47 meters down

47 meters down

• United States • United Kingdom Language English Budget $12 million [2] Box office $46.7 million [2] 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is a 2019 survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts and 47 meters down by Roberts and Ernest Riera, [3] and a standalone sequel to 47 Meters Down (2017). None of the cast from the previous film returns here. The new cast consists of Sophie Nélisse, Corinne Foxx, Brianne Tju, Sistine Stallone, Davi Santos, Khylin Rhambo, Brec Bassinger, Nia Long and John Corbett.

The plot follows a group of girls who scuba dive to a sunken Mayan city, only to be trapped by a group of sharks that are swimming in it. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was released in the United States on August 16, by Entertainment Studios. The film had grossed $46.1 million against a $12 million budget, the two films have grossed over $100 million worldwide.

Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 3.1 Development • 3.2 Filming • 4 Release • 5 Reception • 5.1 Box office • 5.2 Critical response • 6 References • 7 External links Plot [ edit ] Teenager Mia and stepsister Sasha have just moved to a new school. Another student, Catherine, pushes Mia into the campus pool with Sasha as a bystander.

Mia's father Grant learns about the incident and plans a boat ride for the sisters to see the great white sharks, hoping the two will bond. Grant gives Mia a tooth of a great white shark he found and recounts when Mia used to scuba dive with him. On the day of the boat ride, Mia is shocked to see that Catherine and her friends are also there for the tour.

Sasha's friends Alexa and Nicole arrive and tempt them both to go to a secret place with them. The girls get in Alexa's car and have a fun time together at the secret lagoon. Alexa reveals that the lagoon has an entrance to a submerged Mayan city where Grant and his two assistants—Carl and Alexa's boyfriend Ben—are working to prepare for a visit from a group of archaeologists the following week. After finding scuba gear, Nicole persuades the girls to dive through the city, eventually reaching an ancient sacrificial chamber.

They encounter a cavefish, and Nicole accidentally knocks over a stone column, causing a chain reaction of collapses. The girls become separated by the silt until Mia and Alexa find Ben, who is suddenly devoured by a great white shark and drops the guideline.

The girls find each other and are chased by a shark into a tunnel, causing a cave-in to the lagoon's entrance. The girls decide to go back for the guideline but encounter a shark forcing the girls to swim deeper into the city until they reach an air pocket. Mia hears music in the water and leaves the girls behind in an attempt to 47 meters down help. Elsewhere, Carl, who is listening to the music, is later attacked and killed by a shark. Mia eventually finds his body, and Grant saves her.

The 47 meters down reunite with the other girls, who came looking for her. They realize the shark is 47 meters down, having evolved within the caves, and they are able to distract the shark with sounds and make their escape. The group surfaces at a clearing where a pulley system ascender is set in place. However, two sharks come to the surface, and Nicole panics. She attempts to climb up the rope as Alexa is going up, inadvertently causing the rope, and both of them to fall back into the water, where Nicole is ripped apart and devoured in a feeding frenzy by two sharks.

Grant explains that the only way out is to swim back down even deeper in order to find another exit, which will let them come out in the ocean, but is killed by a shark moments later.

Mia, Sasha, and Alexa swim into the caves alone, eventually coming upon a strong current that catches Sasha and separates her from the others. Alexa makes it to the other entrance but is attacked by one of the sharks, and Mia is dragged into the 47 meters down. Alexa escapes the shark by taking off her air tank but eventually drowns. Mia reunites with Sasha at the lower current, and they swim into a newly discovered cave. At the end of the cave, they find a crevice that leads to the surface, but a shark appears and attacks them.

Climbing up the narrow crevice, both girls alternatively get caught in the tight space and must abandon their now empty air tanks to escape. At the surface, they see a tour boat and start swimming towards it until they realize it is chumming the water to attract sharks. Mia and Sasha get the tourists' attention as they are attacked by the sharks. While Mia makes it onto the boat, Sasha is grabbed by a shark. Mia jumps back into the water and shoots the shark with a flare gun, freeing Sasha.

Sasha reaches the boat, but Mia is dragged into the water by another shark. She escapes by stabbing the shark's eye with the tooth given to her by Grant. Mia swims to the boat and reunites with Sasha as a shocked Catherine watches the boat's staff tend to their wounds. Cast [ edit ] Left to right: Sistine Stallone, Sophie Nélisse, Corinne Foxx discuss the film • Sophie Nélisse as Mia • Corinne Foxx as Sasha • Brianne Tju as Alexa • Sistine Stallone as Nicole • Davi Santos 47 meters down Ben • Khylin Rhambo as Carl • Brec Bassinger as Catherine • John Corbett as Grant • Nia Long as Jennifer Production [ edit ] Development [ edit ] In September 2017, it was announced that production studio The Fyzz Facility was working on a sequel to 47 Meters Down, titled 48 Meters Down.

Johannes Roberts returned as director, and again co-wrote the script with Ernest Riera. James Harris and Mark Lane produced the film, as they did the first, and were joined by Robert Jones.

[4] The sequel 47 meters down place in Mexico, and centers around a group of young women who decide to explore some hidden underwater ruins located 47 meters down the beaten trail. Production was overseen by Altitude Film Sales, and potential buyers were sought in Toronto. [5] In August 2018, a teaser trailer for the film was released, with a new official title 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter, before filming had begun. [6] By December of the same year, the film had been re-titled 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

[7] [8] [9] [10] Tomandandy reteams with director Johannes Roberts to compose the second film of 47 Meters Down Uncaged. Varèse Sarabande Records has released the soundtrack. Filming [ edit ] Principal photography for the film took place at Pinewood Indomina Studios, Dominican Republic, the Underwater Studio in Basildon and Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, from December 2018 to February 2019. [11] [12] [13] [14] Release [ edit ] Entertainment Studios handled distribution for the film, and initially set the release for June 28, 2019.

[15] In February 2019, it was announced the release date had been pushed back to August 16, 2019, in order to avoid competition with Annabelle Comes Home. [16] Release dates for 47 meters down countries include August 23 (Indonesia), August 28 (South Korea), August 29 (Portugal, Singapore), August 30 (India), September 26 (Chile, Peru), October 10 (Germany) and November 20 (Brazil).

The movie was released direct to DVD in the UK on February 3, 2020 and added to Netflix in April 2020, without a theatrical release in the country. Reception [ edit ] Box office [ edit ] As of November 7, 2019 [update], 47 Meters Down has grossed $22.26 million in the United States and Canada, and $24.5 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $46.78 million.

[2] In the United States and Canada, the film was released alongside Blinded by the Light, Where'd You Go, Bernadette and Good Boys, and was projected to gross $11–14 million from 2,853 theaters in its opening weekend.

[17] It made $3.2 million on its first day, including $516,000 from Thursday night previews. The film went on to debut to $8.4 million, down from the original's $11.2 million, and finishing sixth.

[18] The film dropped 54% in its second weekend to $3.9 million, finishing 11th. [19] Critical response [ edit ] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 45% based on 88 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7/10. The website's critical consensus reads, " 47 Meters Down: Uncaged may not be as ruthlessly efficient as its finned villains, but fans of shark peril thrillers should find it just chummy enough." [20] On Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, the film has a score of 43 out of 100, based on 17 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews." [21] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C+" on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it an average 2.5 out of 5 stars and a 52% "definite recommend." [18] References [ edit ] • ^ "47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)".

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47 meters down

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47 meters down

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Johnson Producers James HarrisMark LaneArnaud Lannic Studio Lionsgate Rating PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) Content advisory Alcohol usefoul languagesexual contentviolence Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) 47 meters down Available to watch on supported devices This is one of those movies where 'it looks great' to the layperson, but the tech and 'backstory' is so bad, that if you know ANYTHING about diving, you realize this started 'jumping the shark' (pun intended) from the first few minutes.

From poorly explained dive science (you don't 'automatically' get the bends from nitrogen bubbles 'on the brain') and you don't put a group of tourists in a shark cage without a knowledgeable guide (who is an experienced 47 meters down. You don't have sharks hunt you like a meth'd out manhunter, either.and when you dive without a wrist compass, or dive knife.well.idiot tourists SHOULD be on the 'menu'.

This was a movie MADE-BY-MURPHY about just how much POSSIBLY COULD go wrong on a number of dives.not all in one dive! I was left with questions like 'what is the drama here, that they dove with sharks for their first time, that the sharks wanted to eat them, that they were going to drown from lack of sufficient air, or that they were locked in a cage at the very lower limits of 'amateur 47 meters down I was confused.and about mid-movie, I realized.the shark was so much more on his game than the 'shady charter boat captain', his 'non-experienced shark assistants' or the moronic girl clients that they put in a shark cage without a guide.so, I was FORCED TO ROOT FOR THE METH'D OUT MONSTER KILLER SHARKS (which were Great White Sharks.called 'nurse sharks' once in the script, just for 'OMG' good measure).

AVOID THIS MOVIE.GO SEE SHARKNADO.at least it doesn't take itself THAT SERIOUSLY!!! 12 people found this helpful I love Jaws, Jaws 2, and Jaws 3-D was a childhood staple that I know nostalgia still favors. That said, I've gone on to love the following and aside from missing a John William's score, I'd say THE SHALLOWS is actually the heir apparent to Jaws. It is incredible viewing experience. Below this films at the awesomely fun BAIT, SHARK NIGHT, and DEEP BLUE SEA. Somewhere in between JAWS/SHALLOWS is 47 Meters, a smaller scale feeling outing.

But the underwater cinematography and the attention to suspense was absolutely enveloping. I felt like I was down there with them, trapped, and wanting to try other options than what they tried. I don't normally yell at the scream--and if I usually do it's because the characters are dumb.

I don't think so here, the situation is a lot more complicated and one I don't think I would survive.

47 meters down

15 people found this helpful I love killer shark movies (with the exception of the bad Sharknado movies - ugh!) and this one was a decent watch. Very suspenseful, terrifying, and claustrophobic as these two women are trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a botched shark cage expedition.

This is along the lines of The Shallows -- another great shark movie. 21 people found this helpful First off, I only tuned in to this movie because I was bored and shark movies can be intriguing.

I didn't expect much honestly, although the fact that Mandy Moore was in it was somewhat random and interesting. I gotta say.it was pretty good actually. They did a decent job on visuals and the acting and story was good enough. Very entertaining, I recommend giving it a go if you're looking for some suspense and to never enter the ocean again.

9 people found this helpful Ok, shark attacks are not rocket science. LOL! But, this had me sitting 47 meters down the edge of my seat the entire time. It took the typical attack to a completely different level and really latched on to two or three of people's fears at the same time. The ending was a total surprise and I really liked that twist. I would watch it again but the suspense factor would probably not be as intense. :-) It was entertaining! 16 people found this helpful I loved this movie!

I am claustrophobic and afraid of drowning so for me this was the ultimate in fear and suspense. The girl's acting was pretty good. Some parts were not so believable but still the shark scenes were frightening and well done.

I've watched it twice. Recommend. 14 people found this helpful Like in Open Water, the sharks are just background menace. The scenario itself is what's terrifying. Atmospheric and is incredibly claustrophobic. Highly confused why this movie is so underrated. I vastly prefer it to The Shallows. It was made first on a fraction of the budget. They shelved it and it was gonna get dumped on 47 meters down, but The Shallows made money and got good reviews so it went theatrical and I think was one of the most profitable movies that year.

But people kinda dismiss it. I hold it in the same regard as Gravity. There had never been a movie that takes place almost entirely underwater. I think it influenced not only its inferior but fun sequel, but Underwater and the really good foreign film Breaking Surface. Can't believe they made this for like 4 million.

47 meters down

I'm glad it found its audience but I don't think it gets enough credit for breaking new ground and being as suspenseful as it is. I know the scuba science is perfect but a lot of the complains seem to be about priorities and bad advice which can be explained by how sketchy and unprofessional the whole setup was to begin with One person found this helpful Amazon Music Stream millions of songs Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon 6pm Score deals on fashion brands AbeBooks Books, art & collectibles ACX Audiobook Publishing Made Easy Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account Amazon Business Everything For Your Business AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally Home Services Experienced Pros Happiness Guarantee Amazon Ignite Sell your original Digital Educational Resources Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Services Audible Listen to Books & Original Audio Performances Book Depository Books With Free Delivery Worldwide Box Office Mojo Find Movie Box Office Data ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics DPReview Digital Photography Fabric Sewing, Quilting & Knitting Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print Publishing Made Easy Prime Video Direct Video Distribution Made Easy Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands Woot!

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• Adventure • Drama • Horror Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean.

With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to sur. Read all Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean.

With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive. Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive. At some point, the instructor on the boat tells the divers that he delayed sending more air tanks because that would increase their risk of narcosis.

47 meters 47 meters down limited effect on divers (a common saying among divers is "40 meters one drink, 50m two drinks") and the risk of "hallucinations" is largely exaggerated in the case of two young women in good health.

Besides, delaying the delivery of additional air tanks drastically increases the risk for the divers to die from lack of air, obviously a far worse scenario than narcosis (you should also consider the risk that the fall might have damaged their equipment and caused abnormal air consumption).

A normal reaction should therefore have been to send additional tanks as soon as possible, ideally attached to a cable that can lead the divers back to the boat (instead of just dropping the tanks in the water with a flashing light). Before we sit down in the theater, we know pretty much exactly what happens.

Two girls go scuba diving in a shark cage 47 meters down wind up a trapped in said cage 47 meters below the surface. Since they aren't experts, we know how they will react. Then sharks show up. Since they are sharks in a scary movie, we know how they will react. There is no real room for surprises. If you expect rampant plot twists and character development, you must not see this type of movie often. It is what it is and it knows that. Despite the only real mystery being which of the girls survives, if any, or perhaps both, the movie actually manages to provide a refreshing twist.

That may sound bold to say when talking about a powerfully simple shark attack movie, but take some time to think about it. The twist is secretly ingenious and explains away many of the ghastly errors in believability. I'm surprised to find myself defending a movie that I didn't really like all that much.

But I am. It's not that 47 meters down doesn't deserve criticism. It certainly does. The acting performances earn failing grades across the board. The dialogue is laced with embarrassing over explanations and repeated lines, most of which involve warnings from the captain about the bends. Other times this takes the form of the girls obnoxiously narrating the menial tasks as they carry them out. Once or twice might have been fine, but it's tough to stomach after about the 10th time or so. My thought on this is maybe the filmmakers knew that it was too 47 meters down to see what was going on for most of the movie, so they made the girls say aloud everything that they did.

This solution makes about as much sense as going on a five-mile run after knowingly drinking spoiled milk. If one problem is easily avoidable, avoid the problem.

Don't attempt a remedy that almost certainly won't help the situation. All that said, I defend the movie because I think it executes its mission reasonably well. I shifted to the edge of my seat and felt uneasy on many occasions. The movie managed to scare the audience and it did so with fewer jump scares than expected. Instead, the movie built to moments that would normally climax with the infamous jump scare then simply opted not to deliver one.

The goal is still achieved. The moments still induce a sense of dread from the audience, but without the cheapness of frightening viewers by essentially saying "boo." I'd like to see other movies emulate this tactic. My advice: if you are going to watch this movie, understand what you are getting into.

47 meters down

The movie likely won't surprise and that wasn't its intention. Be reasonable with your expectations. Accept the movie's strengths and weaknesses. Empathize with how terrifying the situation would be if it were you stuck in the shark cage on the ocean floor, and don't hesitate to laugh at the movie's weaknesses. Do those two things, and you may walk away satisfied.

If you are unwilling to do that, stay out of the water. • Adventure • Drama • Horror Two sisters diving in a ruined underwater city quickly learn they've entered the territory of the deadliest shark species in the claustrophobic labyrinth of submerged caves.

Two sisters diving in a ruined underwater city quickly learn they've entered the territory of the deadliest shark species in the claustrophobic labyrinth of submerged caves. Two 47 meters down diving in a ruined underwater city quickly learn they've entered the territory of the deadliest shark species in the claustrophobic labyrinth of submerged caves.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged follows the diving adventure of four teenage girls (Sophie Nélisse, Corinne Foxx, Brianne Tju and Sistine Stallone) exploring a submerged Mayan City. Once inside, their rush of excitement turns into a jolt of terror as they discover the sunken ruins are a hunting ground for deadly Great White Sharks. With their air supply steadily dwindling, the friends must navigate the underwater labyrinth of claustrophobic caves and eerie tunnels in search of a way out of their watery hell.

— Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures
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When the cable attaching the cage sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the sisters must figure out a way to get back to safety battling injuries, lack of oxygen, and worst of all, bloodthirsty, great white sharks.
Jump to: • Summaries (5) • Synopsis (1) Summaries • Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive.

• Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death. — anthonybobb • 47 meters down sisters vacationing in Mexico venture into the deep blue sea inside a cage to experience viewing sharks a few meters down when one sister starts panicking from a couple of Sharks getting too close to the Cage, they're pulled up as the cable snaps dropping the Cage to the Bottom of the Ocean floor and the girls have less than an hour of Air remaining in their tanks.

They lost communication with the men in the boat as they race against time to get saved while at the same time sharks are closing-in for the prey. Survival skills kick-in to prevent from becoming the sharks next meal. • Planning to spend a cheerful vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend, instead, Lisa invites her adventurous younger sister, Kate, to have the time of their lives. Soon, the two sisters will meet a couple of friendly locals, who in the spur of the moment, convince the girls to join them on a shark-diving excursion to get a close-up look of the magnificent 25-foot great white sharks in the safety of an enclosed cage.

Hesitantly, Lisa agrees; however, things will take an unexpected turn, when, due to sudden mechanical failure, the heavy cage plummets forty-seven meters down to the ocean's seabed, in shark-infested waters. Now, the only place safe is inside the confined space of the rickety cage; nevertheless, how long will it take the monstrous oceanic predators to break it? The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

Synopsis • Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are two sisters vacationing in Mexico. Lisa has just broken up with her boyfriend, but is keeping this a secret from Kate. One night, Kate wakes up and finds Lisa crying.

Lisa tells Kate that her boyfriend left her because he got bored. Lisa tells Kate that he left because she's not fun enough and the reason she's on the trip is to regain that sense of fun that she used to have. Kate drags Lisa to a party where they meet two men, Louis and Benjamin. After the party, Louis and Benjamin walk Lisa and Kate back to their room.

Kate kisses Louis, but when Benjamin leans in to kiss Lisa, she backs away, telling him that she's not ready. As Benjamin leaves, Lisa tells him to wait as she runs up to kiss him, trying to embrace her fun side.

Before they leave, Louis and Benjamin tell the two sisters about shark diving, which they do with their friend, Taylor (Matthew Modine). Kate urges Lisa to join her in trying it out. Lisa is hesitant at first but eventually gives in at the behest of Kate. The next morning, the two sisters meet up with Louis and Benjamin who take the two to meet Taylor.

47 meters down

Taylor is the captain of an old boat, which houses a rusty shark cage. Taylor asks the two sisters if they've ever been scuba diving before, which both claim they have. Louis and Benjamin are the first two to 47 meters down into the shark cage.

They get in and are lowered into the water. Lisa and Kate go into another room and get fitted into scuba gear. Before they go into the cage, Taylor informs them of the equipment, which includes a meter that tells the user how much oxygen they have left. After Louis and Benjamin take their turn in the cage, Kate and Lisa get into it. They are lowered into the water. They don't see any sharks, so Taylor has his first mate, Javier, throw some fish blood into the water to attract the sharks.

It eventually does. However, the line holding the cage breaks, sending Lisa and Kate straight down the ocean, inside the cage. They eventually hit what appears to be the ocean floor, 47 meters (around 154 feet) down from the top of the ocean.

Lisa is freaking out, and Kate has to calm her down. They are too far down for them to hear Taylor on their radio. So, Kate ends up having to leave the safety of the cage to swim to where she can get in touch with Taylor on the radio. She eventually reaches Taylor who tells Kate that he is going to send Javier down with a cable to bring the cage back to the surface. But, he warns Kate to stay in the cage because of the sharks. Kate goes back to the cage and tells Lisa what Taylor told her.

After some time has passed, they see a flashlight in the distance, which 47 meters down deduce is Javier. Since Kate is running low on oxygen, Lisa decides to go and bring Javier to the cage. Lisa swims out to meet Javier but is suddenly ambushed by a Great White shark. She is able to hide inside a small cavern of rocks, but the shark still tries to get her. The shark eventually leaves, and Lisa continues swimming towards the flashlight.

She reaches a drop-off point, where the ocean continues heading down. But, she continues heading out to the flashlight, even though she cannot see anything below her.

She eventually reaches the flashlight but does not see Javier. Javier appears out of nowhere, but suddenly he is attacked by the shark and killed. Lisa swims away, but finds part of Javier's body and finds that he is carrying the cable that was going to be attached to the cage. Lisa takes the cable back and attaches it to the top of the cage. She swims up and tells Taylor that she has attached the cable to the cage and that Javier was killed.

He tells her to get back to the cage. Lisa swims back to the cage and Taylor begins raising them to the surface. They get about 20 meters from the surface when the steel cable frays and then snaps, sending the cage back to the ocean floor.

When the cage lands, it pins Lisa's leg, trapping her. Noticing that she's running low on air in her tank, Kate swims back up to let Taylor know. He tells her that he is going to send another oxygen tank down to them. He also warns Kate that their risk of experiencing nitrogen narcosis will be much higher once they use the second tank of oxygen and that they should watch each other closely for hallucinations. Kate sees the tank coming down and goes out to get it.

A bag is attached to the tank with some flares. Kate gets the tank and is coming back to the cage when she spots a shark. She hides by some rocks and waits for it to leave. It swims by her, but due to how dark it is in the water, Kate and Lisa lose sight of it. Assuming it's gone, Kate decides to make a break for the cage. As soon as she does, the shark appears, attacking her.

She drops the tank, which lands near the cage. Lisa grieves for her sister. A little while later, her oxygen monitor starts beeping, signaling she's running out of air. She sees the tank near the cage, but since her leg is pinned down, she cannot reach it.

She sees a spear gun, which was also attached to the tank. She reaches out for it, but the trigger rubs against a part of the cage and accidentally shoots Lisa 47 meters down the hand, drawing blood. Lisa screams in pain and begins looking at her wound. She uses the spear gun to reach the oxygen tank.

She eventually is able to get it 47 meters down changes oxygen tanks, giving her more air. She begins hearing a voice on the radio and discovers it's Kate, she's still alive. Lisa decides to use her scuba gear to lift the cage, getting her free.

She swims out of the cage and finds Kate, with a very bloody wound on her leg. They talk to Taylor and tell him that they are going to try to swim to the top. He tells them to go for it, but not to go too fast or else they will die, due to oxygen bubbles going straight to their brain. They use the flares to ward off the sharks, which works. As they get halfway, they have to stop to decompress for five minutes. As the flare burns out, Kate grabs another one but drops it. Lisa grabs the last flare, and as she lights it, four or five sharks are circling them.

They continue to fend the sharks off with the flare. When they get to the top, they swim to the boat. Taylor, Louis, and Benjamin begin to help them back into the boat. Suddenly, Lisa is grabbed by a shark. She starts picking at its eye with her fingers, which works and it lets her go. Lisa and Kate are helped back into the boat.

Lisa begins looking at the wound on her hand and notices that the blood from it is blowing off into the wind, instead of flowing down her arm. She begins to hear Taylor's voice, and it is revealed that Lisa has been hallucinating everything since she began breathing from the new oxygen. She is still pinned against the cage. Still hallucinating that she's talking to Kate on Taylor's boat, she says that they are finally free as she begins laughing hysterically.

On the radio, Taylor tells her that she is hallucinating, but that the coast guard is there and they are coming down to help her. Lisa sees the coast guard coming down to help free her and keeps saying Kate's name as she searches their faces. As they help her out of the cage, she begins to come back to her senses. Tears roll down her eyes as she and the coast guard make their way back to the surface safely. Details • Full Cast and Crew • Release Dates • Official Sites • Company Credits • 47 meters down & Production • Technical Specs Did You Know?

• Trivia • Goofs • Crazy Credits • Quotes • Alternate Versions • Connections • Soundtracks Photo & Video • Photo Gallery • Trailers and Videos Opinion • Awards • FAQ • User Reviews • User Ratings • External Reviews • Metacritic Reviews TV • TV Schedule Related Items • News • Showtimes • External Sites• United Kingdom • United States Language English Budget $5.3 million [2] Box office $62.6 million [3] 47 Meters Down is a 2017 survival horror film directed by Johannes Roberts, written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, and starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore.

[4] The plot follows two sisters who are invited to cage dive 47 meters down on holiday 47 meters down Mexico. When the winch system holding the cage breaks and the cage plummets to the ocean floor with the two girls trapped inside, they must 47 meters down a way to escape, with their air supplies running low and great white sharks stalking nearby.

The film was released in the United States on 16 June 2017, and in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2017. It grossed $62 million worldwide against a budget of about $5 million. A sequel, titled 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, was released on August 16, 2019.

The two films have grossed over $100 million worldwide. Contents • 1 Plot • 2 Production • 3 Release • 4 Reception • 4.1 Box office • 4.2 Critical response • 4.3 Accolades • 5 Sequel • 6 See also • 7 References • 8 External links Plot [ edit ] Sisters Lisa ( Mandy Moore) and Kate ( Claire Holt) are on vacation in Mexico after Lisa's boyfriend recently broke up with her.

They decide to go watch sharks from a diving cage with two local men. At the docks, Lisa is wary of the boat and its owner, Captain Taylor ( Matthew Modine). Kate is a certified diver, but Lisa is new to diving. They lie to Taylor and tell him that Lisa is experienced.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the cable supporting the cage is fraying. Taylor sends Lisa and Kate down, with masks that allow them to talk to him on the surface and to each other. They are soon surrounded by great white sharks but the cable breaks, and the cage sinks 47 meters below the surface to the ocean floor and out of communication range with the boat.

Kate swims up seven meters to resume communication with Taylor, who tells her that Javier ( Chris J. Johnson) will be coming down with a spare winch cable to attach to the cage. He advises them to stay in the cage because the sharks are close by. Both women are running out of air but soon see a flashlight in the distance. With Kate low on air from the previous swim, Lisa swims out to get Javier's attention.

A shark tries to attack her but she avoids it. Lisa becomes disoriented about her position. Javier attempts to usher her back towards safety but he is killed by a great white shark. Lisa takes his spear gun and the winch cable and swims back to the cage. The spare cable is attached but it also snaps and the cage sinks back down, landing on Lisa's leg and pinning her. Kate tells Taylor they are low on air and Lisa is trapped. He sends air tanks down and tells them the coast guard is an hour out.

He also warns that the 47 meters down tank may cause nitrogen narcosis, which can lead to hallucinations. Kate finds three flares to signal the coast guard. As she returns to the cage, she is attacked and (presumably) devoured by a great white shark.

Lisa uses the spear from the spear gun to pull a tank toward her and dons it, getting more air. Kate is injured and her blood is attracting more sharks.

47 meters down

Lisa uses her BCD to lift up the cage, freeing her leg, and she swims to Kate. Due to the nature of Kate's wounds, the sisters decide to swim to the surface, using 47 meters down of the flares to scare off the sharks.

At the 20-meter mark, Taylor reminds them they must wait five minutes to decompress and avoid the bends. Kate accidentally drops the second flare and lights the third, discovering that they are surrounded by sharks. As the third flare 47 meters down out, Taylor yells for them to drop their gear and make a break for the surface, and they swim as fast as they can.

One of the sharks bites Lisa's leg but she escapes. Both women make it to 47 meters down boat but Lisa is attacked again. She sticks her fingers in the shark's eye and it releases her. The men pull the sisters onto the boat, saving them, and start patching up their wounds when they see that the shark has bitten off half of Lisa's leg. It is revealed that Lisa has been hallucinating all this time due to nitrogen narcosis and that she is still at the bottom of the ocean with her leg pinned under the cage, with Kate gone.

As Coast Guard divers arrive to rescue her and carry her to the surface, Lisa begins coming out of her hallucination, calling out to Kate. When Lisa looks around for Kate, she realizes that her sister is not present and begins crying, remembering that Kate was killed by the great white shark.

Production [ edit ] Principal photography took place in the Dominican Republic, and Pinewood Indomina Studios, Dominican Republic in July 2015, and concluded the following month. [5] Additional photography took place in January 2016. Release [ edit ] Original distributor Dimension Films had initially set a North American DVD and VOD release date for 2 August 2016.

However, on 25 July 2016, Variety reported that Dimension had sold the rights to Entertainment Studios. Entertainment Studios cancelled the 2 August home release and instead committed to a theatrical release in the United States in summer 2017. [6] The working title for the film was 47 Meters Down, which Dimension had changed to In the Deep for their home release, but upon acquiring the film Entertainment Studios reverted to the original title.

[7] Dimension had already sent out screeners and shipped DVDs to retailers before the deal took place. The DVDs, under the title In the Deep, were recalled. However, several retailers broke the street date, and a handful of physical copies were sold and have since turned up on eBay as collectors' items.

[8] The film was released theatrically in the United Kingdom on 26 July 2017 & United States on 16 June 2017, [6] and spent about $30 million 47 meters down prints and advertising. [9] Reception [ edit ] Box office [ edit ] 47 Meters Down grossed $44.3 million in the United States and Canada and $17.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $61.7 million, against a production budget of $5.5 million. [3] In North America, 47 Meters Down was released alongside All Eyez on Me, Rough Night and Cars 3, and was initially projected to gross around $5 million from 2,300 theatres in its opening weekend.

[10] It made $4.5 million on its first day (including $735,000 from Thursday night previews), increasing weekend estimates to $11 million. It went on to debut to $11.5 million, finishing 5th at the box office. [9] In its second weekend, the film dropped 34%, grossing $7.4 million and finishing 4th at the box office. [11] It was the second highest-grossing indie film of 2017. [12] Critical response [ edit ] On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 53% based on 161 reviews, with an average rating of 5.4/10.

The website's critical consensus reads, " 47 Meters Down doesn't take its terrifying premise quite as far as it should, but its toothy antagonists still offer a few thrills for less demanding genre enthusiasts." [13] On Metacritic the film has a weighed average score of 52 out of 100, based on 24 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".

[14] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C" on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported filmgoers gave it a 55% overall positive score. [9] Joe Leydon of Variety wrote: "Director Johannes Roberts' mostly underwater thriller is a compact and sturdily crafted B-movie that generates enough scares and suspense to qualify as — well, maybe not a pleasant surprise, but a reasonably entertaining one." [15] Accolades [ edit ] 47 Meters Down was nominated for the 44th Saturn Awards as Best Horror Film in 2018.

[16] Sequel [ edit ] Main article: 47 Meters Down: Uncaged On 8 September 2017, it was announced that production studio, The Fyzz Facility, is working on a sequel titled 48 Meters Down, in which Roberts, Riera, and Harris & Lane will return as director/writer, co-writer, and producers, respectively.

[17] The sequel is set in Mexico and 47 meters down around a group of young women who decide to explore some hidden underwater ruins located off-the-beaten trail.

[18] None of the cast from the previous film returns in the sequel. The new cast members are John Corbett, Nia Long, Sophie Nelisse, Corinne Foxx, Sistine Stallone, Brianne Tju, Davi Santos, Khylin Rhambo and Brec Bassinger. [19] [20] 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was released August 16, 2019. [21] See also [ edit ] • List of killer shark films • Open Water (film) • The Reef (2010 film) • The Shallows (film) References [ edit ] • ^ a b "47 Meters Down (2017)". British Board of Film Classification.

Retrieved 10 June 2017. • ^ 2017 Feature Film Study (PDF) (Report). FilmL.A. 8 August 2018. p. 23. Retrieved 9 August 2018. • ^ a b "47 Meters Down (2017)". The Numbers. Retrieved 2 December 2017.

47 meters down

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Variety. Variety Media, LLC. Penske Business Media, LLC. ISSN 0042-2738. OCLC 810134503. Retrieved 31 March 2018. • ^ Cureton, Sean (8 September 2017). "47 Meters Down is Getting a Sequel From the Same Director". Screenrant. Retrieved 8 September 2017. • ^ Wiseman, Andreas (10 December 2018).

" '47 Meters Down' Sequel: Sistine Stallone & Corinne Foxx Make Film Debuts With Shoot Underway; Summer 2019 Release Date". Deadline. Retrieved 10 December 2018. • ^ Wiseman, Andreas (11 December 2018). " '47 Meters Down — Uncaged': 'Stargirl' & 'All Night' Actress Brec 47 meters down Joins Cast".

Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved 13 December 2018. • ^ Busch, Anita (26 October 2017). "Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios Will Distribute Indie Sequel '48 Meters Down' ". Deadline. Retrieved 16 December 2017. External links [ edit ] Wikiquote has quotations related to: 47 Meters Down • 47 Meters Down at IMDb • 47 Meters Down on Twitter Edit links • This page was last edited on 3 May 2022, at 13:25 (UTC). • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 ; additional terms may apply.

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