPC Film Eva Kristjáns ... dmp artist: method studios Andrea Krupp ... compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Magnolia Ku Lea ... animator Bartek Kujbida ...

lead animator: MPC Martin Kulig ... crowd td: ILM / senior layout artist: ILM Amit Kumar ... 2d supervisor: prime focus Deep Kumar ... digital artist Karthick Kumar ... matchmove artist: MPC Naveen Kumar ... visual effects coordinator Nirmal Kumar ... software analyst: MPC Praveen Kumar ...

Matchmove/Rotomation Lead Vishishth Kumar ... roto/paint/matchmove department manager: ScanlineVFX Nicha Kumkeaw ... compositor Yashwanth Kuntamukkala ... digital artist Prince Kurian ... compositor Sudhir Kurupudi ... visual effects artist Dina Kuznetsova ... digital compositor: MPC Felder Kwek ...

layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic Oseong Kwon ... digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic Ying Ghit La ... clean up/roto artist: Method Studios Mariano Lacerna ... digital compositor Mieszko Lacinski ... environment artist Oscar Lacson Jr. ... visual effects coordinator Grant Laker ... character td: Method Studios / rigger: method studios Damien Lam ... cg modeler: Scanline VFX Harry Lam ... visual effects supervisor: BaseFX Adrien Lambert ... senior generalist artist: ILM Stuart Lamont ...


aquaman marvel

technical operations: method studios Alyson Lamontagne . lighting artist: Rodeo FX Nancy Lamontagne . aquaman marvel effects project manager: Rodeo FX Pascale Lamoureux-Miron . digital compositor: Double Negative Kevin Landry . matchmove artist Josh Lange . postvisualization artist: The Third Floor, inc. Isabelle Langlois . vp production: Rodeo FX Roland Langschwert . visual effects supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich Antoni Lapointe .

rigging Eric Larivee . digital compositor: Rodeo FX Aquaman marvel Laroche . cg artist: Raynault VFX Dane Larocque . digital artist Marina Larose . lookdev artist: Rodeo FX Francis Larouche . digital compositor: Rodeo FX Mark Larranaga . compositor: Proof, Inc Fredrik Larsson .

digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Francis Lasaleta . post production assistant: MPC Mark Laszlo . generalist: Scanline VFX Yani Lathouris . pipeline td: method studios Victor Latour . visualization artist: the third floor Vicki Lau . postvis artist / visualization artist: the third floor Maxime Laurent . digital compositor Mathias Lautour .

cg supervisor: ILM Damon Lavenski . technical animator: MPC Asier Hernaez Lavina . senior generalist Alejandro Lavrador . environment generalist td: MPC David C. Lawson . postvis artist: The Third Floor Ian Lawson . pipeline technical director: ILM Thang Le . concept artist: ILM Pierre-Simon Lebrun-Chaput .

cg artist: Raynault VFX Marc Lebuis . layout artist: Rodeo FX Julius Lechner . digital fx supervisor: Scanline VFX Christine Leclerc . texture artist: Rodeo FX Kevin Lecocq . cfx artist Michael Lederhuber . lighting td: Method Studios Adam Lee . lead effects artist: Industrial Light aquaman marvel Magic Jarett Lee . clean up/roto artist: Method Studios Ken Lee .

asset lead: ScanlineVFX Marco Lee . visual effects artist: Clear Angle Studios Mark Lee . visualization artist: the third floor Shawn Lee . visualization artist: the third floor Aquaman marvel Ngee Chris Lee . compositor: ScanlineVFX Sun Aquaman marvel . matte painter: Lola VFX Wei Ling Lee . matchmove artist Young Lee . creature technical director: Aquaman marvel Pier Lefebvre .

dfx supervisor: MPC Yu Lei . compositor Juliette Lemaire . visual effect coordinator: ScanlineVFX Matt Leonard . vfx trainer: ILM Teresa Leong . postvis artist: Day for Nite Maxime Letertre . matchmove artist: Rodeo FX Raphael Letertre . cg supervisor: Rodeo FX Chun Ho Ray Leung . Lead model/texture artist: Method Studios / model/texture artist: method studios Nick Levenduski . digital effects lead Votch Levi . visual effects lead artist Claudia Li . visual effects production supervisor: ILM Gretchen Libby .

Executive Staff Vincent Liebig . visual effects editor: ScanlineVFX Munich Alisha Lim . visual effects coordinator Edy Susanto Lim . creature supervisor: method studios Richard Lim . concept artist: ILM Sheng Yaw Lim .

matchmover: Method Studios Chia-Chun Lin . fx artist: MPC Desmond Lin . lighting technical director: ILM Melissa Lin . digital artist: ILM John Lindstein . visual effects artist Lingesh.m . vfx compositor Kim Linnemann . production assistant: Method studios Curtis Linstead .

system engineer: Raynault VFX Isaac Lipstadt . comp department manager: ScanlineVFX Pauline Liquido . compositor: MPC Richard Little . visual effects supervisor Aquaman marvel Littlemore . production coordinator Holiday Liu . post-visualization artist: Proof, Inc Jiarui Liu . technical animator: MPC Meng Liu . 2d supervisor: Base Fx Shenyan Liu . vfx editor Siting Liu . rigger Welson Liu .

fx artist: MPC Xudong Liu . visual effects coordinator Cedric Lo . animation supervisor: ILM David Lo . hair technical director Ting Lo . creative director Kimberly Aquaman marvel LoCascio . production visual effects producer Fu Jing Derrick Loh .

cg generalist: ILM Reilly Lohr . texture painter Gian Ignacio Lombardi . compositing & lighting: Luma Pictures Javier Lopez-Duprey . visualization artist: the third floor Kumbu-Ki-Lutete Lord Ted Mabika . visual effects artist Alexandra LoRusso . fx artist: ScanlineVFX Jane Lovell . operations manager: Method Studios James Lucas . model/texture artist: method studios Joaquin Ludewig . visual effects artist Lukas Lundberg . effects technical director: Industrial Light & Magic Daniel Lupien .

texture supervisor: Rodeo FX Michael Löffler . senior pipeline td: ScanlineVFX Susan Ma . integration department manager: method studios Wei Ma . layout artist: Aquaman marvel FX Rajesh Maan . matchmove artist: TraceVFX Anna Mabarak . visual effects production coordinator: ILM Daniel Macarin . visual effects supervisor: Weta Digital Peter Machuca .

compositor Kodie Mackenzie . compositing supervisor: Method Studios Jason Madigan . compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Brett Magnuson . visualization artist: the third floor Kevin Mah . head of effects: MPC Yateen Mahambrey . generalist: ILM Karanveer Mahendru . senior matchmove & rotoanim artist Jérémie Maheu .

compositing artist: Rodeo FX Jérémie Maitrejean . production manager Tytus Majerski . digital compositor Marcin Majewski .

fx artist: method studios Maulik Majmudar . visualization artist: the third floor Dipen Majmundar . matchmove & rotoanim artist: mpc Ineke Majoor . executive vfx producer: method studios / visual effects producer: Iloura Timothy Eustace Major .

environment artist / layout artist: Method Studios Laurent Makowski . visual effects artist Antam Malakar . digital compositor: MPC Soraia Malaquias . visual effects artist Kevin Maliakal .

visual effects production manager (as Kevin Malaikal) Zachary Mallett . visual effects production manager: Scanline VFX Emil Malm . senior modeler Éric Maltais . lead lighting: MPC Joe Mangione .

lighter: ScanlineVFX Prashant Manhanta . visual effects Apoorva Manikumar . software analyst: MPC Film Fredrik Mannerfelt . compositor: Method Studios Ficorence Manogarane . senior software analyst, MPC Ali Mapar . effects artist: ScanlineVFX Charana Mapatuna . digital paint and roto artist Antoine Marbach .

head of production: ScanlineVFX Munich Jean-Philippe Marchand . vfx trainer Mike Marcuzzi . fx td: ILM Quentin Marmier . generalist supervisor: ILM Lilly Heart Marriott . senior fx td (as Terry Marriott) Olivier Aquaman marvel . concept/matte painter: Rodeofx Tom Martinek . lead digital artist: ILM Aldo Martinez Calzadilla .

modeler: Scanline VFX Geordie Martinez . crowd simulation supervisor Johannes Masanz . compositor: method studios / digital compositor: Method Studios Daniel James Mason . aquaman marvel matchmove artist: method studios David Mason . systems administrator: method studios Shawn Aquaman marvel . senior compositor: Industrial Light and Magic Greg Massie .

senior lighting artist Alessandro Mastandrea . compositor Haydn Masuda . compositor: ILM Shoichi Matsubara . lighting artist: Digital Domain Richard Matsushita . asset builder: previs/postvis: Proof, Inc Amilia Matthews . visual effects marketing Leath Mattner . compositor: method studios Amaury Matu . pipeline td Daniel May . clean up/roto lead: method studios Zack Mazerolle . visual effects editor Zoe McCartney . postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Jack McClelland .

production assistant: ScanlineVFX Leon Mccormick . visual effects artist Ashley McCorriston . facilities coordinator: ScanlineVFX Ryan A. McCoy . visual effects Chris McCrowe . senior digital paint artist: ILM Andrew McGregor . matchmover: method studios Brody McIlveen . matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Chris McIlveen . matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Kelvin McIlwain .

production visual effects supervisor Shaun McLellan . digital artist Louise McNicholl . on-set vfx production supervisor Jim McVay . head of lighting department Armando Medina Guerrero . layout artist Luis Jorge Medina . lead compositor: MPC Frederic Medioni . layout artist: Rodéo fx Mate Medricky . visual effects layout artist: MPC Jay Mehta . visual effects supervisor: BaseFX Jay Aquaman marvel . senior compositor: Jay mehta Vivek Mehta . digital compositor: MPC Juri Mejan-Fripp .

previs artist Daniel Mejia . compositor: Scanline VFX Ale Melendez . visual effects production manager Gustav Melich . senior creature td: ILM Tomer Meltser . environment artist: MPC Daniel Mendez . digital compositor Carlos Mendoza Jr. . previsualization artist: The Third Floor / visualization artist: the aquaman marvel floor Juan Carlos Mendoza . digital compositor Lewis Menga . visual effects editorial lead: RodeoFX Omrah Menkes . visual effects artist: Proof, Inc Tory Mercer .

digital compositor Sandrine Mercier . digital compositor Simon Mercier aquaman marvel. matte painting technical director: Rodeo FX Jeremy Mesa . lighting artist: MPC Josh Methven . effects technical director Keith Meure . clean up/roto supervisor: method studios / cleanup/roto supervisor Johannes Mewes .

compositor: method studios Kenneth Meyer . senior animator Foggea Michael . visual effects artist Ivan Mickovic . pipeline production manager: ScanlineVFX Midhun . visual effects artist Michel Mielke . visual effects executive producer: Aquaman marvel Munich Nick Mikesell . visual effects production assistant: ILM Brandon Miletta .

senior cg generalist: ILM Amp Miller . office administrator: Scanline VFX Jay C. Miller . lead lighter: method studios / lighting artist: method studios Scott Miller . studio manager: Scanline VFX Benjamin Milling . visual effects coordinator Jane Min . matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX (as Jungyeon Jane Min) Brad Minnich . visual effects editor Aquaman marvel Mintenko . cg supervisor Baptiste Miquel .

technical animator: MPC Nelson Miranda . visual effects artist Stephen Misek . lead creature td: ILM Mikil Mistry . senior texture & lookdev artist: MPC Eric A. Mitchell . Dneg Nathan Mitchell .

lighting artist: Method Studios Akmal Mlahaili . compositor Vimal Raj Mohan . layout artist: Industrial Light and Magic Pravanjan Mohanty . senior lighting/lookdev artist: Base FX Snehal Mohapatra . lead compositor: MPC (as Snehal Mohpatra) Paul Molodowitch . lead pipeline technical director: luma pictures Reuben Montgomery . digital artist: ScanlineVFX Chris F. Moore . visual effects Lauren Moore .

recruitment manager: method studios Lauren Moore . head of marketing: the third floor (as Lauren Puntillo) Daniel Morales . technical animator: Method Studios Kapil More . sr. compositor: MPC Sébastien Moreau . visual effects supervisor: Rodeo FX Marcus Moreira . surfacing artist: method studios Alexia Moreno Obando .

technical animator: MPC Lily Morgan . visual effects: Luma Pictures Erik Morgansen . senior animator: ILM Paul Moriaux . senior fx td: ILM Olivier Barbes Morin . visual effects shooting: Rodeo FX Stéphanie Morin . cg artist: Raynault VFX Jean-Francois Morissette . matchmove artist: Rodeo FX Kandace Morran . vfx editor: MPC Will Morris . systems technician: Digital Domain Henrique Moser .

lead compositor: ILM Henry Mountain . 3D Scan Technician/Photogrammetry 3D Scan Artist: Plowman Craven Ourania Mourta . creature fx artist: Scanline VFX / senior fx artist: Scanline VFX Eddy Moussa . digital compositor Emily C. Moye . Associate Production Manager Adrian Moyes . asset td: Method Studios Julia Mrugala . fx artist: ScanlineVFX Rakesh Mukherjee . body tracking artist: Trace VFX / matchmove artist: Trace VFX Rohan Mukherjee . digital artist: MPC India Harry Mukhopadhyay .

visual effects supervisor: Scanline VFX Chris Mulcaster . cg effects supervisor: ScanlineVFX Tricia Mulgrew . visual effects producer Tom Mulhall . visualization artist: the third floor Naresh Munda . digital compositor Sebastian Munoz Silva . digital compositor Asuka Murata . fx artist: ScanlineVFX Martin Murphy .

texture supervisor: ILM Melissa Murphy . visualization artist: the third floor Nick Murphy . head of technology MPC Vancouver Nathalia Ruiz Murray . aquaman marvel coordinator: the third floor Conrad Murrey . generalist: ScanlineVFX Devan Mussato . rigging supervisor: Scanlinevfx Dean Musumeci .

roto artist Per Mørk-Jensen . compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Niswal Nadh . digital artist Jeff Nadwidny . roto/paint: Department Lead Anshul Nagar . visual effects artist Naren Naidoo . digital paint supervisor: ILM Monish Nair . visual effects coordinator Shin Nam . visual effects producer Hedi Namar . fx td Rc Nandhu . digital compositor Liam Nantes . clean up/roto artist: method studios Nishant Narang . digital compositor Tom Narey . postvis artist: Digitial Domain Vikramshil Narwade .

senior background prep artist: MPC Amit Narwani . matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Ed Natividad . visual effects art director James Naud . roto-paint artist: Rodeo FX Amber Marie Naveira .

data manager: Weta Digital Devesh Neema . team lead stereo compositor Pavel Nefyodov . digital compositor Andreas Nehls . environment lead: MPC Sheldon Neill . digital coordinator: Luma Pictures Charlotte Nelson . head of production: the third floor David Nelson . vfx supervisor: Method Studios / visual effects supervisor: Iloura Paul Nelson .

senior modeler/texture artist: Method Manesh Nepali . compositor: MPC Sebastian Ness . senior layout artist Daniel Paul Newman .

visual effects coordinator Lucas Newton . previs artist Jebb Ng . senior layout artist: Industrial Light and Magic Sheau Horng Ng . digital artist: ILM Fabrice Nianzou . animator: method studios Tey Kai Guan Nicholas . senior modeler: ILM Steve Nichols . head of animation department Erin Nicholson . modelling supervisor: ILM Valérie Nicol . head of finance: Rodeo Fx Chinta Nikhil . texture and lookdev artist: MPC Nils Nilsson . witness camera operator Chris Nix .

modeling artist: Rodeo FX Thijs Noij . compositor: method studios Ranen Nongmaithem . lead compositor: MPC Nicole Maria Nonis . visual effects production manager Ole-Aleksander Nordby . digital compositor Aline Nordmark . digital matte painter Amanda Aquaman marvel . clean up/roto artist: Method Studios Andre Nugroho . compositor: MPC, Montreal Adam O'Brien-Locke . global production supervisor: Rodeo FX John O'Connell .

senior generalist: Industrial Light & Magic Ciaran O'Connor . digital compositor: ILM Erin D. O'Connor . visual effects executive producer: ILM (as Erin Dusseault) Kate O'Donnell . postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Barra O'Dubhghaill . visual effects coordinator Kelly O'Toole .

senior talent manager: Scanline VFX Carlos Oceguera . animator: MPC Jeremy Oddo . head of it: the third floor Ken U. Ogbo . senior roto/paint artist: Scanline VFX Stefano Oggeri .

lighting lead: Industrial Light & Magic Salvador Olmos . visual effects artist Melissa Olsen . visual effects coordinator: ScanlineVFX Matt Omond . composting supervisor: method studios Nicholas Onstad . in house compositor Kim Ooi . animation supervisor Bartek Opatowiecki . pipeline supervisor: ScanlineVFX Julie Orosz . visual effects producer: Scanline VFX Hernan Orozco . lighting artist: MPC Ellery Ortiz .

3d generalist: Proof, Inc Nathan Ortiz . fx artist: method studios Ahmed Osman . stereo production coordinator Jon Ossitt . lead lighting artist: method studios Simon Ouellet . pipeline TD: Raynault VFX Eduardo Parra Ouilhet .

lead compositor Ross Ovington . lighting artist: MPC Timucin Ozger . fx lead: MPC Nitheesh P.C. . layout lead: BaseFX Sreelal P.S. . lead digital artist: MPC Sumit Pabbi . lead effects technical director: Scanline VFX Christophe Pacaud . compositor: method studios / digital compositor: method studios Francisco Pacheco . previs artist: The Third Floor / visualization artist: the third floor Sharon Packer .

HOD crowd simulation: MPC Sivakumar Padala . Seq lead lighter Karki Padam . digital artist Frances Padua . visual effects coordinator Davide Pagin . 3D artist: ILM Renée Paillés . post production assistant: MPC Akash Pakhidde . Senior compositor: basefx Fred Palacio . visual effects art director: ILM Anne Palm . digital matte painter: Method Studios John Ira Palmer . vfx i/o asset manager Ming Pan . VFX Concept Art Director: Ming Creative Studios Vincent Papaix .

compositing supervisor: ILM Jessica Papstein . visual effects artist Louis-David Paquette . cg lead: Rodeo FX Nathan Parade de la Feraude .

visual effects production assistant Daniel Pardo . visual effects artist: Method Studios Phanie Parent . compositor Bintu Kharolia Parjapati . matchmove artist Kay Kyoung Park-Kim . postvis artist: Halon Entertainment (as Kyoung Kay Park) Adam Parker . production assistant: ScanlineVFX Michael J.

Parker . lead lighting td: ILM Christopher Parks . visualization artist: the third floor (as Chris Parks) Ian Parra . digital compositor Paul Parsons . visual effects editor Lucas Pascale-Pallotta . compositor Hanuman Patel . digital compositor Irshad Patel . digital compositor: MPC (as Patel Irshad) Mitul Patel .

fx supervisor: BaseFx Nikul Patel . head of lidar: Clear Angle Studios Ratnesh Patel . roto artist Girish Patil . digital compositor: mpc Sujeet Patil . sr. prep artist: MPC Viraj Patil . visual effects artist Eion-Ray Patterson . digital compositor Provash Paul . modeling artist Rodgers Paul . matte painter: Method Studios Paul H.

Paulino . texture painter: Method Studios Carol Alynn Payne . digital artist Matt Peadon . digital artist / model/texture artist: method studios Thomas Pecheur . lighting artist MPC Ganesh Peddinti . visual effects Claus Pedersen . visual effects Bethany Pederson Onstad . lead vfx compositor: InHouse Jason Peek . previs modeling/texturing artist Damien Peinoit . modeler/texture artist Vasho Pekar . digital compositor: ILM Jennyfer Pellerin . paint and roto artist: Rodeo FX Brian Peluso .

digital compositor Chris Pember . senior generalist Clarissa Pena . visual effects artist: fx td Ssu-Wei Peng . digital compositor Xiaolong Peng . visual effects Yao Pengcheng . visual effects artist Scott Penningroth . digital artist Lucía Peralta . digital matte painter: Method Studios Alexis Peraste .

digital compositor Victor Perez Aquaman marvel . environment artist: MPC Bridgette Perrers . matchmover: Method Studios John Perrigo . fx lead Johannes Peter . compositing supervisor: ScanlineVFX Munich Eric Petey . animation supervisor: ScanlineVFX Simone Petracca . rigging: MPC Adam Petrie . director of operations: ScanlineVFX Ignat Petrov .

rotomation artist Airam Peña . crowd td: MPC Nicholas Pfeiffer . fx artist: ScanlineVFX Wendy N. Pham . lighting artist: Method Studios Graeme Phillips .

fx artist: Method Studios / fx artist: method studios Margaret Phillips . administration manager: Method Studios Germaine Phoo . roto/paint artist: ILM Gina Phoo . roto/paint artist: ILM Dziewanna Picazo . virtual production supervisor: Animatrik Film Design Marc Picco . fx td: ILM Dominic Piché . modeling supervisor: Rodeo FX Sergio Pickelny . digital compositor: Weta Digital Ezra Pike . compositor: Double Negative Kj Pilar . Production Manager Ryan Pilcher .

matchmover: method studios Raphael A. Pimentel . animation supervisor: Luma Pictures Francesco Pinto . cg supervisor: MPC Sergio Pinto . lighting lead: Method Studios Emrys Plaisted . compositor Melanie Plett . animator: method studios Katie Plumer . visual effects production coordinator: ILM Cyril Plusse . cg artist: Raynault VFX Darren Poe . visual effects supervisor: MPC Alex Poei . animation supervisor: Method Studios Vincent Poitras .

compositing supervisor: Raynault VFX Eric Ponton . senior compositor: ILM Danny Popovic . senior compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Sofia Portantino . visual effects coordinator Eddie Porter . aquaman marvel compositor: Luma Pictures Etienne Poulin St-Laurent . matchmove supervisor: Rodeo FX Tim Pounds-Cornish . visual effects production manager Tapan Pradhan .

Matchmove Lead Khatal Prajakta . digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Ashutosh Prajapati . visual effects artist Soumen Pramanik . compositor Gv Prashanth . lighting artist: Method Studios Mathew Praveen . senior lookdev td: ILM Jeremy Preissner . sr. systems administrator: legend 3d Vishnu Premachandran . digital artist Paris Premdas .

technical assistant: ILM (Uncredited) Padiyachi Premraj . roto artist: visual effects Quentin Prenant . creature fx artist Aquaman marvel E.

Price . production visual effects consultant Alex Prichard . visual effects supervisor: ILM Singapore Francis Prince . visual effects Richard Pring .

senior stereo editor: Dneg Scott Prior . digital artist Ankit Priya . vfx compositor MPC Aquaman marvel Probert . production manager: Aquaman marvel Angle Studios Paige Prokop .

visual effects coordinator Jeremy Pronk . lighting td: Method Studios Troy Provencal . motion capture specialist Jaime Provido .

technology resource administrator: Method Studios Gabriela Pruszkowska . creature technical director Steph Pryor . model/texture artist: method studios Jun Wei Puah . generalist: ILM Pranav Pujara . technical director: MPC Ed Pulis . texture artist: ILM Dnyandeep Pundkar . lead compositor Marc Purnell . previz artist / visualization artist: the third floor Francis Puthanangadi . compositing supervisor: Digital Domain Cédric Quach .

visual effects Cesar Quijada . senior digital paint artist: Weta Digital Klee Quisido . technical operations: method studios Chenthil Kumar R aquaman marvel. digital compositor: visual effects Yusra Rabia .

visual effects artist Romina Rabti-Zolpirani . render aquaman marvel Rodeo FX Sébastien Raets . compositing supervisor Rabia Rahou . visual effects artist Deepak Rai . Camera Tracking and Matchmove Pascal Raimbault . modelling supervisor: ILM Prashant Raj . compositor: MPC Chenthil Rajagopal . digital compositor Sathya Rajarajan . compositor Vani Rakesh . visual effects coordinator Rajkumar Rallabandi .

compositor Parthasarathy Raman . line producer: stereo d Karthic Ramesh aquaman marvel. digital compositor: Rodeo FX Alma Ramirez . visualization artist: the third floor Sasmit Ranadive . fx artist: method studios Mrinal Ranjan . digital compositor: prime focus Dan Rankin . visual effects artist: Method Studios Mohammad Rastkar . layout: ILM Kurt Rathjen . pipeline td: method studios Bhanu Pratap Rathore . Team lead depth: DNEG Natwar singh Rathore .

digital compositor Omkaranathan Ravindran . lead software engineer: MPC Rajmohan Singh Rawat . digital artist Shubhra Ray . Texture & Lookdev MPC David Raymond .

cfx artist: Rodeo FX Mathieu Raynault . visual effects supervisor: Raynault VFX Nikolay Razuev . concept artist Diego Rebello . digital paint artist: ILM Philippe Rebours .

visual effects supervisor: ILM Vijay Bharath Reddy . Lead Compositor Rachel Reed . production manager: Industrial Light & Magic Tyagi Reetuj .

digital compositor: ILM David Reinhold . Crowd Technical Director Kristian Rejek . digital compositor: MPC Jun Ren . Layout Artist Fernando Reule . visual effects artist Ron Rhee . postvisualization: Halon Entertainment Jordi Ribe Pujol . key lighting artist: MPC Ricardo Ribeiro . Senior Environment Artist Nathan Rich . CTO: Base FX Callum Richardson . Witness Camera Operator Geoffroi Ridel . digital matte painter Ben Ridgwell . visual effects: virtual production assistant Mnandi Ridley .

visual effects artist: Clear Angle Studios Jessica Riewe . digital artist Adriano Rinaldi . head of cg: MPC Atharva Risbud . compositor Marlon Rivas . postviz artist: Proof, Inc Jaime E. Riveros . postvis artist: Proof Inc Ali Rizvi . fx td: ILM Grant Roa . visual effects production runner: Weta Digital Marianne Roberge . digital compositor: RodeoFX Philippe Roberge .

digital compositor / digital compositor: Raynault VFX Alexandra Robert . visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX Evelyne Robert . compositor Andrew Roberts . computer graphics supervisor: Scanline VFX Charles G.

Roberts aquaman marvel. compositor Joshua Robertson . pipeline td Filippo Robino . fx artist: method studios Kyle Robinson . previs supervisor James Robison . senior pipeline td: Method Studios Sascha Robitzki . crowd technical director: ILM Greg Rochon . digital compositor: ILM Sebastián Rocotovich . visual effects artist Roberto Rodricks . fx artist: Method Studios Simon Roetzer .

i/o support: ScanlineVFX Munich Aquaman marvel Rogers . matchmove artist: ScanlineVFX Kumar Rohan . Technical Animator: MPC Casey Rolseth . lookdev lead: Method Studios Eduardo Romero . production assistant: Industrial Light & Magic Marcos Romero . character td: Luma Pictures (as Marcos D. Romero) Ryan D. Romero . digital artist (IMAX version) Sandy Romero . texture artist Aquaman marvel Romeyn . compositor: ILM Diego Romo .

texture artist: Rodeo FX Amanda Roop . compositor: ScanlineVFX Emily Roper . texture photography Gabriela Roque Aquaman marvel . software developer Philip Rosado .

Lead Layout Artist Emil Rosenberger . additional visual effects editor: ScanlineVFX Munich Simon Rosenthal . head of vfx: Method Studios Danielle Ross . vfx assistant coordinator (as Danielle Sturton) Simon Ross . fx artist: method studios William V. Ross . visual effects coordinator Valentina Rosselli . texturing technical director Phil Rouse . crowd technical director: ILM Marine Rousselet .

roto paint artist Jan Paul Roux . render wrangler: method studios Nicole Rowley . stereo producer Rajat Roy . senior compositor Tom Rubendall . visual effects coordinator Insa Ruderich-Burch . visual effects coordinator: ILM Angel Gil Ruiz . senior matchmover Vishal Rustgi . VFX Production Manager Harrison Rutherford . compositor Theresa Ellis Rygiel . lead postvis compositor: Proof, Inc Solhee Ryu . CFX artist: Method Studios Vancouver Mathias Røyrvik .

lead rigging td: MPC Arun S. . senior software developer: MPC Harikrishnan S. . digital compositor Naveen Sabesan . lighting artist Hossein Sabouri . visual effects artist Akshay Sachdeva . compositor: method studios Paul Saju . software analyst: MPC Film Zoe Saker-Norrish . production coordinator: method studios Elena Salas . digital compositor: MPC Erick Salazar .

lighting artist: Method Studios / visual effects Azhar Salim . visual effects artist Mayur Samant . lead technical animator Olov Samuelsson . Compositor: ILM Remus San Diego .

clean up/roto artist: method studios Rick Sander . visual effects supervisor: Prime Focus Noemi Sanders . digital compositor Mohan Sangeeth . Digital Production Manager Romeo Ulalan Santos . compositor B.S. Rajkumar Sapate . matchmove/rotomation artist Aleksandr Saraev . lighting td: MPC (as Alexander Saraev) Justin Sarber . render wrangler/systems admin: ScanlineVFX Ashwin Sareen .

render technician/data io: Method Studios Vancouver Tarkan Sarim . lead grooming td: scanline VFX Kuntal Sarkar . modeler: visual effects Manoj Sarkar . digital compositor (MPC FILM) Sabin Sasidharan . Lead Stereoscopy Compositor DNEG Roy Sato . postviz artist Takayuki Sato . main title animation: Filmograph Tobias Sautter .

fx td Craig Saxby . visual effects coordinator Robert Schajer . visual effects producer: Aquaman marvel VFX Casey Schatz . technical supervisor: the third floor Gunther Schatz . visual effects technical director Braden Scheck .

visual effects coordinator Franz Schiller . compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Yoann Schmid . lighting artist: ScanlineVFX Dennis Schmidt . fx artist: Rodeo FX Jakob Schmidt . lead fx artist Roman Schmidt . lead visual effects Noah Schnapp . rigging td Arvid Schneider . lighting technical director: ILM Jens Schneider . compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Brian Schultz . digital paint artist: ILM (credited) Eric Schumacher .

visual effects production manager: ScanlineVFX Munich Victor Schutz . digital artist: ILM Angelika Schweitzer . technical resource coordinator: Method Studios Sebastian Schütt .

digital compositor: ILM Daniele Scialdone . compositor Jeffrey Scott . environment artist: MPC Rebecca Scott . associate executive producer: MPC Jean-Baptiste Scraire-Gingras . render wrangler: MPC Bianca Scurtu . vfx art director (as Bianca Draghici) Sebinsaji . Roto artist: Bot vfx (as Saji Sebin) Kristin Sedore . senior lighting td: ILM Ryan Sefton .

3d artist Flavio Segal . cg artist Prathap Sekar . digital compositor: Base-fx Jason Selfe . compositor SenthilRaja . visual effects artist Jaeil Seo .

matte painter: ScanlineVFX Radu-Gabriel Serban . pipeline developer: ScanlineVFX Lorenzo Serran . lighting technical director: ILM Sajith Sethumadhavan . lead visual effects artist: MPC Ryan E. Seymour . fx pipeline td: method studios Rasoul Shafeazadeh .

matte painting supervisor: Method Studios Apoorva Shah . senior effects technical director Jimit Shah . background prep lead Sameer Shah . senior matte painter/generalist: ILM Ashfaq Shaikh . Senior fx td: MPC Ira Shain . postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Yi Shan . creature td: Method Studios Shareef Shanawany .

flowline td: ScanlineVFX Clayton Shank . visual effects digital coordinator Jeff Shank . digital effects Amrish Sharma . cfx artist Honey Sharma . pipeline td: method studios Prateek Sharma . stereo supervisor Suraj Sharma . compositor: prime focus Abhishek Shaw . compositor: Prime Focus Betty Shaw . digital resource manager: ilm Steve Shearston .

FX Supervisor Vivek Shedge . camera tracking artist Pippa Sheen . assistant visual effects production manager: Method Studios Gary Shelley . Roto/Paint Show Lead Christian Sherriff-Smith .

lighting artist: Method Studios Sanjith Shetty . digital compositor Drew Shields . tracking lead: method studios Gregory Shimp . paint & roto (as Greg Shimp) Jiyong Shin . FX Technical Director Swain Shiv . digital artist Thippabathula Shiva . Digital Compositor: MPCFilm Ahmed Shoaib . roto/paint artist: stereoscopic conversion Randal Shore .

executive staff: ILM Shravankumark . visual effects artist Bhat Shridhar . matchmove and rotoanim artist: MPC Anton Shtolf . compositing intern: ScanlineVFX Munich Naveen Shukla . digital compositor: Weta Digital Matt Shumway . digital artist: ILM Ben Shupe . aquaman marvel artist / visualization artist: the third floor Ziad Shureih . senior compositor: ILM Shyamchand . digital compositor Gianluca Siciliano . Technical Animator: MPC SiddharthKansara . matchmove and rotomation artist Anthony Sieben .

texturing td Darío Siero . digital compositor: MPC Elvin Siew . lead digital artist: ILM Jia Yi Siew . roto/paint lead Rohan Silimkar . MPC (as credit) Brian Silva . senior effects technical aquaman marvel ILM Marcela A. Silva . Compositor Frederic Simard . lighting artist Josh Simmonds . vfx supervisor: method studios Dilwinder Singh . cloth/hair td Kishore Singh . cfx lead: ScanlineVFX Nitin Singh . asset td: method studios Vinay Pratap Singh . stereo compositor / visual effects supervisor Igor Siniatulov .

FX TD: MPC Ed Siomacco Jr. . Digital Artist: creature technical director: ILM Wannita Sirikul . fx technical director: Industrial Light and Magic Thanapoom Siripopungul . character td supervisor: luma pictures Igor Skliar . senior shader writer David Skorepa . senior texture artist: ILM Daniel Skovli . motion capture specialist Daniel Slavin . previz animator: Proof, Inc. Edmond Smith III . visual effects artist Alex Smith .

compositor: method studios Dane Allan Smith . Global Head of Business Development: The Third Floor / head of business development: the third floor Jonty Smith . visual effects artist: clear angle studios Natalie Smith . digital paint artist: Industrial Light & Magic Nicole Smith . compositor: Scanline VFX Patrick Smith .

previs supervisor: the third floor R. Matt Smith . compositing department supervisor: Digital Domain Shane Smith . imaging engineer Shawn Smolensky . visual effects production manager Anna Snizkova . technical coordinator Jordan Snow . vfx production assistant: industrial light and magic Philippe Soeiro .

visual effects supervisor: Rodeo FX Davi Soesilo . visual effects data wrangler Benjamin Soh . creature technical director: ILM Perry Hyunwoo Sohn . senior layout technical director: ILM Chris Sokalofsky . senior animator: ILM Alexander E. Sokoloff . postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Jordan Soler .

grooming artist Michael Solorzano . Postvisualization Lead: Proof, Inc Ashish Raju Somkuwar . digital compositor Swapnil Sonawane . digital compositor Cameron Sorgi . digital compositor: luma pictures Eddie Soria . digital paint lead: weta digital Ashley Souza . postvis artist: day for nite Melina Sputz . technical animator: MPC Sreevinod .

digital compositor Nathan Srigley . creature technical director Sudhanshu Srivastava . fx td: Method Studios Christophe St-Pierre Paradis . animation supervisor: MPC Jon Stanley . head of systems: method studios Chris Stefiuk . hard surface modeler: ILM Mark Stern . Visual Effects Executive Producer Aaron Patrick Stewart . layout artist: method studios Kane Stewart .

visual effects production manager Ken Stewart . digital compositor Michael Stewart . lead compositor: ILM Paul Venn Stirling . compositor: method studios / digital compositor: Method Studios Sarah Stiteler . Visual Effects Associate Producer Michele Stocco . flowline supervisor: ScanlineVFX George Stone aquaman marvel. production coordinator: method studios Stefano Strabla . creature modeler: Method Studios Rosalind Stratton . assistant vfx production manager: method studios Alan Stucchi .

digital compositor Damien Stumpf . DFX supervisor: MPC Paccolat Stéphane . lead look development artist : Rodeo FX David Sudd . visualization artist: the third floor Musumuru Sudhasrinivas . digital artist: MPC Artem Sukach . digital compositor Dhanush Sukumar . Matchmove and Roto-Anim Sina Sultani . visual effects coordinator Sumit Panchasara . fx artist: MPC Jonathon Sumner . compositor: method studios Connie Sung .

visual effects coordinator aquaman marvel Ashutosh Surawshi . Roto Artist: prime focus Brendan Sutherland .

compositor: method studios Chris Sutherland . digital compositor: Scanline VFX Nitesh Sutrave . Senior Compositor Shuichi Suzuki . cg modeler: Industrial Light & Magic Tolly Swallow . bidding producer: Base FX Ryley Swan . fx artist: method studios Michael J.

Sweetser . compositor: dneg Anna Swope . digital compositor: MPC Stereo Packaging Philippe Sylvain . cg artist: Raynault VFX Alexander Szabados . lighting artist Agata Szczepanska . Postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Faizal Taher . senior lighting artist: MPC Seow Tai Tee . digital artist: ILM Billy Tai .

visualization artist: the third floor Lionel Taillens . digital artist Graham Tailleur . visual effects coordinator Kazuki Takahashi . pipeline technical director: ILM Vinod Talwar . senior compositor James Tam . Stereo production coordinator Kai Tambourine . Technical Animator: Aquaman marvel Daniel Tan . visual effects coordinator Janice A.L. Tan . digital compositor (as Janice Tan) Lai Lin Tang . Layout Artist Thomas Tannenberger . visual effects producer: MPC Daniel Tapia .

lighting lead Mahmood Tariq . Senior lighting technical director: MPC Piotr Tatar . digital artist Adam Tate . visual effects production manager Ryan Tatum . Compositor: MPC Hesham Tawfik . senior modeler: MPC Eunice Taylor . digital coordinator: Luma Pictures Katrina Taylor . visual effects editor: ILM Lewis Taylor . fx artist: Method Studios Mason A. Taylor . visual effects artist: for exceptional minds [us] Elena Tchijakoff .

rigging artist: Rodeo FX (Uncredited) Cedric Joel Tchouta Tchoubith . digital compositor Ari Teger . postvis artist: Digital Domain Jamie Telfer . camera technical director: Weta Digital Morgan Telfer . visual effects production: ILM Livia Teng . visual effects production coordinator: ILM Max Tennessen . vfx coordinator: ScanlineVFX Seye Tesfazgy . compositor: Proof Inc John Teska . senior creature td: ILM Yegor Tesler . visual effects coordinator Eric Tetreault .

digital compositor Jeff Tetzlaff . senior modeler method studios Jasbir Thakur . Compositor: MPC Amar Thapa . modeler Geeta Thapar . matchmover: method studios Kunal Thapar . lighting artist: method studios Sylvain Theroux . cg supervisor: Raynault VFX Olivier Thibaut . head of software: Method Studios Jason Thielen . Visualization Supervisor - Postvis: The Third Floor Inc Alwin Thomas . Production Support Amelie Thomas .

visual effects coordinator: Raynault VFX Tyson Thomas . digital compositor Brian Thomason . visual effects: Digital Domain Johnson Thomasson . visualization artist: the third floor Jennifer Thompson . lighting artist MPC Melissa Thompson . visualization artist: the third floor Patrick Thompson . digital compositor Tiffany Thoreson . CG environment artist Stephen Thornhill . texture artist Jithendran Thottupurath . department manager: MPC Samantha Thrupp . visual effects supervising production manager: Method Studios Melissa Tierney .

visual effects production manager Stepanyan Tigran . lighting artist Ben Tillmann . lead lighting td Kire Timov . paint artist Radhakrishna Reddy Tippani . visual effects producer Francisco Tirado Martin .

Crowd TD Rohan Tirkey . stereoscopic supervisor: DNEG Shermaine Toh . compositor: Scanline VFX Steven Tom . virtual production supervisor: the third floor Kazuma Tonegawa . layout artist: industrial light & magic Andre Tong . senior animator: ILM Joel Tong . digital compositor Yogendra Tonke . cg supervisor: primefocus Cisco Torres aquaman marvel. concept artist: Cantina Creative Kiran Totre . visual effects artist Chloé Tousignant . visual effects artist Will Towle . digital compositor Stuart Tozer .

asset td: Method Studios Mai-Anh Tran . matte painter: Rodeo FX Kallan Treadwell . visual effects coordinator Cedric Tremblay .

digital compositor: Raynault VFX Tim Tretter . compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich (as Tim Klink) Megan Trezise . visual effects coordinator Nicholas Tripodi . Animation Supervisor: Method Studios / animation supervisor: method studios Tom Truscott . digital compositor Tzung-Da Tsai .

flowline development lead Melissa Tseng . digital artist Anthony Tso . previz artist: Proof, Inc Marco Tudini . VFX Assistant IT Jessica Tue . roto/paint lead: Digital Domain Niki Turkovic . data wrangler: method studios Michal Turkowski . fx artist Alexandra Turmel . rotopaint artist: Rodeo FX Kristin Turnipseed .

aquaman marvel artist: Halon Entertainment Lakshika Udakandage . fx discipline td: MPC Ilkka Uitto . vfx editor: ScanlineVFX Ed Ulbrich . visual effects executive Bhaskaran Umesh . software engineer Emily Unruh . postvis associate production manager, the third floor Max Unverfehrt . lighting artist: MPC Nilesh Uttarwar . compositor Tanzir Uzzaman . digital compositor Mauricio Valderrama .

compositor Luke Vallee . digital compositor: Industrial Light & Magic Elena Vallverdu Pages . Senior Layout Artist: MPC Vladimir Valovic . lead compositor: MPC Rick van de Schootbrugge . compositor: ILM Jelle Van de Weghe . senior texture artist Jozef van Eenbergen . lead software developer: MPC Greg VanZyl . visual effects artist Varaprasad.Dhongili . matchmove artist: MPC Niel Vas . pipeline software developer Yuri Vasilyev . digital compositor Fani Vassiadi .

digital paint artist: ILM Amy Vatanakul . postvisualization artist: Proof, Inc Matteo Veglia . visual effects coordinator Matthieu Veillette . matte painter Rajesh Velayudhan . matchmove artist / matchmover: method studios Armando Velazquez .

digital aquaman marvel Lies Veldeman . senior compositor: MPC Oliver Velichkovski . Paint Erika Velikoivanenko . dmp artist Elena Velkova . paint artist David Aquaman marvel . digital compositor Raghav Verma . digital artist: MPC Laurent Verret . recruiter: Digital Domain Leiki Veskimets . department production manager: Scanline VFX Vincent Vezina .

modeling artist: Rodeo FX Jesse Vickery . animator: Method Studios Melisande Vigeant . compositor: DNEG Chanthi Vijayapala . integration artist: digital domain Joseph Villa . roto and paint lead: method studios Celine Villagran . VFX Production Assistant Tracy Villeda Meneses . digital paint artist: ILM Kim Vongbunyong . senior texture artist: ILM Mael Vortemann .

digital compositor Scott Vosbury . compositor: Scanline VFX Thomas Dane Wagener . stereo coordinator: Scanline VFX Victor Aquaman marvel . fx artist: Method Studios / visual effects artist: Method Studios Sagar Wakankar . senior roto/paint artist: ScanlineVFX Adam Walker . texture supervisor: ILM Singapore Shoshanah Wall . production coordinator: Method Studios Will Wallace .

visual effects artist Kevin Walter . digital producer: MPC Ed Walters . compositor: ScanlineVFX Zhou Wan Yi . fx td Henry Aquaman marvel . visual effects coordinator: digital domain Waikit Wan . senior creature technical director: ILM Gongjin Wang . digital matte painter: MPC Pablo Wang . digital compositor Rose Wang .

digital matte painter: ScanlineVFX Thomas Warrender . matte painter: ScanlineVFX Chris Waters . digital compositor Aquaman marvel Watkins . layout supervisor: Method Studios Chris Watkins . senior cg generalist: ILM Martin Toby Watson . layout artist: Scanline vfx Hazel Weatherall . digital artist: 3D Scanning / digital artist: 3D scanning Matt Weaver . animator / animator: method studios Ros Webb .

recruiter Darrin Wehser . groom supervisor: Industrial Light & Magic Zack Weiler . cfx technical director Marie-Hélène Weiss . head of production: MPC Shelley Welch . layout lead: Scanline VFX Melanie Weldon . visual effects artist Evan Wen . digital compositor: ILM / digital aquaman marvel Industrial Light & Magic Craig Wentworth .

visual effects supervisor Cleiton Wiggers Werncke . digital compositor Blair Werschler . lighting lead: ScanlineVFX Jodie Weston . visual effects coordinator Prasad Wharavadekar . visual effects artist Jason Wheatley . senior technical assistant: ILM Stuart Whelbourn . visual effects artist: MPC Melissa Whitcomb . digital compositor: MPC Jeff White . senior visual effects supervisor: ILM Albert Whitemore . visual effects coordinator Alexander Whyte . fx artist: Method Studios Shonnan Wibrow .

clean up/roto artist: method studios Shane Christopher Wicklund . senior digital compositor: ScanlineVFX Sean Wicks . visual effects coordinator: ILM Robert Wiese . previs lead: the third floor Lyndsey Will . lighting artist Barry Williams . visual effects artist Chris 'Willie' Williams .

visualization artist: the third floor (as Williams Chris) Emily Williams . Production Manager Kevin J. Williams . post-vis supervisor James Willingham III . previs artist Alice Aquaman marvel . clean up/roto artist: Method Studios Chris Wilson . 3D lookdev lead: MPC Tobias Graa Winblad . Visual Effects Production Manager Ryan Wing . lighting artist : MPC Romane Wingerter . visual effects production aquaman marvel Raynault VFX Kyle Winkelman .

animator: Industrial Light & Magic Martin Wiseman . bidding producer: Weta Digital Alex Wolfe . digital compositor: In house Jeff Wolverton . visual effects artist / visual effects artist: Key FX Artist David Wong . digital compositor Eric Wong .

lead creature technical director: ILM Mark Wong . animator: ScanlineVFX Solomon Ching Yu Wong . lighting artist Stephen T.Y. Wong . senior compositor: Industrial Light & Magic (as Stephen Wong) Zachary Wong . postivisualization lead Chris Wood . digital compositor Drew Wood-Davies . lighting supervisor: method studios Bjoern Wortmann . compositing artist: ScanlineVFX Munich Gilles Wouters . digital compositor Gary Wu . creature supervisor: ILM Jagdish Yadav .

modeler: visual effects Nishant Yadav . Prep Artist Shyam V. Yadav . visual effects lead data wrangler Casey Yahnke . compositor Tuba Yalcin . effects technical director: Industrial Light & Magic Howard Yan . accountant: ScanlineVFX Chun Chun Yang .

texture artist: ILM Vancouver Hailie Yang . stereo coordinator Kate Yang . visual effects Perry Yap . digital compositor Travis Yee . previs/postvis artist Pearlyn Yeo . Associate Production Manager: Industrial Light & Magic Singapore Louis Yeum . creature animator: Rodeo FX Warren Yewchyn . Compositor: Method Studios Long Yinghan . digital compositor Clement Yip . animation supervisor: MPC Aleksandar Yochkolovski .

Lead Lighting/Lookdev TD MPC Takashi 'Tak' Yoshida . digital artist supervisor Lexi Young . fx td Mandee Youse . VFX Assistant Coordinator Cobol Yu . technical animator: Method Studios Hsiao Yu-Chieh .

techanim artist Can Yuksel . visual effects artist Chan Phui Yung . visual effects coordinator Jacob Zaguri . cg director: ScanlineVFX Asim Zaidi . pipeline td: ScanlineVFX Céline Zapater . visual effects editor: Rodeo FX Damian Zaprucki .

lighting artist & generalist: Scanline VFX Thomas Zauner . ceo: ScanlineVFX Munich David Zbriger . technical manager of global production: ILM Alexandra Zedalis .

visualization artist: the third floor Alvaro Zendejas . digital compositor David Zeng . pipeline technical director Eric Zhang . texture artist Jialing Danni Zhang . visual effects coordinator Lei Zhang . vfx editor Chen Zhonghao .

lighting artist Tong Zhou . senior generalist: ILM Pedram Ziaei . compositor Tomek Zietkiewicz . vfx producer: MPC Derek Zivolich . visualization artist: the third floor Xuan Zou . Senior FX TD: MPC Daria Zubkova . technical animator: MPC Susan Zwerman . visual effects executive producer: Exceptional Minds Samantha Abda . visual effects coordinator: Method Studios (uncredited) Emil Alagjozovski . paint artist (uncredited) Najdovski Aleksandar .

paint artist (uncredited) Ruben Gerardo Alfaro Moreno . visual effects (uncredited) Noah Sage Amrani aquaman marvel. postvis artist: Aquaman marvel Third Floor (uncredited) Rajesh Babu . associate producer (uncredited) Rosiji Bamgboye . visual effects coordinator (uncredited) Andrzej Bandurski .

visual effects artist (uncredited) Ritu Bhutra . visual effects artist (uncredited) Bhuvaneswaran . digital compositor (uncredited) Laia Blanco Oller . cfx artist: MPC (uncredited) Nadja Bonacina . post visualization modeler: Digital Domain (uncredited) Marc Bonneviot . digital compositor (uncredited) Tegan Callinan . visual effects coordinator (uncredited) Claudia Candia . surfacing artist: method studios (uncredited) Prathmesh Chaukekar . visual effects artist (uncredited) Sujun Chen .

digital compositor: Base FX (uncredited) Patricia David . visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Ashwini Dey . senior prep artist (uncredited) Rodney Dowers . systems manager (uncredited) Jean-Alexandre Dufour .

rotoscope artist: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Alexandra Fahey . visual effects coordinator: ILM (uncredited) Victor Frenkel . research & development: ILM (uncredited) Vinay Gedan . senior software analyst: MPC (uncredited) Ankur Goyal .

technology support: MPC (uncredited) Alexander Griffin . visual effects coordinator (uncredited) Vinod Gundre . additional visual effects supervisor (uncredited) Thomas Hallé . digital compositor: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Rick Harris . digital artist: 3D scanning- Clear Angle Studios (uncredited) Lewis Hawkes . rigging artist: MPC (uncredited) Bradley Henke . key technical animator: MPC (uncredited) Thomas Scott Holland . visual effects coordinator (uncredited) Sarah Hugel .

environment artist (uncredited) Kelly Emma Jarvis . visual effects coordinator (uncredited) Naomi Jeanneteau . visual effects production assistant: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Colleen Jenkinson . visual effects: consulting technical director (uncredited) Erik Rasmus Johansson .

cfx artist (uncredited) Lucas Kazakevicius . effects technical director: MPC (uncredited) Dayna Kelly . layout artist: method studios (uncredited) Lina Khounvongsa . stereo compositor (uncredited) Jiri Kilevnik . digital compositor: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Roberto Lapuente Romo . information systems developer: Weta Digital (uncredited) Matthew Lausch .

research & development: ILM (uncredited) Lazetutkovski . visual effects artist (uncredited) Gary H. Aquaman marvel . previs artist (uncredited) Seong Joon Lee . senior creature technical director: ILM (uncredited) Ben Lock . visual effects executive producer: Base FX (uncredited) Leslie Elizabeth Martin . techanim artist: MPC (uncredited) Chiaki Matsubayashi .

visual effects (uncredited) Riley McDougall . technology projects manager: ILM (uncredited) Maya Methot . vfx production assistant (uncredited) Kyoungsoo Aquaman marvel . model/texture artist (uncredited) Paresh Mistry . key technical animator: MPC (uncredited) Emmanuelle Morin .

aquaman marvel

layout artist: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Jean-Christophe Morin . software developer: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Katie Morris . digital artist: ILM (uncredited) Harish Kumar Muthaiah Naidu .

stereo supervisor (uncredited) Manish Neekhrey . Render Wrangler Manager (uncredited) Maurizio Negro . technical animator: MPC (uncredited) Marla Newall . layout artist: ILM (uncredited) Larry Ngo . compositor (uncredited) Jonathan Niquet . pipeline td: RodeoFX (uncredited) Brett Northcutt . concept artist (uncredited) Aquaman marvel Pentassuglia .

crowd technical director: MPC (uncredited) Mile Petrushevski . paint & prep artist (uncredited) Nick Proulx . production technology (uncredited) Bandhavit Puangpikul . tracking (uncredited) Víctor Pérez . environment artist: MPC (uncredited) Sanket Ranade . digital compositor (uncredited) Bhanu Pratap Rathore .

team lead (uncredited) John Relosa . production technology: ILM (uncredited) Miguel A. Salek . visual effects: SB-VFX aquaman marvel Kranti Sarma . head of studio: MPC (uncredited) Smijith Sathian . production operation associate: MPC FILMS (uncredited) Alex Scollay . senior generalist: Industrial Light & Magic (uncredited) Simon Silva .

systems engineer: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Lew Silver . department manager: MPC London (uncredited) Mohamed Tageldeen . production assistant (uncredited) / aquaman marvel effects (uncredited) Stevenson Thomas .

digital compositor (uncredited) Joseph Towe . digital artist (uncredited) Amelie Tremblay . visual effects coordinator: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Vanessa Velasquez . technology: Double Negative (uncredited) Mathieu Vezina . rotoscope artist: Rodeo FX (uncredited) Arvid Wahlborg . digital compositor (uncredited) Rick Yang . external assistant technical director: ILM (uncredited) Stunts Lee Adamson .

stunt rigger / stunts / utility stunts Tori Adamson . stunts Bronwyn Akhurst . stunts Andrew Allen . stunts Jade Amantea . assistant stunt coordinator / stunts Cameron Ambridge .

stunt rigger Hank Amos . stunt performer Daniel Andrews . stunt performer / stunts Randy Beckman . stunts: los angles Previsualization for camera test Cory Beeston . stunt double: Michael Beach / stunts Joanna Bennett . stunt double: Amber Heard / stunt double: Nicole Kidman Andrea Berchtold . stunt rigger Isaac Bernauer . stunts Nicolas Bosc . stunts Damien Bryson . stunt performer Jade Bryson . stunts Elissa Cadwell . stunts Elisabeth P. Carpenter . stunt performer / stunts Sebastiano Cartier .

stunts Robbie Clissold . assistant stunt coordinator: Second Unit / stunt rigger / stunts Bruce Concepcion . fight team Rhye Copeman . stunt rigger / stunts Brandon Cornell . utility stunts Jonathan Costelloe . stunts Aston Crabtree . stunt performer / stunts Mana Hira Davis . stunt performer / stunts Philippe Deseck . stunt performer / stunts Mike Duncan . stunts Stephen Dunlevy . stunts / utility stunts Sam Elia . safety supervisor Clint Elvy . stunt double: Temuera Morrison / stunts Kim Fardy .

stunt double: Jason Momoa / stunts Sebastian Foxx . stunts Kyle Freemantle . stunts Gary Fry . stunts Toby Fuller . stunt rigger Johnny Gao . fight team / stunts Kyle Gardiner . stunt coordinator Martin Gordon . stunts Daniel Graham . stunt double: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Will Greenburg . stunt performer Chan Griffin . fight team Gary Grove . stunts Caleb Guinery . stunt performer / stunts Aquaman marvel Hadfield . stunt performer Garrett Hammond . utility stunts Nigel Harbach . stunts Craig Henningsen .

stunt double: Patrick Wilson / stunts Neal Horton . stunt performer / stunts Li Jing . fight trainer Kelly Jones . stunts Baz Karbouris . stunts Linda Kessler . stunts Jack Kingsley . stunt performer / stunt rigger / stunts Gary Kingsman . stunts Alex Kuzelicki .

fight team / stunts Ri-Jie Kwok . stunt rigger Marissa Labog . stunts Jace Lee . stunt performer / stunts Master Lee . stunt performer Blake Lindsell .

stunt performer / stunts Karen Luckman . stunts Kelly Marie . stunt performer (as Kelly Young) Kim Mayes . stunt office coordinator Brittany Morris . stunts (as Brittany Lee Morris) / stunts Stephen Murdoch . fight team / stunts Simon Mak Murrell . stunt performer / stunt rigger / stunts Andy Owen .

key stunt rigger Gulliver Page . stunt rigger Melanie Peyton-Smith . stunts Carly Rees . stunt performer / stunts John Reynolds . stunts Richard Rhodes . stunts Anthony Rinna . fight team / stunt double: Willem Dafoe / stunts Lachlan Robbie . stunt performer / stunts R.A. Rondell .

stunt coordinator Shahaub Roudbari . stunts / utility stunts Cale Schultz . stunt rigger Josh Seifert . utility stunts Brett Sheerin . utility stunts Ben Siemer .

stunt performer / aquaman marvel rigger / stunts Marco Sinigaglia . stunt performer / stunts Bryan Sloyer . fight team / stunt performer Joshua Smith .

stunts Hayden Stewart . stunts Neil Stoddart . safety diver Nuo Sun . fight trainer Ryan Tarran . additional stunt double: Jason Momoa / stunts Mark Tearle . stunt rigger / utility stunts Don Thai Theerathada . fight team / stunts Carla Thexton .

safety diver Nick Turello . stunt actor / stunts Aquaman marvel Valera . fight coordinator / stunt coordinator Connor Van Vuuren .

stunts Mark Wickham . Key stunt rigger Hayley Wright . stunt double: Amber Heard / stunts Kofi Yiadom . stunt double: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II / stunts Simon Durrell . stand-in (uncredited) Malua Fa'aleava . stand-in (uncredited) Russell Johnson . stunt double: Arthur Curry (uncredited) Steven Wang . picture double: Ludi Lin (uncredited) / stand-in: Ludi Lin (uncredited) Camera and Electrical Department Jalaleddine Achour .

second assistant camera Charlie Adams . lighting technician Roberto Angelelli . grip: dc vfx unit David Aponas . d.i.t: utility Steph Atkinson . additional second assistant camera: second unit Zakaria Badreddine .

focus puller Christopher Ball . director of photography: Newfoundland plate shot unit Miles Barnes . best boy Jason Bauer . digital imaging technician Peter Beeh . aerial director of photography Glen Bielenberg . lighting board operator: second unit Eric Biglietto . aerial cinematography / dop vfx Mark Bills . lighting technician Jason Binnie . first assistant camera: vfx unit Jasin Boland . still photographer Mal Booth . dolly grip Richard Bradshaw . additional photography Roger Buckingham .

underwater DOP: second unit Michael Burgess . B camera operator David Burr . director of photography: second unit Leroy Button . loader/camera pa Jack Cale . grip Todd Carmody . Rigging Grip Natalie Carr . digital imaging technician: Los Angeles Scott Chase . grip Shaun Conway . gaffer Simon Cooke . key grip: second unit Aaron Cordery . lighting technician Aaron Corera .

drone tech/safety Hilary Crombie . second assistant camera: second unit "a" camera Lukas Davidson . digital imaging technician: splinter unit Tristan Davies . second assistant camera Sebastien Deveze . rigging electrics Sean Devine . key grip: additional photography Fabrizio Diamanti . grip: dc vfx unit Dorian Djoudi . rigging grip Scott Dolan . first assistant camera: "c" camera Jonathan Dontchev . assistant camera Tom Doyle . electrician Todd Durboraw . second assistant camera: day player Michael Easter .

digital imaging technician: second unit Ider Eddadsi . best boy grip Ilham El Abdi . assistant camera Hamza El Gorda . video operator Lotfi El Gorda . camera operator Aaron Elliott .

digital imaging technician: Newfoundland Unit David Elmes . first assistant camera: "b" camera Gastone Ferrante . digital imaging technician: vfx unit Frank Flick . camera operator Nathan Frost . lighting technician Jamie Garside . lighting technician Dennis Geraghty . 'B' camera second assistant, Additional Photography Peter Geraghty . 1st assistant b camera: additional photography Gian Claudio Giacomini .

focus puller: VFX Unit, Italy Greg Gilbert . camera operator: second unit Mark Goellnicht . additional camera/steadicam operator Matthew Golder . rigging electrician Michael D. Gonzalez .

grip: additional photography Hicham Gourari . electrician Steve Grainger . electrician Peter Gulla .

a camera operator: additional photography Sami Gustafsson . lighting technician Mark Harris . rigging electrics: crew chief Mathew Harte . lighting technician Stephen Head . System Designer Rigging Electrics Samuel J Hopkins . practical electrics technician Frank Hruby . first assistant camera David Hunter . rigging grips Bogdan Iofciulescu . technocrane operator Andrew Jackson . video assist Caitlin Johnston . grip coordinator Paul Johnstone . practical electrician Dan Jones .

best boy electric: additional photography Alexander A. Joseph . oculus head tech: additional photography Nate Kalushner . digital imaging technician: additional photography Darrin Keough .

additional camera aquaman marvel Jake Koning . second assistant camera: vfx unit Evan Krogh . spydercam rigger Julian Lawrence . digital imaging technician utility Mark Levey . senior lighting technician Matthew Linfoot . best boy/electric Peter Lorz . Hologram camera operator Lorne MacDougall . DMX Technician: USA Robbie MacKinnon . second assistant camera: "a" camera Gerard Mahony .

grip Chris Maljers . Libra Head Technician Peter McCaffrey . a camera operator / steadicam operator Calum McFarlane . C camera operator/DP insert unit Eddy McInnis . first assistant camera: Newfoundland 2nd Unit Svetoslav Mihaylov . second assistant camera: Newfoundland unit Matthew Moriarty .

"a" camera / steadicam operator: los angeles unit Natasha Mullan . second assistant camera: "a" camera, additional photography David Nichols . key grip Jac Norton . second assistant camera Stephen Oh . drone pilot Luis Olivares . video assist operator: main unit Stefano Palla . second assistant camera: italian unit Jason Poole . off set best boy Peter Quinn . video operator: second unit Anas Rachid . first assistant camera Aaron Rapira . grip: second unit Paul Reddin .

Rigging Grip Anthony Rilocapro . additional first assistant camera: second unit Esteban Rivera . first assistant camera: second unit Matt Robinson . lighting technician Martin Rutter .

lighting technician George Santo Pietro . dolly grip: additional photography Ricky Schamburg . first assistant camera: a camera, second unit Alec Schultz . camera utility Lilia Sellami . camera operator Beau Selwood .

lighting technician Todd Semmes . spydercam coordinator Naomi Sharp . second assistant camera: "b" camera Sascha Shipley . digital imaging technician utility: second unit Zeb Simpson . splinter unit video assist operator Kyla Smith . camera trainee: newfoundland plate unit Tyler Smith . lighting continuity Rob Stagg . drone camera operator (as Robert Stagg) Don Steinberg . a camera assistant Joe Stick .

best boy lighting rigging Chris Strong . additional photography Hunter Tait . video assist assistant: second unit David Thomson . key rigging grip David Tilburey . senior lighting technician Dempsey Tillman . digital video assist: Los Angeles unit Martin Torner . grip Jackson Tuchscherer . practical electrician Mitchell Ursetta . lighting technician Mitch Wanless . d.i.t: aquaman marvel - second unit Jack Wareham . camera operator: second unit Jeremy Wheatley .

seceond assistant camera: "c" camera Peter Whitby . lighting desk operator Judd Wild . rigging grips David Winner . best boy grip: additional photography Will Edmunds . additional first assistant camera (uncredited) Craig Morgan .

rigging grip (uncredited) Jaron Presant . cinematographer: additional photography (uncredited) Animation Department Omaikel Alfaro . animator Coltin Antypovich . animator François Arseneau . animator Leo Beall . animator Tyson Bradock . animator Jonathan Canales Kapustín . 3D Animator Silvia Capitta . animator Brenda Casillas . animator Hsiang Sheng Cheng . animator Tommy Cheng . animator Nipun Chordiya . animator Antonio Cortes . animator Julien Deragon .

animator: Rodeo FX Tara Donovan . animator: Scanline VFX Sunil Dutta . layout artist Denis Dvoryankin . animator Andrew Evdokimov . Animation Lead: MPC Vancouver Enrico Fioretti . animator: Industrial light & magic Omar Gamal . animator Aquaman marvel Ching Gan . animator Ronny Gani . animator Nishant Greene . animator Meghana Gupte . animator Jean-Denis Haas . animator Alex Hislop .

animator Lenny Holmdahl . buyer Zaini Jalani . lead animator: Industrial Light & Magic Tan Kae Hwai . animator Kolby Krook . animator Jayant Kumar . animator Antoni Lapointe . rigging artist Joseph Leong . animator Zeina Masri . animator: MPC Montreal Alessandro Mattei . animator Lee McNair . Lead Animator Daniele Mieli . animator Omar Morsy . head of animation Keiko Nagashima .

animator: MPC Philip Negroski . animator Travis Paciocco . animator: MPC Andrew Park . lead animator Jee Young Park . senior animator Nash Pereira . animator Christopher Potter . animator Puneethpb . senior animator: MPC Yusra Rabia . animator Shane Richards . animator Kevin Ridgway . animator: Scanline VFX Eugen Sasu .

animator Ryan Schubert . postvis artist: Day for Nite Brad Share . animator Young Ho Shin . animator Chris Sokalofsky . Senior Animator Alejandro Solorzano . animator: Luma Pictures Frankie Stellato . animation supervisor Jeff Struthers .

animator Gavin Tan . animator Tomislav Tesla . animator Nathan Thomas . animator Matthew Travers . animation td Chi Chung Tse . animator Maria J. Venegas-Spadafora . animator Archie Villaverde . animator Harrison Wang . animator: Rodeo Aquaman marvel Curtis Willis .

animation: scanline vfx Andy Wong . animator Jin Xie . animator Sasson Yaron . animator Clement Yip . animation supervisor: Scanline VFX Maykol Choqque Zarabia .

animator Piotr Zyla . animator Haffiz Anwar . animator (uncredited) Fernanda Cruz . animator (uncredited) Maree Fletcher . animator: Method Studios (uncredited) Amber Rose MacLeod . animator: MPC (uncredited) Charlotte Perroux . animator (uncredited) Jeff Vacanti . senior animator: ILM (uncredited) Casting Department Nikki Barrett . local casting Jeanette Benzie . DC Casting Associate Olivia Gordon . Extras Casting Assistant Kelly Graham . casting associate Bud Hopes .

extras casting Manon Lewis . background coordinator Caitlin McKenna . adr voice casting Morgan Robbins . casting associate George Styles . casting associate Natalie Wall . casting associate Costume and Wardrobe Department Chris Alexander . specialty costuming: Ironhead Studio Stephanie Amantea . background/stunts costume standby Deborah Ambrosino . specialty aquaman marvel keyperson Varsenik Vicky Antonyan . costume stitcher Meg Ashforth .

costume/key costume props Alex Barton . costumer Sophie Borra . extras costume standby Natalie Bracher . costumer Leigh Buchanan . costumer Merry Cammack . Specialty Costume Manufacturer Andrew Campbell . illustrator Erin Louise Cardoo . Costume Digital Artist / Costume Digital Asset Management Li-Sa Choi . costume Keith Christensen . concept artist Ian Churchill . ager/dyer Siobhan Claridy . costumer Nicola Clegg . costume buyer Steve Constancio . personal costumer: Mr. Momoa Dave Cook . costume runner (as David Aaron Cook) Sophia Coronado .

Specialty costume manufacturer Melissa Crabtree . costume coordinator Alexi Creecy . costumer Lisa Davis . specialty costumer Venita Derbyshire . costumer Carolyn Dessert . costume supervisor Vanessa Dodman . costumer Bryan Duly . costume builder Mel Dykes . costume supervisor Samuel Elias .

specialty costume manufacturer Jose Fernandez . specialty costume Lisa Anne Fullerton . costume stitcher Victoria Garcia . costume textile artist and illustrator Rebecca Gardiner . costume props Natalie Gardner .

costume buyer Melanie Ghisays . costume shopper Anthea Govett . costumer Camilla Hansen . specialty costumer Jamella Hassan . key costumer Alisha Hennessy . costume assistant Michael Henry .

head mould maker Desirae Hepp . specialty costume fabricator: Fractured FX Van Hua . cutter/fitter Lauren Hunter . costume props assistant Mindy Iler . specialty costumer Kate Katz . costumer: specialty costumes Pete Kelley . costume builder Penny Kelly . costume buyer Christine Kenny . costume supervisor Lauren Kenyon . milliner/costume props assistant Sarah Khan .

costumer Taishiro Kiya . costume builder (as Tashiro Kiya) Zana Komene . art finisher Stacia Lang . specialty costume keyperson Kate Lindsay . Specialty Costumer Zoa Lopez . costume assistant Maddison Lord .

costume assistant Maddy Lord . costume assistant Zachary J. Luna . specialized costume technician Penny Mackie . key costumer 2nd unit/stunt costumer Bianca Maeseele .

second unit set costumer Helen Maggs . costume supervisor Whitaker Malem . creative supervisor costume armour Ally Mansell . costume buyer: Sydney Chris Marinovich . costume props Vicki Martin . costumes Clayton Martinez . aquaman marvel costumes: Fractured FX Edith Mauga .

Additional standby assistant Robert McKinnon . costume illustrator Rachelle Mejia . background/ stunts costume standby Kelsey T. Morgan . costume pa Oksana Nedavniaya . costume concept artist Alejandro Ortega Nuño . costume pa Michelle Nyree .

specialty costume fabricator David Olde . costumer: additional Liz Oliver . textile artist Aquaman marvel Oxford . concept illustrator Shylie Parsons . Mold Maker Assistant Stuart Payne . leading hand mould maker Ross Philip . costume pa Phoebe Phillips . costume department production assistant Barbara Pinn .

set costumer Anna Herold Pola . costume props painter Justin Raleigh . specialty costume supervisor: Fractured FX Laura Renouf . textile artist Kelly Ridgeway . digital asset manager-costumes Reggie Rizzo . Hero Aquaman Suit Jenn Rose . specialty costume fabricator: for Ironhead Studios Cindy Rosenthal . key costumer LA Salvatore Salamone .

3D Modeler Christopher Sanders . wardrobe fit model: Jason Momoa (as Chris Sanders) Elvis Schmoulianoff . costumer Roberta Shaw . Costumer "Mera" Rob Sinclair . costume assistant Chelsea Staebell . assistant costume designer Margie Stafford . seamstress Brett Stern .

key lead artist specialty costumes fabrication and paint: Fractured FX Terra Stuart . set costumer: Los Angeles Maryssa Stumpf . wardrobe assistant Eddy Taylor . 3d artist Chris Tomkins . specialist costume accessories Erin Tribble . specialty costume fabrication Ryan Unicomb . wardrobe assistant Danelle Vierkant . specialty costume fabricator Brian Wade . specialty costume sculptor: Fractured FX Samantha Walker . cast costumer / costumer: Manta / costumer: Orm Michele Wiki .

costumer Simone Williams . specialty costume fabricator Tanya Woelfle . costumer Patrick Worthington . costumer Megan Worthy . costume coordinator Emma Zemitis . costume assistant: second unit Nicanor Mendoza III . Student assistant (uncredited) Editorial Department Joey Amron . assistant editor Debajit Barman . editorial supervisor: DNEG Philip Beckner . digital intermediate colorist Travis Cantey . assistant editor Alexander Canton . editorial pa Beau Cardall . Assistant Editor: Marketing Carlos M.

Castillón . first assistant editor Diego Cobian . post-production assistant Dave Cory . first assistant editor Peter Cromwell . editorial assistant Greg Curry . colorist: dailies Vikram Dharankar . editorial: Prime Focus World Bob Fredrickson . digital intermediate editor Damian F. Gomez . second assistant editor Mark Griffith . senior digital intermediate colorist Kevin Hickman .

first assistant editor James Hurwitz . digital technician Mandy Jacobs . assistant editor Borna Jafari . colorist: marketing Zac Loy . nextlab operator Dane Maddock . post-production coordinator Jackie Mata . dailies producer Timothy Llewellyn Moxey .

senior nextLAB operator Daniel O'Brien . second assistant editor Alex Oreman . digital intermediate engineer Brett Schlaman . 3d editor Pamela Scott-Farr . digital intermediate producer Hennah Sekandary . post-production assistant Joseph Slomka . color scientist Ramos C. Smith . post-production Michael Van Fleet . digital intermediate engineer Lindsey Cohen . studio post-production coordinator (uncredited) Dan Delaney .

post production engineer: Australia (uncredited) Andrew K. Ross . studio post-production coordinator (uncredited) Location Management Khalid Ameskane . location manager: Morocco Mabrouk El Hafiani .

assistant location manager: Morocco Duncan Jones . location manager Damian Lang . location coordinator Mauro Marra . assistant location manager: Italy plate unit Christian Peritore . location manager: Italy plate unit Monin Sak . location coordinator Chiara Scardamaglia . location manager: Italy plate unit Fabio Ferrante . locations scout: Italy (uncredited) Meagan Heuston .

location assistant (uncredited) Robin Melville . location scout: Italy (uncredited) Jeremy Peek . location scout (uncredited) Adam Tuck . location assistant: Newfoundland (uncredited) Music Department Nico Abondolo . musician: bass Alex Acuna . musician: percussion Mark Adams . musician: french horn Eun-Mee Ahn .

musician: violin Helen Z. Altenbach . musician Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli . music preparation Ryan Huntley Andrews . Trailer Music Composer Edward Atkatz . musician: percussion Lauren Baba . musician: viola Alisha Bauer . musician: cello Steve Becknell . musician: french horn Wayne Bergeron . musician: trumpet Joseph Bishara . composer: Trench Sequence Charlie Bisharat . musician: violin Chris Bleth . musician: ethnic woodwinds/flute Emad Borjian . scoring stage crew Jacqueline Brand .

musician: violin Jacob Braun . musician: cello Laura Brenes . musician: french aquaman marvel Rob Brophy . musician: viola Andrew Bulbrook . musician: violin Eric Byers . musician: cello Sandy Cameron .

musician: violin Roberto Cani . musician: violin Daphne Chen . musician: violin Forest Christenson . composer: additional music / technical score engineer Heather Clark . musician: flute Stuart Clark . musician: clarinet Tony Clarke . Composer: Additional Music / soloist: guitar (as Tony Clark) Charlie Clouser . aquaman marvel by: Depeche Mode - "It's No Good" Matt Cook .

musician: percussion Blake Cooper . musician: tuba Rose Corrigan . musician: bassoon Jim Cox . musician: keyboards/piano soloist Meredith Crawford . musician: viola Jennifer Cullinan . musician: oboe Grace Davidson .

vocalist: soprano Victor De Almeida . musician: viola Zach Dellinger . musician: viola Brian Dembow . musician: viola Drew Dembowski . musician: bass Richard Dodd . musician: cello Michael Dore . singer Steve Dress . musician: bass Andrew Duckles . musician: viola E. Duke-Kirkpatrick aquaman marvel. musician: cello Bruce Dukov . concertmaster Steve Erdody . musician: cello David Everson . musician: french horn Sarah Eyden . singer Sven Faulconer . composer: additional music Alex Ferguson .

assistant engineer Alma L. Fernandez . musician: viola Donald Foster . musician: clarinet Vanessa Freebairn-Smith . musician: cello Matthew Funes . musician: viola Lorenz Gamma . musician: violin Arun Ganapathy . Score Technical Assistant J.J. George . music editor Julie Gigante .

musician: violin Nick Glennie-Smith . conductor Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson . musician: vocalist (as Joanna Goldsmith) Jerome Gordon . musician: viola M.B. Gordy . musician: percussion Eric Gorfain . musician: violin Craig Gosnell . musician: tuba Rupert Gregson-Williams .

electric violin / orchestrator / produced by Jessica Guideri . aquaman marvel violin Tom Hardisty . music scoring recordist Dylan S. Hart . musician: french horn Tamara Hatwan . musician: violin Amy Hershberger . musician: violin Gary Hickman . musician: tuba Oscar Hidalgo . musician: bass Paula Hochhalter . musician: cello Steve Holtman . musician: trombone Luanne Homzy . musician: violin Thomas Hooten . musician: trumpet Alex Iles . musician: trombone Benjamin Jaber .

musician: french horn Freya Jacklin . singer Benjamin Jacobson . musician: violin Eliza James . musician: violin Maia Jasper . musician: violin Evan Jolly . composer: additional music Dylan C. Jones . composer: trailer music Dennis Karmazyn . musician: cello Vic Kaspar . music band record mix and playback Leah Katz . musician: viola Michael Kaufman . musician: cello Andrew Kawczynski .

composer: additional music Philip Keen . musician: trombone Dan Kelley . musician: french horn Brian Kilgore . musician: percussion Jenny Kim . musician: french horn Alastair King . conductor / orchestrator Chris Kollgaard . musician: bass Armen Ksajikian . musician: cello Jason La Rocca . music scoring mixer Ana Landauer . musician: aquaman marvel Natalie Leggett .

musician: violin Phillip Levy . musician: violin Jon Lewis . musician: trumpet Lisa Liu . musician: violin London Voices . choir Timothy Loo . musician: cello Heather Powell Ludmir . musician: violin (as Heather Powell) Michael Werner Maas .

trailer music Maya Magub . musician: violin Shawn Mann . musician: viola Andy Martin . musician: trombone William May . musician: bassoon Mike McCoy . musician: french horn Serena McKinney . musician: violin Ed Meares . musician: bass Alan Meyerson . music scoring mixer Lucia Micarelli . musician: violin Dmitriy Mityukhin . trailer composer Jonathan Moerschel . musician: viola Alejandro Moros . Score Technical Assistant Tim Morrish . composer: additional music Kenneth Munday .

musician: bassoon James Murray . trailer music Glen Nicholls . Additional Music Helen Nightengale . musician: violin Mike Nowak . musician: viola Phil O'Connor . musician: clarinet Grace Oh . musician: violin Jenni Olson .

musician: flute Aaron Oltman . musician: viola Geoffrey S. Osika . musician: bass Alyssa Park . musician: violin Sara Parkins . musician: violin David Parmeter . musician: bass Anthony Parnther . musician: bassoon Julian Pastorelli . score technical assistant Pengdaddy . musician Barry Perkins . musician: trumpet Lucy Potterton . Singer Ben Powell . musician: violin Paul Rabjohns . music editor Joshua Ranz . musician: clarinet Teag Reaves .

musician: french horn Bill Reichenbach . musician: trombone Eva Reistad . Featured Vocalist / score mix assistant Lelie Resnick . musician: oboe Erin Michael Rettig . scoring stage engineer Amy Rhine .

musician: french horn Carolyn Riley . musician: viola Rafael Rishik . musician: violin John Robinson . musician: drums Ryan Robinson . scoring technical support engineer Geri Rotella . musician: flute Peter Rotter . orchestra contractor Michael Rubino . composer: trailer music Rob Schaer . musician: trumpet Michelle Silverman .

music supervisor Kate Sloan . musician: violin Peter Oso Snell . music editor Peter Snipp . singer Soya Soo . score mixer assistant Tereza Stanislav . musician: violin Christopher Still . musician: trumpet Jill Streater . head of choir music preparation uk Jeanette Surga . music editor Nick Terry . musician: percussion Sarah Thornblade . musician: violin Evgeny Tonkha . musician: cello Doug Tornquist .

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Among these heavy-hitting heroes is the deep-sea hero Aquaman. Wielding his iconic trident, Aquaman communicates with all life in the sea and controls the tides in his dominion. RELATED: 10 Powers Aquaman's Trident Of Neptune Gives Him Arthur Curry has many abilities in addition to his command over the sea, including superhuman strength, stamina, and durability.

Aquaman is a founding member of the Justice League and he holds his own against the most powerful heroes DC has to offer, but how would he do against Marvel's roster? Here are 5 heroes Aquaman could defeat and 5 heroes he would lose to in a fight. As the avatar of vengeance, Moon Knight is a brutal fighter that is not afraid of any dangerous situation, so much so, the hero dresses in all white so that his opponents see him coming.

He is an expert martial artist and often times jumps headfirst into perilous cases while attempting to fight crime. Although Moon Knight is an excellent fighter, he would be no match against Aquaman.

Moon Knight's fearlessness would mean that it would be a brutal fight, but he does not stand a chance against Aquaman's superior durability and strength.

There have been several heroes that have taken the role of Nova over the years, but the abilities of each iteration largely remain the same. This powerful hero has the aquaman marvel of flight, superhuman strength and speed, and can absorb and project energy as powerful blasts. RELATED: All Of Nova's Powers, Ranked Basically, Nova is able to turn himself into a human missile, flying at breathtaking speed and firing powerful energy blasts.

These powers together should be enough to defeat Aquaman. Although Aquaman is incredibly tough, he is not invincible. The fight would aquaman marvel close, but Nova's firepower would be too much for Aquaman aquaman marvel handle.

Similar to Moon Knight, Daredevil is a gritty fighter who is not afraid to leap into any deadly scenario. It does not matter if he is greatly aquaman marvel or outmatched, Daredevil is always going to put up an incredible fight. However, being a fearless fighter would not be enough to get Daredevil through a fight against the powerful Aquaman.

Daredevil's sensory abilities would allow him to dodge plenty of oncoming attacks, but he would only be able to hold off Aquaman's relentless and powerful strikes for so long. Aquaman is durable, fast, and has his incredible trident that can do lethal damage against crime-fighting heroes that do not have superhuman strength. Vision is an incredibly powerful robot that has helped the Avengers in saving the world many times.

He has the most advanced AI processing system, allowing him to react to attacks extremely quickly. He can control his molecules, allowing him to either phase through objects with ease or make himself dense and as hard as a diamond.

RELATED: 10 Elements From Tom Kings Vision We Hope To See in WandaVision In a fight against Aquaman, Vision would have a range of powers to choose from. Both heroes are incredibly strong, but Vision has the added advantage of the mind stone, which provides him with some powerful energy blasts that Aquaman would not be able to match.

Hawkeye is an expert marksman and a master martial artist. Clint Barton has become a key member of the Avengers and has held his own against superhuman heroes and villains despite having no superpowers. In a fight, Hawkeye uses many different kinds of arrows and bows to enhance his archery. In a battle against Aquaman, Hawkeye may be able to do some damage but there is no way that he would be able to stop the Justice League hero.

With trident in hand, Aquaman has the ability to control the sea. Aquaman's durability, speed, and strength would be too much for Hawkeye in the end.

Bruce Banner has almost unlimited potential when it comes to how strong he can become when he is angry. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he grows. This ability is terrible for his opponents because damaging the Hulk is likely to simply make him stronger.

RELATED: 10 Things We Still Can't Believe Happened In The Immortal Hulk Aquaman would not be able to keep up with the Hulk's continuously growing strength. Even if Aquaman were to call for aid from a deep-sea monster he can communicate with, Hulk would still win the battle because of his experience fighting alien monsters on other planets.

The Hulk's strength and ferocity would make him too powerful for Aquaman to defeat. Steve Rogers is without a doubt an excellent leader and is one of the most important members in the Avengers, both on the big screen and in the comic books. Captain America has a nearly unbreakable will, along with superhuman attributes like speed, strength, and stamina. Cap's abilities make him the perfect team leader and, with his shield in hand, he is always ready to leap into the fight. Captain America's powers might put him on par with Aquaman on a strength level, but Aquaman also has command over the sea.

His command over the oceans would definitely give him the extra bit of power he would need to stop Captain America in a fight. Tony Stark has no superhuman abilities, but his genius intellect allows him to fight against the strongest heroes in the universe.

He designs and builds his powerful suits to overcome any situation, giving him different advantages and tools depending on who he is going up against. RELATED: 10 Questionable Moral Decisions Iron Man Has Made In The Comics Iron Man would be able to beat Aquaman with his firepower and his brilliant strategies.

Tony Stark would be able to figure out what would defeat Aquaman and would be able to implement those weaknesses into his suit design. Although Aquaman would put up a good fight, Stark's suit should be too much to defeat. Peter Parker is among the most iconic heroes in all of comics. As the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Parker fights crime with his superhuman strength, web-slinging, superior reflexes, and his iconic spider-senses.

Spider-Man would give Aquaman an incredibly tough fight, but in the end, Aquaman's strength and endurance would be just enough to defeat the Marvel hero. Peter Parker's reflexes and spider-senses would allow him to dodge Aquaman's attacks, but Aquaman's Atlantean physiology would prove too much to defeat. Spider-Man may be able to temporarily tie up Aquaman and slow him down, but in the end, he would not have enough power to defeat him in the fight.

Namor is the Marvel counterpart to Aquaman, with several similarities between the two heroes. Both heroes can communicate with creatures of the sea, and they both have powerful weapons that they aquaman marvel in combat. The main difference between the two is that Namor has hydrokinetic abilities, meaning he can control water and use it as a weapon in a fight.

While the two heroes would be very evenly matched in a fight, Namor would have the slightest advantage because of his few extra powers.

The fight between the two would certainly be a close match, but Namor would have the advantage and would come out victorious.

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Amber Heard was originally cast as Mera for 2017’s Justice League and went on to reprise the role in James Wan’s Aquaman the following year. While the film gained high praise, many fans wondered whether DC would recast Heard’s role in the sequel, given ongoing legal troubles and allegations of abuse made against her by ex-husband Johnny Depp. The issue has recently been reignited as the former couple have been engaged in a lengthy, highly publicised defamation trial regarding allegations of abuse on both sides.

Aquaman marvel Heard & Johnny Depp Trial Reveals New Details About Infamous Poop Incident Fans have been petitioning for Amber Heard to be removed from the Aquaman sequel in light of the allegations made in the trial. While it seems unlikely she will be removed at this late a stage, the debate has produced several ideas from fans on who DC should cast to replace Heard as Mera.

One popular suggestion is Emilia Clarke. Emilia Clarke certainly has the credentials for the role of Mera, the Atlantean princess and Aquaman’s love interest. Not only is she an incredibly talented actress who already has experience in working on major franchises – in addition to Game of Thrones, she appeared in Star Wars spinoff Solo – but in early seasons of Game of Thrones her character, Daenerys, was the bride of Khal Drogo, played by Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

Check out the concept design by artist “diamonddead” below, showing what Clarke could look like as Mera: A post shared by diamonddead (@diamonddead) Currently, no official plans have been announced to recast Mera, who will next be seen in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in 2023. Should Amber Heard’s casting in aquaman marvel role ever be reconsidered by DC though, Emilia Clarke would certainly be a worthy contender for the title.

With next year’s The Flash expected to shake up the DCEU, it’s possible roles such as Mera could be recast going forward. Kevin Feige Addresses Marvel’s Approach To Spoilers Following ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Here is the synopsis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: When an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis, and the world, from irreversible devastation.

Directed by James Wan, the upcoming sequel stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orm aquaman marvel Ocean Master, Dolph Aquaman marvel as Nereus, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Temuera Morrison as Arthur Curry, Randall Park as Dr. Stephen Shin, Vincent Regan as Atlan, Jani Zaho as Stingray, Indya Moore as Karshon, and Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbæk in an unknown role. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters on December 16, 2022.

Stay tuned for all the latest news on Patrick Wilson’s Orm in the upcoming DC sequel, and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content. Source: Instagram
• Man of Steel: The Early Years: Junior Novel • Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cross Fire • Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization • Wonder Woman: The Junior Novel • Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization • Aquaman: The Junior Novel • Aquaman: Undertow • Shazam!: The Junior Novel • Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel • • Man of Steel: The Early Years: Junior Novel • Man of Steel: The Official Movie Novelization • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Cross Fire • Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization • Wonder Woman: The Junior Novel • Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization • Aquaman: The Junior Novel • Aquaman: Undertow • Shazam!: The Junior Novel • Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel • Aquaman Young Prince Son of the Land Son of the Seas Protector of the Oceans Little Merman Fish Boy Fish Man Halfbreed Half-Breed Mongrel Half-Breed Abomination Protector of the Deep Half-Breed Bastard The One True King Son of the Land and Seas King of the Seas King Arthur of Atlantis Underwater Superman Nessie Jason Momoa Kekoa Kekumano (16) Otis Dhanji (13) Kaan Guldur (9) " My father was a lighthouse keeper.

My mother was a queen. They were never meant to meet. but their love saved the world. They made me what I am. A son of the land, and a king of the seas.

aquaman marvel

I am the protector of the deep. I am. Aquaman." ―Arthur Curry [src] Aquaman marvel Curry is the King of Atlantis, the firstborn son of Queen Atlanna, the older maternal half-brother of Orm Marius, and a member of the Justice League, as well as the superhero known to the world as the Aquaman.

During his childhood in Amnesty Bay, Maine, he was secretly trained by his vizier Nuidis Vulko in hand-to-hand combat and gifted with his mother's trident as a blessing. While he was initially reserved and content with his self-imposed isolation from both the surface world and Atlantis, which was primarily due to his mother's forced abandonment of him and his father Tom Curry as a child by Orm's father Orvax, Aquaman would eventually be recruited by Batman to join the newly formed Justice League in order to help defend Earth against the alien forces of Steppenwolf and his Parademon army, despite being reluctant to get involved at first.

Following his recruitment to the team, Arthur played a pivotal role in reviving Superman a year after the latter's death at the hands of the monstrous Doomsday. With the Justice League now fully assembled, Aquaman contributed considerably into driving back Steppenwolf, even severely injuring the latter with his trident, forcing the failed alien invasion into hasty retreat. Roughly a year later, Arthur reluctantly decided to finally pursue his rightful place in Atlantis – he retrieved the legendary Trident of Atlan from the depths of the Hidden Sea with the help of Mera and his long lost mother Atlanna, and defeated his half-brother Orm in battle, finally becoming the rightful King of Atlantis at last while embracing the Aquaman moniker, though in the process of accomplishing this he also inadvertently created a new and dangerous villain hellbent on his destruction, Black Manta.

Contents • 1 Biography • 1.1 Early life • 1.1.1 Childhood • 1.1.2 Awakening his heritage • 1.2 Discovered by the NSA • 1.2.1 Monitored by A.R.G.U.S. • 1.3 Meeting Bruce Wayne • 1.4 Meeting Vulko • 1.4.1 Attack on the Atlantean Mother Box Stronghold • 1.5 Coming together • 1.5.1 Saving the Justice League • 1.5.2 Joining the Justice League • 1.5.3 Resurrection of Superman • 1.5.4 Being part of a team • 1.5.5 Battle of Pozharnov • 1.6 War for Atlantis • 1.6.1 Attack on the Stalnoivolk • 1.6.2 Returning to Atlantis • 1.6.3 Duel in the Ring of Fire • 1.6.4 Becoming worthy of the Trident of Atlan • 1.7 King of the Atlanteans • 1.7.1 Battle of the Brine • 1.7.2 Differences in public perception • 1.8 Project Butterfly • 1.9 Knightmare • 2 Personality • 3 Powers aquaman marvel abilities • 3.1 Powers • 3.2 Abilities • 4 Equipment • 4.1 Weapons • 4.2 Other equipment • 4.3 Vehicles • 5 Relationships • 5.1 Family • 5.2 Allies • 5.3 Enemies • 6 Appearances • 7 Trivia • 8 Behind the scenes • 9 References • 10 External links Biography Early life Childhood Arthur as an infant " My father was a lighthouse keeper.

My mother was a queen. They come from two different worlds, but life has a way of bringing people together." ―Arthur Curry [src] Arthur Curry was born on January 29, [1] 1986, [2] (though A.R.G.U.S. lists his birthdate as January 29, 1979) [1] in Amnesty Bay, Maine, to Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper, and Atlanna, the queen of Atlantis. When Arthur was only three years old [3], their home was attacked by royal guards, who were sent to bring Atlanna back so that she could marry King Orvax.

While Atlanna managed to fight them off, she aquaman marvel she had to return to her home and leave him and his father in order to keep them both safe.

Before she left, she imparted Arthur her trident as her legacy, believing him to be the key to uniting the Atlanteans and humans one day.

[2] [4] Awakening his heritage A shark comes to young Arthur's rescue One day, when his school went on a field trip to the Boston Aquarium in Massachusetts, Arthur was confronted by two bullies for seemingly talking to the animals in the tank. However, when Arthur cried out, a shark came to his aid, slamming against the tank hard enough for a large crack to form. The crowd around stood back as the remaining animals surrounded Arthur. When he turned, his eyes had changed color, glowing golden.

[2] Arthur awakens his heritage This heritage caused Arthur to grow up with incredible powers, including the ability to breathe underwater. However, Arthur's ignorance regarding how to handle these Atlantean powers induced him to become very conflicted, and somewhat reserved, with internal struggles. [5] Arthur being trained by Vulko When he was 13 [3], Arthur was dared by his friends to swim down into a shipwreck.

Arthur then swam down and explored a section of it. But then he found himself stuck inside. After a few seconds, he realized that he aquaman marvel probably drowning and proceeded to black out. After awakening, Arthur realized he could breathe underwater. It was there that he noticed a man swimming above aquaman marvel known as Nuidis Vulko. [6] He aquaman marvel himself as the Chief Advisor to the King of Atlantis, who began to train him in unlocking his Atlantean abilities so that one day, Arthur could take his place as the rightful ruler of Atlantis.

[3] Discovered by the NSA Arthur is discovered by the NSA Lex Luthor, in pursuit of proving the existence of extraordinary individuals hidden amongst the general population, discovered Arthur's existence by hacking into the NSA's database and retrieving footage from two UUV drones, which recorded a video of Arthur emerging from a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean near Tonga.

Footage from one drone showed Aquaman emerging from the shadows, and then aiming his aquaman marvel and quickly destroying it while another recorded him swimming away from the site, causing an underwater sonic boom in his wake.

[7] Monitored by A.R.G.U.S. A.R.G.U.S.'s files on Aquaman " This is crown jewels here, Mr Wayne." ― Amanda Waller to Bruce Wayne about A.R.G.U.S.'s research. [src] After Task Force X successfully defeated the mystical duo of Enchantress and Incubus in Midway City and saved aquaman marvel, Amanda Waller met up with billionaire Bruce Wayne, asking him to take care of the rumors following the aftermath of the calamitous events, and in exchange, she gave Bruce her files on Arthur Curry, referring to the information as 'crown jewels'.

[1] Meeting Bruce Wayne Arthur confronts Bruce Wayne " The strong man is strongest alone. You ever hear that?" ―Arthur Curry [src] Arthur was visited by Bruce Wayne in Iceland, who had eventually tracked him down using files given to him by Amanda Waller. [1] Bruce arrived during the winter, during which time Arthur brought fish to feed the hungry, always coming into town on the king tide. On the day afterwards, Bruce asked the village's council if he could speak with Arthur, whom he deduced was still around.

Arthur pinning Bruce after mentioning Atlantis When Arthur revealed himself to be there, he demanded Bruce talk, during which he informed Arthur that an impending threat was coming to the world, asking Arthur to join the newly founded Justice League under his leadership.

Initially, Arthur refused to become involved with, and risk his life for, a group of strangers. He responded with hostility when Bruce refused to leave proceeding to pin Bruce against the wall in an attempt to intimidate him. However, he decided to hear Bruce out, where the latter disclosed that he was Batman.

Afterwards, while Arthur was beginning to depart back to the ocean, he remarked that, "the strong man is strongest alone." [8] Meeting Vulko " Go to the stronghold of Atlantis. Protect the Box. The time has come! Take up your mother's trident!" ― Nuidis Vulko to Aquaman [src] Arthur rescued a sailor caught in a storm, taking him to a bar where he deposited him on a table and ordered himself a drink. He told the bartender that the man was paying for the wine and that he should respect the storm the next time he was going out.

Arthur drank the entire bottle and jumped back into the ocean and headed toward overgrown ruins. There, he came across a statue of the King Atlan and his mythical trident.

Arthur meeting Vulko. Vulko then appeared behind him, carrying the trident Arthur had discarded years ago along with a piece of armor, expressing his dissatisfaction on Arthur's continued rejection of his Atlantian royal duties and reminded Arthur that he never slept in the same place wise, though chose to return to the statue. Vulko brought news of darkness coming to Earth and its forces kidnapping Atlantians, with King Orm blaming the surface for these actions.

Vulko suspected they were looking for one of the Mother Boxes given responsibility of being guarded by the Atlantians. Vulko offered Arthur his mother's trident and asked him to protect the Box, but Arthur backed away.

Vulko then angrily slammed the trident on the floor in front of Arthur and mentioned he could not run away from his responsibility, before leaving. [8] Attack on the Atlantean Mother Box Stronghold " It would've been her aquaman marvel to follow that monster to the surface and stop him.

Now, it's yours." ― Mera to Aquaman [src] Arthur decided to investigate Vulko's claims on the imminent attack on the Mother Box stronghold. There, he encountered the New God Steppenwolf, who was about to cut down Mera, but was stopped by Arthur.

He initially managed to get an upper hand against Steppenwolf, but was knocked out, with the Mother Box snatched by the New God. Aquaman fighting Steppenwolf With the Mother Box in the hands of Steppenwolf, Arthur is about to leave, but Mera convinced a reluctant Arthur to listen to her. Arthur shows his bitterness at his mother for leaving him, mockingly saying "what a saint" when Mera noted Atlanna took her in and simply refers to how he believed he was abandoned by his mother without a second thought from the Queen of Atlantis, but Mera revealed to Arthur how much it hurt his mother, too, left him behind and she only did it to save his life.

Clearly affected, Arthur aquaman marvel finally convinced to retrieve the Mother Box from Steppenwolf when Mera noted how he is no longer a defenceless child and it is what his mother would've done, but with her gone, it was now his responsibility.

His change of heart caused Arthur to finally make up his mind and take up the armor and weapon Vulko was offering before going after Steppenwolf. [8] Coming together Saving the Justice League Aquaman saving the Justice League from the flood After an intense fight with the team of heroes and having lost some of his Parademon minions, Steppenwolf, annoyed by the heroes' intervention, managed to catch one of the missiles in mid-air, shot by Cyborg who was piloting the Knightcrawler, redirecting it to the wall, leaving its structure weak, and releasing all the water above.

As Gotham Harbor was flooding with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Cyborg inside, Aquaman arrived just in time to save the group by using the trident's powers to slow down the tide allowing the others to get to the safety of the higher ground. As soon as everyone was safe, Victor left to retrieve the last Mother Box.

[8] Joining the Justice League After the fight with Steppenwolf, Batman met with Gordon before Aquaman showed up and said that Steppenwolf took the Mother Box from Atlantis, then Cyborg revealed that he is in possession of the final Mother Box, which he hid from his father.

Aquaman then decided to be a member of the Justice League. [8] Resurrection of Superman Curry and the team arrived at the Wayne Aerospace Hangar with the Mother Box, questioning Victor Stone's powers as allegiance to Steppenwolf, but Stone tells him and the team the whole story, changing Curry's mind.

With all the possibilities the Mother Box could cause, the team decides to resurrect Superman, in order to stop Steppenwolf, though Curry feared of the dangers that would arrive. While digging Superman's grave, Curry talked to Diana about the war between Amazons and Atlanteans, talking about the differences the people had back in the day.

When Superman's body was unearthed, the team brought him to S.T.A.R. Labs to be resurrected. Aquaman witnesses the return of Superman The team put Clark's body in the waters aquaman marvel the Kryptonian ship. While hesitant and fearing about the dangers to come, the team still ended up using Allen's Speed Force to activate the Box, causing the resurrection of Superman. When he flies out of the Kryptonian ship and lands in Heroes Aquaman marvel, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman meet him.

Arthur, however, notices that something is wrong with him, with Clark using his x-ray vision to scan the League. Stone accidentally launches a missile at him as his cybernetic body registers a threat to him. Superman attacks Cyborg with his heat vision as the rest of aquaman marvel Justice League try to calm him down, but he swiftly overpowers them. Aquaman being overpowered by Superman As Arthur, Victor, and Diana try to flank Superman simultaneously (which was unsuccessful), Barry attempts to help with his speed but Superman is able to see him and keeps up with the speedster.

Despite Barry's best efforts to avoid all of Superman's blows, a glancing hit knocked out Barry. Batman arrives and gets Superman to stop fighting the League, Aquaman and Flash attempt to halt Superman in his place, before being thrown against the stairs of the monument.

Cyborg then attempts to aquaman marvel back Superman, but is swiftly overpowered. Wonder Woman then tries to halt Superman, before she is bested. Superman makes it to Batman, and shoots his laser eyes at the latter's gauntlets.

Lois Lane then arrives, ending the ordeal. Superman calms down and leaves with Lois to the Kent farm where he reflects and tries to recover his memories. Curry then glares at Flash in anger, leaving Flash to apologize. After the battle, Steppenwolf arrives, chases Silas Stone through S.T.A.R. Labs, before Stone heats up the Mother Box, killing him in the process. Steppenwolf takes the Mother Box, and leaves, completing the Unity. When Cyborg says his father is dead, Curry tells the team that it is their fault that Stone was killed.

Aquaman marvel team returns to the Batcave, meeting Alfred Pennyworth, with Curry telling Pennyworth that the place was badass. The team then developed a plan to go after Steppenwolf, using Bruce's six satellites to track the general. [8] Being part of a team Meanwhile, Cyborg located the Mother Boxes near an abandoned nuclear plant in Pozharnov, Russia. The Justice League used the Flying Fox to get Russia to stop Steppenwolf from combining the Mother Boxes together and terraforming the Earth; the team planned on how they were going to stop Steppenwolf, in which Curry was simply listening to what the team was planning, though defending Cyborg after watching his father die that now wasn't the best time to send the Cyborg out to battle.

Nonetheless, Curry and the team ready for battle. [8] Curry and the League in the midst of the battle. Battle of Pozharnov " Aquaman marvel ain't over yet!" "My man!" ― Cyborg and Aquaman [src] Curry rides on the Batmobile briefly.

When they arrived, Batman told the team that he was going to take out the tower while the rest of the League would take on Steppenwolf and separate the Mother Boxes. Batman destroyed the tower, but by crashing the Flying Fox. Aquaman marvel got in the Batmobile and drove through the streets aquaman marvel the team by his side.

The Parademons attacked the Batmobile, ripping off one of the guns that it had an opening up the car before Wonder Woman and the rest of the League saved Batman. Aquaman jumped on the Batmobile and told Batman how insane he was for basically going on a suicide mission before getting attacked by Parademons.

Bruce gives him the thumbs up, and Curry jumps onto a Parademon, which led Cyborg to save him and throwing him back into the battle. The Batmobile then got destroyed after Batman ejected from the vehicle and using his grapple, swung across to take out the Parademons, utilizing the environment around him.

Curry, Stone, and Prince ready to face Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman and Aquaman confronted Steppenwolf. As Flash helped Cyborg get to the Mother Boxes, he took care of the Parademons. Aquaman marvel Cyborg tried to separate the Mother Boxes, Batman saved Flash by grappling his legs from stopping him from falling: Batman took one of the Parademons' guns and fired at them.

Steppenwolf then found out that Cyborg was trying to separate the Mother Boxes, which he grabbed him before Wonder Woman had saved him. Wonder Woman and Aquaman tried to keep Steppenwolf away from Cyborg by using the Lasso of Hestia to pull him down. Steppenwolf attacked them both before he knocked Aquaman into a wall, breaking the ceiling which almost crushed him until Wonder Woman came to his aid.

With Aquaman and Wonder Woman down, Steppenwolf arrives and prepares to kill Cyborg. Aquaman with the Justice League Before Steppenwolf could kill him, Superman arrived and easily overpowered the New God. Then, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were amazed by his return when the Atlantean victoriously said "Alright!" Meanwhile, he and Wonder Woman began to gain the upper hand. Cyborg called for Superman to help with separating the Mother Boxes, which they managed to do with great effort.

Steppenwolf attacked again, but Aquaman speared him with his trident from behind and Superman delivered a devastating punch, which knocked out towards the Boom Tube to Apokolips. Diana soon severs his head, defeating the New God. Aquaman is then seen with the rest of the superheroes confronting Darkseid before the Boom Tube closes. Later, at Amnesty Bay, Arthur greeted Vulko and Mera but coldly bade them farewell by stating that he was going to see his father, aquaman marvel hopping in a truck and driving away.

[8] War for Atlantis Attack on the Stalnoivolk Aquaman arriving in the submarine " Your half-brother, King Orm, is about to declare war upon the surface world.

The only way to stop his war is for you to take your rightful place as King." "Trust me, I am no king." ― Mera and Arthur Curry [src] Following Steppenwolf's defeat, Arthur would continue to do vigilante activities across the seas, over time his exploits were made public by multiple witnesses and he was given the name "Aquaman" by the media, though he wasn't very fond of the name. [2] The existence of the Aquaman drew the attention of multiple pirates such as David Kane. [9] Dr. Stephen Shin became obsessed with the Aquaman as well, aquaman marvel he saw as proof that Atlantis is real.

[2] About one year later, Arthur intercepted a group of pirates attempting to hijack a submarine, he lifted the submarine into the surface and broke into it to fight the Pirates. Arthur would go through and using the submarine to his advantage, Arthur would go and free the hostages.

With the hostages freed, Arthur was attacked aquaman marvel David Kane a member of the Pirates who identified him as the Aquaman. Arthur leaving the submarine Arthur battled David in which he gets the upper hand on David by breaking his dagger and throwing him around. Before Arthur can defeat David, Arthur is met with Jesse Kane, David's father. Shot by Jesse with a grenade launcher it would, however, leave a little effect on Arthur who got up and impaled Jesse with a aquaman marvel.

Arthur then chided Jesse for setting a bad example for David before removing the pipe. While Arthur was walking away, Jesse in anger shot another grenade, but missed and flooded the submarine.

While Arthur was escaping the submarine, David asked for help in saving his father, but Curry refused, noting that he had killed innocent people and would leave him and his father to their fate.

Arthur hugging his father After the attack on the submarine, Arthur met his father Thomas Curry at the lighthouse where the two would greet each other. They went to a bar where they celebrated. As they are watching, the news reports about the submarine that Curry saved.

Arthur and Thomas would discuss Atlantis, which is interrupted by a gang who wanted photos with Arthur. [2] Returning to Atlantis As Arthur and Thomas left the bar, Curry is met by Mera who left Atlantis to find Arthur aquaman marvel tell him to come with her to Atlantis to stop Arthur's half-brother Orm Marius. Arthur would refuse and leave Mera as he drove home. On the way home, Arthur noticed that there was a tidal wave coming toward him which Curry tried to stop the car, but was hit by the wave.

Arthur would try and find his father before he could drown, but fortunately is saved by Mera who used her powers to stop the water so Arthur could find his father. Locating Thomas, Arthur attempted to revive his father with CPR, but luckily, Mera used her hydrokinesis powers to save him. [2] Duel in the Ring of Fire " You call that an ass-whooping?" ―Arthur Curry to Orm [src] Arthur, Mera aquaman marvel Nuidis Vulko talking about the Trident of Atlan Arthur reluctantly accompanies Mera to Atlantis where they would meet with Nuidis Vulko, Arthur is informed about what had happened and the history of Atlantis which they needed to find the Trident of Atlan: a magical artifact that once belonged to Atlan the former king of Atlantis, in order to claim his rightful place as king.

They are then suddenly ambushed by Orm's men, Arthur would hold them off while Mera and Vulko escaped, but Arthur is eventually beaten unconscious and captured by the Orm guards. Arthur talking with Nuidis Vulko When Arthur awakes he is chained and visited by Orm who announces that Atlanna was executed for the crime of having a half-breed son and states he blames Arthur and the surface for her death, which infuriated Arthur to the point of pulling his chains so hard that all the royal guards barely managed to keep him still.

Orm offers Arthur an opportunity to leave forever, but Arthur instead challenges him to a duel in a ring of underwater lava known as the Ring of Fire.

Before the duel, Arthur is met by Vulko, who warns him about Orm being more experienced at underwater combat but Arthur tells Vulko that he taught him how to fight which Nuidis would respond by throwing a Trident which Arthur caught and threw back at him assuring him that he remembered his lessons.

Arthur getting ready to fight Orm Arthur would enter the ring of lava as Orm was waiting. Orm would once again give Arthur the chance to live by asking him to leave Atlantis forever and never return and makes it clear that if he doesn't back down then Orm will defeat and kill him but Arthur is not intimidated and refuses as he can't let Orm destroy the surface world. In the duel, Arthur, although putting up a good fight, is clearly pressured by his half brother's greater experience in underwater combat and Orm repeatedly gains the upper hand, nearly killing Arthur at one point by almost forcing him in the lava and ultimately upon reaching a statue, Arthur is ultimately bested by Orm and his trident is broken.

Now weaponless and unable to fight, Arthur is about to be killed by Orm but Mera rescues him. [2] Becoming worthy of the Trident of Atlan Arthur and Mera walking in the Sahara desert " I'm no leader. I came because I have no choice. I came to save my home, and the people that I love." ―Arthur Curry to Karathen [src]The two would escape Orm and his men by hiding in a whale's mouth.

Together, Arthur and Mera take a flight to the Sahara desert, jumping out of the plane when they arrive. The two would find and unlock a holographic aquaman marvel from Atlan which tells them to go to Sicily. Arthur dodging Black Aquaman marvel plasma beams. Arthur and Mera would find the location of the Aquaman marvel and be ready to go until they were attacked the Black Manta and Orm's men.

Initially outfighting Black Manta, Arthur realized that he was the same pirate from the submarine who tried to stab him. When Black Manta revealed he had acquired weapons made of Atlantean Steel, being able to injure him, Aquaman was caught aquaman marvel and although he was still able to fight off his relentlessly brutal assault, also having to keep innocents safe from the battle made Arthur unable to focus entirely on defeating Black Manta, getting severely injured.

Fortunately, Arthur was able to resist being stabbed by an Atlantean Steel made hook long enough to use it to pull him to him and proceeded to throw Black Manta with all his might away, damaging his suit. He then finally defeated him by throwing a pair of chained stone balls directly into Manta's helmet right before it fired another laser blast, which exploded throwing David Kane off a cliff.

With Black Manta dealt with, Arthur realized Orm is tracking them and Mera destroys the device, the bracelet Orm gave her. Arthur and Mera escaping from the Trench. Mera nursed Arthur's wounds as they journey to the trident's whereabouts and encouraged him to embrace his destiny as a hero and king. Arthur felt that the Black Manta was his own fault, as he willingly chose to let David's father die when he had the chance to save him. Mera assured Arthur that Black Manta was no longer a problem, but Arthur remained wary that it wasn't the last they'd see of him.

Arriving at their destination, Arthur and Mera are attacked by a legion of amphibious monsters known as the Trench, but they managed to fend them off using torches aquaman marvel scare them with bright lights and reach a wormhole that transports them to the Hidden Sea located at the centre of the Earth. There, they are unexpectedly reunited with Atlanna, who was seemingly sacrificed to the Trench for her crimes but manage to escape them and reach the uncharted sea, where she had been stranded ever since.

Arthur becoming worthy of Atlan's trident. Arthur would enter the cave where he is faced with Karathen who is the mythical leviathan that guards the trident, and voices his determination to protect both Atlantis and the surface before Karathen could aquaman marvel Arthur, he would communicate with her which she is surprised and allows Arthur to get the Trident and proving that he is worthy of reclaiming the trident, which grants him control over the seven seas.

[2] King of the Atlanteans Battle of the Brine Arthur and Mera sharing a kiss " Mercy is not our way!" "Maybe you haven't noticed, brother. But I'm not one of you." "Do it! KILL ME!" ― Orm Marius and Arthur Curry [src] Amidst the huge battle between the Kingdom of the Brine and Orm's forces, as Orm defeats the Brine King and is about to kill him, he is interrupted by Aquaman and Karathen bursting out of the seafloor.

With his command of all sea life, Aquaman turns the Atlantean's steeds against them and summons numerous sea creatures to aid him.

He shares a kiss with Mera. Arthur as the one true king Aquaman and Orm's final duel lead them atop an Atlantean vessel in the open air. After a lengthy battle, Aquaman shatters Orm's trident, but Orm remains defiant and demands his half-brother to kill him until Atlanna arrives, convincing him to surrender. The members of all kingdoms cheer and hail their new king. [2] Differences in public perception At some point following the battle, Arthur's new Trident and armor became known to the world at large, with the boy known as Freddy Freeman imagining a scenario wherein Arthur would be waiting for long lines of fans to get pictures taken with him.

[10] A Twitter user by the name of @PepetheFrog89 claimed to work for an aquarium where, the user claimed, Aquaman would supposedly pay 50 dollars regularly to have his way with a sturgeon. Peacemaker believed the claims, repeating them to a janitor he became acquainted with. [11] Project Butterfly " Go fuck another fish, asshole!" "I'm so fucking sick of that rumor." "It's not a rumor." "Fuck you, Barry." ― Peacemaker, Aquaman, and The Flash [src] Aquaman arrives late at the battle against the Butterflies In early 2022, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman were called by Amanda Waller to assist the 11th Street Kids in the aquaman marvel against the alien species known as Butterflies.

The Justice League arrived at Ranch Coverdale only to be told by Peacemaker that they arrived late and the crisis had already been solved. While leaving with his team, Peacemaker mocked Aquaman about the rumors of him having intercourse with fish which made him express his distain for the rumor, leading Flash to jokingly say that it wasn't a rumor, much to his irritation. [12] Knightmare "I had a dream. It was the end of the world. I think it's something more. something darker." ― Bruce Wayne, Zack Snyder's Justice League This aquaman marvel or section is about the Knightmare future.

This is a potential future that may not necessarily follow the primary timeline. Aquaman's trident, abandoned in the apocalypse In a dark potential future, Superman became Darkseid's new general and proceeded to conquer the entire Earth. Aquaman ends up battling Darkseid aquaman marvel his throne aquaman marvel Atlantis but ultimately is killed by Darkseid as he impales Arthur clean through his chest and heart with his own Trident.

Mera takes up Arthur's Aquaman marvel and join's Batman's Insurgency in Arthur's place. Shortly after Batman's death at the hands of Superman, Arthur's Trident could be seen in the ruins of the Justice League's headquarters, indicating that she was likely killed as well.

[8] Personality " I'm nobody. I came because I have no choice. I came to save my home and the people that I love. I came because the Trident is their only hope. And if that's not enough, then screw you." ―Aquaman to the Karathen [src] Initially, Arthur Curry was a very conflicted individual, struggling with the fact that he has superhuman powers which he didn't know how to handle, but he was later trained by his mentor Nuidis Vulko. Arthur grew up feeling alienated from both the human and Atlantean worlds, feeling trapped between them, yet having the responsibility of protecting both.

[5] In addition, Arthur was very bitter at his mother Atlanna for abandoning him and his father Thomas Curry. Arthur was thus somewhat gruff and reserved, unwilling to accept his place in Atlantean society, and also unwilling to accept Bruce Wayne's offer to join the Justice League at first, as well as getting annoyed with the young and quirky Flash.

[5] Surely, Arthur had previously reached an emotional rock bottom during this period in his life, even claiming that he had no concern for the ocean, and by extension, his own people. Arthur hides his insecurities and troubled past behind a tough intimidating attitude, choosing to alienate himself from others and almost never showing any sympathy towards anyone.

However, he can be more relaxed and friendly around those he trusts and is close to, such as his father and Mera. Despite his somewhat gloomy and fearsome exterior, however, Arthur is ultimately a selfless and compassionate person, indicated by him frequenting an Icelandic fishing village during the winter in order to feed its hungry inhabitants with fish.

He is later seen saving an unconscious fisherman found along the shore, bringing him into the shelter of a local pub in the village. However, he casually shrugged it off by stating that his drinks would be on the fisherman. He also notably made it his priority to keep the innocent civilians of Sicily out of harm's way when fighting Black Manta. Arthur also showed compassion towards his half-brother Orm, whom he refused to kill despite the multiple atrocious actions Orm had committed.

He also showed guilt over letting David Kane's father die and leading him to become the Black Manta. When confronted by Mera, Aquaman initially pushes back against her reprimands, but upon learning that his mother Atlanna did not abandon him of her own free will, he begins to have a change of heart. After being unable to stop Steppenwolf from retrieving the Atlanteans' Mother Box, Arthur's mind is finally made up and he joins the Justice League.

He still clashes with Batman, Flash, and Cyborg a few times, but otherwise gets along with the team fairly well, eventually befriending them. Arthur, while outwardly very serious, occasionally demonstrates a dry sense of humor, notably complimenting Batman on the latter's vigilante suit.

When failing to intimidate Bruce due to the latter's profound experience in intimidation tactics, Arthur quickly drops his façade, revealing his laid-back and charming self. While he initially distrusted the isolated Cyborg (suspecting that he could be working with the enemy, due to his Apokoliptian cybernetics), Aquaman gradually developed a friendship with him as well, seen when Cyborg assisted him in taking down a group of airborne Parademons.

Aquaman is also somewhat of a realist, recognizing that he and the other Justice Leaguers could very well die in a battle against the New God Steppenwolf, and agreeing with Wonder Woman that resurrecting Superman with a Mother Box is too risky.

Despite his gruff appearance and devil-may-care approach to battle, Arthur is quite intelligent and introspective, notably when he quotes Friedrich Schiller's William Tell to Bruce when asked to join the League, stating that 'the strong man is strongest alone', thus further emphasizing his preferred isolation from the surface world, and later quoting Jules Verne when describing the extreme unlikelihood of his parents' successful relationship. When bound by the Lasso of Hestia, Aquaman reveals that deep down, he is very grateful for the team's acceptance, and even developed a crush on Wonder Woman, despite the Atlanteans having once warred against the Amazons.

Arthur, upon his release, became dismayed upon realizing the circumstances of his confession and angrily forbade Flash from ever sharing it with anyone. Arthur is clearly a thrill-seeker who enjoys adventuring, displayed when he enthusiastically slew Parademons alongside the Justice League and when he was introduced to his homeworld of Atlantis.

He'll often employ words such as "badass" and "awesome" to describe his experiences, and even whooping in excitement when he aquaman marvel after Mera from a cargo plane without a parachute. Powers and abilities Powers " Arthur Curry. Also known as Protector of the Oceans. The Aquaman. I hear you can talk to fish." ― Bruce Wayne to Arthur Curry [src] Hybrid physiology: Due to his half- Atlantean high-born maternal heritage, Aquaman aquaman marvel incredible superhuman abilities, that surpass most other Atlanteans, deemed as the most developed traits of all Atlanteans, with only other high-born Atlanteans equaling his genetic attributes.

He is also one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, only surpassed by Superman and Wonder Woman. He is also the only member to technically be "both a human and a god." [13] Newspapers collected by Doctor Stephen Shin refer to Aquaman as the "underwater Superman." • Superhuman strength: Arthur's incredible strength allowed him to easily master other creatures such as other trained elite humans, other Atlanteans, Parademons and Trench monsters.

He is also able to break through metal doors and destroy it with his own hands. As such, Aquaman destroyed an aquaman marvel NSA aircraft with a single blow of his trident, effortlessly broke David Kane's sword, mastered Kane's pirate crew on a submarine, push said submarine up to the surface from its hull, moving a total weight of around 579,283 tons or 525,516,698 kgs. Five Atlantean guards were unable to hold him down with chains as he charged at his brother. His might also allowed Arthur to defeat many armored Atlantean soldiers, Parademons, aquaman marvel Trench monsters.

Aquaman's strength also extends to his ability to jump great distances. Aquaman marvel was able to intercept an immense, falling bell before it could crush a girl and defeated the armored Black Manta after a prolonged duel, managing to attract Manta by expelling Black Manta's electric harpoon and throwing chains that were tied to large stones to destroy his helmet and finely make Manta street by a precipice.

Aquaman was also able to stay in combat and sometimes beat his brother Orm during his first duel, although he eventually lost because he had no practice fighting in the water, and finally by taking his brother Orm to his element, on the surface, in his final battle he was able to defeat him and even break Orm's trident.

Aquaman also used his legs to prevent a massive tylosaurus from closing its mouth and, when captured, forced aquaman marvel Atlantean guards to fight to hold his chains to contain him. Aquaman was also able to fight against the powerful Steppenwolf, managing to send the huge New God flying with a blow from his trident and prevent him from reaching Cyborg by pulling the Lasso of Hestia alongside Wonder Woman. Aquaman's strength is only equaled or surpassed by Steppenwolf, Karathen, Wonder Woman, Orm, Superman, and Darkseid (who kills Aquaman in the Knightmare timeline).

• Superhuman durability: Aquaman possesses incredible physical durability, including resistance to sharp blades, high-caliber bullets, powerful explosions (on par with a 40mm grenade fired by Jesse Kane), a blast from a Stinger and from Orm's Flagship, falling from great heights (such as when he and Mera jumped into the ancient Kingdom of defectors), explosions of hand grenades, small arms fire and tremendous pressures underwater (with him managing to be 4.11 miles underwater at the Tonga trench, to swim aquaman marvel the Kingdom of the Trench, and reach the Hidden Sea, without pain).

Aquaman also resisted numerous blows from his half-brother Orm, Black Manta, and the Aquaman marvel soldiers, although Aquaman was completely incapacitated when Murk struck him with a punch from a powered gauntlet. Aquaman survives many powerful blows from considerably stronger opponents, such as the New God Steppenwolf with his Electro Axe, the monstrous Karathen, and even a blow from the resurrected Superman himself (although that too severely stunned him).

Aquaman, however, is vulnerable to stronger beings, as Darkseid kills him in the Knightmare timeline. It's possible he is vulnerable to armor-piercing ammunition, given his tendency to avoid rifle or shotgun fire. In addition, Aquaman is vulnerable to extreme heat, since he was burned by the plasma beams from Black Manta, and when Orm saw that Aquaman and Mera's ship was falling in a puddle of molten lava, he believed they were dead. Still, Aquaman is still able to stand on the battlefield after receiving extreme physical punishment, which demonstrates his incredible durability after being injured.

• Regenerative healing factor: Aquaman can heal from wounds at considerable superhuman rates, quicker than most other Atlanteans, as he survived many critical stabs while the Fishermen King died after one stab from Orm. After the serious aquaman marvel sustained from battling Black Manta, while requiring treatment from Mera, it only required a few hours to fully heal with no signs of lingering damage.

He also appears to have aquaman marvel very high tolerance to alcohol, as he was hardly drunk after a whole day of aquaman marvel with his father (who was barely able to walk as a result of the amount of alcohol he consumed). Aquamn swimming at high speeds • Superhuman speed: Aquaman is superhumanly fast, being able to move faster than Batman and pin him to a wall before Batman had a chance to react, as well as fight against the mighty Steppenwolf and parry many of his attacks.

His speed is comparable to Wonder Woman, as both she and him fared roughly the same in battle against Steppenwolf. He is far slower, however, than the likes of Flash and Superman, and Steppenwolf was able to outpace him during the assault on the Atlantean Mother Box Stronghold even while underwater.

He can swim at supersonic speeds, matching other Atlanteans like Orm and Mera. • Superhuman reflexes: Aquaman catching a sword While not on par with the likes of Flash and Superman, Aquaman's reflexes are still superhuman.

He can catch a trident thrown at him moments before it hit him, catch enemy blades swung at him, and dodged a second grenade launched at him. • Superhuman agility: Aquaman has a superhuman level of agility and coordination, able to dodge vicious attacks from skilled warriors like Steppenwolf, Orm, and Black Manta with great efficiency and still maintain enough control to counterattack.

The also lets him support himself on speeding vehicles like the Batmobile. • Superhuman stamina: Aquaman is able to endure prolonged battles and adventures without tiring, even against the most dangerous of situations like the Steppenwolf and the numerous Parademons. • Superhuman senses: Aquaman possesses enhanced senses to help him better navigate underwater. • Enhanced vision: Aquaman's vision lets him see in the darker environment of the sea, as his eyes reflect all available light, giving them a distinct sheen in darkness.

[7] From his perspective, the seemingly dark environment of Atlantis is brightly lit, with the vivid and vibrant flora and fauna of the sea being as clear as though he were on land.

[5] • Amphibious adaptation: As a high-born half- Atlantean, Aquaman can survive both on land and in underwater environments for as long as he desires with no hindrance to his performance, unlike most Atlanteans.

• Aquatic respiration: Due to his high-born Atlantean heritage, Aquaman is able to breathe both on lands and underwater, thereby meriting his superhero nickname.

[7] This also allows him to clearly talk underwater with others as if he was above water. " I can't talk to fish! Even if I could, I mean, honestly, what could we do with that that's cool?" "I don't know, maybe command an army of billions from the ocean?" "Oh yeah.

well, that's not that cool." ― Shazam and Freddy Freeman [src] Aquaman communicates with a whale • Marine telepathy: Aquaman is able to telepathically interact with sea life, and can induce them to ally with him, causing his eyes to glow golden. Indeed, according to the Karathen, Aquaman is the first Atlantean since Atlan himself to possess this ability.

He first manifested this as a young child, when defending himself against two bullies. He could also communicate with the monstrous Karathen, much to the creature's surprise.

After gaining the Trident aquaman marvel Atlan, Aquaman's powers of marine communication were boosted, granting him control over every oceanic creature on Earth, including the savage Trench (a feat that previously was considered impossible).

It even allowed him to persuade the Karathen to battle alongside him in the Kingdom of the Brine. Aquaman commanding the waves to stop • Hydrokinesis: Aquaman, as the heir of Atlan, can control and manipulate water, though he has less experience with this ability than Mera. While under the docks of Gotham City, Aquaman was able to hold off a torrent of water from drowning the Justice League, and later created a barrier of aquaman marvel to protect him from Orm's attacks during the War for Atlantis.

After claiming the Trident of Atlan, Aquaman's control of water was considerably increased to allow him to generate and control massive tidal waves. Aquaman was able to use his hydrokinesis to push a submarine over his head, pushing it quickly to the surface without tension. While in water, Aquaman can generate an immense propulsive force, allowing him to swim at very high speeds of aquaman marvel least Mach 4.6, [14] This propulsion is strong enough that it can cause a "sonic boom" effect.

This action can also propel himself from the water and onto the surface and can travel the ocean faster than any naval vessel, thus quickly intercepting a Russian submarine. Abilities " You're a formidable fighter on land, but here you're out of your element, literally." ― Nuidis Vulko [src] • Master combatant: Having been trained by Nuidis Vulko from a very young age, Aquaman is an extremely skilled fighter, both in armed combat and melee, whether it be above or in water.

However, Vulko noted that Aquaman's years of surface combat have dulled his water combat prowess, making him less capable in such combat.

He likewise has been taught very advanced combat techniques. His skill is able to defeat entire groups of highly trained Atlantean soldiers, human pirates, and Parademons, even fend off entire armies with aquaman marvel ease. Aquaman could also hold his ground against his extremely skilled brother Orm for some time despite Orm's particular expertise in underwater combat and was ultimately able to defeat him in their final fight.

When fighting the armored Black Manta, Aquaman was able to contend with and even ultimately outmatch him despite his use of Atlantean blades while Aquaman himself was unarmed and having been severely injured prior to coming out victorious. He was even capable of holding his own against the considerably stronger Steppenwolf repeatedly, once briefly aquaman marvel him back when having him off-guard in their first fight before getting subdued, later on managing to outfight him when he was injured quickly, as well as managing to injure the New God alongside Wonder Woman.

• Trident mastery: Aquaman fighting against Orm Having been trained by Nuidis Vulko, Aquaman has become extremely skilled in battling with a trident, using one to defeat hordes of Parademons and faceoff against Steppenwolf wielding his axe and later on when fighting Orm for the throne, holding aquaman marvel ground against both opponents despite ultimately losing and besting his brother in their final duel.

As per Vulko's training, Aquaman can employ a rare combat move, performing a rapidly-spinning with his trident so fiercely that it became a blur, which upon doing so will repel all attacks attempting to penetrate this trident defense. Indeed, after seeing Aquaman employ this move to win against Orm in their second duel, all Atlanteans, Xebellians, Fishermen, and Brine present accepted him as the new King of Atlantis, and the Seven Kingdoms thus swore allegiance to King Arthur.

• Sword mastery: While Aquaman rarely uses swords in combat, he was trained by Nuidis Vulko to be an exceptionally skilled swordsman. With his skill, Aquaman was able to seamlessly disarm an Atlantean soldier of aquaman marvel latter's sword and used the sword to defeat him and the other attack soldiers. • Expert marksman: With his trident, Aquaman has immensely proficient marksmanship. He can strike down several Parademons with a single throw. Aquaman was notably able to throw it after being launched forward by Cyborg, spearing a distant Parademon in the chest from a considerable distance away.

" Arthur may only be half- Atlantean, but he's already twice the king you'll ever be." ― Nuidis Vulko to Orm Marius [src] • Gifted intellect: In contrast to his loutish personality, Arthur is well versed in the finer arts of knowledge and literature and plays. His father had taught him many of the fundamental historical facts of human history as he was growing up, as well as learning more and more about the world and its various intrigues along his travels across the globe with Nuidis Vulko, as well as his own experiences.

Arthur is well-read and occasionally refers to works of literature, such as Friedrich Schiller's William Tell to Batman ( "Strong man is strongest alone."), Herman Melville's Moby Dick to an Icelandic fisherman ( "Whiskey.

And one for Ahab there."), William Shakespeare's Hamlet ( "To be or not to be?"), and one of Jules Verne's poems when describing the extremely unlikelihood of his parents' relationship ( "Put two ships in the open sea without wind or tide, they will come together."). • Multilingualism: Aquaman is fluent in various dialects ranging (but most likely not limited) to English, Icelandic, Russian, Maori, Spanish, and Italian. • Master swimmer: Aquaman, like all Atlanteans, is an extremely skilled swimmer, though Nuidis Vulko had to train him to swim like an Atlantean as well, with Arthur thus learning to quickly propel himself from water, like a dolphin.

Equipment Weapons • Trident of Atlan: Arthur currently possesses the Trident of Atlan as the new ruler of the underwater kingdom, Atlantis.

• Atlanna's trident: Aquaman's first weapon, it once belonged to his mother Atlanna, former Queen of Aquaman marvel, who left him the trident after her departure. [15] This weapon is extremely durable and capable to cause serious injury to even powerful beings, such as the new god Steppenwolf.

In addition, the trident is also able to help Aquaman control water, with him notably holding off the torrential force of a aquaman marvel by repelling it with the trident. [5] The trident seemingly appears to somewhat enhance Aquaman's speed while underwater, causing a massive shockwave of force as he fled from the NSA's UUV drones. The trident was eventually broken by Orm during the Duel in the Ring of Fire.

[7] Other equipment Aquaman wearing his suit • Atlan's armor: After having found the Trident of Atlan, Arthur also took the attire of Atlan, as aquaman marvel new bearer of the trident. This suit includes pants, aquaman marvel and green gloves and the shirt that covers the chest and abs of bright golden color. Later, he started using the suit as his heroic alter-ego, "Aquaman." • Atlantean armor: After Steppenwolf's invasion of Atlantis, Aquaman donned an ancient suit of Atlantean armor to face the New God and his army of Aquaman marvel.

• Arthur's gladiator armor: During his battle with Orm, for the throne of Atlantis, Arthur took part in a duel, which also included a helmet to protect his skull. After escaping from Atlantis following his defeat, he stopped wearing the armor. Vehicles • Flying Fox: Aquaman, among aquaman marvel the Justice League, travel to Pozharnov, Russia with the Flying Fox. • Mera's ship: Aquaman and Mera use this ship to go to the Kingdom of Atlantis.

Relationships Family • Atlan † - ancestor • Mr. Curry † - paternal grandfather • Thomas Curry - father • Atlanna - aquaman marvel • Orm Marius/Ocean Master - half-brother and rival • Mera - wife • Unidentified - Son [16] Allies • Claudia - childhood friend • Atlantis • Nuidis Vulko - mentor, protector, friend and adviser • Atlantean soldiers - enemies and attempted killers turned subjects • Justice League - teammates • Bruce Wayne/Batman - recruiter, friend, and team leader • Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman - friend • Barry Allen/Flash - friend • Victor Stone/Cyborg - rival turned friend • Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman - enemy turned ally • Alfred Pennyworth • Daily Planet • Lois Lane - savior • S.T.A.R.

Labs • Silas Stone † • Topo • Karathen - attempted killer turned ally aquaman marvel Kingdom of Xebel • Nereus - enemy turned subject • Kingdom of the Fishermen • Scales - enemy turned subjects • Trench - enemies turned subjects • Kingdom of the Brine • Brine King • Brine • Amanda Waller - situational ally • 11th Street Kids • Christopher Smith/Peacemaker • Emilia Harcourt • Vigilante • Leota Adebayo • John Economos Enemies • Mike - childhood bully • Matt - childhood bully • Lex Luthor - secret observer • A.R.G.U.S.

• Amanda Aquaman marvel - monitor • Darkseid's Elite • Darkseid • Steppenwolf † - attempted killer and attempted victim • DeSaad • Granny Goodness • Parademons • Black Manta's crew - attempted killers • David Kane/Black Manta - archenemy and attempted killer • Jesse Kane † • Murk - captor and attempted killer • Darkseid ( Knightmare) - killer Appearances List of appearances In chronological order: • Aquaman: Undertow • Aquaman: Arthur's Guide to Atlantis • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (video) • Suicide Squad (photo) • Justice League/ Zack Snyder's Justice League • Mercedes-Benz Presents: Justice League (concurrent events) • " Shifting Gears" • " Winner Drives" aquaman marvel Justice League VR: The Complete Experience • Aquaman • Aquaman: The Junior Novel • Shazam!

(drawing, toy) • Shazam!: Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ing • Peacemaker • Season One • " A Whole New Whirled" (mentioned) • " It's Cow or Never" • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trivia • A.R.G.U.S. has been monitoring Arthur Curry since the age of 20. [1] • The Atlantean tribal tattoos on Aquaman are modelled after and inspired by actor Jason Momoa's own Polynesian tattoo. • He is the only member of the Justice League to have two surviving parents.

• While hiding in the dark of the wrecked ship, he displayed blue colored eye-shine, similar to raccoons, cats, and dogs. • Aquaman and Batman both have fathers named Thomas. • This is the first version of Aquaman not to be blonde, though his hair does have blonde highlights. • Arthur is right-handed. • Arthur was named when Thomas saw the news on Hurricane Arthur on television, although it is strongly implied it was inspired by his father's fondness for the legacy invoked by King Arthur.

Coincidentally, in real life, his possible birth year of 1979 (stated by his file in Suicide Squad, but contradicted by the Aquaman which shows him being born during or after 1985) was the first year when this was technically possible on the Atlantic coast where he lives, as it was the first year when both male and female names are used for hurricanes, and previously only female names were used.

However, Atlantic hurricanes start with a female name on odd-number years, in the case of 1979, it was Tropical Storm Ana, and the first Pacific hurricane was Hurricane Andres. Additionally, it is meteorologically improbable for a hurricane to form in January as tropical cyclones are fueled by the energy of warm oceans; the strongest hurricane on record to form in January only reached category 1.

"Hurricane Arthur" is said to be a category 4, the earliest of which in history is Hurricane Dennis, formed in early July. • In the Injustice 2 Mobile game, he is playable as two separate characters, " Justice League Aquaman" and " King of Atlantis Aquaman," based on his appearances in Justice League and Aquaman respectively.

• Aquaman is commonly misidentified as a Metahuman due to Humans not knowing of the existence of Atlantis. • Aquaman is one of the DCEU characters who appears as a player skin in Fortnite.

He was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 3, and his regular (Arthur Curry) and armored appearances are unlocked via challenged unlocked with the purchase of a Battle Pass. Behind the scenes • Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe is the third live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by Alan Ritchson and Justin Hartley. • Ben Wright, Kim Fardy and Ryan Tarran were stunt doubles for Jason Momoa in the role of Aquaman.

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HBO Max. • ↑ Aquaman: Exclusive First look by the CW • ↑ How Fast is the DCEU Aquaman Underwater? • ↑ "Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman’s Honor" - The Mary Sue • ↑ Aquaman 2 Will Feature Child of Amber Heard’s Mera (Exclusive) External links • Aquaman on DC Database • Aquaman on Wikipedia Justice League Members Batman (leader) - Wonder Woman - Cyborg - Flash - Superman - Aquaman Associates Alfred Pennyworth
• Action • Adventure • Fantasy Arthur Curry, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land.

Arthur Curry, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land. Arthur Curry, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, goes on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land. The ancient peoples are described as not knowing the world is round, but in fact, even in ancient Greek culture, such was the knowledge and philosophical assumption on aesthetic grounds, since a sphere is the most perfect shape.

This was reinforced by empirical evidence from lunar eclipses, and changes in the night sky when travelling south - then Eratosthenes used angles of shadows cast at aquaman marvel to correctly calculate a circumference of about 25,000 miles.Running time 143 minutes [3] Country United States [1] Language English Budget $160–200 million [4] [5] [6] Box office $1.148 billion [7] Aquaman marvel is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment and Peter Safran Productions, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is the sixth film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film was directed by James Wan, from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall. It stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman, who sets out to lead the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and stop his half-brother, King Orm, from uniting the seven underwater kingdoms to destroy the surface world.

Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Temuera Morrison, and Aquaman marvel Kidman appear in supporting roles. Development began in 2004 but did not gain traction until Man of Steel was released in 2013. In August 2014, Beall and Kurt Johnstad were hired to write competing scripts.

Wan signed on as director in April 2015, and in July 2016, the film moved forward with Beall's screenplay. The main cast was confirmed through 2016 and early 2017. Principal photography began in Australia in May 2017, taking place at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, with additional production teams in Canada, Italy and Morocco.

Filming concluded the following October. Several vendors provided visual effects, ranging from high-detail hair simulations to the creation of CGI animals and locations. Aquaman premiered in London on November 26, 2018, and was released in the United States on December 21. It grossed $1.148 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing DCEU film, the highest-grossing film based on a DC Comics character, the fifth-highest-grossing film of 2018 and the 24th-highest-grossing film of all time.

The film received praises for its visual effects, production design, tone, action sequences, Momoa's performance and Wan's direction, but its plot and runtime were criticized.

An animated miniseries set after the film, Aquaman: King of Atlantis, aired from October 14 to October 28, 2021, while a live-action sequel film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is set to be released on March 17, 2023.

Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 3.1 Development • 3.2 Casting • 3.3 Filming • 3.4 Post-production • 3.5 Visual effects • 3.6 Music • 4 Marketing • 5 Release • 5.1 Theatrical • 5.2 Home media • 6 Reception • 6.1 Box office • 6.1.1 United States and Canada • 6.1.2 Other territories • 6.2 Critical response • 6.3 Accolades • 7 Sequel • 7.1 Animated miniseries aquaman marvel 7.2 Canceled spin-off • 8 Notes • 9 References • 10 External links Plot In 1985 Maine, lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry rescues Atlanna, the queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, during a storm.

They fall in love and have a son named Arthur, who has the power to communicate with sea creatures. When Atlantean soldiers sent by King Orvax (the ruler of Atlantis) arrive to retrieve Atlanna, who fled her arranged marriage in Atlantis, she defeats them but is forced to leave her family to protect them from her people.

She promises to return when safe to do so and goes back to Atlantis, entrusting her advisor, Nuidis Vulko, to train Arthur. Becoming a skilled warrior, Arthur rejects Atlantis upon learning that Atlanna was executed by Orvax for loving a human and having a half-breed son.

In the present, one year after Steppenwolf's defeat, [a] Arthur confronts pirates hijacking a Russian Akula-class submarine. Their leader is killed in a failed attempt to kill Arthur, and the leader's son David vows revenge. The present king Orm Marius, Orvax's son (who is now Atlantis's new ruler aquaman marvel his father died) and Arthur's younger half-brother, convinces King Nereus of Xebel to help unite Atlantis and destroy the surface world for polluting the oceans.

If Orm unites all four kingdoms, he will receive the title of Ocean Master, commander of the most powerful force on the planet. Nereus agrees to help after they are attacked by the hijacked submarine. Nereus' daughter Mera, betrothed to Orm, refuses to aid them and requests Aquaman marvel help.

Arthur accompanies her back to Atlantis, where Vulko urges him to find the Trident of Atlan, a magic artifact of Atlantis' first ruler, to reclaim his rightful place as king. They are ambushed by Orm's men, and Arthur is captured. Orm blames him for Atlanna's death and nearly kills him in a duel before Mera rescues him. Arthur and Mera journey to the fallen Kingdom of the Aquaman marvel hidden under the Sahara desert, where the trident was forged, and unlock a holographic message that leads them to Sicily, Italy, where they retrieve the trident's coordinates.

Orm gives David a prototype Atlantean battle suit to kill Arthur, imprisons Vulko, and coerces the Kingdom of the Fishermen to pledge their allegiance to him aquaman marvel killing their king and forcing the queen and princess to accept. It is also revealed that Orm hired David and his father to hijack the Russian submarine (which is the same one that attacked Atlantis earlier) to win Nereus's support.

An armored David rechristens himself as Black Manta and injures Arthur, but Arthur manages to defeat David. At their destination, Arthur and Mera fend off amphibious monsters of the Trench, and a wormhole transports them to an uncharted sea at the center of the Earth.

They are reunited with Atlanna, who was sacrificed to the Trench for Arthur's illegitimate birth 20 years ago, but had survived and escaped to the uncharted sea, alive and well. Arthur faces the Karathen, a mythical leviathan and keeper of the trident, and voices his determination to protect both Atlantis and the surface, reclaiming the trident, which grants him control over the seven seas.

Orm leads his army against the Kingdom of the Brine to declare himself Ocean Master, while Arthur, with Mera, Karathen, and the Trench, lead an army of marine creatures against him. Orm's followers embrace Arthur as the true king upon learning that he wields Atlan's trident. Arthur defeats Orm but spares his life, and Orm accepts his imprisonment after discovering that Arthur rescued their mother.

Atlanna reunites with Thomas as promised, while Arthur ascends to the throne. In a mid-credits scene, David is rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin, a marine scientist and conspiracy theorist obsessed with Atlantis, and aquaman marvel to lead Shin there in exchange for help in his revenge on Arthur.

Cast Cast and director of Aquaman at the aquaman marvel San Diego Comic-Con. From left to right: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and James Wan • Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman: A half-Atlantean, half-human who is reluctant to be king of the undersea nation of Atlantis.

He is a member of aquaman marvel Justice League. He possesses superhuman strength, durability, and has the ability to manipulate hydrokinesis, the tides, communicate with sea creatures and swim at supersonic speeds.

[8] A younger Arthur Curry is portrayed by various actors, including an uncredited infant, Tainu and Tamor Kirkwood at age 3, Kaan Guldur at age 9, Otis Dhanji at age 13 and Kekoa Kekumano at age 16. [9] • Amber Heard as Mera: The princess of Xebel, Arthur Curry's love interest, a warrior and daughter of King Nereus. She was raised by Queen Atlanna and groomed to become queen.

Mera possesses hydrokinetic and telepathic powers that allow her to control her aquatic environment and communicate with other Atlanteans. [10] • Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko: Atlantis' vizier, who mentored the young Arthur and trains him to fight. Dafoe was digitally de-aged for the flashback scenes. • Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius: Arthur Curry's Atlantean half-brother and king of Atlantis, who seeks to unite the seven underwater kingdoms and become the Ocean Master to declare war on the surface world for humanity's desecration of the seas.

Wilson previously portrayed Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II in the film Watchmen (2009) and voiced the President of the United States of America in the DC Extended Universe film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), making Aquaman his third DC Comics-based film appearance. • Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus: The king of the Atlantean tribe of Xebel and Mera's father, whom Orm tricks into an alliance through false pretences.

• Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane / Black Manta: [b] A ruthless pirate and a high-seas mercenary with a flair for creating deadly technological innovations.

He is not referred to by his civilian name in the film and is credited simply as “Manta”. • Ludi Lin as Captain Murk: The commander of aquaman marvel Men-of-War, the frontline army of Atlantis. • Temuera Morrison as Aquaman marvel Curry: Arthur's father and a lighthouse keeper.

Morrison previously appeared in the 2011 film Green Lantern, making Aquaman his second DC Comics film appearance. • Nicole Kidman as Atlanna: The Queen of Atlantis, mother of Arthur Curry and Orm. Kidman previously starred in the 1995 film Batman Forever, making Aquaman her second DC Comics film appearance. Randall Park portrays Doctor Stephen Shin, a marine biologist obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis. Graham McTavish appears as King Atlan, the first king of Atlantis and the ancestor of Atlanna, Arthur, and Orm.

Michael Beach plays Jesse Kane, Manta's father and the leader of their group of ocean pirates. Leigh Whannell, director Wan's longtime film collaborator, appears in the film as a cargo pilot. [11] Julie Andrews provides the voice of Karathen, a mythical leviathan and keeper of the Trident of Atlan who allies with Aquaman. [12] John Rhys-Davies voices the Brine King and Djimon Hounsou voices King Ricou of the Fishermen, while both of these characters are portrayed on screen through motion capture performed by Andrew Crawford.

[13] Natalia Safran and Sophia Forrest aquaman marvel the voice and motion capture of Fishermen Queen Rina and Fishermen Princess Scales, respectively. Production Development In 2004, reported that Sunrise Entertainment's Alan and Peter Riche planned to bring Aquaman to the big screen for Warner Bros., with Robert Ben Garant writing the screenplay.

[14] However, the attempt fell through. In 2007, Warner Bros. announced the development of a Justice League film with Michele and Kieran Mulroney writing the screenplay. The film, reportedly titled Justice League: Mortal, would have been Aquaman's cinematic debut. George Miller signed on to direct later that year. However, the film would be cancelled following production delays aquaman marvel from the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike.

Prior to the film's cancellation in 2008, actor Santiago Cabrera had been cast as Aquaman. [15] In July 2009, it was reported that Aquaman was in development at Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way.

Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said that an Aquaman film was in development. [16] After Man of Steel 's release in 2013, a source from Warner Bros. told The Wrap that they were discussing future films, with the mention of more Man of Steel movies as well as a Superman/Batman film, a Wonder Woman film and an Aquaman film.

[17] [18] [19] Geoff Johns told Variety that Aquaman was a priority character. [20] On August 12, 2014, Warner Bros. announced that it had hired screenwriters Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad to pen separate scripts. The film was developed on dual tracks, although only the better version would move forward.

[21] James Wan at Comic Con On April 10, 2015, The Hollywood Reporter reported that James Wan was the front-runner to direct. [22] In June 2015, Wan was confirmed to direct and overlook the screenplay by Johnstad.

[23] [24] On November 12, 2015, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was hired to write the script; however, it was unclear whether his would be separate or work with Wan. [25] Previous script plans had been scrapped and Wan and Johns planned to move forward with a new script written by Beall. [26] Later, Johnson-McGoldrick was brought back to the project to rewrite Beall's script. [27] [28] In March 2016, it was announced that the events of Aquaman would be set after Justice League.

[29] [30] Wan confirmed that cinematographer Don Burgess, who had previously worked with Wan on The Conjuring 2, would serve as cinematographer. [31] Pre-production began in Australia in late November 2016. [32] [33] Casting Jason Momoa at 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International In October 2014, Warner Bros.

announced Aquaman as a part of the DC Extended Universe, with Jason Momoa starring. [34] Aquaman marvel October 20, 2014, Momoa revealed that he was preparing for a Justice League film, and that he did not know whether a solo Aquaman film would come before or after. He thought it might be an origin story.

[35] In December 2014, it was revealed that Momoa had signed a four-picture deal with the studio and DC, and he wanted Zack Snyder to direct. [36] On January 13, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Amber Heard had entered negotiations to play Mera; [10] her casting was confirmed two months later. [37] In April 2016, Willem Dafoe was cast in an undisclosed role, [38] later revealed to be Nuidis Vulko. [39] On December 12, 2016, it was confirmed that Patrick Wilson would play Aquaman's half-brother.

[40] On January 31, 2017, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was added to the cast as Black Manta, Aquaman's archenemy in the comics. [41] Michael K. Williams was also considered for the role. [42] That same day, press reports noted that Nicole Kidman had entered talks to play Queen Atlanna.

[43] Two months later, Kidman confirmed her participation. [44] By February 2017, New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison had entered talks to play Thomas Curry. [45] On April 12, Dolph Lundgren was cast as Nereus. [46] Ludi Lin was cast in the film on May 15, 2017. [47] Almost two weeks later, Michael Beach, who voiced Devil Ray, a character loosely based on Black Manta in Justice League Unlimited, was cast as Black Manta's father.

[48] In October 2017, Graham McTavish revealed that he had a role. [49] In April 2018, Randall Park was cast as Dr. Stephen Shin, [50] and in July, Djimon Hounsou, Natalia Safran and Sophia Forrest were cast as the Fisherman King, Fisherman Queen and the Fisherman Princess, respectively. [51] In November 2018, it was revealed that Julie Andrews had a voice role. [12] Filming Principal photography began in Australia on May 2, 2017, under the working title Ahab.

[52] A majority of the film was shot at Village Roadshow Studios in Gold Coast, Queensland, with additional production in Newfoundland, Sicily and Morocco. [53] Between May and August 2017, location shooting took place on the Australian Gold Coast, including Main Beach, Coomera, Southport and Amity Point in North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, [54] as well as Hastings Point, in New South Wales. [55] On filming underwater sequences, Wan stated that "the underwater world is super complicated" and "it's not an aquaman marvel shoot".

[56] Filming would have begun on the Lighthouse set at Hastings Point aquaman marvel August 11, 2017, and ended later that month. [57] Filming took place in Newfoundland and Labrador.

[58] Willem Dafoe finished up his part by late September. [59] On October 13, James Wan announced aquaman marvel Patrick Wilson had wrapped.

[60] Filming on location took place in Morocco by mid-October, which included the cities of Merzouga and Erfoud. [61] Principal photography wrapped on October 21, 2017. [62] Post-production James Wan's five-time collaborator Kirk Morri served as the editor for Aquaman. Two-time Academy Award winner Charles Gibson ( Babe and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) and Kelvin McIlwain ( Fast & Furious franchise) served as overall visual effects supervisors.

[63] On November aquaman marvel, 2018, Wan announced that post-production was complete. [64] Some additional detail of blood was removed from the UK version of the film to achieve a lower age rating. [65] Visual effects Two thousand three hundred visual effects shots (VFX) appear in the movie, completed by Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Base FX, Rodeo FX, Scanline VFX, DNEG, Luma Pictures, Weta Digital, Moving Picture Company (MPC), Method Studios, Digital Domain and Clear Angle Studios.

[66] [67] The visual effects for the director's cut were created at the same time as the theatrical cut. [68] ILM was the lead VFX vendor and worked on creating Atlantis and all its CGI animals, the Karathen and the final battle. Jeff White served as the VFX supervisor for ILM. For the underwater sequences, the actors were shot dry-for-wet on special tuning fork rigs designed by the FX team, and later the bodies of the actors were replaced with digital doubles in post-production.

For creating Atlantis, the team relied on the designs provided by aquaman marvel art department. ILM's environment team created over 200 buildings, including the signature jellyfish buildings, and laid over 7,000 buildings in districts covering almost 600 square miles for the action to travel through.

The underwater ships were modeled off organic creatures and designed to move that way. For the entrance to the Atlantis sequence, the team built over 150,000 aquaman marvel to fill the traffic lanes leading into Atlantis.

All the animals, including the Karathen, were built by ILM and animated using keyframe animation. Approximately 700 shots in the film required high-detail hair simulations. ILM had to significantly improve its hair simulation software due to the unique aspects of hair flowing underwater. Normally, hair simulations use guide strands to define or influence the movement of groups of hair strands. This did not provide a satisfying look, so ultimately, ILM simulated strands individually, which required heavy computations.

Additionally, Wan wanted to be able to direct the hair when the physically accurate simulation resulted in undesirable results. ILM delivered 670 shots. [69] [70] Weta Digital handled most of the digital de-aging involved in the film.

They digitally de-aged Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison for flashback sequences. [71] DNEG digitally de-aged Willem Dafoe for the scene where his character Nuidis Vulko trains the young Arthur.

[70] Jay Barton served as the VFX supervisor for Digital Domain. They worked on creating the Dead King's Island environment. For the sequence, the actors were shot in a pool of water against blue screen backgrounds, with Digital Domain adding CGI extensions, waterfalls, mountains and dinosaurs in post production. Most of the waterfalls in the scene were created using Houdini, while some were created using practical elements of aquaman marvel such as pouring salt and glass beads.

They also built an extensive library of shot FX elements. The dinosaurs were animated using keyframe animation. Digital Domain delivered 19-20 shots. [72] David Nelson and Craig Wentworth served as VFX supervisors for Method Studios. Method handled the Sicily fight sequence between Arthur, Mera and Black Manta; Arthur's encounter with the Karathen in the Well of the Souls; and his acquisition of Atlan's trident.

For the Sicily fight sequence, the team built the main square of the Italian village and terracotta tiled roof set pieces that were backed with blue screen. A completely CGI village was also created based on scans and documentation of the real village.

[69] For the Well of the Souls sequence, Momoa was filmed dry-for-wet and captured on set in rigs that simulated underwater movements, but they ultimately felt restrictive so artists replaced the majority of his performance with a digital body double and added the CGI environment, Karathen and Arthur's free-flowing locks. A specially designed 700fps shot was used in the scene where the camera travels through Arthur's eyes. [73] [74] Rodeo FX worked on two key sequences, with Sebastien Moreau as VFX Supervisor.

For the aquarium that young Arthur visits near the beginning, Rodeo FX used simulations as well as algorithms for the fish behavior. They created hard and soft corals by developing a colonization growth system, along with procedural stem and tentacle generation tools. They also created the environments for the Aquaman marvel ruins below the desert. Artists used a Lego-type approach to layer the environment with a large amount of sand, dust and rocks, all of which would realistically give way to the characters' interactions.

From there, they sculpted ruined buildings, bridges, towers, statues and temples, which were textured and shaded to add depth to the ruined city. [75] [76] Scanline VFX delivered 450 aquaman marvel.

Bryan Hirota served as VFX supervisor. The main sequences produced by them were the lighthouse and its surrounding environment, the "Aquaman" title card that follows the Boston aquarium, Aquaman pushing the submarine to the surface and rescuing the sailors inside, Orm's tidal wave that sweeps away Arthur and Tom, including the rescue and aftermath, Black Manta being paid by Orm for the submarine's delivery, and Arthur and Mera's visit to the Kingdom of the Trench.

For the title card, the team relied on Rodeo's work on the aquarium sequence and simulated up to 60,000 fish. The tidal wave sequence was realized with a large-scale simulated wave, which was integrated with a combination of day-for-night footage, blue screen shots for the actors in truck interiors, a truck on a rotisserie rig, an interior cabin in a water tank, and VFX simulations for debris.

For creating the lighthouse, a full-size house with the base of the lighthouse tower was constructed by the FX team. Additional house and dock sets were built on sound stages. A digital build-out was done to complete the lighthouse tower and extend the dock fully out into the sea. For the sequence where the camera pushes into a toy snow globe with a tiny lighthouse inside, a CGI transition was created from the lighthouse's living room set to a fully CGI winter coastline. For creating the Trench creatures, motion capture was done on set by stunt performers.

[77] Music Main article: Aquaman (soundtrack) On March 7, 2018, Rupert Gregson-Williams was announced as the composer for Aquaman. Gregson-Williams aquaman marvel wrote the score for Wonder Woman, the fourth film in the DC Extended Universe. [78] The soundtrack was released by WaterTower Music on December 14, 2018.

[79] [80] The album features an original song by American musician Skylar Grey titled "Everything I Need", written by Grey and Elliott Taylor. Joseph Bishara, Wan's frequent collaborator, composed a piece called "Trench Engaged" for the aquaman marvel sequence. [81] Marketing In March 2017, prior to filming, a first look at Aquaman was shown during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Momoa introducing a video of director James Wan displaying a concept art sizzle reel.

[82] Later, on July aquaman marvel, the film's footage made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 with a teaser presented by Momoa during the Warner Bros. aquaman marvel director Wan presented the footage, stating that "in a lot of ways, this is an origin story," [83] In April 2018, another teaser, with new footage, was shown by Wan and Momoa at CinemaCon, joined by Amber Aquaman marvel, Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II on stage. [84] Wan teased the conflict between Arthur and Ocean Master, stating that "it's almost a very classic Shakespearean story about brother from another world vs.

brother from another world. And it really is a classic story of sibling rivalry." [85] On June 11, 2018, the film's first trailer was previewed at CineEurope.

[86] On July 21, 2018, the first trailer was released at SDCC 2018, considered the best received trailer; [87] it was later attached to theatrical showings of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, The Meg, The Predator and Venom. [88] The cast appeared on Sunday, July 22, as guests on Conan with Conan O'Brien during SDCC. [89] By late August the studio held early test screenings with mixed reactions shared on social media describing the film as good but not great.

[90] [91] On October 5, 2018, a 5-minute Extended Video was released by Warner Bros. [92] [93] [94] [95] The first official TV spot for the film came on October 16, [96] followed by a second on November 1. [97] The same month, character posters were released for Aquaman, Mera, Black Aquaman marvel, Ocean Master, King Nereus, Queen Atlanna and Nuidis Vulko.

[98] On November aquaman marvel, the studio announced the promotion tour schedule, which would take place during November and December with fan events, screenings and premieres, including Beijing, London, New York City, Manila, Los Angeles, Miami, Gold Coast, Sydney and Honolulu.

[99] Additionally, it was announced that the film would be screened on December 7, 2018, during Brazil Comic Con (CCXP) in São Paulo. [100] The following week, an official behind aquaman marvel scenes featurette was released, which included footage not seen in aquaman marvel mainstream trailers.

[101] Two days later, the film's two main posters were released, depicting Aquaman and Mera in their costumes. [102] On November 19 the final trailer was released, alongside the announcement of ticket sales. [103] The same day, 30 minutes of footage was shown in China during the first stop of the film's promotion tour, generating rave reactions. [104] The film's financial success has been attributed to the studio's marketing plan that attracted a broad demographic (particularly women) through advertising, social media and promotional partners.

[105] Release Theatrical Aquaman had its world premiere at the Empire, Leicester Square, in London on November 26, 2018. [106] It was released in the United States by Warner Bros. Pictures in RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX, IMAX 3D, 4DX and ScreenX, on December 21. [107] On November 19, Atom Tickets announced that Amazon Prime members in the United States would have early access to tickets for a December 15 screening of the film at select Regal, National Amusements, ArcLight Cinemas and AMC theaters.

[108] The film was released in China on December 7, [109] in the United Kingdom on December 12, [110] [111] in Argentina, Brazil and Russia on December 13, [112] [113] and in India on December 14. [114] It was previously set for July 27, 2018, and then moved to October 5, 2018, before settling on its release date. Home media Aquaman was released for digital download on March 5, 2019, [115] and on Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray Ultra HD, 3D Blu-ray and DVD on March 19.

[116] It has an estimated total of $27.4 million in US DVD sales, as well as an estimated total of $42.2 million in Blu-ray sales, bringing in a total of $69.7 million in domestic video sales. [117] Director James Wan has revealed there will not be a director's cut.

[118] Reception Box office Aquaman grossed $335.1 million in the United States and Canada and $812.6 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $1.148 billion. [7] It became the highest-grossing installment in the DCEU and the highest-grossing film based on any DC character [119] as well as Warner Bros.' second-highest-grossing film worldwide behind Harry Potter aquaman marvel the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 ($1.342 billion).

[120] Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $260.5 million when factoring together all expenses and revenues, making it the fifth-most-profitable release of 2018. [121] United States and Canada The day after announcing the early Amazon screenings, Aquaman 's first 24-hour pre-sale totals became the highest in the history of Atom Tickets, beating out Avengers: Infinity War as well as outpacing Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, another film Amazon Prime had offered early to subscribers the previous December.

[122] [123] The film made $2.9 million from the Amazon preview screenings at 1,225 theaters, higher than the $1.86 million made by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

[124] In the United States and Canada, Aquaman was released alongside Bumblebee, Second Act and Welcome to Marwen and was projected to gross $65–70 million in its opening weekend and $120 million over its first five days (with some tracking figures going as high as $150 million). [6] The film made $28 million on its first day, including $9 million from Thursday night previews (a total of $13.7 million including the Amazon screenings and a Wednesday preview).

It went on to debut at $67.9 million ($73.2 million including all early showings), topping the box office but marking the lowest opening of the DCEU. [125] It then made $11 million on Monday and $22.1 million on Christmas Day, one of six films to ever gross over $20 million on the holiday; its five-day total opening was $105.7 million. [126] The film made $52.1 million in its second weekend, a drop of 23%, as well as $10.1 million on New Year's Eve and $16.8 million on New Year's Day.

[127] [128] The film then remained in first place for a third consecutive weekend, grossing $31 million. [129] The film made $17.4 million in its fourth weekend of release but was dethroned by The Upside, which exceeded expectations to become STX Films' first number one aquaman marvel office opening with $20.4 million. Aquaman also crossed the $1 billion mark that same weekend after earning $758.3 million and $940 million worldwide in both its second and third weekends.

[130] Other territories In China, where the film was released two weeks prior to its US debut, the film made $24.6 million ( ¥169.5 million) on its first day, representing 86% of the market share and setting a Warner Bros.

opening-day record in the country. It went on to debut at $93.6 million (¥644.8 million), marking the best-ever opening for the DCEU, Warner Bros. and a December release in the country. It overtook the entire lifetime gross of Wonder Woman there in just three days. [131] The film grossed $12.99 million on Monday, thus crossing $100 million aquaman marvel million).

[132] By Thursday, its fifth day, the film had made $135.3 million, surpassing the lifetime totals of every solo Marvel Cinematic Universe film. [133] As of April 4, 2019 [update], the film had grossed $298.33 million in China. [134] In the Philippines, Aquaman is the biggest Warner Bros.

and DC film of all time, with a cumulative gross of PhP 536.4 million, surpassing Justice League and becoming the 6th-most-successful film of all time in the country. [135] The film became the highest-grossing film of the decade in Romania. South Korea is the second-biggest market with $39.1 million. [136] Critical response The film received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics; praise aquaman marvel toward Wan's direction and Momoa's performance, alongside the film's visual effects, production design and tone.

However, the plot and runtime were criticized. [137] [138] [139] Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 65% of 411 critics gave the film a positive review, with an average rating of 6/10. The website's critical consensus reads: " Aquaman swims with its entertainingly ludicrous tide, offering up CGI superhero spectacle that delivers energetic action with an emphasis on good old-fashioned fun." [140] Metacritic surveyed 50 critics and assigned a weighted average score of 55 out of 100, indicating "mixed or average reviews." [141] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A−" on an A+ to F scale [126] Peter Debruge of Variety criticized the dialogue but praised Wan's direction, the production design and the final act, writing, "The biggest surprise here is how, after the running time of a standard-length film has elapsed, Aquaman suddenly kicks the movie up a level for the finale.

At just the moment this critic's eyes tend to glaze over in superhero movies—typically, as the villain goes nuclear and a portal to another dimension opens, threatening to destroy the planet—Wan unleashes a massive deep-sea battle on par with The Lord of the Rings." [142] Germain Lussier of io9 wrote " Aquaman is all about spectacle.

It's filled with ambition. It's always about trying to put the coolest, most imaginative sequence on screen at every single turn of the story, no matter what the cost." [143] Writing for TheWrap, William Bibbiani called the film "a weird and wonderful superhero adventure that strives—and almost succeeds—to be the most epic superhero movie ever made." [144] Writing for Rolling Stone, Peter Travers gave the film 2½ out of 5 stars, praising Wan's ambition and Momoa's performance but criticizing the plot and dialogue, writing: " Aquaman is a mess of clashing tones and shameless silliness, but a relief after all the franchise's recent superhero gloom." [145] Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly graded the film a C−, writing, "It can't decide if it wants to be silly or serious—a superhero movie or a parody of one.Unfortunately, the bloated, waterlogged film is loaded with crummy CGI, cheesy costumes, and groaner dialogue delivered by actors who are too good to traffic in such nonsense".

[146] For the Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips gave the film 1.5 stars out of 4, criticizing the film's script and Wan's direction, saying, "Watching this movie is like spending two hours and 27 minutes staring at a gigantic aquarium full of digital sea creatures and actors on wires, pretending to swim." [147] Matt Zoller Seitz of gave Aquaman three-and-a-half out of four stars, positively comparing the film to SpongeBob SquarePants in its lack of concern for scientific accuracy, along with praising the treatment of characters crying as "a normal byproduct of pain or joy" instead of "a shameful loss of dignity." Seitz stated that "It takes skill to be as ridiculous as this movie.

[ Aquaman]. feels simultaneously like a spoof and an operatic melodrama. Any film that can combine those modes is a force to be reckoned with." [148] Accolades Award Date of ceremony Category Recipients Result Ref.

Alliance of Women Film Journalists January 10, 2019 Outstanding Achievement by A Woman in The Film Industry Nicole Kidman for a banner year of performances in Destroyer, Boy Erased and Aquaman, and for opening opportunity for women in production.

Nominated [149] Dorian Awards January 12, 2019 Campy Film of the Year Aquaman [150] Gold Derby Awards January 30, 2019 Best Visual Effects Kelvin McIlwain, Jeff White, Bryan Hirota, Kimberly Nelson LoCascio [151] Visual Effects Society Awards February 5, 2019 Outstanding Created Environment in a Photoreal Feature Quentin Marmier, Aaron Barr, Jeffrey De Guzman, Ziad Shureih for " Atlantis" [152] Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Project Claus Pedersen, Mohammad Rastkar, Cedric Lo, Ryan McCoy for "Third Act Battle" Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards February 16, 2019 Best Special Make-Up Effects Justin Raleigh, Ozzy Alvarez, Sean Genders [153] Golden Reel Awards February 17, 2019 Feature Film – Music Underscore J.J.

George & Paul Rabjohns (music editors) [154] Costume Designers Guild Awards February 19, 2019 Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Aquaman marvel Kym Barrett [155] SXSW Aquaman marvel Design Award March 12, 2019 Excellence in Title Design Aaron Becker, Simon Clowes [156] Kids' Choice Awards March 23, 2019 Favorite Movie [157] Favorite Movie Actor Jason Momoa Favorite Superhero Golden Trailer Awards May 29, 2019 Best Home Ent Fantasy Adventure Aquaman, Target Wall "I Am", Warner Bros., Aspect [158] MTV Movie & TV Awards June 17, 2019 Best Kiss Jason Momoa and Amber Heard [159] Saturn Awards September 13, 2019 Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture [160] Best Director James Wan Best Supporting Actress Amber Heard Best Editing Kirk Morri Best Production Design Bill Brzeski Best Costume Design Kym Barrett Teen Choice Awards August 11, 2019 Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie [161] Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actor Jason Momoa Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actress Amber Heard Choice Movie Villain Patrick Wilson Chinese American Film Festival November 3, 2019 Most Popular U.S.

Film in China Aquaman Won [162] AACTA Award December 4, 2019 Best Visual Effects or Animation Kelvin McIlwain, Kimberly Nelson LoCascio, Josh Simmonds, David Nelson Nominated [163] Sequel Main article: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom In December 2018, it was reported that Warner Bros.

Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich had the studio start developing a sequel. [164] Discussions of a follow-up film had begun during post-production, when director James Wan stated to TotalFilm that the first film purposefully left room for further stories. [165] Jason Momoa told Syfy Wire that he had the beginning for a sequel written, and that after he pitched it to the studio through Emmerich and Safran, they were receptive and enthusiastic.

[165] In January 2019, the sequel was officially confirmed to be in development, with the studio courting Wan to return. [166] The following month, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, co-writer of the first film, signed on as the screenwriter.

[167] Warner Bros. confirmed via The Hollywood Reporter in February 2019 that the studio has set a release date of December 16, aquaman marvel, with pre-production set to begin in 2020. [168] [169] In October 2019, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II told Uproxx that he will reprise his role as Black Manta for the sequel. aquaman marvel In November 2020, Amber Heard confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that she will be reprising her role as Mera in the sequel, with shooting to aquaman marvel in 2021.

[171] In March 2021, DiscussingFilm reported that the film is looking to begin filming this June in the UK under the production title "Necrus" and that Richard Sale will join the project as a costume designer.

[172] The aquaman marvel title has roots in Aquaman lore and may allude to the underwater city of Necrus making an appearance. In April 2021, Pilou Asbæk entered talks to join the cast. [173] In June 2021, the film's title was revealed as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

[174] Creature Designer Ken Barthelmey is working on the designs. [ citation needed] On June 28, 2021, Wan posted a photo on Instagram, announcing that production on the sequel has begun.

[175] Animated miniseries Main article: Aquaman: King of Atlantis In January 2020, a aquaman marvel animated miniseries based on Aquaman was announced, [176] with James Wan set to serve as executive producer, and to premiere on HBO Max.

[176] [177] [178] Although non-canonical to the wider DCEU, [179] Aquaman: King of Atlantis would be set after the events of Wan's 2018 DCEU Aquaman film, explicitly referencing its events throughout, [180] and feature the voices of Cooper Andrews, Gillian Jacobs, Thomas Lennon, and Dana Snyder respectively replacing Momoa, Heard, Wilson, and Dafoe in their roles. [181] [182] On February 17, 2021, the Television Critics Association had a press junket with HBO Max, in which a aquaman marvel image aquaman marvel released.

[183] On September 1, 2021, it was announced the series will air on Cartoon Network as part of the ACME Night block. [184] On September 10, aquaman marvel, it was announced it will be released on October 14, 2021. [185] Canceled spin-off In February 2019, Warner Bros. announced that a "horror-tinged" spin-off called The Trench was in development, with Wan producing and Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald writing the script.

The plot would focus on the amphibious monsters that Arthur and Mera faced in Aquaman, [186] while Black Manta would act as the film's protagonist, with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II reprising his role. [187] In April 2021, Warner Bros. decided to cancel the project, though stated that it may be revived in the future. [188] Notes • ^ a b "Aquaman (2018)". British Film Institute. Archived from the original on September 26, 2019. Retrieved March 23, 2022.

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Looking for a different version of this character?

As a result of the New 52 in 2011, the entire line of DC characters was relaunched, incorporating properties belonging to the company's imprints: Wildstorm, Milestone, and Vertigo. As such, elements of this character's history have been altered in some way from the previous incarnation. For a complete list of all versions of this character, see our disambiguation page. Aquaman Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present Gallery "And Mera is why I'm here.

There is nothing more important in my life than her. — Aquaman src Arthur Curry is Aquaman, an adventurer who is half-human and half- Atlantean. This gives him a variety of powers including superhuman strength, telepathic control over marine life, and the ability to survive both in water and on land. He belongs to the royal family of Atlantis, and normally acts as their king.

His romantic partner is the princess Mera of Xebel. He is a founding member of two superhero teams, the world-famous Justice League and the clandestine Others. Contents • 1 History • 1.1 Early Life • 1.1.1 Justice League • 1.1.2 Later Adventures • 1.2 New 52 • 1.2.1 The Trench • 1.2.2 The Others • 1.2.3 Atonement • 1.2.4 The Cheetah's Curse • 1.2.5 Throne of Atlantis • 1.2.6 The First King • 1.2.7 Adventures with the Others • Legend's Revenge • Combating Mayhem • 1.2.8 Crime Syndicate's Invasion • Pandora's Box • Trapped in Firestorm • 1.2.9 Power Ring • 1.2.10 Quest against the Giant born • 1.2.11 The Unstoppable Algae • 1.2.12 Chimera • 1.2.13 The Maelstrom • 1.2.14 On The Run & The Other Atlantis • 1.2.15 Dead Water • 1.2.16 Rao's Invasion • 1.3 Rebirth • 1.3.1 Relations Collapse • 1.3.2 N.E.M.O.

• 1.3.3 Warhead • 1.3.4 H2.O • aquaman marvel Overthrown • 1.3.6 In Hiding • 1.3.7 A New Monarch • 1.3.8 The Chinese Justice League • 1.3.9 Invasion of the Dark Multiverse • The Beginning • Resisting Barbatos • 1.3.10 Atlantis Uprising • 1.3.11 Sink Atlantis • 1.3.12 Drowned Earth • 1.3.13 Alliance with Anti-Monitor • 1.3.14 Call of the Gods • 1.3.15 Aquaman marvel Shark • 1.3.16 The Birth of Princess Andy • aquaman marvel The Wedding of Arthur and Mera • 1.3.18 Endless Winter • 1.3.19 Death Metal • 1.4 Infinite Frontier • 1.4.1 Warworld Rising • 1.4.2 Deep Target • 1.4.3 Aquamen • 2 Powers and Abilities • 2.1 Powers • 2.2 Abilities • 2.3 Weaknesses • 3 Paraphernalia • 3.1 Equipment • 3.2 Transportation • 3.3 Weapons • 4 Notes • 5 Trivia • 6 Recommended Reading • 7 Related • 7.1 Footnotes History Early Life Arthur Curry was born the son of the Atlantean queen Atlanna and the Amnesty Bay lighthouse keeper Tom Curry.

Atlanna returned to Atlantis, so Tom was forced to raise Arthur alone. As a child Arthur began to show that he had inherited his mother's gifts. Tom turned to Doctor Stephen Shin, a scientist he saved from a storm, so he could better understand Arthur's abilities. During the time of Arthur's graduation, Shin attempted to release his research to the public, so Tom destroyed all of it except a phial of Arthur's blood, which he took. Shin paid a treasure hunter known as the Black Manta to retrieve the phial from the Curry household.

However, there was a struggle and the stress aquaman marvel Tom to suffer a heart attack, and he died in the hospital soon after. Arthur then tracked Black Manta down and killed his father, believing it to be Manta himself. [5] He then fled civilization until he was brought to Atlantis by his mother's royal adviser Vulko.

[6] He ruled over Atlantis for a while until he abandoned his role, and his brother Orm took the throne. He went on to form The Others, a team made up of outcasts who would search the globe for the Dead King's Atlantean Weapons so they could be safe guarded. After retrieving the artifacts and keeping the Trident of Neptune, Aquaman parted ways with the Others.

[7] At some aquaman marvel between leaving the Others and joining the Justice League, Arthur met and fell in love with Mera, a Xebelian princess sent to kill him. [8] Justice League The Justice League After leaving Atlantis and coming across a demon-like being activating a device that opened a portal, dozens of the demon-like creatures emerged from the portal and headed to the surface.

[9] Upon reaching the surface and witnessing what could only be an invasion force, he then met up with other superheroes such as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814; the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman; the aquaman marvel man alive The Flash; the dark vigilante Batman; and Superman who hailed from a dead planet.

The group then proceeded to kill any of the invaders who got in their way as they attempted to stop the invasion force. [10] The group then met up with a Cyborg. The Cyborg told the group that the leader of the invasion force comes from world to world harvesting any organic material.

At that point, another portal opened and the ruler of the invaders, Darkseid, stepped through. [10] The tyrant used his telekinetic power to crush the whole group, rendering a majority of them unconscious, including Arthur.

Upon awakening, the Flash told the group that Superman had been taken by Darkseid's forces. Coordinating their attacks, the group attempted to blind Darkseid so his energy beams would be ineffective. [11] While the team was distracting Darkseid, Batman traveled to the home base of Darkseid- the planet Apokolips- to save Superman. Cyborg then used his built-in mother box to open several portals. All of Darkseid's minions were pushed back through the portal. Wonder Woman and Arthur then blinded Darkseid, and with the help of Superman, the team were able to push the tyrant back to Apokolips.

[12] After saving the world from Darkseid's invasion the superheroes were heralded as heroes and given the name Justice League. [12] Later Adventures Arthur took on a ward in the form of a boy named Garth who became the first Aqualad. [13] Aqualad would go on to join the Teen Titans.

Years later, Arthur would don a radically different suit; a blue bodysuit, striped diagonally with various blues and blacks. During this time, Atlantis turned on him and he abdicated the throne following a conflict with his brother that resulted in Orm's apparent death.

While travelling alongside Nuada Silverhand, he was displaced in time, and briefly met the famed Atlantean sorceror-king Arion. [14] At some point, Arthur had his hand cut off, necessitating its replacement with a metal hook. Additionally, Arthur died and was resurrected at least once over the course of his lengthy career. [15] Arthur and Garth would have many adventures until the world's collective memories of the Teen Titans were purged by Lilith Clay in order to prevent the rise of the demonic Mister Twister.

This included Aquaman, who forgot about raising Garth and taking him on as Aqualad. As such Garth became oblivious to his history and joined the Atlantean Army, unaware of his past with Arthur and the Teen Titans. [16] New 52 The Trench Aquaman and Mera vs.

aquaman marvel

the Trench As Aquaman, Arthur Curry began protecting Boston, having decided to completely abandon Atlantis to pursue a life on land with Mera. [17] Boston was attacked by a carnivorous underwater species called The Trench, and Aquaman and Mera fended off the invasion. [18] Chasing the Trench, which had taken hostages, to the Marianas Trench, they discovered the predators dying out and desperately trying to feed their children in the remnants of an Atlantean craft.

The heroes saved the captives, and Aquaman reluctantly caused the Trench's extinction to prevent aquaman marvel loss of human life. During the U.S. Navy's investigation of the hideout after the fact, Aquaman came in contact with the ship's black box, discovering a centuries-old warning inside. [19] The Others Aquaman and the Others Reuniting with an old ally of Aquaman's named Ya'Wara from his days with the Others, Aquaman and Mera were aquaman marvel that Black Manta had killed Kahina the Seer, another former member of the Others, and had taken one of the Artifacts of Atlantis—the Seal of Clarity which she was guarding.

[20] In order to ensure their safety, Aquaman and Ya'Wara began to work together to contact the Others in case Black Manta had gotten to them.

First they traveled to the United States Health Center in Heidelberg, Germany in search of Prisoner-of-War before Manta ambushed them, stole Ya'Wara's necklace, and escaped. [21] Once the Others were finally assembled, one of their members called the Operative informed them that Black Manta planned to steal the Dead King's Scepter.

Although the Others tracked down the villain's location and Aquaman managed to defeat Manta, the heroes did not succeed in time to stop Manta from delivering the scepter to a mysterious stranger and Vostok-X was killed. [22] Atonement The League at the mercy of Graves Arthur and the League took down the villain Spore, an A.R.G.U.S. employee who had been aquaman marvel to a virus when an unknown individual stole the Orb of Ra.

[23] Over their next few missions the League was followed around by Aquaman's frenemy Green Arrow, who insisted he should join the team, however the League wasn't opening ranks due to their last new addition Martian Manhunter. [24] The Justice League realized soon after this that someone was attacking the League's enemies such as the Key and the Scavenger, to find out the Justice League's weaknesses in both body and mind.

After interrogating several of the villains they all gave a single name- Graves. [25] Shortly after this, Aquaman was saving the inhabitants of a sunken cruise ship when he was called to the Watchtower by Cyborg. The Justice League discussed the threat that this "Graves" faced when Graves entered the Watchtower with Aquaman marvel Trevor's codes and attacked the Aquaman marvel.

The entire League was defeated by the spirits Graves controlled. [26] Graves then vanished from the scene. They then went to Tracy Trevor's and she explained that Graves was the author David Graves who had previously praised the League after they saved his family during Darkseid's invasion.

However, Graves's family had gotten sick and died, and he went missing after he gained the sickness. Graves believed that the League caused the illness. After a brief skirmish between Lantern and Wonder Woman over the League's priorities, they all headed to the Valley of Souls where Graves had been imbued with his power. They were then set upon by illusions of their biggest losses. [27] The League were soon snapped out of the illusion as Trevor arrived. They then fought off Graves and his Asuran masters, and Aquaman was able to break Graves' connection to the Asuras, ending his terror.

[28] The Cheetah's Curse After the defeat of David Graves, Batman and Aquaman were having arguments about which one of them should lead the Justice League, as the team needed greater stability after Green Lantern left. These arguments were postponed due to the emergence of Wonder Woman's enemy Cheetah who had defeated her enemy and disappeared. The League tracked Cheetah to a jungle where she ambushed them and bit Superman.

Superman then fell under her control and attacked the League. [29] Cheetah fled the scene as the tribe of the Cheetah fled. After helping to secure Superman and return him to normal, the leader of the tribe explained the origin of the Cheetah.

The League then chased Cheetah around the forest until Aquaman apprehended her. [30] Throne of Atlantis Aquaman vs. Orm for the fate of the surface world After a series of aggressive moves made by the U.S. government on aquaman marvel area surrounding Atlantis, the underwater state declared war on the surface world. Though Aquaman marvel wanted to stop the conflict peacefully with the help of the Justice League, he soon learned that his own half-brother Orm was leading the invasion.

Conflicted between his loyalties to the Justice League and Atlantis, Aquaman learned by investigating into the matter that Aquaman marvel had not caused the mysterious attacks by the United States in order to start the war, instead, the culprit was Vulko, who was exiled from Atlantis after Curry's departure and wanted revenge.

[31] Battling Orm's oncoming fleet in Boston, Aquaman tried to explain to his brother the conspiracy brought on by Vulko, though Orm refused to stand down. Usurping Orm and declaring himself king once more, Aquaman ended the war on the surface and declared the arrests of both Vulko and Orm. [32] The First King Taking back Atlantis Once king again, Aquaman soon received news that Mera had disappeared inside the Bermuda Triangle. He traveled to the Triangle and reached the kingdom of Xebel, Mera's homeland, where he came face to face with the Dead Aquaman marvel, who had imprisoned the entire city in ice.

[33] After freeing Mera and fighting the Dead King, [34] Aquaman and Mera retreated to Atlantis to find the city under attack by the villainous Scavenger's fleet. Aquaman summoned Topo, a massive underwater monster, with his telepathy to destroy the Scavenger's forces, but the strain of controlling the beast caused him to go into a coma just as the Dead King arrived to reclaim Atlantis.

Aquaman awakened six months later under Vulko's care in Antarctica. [35] Returning to Atlantis, Arthur commanded the Trench to liberate his home from its tyrant. After a lengthy brawl, Arthur killed the Dead King, being acknowledged as the king of Atlantis once again. [36] Adventures with the Others Aquaman was reunited with the Others when Vostok-X's helmet was stolen from The Living Room by a twisted version of animals. The Others tracked the helmet to the location of the thief, where it was revealed that the helmet was stolen by Morgaine le Fey, an immortal sorceress, member of the Immortal Men and sister of Madame Xanadu.

Morgaine wanted the helmet due to its magical properties; the helmet rid the user of the need of sustenance which would allow her to finally leave the Earth. When Arthur and the others arrived Morgaine cast illusions on each of the Others, giving them the chance to join her or die. Arthur, Operative, Prisoner-Of-War and Sky Alchesay all denied but Ya'Wara opted to join her as she believed Morgaine could help her save the Amazon Rainforest.

Morgaine was defeated by the Others and Ya'Wara was brought to her senses shortly after. [37] Legend's Revenge Aquaman vs. Legend Sometime after defeating Morgaine, the Others came under attack from a covert military force trying to retrieve the Artifacts; all of these attempts were futile as Aquaman and the Others were able to fight them off each time. The operatives then kidnapped Kahina the Seer's sister Sayeh aquaman marvel access to her Precognition.

[38] Arthur and the others were then ambushed by Anton Solokov and his sister Darya who were behind the attacks. They then transported the Others to their castle in Trezygstan where they met the true enemy, Legend. [39] Legend revealed that he was from the time of the Dead King and that he had stolen his father's enchanted gold and then murdered him. Atlan then used the Gold aquaman marvel forge the Atlantean Weapons, aquaman marvel Legend had been trying to get the gold back since then.

Ya'Wara was teleported to the moon in the conflict and discovered aquaman marvel clone of Vostok which after returning to Earth helped Aquaman and the Others defeat Legend and the Solokov twins, killing Legend in the process. [40] Sayeh and Vostok 2 joined the Others after the battle.

[41] Combating Mayhem Prisoner-Of-War possessed by Gary Korec After the fight with Legend, Operative was ambushed during a deal by the KGBeast who threw him off a building.

Operative was saved by Vostok and continued to fight with the KGBeast until he was overwhelmed by both opponents. Cheshire then helped the Beast escape as Aquaman appeared on the scene. Cheshire and KGBeast then met up with the rest of their team, a group of villains known as Mayhem whose members included Maelstrom, Strangehold, Braze, Cheshire, KGBeast and NKVDemon.

[42] With the drive retrieved from the conflict with Operative - which contained nuclear launch codes - Mayhem planned to threaten the World and usurp whatever they wanted from it.

To make matters worse for Arthur the Prisoner-Of-War became possessed by one of the soldiers he absorbed. However, Aquaman and the Others were able to contain the soldier and free the Prisoner-Of-War. Operative corrupted the launch codes before Mayhem could fire any Nuclear Missiles. The Others and Mayhem then fought on an abandoned Prison Island ending the threat. [43] Crime Syndicate's Invasion Pandora's Box Months after Orm's invasion of the surface the Justice League began considering opening their ranks to new membership.

After a semi-audition of the heroes who had assisted the League during the invasion the League picked three new members- Fire storm, Element Woman and The Atom (Rhonda Pineda).

Superman crippled by Kryptonite Around this time the League watchtower was hacked with a message- have a nice day. [44] On the day of the new members' introduction the Batcave was attacked by a mysterious figure who had defeated Red Hood and Alfred and taken a Kryptonite Ring.

Upon investigation Batman and Aquaman weren't able to find a possible culprit, meanwhile the new members were fighting off the villain Despero who had entered the Watchtower- causing it to crash down to Earth, however the heroes were able to defeat the alien when they discovered that it bore the kryptonite ring.

[45] After the League arrived on the scene Batman and Cyborg noticed that a microscopic slither of kryptonite was missing from the ring. While Superman and Wonder Woman were imprisoning Despero they were met upon by the woman who let evil upon the World Pandora who gave Superman her box as she hoped that his pure heart would activate the box sealing all evil up once again, however this failed so she vanished. [46] Shortly after this the League received a message that a superhero had entered Kahndaq which was aquaman marvel the law.

The Justice League entered Kahndaq and attempted to apprehend Shazam with the help of Zatanna before the situation escalated. Soon after this the government supported Justice League of America arrived on the scene, the arrival of this team quickly lead to conflict after Superman killed Doctor Light with his Heat Vision.

Superman quickly ended the fight and ordered the Justice League of America to arrest him. [46] While Superman was in custody Wonder Woman met with the Justice League Dark, as she believed they could help her find Pandora's Box which she thought had corrupted Superman.

[47] Believing nothing good would come of Wonder Woman finding the box, Amanda Waller sent the JL and JLA to apprehend Wonder Woman. Upon locating Wonder Woman she was able to convince several members of the JL teams to help in her search, including Aquaman.

[48]. Eventually, the team tracked Pandora down to Lex Luthor's cell where the box began corrupting the League members one by one. [49] John Constantine was able to get the box and teleported away before any more harm could be done. Upon tracking down the box aquaman marvel where the team was thrown into turmoil once more. At that moment the mysterious leader of the Secret Society of Super-Villains known as the Outsider took the box. Atom then revealed that it was her that planted Kryptonite in Superman's brain- causing him to kill Doctor Light, as she was a mole for the Outsider called Atomica.

Cyborg was then expelled from his body by one of his programs calling itself Grid who was working for the pair and had hacked the Watchtower. [50] Outsider then activated the box revealing it to be a portal to another world and a figure who looked like Aquaman came out and instantly died.

Then more evil versions of the Justice League came out of the portal with Outsider and Atomica joining them, they attacked the heroes claiming the World as the property of the Crime Syndicate. [50] Trapped in Firestorm As aquaman marvel Justice Leagues began fighting the Syndicate Deathstorm, the evil counterpart of Firestorm, blasted Firestorm causing him to have a nuclear reaction.

This reaction dragged almost every hero present into the Firestorm Matrix including Arthur. The Syndicate then put Firestorm in the hands of Despero who created illusions for each hero so they wouldn't have a chance of escaping the Matrix and stopping the Syndicate. [51] Aquaman was thrown in an illusion where all sealife had been killed by humans that put him in an endless cycle of sorrow and rage. [52] Months later Batman was able to take down the Crime Syndicate with the help of a group of villains including Black Manta called the Injustice League and free the League.

As a result of the conflict Black Manta, Ocean Master and many other villains escaped imprisonment and all the Crime Syndicate members had died apart from Grid, Ultraman, Owlman and Superwoman. Also Lex Luthor and Captain Cold were taken into consideration for Justice League membership due to their heroic actions in the invasion. [53] Power Ring Shortly after the invasion, the League began hunting various members of the Secret Society while trying to find evidence that Luthor hadn't reformed. [54] Agreeing that they aquaman marvel to know what had happened to the Crime Syndicate's Earth they began hunting down the ring used by the deceased Syndicate member Power Ring as it held information on the upcoming threat.

Eventually the team were able to locate the Ring in Oregon where it had found a new host in the form of Jessica Cruz When they arrived on site Cruz was wreaking havoc due to the ring controlling her and their was another team on the site- The Doom Patrol. [55] Upon approaching the team their leader The Chief said he would bring the girl in to keep her from hurting anyone. The teams clashed with Aquaman fighting Robotman, the fighting stopped when Batman was able to calm Cruz down- freeing her from the ring's influence temporarily.

[56] They then took Cruz back to base where Arthur and Barry watched over her. At the same time Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman decided to allow Luthor in the League to keep an eye on him. [57] Quest against the Giant born After saving some Atlantean workers from lava vents an alert was triggered that a giant creature was attacking the coast. This creature turned out to be the Karaqan a legendary Atlantean guardian, despite this Aquaman killed the beast to halt its rampage.

Aquaman tracked a piece of the Karaqan's brain to an underwater facility called Triton Base (that had siphoned a piece of the brain from the Karaqan's corpse) where he proceeded to save a diver named Coombs from some sharks although he was critically injured in the attack. Aquaman and Wonder Woman against the Giant-Born On a trip to the surface world the Trident of Neptune was stolen by a researcher named Daniel Evans so he could learn more about ancient Atlantis, Aquaman was not able to stop him aquaman marvel accidentally unleashing the dreaded Giant-Born upon the world from an artifact.

The beasts, who recognized Aquaman's Atlantean royal symbol, attacked him for associating with the ancient family who once imprisoned them.

Though he managed to fend off the Giant-Born, also unleashed from that artifact was the ancient hero Hercules, whose mind had been warped after having such an extended stay in the hellish landscape he was trapped in.

He, too, was defeated by Aquaman, who sent him back into the artifact and swore that he would one day find a way to help the man reclaim his sanity. [58] Tracking the escaped Giant-Born to Aquaman marvel in France, Aquaman enlisted the help of Wonder Woman who with the help of Daniel Evans put a stop to the evil abominations.

[59] The Unstoppable Algae An unstoppable Algae monster had begun terrorizing the ocean, killing everything in its way. Looking for a solution to the problem Aquaman and Ya'Wara went searching for the Swamp Thing in hopes of answers.

However, when confronting the Avatar of the Green no answers were given and he simply fled. [60] When Aquaman returned to combat the monster Swamp Thing was trying to commune with it, he then had Swamp Thing eaten by Sea-cows before turning to the Algae monster.

Aquaman called on his Atlantean forces to destroy the creature but then it fell apart. It turned out Swamp Thing had learned that it was a part of the uber-consciousness of all plant life that split off and formed a baby reality called Kreuzblütler, which Swamp Thing was able to destroy internally.

[61] Chimera In Triton Base, one of the scientist's attempts to create a hybrid creature out of the Karaqan's brain and Coombs' remains was successful, however, the creature escaped the base and began its search for the King of Atlantis. [62] The creature, now calling itself Chimera, reached out aquaman marvel Arthur through marine telepathy and overpowered Aquaman's connection to sea life, making them attack him.

[62] The connection broke and Aquaman looked for answers about his experience which led him to a hospital boat where Stephen Shin was staying ever since Chimera escaped captivity. [63] Chimera attacked Arthur on the boat and overpowered him, but the creature was defeated by an ignited fuel tank which blew it up.

[64] The Maelstrom Atlantis was suffering a chain of seaquakes so Aquaman employed the surface researchers Stephen Shin and Daniel Evans to assist in the investigation. It was soon discovered that the reason for the quakes was because the city did not see Aquaman as its true ruler; this meant that Atlantis never recognized that Atlanna had died.

Aquaman discovered her body was not in her tomb. [65] He then proceeded to open an investigation with the help of the Martian Manhunter. This led him to the The Maelstrom Gate where he opened a portal in search of answers. Aquaman and Mera are defeated by Atlanna The portal opened in Gorilla City where he was greeted by Lord Solovar ruler of the city.

He asked if anyone had come through the portal years ago and Solovar told that Grodd had the answers, after quickly dispatching Grodd aquaman marvel was told that a woman came through some 15 years ago. [66] He then reentered the portal.

The portal led to the Polynesian seas where Aquaman and Mera were directed to a portal guarded by Fire Trolls. They defeated the Trolls and entered the portal traveling to a hidden island named Pacifica. [67] They were then attacked by Atlanna and her Atlantean tribe who did not believe who Arthur was.

After Aquaman was knocked unconscious by Atlanna, she attempted to sacrifice him to Karaku the Volcano God and ruler of the Island. However he escaped and Karaku attacked the tribe out of anger, sending legions of fire trolls on them. The God was then defeated by Mera and Atlanna realized Aquaman is her son. After abruptly departing from Pacifica Aquaman received a message in the form of a Shell of Sounds from his mother.

[68] On The Run & The Other Atlantis Aquaman being hunted Arthur heard rumors of alien structures and poisoned water in the kingdom so lead an investigation team to one of the sites. The water it emitted aquaman marvel to the touch so the team destroyed the structure.

As they realized more structures were appearing Arthur speculated that it was an invasion force from another dimension. [69] While investigating, Arthur determined that the particular structure harbored refugee Atlanteans who had escaped the torment of the other dimension and were led by a warlock named Extriax.

[70] Upon returning to Atlantis, Aquaman was attacked by Mera who believed not destroying the structures due to the possible refugees inside would cause the downfall of the World. Cast out from Atlantis, Aquaman visited Poseidon hoping to receive the strength to stop the invading dimension and take back Atlantis. As a response Poseidon gave him the powers of lightning, earth, water, ice and flight as well as a trident. [71] Aquaman, Garth and Mera invading Atlantis Continuing to destroy as many structures as he could on land and in aquaman marvel sea, while fighting off any forces coming through the portals, Aquaman continued to run from Atlantis and saved as many refugees as possible.

He learned that the alternate dimension was known as Thule, and that during King Atlan's rule an organization of sorcerers known as the Coven of Thule orchestrated wars so they could rule in the shadows, however the King put a stop to this so they created a pocket dimension where they could rule indefinitely. The Coven then built up an invasion force, conquering worlds on their plain so they would be ready when the spell was lifted. [71] After escaping an Atlantean task force led by Garth Arthur visited Mera to try to convince her of his cause.

However Mera revealed that she was not actually Mera, but her sister Hila who was working as ruler of Atlantis for the Coven of Thule. After escaping from Atlantis, the Justice League sought out Arthur as they wanted to know what was causing the worldwide calamity.

After filling the League in, Arthur instructed them to destroy any invading forces in countries across the world. While the League aquaman marvel spearheading the defense, Aquaman marvel was to invade Atlantis.

[72] Aquaman attacked Atlantis using sea monsters to help him topple the large quantities of enemies. After saving Mera from captivity the pair defeated Hila and headed to the Coven's lair. With the help of Garth, Murk, Swatt, his step-sister Tula and Mera, Aquaman was able to destroy the Coven and all portals across the World, sacrificing his blessings in the process.

After the war was over Arthur inducted the refugees into Atlantis. [73] Dead Water Aquaman being crushed by Scavenger's new suit Sometime after the Thule invasion, Aquaman began to develop relations with the surface world by creating Spindrift Station, an Atlantean embassy on American soil. He appointed Mera as head of relations between Atlantis and the surface world under the guise of Aquawoman.

Meanwhile, he assisted the F.B.I. in the investigation of multiple murders related to an unknown sea creature which the press was calling Dead Water. [74] During this investigation, he was attacked by the creature who could teleport through water bodies. He was able to defeat the creature and it was revealed that he was a normal man who had worked for Scavenger named Jonah Payne and was lashing out against people who had wronged him as Dead Water.

Aquaman, now knowing this, confronted Scavenger and defeated him. He was then informed that Jonah Payne had disappeared months earlier during a salvage op in a strange water body. Aquaman and Scavenger were then attacked by Dead Water and Payne was killed in the fight. [75] Rao's Invasion Arthur and Diana battling Rao's Prophets While making delegations with representatives regarding a Mutual Defense Pact between his home nation of Atlantis and the rest of the world, he made a statement of how it was little more than an excuse for people of power to study atlantean craft while their respective nations kept WMD's pointed at his waters.

[76] As he reassured them Atlantis held no malice to the surface so long as the rest of the world left them in peace, Arthur received word of a foreigner in his kingdom searching for a way into Olympus. Reaching his kingdom, the emissary proclaimed the time of false gods was over and that he was there to free Atlantis and it's people from their yoke. debating about the presence of gods whom Arthur didn't believe in.

He left the prophet among his people, having faith that they would be no more interested in serving Rao than they were in the worship of the long abandoned Poseidon. [77] He quickly came to regret that decision however when he and his beloved aquaman marvel a prophet convert a resisting citizen into one of their flock. After Mera worriedly asked about his leaving one of the prophets in Atlantis, Arthur immediately demanded him to leave.

[78] Only to find the situation had escalated and his people quickly turned on him when he reacted violently to the Prophets acclaiming Roa's sovereignty over his home. After the Prophets failed attempt at destroying what was left of Olympus, Arthur woke up alongside Wonder Woman on the newly restored home of the gods.

The latter stating since the mindset of Olympus's ruler shapes the environment, it reflected whatever she; as the Goddess of War and sole god remaining there, wished it to be. [79] In the wake of current events, the two headed to the armory in order to prep for war against Rao and his followers.

Heading into Ares' old munitions bunker, Diana took several weapons of the aquaman marvel from the arsenal, even handed Aquaman the relic of Atlantis's former sea god. As Superman battles Rao in the arctic circle, Diana managed to teleport herself and Arthur into the fray, and delivered critical blows to the would-be god with their divine instruments, but soon relented when Kal-El revealed that any damage the mad deity suffered killed all of those who were under his thrall, as it was their life-force which fed and sustained him.

[80] Through Batman's planning, use of Parasite teamed with the rest of the League, they were able to sever their adversaries link to the enslaved populace of the earth. But at the cost of Clark's life. Aquaman did his best to console his teammate, when Wonder Woman struck his body with the Bolt of Zues; Arthur and the others were surprised and gladdened to find Clark was among the living again.

[81] Just as Rao reconvened with old world Krypton, bringing it back with him to present day in Earth's Orbit with an army of Kryptonians at his beck and call. As the league struggled to deal with the steadily empowering Kryptonian army set against them, Arthur rebutted the invading Dwalu who dismissed him as a fish-man whose god long since abandoned him. Right around when he used the Trident of the old Sea Monarch to summon a tidal wave to sweep them all aside. [82] With help from the Infinity Aquaman marvel execs, the yellow sun of the earth was turned into a Red giant through the Stones of Life.

Depowering all the Kryptonian forces, while Rao was undone by his younger self as the Justice League assembled where the tyrant met his demise. Rebirth Relations Collapse Garth was reunited with his former friends on the Teen Titans and together they were able to defeat Mister Twister and get their memories back after years. This meant Arthur remembered adopting Garth and having him as Aqualad.

With his new found friends Garth went on to form a group known as the Titans. [16] During Wally West's attempt to escape the Speed Force Arthur brought Mera to Paradise Island near where they first met.

Here he proposed to her and she said yes. [83] Arthur heard news of a threat to the surface world: a group of Atlantean extremists known as the Deluge led by Corum Rath, who wanted nothing to do with the surface world. The group was heading up stream to Boston with enough fusion charges to level the whole city. Fortunately, Aquaman was able to stop this from happening as he defeated the terrorists before they could cause another war between Atlantis and the Surface World.

[84] Aquaman and Mera facing off against Superman During a diplomatic meeting in Spindrift Station a bomb went off and Aquaman was attacked by Black Manta, who was attempting to ruin Atlantis' negotiations with the surface world.

Aquaman and Manta fought to a stand still until Aquaman allowed Manta to kill him, believing that Manta wouldn't as it would render his life meaningless. [85] Black Manta chose to surrender and Arthur met up with Mera to check on her well-being. When he returned to the embassy it was on lockdown by the U.S. army due to the terrorist attack.

[86] Aquaman and Mera travelled to the White House and met with the Chief of Staff to get Spindrift up and running again. However, Arthur was arrested after a U.S. warship named Pontchartrain was sunken by a group of "Atlanteans" claiming to be the Deluge.

In order to stop a war from taking place Aquaman agreed to go along with the United States' wishes. [86] However tensions grew worse as the Drift had been caught investigating the wreckage of the Pontchartrain, causing U.S. forces to attack them. This prompted Mera to break Arthur out of jail [87] and aquaman marvel two fought through battalions of U.S. soldiers in an attempt to reach the open ocean. However, this was stopped when Superman arrived and tried to convince Arthur to stand down.

[88] Not convinced by Superman's plea, Arthur began to attack him until the Atlantean forces arrived to protect him. After receiving an order from Superman to fix the conflict Aquaman retreated to Atlantis and began to look for a way to halt the forthcoming war. [89] N.E.M.O. Aquaman trying to keep the Shaggy Aquaman marvel back Upon return to Atlantis, Murk displayed one of the helmets used by the Deluge during the attack on the Pontchartrain, it was at this moment that Arthur realized someone was trying to start a war between Atlantis and the surface world and that they were surface dwellers as the Atlantean helm had breathing apparatus on it.

[90] After making this discovery Arthur interrogated Corum Rath about the helmet but learnt he knew nothing, so he had F.B.I. agents Reagan Irving and Arni Ajar investigate the gear on the surface world. Aquaman learnt of a giant monster heading towards Atlantis that was believed to have been released by the organization behind the conflict. When Arthur went to investigate the creature it attacked him and laid waste to him and all of his forces.

Arthur realized that the monster was a creature known as the Shaggy Man, an unstoppable being that had gone toe to toe with the whole Justice League at once. [91] After carving a path through Atlantis the monster headed to the surface world where it began laying waste to Amnesty Bay. Arthur faced the creature alone for the fate of the world and managed to defeat it by teleporting it into space using his Justice League teleportation card, seriously injuring himself in the process.

[92] When Mera visited him in hospital she told him that she had spoken to Lieutenant Joanna Stubbs of the British Navy who had told her that a shadow organization known as the National Enforcement Macrocosmic Order (N.E.M.O.) was behind the conflict.

After receiving this information Arthur informed the Justice League who helped ease the tension by heralding Aquaman as a hero. As relations began to take a more positive turn, news of an Atlantean invasion hit the world. [93] The Aquamarines attempt to kill King Arthur N.E.M.O. had invaded several cities along the coast using Atlantean weaponry and tactics, making it seem like Atlantis was attacking the surface world.

As a result of this America declared war on Atlantis destroying any Atlantean vessels aquaman marvel found. [94] As the conflict rose and N.E.M.O.

continued attacking American soil, the Justice League agreed to help Aquaman by attempting to prove N.E.M.O.'s existence. As the Justice League and Tula (The Regent of Atlantis) headed to the White House with the proof the F.B.I agents aquaman marvel, Arthur travelled to fend off U.S.

forces invading Atlantis. Arthur discovered that his adversaries were actually N.E.M.O. and not Americans. He attempted to capture them as proof of N.E.M.O.'s involvement, however their heads exploded from a coral implant in their heads which aquaman marvel triggered by a strong signal.

[95] After learning about the League's failure to negotiate with the President, Arthur consolidated with his council on what to do next but was attacked by a covert group of U.S.

soldiers known as Aquamarines, who were biologically engineered to kill the King of Atlantis. Aquaman survived the assassination attempt and incarcerated the Aquamarines, it was then that Aquaman realized he could track the signal put off by the coral brain bombs to their source, leading him to the aquaman marvel of N.E.M.O. Aquaman tracked the signal to its source where he discovered that Black Manta was the "Fisher King" who had orchestrated the entire war.

[96] After defeating Manta and his N.E.M.O. forces, the Fisher King blew himself and his men up in an attempt to leave no proof of N.E.M.O.'s existence, seemingly killing him and his lieutenant Black Jack. After having a meeting with the President and providing proof of N.E.M.O.'s existence, Aquaman was able to redevelop aquaman marvel relations with the surface world.

[97] Warhead Aquaman seeing Warhead's trauma After his conflict with N.E.M.O. and Manta, Arthur began a campaign of peace between Atlantis and the Surface World. This was going smoothly until he heard a mind in great pain, and after tracking it to its source at Beckman College, Aquaman found what seemed to be a machine. He was then attacked by people the Machine was controlling, and after he managed to defeat them the machine attempted to control Arthur.

Aquaman learned that the robot was a man named Siyu who was experimented on to become the cyborg known as Warhead. As Warhead, he was leased to the Kahndaqi military and sent to target rebels. When victory was achieved, the Kahndaqis ordered Warhead to wipe out all the rebels but he refused as he saw it as an act of vengeance. The Kandaqi military was not pleased that he didn't follow orders and tried to destroy him. Warhead escaped and traveled across the world, seeking safety.

Eventually, he fled to New York to find a secure location to begin repairs. [98] Now knowing the truth, Aquaman brought him to Atlantis where he could recover.

H2.O After negotiating with Warhead Aquaman was contacted by the Leader of the Aquamarines Major Ricoh of the reemergence of the Dead Water problem. She informed him that Scavenger had woken from his coma and told the government the location of the strange water, or 'H2.0' as it was being called. Unfortunately a U.S. base was already set up at the location and the research team had gone missing.

Aquaman agreed to help and he, Mera and the Aquamarines rendezvoused with Scavenger and the F.B.I. agents Ajar and Irving at the research base. [99] Upon investigation the team discovered a device that the researchers had been building before they went missing. Suddenly Specialist Ollie was murdered by a new Dead Water. Aquaman at the mercy of Dead Water After fighting off the Dead Water Aquaman and Mortimer began finishing the device, which believed would hurt the new Dead Water.

Meanwhile the Aquamarines prepared a mini nuke to blow the sinkhole in case aquaman marvel situation got out of hand. Dead Water reemerged so Aquaman activated the device turning back into a human who was then shot by one of the Aquamarines. After him as one of the researchers Laurence Quinn Aquaman decided to go investigate the sinkhole with Mera.

[100] Within the sinkhole Arthur and Mera discovered a portal to another planet, upon entering the planet told Arthur through Marine Telepathy that it was called Tethys.

[101] After analyzing water samples from the lagoon the team discovered that the other researchers were in the water shredded. [100] It turned out that Tethys was trying to make contact but was keeping any non-marine life out as a defense mechanism. It was doing this by generating fear in intruders, if they kept close to the border for too long and got too scared they would transform into a Dead Water.

On the surface the Scavenger set the nuke to blow to stop the Dead Waters from coming. However this made Agent Ajar transform into a Dead Water [101], which in turn made Scavenger transform as well. To stop them from causing the death of everyone Aquaman threw the nuke into the portal severing the connection between Earth and Tethys.

This ended the Dead Water problem once and for all as Scavenger and Ajar transformed back. aquaman marvel Overthrown Besieged by the people After the events of H2.O the people of Atlantis became slowly more upset with Arthur's actions. The people set Corum Rath free and he and his followers attacked Aquaman and Mera. After being broken up by the high council, Arthur discussed the necessity of connecting to the surface world for the Atlantean people.

However the council disagreed and had Tula imprisoned while the people decided on Arthur's fate. [103] After Mera and Tula returned to the lighthouse, Arthur was voted out of the throne by the council and Corum Rath was crowned. Using an Atlantean artifact known as the Crown of Thorns, Rath placed a massive energy shield around Atlantis so that no one could get in or out.

Arthur attempted to escape Atlantis so he could formulate a plan, but the authorities caught up with him and he was seemingly killed by Murk. [104] In Hiding Aquaman and Dolphin fleeing from the authorities After being stabbed by Murk under Rath's orders, Arthur somehow survived and aquaman marvel defending people from Rath's regime in the Ninth Tride. During his time in the Tride he met a mutant named Dolphin who helped him escape the local authorities. [1] Dolphin took Arthur to one of the mutant havens in the Ninth Tride where Aquaman listened to their strife.

Meanwhile Mera was using all of her hydrokinetic power against the barrier to no avail, and Vulko was plotting a way to break down the barrier and get help after he escaped prison during Corum Rath's release. A mutant crime lord named Krush caught wind of the rumors of Arthur's survival and sent a rogue Magician named Kadaver after the Dead King. [105] Aquaman and Dolphin fought Kadaver but were eventually overwhelmed and captured. [106] After learning that Krush intended to use Arthur as a power play with the King, Arthur and Dolphin escaped Kadaver and fled the area.

At the same time Atlantean warlocks were attempting to arrest Mera and Tempest after she had employed him in helping take down the shield.

Also Vulko had gained the alliance of the Widowhood who were trying to break down the Crown from the inside. [13] While Arthur was deciding his next move, Mera and Tempest fought off the Atlantean warlocks but were quickly overwhelmed by the warlocks' superior power. Tempest managed to grab a pendant from one of the warlocks which allowed the user to travel through the Crown of Thorns - with this pendant Mera was finally able to break into Atlantis. [107] During this time Vulko was able aquaman marvel retrieve the Trident of Neptune which he intended to use against the Crown.

When Krush went to meet with Corum Rath and tell him that Aquaman was still alive he was killed by Commander Murk. [107] Arthur rescued a group of rebels from drift forces who were led to the beastmaster of Atlantis Jurok Byss.

Upon rendezvousing with the rebellion, Vulko returned the Trident of Neptune to Arthur who became the figurehead of the rebellion. [108] Meanwhile, a complication with the aquaman marvel made it so Mera couldn't breathe after she aquaman marvel through the barrier, and she was captured by King Shark who intended to become the next big crime boss in Krush's place. [108] A New Monarch Aquaman regains his weapon Aquaman and the rebel group- the Undercurrent continued to save people from Rath's rule, as he was now exterminating all life in the lower trides of Atlantis attempting to purge Atlantis of its petty people.

Fortunately all the magical energy in the air empowered Arthur and his relic of power making him even more formidable then before. Aquaman and the Undercurrent concluded that to take back Atlantis they would need to bring down the Crown of Thorns so people would join their cause.

Arthur and Dolphin travelled to meet with King Shark to negotiate a deal for his support. King Shark attacked Arthur but Aquaman was able to convince him to help the cause. [109] He then noticed that Dolphin had let off her Photokinesis ability so he rushed to help her, Dolphin had discovered Mera with breathing apparatus.

[110] After breaking Mera out Arthur followed an Undercurrent member- Ondine to the Tower of the Widowhood. It turned out that Ondine was an agent of the Widowhood who was reporting back to Reverend Mother Cetea. [110] Aquaman attempting to recruit King Shark Cetea told Arthur that they were keeping Mera stable but the magic halting her breathing would kill her in ten hours, and that in order to stop this she would need to be taken to the surface to recuperate.

Cetea said that Mera was to be the next Queen of Atlantis as she would be perfect for the role, but first they would need to save her and take down King Rath. With the Undercurrent and King Shark refusing to assault the Crown of Thorns, Aquaman went after the artifact himself. [110] Aquaman ran into heavy resistance from Magister Loke's Silent School who served as the protectorate force to the Crown of Thorns, and were on the verge of being overrun by their magics.

King Shark rallied his Ninth Tride gangs and came at the last second to aid the Undercurrent rebels and their leader, causing enough of a distraction for Aquaman to undo the enchantment holding up the Crown, but time was quickly running out for Mera.

Aquaman, after being further empowered by the Quindent, managed to escort his wife away from the sea just in time to keep her from drowning.

As she awoke he told her that he loved her and always would, just as Tula came up to them by the shore of their lighthouse at Amnesty Bay. His beloved now safe on land, Arthur told his half-sister that he was returning to Atlantis, seeking to dethrone Rath once and for all.

[111] The Chinese Justice League The Justice League were alerted of a unwarranted presence on Aquaman marvel soil and went to investigate. They discovered that it was a malfunctioning mech piloted by the Justice League of China and after bringing the mech down the Chinese Superman told the team that he was looking for a Chinese artifact that would imbue him with enough power to take down the embodiment of Yang All-Yang.

Superman and Superman travelled to the location while Aquaman and the other Leaguers clean up from the battle. [112] However this didn't go to plan as All-Yang was able to open a portal to the demi-god dimension causing Asuras to come through and reek havoc. Due to their nature the Asuras couldn't be harmed by anything either League could throw at them.

However the Chinese Superman was able to channel the power of both Ying and use it to defeat both All-Yang and the Asuras. [113] Invasion of the Dark Multiverse The Beginning After saving Mera from Rath's regime, Aquaman helped Batman with saving a covert Wayne Enterprises research team from a natural disaster.

He asked Batman what he was hiding from him and the League, a question to which he got no answer. [114] A while later Arthur and the rest of the League were forced to aquaman marvel in an arena for their lives by Mongul while wearing suits of armor fitted to greatly weaken each member of the League, however this was not enough for them to lose the fight as they were able to defeat Mongul and get back to Earth. Upon return Arthur and the rest of the League travelled to Gotham where according to Alfred Pennyworth a giant mountain had uprooted.

[115] After investigating the mountain Arthur and the League were greeted by the Blackhawk Squadron, a covert team created to deal with apocalyptic events. After travelling to Blackhawk Island, Lady Blackhawk (the leader of the team) explained that the island was once home to Carter Hall, a detective who was stabbed by a special dagger which made him and Lady Blackhawk immortal, who had been looking to discover the location of the impossible metal's (known as Nth Metal) origin.

She said that during this investigation Carter Hall and his associates had discovered the existence of a Dark Multiverse aquaman marvel vaster then the Multiverse which housed an evil entity known only as Barbatos - it was at that point when Carter Hall disappeared.

Learning that Batman would be the portal that would let the evil into the Multiverse, Aquaman and the over Leaguers tried to restrain Batman but Red Tornado interfered allowing him to escape. [115] After failing to capture him a second time Batman accidentally opened the gateway to the Dark Multiverse allowing Barbatos and his " evil Batmen" to come through.

[116] Resisting Barbatos Days later Amnesty Bay came under attack by a mysterious figure who could command the sea. When Aquaman and Mera came to defend the town they came into direct contact with the strange woman. This being turned out to be an evil Batman from the Dark Multiverse calling herself the Drowned who intended to transform Amnesty Bay into the Gotham she lost.

Mera and Aquaman attacked the Drowned but soon discovered she was superior to them in every way, using her strange abilities to dampen Mera's Hydrokinesis and summon an army of Dead Water's from her world which began to swarm Arthur and Mera. The Drowned then proceeded to infect Mera, turning her into a monstrous minion who began to attack Arthur. Just before the Drowned could kill Arthur he was teleported away by Doctor Fate [117] and brought to the Oblivion Bar where remaining heroes like the Flash and Green Lantern were taking refuge after they had been assaulted by evil versions of themselves.

[118] Aquaman was then informed that an army of Demons led by Barbatos and his Dark Knights has invaded and that the Knights were probably looking for the Bar. [118] Soon after this Superman and Wonder Woman arrived at the bar and the remaining heroes devised a plan in which Green Arrow said that only items made of Nth Metal could harm the creatures of the Dark Multiverse.

[118] The heroes then fled from the bar as the Dark Knights arrived, with Nightmaster sacrificing himself so everyone could escape. After this Aquaman and Deathstroke were tasked with finding a piece of Nth Metal in the Marianas Trench. [118] While searching for the Nth Metal, Cyborg attempted to create a link between the search teams for better coordination, however Aquaman was suddenly whisked through a portal to a nightmarish Batcave where the Drowned resided.

[119] After a brief struggle with the Drowned and the Dead Water-infected Mera, Arthur was captured and taken to the Cosmic Tuning Fork where the other members of the League had also been captured by their respective Nightmare Batmen. [120] Barbatos intended to hook the League up to the Tuning fork which would provide enough energy to open a portal that would allow the full might of the Dark Multiverse to come forth.

[121] However after tapping into the full power of his Mother Box, Cyborg was able to break free the Justice Aquaman marvel, the Resistance, and Raven, leaving the Teen Titans and Task Force X behind. From this Aquaman and Deathstroke continued their search. [121] They traveled to the tomb of one of Atlantis' first Kings Arion in search of Nth Metal. [122] There, he and Deathstroke were attacked by Black Manta who revealed he had allied with the Dark Knights. [123] After a short amount of time Arthur and Deathstroke were defeated and captured by the Knights alongside other members of the resistance.

At this point Barbatos was able to successfully drag the Multiverse down into the Dark Multiverse. Shortly afterwards Arthur and the others broke free and began fighting back Barbatos' minions.

They then began clearing a path for Wonder Woman to make her way up the mountain and kill Barbatos with Hawkman's Mace. Towards the end of the fight the Flash arrived with Batmen from around the Multiverse to face down Barbatos. At this point Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman emerged from the Forge of Existence with Tenth Metal.

[124] The trio then gave Tenth Metal to Arthur and Green Lantern while Doctor Fate freed the remaining heroes. Hawkman as the new guardian of the Forge battled Barbatos as the team aquaman marvel the Dark Knights, with Arthur killing the Drowned.

The group came together and connected every mind in the Multiverse with their new powers. With the substantial might gained, the League dragged the Multiverse free of the Darkness and banished Barbatos to the Forge.

[124] After the invasion the team gathered at Wayne Manor for a party where they discussed visions they had experienced while wearing the Tenth Metal, including visions of Atlantis rising once again. They also exchanged troubling words about the state their universe was in as the Source Wall had been broken during the conflict. [124] Atlantis Uprising The Aquaman Family rises As the rebellion got underway, Aquaman was joined by Byss, King Shark and the Undercurrent movement in battling a contingent of the usurper king's Drift squadrons who were sent to purge the Ninth Tride.

Aquaman soon lent his assistance when the necrotized Kadaver, who had been corrupted by the Abyssal Dark, similarly cursed the soldiers of the Drift, turning them into undead sea warriors. Arthur soon found himself assaulted by his former comrade Murk, whom sent the accursed Drift after what remained of the rebel movement. The two got into a heated argument about the current state of affairs, with Murk arguing that everything in Atlantis had fallen apart because of Arthur's weak rule.

[125] While admitting he hated the way his former king ran the kingdom, Murk confessed that he purposely missed Arthur's vitals when he seemingly betrayed and killed him at Rath's ascent to the throne.

He had hoped he would simply disappear and appease the corrupt council who had elected Atlantis' new king. Instead of murdering his would be assailant, Aquaman chose to lend a helping hand; requesting his former confidant's aid in overthrowing Rath and his regime by using Murk's status as King's Guard Commander to sneak him into the palace as a prisoner of war.

[125] As Murk went off to assassinate the king, Arthur ran into Rath's right-hand Urcell fleeing the royal chamber [126] having survived the vicious onslaught of the now hideously monstrous King Rath, who had been transformed by the power of the Abyssal Dark and slaughtered the council for their attempt to dethrone him. Rushing in at the last second, Aquaman saved Murk by engaging with the corrupted Rath. Aquaman was quickly overpowered by the abomination standing before him, even with his magical augmentations.

[126] Aquaman and Murk - bitter reunions Murk soon aided Arthur but was grievously wounded in his attempt to save the former king's life. Seeing his ally's poor state of being, Arthur temporarily stunned the behemoth in order to escape with the wounded Murk. Back at the Widowhood's base of operations, Arthur was further chastised by the Reverend Mother Cetea for failing to take advantage of his weakened adversary's state and end Rath for good.

[127] Arthur argued that all of the magic in his ceremonial weapon still wasn't enough to deal with the Aquaman marvel Dark-powered Rath, and lost hope in stopping him. Vulko and the rest of the Undercurrent returned to the fold having been backed by the spirits of former Atlantean elders and bringing the corrupted remains of Kadaver along with them.

Elder Null disclosed the full history of the power behind Corum Rath, and informed Aquaman and his allies that the Abyssal Dark entity was a negative byproduct of the Silent School's magical practice from the early days of Atlantis - a demon either born from or drawn by the first mystics of the lost continent, which sought to plague mankind and the world. Having sealed it away after a ferocious mystic war, it sent out a sirens call to those susceptible to its influence for centuries, eventually finding the Atlanteans' new monarch to be the perfect recipient.

[127] Just as the past elders endowed Aquaman's trident with the remnants of their own protective magics, Rath started laying siege to the Tower of The Widowhood, as it was the foundation of the undersea capital. Knowing that if it were to fall all of Atlantis would crumble and die, Arthur moved out against his rival throne bearer. He was emboldened by the various enchantments bestowed upon his trident, but to no avail - the grotesque King Corum snapped Aquaman's ancestral keepsake like a twig.

Having been cast aside by Rath, Arthur was soon met by Dolphin who had also been wounded by Rath when she tried to assist Arthur. [128] Arthur apologized to Dolphin for failing to be the hero she wished him to be. To the Finish The fallen hero's hope was revitalized seeing Mera come into the fray backed by a Xebelian armada.

Watching both his beloved and all of his friends fight side by side against Rath spurred Aquaman to stand back up and get into the fight.

Arthur urged Dolphin to find cover and rescue everyone she could, before leaping into battle and plunging what was left of his broken trident right into the eye of Rath, driving the Abyssal Dark out of the tyrant monarch and leaving him more fish than man. As the Abyssal Dark died, it told Arthur that it was its magical influence that kept a tragedy from taking place.

As Mera closed in for the killing blow, Arthur instead aquaman marvel his marine telepathy to command Rath away into a deep crevice somewhere. Mera questioned what the Abyssal Dark had meant when it delivered its final words, and Arthur and Mera were soon aquaman marvel by violent earthquakes that had begun taking place just as everything began to calm down.

[128] Aquaman soon remembered back to when he and the Justice League fought back Barbatos and his Dark Knights. In saving the Multiverse using the Tenth Metal, Arthur subconsciously wished he could have a place to call home, one that was both of the land and of the sea much like himself. [124] The reality-warping power of the Tenth Metal had caused his dream to become a reality, and Atlantis had risen from the depths to the surface.

Sink Atlantis Aquaman marvel vs. Suicide Squad Arthur waited down in the lower trides even after the continent's upheaval, not wanting to interfere with Mera's coronation as Atlantis' new queen. Arthur was approached by Vulko and revealed part of the reason he was staying out of the limelight was in anticipation for when the leaders of the land inevitably attempt a stealth attack to undermine the new queen and her country.

[129] This prediction was ultimately proven true when a surviving member of Rath's inner circle, Urcell, acted as a contact to Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad in a joint effort to depose Queen Mera and return Atlantis back to the ocean floor. Arthur became aware of these happenings through Murk; who still blamed him for raising their city, despite Arthur rebuffing the guard captain for aiding and abetting a madman who nearly destroyed it.

[130] Despite their differences, Arthur implored Murk to keep him posted on the situation, but also to refrain from informing Mera about the incursion by the Suicide Squad in their midst. When the Queen of Atlantis eventually became aware of said events, she was furious that he had tried to sideline her in the situation, but they soon came to an agreement and moved on in finding their insurgents.

[128] Aquaman and Mera were informed about the magically-augmented mini-nuke in the hands aquaman marvel Squad member, Lord Satanis.

Though initially hesitant to his idea of calling up assistance from criminals in the Ninth Tride, Mera demanded her betrothed to gather an army of expendables and malcontents to address the situation, forming their own 'Suicide Squad' to confront the American black ops team.

[131] Arthur went to King Shark and his gang, and the crime boss was naturally antagonistic towards his former ally. However, when Aquaman mentioned Waller and her Suicide Squad's involvement, he willingly aided the former monarch in preempting their plans, knowing full well what his former employer and her task force was capable of.

[131] Royal Lamentations Aquaman and his newfound allies were waysided by Satanis as his magical powers were jumped up to extraordinary levels by the magical power held within the Silent School.

To cover his tracks as he attempted to finish the mission, the evil conjurer threw up a barrier that neither Arthur nor his own strike team could surpass. Unbeknownst to Satanis, Dolphin was on the other side of the barrier. The former monarch begged Dolphin not to engage Satanis and to let him take him on alone, but she gave him a tearful goodbye much to his heartbreak.

[131] Aquaman and his team were able to penetrate the magical barrier thanks to Master Jailer's efforts. [132] Aquaman managed to subdue Satanis before he could murder Dolphin, but with no real means of stopping the nuke, Carl sacrificed his life using one of the Core Vault's artifacts to seal its explosion.

The team was able to avoid a calamity and thanks to Harley Quinn, Queen Mera was able to secure evidence of the real culprit behind the day's events. [132] Drowned Earth Main article: Drowned Earth After witnessing their fight against the Legion of Doom for the Totality, both Aquaman and Wonder Woman predicted that Cheetah and Black Manta would soon make their move against them, which started with the mysterious death of Poseidon.

[133] Seeking to find truth from the dead Olympian himself, the two heroes decide to take on a mission: finding the legendary key for the Graveyard of Gods, which could be inside an ancient ship in Antarctica. While out for the mission, Diana retrieved the key, but then both her and Arthur were hit by a mysterious force, dragged away from the place. Arthur found himself in the Blood Reef, the headquarters of three alien gods of the ocean, the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, who out of revenge against Poseidon decided to use their powers to drown the Earth.

[134] But as part of their agreement with aquaman marvel Legion of Doom, in exchange of Poseidon's death, they would give Aquaman to his worst enemy: Black Manta. Not only that, but one of the gods, Tyyde, used her aquaman marvel to strip from Arthur his connection with the Life Force, donating it to Manta instead.

[135] Now with the full power of his nemesis in his hands, Manta felt unbeatable, and condemned Arthur into being sent inside a cosmic whirlpool, facing imminent death. Thrown into the whirlpool, Arthur was saved by Wonder Woman, who found a way to access the Graveyard of Gods thanks to the key she retrieved in Antarctica.

[136] Once there, they found Poseidon waiting for both: the Olympian, without apparent reason, decided then to attack Arthur, piercing him with his trident. Aquaman then found himself inside a legendary place, the Dead Sea, where it was aquaman marvel all great mariners went once dead.

In there, he went through an odyssey, retracing his whole life, which made him realize he still held in his heart the memory of his father, something he had to let go to fully embrace his destiny. [137] Coming back to his senses, Poseidon revealed that what Arthur just experienced was a test, to see if he was worthy of knowing the true history of Arion.

Poseidon then proceeded to tell him how Arion was tricked by the Olympian himself into killing the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, who were never invaders in the first place, just because Poseidon never wanted to share the Life Force with other beings: this gave birth to the terrible Tear of Extinction, a weapon able to void the Life Force.

So both the attack by the Triumvirate which drowned the Earth, and Atlantis' own history of reclusion were consequences of Poseidon's selfishness. Poseidon felt guilty about what aquaman marvel did, but now the Tear seemed to be once again the only weapon they could use to turn the tides, and defeat the three sea gods once again. Poseidon told then that the Tear was still hidden inside the bones of old king Arion: Arthur should go and retrieve it, soaking in it Poseidon's trident and using it to kill the enemy.

[138] Aquaman leading the Justice League As the Graveyard of Gods was falling apart, due to the actions of Cheetah and the Legion of Doom, Poseidon used the last of his power to let Aquaman and Wonder Woman escape. Getting back to Earth, Arthur told Diana he believed using the Tear once again would be a mistake, and that they should approach their enemy with another weapon: the truth Poseidon revealed the about Arion. Getting to the Tomb of Arion, they were able to save Mera, Superman and Flash from transforming into sea monsters, also informing them about what they lived through.

Giving to all of them protections against the magic of the Sea Gods, Aquaman explained Mera his plan to stop the drowning: find a way to convince the Triumvirate to side with Life again.

Aquaman discovered the true story of Arion, and thought he could have a chance for parley. Mera did not agree with Arthur's approach, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Soon after, they discovered Manta convinced the gods aquaman marvel launch the Death Kraken against Earth, as they feared to be struck again by the Tear of Extinction.

After freeing Mera from the Tear, which was making her cruel, Aquaman and Mera were both able to convince the Triumvirate to side with them, but Manta, full of bloodlust, killed two of aquaman marvel gods and tried to take over the Death Kraken. After Tyyde gave to Arthur aquaman marvel powers back, Aquaman defeated Manta, who then realized the Kraken was going berserk, with no one able to control him outside of the dead god Drogue. To avoid the death of all life on the planet, Arthur sacrificed himself, hitting the Kraken with all his remaining Life Force.

[139] Alliance with Anti-Monitor Finding himself transported at the edge of the Multiverse after his fight against the Death Kraken, Aquaman found there the Anti-Monitor, who revealed to him the true nature of Perpetua.

He was then sent on a mission from the Anti-Monitor to help Flash and John Stewart find a shard of the Totality in the past, in 1941. Aquaman found his teammates, and guided them to Atlantis, where, after convincing Vandal Savage, he was able to use the Conch of Arion to send the Totality shard through Hypertime, so that it would reach the present, and being used as a weapon to counter Perpetua. [140] In the end, the plan failed, giving the forces of Doom, commanded by Lex Luthor, the chance to attack the Hall of Justice.

In the final conflict between Justice and Doom, Arthur was able to fully control the Life Force thanks to the Justice Totality, and participated to the final battle against Luthor. In the end, Perpetua won, and the Multiverse was put under the control of Doom.

Arthur, together with the other core members of the League, was saved by the Quintessence, then embarking on a last ride to gather the Anti-Crisis energy to face Perpetua. [141] In the end, the League failed again, and once back to Earth, they found it transformed into the Batman who Laughs' Metalverse, as he was now the new right hand of the evil goddess.

[142] Call of the Gods After the Anti-Monitor sent him back aquaman marvel Earth, Arthur would first meet back up with his beloved Mera without the knowledge of the world at large. He would soon become fearful of the news she'd imparted to him about her maternity and opted to leave shortly after hearing it. [143] Upon his refusal to heed her command in staying however, the Atlantean Queen outright murders him in a fit of rage.

Jettisoning her love into the afterlife once again. [143] Found adrift upon another shore. Arthur; now going by the name Arusio, was welcomed to the remote island home of a gaggle of lost denizens located out in the middle of nowhere called Unspoken Water. [4] They would all trade stories about who they were and what life was like before coming to live there from time to time. Something which was difficult for Arusio due to having lost his memories from his transition to the Sphere of Gods.

One night while Caille; the young maiden who found him and nursed him back to full health, was doing ceremonial dance to appease an angry ocean. She was almost swept up by the tide, Arusio moved in order to save her and the waters parted around the two of them in front of everyone who was present.

[4] As Arthur/Arusio started to become restless in his lazy days, he would come to Wee for advice despite earlier friction between the two of them. [144] He would inquire as to just who and what he is to them, but Wee simply danced around the question rather than provide a straight answer, the old matron not really knowing the answer either.

Time would come amongst the islander community to share their true names and greater history. [144] When the time came for their newest tenant to take a turn, the fire they sat around exploded in a bright green flare. Shortly afterward, Tang, Mann and Agwé come for Arthur and plunge him into the sea surrounding Unspoken Water. [144] As he washed back up on the shore, Caille would approach Aquaman marvel with the intent of visiting her mother.

Against better judgement of course. [145] Arthur would head out to the private Isle of the Goddess Namma for the sake of appeasing Callie's mother. [146] Having survived their boat capsizing while making it to the island they'd been looking for, Arusio's companion began to undergo a transformation into the final remnant of it's matriarch's form.

A battle would commence as Andy attempted to try and reason with the human heart buried within the monster.

[146] When Namma appeared, Arusio curtsied to the goddess in his midst. Answering her questions as best he could while presenting her daughter to her. But the primordial laughed at such a notion, coldly stating that Caille was no kin of hers, but was little less than a living shell through which the manifest of the Goddess's missing power could grow and mature in.

[146] When it was revealed that Namma's reacquiring of the Callieach's life force would inevitably result in the former hosts demise. Arthur struck the irate divinity to prevent Callie's secession of existence. Namma would retaliate, admonishing Arthur for daring to defy her, but the amnesiac adventurer reject her claims aquaman marvel divinity & entitlement. With coaxing from Arusio while holding off her malevolent sire, Caille would instead assume control of the beast within.

Becoming a hybrid divine monster in and of herself, stemming the control over which Namma possessed for a while longer. Deciding to change tactics Aquaman marvel reduced herself to salt particles at the exact moment Andy struck her and fled to the oceans embrace.

[146] Sensing that things were far from over, Arthur implored Aquaman marvel to remain vigilant as he knew their adversary would return. Sure enough, the tyrannical supremacy would rise from the sea as a draconian monster whom would aquaman marvel the duo while poisoning the worlds waters with a lethal influx of brine. The two would battle the monstrous Namma as she tried to coerce her beastly offspring to return to her embrace; instead Caille, now fused to the Callieach, wounded her dracolitch sire.

Distracting her mother goddess long enough for Andy to hop a ride on the beastly serpentine entity. This plan would backfire however, as Namma would drag her would-be pursuer into the salted oceans causing him endless discomfort due to it's tainted hydration.

In a desperate plea for help Arusio projected a telepathic call to all denizens of aquaman marvel deep. One so powerful that it even reached all the way to Prime Earth from the Sphere of Gods and back. [146] It wasn't long after sending out the call did Arthur get the most unexpected of responses, the denizens of Unspoken Water had come to aid Arthur in his time of need. Having reverted to their prior godly forms thanks to his unique abilities. [147] After the Sea Gods of the World make their presence known, Namma too reveals aquaman marvel godly identity as Mother Salt.

The fearless marine hero would do what he could to preempt the genocidal ancient divinity from carrying out her plans with help from his divine allies. But he quickly finds himself to be out of his depth while learning from her progeny that their ancestors, her children, murdered Salt's husband after she'd told them of his infanticidal plans.

Now she has returned with intent of murdering the world and everything living on it that spawned them as retribution for the loss of her beloved. [147] Andy is dismayed to find the sea gods opting to surrender themselves willingly to the the venomous adept after stating doing so would bring about the end of all life on Earth as they know it. Arthur watches helplessly as Wee gives herself to the leviathan that has become of their matriarch, and tries fruitlessly to dissuade the others from doing aquaman marvel same to no avail.

Realizing their sacrifice did nothing to assuage their murderous kin's entropic goals, Arthur moves to confront the complete Mother Salt in a final stand. Until the now deified Caille suggests aquaman marvel use his connection to the sea for contacting those whom are lost to Namma. Reasoning that it was his power that enabled them to resume their divine forms once before and perhaps it can do so again, but only if he concentrates on a singular focus while they are apart of their grand sire's being.

[147] Taking her advice to heart, the champion of the deep uses his connection to the Life Force to reach out for his lost brother Aquaman marvel. An extraneous process that yields results, as the vast resurgence within the mother goddesses being causes a massive explosive release of power.

Dispersing Mother Salt/Namma's form back into it's composite sodium particles and restoring the Sea Gods back to their original selves again. [147] But Arthur was far from finished as he remembers how easily their adversary reformed herself from such a state the last time. To make sure her plans for omnicide were stalled, if only for a short while longer, he continued to compel local depth dwellers to heed his command and scatter her sifting being throughout the ocean floor.

The stress of all such monumental tasking however, left Arusio drained to the point of consciousness deficiency. As he began sinking into the ocean depths, Caille moved to drag him back to the surface. But she was soon waylaid in the task by the most unexpected of individuals to show up; Father Sea. [147] Back in the open air, Andy would regain his senses and walk upright towards the land with all the gods aquaman marvel his good friend Caille beside him and the ancient ocean embodiment. While the lost deities bow in reverence to their grandfather, Arthur and Sea meet each other eye to eye for a second before the latter heads back into the ocean.

[147] In thanks to the oceans chosen savior with helping them stem the tide Tang the Vast would gift their nameless savior with body art to commemorate his commitment in defending the oceans majesty.

They would also gift the wayward traveler knowledge of whom he really was as agreed upon after completing such a monumental achievement. Wee would secretly tell him however that what he was, is, and always will be was a hero and a friend; both to the hallowed forgotten and the sea. Repun soon redirects their attentions back to the oceans, as Father Sea returns with Arusio's lost Trident.

[147] Mother Shark When Mother Shark restores Arthur Curry's memories, it is revealed that Arthur actually survived the alien invasion and returned to Mera. However, they kept it a secret from the rest of Atlantis. Mera aquaman marvel them from being romantic to talk about the politics of Atlantis and how the Widowhood wants her to marry.

Arthur confesses his love for Mera once again, again proposing they get married, but Mera is hesitant with all the drama they've endured.

However, she then reveals she's pregnant. Arthur affirms that he loves both Mera and their unborn child but, afraid that he won't be able to give his child the life it deserves, asks to go home and think. Mera, unhappy that she and her love don't seem to be on the same page, loses aquaman marvel, "kills" Arthur, and is later found by the Widowhood and Atlantean guards.

[143] The Birth of Princess Andy As Mera's pregnancy progressed, Arthur returned to life and Amnesty Bay, however, he did not go to Mera nor she to him. Arthur's nemesis Black Manta destroyed an ancient Atlantean historical site to draw Mera to the surface, where she and Aquaman met and wordlessly reconciled. Manta attacked the pair with Mecha Manta, provided by Lex Luthor.

Mera destroyed Mecha Manta but the huge amounts of hydrokinetic power she was forced to use put her in a coma. She was rushed to an Atlantean hospital and gave birth shortly afterwards to a baby girl, who was named Andrina, or "Andy" for short. Arthur was present for his daughter's birth, and fell in love with her instantly, losing all of his trepidation about becoming a father or the kind of life they could have together.

[148] Andy spent the first ten months of her life being raised in Amnesty Bay by her father and his extended group of friends and allies. She and Arthur would regularly sneak into Atlantis to visit the still-comatose Mera in secret.

[149] The Wedding of Arthur and Mera The Aquaman and Mera Wedding Mera reawakens after 10 months in a coma. With the ruse of a fake wedding to Vulko she calls to Atlantis the leaders of the 7 underwater kingdoms. Prior to the wedding, she has the entire widowhood arrested.

Once all 7 kingdoms are assembled, to their surprise, Mera announces that she was dissolving the Atlantean monarchy and that she intended to hand power to the people. [150] Orm attempts to take power for himself, however, Orm and his forces are stopped by Aquaman, assisted by the Justice league and the Sea gods. Following this Arthur and Mera settle down in Amnesty Bay with their daughter Andy. Aquaman marvel afterwards Mera and Arthur marry in the presence of their family and friends, in what was originally planned as a surprise welcome back party for her by Arthur.

[151] Endless Winter Following the abolition of the monarchy, Arthur and Mera intended to hold themselves apart from Atlantis to allow the city to govern itself, but they were forced to intervene when the Frost King's forces attacked the city during what was intended to be their honeymoon. The pair with Andy in tow, go to Atlantis and discuss with the Atlantean ruling council with is to be done to aquaman marvel the city. Arthur journeyed into the city's heating vents to meet with the Fire Tolls who lived in the tunnels below Atlantis, hoping they could be an ally against the Frost King.

Originally Mera agreed to stay behind to guard Andy but quickly followed him, arriving in time to save Arthur from a Fire Troll with a hydrokinetic attack. The Trolls were in awe of this and swore loyalty to her. With her army of Fire Trolls, Mera and Arthur defeated the ice creatures attacking Atlantis.

[152] Death Metal Expand This section of the article does not provide a complete profile of the subject. You can help out by providing additional information, expanding on the subject matter in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Incomplete Articles. Infinite Frontier Warworld Rising A ramshackle ship of refugees from Warworld fled to Earth, pursued by alien fighter craft called Warzoons.

[153] Superman and Superboy rescued the refugees and destroyed some of the Warzoons, while the others fled. The Atlantean army captured and imprisoned the crews of the Warzoons and took custody of the refugee ship, which was powered by a mysterious piece of rock, known as the Genesis Fragment.

Although Arthur was no longer king he was able to convince the Atlantean authorities to allow Superman to inspect the wreckage and try to interrogate the prisoners, although they did so only out of respect to Arthur and refused to let Superman take the power source or inform the surface governments that they had it.

[154] Maric, the Atlantean scientist assigned to study the power source, mutated into a gigantic monster and attacked the Florida coastline alongside strange sea creatures which were immune to Arthur’s telepathy. Arthur and some Atlantean soldiers tried to fight off the monsters but were overwhelmed, so he called the Justice League for help.

Superman was able to freeze the giant from inside and the Atlanteans drove the other creatures back. However, victory was short lived as Steve Trevor arrived and demanded that Atlantis hand the fragment over the the US Government. Arthur refused, telling Trevor that any attempt to take the fragment would be viewed as an act of war.

[155] A pair of Task Force X agents working for Amanda Waller snuck into the crashed ship and attempted to steal the Genesis Fragment, but were caught by the Atlantean army. In response, the Atlanteans blockaded all shipping lanes across the Atlantic Ocean. The Justice League met to try to find a aquaman marvel, but were unable to come to an agreement. Both Arthur and Batman were uncharacteristically belligerent and began arguing almost immediately, each taking the sides of their respective countries.

Batman demanded that Arthur convince the Atlanteans to give up the Fragment, and Arthur replied that he could and would not do so.

Arthur almost stormed out of the meeting when Batman accused Atlantis of starting an arms race, but Superman shut their fight down, saying he would not allow a war between Atlantis and the surface. [156] Arthur believed that Batman may attempt to take the Fragment and stood guard over the crashed Warzoon.

Meanwhile the United States Navy sent a battleship to break the Atlantean blockade and despite Superman’s attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution the two sides fired on each other. Superman decided that the only way to prevent them going to war over the Aquaman marvel would be to take it beyond both their reach and dove down to the Warzoon where Arthur confronted him. He admitted that he could not stop Superman but warned him that it would change things between them.

Despite this, Superman took the Fragment. [157] Deep Target "Aquaman" and "Green Arrow" Aquaman marvel from the distant past began mysteriously appearing inside the city. Arthur swore to find out what had happened and help them return to aquaman marvel own time. Atlantean scientists discovered a distinctive tachyon signature where the strangers had appeared, and Arthur searched the Justice League files for similar readings, matching them to emissions detected from a small building in Star City.

Arthur broke into the building and found himself in a seemingly infinite hallway. He met his teammate Green Arrow in the hallway as they fought off henchmen, and they realised that the infinite hallway was an illusion. Arthur stole a pair of goggles from a henchman which allowed him to see the building as it truly was. He spotted a door and the two went through it, finding a laboratory seemingly with a group of hostages bound in the centre.

Oliver rushed over to save them but Arthur could not hear the hostages and realised they were an illusion. When Oliver reached the hostages the hologram deactivated, revealing that they were standing on a high-tech platform. Arthur tried to tackle Oliver off the platform, while at the same time he shot out the platform's main projector.

It was in fact a time aquaman marvel platform developed by Scorpio, and the resulting accident caused the two men to switch lives and histories.

[158] Arthur awoke to find that he had lost his powers and was recognised by everyone as "Arthur Queen", the head of Queen Industries. He also had a secret identity as the vigilante Green Arrow with the archery and gadgetry skills to match. He deduced that Oliver must now be living his life and mistakenly believed that Ollie had intentionally stolen his powers.

Using his intimate knowledge of his own weaknesses he developed trick arrows to exploit them and allow him to fight his much stronger opponent.

He infiltrated Atlantis and attacked Oliver in the throne room, but was eventually overpowered. Oliver convinced Arthur that he was not responsible for what happened to them and the two teamed up to find out why they had switched lives. [2] They planned to go to S.T.A.R. Labs in Arthur's jet, but one of the pilots was a Scorpio agent who redirected them to a remote island where they were attacked by General Anderton, the leader of Scorpio's time travel project. [159] Anderton overpowered them and took them to Scorpio's base on the moon where he tortured them for information, trying to determine exactly how the accident had occurred.

During the interrogation, Arthur realistically faked his death using a technique Oliver had learned in Nanda Parbat and which he now remembered. When Scorpio medics untied him to check him over, he escaped and freed Oliver. They fought their way out, only to find that the facility was on the moon. [158] The two fought their way to the base's hanger and stole aquaman marvel rocket to escape back to Earth.

Scorpio satellites fired on the rocket and forced them to crash-land in the Atlantic Ocean. Arthur almost drowned and passed out, but Oliver was able to save him and take them to Amnesty Bay. When Arthur woke up he found that the town was now inhabited by humanoid dinosaurs who attacked them, but they were rescued by General Anderton.

[160] Anderton explained that when they escaped he had activated the "Tabula Rasa protocol", whereby Scorpio operatives would be sent into the prehistoric past to allow Scorpio to control history from the very beginning. Safeguards intended to ensure that operatives landed safely failed and many were killed instantly, the few survivors were fused with dinosaurs in the same way General Anderton was.

This altered the timeline to such an extent that dinosaurs survived into the 21st Century and sentient, humanoid dinosaurs were Earth's dominant life form. As Anderton, Oliver and Arthur had previously been through the time platforms, they were unaffected by the changes to the timeline.

Anderton believed they could return to the original timeline by travelling back aquaman marvel the earliest point in time Scorpio had ever visited, marked by aquaman marvel device called a "time stamp", before any of the operatives arrived, and from there jump into the beam of Scorpio's first ever time travel experiment. The three of them constructed a working time machine and returned to the original timeline at a point two years in the past.

As a side effect, Arthur became Aquaman again. [161] They destroyed Scorpio's prototype time machine and captured the Scorpio technicians and both versions of General Anderton. Although it seemed like everything was back to normal, Arthur and Oliver could sense that subtle changes had been made to the timeline, which was confirmed when Arthur sensed a liopleurodon in a nearby lake. Oliver asked Arthur to check his memories for anomalies, and when he did he realised that in this new timeline Atlanna was in Atlantis and he and Aquaman marvel were still friends and ruled Atlantis together.

Arthur told Oliver that everything was the way it should be and he needed to aquaman marvel back to Atlantis. Arthur was slightly suspicious but not worried, and agreed they should both go home to recuperate, giving Arthur a communicator so they could stay in touch.

Arthur discarded the communicator after they split and returned to Atlantis, cutting off all contact with the surface. Eight days later Oliver attacked the Atlantean Royal Palace, demanding Arthur come out. [162] He was captured by the Atlantean Guard and imprisoned in The Aquarium, Atlantis' maximum security prison. Arthur visited Oliver in prison and apologised, but told him that he could not give up this new reality, even when Oliver told him that the younger version of General Anderton had aquaman marvel from prison and killed all the other incarcerated Scorpio agents.

However, he reluctantly agreed when Oliver told him that the changes to the timeline had made the lives of many other worse, for example, in this timeline Alex Santos was not simply killed on a building site but fell asleep at the wheel and accidentally drove off the freeway, killing both himself and two of his children.

Arthur said goodbye to Atlanna and he and Oliver headed for the moon in a spaceship flown by the older General Anderton, who had turned on Scorpio when they tried to kill him to tie up loose ends. When they reached the moonbase they were attacked by the younger General Anderton, who had been given super-strength by drugs. Arthur fought the other Anderton while Arrow and the future version of Anderton went to the time travel laboratory.

They built "time bands" to protect themselves from changes to the timeline and then Anderton once again aquaman marvel to the earliest point Scorpio had ever visited, planning to deactivate the time stamp network to prevent Scorpio ever developing time travel. The younger Anderton tried to kill them by deactivating the base's shielding and sending them into space, but Oliver was able to shoot the time band towards Arthur with an arrow just in time.

The timeline returned to normal and they found themselves back in the Scorpio laboratory in Star City, having just jumped off the time platform. They went back to Atlantis and visited Atlanna's memorial. [163] Aquamen Arthur went to Mars on a mission with Frankenstein, leaving Jackson in charge during his absence. [164] When he returned he learned that Jackson had been accused of launching a terrorist attack inside Atlantis and was on the run.

However, before Arthur could deal with that the Atlantean Council was attacked by a new villain called Devil Ray, who had developed a poison fatal to Atlanteans but harmless to humans.

Arthur deduced that the attack on the council was merely a test for a larger one against the entire city and tasked The Drift to search the city for poison bombs. [165] They were only able to find them when Black Manta unexpectedly sent Arthur a list of the bombs' locations.

[166] Atlantis then received reports that a unification conference in Xebel, where Mera was speaking, was under attack by Xebelian terrorists. Arthur rushed over with the Atlantean Guard and an army of sea creatures, but by the time he arrived Jackson had already defeated the terrorists and saved the hostages, although Lucia Hyde had been critically injured. Jackson blamed himself and refused anyone's attempts to reach out to him, including Arthur's.

Arthur met with Black Manta at an isolated bar in Iceland. [167] Manta agreed to help Arthur track down Atlanteans hidden on the surface. He kept this deal secret from everyone, including Aquaman marvel. Orm attacked the United Nations Building and took the Atlantean ambassador hostage.

Arthur and Jackson responded, and the brothers duelled on the floor of the UN. Orm told Arthur that it was the dawn of a new age for Atlantis and that the surface would remember to fear them. When Arthur told Orm that he would not let him win, Orm replied that what was coming was bigger and older than the both of them. Arthur and Jackson defeated Orm, and after he was taken to prison Arthur again tried to talk to Jackson, concerned at his uncharacteristically agressive conduct in the fight, including seriously wounding a sea monster that Orm was forcing to obey him.

However, Jackson received a notification that Black Manta had been seen murderring a man in the streets of Paris and rushed off to capture him. In Paris, Jackson tracked Manta to his hideout and attacked his father in a blind rage, but Arthur stopped him and told him aquaman marvel Black Manta was on their side. [168] Powers and Abilities Powers • Atlantean Hybridized Physiology: Like most Atlanteans, Arthur Curry is an offshoot homo sapien who is biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment.

For most Atlanteans, this means they can breathe underwater, endure the pressures of the deep (among other adaptations), and aquaman marvel only spend a very limited time out of water. However due to either Aquaman's hybrid nature or his royal heritage, he possesses a number of traits others of his mother's side of the species do not; for instance he can spend an elongated time on dry land with little ill effect and is shown to be 20–50 times stronger, faster, tougher and more or less tireless compared to others of his race.

Also akin to other amphibian life is his ability to not only function indefinitely within water but to easily withstand the crushing depths of the ocean deep, as well aquaman marvel the harsh environment of the sea itself. These powers make Arthur among other things a super-Atlantean as well as superhuman. • Superhuman Durability: Tough enough to resist small arms fire with minor injury, the teeth of most trench dwellers break upon contact with his body.

He survived an RPG blowing in his face and can thrive in the darkest, deepest bowels of the ocean deep suffering no discomfort. He even lived through falling back to Earth after being launched into orbit by Mera, coming back down hard on top of a sea monsters head, without injury. [169] • Energy and Heat Resistance: Arthur has taken and lived through multiple energy blasts in the past, including being flash frozen by the dead king's ice magic.

His ultimate resilience was tested when he dipped into an open lava bed beneath the sea and emerged unscathed. [36] • Superhuman Stamina: Aquaman is able to function much longer than any human, without tiring or becoming weak. • Superhuman Senses: Aquaman's senses are several times more acute than human capacity; he once even heard a police siren from several miles away. His senses are similarly enhanced beyond the regular human norm, he can see perfectly fine in the pitch black abyss of an oceanic trench as well as hear things from a good distance away even while deep beneath the ocean line.

[17] • Superhuman Hearing • Superhuman Vision • Superhuman Reflexes: Aquaman's reflexes are heightened to levels far beyond that of any human. • Superhuman Speed: Arthur is phenomenally fast be it while running or swimming. In the sea he was able to outrace a spy plane owned by The Operative which can travel up to speeds of Mach 5.

[170] • Superhuman Strength: Aquaman's super-Atlantean status enables him to lift insurmountable amounts of weight, for instance towing around fishing boats while tidal waves were crashing down upon them.

[20] He is capable of knocking the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman several dozen feet away with singular blows, [171] lifting a 160000 ton Sea Liner barehanded, [26] and lifting and throwing a sunken cargo ship. [33] [34] Some of his greatest feats of might include pushing aquaman marvel tectonic plate over the entrance to the trench's lair, [172] and matching the legendary Hercules blow for blow.

[173] [58] • Super-Leaping: Aquaman can make use of his powerful bodily muscles to launch himself into the air, either jumping on and off land or propelling himself out of open water like a torpedo.

[17] • Accelerated Healing: Aquaman is able to recover from wounds far quicker then any aquaman marvel. It took him a matter of days to recover from his fight with the Shaggy Man. [93] • Latent Magic: Aquaman has the underlying potentiality to cast and manipulate arcanum.

Normally he needs an item of power through which he can channel these abilities; like an imperial polearm of national design. An effect which is usually accompanied with a bright golden glow in his eyes, [111] but at times he's been able to use such talents even without his ceremonial trident.

Indicating this power is more innate than reliant on a channeling apparatus. [128] • Magic Resistance: Arthur is more resilient against arcane forces thanks to his dormant magical capacity. [132] • Life Force Connection: Aquaman has access to one of the seven hidden forces of reality related to the life-giving powers of the oceans themselves. [174] This gives him access to a great many undisclosed abilities the likes of which he has yet to access on his own.

[175] Through the Life Force, Arthur is connected to all living beings as he is to the life giving waters which they spring from.

Enabling the established supernatural link to any and all sentient entities throughout the cosmos and back towards earth. [175] • Marine Telepathy: While popular belief is often debated aquaman marvel Aquaman talking to fish or other aquatic fauna. [17] He can 'Hear' the voice of the sea and 'Communicate' with its many denizens living within it along with those who spring from it. Being capable of sending out worldwide telepathic broadcasts with ease, [32] and when necessary. Across space & time beyond mere oceanic psychic ability.

[174] Something Arthur has been able to do since when he was very young. [176] He was able to assume control over the mind of the great sea Leviathan Topo but with extreme levels of difficulty as the stress of such an act left him comatose for six months. [35] It seems Aquaman has developed better control over his power as commanding Topo to sunder a dreadnought from Thule wasn't as difficult as it used to be. [71] • Transformation: Through his use of the Life Force, Arthur could restore fallen gods to their divine selves once again.

[145] Even revitalizing them after they'd been subsumed into the primordial goddess Mother Salt. [147] He could also use his powers to keep a divine beast from overtaking Caille's body and mind, enabling her to assume it's power without losing herself to it. [145] Abilities • Occultism [111] • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Arthur has beaten Black Manta in one-on-one combat.

[177] It has been revealed that Arthur was trained by Wonder Woman. [178] [179] Aquaman has admitted that he has trained with Batman. [180] [181] • Politics: As a former King Arthur is aquaman marvel adept politician. • Master Swimmer • Diplomacy: Aquaman marvel succeeded in stopping two wars between Atlantis and the surface. [96] [171] • Swordsmanship [69] [182] • Weaponry: Aquaman is highly sufficient in the use of multi-pronged polearms.

• Leadership: Arthur is the successful ruler of 70% of the World for a time. • Fishing • Driving [183] • Multilingualism: Arthur can speak some Polynesian. Weaknesses • Dehydration: Aquaman dehydrates at a rate greater than an average human. Paraphernalia Equipment • Shell of Sounds: Given to him by his mother. A relic that can contain recorded memories and dialog from the user, in order to convey their memories to future generations.

[184] • Tenth Metal Armor (Formerly): During his final battle with the Dark Knights and Barbatos, Aquaman and other members of the Justice League were gifted with suits of armor made from the element of creation itself.

[124] The Tenth Metal enables the changing and reshaping of all reality. Using the Element X armor, all of Arthur's natural powers were greatly bolstered. Tenth Metal can also change and morph its physical shape as well as bring the wearer's thoughts and desires into reality. Arthur wearing the Tenth Metal armor caused Atlantis to rise out of the ocean into open air, as this was something he subconsciously wished for.

[128] Transportation • Storm: Aquaman's faithful seahorse steed. Weapons Former Aquaman marvel • Trident of Neptune (Formerly): Forged from enchanted gold by Atlan, first king of Atlantis, the Trident of Neptune serves as a symbolism of the royal line. Arthur wields the Trident as both his right to rule and as a lethal weapon which can pierce mystical defences and draw blood from New Gods like Darkseid.

He eventually lost this trident when the villainous Siren, posing as Mera, usurped his leadership and kingdom, but he has since regained it. [71] Arthur eventually learned his trident is empowered by magical aquaman marvel. [1] [108] The Trident of Neptune strengthened him by awakening his own dormant mystical capacity, enabling to combat magic in many forms. [111] The Trident was destroyed during Aquaman's battle with the Abyssal Dark-possessed Rath, and currently sits broken in Atlantis.

[128] • Energy Transference: The trident of Atlan has a natural proclivity to absorb, distill, channel and redistribute magical energy both from it's host and outside sources.

[71] Enabling the Aquaman to harness and manipulate his own inherent magical power through it, being able to create bundles of arcane energy to attack his enemies with.

[111] His magical abilities are likely due to his regal inheritance. He has already been able to overthrow the Crown of Thorns using his innate magical power as well as resist the effect of others' spells and enchantments. [109] • Eldritch Blast: Arthur can combine his magic and that of the trident to execute great explosions of magic; these explosions are capable of destroying Atlantean fortresses.

Through his trident Arthur can discharge potent blasts of raw esoteric power which can put down even the most savvy of magic practitioners. • Force Field: He aquaman marvel able to generate barriers of energy through his trident.

• Physical Augmentation: The magic of his trident seemingly made Arthur all the more powerful as he absorbed its mystical energies. • Trident of Poseidon: A divine blessing bestowed upon him by its previous wielder Poseidon. The trident given to Arthur blessed him with a host of mystical powers and enchantments as a means to help him battle the invading force known as the Thule. He eventually sacrificed it in order to destroy the encroachment of dimensions, [73] but has been lent a replacement by the gods since then.

[185] He put this to full use in the League's war against the mad god Rao, conjuring a massive tidal wave teaming with sea horses. [186] Arthur was gifted the relic by Poseidon once again when the vengeful Triumvirate of Sea Gods, who were wronged by the Grecian ocean divinity millennia ago, came to drown the world.

[187] After a lengthily battle with the ancient primal adept Namma with help from a cabaret of old gods, Father Sea would bestow Arthur with his trident once again. [188] Aquaman bearing Poseidon's blessings • Divine Empowerment: After receiving the blessing and trident from the Olympian God of the seas, Poseidon, Aquaman gained various mystical powers.

[70] • Weather Manipulation: Aquaman states control over the storm, rain, wind, thunder, and lightning was aquaman marvel upon him. [70] • Electrokinesis: Aquaman was capable of summoning bolts of lightning from his trident.

[70] • Electro-Blast: Aquaman could project powerful bolts and arcs of electricity from his trident. [70] • Hydrokinesis: Through both his blessings and the Trident given to him, Arthur was able to bend and manipulate aquaman marvel around himself for various purposes. [69] • Hydroportation: With an extent water source, Arthur could teleport global-interplanetary distances at will.

[189] • Cryokinesis: Aquaman was able to use his trident to summon large icicles from the ground, and freeze an Atlantean by grabbing him. • Thule Magic Resilience: With aquaman marvel blessing he received from Poseidon, Aquaman was granted a degree of defense against magic, most prominently the magic of Thule users.

[71] • Bane Field Manipulation: Even before receiving Poseidon's gifts Arthur showed a limited capacity to bend the poisonous aura of Thule realm structures. [70] • Flight: By Poseidon's blessings, Arthur could fly unaided. [190] [73] Notes • Aquaman was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris, originally appearing in the 1941 issue More Fun Comics #73.

The version of Aquaman seen in Prime Earth continuity was created by Geoff Johns, originally published in Aquaman (Volume 7) #1 as part of The New 52. • Aquaman (Arthur Curry) appears as Aquaman (Prime) a playable character in the Infinite Crisis video game. Trivia • At some point in the past, Arthur had a harpoon hand.

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Origin According to his first origin story, Aquaman aka Arthur Curry was the son of Atlanna, an Atlantean princess banished from Atlantis due to her interest in and frequent visits to the surface world, and Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper living in Amnesty Bay, Maine. Both parents first meet each during a terrible storm one night, when Curry finds Atlanna thrown up on the shore by storm-tossed waves, and rescues her from harm.

Both Curry and Atlanna made the lighthouse their home and developed a strong bond that would quickly lead to a sentimental relationship when Arthur was born. Although Curry always knew there was more to his wife than she would let on, he'd never ask her about her origins. Arthur grew up making his presence in life irrelevant than most children, further cementing the bond between his parents. By age two, he was found by his father playing underwater after he had apparently been there for an hour without drowning.

Several years later, both Tom and his father learn the truth about his mother's origins, as she would reveal that she came from the lost continent of Atlantis while she lay in her deathbed. Atlanna would also reveal to Arthur that he had inherited her ability to live and breathe underwater, as well as her power to communicate with and control all marine life.

After Atlanna's death, Arthur's father became determined to train him both physically and mentally so that he would one day be in complete control of his powers. Arthur was also taught by his father to view himself as someone special, as a savior of the oceans, as The King of the Seven Seas. Later, after his father's death, Arthur Curry would leave the lighthouse which had been a home to him and his family for years, to venture into the oceans and find his true destiny. He would later become the King of Atlantis and marry Mera, a visitor from an other-dimensional water-world known as Xebel.

Arthur would also take young Aqualad under his wing and fight the forces of evil side by side with the occasional help of his wife, Mera. Creation Aquaman was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris and first appeared in More Fun Comics #73. Geoff Johns is currently writing for the character. Character Evolution Golden Age In his first appearances in comics, Arthur was able to breathe underwater, swim at high speeds, and communicate with marine life.

He was seen to directly communicate to the aquatic creatures, rather than telepathically and worked best on sea life that were in close distances. Arthur also possessed superhuman strength inherited from his Atlantean ancestry. Although he was depicted as a "sovereign of the seas" with the entire ocean at his domain, it was never fully established and that Aquaman explored places all across the world; having an ancient temple of lost Atlantis kept underwater has his solitary throne.

During his early adventures, most of Aquaman's enemies were Nazi U-Boat commanders and axis villains. However, he soon was dealt with having to fight off the aquaman marvel of various criminalized mariners as well as other various threats to sea life and aquatic activities. Aquaman made his last appearance in More Fun Comics #107 and continued on in Adventure Comics #103 alongside Green Arrow and Superboy, starting in 1946. Silver Age Aquaman's adventures continued on in Adventure Comics throughout the 1950's as one the few superheroes to last through the decade in a continuous publication, also implying new elements along the way to expand on the Aquaman mythology with the introduction of various supporting characters and slight adjustments in his origin, powers, design and persona.

The first of these elements came about in Adventure Comics #229 when they introduced Aquaman's sidekick octopus, Topo. In Adventure Comics #260, it was revealed that Aquaman was the son of Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper and Atlanna, an Atlantean royal princess banished from Atlantis due to her interest in and frequent visits to the surface world.

Having been born half-human/half-Atlantean not only was Arthur able to survive on land but also breath underwater without any gasp for air. He also possessed superhuman abilities such as his strength, communication with sea life, and accelerated swimming prowess.

Eventually, Arthur decided to use his talents to aquaman marvel the ocean floor, venturing off as Aquaboy; soon having his first encounter with Superboy (at the time was the one of the only active superheroes of Earth). Later on, when Arthur grew up, he called himself "Aquaman". It aquaman marvel revealed that after the death of Atlanna, Tom Curry later married an ordinary human and had a son named Orm. Orm grew up a troubled child and was always getting bailed out by Arthur.

Being in the shadow of his brother, Orm grew up to have lots of hatred towards Arthur not only for the powers he never could possess, but also because he thought that his father favored Arthur more. Orm eventually disappeared for some time and resurfaced years later as one of Aquaman's greatest adversaries known as Ocean Master. During the Silver Age, Aquaman's ability to connect with sea life soon expanded to a completely developed telepathic communication with aquatic creatures even from great distances; however began to retroactively develop aquaman marvel specific weakness.

Despite being depicted to have been able to breathe properly both in and out of the water in prior stories, he was now required to make contact with water every other hour or he'll die of dehydration.

Modern Age Aquaman (New Earth) Aquaman's origins altered when the universe was rebooted during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Orin was the son of Queen Atlanna and Atlan, born heir to the throne of Atlantis. Knowing that King Trevis could not conceive a child with her, Atlan impregnated Atlanna during a dream. He soon prophesied the child's future and named him after his ancestor, Orin.

Trevis immediately knew that he wasn't his son because of his blonde hair who might possess the curse of Kordax. With great superstition the baby was announced a miscarriage and left to die on Mercy Reef, where his ability to communicate to sea life allowed him to be raised by Dolphins. His adopted mother Porm gave him the name Swimmer, although he left this new family after fishermen killed his adopted brother Drin.

His next encounter with humanity was Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper who took him in as a son and named him Arthur Curry before his death. He then resided in Alaska where he aquaman marvel met and fell in love with Kako. While Kako was pregnant, a demonic god named Nuliajuk forced Arthur to leave before knowing about the pregnancy. His next confrontation with a god would be Poseidon's son, Triton when he rescued the life of Princess Diana.

Returning to Atlantis, Arthur was arrested and sent to hard labor in the Aquarium prison where he found mentorship from Vulko, a former professor who taught him how to speak Atlantean; however, Arthur escaped after he had learned of his birth mother who had died soon after his discovery. His first encounter with another superhero was The Flash, who named him "Aquaman" during a press conference in Crescent Shore after they had taken on the likes of Trickster. Upon, his next return, Orin learns that Vulko had led a revolution and claims his birthright as the King of Atlantis.

Though later on this origin story would be retconned out by writer Keith Giffen in the one - shot titled The Legend of Aquaman, to give way to a more modern approach, it has been adopted aquaman marvel more by writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi as Aquaman's official background story for the 26 part maxi-series Brightest Day.

New 52 Aquaman (Earth-0) In relation to his origin-story and history, post-Flashpoint marked a significant change with the character. The relaunch cements Aquaman's Silver Age origins as the half-human/half-Atlantean son of Tom Curry and Atlanna, and sees him return to Amnesty Bay along with Mera. Greatly distressed by the harsh treatment given during the years from Atlantis, Arthur decides to abdicate from his role as their King, returning to full-time heroics.

On the surface, Aquaman struggles with his lack of reputation with the greater public, still seeing him as an inefficient, weak metahuman with useless powers, constantly aquaman marvel to ridicule. However, after the events in which Ocean Master and the Atlanteans waged war on the surface world, Arthur regains the throne and becomes king of Atlantis to try settle all differences between both worlds, more so to make Atlantis a powerful and striving nation once again.

Rebirth Carrying over from his New 52 standpoint Arthur Curry has now been recognized as the monarch of a very real world power that is Atlantis. The Rebirth run focus's mainly aquaman marvel his role as the hidden nations king and the heavy set tensions between his country and its people with the surface world. Delegations towards diplomacy have been anything less than smoothe however as a great many powers both within his borders as well as without have desired nothing less than absolute turmoil between land and sea interrelations.

Insurgents with anti-land based sentiments, Black Manta making his ressurgence to disrupt peace talks at the Atlantean embassy, incompetent politicians shutting down any progress of working relations out of fear and mistrust of Atlantis and disrespect towards Aquaman as a king. Most prominent of all being the threat represented by the mysterious N.E.M.O Organization who secretly controls large interests over control of the worlds oceanic potential markets and investments, who see Arthur's soverignty over it as a threat; not to mention a personal challange to their claim of sea based authority.

Dismissed by the political powers of Atlantis as king, and after freeing the people of Atlantis from the tyrant Corum Rath in a bloody civil war, Aquaman has returned to live on the surface, in Amnesty Bay. After the events of Unspoken Water, Arthur has been recognized as an equal by the Sea Gods of the World, becoming the protector and guardian of the oceans.

Major Story Arcs Becoming a Superhero and Member of the JLA Orin managed to escape the camp and vowed he would one day return to save the people of Atlantis. He returns to the surface world where at some point he meets the second Aquaman marvel ( Barry Allen) who convinces Arthur to become a superhero. Arthur and Barry eventually becomes friends and soon thereafter became founding members of the Justice League of America along with other costumed heroes.

For a period of time, when they were based in Detroit, Michigan, he even became the leader of the JLA. He went and lead the team on many adventures until he eventually left the team because he needed to return to Atlantis for personal and political reasons. Death of a Prince Orin returned to Atlantis to free his people from control under dictatorship. Due to Orin being an Atlantean hybrid he was much stronger, faster, and more durable that any other Atlantean. He also had his ability to telepathically talk to marine life, thus he was able to take back most of Atlantis on his own.

His actions inspired the Atlanteans to fight back, drive away the government, and free their city. The Atlanteans learned of Orin’s true origin: that he was Atlanna’s son and rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis; he was made the new king of Atlantis.

Orin began to slowly introduce Atlantis to the surface world. It was around this time that Orin took on a sidekick named Garth who would be known as Aqualad (and later becomes Tempest). They went on many adventures together and would also marry a Queen from another dimension named Mera. They eventually had a son named Arthur Curry Jr. together. However, Orin would struggle to balance out his responsibility as a King and as a superhero. Eventually, Aquaman's foe, Black Manta, kidnapped and murdered Orin’s son, causing a rift between Orin and his wife.

Mera had been driven insane by grief and was soon committed to an asylum in Poseidonis (a city of Atlantis). Shortly afterwards, an alien force conquered Atlantis. Arthur was forced to save the day, and in the process was hampered by an escaped Mera who blamed Arthur for the death of their son. In a fit of rage, Mera left Aquaman's dimension. After Atlantis was freed, Arthur knew he had to remain in Atlantis, and thus he resigned from the Justice League.

For a time, he served as Atlantis' representative to the United Nations, but always found himself thrust aquaman marvel into the superhero role. Becoming more and more of a workaholic and solitary figure, Aquaman eventually returned to the oceans. He soon became tangled up in Black Manta's latest attempt at destroying Atlantis by dragging it into a war with a surface nation. In the aftermath of the war, Arthur received the Atlantis Chronicles, thus learning all about the history of his people and discovering that Ocean Master was really his half-brother, Orm.

With all the chaos in his life, Arthur fell into a bout of severe depression. He became deeply depressed and distancing himself from Garth and his people and having no real interest in Atlantis or super heroics. Called Back to Action Aquaman with his cybernetic hook Arthur was soon forced to return to action, compelled by his long-time partner, Aqualad.

Shortly after his return, Aquaman lost his left hand when the madman Charybdis stole his ability to communicate with sea life and stuck Arthur's hand in a pool of water teeming with piranhas. This may have caused him to become slightly unhinged and more aggressive; Orin soon began having strange prophetic dreams.

Orin soon after, fitted a harpoon to replace his aquaman marvel hand, which led to an entirely new look. Discarding his classic orange shirt for a more gladiator looking silver piece of armor that only covered the upper right half of his chest and part of his right arm, while growing long hair and a scraggly beard. Aquaman was also joined by Dolphin after Aqualad disappeared on a solo mission.

Early on, Aquaman learned he had an illegitimate son named Koryak upon a visit up Northern Canada. Aquaman fended off an attack by some villains from Apokolips. Koryak joined his father and returned with him to Atlantis.

Aquaman's harpoon was soon destroyed in a battle, so Orin had it replaced with a cybernetic replacement from S.T.A.R. Labs. This new harpoon had a retractable reel that he could fully control. Return of Thanatos After the king of Poseidonis was aquaman marvel in one of a series of earthquakes, Koryak managed to convince the population to follow him on an exodus from the city.

Aquaman returned to the empty city with Dolphin and they enjoyed a passionate night, unfortunately for Arthur, Mera returned and walked in on the two.

Mera was briefly amnesic to her recent whereabouts and still in love with Arthur, she fled the city. Orin and Dolphin pursued her to a nearby trench, where they were pulled into a parallel dimension by Thanatos. The alien/demonic beings who ruled that dimension pitted Thanatos against Aquaman. When Orin defeated Thanatos but refused to kill him, it was decreed that he must remain until he was sufficiently evil and that Thanatos would be freed to come to Earth.

Thanatos expected to find a kingdom to rule, but instead arrived to an empty city. Posing as Orin, he declared war on the surface world only to be unexpectedly killed by a massive earthquake.

Orin learned that Mera had been living in this other dimension for about nine aquaman marvel in its time (about one year in the real world) and that she had a son exactly nine months after arriving.

The son, A.J., could have been either Arthur's or Thanatos's, since she was under his complete domination at the time. Orin managed to contact his father, Atlan, who came to his son’s aid and used his magic to release Orin and his friends back onto Earth. Unfortunately, given the difference in time between the two worlds and that A.J.

was a native of the other universe, he began to age rapidly. To save his life, Mera took him back through the portal. Hunter/Gatherer War Orin and Dolphin discovered they were beneath Poseidonis and that the entire domed city rest on top of an enormous, skull shaped spacecraft.

The sentient star-craft was pulling itself up from the ocean floor, which had been the source of the recent earthquakes. It finally managed to break through, coming to a stop with Poseidonis resting just above the ocean surface. Orin managed to forge a psychic link with the sentient starship, giving him insight into its purpose, an impending alien invasion.

Aquaman decided he had to seek out the five lost cities of Atlantis and join them with Poseidonis and Tritonis. Orin is confronted before he can begin by the JLA who are seeking an explanation for Thanatos’s declaration of war.

Aquaman abruptly turns them away. Orin recruited the city of Hy-Brasil without too much trouble. Unfortunately, Aquaman and Dolphin encountered Ocean Master at one of the other cities, a city that was destroyed in the subsequent battle. Also during the battle, Garth returns from his training with Atlan in another dimension and was now an extremely powerful mage who has changed his name to Tempest.

Aquaman then recruits the cities of Thiena Na Oge and the floating city of Basilia, and his father Atlan to their cause.

While they all head for Tritonis, the aliens (known as the Hunter/Gatherers) turn up in Washington, D.C., under the guise of seeking peaceful relations.

Aquaman finds Tritonis in ruins, Koryak and Vulko had led the people of Poseidonis into the forbidden tunnels beneath the city and awakened Kordax from antiquity. Kordax, used his mind control power to force Koryak and the Poseidonis citizens to attack their relatives in Tritonis, maiming or killing much of the population.

Orin helped the Tritonis people out before rallying all of his allies for the final confrontation. His father, Atlan, The Guardian of Hy-Brasil, Arion, his former sidekick and close friend Tempest, Tsunami, Nuada, Dolphin, the Sea Devils, Power Girl (at this time still thought to be a descendant of Atlantis), Spought the Guardian of Basilia, and his half sister Deep Blue. Orin leads the others to Washington, D.C. by flying the skull ship straight to the capital. A major battle ensues inside the White House with Orin and allies battling against Kordax, Tiamat, and Koryak (still under Kordax's control).

Kordax kills himself in the battle when he cannot defeat Orin. Basilia is destroyed in the fighting that happens there. The Hunter/Gatherers leave the Earth without any further destruction. Orin leads his small army to victory further proving his leadership skills. Role in the Infinite Crisis During Infinite Crisis, Aquaman was being kept at his home at the laboratory where his father worked.

Storms created by the Spectre during his attack on Atlantis, forced Atlantean refugees to flee to Sub Diego, where Aquaman's allies help defend the city from the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Aquaman is later seen during the Battle of Metropolis fighting Bane and Headhunter. Manta decides to abandon his political plans for Sub Diego, and simply strike Arthur while he's at his weakest. However, an enraged Aquaman destroys Manta's ship and aquaman marvel him to die aquaman marvel a frenzy of sharks.

He then meets with Ralph Dibny in the ruins of Atlantis during 52, where's he's depicted of being insanely delusional due to the tragedy. Trying to restore San Diego and its inhabitant's he makes a pact with the Sea Gods in exchange, he becomes a vessel for something secretly important as his mind and body is warped into new form. One Year Later Arthur Joseph Curry aquaman marvel One Year Later Arthur Joseph Curry had his first comic book appearance in May of 2006 in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40 (#39 was merely under the Aquaman title).

It was marked with the One Year Later stamp as it was part of the storyline. It began with Arthur swimming downward, and eventually hearing a voice asking him his name. The voice mistakes him for Aquaman because their first and last names are the same. The voice directs him to a large battle between King Shark, and many other sea creatures.

The voice tells him to help King Shark, and the two of them hold off the sea creatures until more sharks arrive. At this point, King Shark grabs Arthur, and then, the voice leads them to itself (the voice gives them his location).

It is revealed to be a creature known as the, Dweller-in-the-Depths. It gives Arthur a set of armor that is similar to that of the original Aquaman (orange shirt, green pants) (because Arthur's current outfit consists of a pair of shorts). The armor also includes a sword. Arthur soon meets many of the original Aquaman's allies or supporting characters.

This includes Mera, Vulko, the Sea Devils, and Ocean Master. It is during this journey of Arthur's that the Dweller-of-the-Depths realizes he is the original Aquaman, but his memories of that time have been lost.

aquaman marvel

Arthur then proceeds to meet a humanoid squid, Topo, who seeks to become a sidekick. He also finds an amnesiac Tempest, who is no longer able to breathe underwater and through hypnosis warns of a battle yet to come. And when it comes the Dweller-of-the-Depths (Orin) is believed to be killed, though the Justice League wonders if his magical nature would allow him to resurrect himself or if he is truly dead.

Aquaman returns to his classic look with magical water replacing his hand However, the Lady of the Lake explains his origins to him. It seems that the original Aquaman gave a sample of his water hand to Dr. Philip Curry so that the man could resurrect his dead son ( Arthur Joseph Curry), who he named after Orin. But when Orin tried to resurrect Sub Diego, part of his soul bonded with the dead Aquaman marvel Joseph Curry and his body mutated into the Dweller-of-the-Depths.

So, Arthur Curry blamed himself for the death of Orin and decided he would no longer be known as Arthur Curry, rather he would be Joseph. Batman considered Joseph to be a potential member of his new Outsiders but he decides against this after he is seen in action with Metamorpho.

Through Blackest Night. . Aquaman as a Black Lantern In the Blackest Night miniseries, Aquaman's corpse was reanimated and he became a murderous zombie. He sought out Mera and Tempest, aquaman marvel along with Black Lanterns Tula and Dolphin, murdered Garth.

Aquaman marvel the conclusion of the miniseries, Aquaman was one of a dozen DC characters that was resurrected (with both hands). This shock was enough to extinguish the Red Lantern Rage in Mera's heart which, unfortunately, caused it to stop beating.

In an attempt to save her life Arthur channeled his love for Mera through Carol Ferris' ring along with the hope aquaman marvel Saint Walker. These combined energies were enough to kick start her heart, thus saving her life. Aquaman and Mera then reunited once more. To Brightest Day Aquaman - Brightest Day Brightest Day begins with Aquaman and Mera reconnecting but Arthur has yet to enter the water, cautious and fearful of his Aquaman marvel Lantern past.

When Aquaman and Mera attempt to save a group of people from pirates, he ends aquaman marvel summoning dead aquaman marvel of the deep, who kill the pirates against his command. He and his wife are obviously shaken about Aquaman's powers. Aquaman's resurrection and place among the twelve will continue to unfold in the pages of Brightest Day. Aquaman is attacked by a woman who looks similar to Mera.

After the fight, Mera reveals that it was her sister Hila aka Siren who attacked them. She tells Arthur that she was sent to Atlantis to kill Arthur, but ended up falling in love with him. Hila was sent with a Death Squad to finish was Mera started. Later, Arthur is contacted by the Entity, which tells him he must locate Jackson Hyde before "they do". New 52 The Justice League Stabbing Darkseid Aquaman teams up with the Justice League during Darkseid's invasion of Earth.

Along with Wonder Woman, Arthur temporarily blinds Aquaman marvel after stabbing him in the eyes with his trident.

In subsequent outings with the Justice League, Green Arrow attempts to join the league, only to be met with opposition by each of the league members, with Aquaman being particularly vocal in his objection (alluding to an earlier confrontation between the two). The emotional nature of the conflict with Graves led to instability within the league (including the resignation of Hal Jordan from the league), prompting Aquaman to suggest that, due to his experience as both King of Atlantis and with The Othershe should be made leader of the league, instead of Batman.

This has resulted in a somewhat uneasy relationship between Arthur and Batman as they both try to exert their authority over the league, and each other. The Trench Aquaman vs The Trench The main villain in the first story arc are a race horrific amphibious creatures called the Trench which he was forced to ( seemingly) exterminate the entire race to save innocent hostages from Amnesty Bay.

These creatures, living in a trench located at the depths of the ocean, had wondered onto the shore in search of food to feed their queen and dying race. Locating the creatures and the aquaman marvel people, Aquaman had closed aquaman marvel the trench by triggering an underwater volcanic eruption.

In the aftermath, Aquaman found a downed Atlantean ship that pre-dates the catastrophe that befell Atlantis. While investigating on a glyph found while saving the civilians he was attacked by Atlantean soldiers only to find out that prior to the sinking of Atlantis, someone was plotting its destruction thus prompting Arthur to investigate further. The Others On the other hand, Mera is still having a hard time coping with the surface world.

Later, the two go to talk to Dr. Stephen Shin, in hopes to unearth the mystery behind the sinking of Atlantis. There, Ya'Wara appears with the intent of killing Shin as she blames him for the death of Kahina the Seer committed by Black Manta. Ya'wara then warns Arthur that his former team ( The Others ) is being hunted by Black Manta, who is in the process of claiming the seven relics of Atlantis - six of which are in the possession of Aquaman and the Others.

It is later revealed that the hatred that Black Manta and Aquaman share was due to Aquaman mistakenly killing Manta's father (intending to kill Black Manta) - seeking vengeance for the death of Arthur's father following an attack by Black Manta. Aquaman vs Black Manta Shin is later captured by Black Manta in order to help him uncover the remaining relic - the scepter of the dead King of Atlantis (the weapon that had in fact sank Atlantis).

There, Manta is confronted by both Aquaman and the Others, however in the ensuing battle, Vostok, attempting to save Aquaman's life, is then killed by a blow to the spine by the scepter-wielding Manta.

Vowing to finally kill Manta, Aquaman and the Others are able to locate Manta (who had stolen Ya'wara's orb, enabling the holder to teleport to different locations across the globe), where they witness Manta handing over the scepter to Atlanteans in return for treasure that Manta and his father were attempting to recover (which took place during Aquaman's killing of Manta's father) from a sunken ship, as well as the land in the aftermath of a storm to be created by the Atlanteans.

Aquaman and the Others then ambushes Manta, and in this confrontation, Aquaman rips off Manta's helmet with his trident before snapping his arm as Manta was attempting to kill Prisoner of War, in what would have been the third death of the Others suffered at the hands of Manta. Seeing death at the hands of Aquaman as inevitable, Black Manta urges Arthur to kill him so that the world would see Aquaman as a cold-hearted murderer - however, Aquaman had already decided that he would not kill Manta then, declaring " one day probably.

But not like this." Throne of Atlantis Aquaman vs Ocean Master This is a cross-over event between the New 52 titles Justice League & Aquaman. Ocean Master has declared war on the surface world after U.S missiles were launched near Atlantis. As he surfaces from the waters aquaman marvel Boston, Aquaman tries to halt his war plans; however when the Justice League arrives and tries to intervene, Ocean Master gets aggravated and with his scepter, banishes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, & Aquaman down to the Dark Waters which lies the flesh-eating Trench.

As a death sentence in Atlantean law, they are held captive in the depths of the Dark Waters, concealed in same the paralytic fluid-like pods of the Trench for them to feed on. However, Aquaman seems to break away with his trident, being immune to the poisonous substance and with the help of Cyborg and Mera saves the Trilogy from their captivity.

While this is taking place, Ocean Master and his Atlantean army has surfaced battling the likes of the reinforcement team that Cyborg had assembled as they go about their war plans by placing bombs all around the city to try and sink what's left of Boston.

Evidently, the reserved Justice League members are having a hard time cooperating as a team during the battle, as we see Firestorm trying to create helium with his fire, however blocking the vision and breathing of both Black Canary and Zatanna. Hawkman tries to attack Ocean Master with his mace but is stopped as Ocean Master throws a detonator to Hawkman, knocking him off his wings.

As the fight is taking place, Aquaman, Mera, Cyborg, and the Trinity escape the school of Trenches; however Aquaman doesn't sense them anymore meaning that the only aquaman marvel they went his up to the surface. Aquaman then confronts Aquaman marvel Master about him controlling the Trench, however he's also thinking the same thing and is in complete confusion.

In the epic conclusion of the 'Throne of Atlantis' crossover we see Ocean Master and the Atlantean army being attacked by the Trench from behind, just when Aquaman and the rest of the Leaguers resurfaces to battle both sides. Aquaman trying to put some sense into Ocean Master tells him that Vulko is the one controlling the Trench and as king needs him to command the Atlantean army to join forces with the surface-dwellers in order to defeat them.

However, Ocean Master refuses believing that Aquaman has been corrupted by the surface world. As they confront one another in a hand-to-hand combat, Ocean Master expresses that when he was a little kid and found out that he had an older brother stuck on the surface it made him tear up having the thought that he actually had a brother, that the surface world has been pulling them apart from uniting; as Aquaman expressed the same feelings towards Orm as well.

He then tries to detonate the bombs around the city of Boston, but is prevented by Element Woman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other Justice League members. In rage after figuring out what had happened, he uses his helmet to create a tidal wave to flood the city, but Mera manipulates the water, turning aquaman marvel into stone. Ocean Master then starts to conflict some damage towards his brother but is not enough for the outraged Aquaman who delivers the final blows, breaking his helmet and knocking him off his feet.

Aquaman having believed it's his responsibility of this cataclysmic disaster, demands Ocean Master to give up his position as King of Atlantis so that he can make things right for Atlantis and the Atlantean people, as well as create an alliance with the surface world.

Coherently, he yields his position, giving Aquaman the rightful powers as King of Atlantis. Ocean Master is judged for his immunity crimes having no Atlantean law on the surface and is therefore sentenced to Belle Reve Prison.

As Ocean Master is taken away, Aquaman sincerely apologies saying it was what he had to do and his only option. In Belle Reve Prison, we see Ocean Aquaman marvel in a cell asking for more water, trying to keep himself hydrate having the fact he's only surfaced a couple times, for only short period of time. The issue ends with him sitting in the cell telling himself that he doesn't belong there. As we go into Aquaman #17, the epilogue to the Throne of Atlantis, writer Geoff Johns takes us back into the underwater adventures of Aquaman, being somewhat disconnected with the rest of the world once again.

Aquaman is now trying to reconnect with the sea life as we'll as with the people of Atlantis, vowing to the sea life that he'll never fail them again. He's once again the King of the Seven Seas, trying to protect the aquatic life from any threat to the ocean and serve as a greater purpose for the Atlanteans; but will they accept his leadership?

His obligations as king has placed a great burden onto himself, being forcedly separated from his wife, Mera due to the fact that she is completely forbidden in Atlantis, lacking the origins of Atlantean heritage. Arthur is truly lonely, and you can feel how much pain he's internalizing, leading up to him bellowing a psychic promise across the seven seas, a promise to be better, for everyone. In this epilogue we get to see the re-appearances of the Sea Devils in the New 52 as they're seen trying to stop criminalized whalers from hunting and killing the lives of the scared singers of the ocean.

However, not until Aquaman and his Atlantean guards come leaping out of the ocean bringing forth a whirlpool of waves crashing down onto the ships of the cold-blooded killers. As Aquaman is prosecuting the whalers of their crimes, we are introduced to Murk, leader of the Men-Of-War, the frontline army of the nation of Atlantis where he attacks Dane Dorrance believing that he should have no rights to talk to King Arthur in such manners.

He's depicted to be a very strong brute, loyal to the king of Atlantis and have saved King Orm's life multiple times in battle.

Murk doesn't really go by precautions nor the rules of conduct, but rather acts by what is right. However, Aquaman pulls him back and warns him that they should bid by the surface laws and do the rightful thing to call the authorities to arrest them.

Afterwards, we see Aquaman talking to Amanda Waller about the aftermath of the war and the effects it has put onto the Atlanteans and national government. Both are also discussing about the fate of Vulko and Ocean Master for their actions committed during the events that happened. He is now trying to set grounds between the surface world and people of Atlantis believing the only way to do so is by showing that Atlantis has the desire to help them and be of an alliance.

The Scavenger is revealed to be the one searching for Atlantean weaponry and artifacts upon the ocean floors, which will evidently only lead to trouble. Aquaman vows to the sea creatures of the seas promising to protect them from any threat saying "I will not fail you again." During his telepathic communication with the marine life, a strange shadow exiting a cave in Antarctica appears saying, "King of the Seven Seas?

How wrong you are!" Death of a King Arthur is now trying to track down the thieves responsible for stealing Atlantean weaponry and selling aquaman marvel to the highest bidders. He also has a conversation with a concerned Tula questioning the fate of their brother Orm, who awaits trial for his crimes committed on the surface world.

She then aquaman marvel Aquaman that if he really wants to find the con that is aquaman marvel their weapons, he should go to the Atlantean prisons and talk to Vulko. Arthur goes to seek Vulko's advice and meets an elderly Atlantean named Urn, the keeper of the prisons who tells him that three of his guards were killed when the missile hit Atlantis and wants a trial to begin for Vulko so that the dead can have their peace. Aquaman asks Vulko if he knows who might be involved in stealing and selling Atlantean firearms and responds by telling Aquaman that it's most likely the weapons dealer named The Scavenger.

Heading out to locate the Scavenger with an Atlantean entourage, Arthur locates and attacks the Scavenger's ship, only to find that he isn't there in person, but only via video-link. After confronting the Scavenger about the stolen Atlantean weapons as well as the Atlantean that was dissected at the hands of the treasure-hunter, it is revealed that the Scavenger's plan involving the weapons are not confined solely to Arthur as it was alluded to a previous confrontation between the two.

When returning to Atlantis, Arthur hears of the news of Mera's disappearance following an attack during a snowstorm at Amnesty Bay and leaves for the Bermuda triangle as a similar snowstorm has broken out there. Meanwhile, Tula, Murk and Swatt plan to go to Belle Reve to rescue Ocean Master from his execution. When Arthur, reaches Xebel he discovers it's inhabitants frozen solid and that Mera is being held captive by 'The First King of Atlantis.'However, unknown to Aquaman, in his absence, Atlantis is attacked by the now armed Scavenger with a fleet of his submarines.

Arthur is then told to bow by The Dead King, he refuses. Aquaman marvel Dead King then asks Arthur to tell him what he knows of him. Arthur then explains that he was told by Vulko how he was was Atlantis' Greatest king and was responsible for creating Aquaman's Trident and the other Six Artifacts of Atlantis and how when Atlantis sank he went with his family to die. Arthur then demands that The Dead King releases the people of Xebel and Mera and telepathically commands a group of Sharks to attack him.

Aquaman marvel then Dead King kills the Sharks he goes on to tell Aquaman that it was Arthur who woke him up after all these years, when he made his proclamation to the creatures of the sea that he was their king. The Dead King then tells him that he is a false king and that he is the true king of Atlantis. As the Dead King is talking Arthur breaks the ice construct that Mera was held in and tells her to get ready to fight.

As this was happening, Scavenger's invasion of Atlantis was also taking place. Thinking that it might be an escape attempt for Vulko, an Atlantean Guard tries to kill him, however, this is prevented by Urn who then goes off to battle the Scavengers army.

As Arthur and Mera are swimming away from the Dead King, Arthur contemplates what the Dead King wants with them. As the Dead King gained on them, Arthur sent Mera to free her people and provided the distraction she need by throwing a ship at him. However, the Dead King is not fazed an rips through it to get to Arthur. As they fight the Dead King laments on how Arthur had never been to Xebel and how he nearly annihilated the Trench. He then proceeds to punch Aquaman through a plane and reveals that that Aquaman is not his descendant but rather, he is the descendant of the people who stole his throne and murdered his family and cements this information by stabbing Aquaman in multiple place with his ice constructs.

After Aquaman's defeat, Mera tries to rally her people to battle the Dead King but they reveal that while in the ice, the Dead King spoke to them and aquaman marvel now accept him as the true king of Atlantis. As this is happening, the Scavenger is able to find Arthur's throne in Atlantis and claim victory over Atlantis.

Aquaman and Mera are able to escape certain death but are still chased by the people of Xebel up to the barrier that cuts them off from the rest of the world. As they swim, Mera reveals to Arthur that the only person who had the authority to open the barrier was the King. Aquaman thought that was Nereus, Mera went on to tell him that Nerues wasn't the King but rather the king was her aquaman marvel but that Nereus was promised to her in marriage and that while she can open the barrier, Nerus can also close it.

Although they are able to escape from Xebel and return to Atlantis, their situation isn't any better. Arthur and Mera arrive to find the warriors of Atlantis fighting the army of the Scavenger. Scavenger seeing Arthur's return orders his men to launch the Shredder missile, Urn noticing the missile gives his life to protect Arthur form the blast.

Arthur realizing that there are too many Submarines orders his men to fall back. However, not defeated Arthur uses his telepathy to summon Topo to aide Atlantis.

However, just as Topo finishes the job, the Dead King reaches Atlantis along with the Xebel warriors at the same moment as Arthur passes out from the strain of telepathically ordering Topo.

Aquaman later wakes up to find Vulko standing over aquaman marvel who reveals that Arthur has been unconscious for 6 months. Vulko reveals that the Dead King took over control of Atlantis and that he would have died if Vulko hadn't pulled him away and that Mera has possibly been captured by the Dead King as Vulko last saw her face to face with him. Vulko then tells him that they are in Antarctica at he location of the Dead King's tomb.

He then tells Aquaman that he has to go to the Dead King's tomb as it will reveal to him the Secret of the Seven Seas. When they enter the tomb Vulko tells Aquaman that he has to sit on the Dead King's throne as it will reveal to him how to stop the Dead King.

As he is encased in ice, Aquaman is told the story how the Dead King was once Atlan the King of Atlantis and how he was betrayed by his brother Orin and by his people. How they killed his wife and children and how he was hunted and within that time he forged the Six Artifacts of Atlantis with his Arcane knowledge How he returned years later and without uttering an single word killed his brother and his queen and as Atlantis was plunged into a civil war he finally spoke after years of silence, "Let it all.die" and using his great strength sunk the great nation he had spent his lifetime building.

As Aquaman broke out of the ice that gave him the vision, Vulko explained to him that he was not a descendant of Atlan but rather the descendant of his brother Orin. He goes on to say that Arthur's ancestor had betrayed the rightful king of Atlantis in a coup which ended with all of his supporters killed and his family murdered; all out of his brothers fear of over extended gene blending leading to their once great nations collapse.

Out of rage and despair Atlan went silent aquaman marvel the death of his family, eventually vanishing from the world at large once the treacherous king Orin and his wife claimed ownership of Atlantis. Until one day returning after having forged Seven Artifacts of unspeakable power to help him single-handedly overthrow the entire continent; killing both the current king & queen of the once great empire before speaking his final words as he brandished the Scepter of Atlantis to sink his former kingdom aquaman marvel the ocean.

After having heard such a harrowing tale, Arthur set back out immediately to reclaim the kingdom he had lost from the Dead King. Searching for a means to combat Atlan and the armies of Xebel, Aquaman and Vulko head to an ocean floor off the coast of Spain to retrieve the most powerful of Atlantis's Seven Artifacts; The Dead Kings Scepter in order to gain control over the Trench, after making battle with The Dead King once more; whom decides that the seas of Atlantis have betrayed him again, preps to destroy Atlantis one final time but aquaman interrupted him; his few loyal subjects marveling at how he stopped a weapon that sank Atlantis years ago.

Pushing himself and the Dead King into an open lava vent, Arthur melted the vengeful and maddened revenant along with his scepter into molten slag soon pulling himself from the lava flow to safety. With the relic destroyed, thusly dissolving his hold over the trench who had just fled and the Xebelian army also having retreated to parts unknown. Atlantis was safe once again and its people now free Arthur embraces Mera lovingly after six long months and the two kiss passionately; much to the jealousy of a aquaman marvel Nereus, Still on the outs after all that has transpired.

Mera opts for her and Arthur to leave Atlantis behind knowing full well their adversaries madness came about from the betrayal by his responsibility, but Arthur retorts that he can't run from such a responsibility anymore as it's his disposition to bring unity between land and sea.

That he could bear such a burden if she were by his aquaman marvel, however Mera felt otherwise inclined and retreated back to their lighthouse back at amnesty bay. The lonely king sits upon his throne lamenting his wife's departure only for aquaman marvel to perk back to life the minuet she returns to his side, all under the pretense that he simply lose the beard he was sporting. Resurface of the Past Over the next couple of months Arthur would extend his criteria as ruler of Atlantis by searching through its colorful but lost history.

All beginning with his battle against it's long thought dead protector, the Karaqan. A massive sea beast nearly twice the size of Arthur's own leviathan; Topo, aquaman marvel began causing a disturbance in Iceland, Reykjavik after awakening from millennia of sleep beneath the North Atlantic Trench. During battle with the beast Arthur tries making telepathic contact with it only to be swept up in its own memories of its distant past as a protector of old Atlantis, seeing as he could not reach out to the beast even with his psychic prowess nor with being the current monarch aquaman marvel the kingdom it once protected.

Arthur had no choice but to induct a mercy kill in order to keep it from causing more havoc, much to the irritation of many an Atlantean delegate who'd been observing his battle. The appearance of this creature began to raise a host of questions on the kings mind. For starters, as to what it was that could awaken such a slumbering behemoth from the ocean depths in the first place.

Until he received word from one of his elders that a surface world designed undersea establishment had been constructed within their borders. When Aquaman went to investigate this disturbance in his kingdom however, taking note of a deep sea diver who was getting mauled by sharks in the process; he was fired upon by the facilities torpedoes.

Barely avoiding open conflict between his search party and the government sanctioned facility, Aquaman was eventually invited into Triton Base by non-other than Dr. Shin who was conscripted by a higher authority in the running of the undersea study team sanctioned by the United States Government.

Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, save the director of Triton Base, an unscrupulous doctor by the name of Edrid Orson had taken the shredded remains of the employee in question to run some under the table experiments on him in order to save his life. Meanwhile Arthur and Mera would attend an old highschool reunion back at amnesty bay. Where Arthur would recount about when and how his powers'd first kicked in back in middle school, and he would deck one of his old classmates for etching his name on an injured whale.

While a lot has changed many of his old classmates still see him as the lovable outsider they all grew up with, putting Arthur's fears of an awkward moment with people he barely remembers to rest as they all laugh while getting drunk by a campfire at Amnesty Bay. Meanwhile a world a whole world away, an archaeologist by the name of Daniel Evans manages to make off with his sacred trident.

Looking to aquaman marvel it on a device of Atlantean Origin which he found buried in Terceira Island; in the Azores. While Atlantis was discussing of events regarding a certain plant elemental about an odd occurrence of algae bloom which heavily oxygenated the atmosphere of the eastern hemisphere, the deadly Giant-Born unleashed by the misguided aims of the same man who stole Arthur's trident.

As they were about to eat the rest of the digging crew, Curry managed to crash in just in time to save the few still alive; recognizing their ancient foe in old Atlantis in his colorful symbolism. Celeana would go onto summon a legendary hero who aided the former king of the adversarial nation whom caste aquaman marvel into the hellish prison dimension with the giant-born in order to seal them away, one whom she'd driven to madness with her malefic songs into cursing and hating the Atlantean King's line for leaving him to their torments for thousands of years, he who was once regaled as the greatest hero in the history of the ancient world, the legendary Hercules.

While the maddened lion of Olympus did battle with the beleaguered King of New, Arthur tricked Hercules into trying to drown his enemy. Not knowing that the sinking of Atlantis had adapted all of it denizens into water breathers; giving Aquaman the edge he needed in order to batter the insane fallen hero into submission.

Having no real means of detaining him on Earth, AC would emplor the help of Prof. Evans in reopening the Atlantean transmatter device to send him back in. But this time to a less mind shattering dimension until he could get the poor immortal the help that he needed. Aquaman would later encounter Swamp Thing at the Terribone Perrish of Louisiana with help from the globe of travel belonging to Ya'Wara; where they would encounter him accosting a couple of poachers.

They eventually come to blows due to a misunderstanding as Aquaman took his globe spanning abilities to manipulate and control plant life, as well as there being numerous others within his sect who have the same branch of world ending power at their fingertips for cause of alarm. It wasn't until he mentioned to Alec that whatever he'd done has taken on a life of its own that hostilities were eventually abated. While catching a ride back home from the Batplane, more than a little surprised at Bruce's determining the location of his Kingdom.

He's soon attacked by a slew of sea creatures under the mental dominance of The Chimera; as the two made telepathic contact with one another there was a psychic feedback loop that made their minds reject each other.

He was eventually found by the Atlantean coast guard led by Commander Neol. Meeting his queen in the dungeons after she'd survived an assassination attempt by a radicalist sect of Atlanteans, right around the time they meet up again an earthquake commences nearly knocking over the underwater jail cell they'ed reunited in. After conversing with his wife about the creature he encountered and its escape from the now defunct Triton Base, word comes to him that a lone survivor had been airlifted to a facility to a naval hospital in Boston Harbor; said survivor was Dr.

Shin. As the two conversed over what Chimera truly was; he or it being the fruits of various medical breakthrough cultivated by Triton's study of marine biology meshed with the brain tissue samples of the deceased Karaqan. How it had intended to enslave Arthur's mind but but could not due to it's subservient nature to Atlantis's former kings.

While the two were conversing however, Chimera managed to follow Arthur all the way from Amnesty Bay. A battle broke out between the two, the former displaying his unique physiology and all the powers it bestows upon him as an amalgamation of the seas most deadly predators. During the two's clash they re-interface on the mental aquaman marvel, where each gains insight aquaman marvel the other's past and personal self. Arthur trying to coax the man who used to be Jed Coombs into submission while the Aquaman marvel looks into the life and times of a hero and a king who is disparaged by his own people for his hybrid nature.

As the fighting escalated, Chimera pressed an advantage by using a heat lamp to dry him out, in that instance Arthur remembered the downed gas tanker that was knocked over during their battle. Where he proceeded to knock the deadly assailant into it and dove into an open manhole before his heater ignited the fuel; triggering a massive explosion. Afterwards Aquaman would proceed to help the fire department pick up the pieces while looking for survivors in the wreckage, not knowing that Chimera had survived as he'd left a shedding of his skin behind.

Maelstrom of Atlantis When next seen, Arthur and an envoy of Atlantean guardsmen in an advanced undersea vessel. The good king needing the help of his old mentor, Dr. Shin in order to delve into the past in order to find out the answers as why Atlantis itself is acting strangely. Professor Evans was also brought along on their half-year expositional tour of the undersea city of Atlantis, he needed their help in understanding his kingship of the lost nation and the meaning behind the images he saw from the Karaqan part of Chimera's brain just as another aquaman marvel quake began to stir.

Before looking into the past of Atlantis, Arthur looked to deal with the under realmers who attacked his wife Mera the other day. Having them all transported to a vessel headed towards a trench in Antarctica, where these would be assassins would live the rest of their lives in exile while building their own little colony away from Atlantis. While the elder's council advised against this coarse of action, seeing as the rival kingdom of Xebel was created the same way the day Atlantis of Old banished their watershifting cousins to the penal dimension within the Bermuda Triangle.

But while Arthur acknowledges these claims he also rebuts them, seeing as such actions led to the longstanding grudge of an entire nation agaisnt their homeland for so long that the reasons behind such hatred have been lost to the annals of time. That while these dissidents hate the surface as much as they hate other sea dwellers of differing nations, that despite humanities lacking traits the humans never stop progressing in life; Arthur Curry's reasoning behind letting these would be assassins go is based on the grounds of their doing the same.

As Arthur and co litigate on the action of leniency on his part, which in turn earned a great many respects among his subjects. Dr. Shin and Prof. Evans come back in order to reveal the truth of why Atlantis seemingly rejects Arthur's sovereignty. They explain that the city itself possesses a sort of sapience grown in evolved over time by the harvesting of a collective conscientiousness belonging to every atlantean being who died in its service.

The very souls of it's citizens becoming part of the strata which comprises it, thus instating in-depth protocols within it determine whose fit to be king. With further deliberation on the matter, Shin postulated that even though he's only half-atlantean the spirit of his dead mother should've long acknowledged him as the rightful heir to the throne.

Provided that her own soul had merged into the geophysical structure of the kingdom, through this bit of insight Arthur journeyed to the resting place of his maternal figure; only to find the coffin empty of its contents. Insinuating that the former queen of Atlantis is in fact alive. With this truth now revealed, Arthur drags the former grand councilor Vulko from his cell and brings him to the grave sight of the person they both knew and loved.

To filter his poisonous former aids words Arthur enlists the help of an old friend in order to find out the truth for himself. Using his telepathy J'onn was able to discern the truth as they carried on their conversation, but not everyone was as aquaman marvel of The Martian Manhunters presence.

Tula in particular was unnerved at such a powerful outsiders presence within their home, nonetheless they trekked onward. Their latest find involved his mother's rough patch marriage to the former king of Atlantis proceeding either Orm or Arthur, the abusive Orvax Marius, former captain of the Atlantean naval fleet and father to both Orm and Tula.

On the day of his assassination by an unknown assailant, Queen Atlanna orchestrated a theater play for her youngest son's Meritunis; the right aquaman marvel adolescent ascendance by atlantean custom on his twelfth birthday.

On that day however she'd every intent of leaving Atlantis and never returning, with her son in tow. But an accident on stage of his brother's favorite historical reenactment claimed her life, Manhunter immediately went to aquaman marvel picking up on the psychic engrams of the play area, showing that Atlanna had in fact not died but instead faked her death by proxy of a dummy aquaman marvel when the staging area blew.

Arthur found the secret passage with which his mother used in order to traverse Atlantis's underground without fear of discovery.

As Shin and Evans found another touch stone area similar to what they'ed uncovered during their studies in the Archives, Arthur had Elder Leot activate it with his Atlantean Elder Key as Elder Wavi had done previous.

When activated the sudden influx of memories aquaman marvel J'onn to go berserk lashing out at everyone within the immediate area. Exiled King, Otherworldly Incursion .

Mystery of Dead Water . Rebirth . Powers & Abilities Aquaman has a number of superhuman powers, most of which was inherited from his Atlantean origins and ability to live in the depths of the ocean.

Although most Atlanteans possess superhuman physical capacities, Arthur's royal lineage and hybrid heritage makes him superior to any other Atlantean (Aquaman is for all intent and purpose, a super Atlantean). His primary differing attributes are that he can breathe outside of the water longer than the normal Atlantean and possesses the following super-Atlantean abilities: Superhuman Strength Aquaman possesses great superhuman strength sufficient to lift and throw a 50 ton tank, or punch a hole in a submerged submarine.

It is generally accepted that Arthur can easily lift well over 100 tons, as is evident when he pushed a tectonic plate downward onto a sub-aquatic trench in Aquaman Vol.1, Issue #4.

He also towed a boat with the waves pushing down onto it in Aquaman #7, aquaman marvel sucker punched Superman in Justice League #16. Even before the New 52 he is depicted carrying really massive objects that have tremendous amounts of weight, such as an oil rig platform and a city block of Sub-Diego (as shown in picture) aquaman marvel both weigh hundreds of tons.

His strength enables him to demolish through anything from thick wood to heavy metal and would take reinforced barriers to have a chance of slowing him down. Aquaman's strength is on a category that allows him to defeat and hold his own in a physical fights against brute powerhouse characters like Olympian, Slig, Wonder Woman, Triton, Lobo and Superboy.

Aquaman throwing a ship at the King In Throne of Atlantis, he has shown to be able to punch Superman, and hold his own against Wonder Woman in hand to hand combat. He has been shown among other things lifting a transatlantic ocean liner (around 160000 tons) on land, throwing an enormous cargo ship at the Dead King and throwing a nuclear submarine from the bottom of the ocean to the surface. Perhaps his most impressive feat of strength yet would be when he went toe to toe with a legendary hero (Hercules) and held his own.

Superhuman Durability / Stamina / Healing Aquaman's enhanced physiology enables him to withstand heavy impacts that would kill any normal human and gives him aquaman marvel ability to function normally on the ocean floor.

He possesses superhuman durability high enough to be unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths (to a greater degree than any other Atlantean), this also makes him tough enough to be almost invulnerable to extreme heat and gun fire.

Aquaman's durable enough to the point where he can trade hits with powerhouses like Wonder Woman and Despero. Arthur's capable of taking direct hits from automatic weapons at point blank range, head on collisions with trucks, resist powerful energy based attacks that would harm or kill most superhumans (such as Amazo's heat vision or the continent size Starro's blasts), or even Neutron's nuclear blasts, a fall to Earth outside of Earth's atmosphere and being fully submerged in lava.

His stamina is also far beyond anything human as well as the vast majority of most metahumans. In a Nightwing issue Aquaman's stamina was used as the ideal benchmark for powerful metahumans, which the League of Shadows tried to replicate (and failed). He has been shown to be able to swim across the globe non stop for extended periods of time, fight in a dimension with multiple suns for hours and be unaffected by The Trenches paralytic venom that would incapacitate a normal human.

Aquaman also aquaman marvel more than ten times faster than humans and/or normal Atlanteans (as shown in Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis #57 or Aquaman v4 and Aquaman v6). Superhuman Speed / Reflexes / Agility Aquaman's said to be the fastest being underwater and capable of swimming at a constant speed of 175 mph for several hours.

He's able to swim at very high speeds, having the ability to reaching speeds of 10,000 feet per second (20,000 under stress, Mach 17,7) and is known to have swam through Niagara Falls upstream.

In the New 52, Aquaman remains possibly the fastest swimmer in comicdom, having been able to severely out-swim The Operative's special plane ( The Living Room) which can reach hypersonic speeds (Anything between Mach 5 and Mach 10).

Second only to Mera (According to her, something that has yet to be proven), his upper limit is still unknown but at minimum Aquaman can surpass Mach 5. He can also create huge whirpools by moving at super speed or even entire tidal waves by swimming at super speed, or more impressivelly replicate the speed tricks of Flash (such as spinning his hands so fast they create minature whirpools, similar to the ones Flash uses to propel himself through air) or spin so fast he creates a vacumn in water.

In Justice League v1 #86, an injured Aquaman even mentions that normally he is faster aquaman marvel Superman underwater. In Action Comics #366 a disguised Aquaman out reacts Superman in saving the lives of numerous swimmers and then swims away at superspeed before Superman can reach him. In Justice league #5 (2016) he travels to the four corners of the Earth [Australia (South), Russia (North), Japan (East) and Atlantis (West)] and then to Canada in the same amount of time a battle between the Justice League and the Kindred takes place and in Aquaman #9 (2016).

He has also traveled from Atlantis (middle of the Atlantic Ocean) to Baltimore in mere moments, which also indicates an ability to move aquaman marvel the water at hypersonic swimming speeds.

On aquaman marvel, Aquaman has displayed his superhuman speed, agility and reflexes against meta-humans like Deathstroke, aquaman marvel Talons, Aquaman marvel Ring, and even Wonder Woman (who he was able to tackle during a fight using his speed) and Superman (who he was able to send flying after charging at him and landing a blow before Wonder Woman who was between them could react), in addition to performing feats such as dodging point blank gunfire, lightning (multiple times against Weather Wizard, after the lightning was fired), keeping up with the Flash in water (multiple times) and being able to surprise him or even cutting the weapons of 2 trained soldiers in half, before they even realized it.

His reflex factor is at least 20 times greater than a normal being. While not quite a "super-speedster," Aquaman's reflexes are superior even to metahumans such as Deathstroke the Terminator Superhuman Jump He's also capable of jumping vast distances on land and from out of the water, reaching heights of multiple stories tall (nearly appears to be flying similar to the Hulk). His leaps are so fast that allow him to cover the distance between Boston harbor/port and Boston centre/banking district near instantly, while landing precisely infront of a speeding vehicle (that would make his leaps at least High Hypersonic, Mach 10).

In Aquaman #17, it was shown that his leaping power was so powerful that he nearly flipped over a whaling ship merely by jumping onto it. Blue whales are on average heavier than 100 tons and whaling ships carry them after killing, so it's fair to assume they already had a few whales on board. Enhanced Senses / Sonar Arthur also has the ability to see, hear and smell at much greater than human capacities.

His ability to see through murky waters gives him remarkable vision at night while above water, and is capable of seeing clearly with no light sources (as deep as 36,000 ft below the ocean floor with a clear sight). He also possesses super human hearing, able to hear the heartbeat of a living being through the bulk hull of a submarine. Furthermore he has also displayed an innate sonar sense in some occasions, and the ability to feel water in near proximity. Marine Telepathy Aquaman has many powers, but his telepathic ability to communicate with marine life is known most widely.

Although this power is aquaman marvel often and most easily used on marine life, Aquaman has demonstrated the ability to affect any being that lives upon the sea or even any being that's evolved from marine life. His telepathy works best on marine life, but that has not stopped him from using mind control on other telepaths.

He's such an achieved telepath - having communicated to aquatic creatures all his life - that he can engage in mind to mind communication and mind domination of beings who are non-aquatic lifeforms (as seen on Steel, Vixen, Martian Manhunter and even the White Martian Zum).

His control was so fine he could even control the bacteria and plankton inside another person's body, making him nigh impossible to beat for any other water based character. However, after the 2011 continuity he has been depicted to only communicate indirectly to marine life and instead try to compel them to alter their midbrain for assistance (although in one occasion he was able to affect a lizard like creature and gave the Trench leader a brief pause during a fight).

Although his telepathy has been downgraded in continuity, he is still able to send his message world-wide if he needs to (as shown in Aquaman #17) and after some strain control the colossal New 52 Topo in order to defend Atlantis. After the first attempt Aquaman can now control even Topo at will (as shown in Aquaman #43).

Underwater Adaptation He is able to normally function and move underwater, unfazed by the pressure, temperatures or lack of light. Due to his super Atlantean dual origin, he is able to perform much greater physical feats than any other Atlantean (as seen for example in his fight against the mutated Black Manta, where Dolphin couldn't follow due to the pressure). Aquaman marvel Aquaman: Death of King, Tula specifically states that Aquaman has far greater physical aquaman marvel than any other normal Atlantean.

Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation) Aquaman possesses hydrokinesis (the ability to control water molecules) and can manipulate water in any shape or form, like shields or melee weapons. In the early animated television show, he is shown hurling hard-water spheres, creating whirlpools, and many other hydro-kinetic depictions. In the Justice League movie, we see Aquaman holding back thousands of gallons of water, allowing Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman an opportunity to escape the flood caused during their battle with SteppenWolf.

Poseidon's Blessing In aquaman marvel story Arthur seems to gain a whole new grasp of abilities related to or are an extension of this aspect. Using his limited connection of what quite possibly is reminiscent to The Clear/The Blue, Aquaman was able to part an intruding field of thule magic bile in order to infiltrate a different dimension structure showcasing him using some mystic liquid bending capability, later when truly sanctified by Poseidon Arthur had been granted a host aquaman marvel mystical attributes which served to protect him from foul power.

Master Swimmer Aquaman is considered to be the fastest being underwater, exceeding speeds of 150 to 250mph for several hours. He is known to accelerate faster for shorter time intervals, reaching speeds up to Mach 17.

Aquaman marvel begins to tire at that rate of movement after ten minutes; in essence, he can travel 2000 miles through the ocean's depths in roughly 8 minutes before fatigue sets in. He has been trained in aquatic movement/swimming since he was a child by his father, Dr.

Shin (probably the DCnU's premier marine biologist), and Vulko of the Atlantean High Council. Expert Combatant Aquaman has trained with the Atlantean army (and at some point he was the one training his most skilled warriors), the Justice League, specifically Batman and Hawkman and various other sources such as the Others (even before the Justice League was formed).

Aquaman marvel also revealed in that all the Others, including Aquaman, are trained in team tactics with specific destinations such as "defensive alignment", depending on the situation.He is exceptionally skilled with his trident (and also swords) and excels in hand-to-hand combat with exceptional martial abilities. Expert Tactician / Leader Aquaman has an advanced strategic sense and had natural leadership qualities, having led Atlantis and it's army multiple times, as well as the Justice League and the Others.

He has also come up with effective attack strategies against JL opponents such as Darkseid and the Cheetah and even managed to end an alien invasion on his own when he tricked the Hunters/Gatherers in revealing their plans to the entire world, after uniting all of Earth's underwater Kingdoms. Royalty Arthur is Atlantean royalty, thus granted diplomatic immunity on the surface world, as well as the ability to act as a diplomat for his kingdom.

He was a natural born leader, having served him well while protecting Poseidonis. Weaponry & Equipment New 52 Trident of Poseidon After the event's of Maelstrom, Aquaman now possesses the weapon of an old sea monarch, given to him by the Posiedon himself, further increasing his already impressive powers.

The new Trident allows Aquaman to control and channel the power of the storm. Such as generating tsunami's, calling down lightning, conjuring ice and making the earth tremble as well as enabling instant teleportation anywhere using water as a medium, even to different planets (although it happened by accident, due to Aquaman not being completely focused) and enables unaided flight.

Aquaman marvel Trident is also indestructible, having been forged by Hephaestus the Greek God of Fire and Smithing, creator of Wonder Woman's indestructible Lasso of Truth aquaman marvel Weapon procuring Bracers.

The Trident can also shrink down to the size of a Short Sword, making it easier to carry or hide. King Atlan's Trident Aquaman's Trident (crafted for Atlan, the first king of Atlantis) is his standard weapon of choice. It's indestructible, able to hurt even the toughest of opponents; having been the only member of the Justice League to puncture and bleed Darkseid. He has also been depicted of breaking though the magical ice barrier of Graves that seemed impossible at the time, cut through steel like nothing or even deflect magical blasts back to their source.

Said to be the most powerful among a set of weapons created by Atlantean artifacts for the hands of the first king of Atlantis, Aquaman is always carrying it with him as a symbol of his authority and a deadly weapon if the need arises (although any further powers have yet to be revealed). Former Powers & Equipment Pre-New 52 Access to The Clear Aquaman also had the ability to access "The Clear" which Swamp Thing and Animal Man also came in contact with it as well.

With Arthur being able to access the Clear he has the ability to sense primal emotions of aquatic creatures. The Clear seems to function as a universal consciousness of all sea life enabling him communicate to them from across the other side of the world and catch sight of what they see. Aquaman also had the potential to reach out to land creatures by finding the elements of their brain that was passed from their marine hereditary.

His ability to access to "The Clear" has yet to be determined aquaman marvel continuity. Harpoon Hand After being aquaman marvel by his powers and loosing his hand to Charybdis, Aquaman replaced his hand with a harpoon tip.

eventually he had to retrofit after losing said weapon to Corona, with one created by S.T.A.R. Labs (one of DC Earth's most prominent technological institutions) which had a multitude of uses such as firing the spear end along a cable line, that could be energized, at great distances and absolute accuracy (the line being powerful enough to restrain Angels and a charging Superboy), spinning like a drill (allowing him to burrow through the surface of the Earth) and the tip itself being incredibly sharp (able to cut through powerful opponents such as Power Ring and/or the Deep Six).

In it's final form the harpoon hand was made by atlantean design crafted from indestructible liquid smart metal, allowing Aquaman to control it aquaman marvel with mental commands, discharge powerful energy blasts, transforming into various weapons, shielding or armor, discharge energy blasts and can turn into a fully functioning hand form (which was the standard when not in battle) Water-Hand (Magic) The mechanical harpoon hand was replaced by a magical hand made out of water from the secret sea, given to him by the Lady of the Lake which grants Aquaman numerous abilities.

Ones such as the ability to control water on a massive scale (like creating, controlling and splitting colossal tidal waves plus creating hard water construct's), the ability to dehydrate anyone he touches with it, killing them instantly, the ability to change the shape and density of the hand (for example Orin can make his hand into a sword or harder than steel), shoot jets of scalding water, healing abilities, the ability to create portals into mystical dimensions, communicate with the Lady of the Lake through the water bearer hand and the ability to nullify magic even from powerful sorcerers like Tempest and utilize magic of it's own to dispel potent reality warps by individuals like Ocean Master.

Since the transformation to the Dweller and his return to the living, Aquaman now appears to have a normal hand. Whether he retains any mystic abilities has yet to be determined. Trident of Neptune/Poseidon A gift given to Aquaman by the greek God of the Sea; Poseidon (who also gallivanted as Neptune) after Aquaman defeated Poseidon's treacherous son, Triton.

Leaving it behind in the new King of the Seas capable hand. Orin utilized the trident quite a few times, when the situation demands it, and showed the ability to manipulate water, fire powerful energy bolts, open and close fissures between dimensions and amplify inherent magical powers.

Due to it being forged by cyclops's from the fabled adamantine it is also indestructible as well, and able to hurt even the most powerful of opponents, such as the heralds of Imperiex.

Ocean Embodiment / Water Elemental Numerous times king Orin had been mystically or metaphysically trans-morphed into living water, water which when bonded to any other liquid body would give him full control over it. Becoming an elemental manifest of the four elements and quite possibly the clear's avatar on earth, Arthur could literally utilize planetary water bodies aquaman marvel his ultimate weapon, aquaman marvel having been merged to the sea itself in order to drown the then risen city of Atlantis back beneath the waves.

Again when he merged with the anti entity of the Water Bearer known as The Thist and nearly sucked the life giving oceans of the world bone dry if left unchecked, and finally again during Brightest Day after Aquaman had been tasked with finding Jackson Hyde and undoing the release of dangerous Xebelian prisoners.

Where he had been atomized by the white light only to be reborn as an elemental of water meant to re-imbue the resurrected Alec Hollend with his natural power and restore it's planetary guardian to life. Weaknesses Water Deprivation Although he can remain underwater indefinitely without suffering an ill effects, Aquaman grows weak if he continues to dwell on land for a period of time without hydrating (like all humans). Character Profile • Real Name: Arthur Curry • Occupation: Atlantean king, superhero • Height: 6' 3" • Weight: 350 lbs (159 kg) • Eye Color: Blue • Hair Color: Blonde • I dentity: Public • Place of Aquaman marvel : Amensty Bay, Maine U.S.A.

• Citizenship : U.S. Citizen, Atlantean • Base: Formerly Poseidonis, Amnesty Bay • Education: High School; tutored by Atlantean scholars • Known Relatives: Mera (Wife), Queen Atlanna (Mother, Deceased), Tom Curry (Father, Deceased), Andy Curry (Daughter) Ocean Master (Half-Brother); Pre-New 52: King Atlan (Father, Deceased), Atlanna (Mother, Deceased), Mera (Wife), Porm (Adopted Mother), Tom Curry (Adopted Father, Deceased), Ocean Master (Half-Brother), Deep Blue (Half-Sister), Arthur Curry Jr.

(Son, Deceased), Orin (Ancestor), Kordax (Ancestor) • Partnerships: Mera, Aqualad, Green Arrow, Topo; Pre-New 52: Vulko, Dolphin, A.J., Guardian of Hy-Brasil, Tsunami, Nuada, Sea Devils, Power Girl, Deep Blue Other Media Animated Film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths He made a brief appearance in the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths fighting in the JLA satalite and again with other heroes at the end, was voiced by Josh Keaton. Justice League: The New Frontier He also had a cameo in Justice League: The New Frontier, again voiced by his Smallville actor Alan Ritchson.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox In 2013, an animated movie based on the DC Comics event, Flashpoint, was released. Aquaman played a rather large part. In the beginning, Aquaman helps remove a bomb from one of the rogues. In the altered timeline, he cheats on Mera with Wonder Woman. Angered by his actions, Mera engages in a battle with Diana. Unfortunately, she loses, as Diana cuts off her head. This escalates into a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons.

He was voiced by Carey Elwes. JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Aquaman appears in the film as a member of the Justice League. He voice was provided by Liam O'Brien. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Aquaman appeared in the film, based off the comic book story arc of the same name.

The film was released in 2015. The film is a sequel to Justice League: War which also took inspiration from The New 52. He was voiced by Matt Lanter. Live-Action Film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Jason Momoa as Aquaman Jason Momoa portrayed Aquaman in a brief cameo appearance, marking his first live-action cinematic appearance.

Wonder Woman finds footage of Aquaman that Lex Luthor had somehow obtained, which includes the aquaman marvel future members of the Justice League. In the footage, Aquaman is seen swimming in a sunken ship, and attacks the camera before swimming away at with superhuman speed.

Despite being featured only briefly, Aquaman was included in the marketing for the film, with a teaser poster showing Momoa being released to the public. He was also included in the film's action figure line from Mattel, including a version that featured the character in his classic orange and green costume. Justice League (2017) Justice League Aquaman makes his first full appearance in the crossover movie, with Jason Momoa reprising his role.

In a departure from the comics, Aquaman is initially portrayed as a surly loner of sorts. Despite being the heir to the throne of Atlantis, he has refused to claim his birthright. Bruce Wayne first encounters Arthur Curry after tracking him to Iceland, where Arthur has been using his powers to bring fish to feed the hungry. He rejects Bruce's offer to join the team, but is forced into action when Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis in search of one of the Mother Boxes. After Steppenwolf escapes with the item, Mera convinces Arthur to go after him, saying it's what his mother would have done.

Arthur dons the suit of Atlantean battle armor that had been worn by King Atlan and arms himself with a trident, determined to get the Mother Box back. During the final battle, Arthur joins the other member of the League in fighting off Steppenwolf's army of Parademons. He also appears in the 2021 director's cut, Zack Snyder's Justice League. Aquaman (2018) Aquaman's classic costume Aquaman will have his own live action film set in the DCEU.

As his half brother King Orm aims to declare war upon the surface world aquaman marvel to the pollution caused to the seas) and Arthur Curry (Jason Mamoa) is the only one who can stop him by taking his place as king of Atlantis. The film will be directed by James Wan, with a cast that includes Amber Heard as Mera, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Patrick Wilson as Prince Orm/Ocean Master, Willem Dafoe as Professor Vulko, Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna and Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2022) Aquaman in the sequel A 2022 sequel is currently in the works, with most of the cast from the first film returning and James Wan once again directing. Television Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure The Adventures of Aquaman Aquaman has been one of DC's stars on television.

He was very popular in the 1960s and had his own cartoon. This cartoon later merged with a Superman cartoon to become the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1968). Aquaman had some powers on this show that was not in the comics at the time. He had the ability to throw hard water balls and the ability to create whirlpools while swimming at super speed. Storm and Imp and Tusky, along with Aqualad were in every episode and Mera was not openly his love interest, but a woman from Atlantis who appeared in less than a third aquaman marvel the episodes.

While Aquaman did not live in Atlantis, he and Aqualad rescued Atlantis frequently. Some of his villains were from the comics, but others like Queen Vassa and The Brain were new. Superfriends Aquaman in all his glory Aquaman was also popular enough to be one of the early stars of the Superfriends (1973), and the various derivative series ( Superfriends Hour (1977), Challenge of the Superfriends (1978), World's Greatest Superfriends (1979), Super Powers Team (1985), etc.

Collectively these are known as Superfriends I - VI ). Throughout much of the series his role and image diminished as his abilities were ignored or portrayed as ineffective.

It was at this time that he became the butt of many jokes and was stereotyped as useless. Aquaman was voiced by Norman Alden in the 1973 and 1977 shows. From Challenge of the Super Friends onward, aquaman marvel was voiced by William Callaway. It is interesting to note that Aquaman did not have a speaking role in the 1st episode of Challenge of the Super Friends and that Callaway voiced the Flash in that show and voiced Aquaman after that. This is the most infamous version of Aquaman, and it has tainted Aquaman's reputation and turned him into a joke in the public's eye.

It should be noted that Aquaman was not the only one to have his reputation tainted by this show, as Hawkman suffered just as much, though his poor reputation did not enter into public consciousness the way Aquaman's did. Superman: The Animated Series Superman: The Animated Series He first appeared in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Fish Story" where he had his more classic costume. He is shown to be considered an urban legend voiced by Miguel Ferrer.

He comes into conflict with Lex Luthor, whose experiments are damaging Atlantis. He is shown to be suspicious of "Surface Dwellers". Justice League Justice League: The Animated Series When the Justice League was made into a cartoon, Aquaman was dropped as one of the founders and replaced with Hawkgirl to have more of a gender balance. But he did go on to make an appearance later. Aquaman first appears in Justice League in the episode "The Enemy Below".

He recruits the Justice League to help him fight his half-brother, Orm, known in the comics as Ocean Master. Both Mera and his son make cameo appearances. In the beginning of the episode, Aquaman has no hook hand, but resembles his late 90s counterpart, having drastically changed his appearance since his last appearance in Superman: The Animated Series. Soon he is forced to cut off his hand to save his son.

Once Orm is defeated, Aquaman returns to his kingdom. He later seeks out the villain Solomon Grundy in the events of the episode "The Terror Beyond". He takes Grundy to Dr. Fate and his wife Inza. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl intervene when they realize Aquaman is doing this. They accompany Fate, Aquaman, and Grundy to fight the monster Chithulthu, aquaman marvel destroyed most of the Thanagarian civilization.

Hawkgirl is captured by the monster, and Grundy sacrifices his life to save who he calls "BirdNose". Aquaman is seen paying his respect to Grundy afterward. When Aquaman is not residing in Atlantis, he is seen living at Dr. Fate's aquaman marvel with Amazo and Shayera Hol, after she leaves the League. Justice League Unlimited Aquaman in JLU In Justice League Unlimited, Aquaman appears in the episode "Ultimatum". He helps the Justice League fight some lava monsters until the group made by Cadmus, the Ultimen arrive.

When the majority of the Ulitimen go rogue, Aquaman helps take down the members known as Downpour and Shifter. He next appears in the episode "Terror from beyond" where he and Dr. Fate enlist Solomon Grundy's aid to defeat the original demon entities that were defeated by Atlantis's King Atlan. This brings him into confrontation with Superman, Wonderwoman and Hawkwoman, but they soon aquaman marvel their efforts once they realize the reasons for rescuing Grundy from the authorities.

Aquaman also appears in the episode "Wake the Dead". He encounters a newly resurrected Solomon Grundy along with Shayera Hol (who is Hawkwoman after abandoning her Thanagarian and weapons/armor), Vixen, Green Lantern, Dr.

Fate, Amazo, and Superman. He attempts to fight Grundy, but in the end Shayera is the only one capable of taking him down. Aquaman makes a cameo in the episode "Hereafter pt.1", on a monitor screen that Aquaman marvel finds when he is thrown into an alternate future.

In this timeline, Aquaman is shown to be dead, along with the rest of the league. Aquaman is voiced by Scott Rummel. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Aquaman and his family in The Brave and the Bold Voiced by John Di Maggio, Aquaman has become a popular and regular supporting member of the cast, even producing his own catch phrase "Outrageous!".

His costume is a more classic look with short hair but he incorporates the beard. His personality is larger than life and outgoing, often giving his adventures long names. Aquaman had followed Batman on many adventures along with his supporting cast of Aqualad, Mera and Authur Jr. His enemies Black Manta, Fisherman and Ocean Master also are reucurring characters. One notable episode "Aquaman's outrageous adventure!" stars Aquaman and Mera as they aquaman marvel a road trip through the USA and team up with many heroes, despite Mera wanting a nice vacation.

Smallville Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry on "Smallville." Aquaman is one of DC's most recognized heroes. A version of the Aquaman character appeared in the live action drama Smallville in 2005.

Played by Alan Ritchson first appearing in the episode "Aqua" before others. His costume is that of an orange and green wetsuit. He is shown to be able to throw Water Balls that cause massive damage just like in his earliest animated depictions. The appearance of Aquaman was very well received.

He appeared in 4 episodes (Aqua, Justice, Odyssey, and Patriot. The last of which introduced Mera as his wife) A pilot for a potential live action was produced. See next entry - Aquaman Series Justin Hartley as Arthur Curry Aquaman series ( Mercy Reef) pilot was created in 2006, starring Justin Hartley. But it came just as the WB and UPN networks were merging into the CW Network, and the Network decided not to pick it up as a series.

Hartley instead became a regular on Smallville in the role of Green Arrow. The pilot may be found on occasionally on Youtube or as an extra from one of the Smallville season DVD's. Young Justice Aquaman and Lagoon Boy Aquaman appears in a number of episodes of the animated series, voiced by Phil LaMarr.

In the show, he is the king of Atlantis and is known by the name Orin rather than Arthur. It is revealed that he was attacked one day by Ocean Master, but was saved by the intervention of two Atlantean teens named Kaldur'ahm and Garth. He offered to take on the boys as his apprentices, but Garth declined. Kaldur agreed, and became Aqualad, Aquaman's sidekick. He acts as a mentor to Aqualad in Season 1, and to Lagoon Boy in Season 2, after Aqualad seemingly defects to join Black Manta (though this is merely a ruse).

In the third season, Orin officially steps back from the world of superheroics, allowing Kaldur to take his place as the new Aquaman. Teen Titans Go! Aquaman makes a number of cameo appearances in Teen Titans Go!. He is matched with Starfire in the episode "matched" causing Robin to try to be like him.

Harley Quinn Aquaman appears in the Harley Quinn animated series, voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos. Aquaman: King of Atlantis Aquaman is the subject of his own HBO Max limited series, voiced by Cooper Andrews. The cartoon is more comedic in nature, focusing on Aquaman’s early days after he takes the throne aquaman marvel Atlantis.

Aquaman marvel Night Live Spoofs of Aquaman have appeared numerous places, including various YouTube performances, Saturday Night Live. Craig Ferguson Show Aquaman is/was a recurring bit on the Craig Ferguson Show. Entourage The third season of the show Entourage revolved around the plot of an Aquaman Movie in production directed by James Cameron doing huge numbers at the box office.

Since the British Petroleum oil spill in the Aquaman marvel of Mexico he has aquaman marvel numerous mentions in various media. Other Shows Aquaman has also spoof on numerous animated sitcoms. In South Park season 5 episode 3, we are introduced to one of the "Super Best Friends", Seaman who operates along with his sidekick Swallow.

The rest of the team constantly makes fun of him, pronouncing his name "semen", which triggers his rage and a snappy "it's SEA-MAN" answer each time. Parody versions have appeared many times on Robot Chicken and he was a starring character in that show's season five opener. The timing corresponded with a Robot Chicken variant cover for Aquaman #12. Video Games Justice League Task Force Justice League Task Force Aquaman made his video game debut in this title for the Sega Genesis and SNES systems.

In the game, Aquaman serves as one of the playable Justice League, alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman marvel Arrow. Aquaman fights hand-to-hand in the Aquaman marvel version, but wields his triend in the Sega Genesis version (which was produced by a different team). In the SNES version, Aquaman is also able to throw water balls, much like in the old Filmation cartoon, while he can throw his trident in the Genesis version.

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Battle for Atlantis In 2003, Aquaman received his first (and only) solo video game, which was released on the Xbox and Gamecube. A third-person action game, the title featured Aquaman trying to defend Atlantis from Black Manta, as well as a conspiracy aquaman marvel Ocean Master to steal the throne from him. Aquaman sported his 90's design, complete with the long hair and hook hand.

The game is notable for its negative critical and commercial reception, and is frequently listed as one of the worst games ever made. Justice League Heroes Justice League Heroes Aquaman appears aquaman marvel a playable character in the game, voiced by Bryce Johnson. In battle, he uses water-based abilities, like forming water swords or summoning whirlpools.

He sports his water hand look from the early 2000's, rather than his classic look or his 90's appearance with the long hair. He is obtained by paying 25 Orange Shields to unlock. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe While not appearing in game the prequel comic shows Aquaman being destroyed by the violent merger between the DC and MK worlds.

Batman Brave and the Bold: The Game Aquaman plays a support role in the game. DC Universe Online Aquaman in this game is voiced by Jens Anderson. Aquaman ends up mind controlled by Circe into attacking the surface world. This causes the players characters to team with Martian Manhunter to defeat him.

Aquaman commands a variety of undersea monsters as minions. Lego Batman 2: Aquaman marvel Superheroes Aquaman is an unlockable character. Infinite Crisis Aquaman is a playable character in now defunct Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Turbine and Warner Bro.

Interactive Enterntainment. As of August 2015, Infinite Crisis aquaman marvel it's servers are shut down. Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice: Gods Among Us Aquaman is one of the 24 playable characters in this game, with Phil LaMarr reprising his role from Young Justice.

The good version of Aquaman is one of the characters summoned to the Regime universe, alongside Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Joker (the latter two were summoned by accident).

The alternate Aquaman is on Regime Superman's side, and is negotiating for Regime Superman to have full control of Atlantis, much to the main Aquaman's horror. Aquaman teams up with the others plus Insurgency Batman to put an end to the Aquaman marvel once and for all.

DC Legends Aquaman: King of Atlantis King of Atlantis Aquaman: KoA is a Mystical class hero. Game Bio: Raised on land, Arthur Curry discovered his true identity as the lost King of Atlantis, an aquatic civilization that rules the Seven Seas.

The son of a humble lighthouse keeper, Arthur Curry believed he was a normal boy until his mother, on her deathbed, revealed that she was the exiled Queen of the undersea aquaman marvel of Atlantis. As he matured, Arthur discovered his remarkable ability to endure the deepest ocean depths and communicate with all sea life, leading to him eventually claim his crown as the rightful King of Atlantis.

Now, he bears the enormous responsibility of leading an undersea nation as well as safeguarding three-quarters of the planet. Aquaman: King of Atlantis was released in March 2017. Aquaman: Rider of the King Tide Aquaman: RotKT is a Mystical class hero. Game Bio: Raised on land, Arthur Curry discovered his true identity as the lost King of Atlantis, an aquatic civilization that rules the Seven Seas. The son of a humble lighthouse keeper, Arthur Curry believed he was a normal boy until his mother, on her deathbed, revealed that she was the exiled Queen of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

As he matured, Arthur discovered his remarkable ability to endure the deepest ocean depths and communicate with all sea life, leading to him eventually claim his crown as the rightful King of Atlantis. Now, he bears the enormous responsibility of leading an undersea nation as well as safeguarding three-quarters of the planet.

Rider of the King Tide Aquaman: Rider of the King Tide was released in November 2017 and is based on the live action Zack Snyder movie version. Injustice 2 Injustice 2 Aquaman returns in the sequel, once again voiced by Phil LaMarr. Aquaman has now returned to Atlantis after the events aquaman marvel the first game, and has cut off all contact with the surface world. Now jaded and cynical due to the heavy losses Atlantis suffered in the last game, he initially rejects Green Lantern's request to help fight off Brainiac's invasion.

This leads to a fight between the two, and Aquaman is forced back into action after Brainiac's forces attack Atlantis. Green Lantern's defense of aquaman marvel kingdom wins Aquaman's respect, though the king is still hesitant to help. However, Aquaman finally joins Green Lantern's cause after Brainiac captures Atlantis for his collection. Merchandise DC Universe Classics and DC Multiverse • The same year Super Friends debuted on television, Aquaman was given his own figure from Mego.

He was chosen due to the Filmation Aquaman cartoon, reruns of which were still airing during the 70's. • Aquaman was later featured in the DC Super Powers Collection by Kenner. • The long-haired, hook-handed version of Aquaman from the 90's was later featured in Kenner's Total Justice series.

• Aquaman received numerous figures and statues from the DC Direct line. • Mattel produced numerous figures of Aquaman, including his animated and cinematic incarnations. Several iterations of the character were featured in the DC Multiverse line.

• Companies such as Sideshow Collectibles, Iron Studios and Kotobukiya have produced various statues and busts of Aquaman. • DC Collectibles has also produced many Aquaman products, including a version from the Injustice video game. • Funko produced several Funko POP! figures of Aquaman. • Aquaman has been aquaman marvel in several Lego kits, including some for the Justice League film.

• Hot Toys produced Aquaman figures for the Justice League film and aquaman marvel solo spin-off. • Aquaman was featured in the DC Multiverse line from McFarlane Toys.

• Injustice • Space Jam: A New Legacy • Justice Society: World War II • Zack Snyder's Justice League • Justice League DARK: Apokolips War • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part • Aquaman • Teen Titans Go!

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