Boruto x sarada

boruto x sarada

none Contents • 1 The Couple • 2 Their Relationship • 2.1 Prologue • 2.2 New Era • 2.2.1 Academy Arc • 2.2.2 Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Arc • 2.2.3 School Trip Arc • 2.2.4 Boruto Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy!

• 2.2.5 Graduation Exams Arc • 2.2.6 Genin Mission Arc • 2.2.7 ​​​​Versus Momoshiki Arc • Boruto: Naruto the Movie • 2.2.8 Mitsuki Retrieval Arc • 2.2.9 Mujina Bandits Arc • 2.2.10 Kara Actuation arc boruto x sarada 2.2.11 Ao Arc • 3 Evidence • 4 Trivia • 5 Quotes • 6 Quotes from the Boruto the movie’s novel • 7 Among the Fans • 8 External Links • 9 References The Couple BoruSara (ボルサラ BoruSara) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha.

BoruSara is the most popular couple of the Next Generation. Their Relationship Prologue Overhearing Boruto's prank, Sarada grows suspicious of the boy and decides to follow him around. After finding out about Boruto's relationship with his father, Sarada returns back home and is greeted by Sakura Harunoher mother.

Ultimately stating that boys were stupid to her mother, Sakura quickly asks if the situation was about Boruto. Smirking, Sarada then gives a remark that the two were similar though, as they both held a similar relationship with their fathers.

New Era Academy Arc Sarada worried about Boruto On the day of the Academy Entrance Ceremony, Sarada is annoyed that Boruto is late for the ceremony and more so when he finally shows up but ends up smashing Naruto's face stone with a train.

Boruto ends up being suspended for two weeks and returns to the Academy. Sarada mocks Boruto for his stupidity, angering him. Soon after, Chōchō mentions to Sarada how her and Boruto's parents have been friends since childhood and Sarada must be close with Boruto because of that.

Sarada rejects this and says she is only around Boruto so much because of their parents. She later watches Boruto's fight with Iwabe, and Chōchō notes that Sarada looks concerned, but Sarada shrugs it off. Boruto and Sarada’s rivalry After a shuriken lesson, Boruto recklessly throws a Demon Wind Shuriken he stole from Iwabe and Sarada criticizes him. Boruto's friends note the close relationship between him and Sarada but Boruto says they're not friends but their parents are.

Then Boruto and Sarada get into an argument over lunch and almost get into a physical confrontation before Shino defuses the situation. Boruto x sarada offers to set up a boys vs girls competition to let all his students settle their differences, with Boruto being the leader of the boys and Sarada of the girls. The boys almost win until Boruto accidentally pushes Chōchō off the roof and saves her, leading the girls to win and everyone to reconcile, but Sarada promises to give Boruto a rain check.

Sarada helps Boruto After leaving a night training session, Sarada bumps into Boruto and they discuss how the career of Boruto's favorite actor, Kagemasa, has been stalled.

Boruto sees a shadow possess another person and chases after that person, with Sarada following him out of concern. The person, revealed to be Kagemasa, attacks Boruto with shuriken.

Sarada saves Boruto from being killed and uses a smoke bomb to hide. Boruto tells Sarada about his right eye's ability to see the shadow and asks her if she believes him. Sarada says he is not a liar but she thinks he is an idiot. She also tells him that it is best to let the adults handle this but Boruto says only he can see the shadow and, since no one believes his eye is the Byakugan, Boruto has to prove what it is.

They come up with a strategy to take down Kagemasa. Afterwards, Sarada leaves as Boruto thanks her. Several months later, Sarada is on her way home to make dinner when she runs into Boruto and his friends.

They invite her to ride the top if the train with them but Sarada declines and criticizes them for being childish, making Boruto angrily call her a stuck-up. The next day, Sarada accidentally leaves a child's stuffed animal in the train and she contemplates riding the train to get it but loathes it will make her like Boruto.

She rides in it anyway and narrowly avoids being caught by Boruto and his friends. Shikadai suggests they tease her but Boruto and Inojin become terrified and decline. They boys go fishing at the same river Sarada is at boruto x sarada the gift. Realizing Boruto is nearby causes Sarada to fall in the water, and when they find and ask her what she's doing, she intimidates them by saying she was swimming.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Arc Boruto and Sarada stare While walking home, Sarada catches Boruto 'playing' with his boruto x sarada and sends him a small greeting. However, upon doing so and noticing what Boruto is trying to do, Sarada helps Boruto extend his 'play-time' with his father despite it being a clone. However this is eventually stopped by Shikadai and his father's coming. Boruto watches Sarada as she leaves Catching Boruto before he goes back into the village after finding out his father had already left, Sarada scurries over and offers to take the bento to Naruto.

Despite Boruto finding no need for the delivery, Sarada continues to offer her request. Looking into each boruto x sarada eyes, Boruto quickly tries to pull away but is pulled in again by Sarada who notes the importance of a bento, especially if it was made by a loved one. Finally deciding to hand it over, Boruto watches Sarada as she begins to leaves. At the academy, Boruto thanks Sarada for delivering the bento to his father but she quickly refuses and thanks him instead, saying because of him, she was able to reach her goal and also find her dream, which is to become Hokage.

Although shocked, Boruto brushes it off and comments that her dream is stupid. Over the next couple of days, Boruto is confused by the change in Sarada's behavior but she retorts she boruto x sarada no longer interested in acting like a child unlike Boruto, who tries to show off his shuriken skills but misses his target.

Sarada teases him and he gets angry at her, and Mitsuki calls them a good couple, which they blush and deny. Upon hearing from Konohamaru that Boruto's behavior stems from his desire to be known as himself rather than the Hokage's son, Sarada decides to beat the childishness out of Boruto.

She finds out about his plan to deface the Hokage Monument during the Kage Summit and she tries to stop him, reminding him the good things of being Hokage but Boruto dismisses her and challenges her to a fight. After a spar, Boruto praises her and asks to call it a quits but proceeds to deface the Monument.

Sarada calls him a coward and cuts the rope, despite Boruto pleading for her to stop and attempts to use the Sexy Jutsu on her, much to her disgust and embarrassment. Mitsuki again comments they make a good duo. School Trip Arc Mitsuki comments Boruto and Sarada as a good duo Sarada nominates Boruto as the class leader for the field trip to Kirigakure.

Boruto is angry because it was decided without his consent but Sarada berates him for being lazy and orders him not to embarrass their village during the trip. When asked by Chōchō and Boruto why she chose him, Sarada says Boruto makes Sarada amused Boruto tends to go off on his own but as the class leader, he won't cause trouble.

Boruto retorts it is a duty suited for a woman who wants to be Hokage but Sarada laughs and runs away from Boruto, who chases her out of anger for not making her mad.

During sightseeing, Boruto buys two fried squids and sees Sarada sitting alone, and offers one to her. She tries to decline but her stomach growls and she accepts. They sit together eating and looking at the beach when Kagura appears and they talk how boruto x sarada Kirigakure has become. Sarada tries to help Boruto Sarada finds an unconscious Boruto after he is beaten by Shizuma and his gang, and she tends to his wounds. When he wakes up, she asks him what has he done and what trouble has he gotten in.

Tsurushi, a former follower of Shizuma's, explains what happened and of Shizuma's intentions with Kagura and igniting a war between Kirigakure and Konohagakure. Sarada wants to report this to the adults but Boruto refuses because, as the field trip leader, he wants to handle this himself. Sarada says it's hopeless to stop Boruto and she will be accompanying him so she can keep an eye on him. After taking down Shizuma and his gang, Sarada orders Boruto and Iwabe to hurry back to the hotel before rollcall and proceeds to berate Boruto.

After returning to Konoha, Boruto tries to lie to Iruka about his, Boruto and Sarada argue Sarada’s, and Iwabe’s actions but Iruka reveals the Mizukage sent a letter condoning them. As a result, all three are sent to detention and Sarada is dismayed at being stuck with Boruto. Shortly after, Sarada finds Boruto is looking for sweets to give to Himawari but can’t find a store that sells them. She offers to tell him a place that sells them on the condition he keeps a secret, which he agrees to.

Sarada finds Boruto fishing As graduation approaches, Boruto rushes to his classroom to hang out with his friends but finds only Sarada, who tells him everyone is too busy. Boruto doesn’t see what’s so special about graduating and Sarada comments how it must be easy for Boruto to have no worries.

Boruto is confused by her words but notes friendship will last forever after graduation but Sarada says Boruto only thinks that. Mystified by this, Boruto arranges a camping trip with his friends.

Sakura notes Sarada’s lack of excitement and Sarada replies Boruto is being stupid again. However, she is curious of the longevity of friendship, as hers and Boruto’s parents have remained friends since their time in the Academy. While camping, Boruto goes fishing to catch a famous carp boruto x sarada Sarada follows him but they end up arguing. Sarada smiles at Boruto under a starry sky The carp catches on Boruto’s line and starts pulling him in but Sarada helps him hold the rode in place, telling him to sync his movement with hers.

With the help of their friends, they successfully pull in the carp and eat boruto x sarada. Boruto is delighted to have tasted it and Sarada is amused. Everyone then looks at the starry sky and Sarada glances at Boruto with a smile.

A couple of weeks before graduation, Boruto and Sarada learn a classmate, who wants to become a shinobi, has decided to forgo her dream to help her family. Boruto asks Sarada if she intends to intervene boruto x sarada Sarada says it isn’t her place to get involved in other people’s affairs. Boruto retorts she will have to if she is going to become Hokage and she will never surpass Naruto for this.

Sarada, realizing this to be true, boruto x sarada to her classmate and convinces her to change boruto x sarada mind. Everyone is surprised and glad Sarada did this and Boruto overlooks on proudly. Boruto Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! Mitsuki visits all his class mates individually in regards to seeking advice for what to write for his graduation essay from the academy.

Mitsuki finds Sarada with Chocho at an open café and asks them for what they plan to write their essay on. Mitsuki asks Sarada but Chocho interrupts suggesting Sarada's topic would revolve around Boruto causing Sarada to stutter and become flustered regarding the subject.

Mitsuki notes that Sarada's tone always changes when it comes to Boruto but decides it would be better to keeps such thoughts to himself. Graduation Exams Arc After graduation and waiting for Shino to assign everyone in teams, Sarada comments she doesn’t want to be teammates with someone who runs away like Boruto, who is undeterred.

boruto x sarada

Iwabe accidentally knocks Boruto towards Sarada, almost kissing her in the lips but she blocks him with her foot. Shino announces Boruto, Practically kiss Sarada, and Mitsuki as Team 3 but Sarada is unhappy and demands to speak to Naruto on changing teams. She justifies this on the grounds she and Boruto are incompatible. Sarada and Boruto race towards the Hokage Office with an appeal scroll but Shikamaru tells them Naruto is at an undisclosed location.

They race to the location after Mitsuki steals the information but find they must fight Mirai to get to Naruto. Boruto and Sarada decide that Boruto will distract Mirai while Sarada will use her Sharingan to find Mirai’s weakness. However they prove no match because Konohamaru explains Boruto is too concerned with Sarada’s movements while Sarada relies to much on the Sharingan. Sarada attacks with her shuriken while Boruto Mitsuki - main shipper hides his shadow clones to defeat Mirai.

Realizing they are compatible in combat, Sarada decides to remain teammates with Boruto on the condition he doesn’t cause trouble. Boruto and Sarada ask Naruto to rename their team to Team 7 to honor their parents’ team, which Naruto agrees. Genin Mission Arc Sarada heals Boruto After being assigned to their first mission of warding off bandits in a nearby village, Sarada tells Boruto not to be reckless or else it will tarnish her record and she won’t become Hokage.

Boruto retorts about her attitude and they begin arguing. Mitsuki comments how well they get along, which shocks them. While fighting against Ashimaru, Team 7 forms a combat strategy; Boruto and Mitsuki use their Wind Style to send Sarada to wards Ashimaru to attack him. Sarada narrates that she may lack some abilities the boys have but she has something better. With her Sharingan and superhuman strength, she brutally punches Ashimaru into the ground.

Boruto comments Sarada is going to kill him one day, making Mitsuki remark how Boruto has his hands full with Sarada and Himawari. Sarada tries to comfort Boruto On Boruto’s birthday, Sarada is invited with Sakura, though she says she was forced to come.

Boruto gets disappointed and angry when Naruto fails to show up due to work and Sarada finds him sulking in his room. She tries to assure him Naruto was just too busy but Boruto retorts he didn’t think Naruto would come anyway. She wants him to try to understand Naruto’s reasons but Boruto doesn’t care because, in his opinion, work is more important than family to Naruto. ​​​​Versus Momoshiki Arc Boruto: Naruto the Movie After a mission, Sarada berates Boruto for boruto x sarada recklessness but he ignores her and insists he can do missions on his own.

Mitsuki compliments Boruto for being the son and grandson of a Hokage and he might be the next Hokage, to which Sarada angrily says she will be Hokage. In the movie version, Boruto and Sarada argue over whether the animal they’re chasing is a bear or panda. Sarada watches Boruto and Naruto When they report to Naruto after their mission, Boruto gets into an argument with Naruto and Sarada shows concern for Boruto. She later finds him hanging out with Shikadai and Inojin, and scolds him for not taking his training seriously because the Chunin Exams are coming boruto x sarada and he is keeping her from achieving her dream.

When Boruto says he doesn't plan to enter in the Exams and retorts that she Practically date better be alone for the rest of her life if she wants to be Hokage or else it will cause trouble to the people around her, Sarada realizes that Boruto is simply angry at his father for spending less time with him.

To cheer him up, Sarada suggests that they enter in the Exams to boruto x sarada off their skills and impress Naruto. Boruto thinks about it and finally agrees.

He then asks her if her father, Sasuke, will come watch her in the Exams, and Sarada replies she doubts it. Sarada watches Boruto train In the movie version, Boruto was learning the Rasengan from Konohamaru in order to become Sasuke's apprentice, Sarada watched him from afar during his training and expressed worry for him as he struggled with the training. Once Boruto finally mastered the Rasengan, Sarada was happy for him. When Sasuke pointed out how small his Rasengan was and Boruto, in anger, threw it into a tree and fled, Sarada approached her father.

She defended Boruto by saying Sasuke is being harsh because he doesn't know Boruto, that Boruto never learns boruto x sarada, and its' a miracle he lasted as long as he did in his training. Sasuke said he wasn't disappointed in Boruto and decided to take him as his apprentice, much to Sarada's delight. Boruto blushes at Sarada's comment In the first round of the Chunin Exams, the participants had to answer a true or false question.

Boruto x sarada asked Boruto what answer did he think her father would pick. Boruto suggested false, so Sarada picked true because she wants to take a different path than her father.

Trusting Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki agree with her. They are led to believe boruto x sarada answered incorrectly when they fall into a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. Anime version Sarada uses a wire attached to her kunai to prevent Boruto from falling into the ink and, after noticing a second pit with ink, they deduce that those who land in the ink would be disqualified no matter what answer they picked.

In the second round, Boruto and his team split up, with Boruto Joint battle staying behind to guard their flag and Sarada and Mitsuki going to steal other teams' flags.

Sarada told Boruto she and Mitsuki were counting on Boruto because they needed to pass the round if they were going to impress Naruto, and Boruto replied he didn't need her to remind him. Sarada showed concern for Boruto when he fought another genin and wanted to go help him but Mitsuki told her to go while he went to Boruto x sarada aid.

Boruto was overpowered by his opponents who were about to boruto x sarada his flag, but Boruto suddenly thinks of Sarada, implying he didn't want to lose so she could fail at achieving her dream of being Hokage, and he instantly used his Kote. After winning the round, Sarada scolded Boruto for not being happy as boruto x sarada should be but then she looked closely at Boruto's face and noted his eyes were bluer than Naruto's, which caused him to blush and get boruto x sarada when Mitsuki came between them.

Boruto protects Sarada In the movie, Boruto fought against Shikadai in the third and boruto x sarada round, Sarada was impressed of Boruto's abilities, but she was saddened when Naruto revealed that Boruto used a Kote to cheat in the fight.

Whereas, in the anime series, Boruto and Sarada made it to the final rounds against Shinki, and decided to join forces. When Sarada was injured and disqualified, Boruto was enraged and resorted to cheating to win, which upon being exposed, left Sarada shocked and felt betrayed. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Anime version appeared and attacked, Naruto and Sasuke rescued their children, and Boruto and Sarada asked each other if they were alright.

Sarada became fearful at Momoshiki's monstrous strength and fell to her knees, and Boruto grew worried about her and promptly used a shadow clone to protect her, despite his own fear. Sarada blushes at Boruto's promise to protect her After Naruto was captured by the enemies and Boruto feel unconscious and woke up in the hospital, Sarada was worried about him and expressed relief that he was alright.

She again expressed concern for him when he learned his father's fate and ran away. As Sasuke organized a rescue mission with Boruto and the other Kage, Sarada stands by to watch Boruto and the others to depart, and showed deep concern for him. However, she smiled when Boruto put on Sasuke's forehead protector and announced his decision to go save his father, and Boruto asks her to look after the village.

Anime version At the end, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki are set on a mission to capture a wild panda terrorizing the village. Sarada was still a little angry at Boruto for cheating and Boruto said he already apologized to her. Sarada then asked Boruto if he now wanted to be Hokage and he replied that he still had no interest in being Hokage. He explained he will be her right-hand man and he will protect Sarada when she becomes Hokage, which causes her to deeply blush.

He also says he wants to be a ninja like Sasuke and he will follow his own ninja way, and Sarada stares at him with amazement. Mitsuki Retrieval Arc Boruto and Sarada talk about Mitsuki After learning Mitsuki has left the village, Boruto is surprised and talks with Sarada about this by the river.

Boruto doesn’t believe Mitsuki willingly betrayed them and tells Sarada to think about it because he is their friend but Sarada says, as shinobi, they have to put their emotions aside and think rationally. Boruto leaves but tells Sarada, as someone who wants to be Hokage, she of all boruto x sarada would have given Mitsuki the benefit of the doubt.

Boruto attempts to secretly leave the village to find Mitsuki but is found but Sarada, who suspected he would try to. Boruto tells her about receiving a message from Mitsuki that he may have left on his own will but Boruto isn’t sure.

She warns him that leaving will be considered desertion and he will be branded a rogue ninja. Boruto doesn’t care because he wants to trust and know more about Mitsuki. and Sarada decides to tag along, reminding him that she is part of Team 7 and so he won’t get in trouble.

After getting intel from Orochimaru and Mitsuki May have gone to Ryuchi Cave, they head there. Team 10 tries to stop them from going any further but decides to help them. Boruto holds Sarada They arrive at Ryuchi Cave and are tricked by the guardians of the place; Sarada and the others are knocked unconscious and Boruto has to pass three tests to be allowed to see the White Snake Sage.

After he passes, he finds his friends and the first person he goes to is Sarada and holds her as she wakes up. Mujina Bandits Arc Sarada sees a change of personality within Boruto After defeating Momoshiki, Boruto befriends a wealthy young boy whom boruto x sarada is assigned to protect but uncovers a kidnapping plot. Because he is scheduled to go on a mission with his teammates, Boruto goes to Sarada's house as she practices shuriken in her room.

Boruto tells her that he can't go in the mission because of something more important. Although he doesn't tell her what it's about, Sarada understands it is something he has to do and assures him that she and Mitsuki will handle the mission. When Boruto leaves, Sarada is amazed of the change in Boruto's personality. Mitsuki tells Boruto that he so much wants to protect Sarada Sarada and Mitsuki arrive to save Boruto from being attacked by bandits but is worried about leaving them alone on the mission they were assigned.

Sarada tells Boruto to buy her a sandwich and coffee and she will forgive him. The next day, Naruto assigns Team Konohamaru to escort Katasuke to deliver a mechanical hand to a client.

Boruto is unhappy because he is still angry at Katasuke for tricking him into using a Kote in the Chunin Exams and refuses to go on the mission. Sarada asks him if he means it but when he repeats his disdain for Katasuke's technology, Sarada says she is going for the Hokage's sake. Mitsuki asks Boruto if he really wants Sarada to go on the mission alone after he vowed to protect her and be her support when she becomes Hokage.

Boruto changes his mind and agrees to go. Kara Actuation arc Sarada blushes when Boruto playfully teases her Sarada goes visit Boruto at the hospital but it turned out he had already been discharged. Boruto asks her if she came to visit him, and says she does have a nice side, teasing her.

Sarada blushes embarrassed and tells him of course she’d come visit him. Sarada protects Boruto from Deepa Boruto was about to get hit by Deepa’s cubes, Sarada doesn’t think twice, shouts his name, runs until she’s in front of him and uses herself as a shield, concentrating her chakra in both of her arms in order to receive the impact.

While she is protecting him, she unlocks the second boruto x sarada. She also warned him that he would lose his arm if he did another Compression Rasengan, after doing transfer chakra along with Mitsuki they turned Boruto's Compression Rasengan into a Super Compression Rasengan.

Ao Arc Sarada tries to save Boruto Sarada carries Boruto Upon reaching meeting Akita, Sumire tells Sarada that Akita seems to have taken a liking to Boruto. Sarada dismisses it because Boruto is easily able to make friends. Sumire then asks Sarada if it bothers her if girls like Boruto x sarada, in which Sarada responds by saying it doesn't.

Sumire then states that it bothers her, which surprises Sarada, and makes her have a nervous look at the end. Anime version As Boruto attacked Ao using the genin's Chakra Blade against him, Ao summon his Mirror Drones which knocked out Konohamaru who blocked the attack on Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki moved Konohamaru to safety, while Boruto fended off Ao. As he seemingly defeated, Sarada tried to help, but Mitsuki pulled her back from getting hit by the drone's attacks.

Anime version Boruto later subconsciously uses his Karma Seal to save Konohamaru from Kashin’s flames and passes out. Sarada rushes to Boruto’s aid and tries to protect him from Kashin, who praises Boruto for being able to use his new power for the first time. Sarada demands to know what happened to Boruto and is about to attack him before Mitsuki prevents her. Sarada in this scene lost completely her usual composure in battle, we’ve never seen her act like this when another teammate that isn’t Boruto is hurt or in danger.

Sarada then carries Boruto when he wakes up, he keeps saying he’s okay but she insists boruto x sarada carry him. Evidence • Although Sarada considers Boruto to be a troublemaker, and Boruto considers her to be stuck-up, the two still have a sense of respect for each other. • Sarada was shown interested in Boruto's rebelliousness towards his father and his actions to gain attention.

[1] • As stated in the novel, Boruto and Sarada watch over each other. [2] • Boruto and Sarada have been shown to show deep concern and care for each other. [3] • Although Boruto often scoffs at Sarada's dream of becoming Hokage, deep down he actually supports her dream and doesn't want to see her fail.

[4] • Sarada defended Boruto against Sasuke when Boruto thought Sasuke was disappointed in his Rasengan training, and showed excitement for Boruto when Sasuke agreed to train him. [5] • Boruto and Sarada have a strong bond of trust; Boruto trusts Sarada's judgment while she has faith in his abilities.

[6] • Boruto has protected Sarada against Momoshiki and Kinshiki. [7] • Boruto and Sarada blush in each other's presence. [8] • Upon realizing their dreams, Boruto promises to Sarada he will protect her no matter what when she becomes Hokage. [9] • Sarada admits to herself that what draws her to Boruto the most is his blue eyes.

[10] • Sarada squeezes both hands when she worries about Boruto. [11] • Sarada admits she likes the change in Boruto's personality. [12] • They often worry about each other. [13] • Mitsuki emphasizes many times that they are a great duo. He also believes that they can be an ideal pair.

boruto x sarada

{INSERTKEYS} [14] • Boruto has blushed at Sarada while she has also blushed at him over something said by one another Trivia • Boruto and Sarada's relationship is similar to that of their fathers; as the two insult each other by name calling and frequently quarrel, but are compatible as teammates. • In fact they have mirrored their fathers' combined techniques as a team. • They have also almost kissed in the same manner that caused their fathers to accidentally kiss. • Since the battle with Momoshiki, Boruto has made it his goal to be a shinobi who supports the Hokage, which is what Sarada dreams of becoming.

Therefore, Boruto wants to protect and support Sarada. • Several people, such as Mitsuki, Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho, note the closeness between Boruto and Sarada, and Mitsuki bluntly refers to them as a good duo, which pisses and embarrasses them. • Because both of them had strained relationships with their fathers and had high expectations from the village, Boruto and Sarada have a significant understanding to each other's feelings.

• Both of them have a Dōjutsu. • Both are from a clan that's been wiped out. • Although it's still unknown how many survivors of the Uzumaki Clan are there. • Boruto and Sarada are the only children of the reincarnates of Indra and Ashura who are not a part of the Curse of Hatred.

Quotes Sarada to Sakura about Boruto - Chapter 700: • "Mom, boys are really... stupid. But you know, I think he and I are similar..." Sarada to Boruto about the bento - Chapter 700+3: • "And.. a bento, it isn't just for eating is it? It's a meal prepared for you especially.. by a loved one." Sarada to Boruto about delivering the bento to Naruto - Chapter 700+10: • " No, thank you...

thanks to that I was able to reach my own goals.. so it's really I who should thank you" Sarada to Boruto - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "Stupid Boruto. I am going to be Hokage!" Sarada to Boruto about her dream - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "You listen here. Becoming Hokage is my dream...and you're getting in the way of it...Hokage isn't an inherited post." Boruto to Sarada about being Hokage - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "Ohh, you don't say!

It's your call if you want to be Hokage, but you better stay alone your whole life! Because it's gonna cause a lot of problems for anyone around you!" Sarada to Boruto - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "Hey, Boruto... Let's show Hokage-sama our amazing sides! In the exams!" Sarada to Sasuke about Boruto - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "You're as severe as ever, huh, Papa...

I'm just going to say one thing because I think you don't know this about Boruto, okay? Boruto really isn't the hard-working type! It's a miracle he kept it up this long! You understand what I mean, right?" Sarada to Boruto in the second round of the Chunin Exam - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "We're counting on you, Boruto! In order for us to show our power to the Seventh, we have to pass this round!" Sarada to Boruto - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "I was right.

You know your eyes are even bluer than the Seventh's..." Boruto to Sarada - Boruto: Naruto the Movie: • "When you become the Hokage, I'll be your right-hand man! I'll guard you well!" Boruto's comment about Sarada (character profiles from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations): • “This girl with the glasses pesters me every once in a while!

Things like becoming the Hokage…she’s a peculiar girl." Sarada to Boruto about his right eye - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • "You're not a liar, but I think you're an idiot." Mitsuki to Boruto & Sarada - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • "You two make a nice couple." (Mitsuki) • "No we don't!" (Boruto and Sarada) Mitsuki to Boruto & Sarada - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • "You two really get along well." (Mitsuki) • "Are you kidding?!" (Boruto and Sarada) Sarada about Boruto - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • "He has talent, but he is too silly and foolhardy." Boruto to Mitsuki about Sarada's superhuman punch - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • "She might kill me one day." (Boruto) • "You've got your hands full with Himawari and Sarada." (Mitsuki) Mitsuki to Sarada - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • You really know how to manipulate Boruto, Sarada.

(Mitsuki) • I can hear you. (Boruto) Sarada to Boruto - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • “This was definitely drawn by a child. Although, your drawings aren't much different...” (Sarada) • “C'mon, that's not true! My drawings...” (Boruto) Hinata to Boruto - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: • “ Well, if Sarada is with you, I don’t have to worry” Mitsuki’s thoughts about Sarada in the Boruto novel 5 • “As always, when it comes to Boruto, her emotional tone changes” Quotes from the Boruto the movie’s novel • [Characteristic thick glasses and black hair, a gloomy young girl.

Lately, she’d become quite popular among their male ninja classmates, but if you asked her childhood playmate Boruto, then- “She’s just gotten a bit taller lately, she’s the same Sarada as always, isn’t she?”] • [it wasn’t that Boruto hated Sarada, that wasn’t it at all. It wasn’t that, but, to put it simply, Sarada’s eyes were always watching him, so he wanted to look good in front of her.] • [Sarada wasn’t mad like she’d been a while ago, She was worried about Boruto, and he knew it.] • [Sarada who’d looked everywhere she could think of to find Boruto and tell him the good news, now kicked at stones with a somewhat lonely look on her face.

She thought about how the boy she’d always been running after now had a daily life she didn’t know about, that he’d changed.] • [ Boruto’s entire face lit up with a grin. Sarada who had been next to him was caught off-guard, and felt her chest unintentionally throb at the sight of such unrestrained affection. It was the materialization of the vivid goodness that Boruto held inside.

It was definitely something he’d inherited from his father Naruto, a kindness that could melt anyone’s heart.] • [Boruto ran after Sarada. He thought this was fine. It would be best to believe in the girl who believed in him.] • [The opponents were going to get their hands on their flag fasted than Sarada.

The opponent’s plan on rushing out all at once was going to work. Sarada’s smile when they got through the first one passed through Boruto’s mind... he didn’t want to lose. His dream, Sarada’s dream too.] • [Sarada didn’t celebrate by halves. She was hugging Boruto with their faces close together and smiling far wider than she’d usually let people see.] • [“you know, your eyes are even bluer than the Seventh’s.”- (Sarada).

Boruto turned red. it was because he’d realized his childhood friend had been looking at him even more than he had.] • [Boruto had to protect Sarada, that was what he was thinking. Not whether he could show her his face or not, not the level of the opponents. He just thought that he had to protect her no matter what] • [When Boruto opened his eyes in his hospital bed, the first thing he saw was Sarada crying.] • [“Sarada, take care of the village!”- (Boruto).

And that was why, at the moment Boruto said that... Sarada thought that she would believe in him one more time. Because Boruto’s eyes still held the bright look that had always been watching him until now] • [“When you become the hokage, I’ll be a support-role for you.

I’ll protect you well”- (Boruto). Sarada turned bright red.] • [Boruto’s eyes were blue and shining. They were the same color as the morning sky. Sarada had always been looking at those eyes.] Among the Fans As soon as Sarada and Boruto were introduced in the final manga chapter, the ship's popularity skyrocketed.

Being the two main children of the new generation and the children of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, it captured the interest of SasuNaru and NaruSaku fans especially. Their development and chemistry on the series has become a big factor for people to turn into passionate fans of the pairing. It is commonly a companion couple of MitsuCho, InoHima, KawaHima and KawaSumi . Their rival couples are KawaSara, BoruSumi, BoruMitsu and MitsuSara. External Links • BoruSara Russian fan club - References • ↑ Manga: Chapter 700 • ↑ Novel:Boruto Naruto the Movie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Film: BorutoMovie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Boruto:Naruto the Movie • ↑ Novel: BorutoMovie • ↑ Boruto: Naruto The Movie, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation(2 ep.) • ↑ Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga • ↑ Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga • ↑ Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
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Both Boruto and Sarada got to know the respective parents and their children. Boruto and Sarada got to know each other through their parents and grew up very close. Naruto Ch.700 After Shino dismissed class, Sarada overhears Boruto wanting to do a prank. When Boruto was walking around the village, Sarada secretly followed him and watched him from afar.

Sarada would later see Boruto defacing the Hokage rock and him having a word with his father and later with Konohamaru. She later came home telling her mother that boys are stupid, making Sakura nervously ask about Boruto.

Sarada later smirks as says that Boruto resembles her a little. A statement when it came to their fathers. Academy Arc On the day of the entrance ceremony of the Academy, Boruto was not present when his name was called, due to him still being on a Thunder Rail train. When people were asking where he was, Sarada stayed silent. When Boruto finally did arrive, the Thunder Rail crashed his father’s great stone face on the Hokage Rock.

Sarada only lifted her glasses and silently looked at him. After Boruto’s two-week suspension was over while walking with Denki to the Academy they bumped into Sarada and Chōchō at the gate to the academy. When Chōchō called Boruto the New Kid, Sarada said that she didn’t know and that Denki’s father should be careful as stupidity would be contagious, annoying Boruto.

When Boruto came to class introducing himself, everyone looked at him but Sarada ignored him. When everyone was talking about him in class, Chōchō asked Sarada since she knows him because they go way back. But Sarada denied it and replied that their parents are friends. When Chōchō said that to their childhood friends, Sarada saying that’s what they are.

She said that she found it annoying being associated with him. When Inojin said riding on the Hokage’s Kotails out loud, everyone watched Inojin and Boruto and Shikadai’s conversation. When Boruto met Iwabee, everyone including Sarada saw as Iwabee was antagonizing Boruto for being the Hokage’s son. When Boruto challenged Iwabee to a fight everyone including Sarada looked at them. When Shino’s class was at the training hall for the fight everyone watched as the fight was about to start.

As Iwabee was pressing Boruto, Sarada watching the fight and growing concerned him had her hands together and started shaking. Chōchō noticed that Sarada was looking concerned, looked at Sarada, and asked as she thought that she wasn’t interested in this. Sarada denied this but Chōchō said that it looked like she was not interested. When Chōchō said that Boruto might be in trouble, Sarada looked on in silence as Chōchō said that he might not be a match for him.

When Boruto defeated Iwabee it caused him to use his weapon. Everyone watched as he displayed Earth Release. After the fight, the whole class was scolded by Aniko for skipping class, the next day this cleared up the atmosphere in the class, and the whole class was seen taking class normally.

During a lesson with the Summoning Jutsu, Boruto tried to prove them wrong and tried to do a summoning and failed because he didn’t have a contract with an animal, Sarada called him an idiot. When Shino wanted to teach his class on summoning weapons, Boruto was still interested in summoning animals.

Sarada stepping in told them not to try anything and they always put stupid things and all their other classmates get dragged into their mess. Sarada also told Boruto always causes trouble and that their class is always full of problem kids.

When Sarada said that they shouldn’t do anything childish. Boruto asked how are they childish, Sarada explained that him getting railed up is childish. Konohamaru tried to stop them from arguing any further. But the two only briefly glared at each other and turned away with a huff.

On the walk to the cafeteria, Inojin asked if Sarada and Boruto were childhood friends, but Boruto denies it and said that their parents were friends and that it wasn’t like him or Sarada liked each other. Shikadai said that his relationship with her is a real drag. At the Bread and Bento, both wanted to get a yakisoba bun, the two looked at each other with annoyance. They were annoyed as they were both saying the same thing.

Since the cafeteria lady only had one left. Boruto said that he always got one from the Bread and Bento, Sarada said that he smells like them. Boruto wanted one but Sarada won’t let him have it and that she was going to have it and Boruto should try something else.

Because it was Boruto’s favorite, Boruto said that it didn’t feel right if he didn’t eat one. Sarada says that since he causes trouble and maybe he should feel right for a change.

She blushed a little bit when she told Boruto that she heard that the bun was so good. When Sarada got one Boruto still wanted one, Boruto and Sarada argued with each other. When a fight between the boys and girls was about to break out, Shino had to stop them.

After class, the boys vs girls competition began. A lot of boys dropped out of the competition. When the girls caught up Sarada threw a few shurikens and all the members on the boy’s team had to except Metal who was pinned to the wall.

When the girls were blocked by a metal door. Boruto activated the sprinkler system on the girls. When the girls split up to block the boys, they easily went past them, except for Denki who told them to go on ahead. When Boruto wanted to save Denki, Sarada and all the other girls threw shurikens at them, leaving Inojin and Shikadai to drag him out.

Boruto thought of using a Summoning Jutsu to summon a small frog to scare them at the Ninja Tool Prep Room. When Boruto was on the rooftop. Sarada noted that he was outside and that he might get the flag first.

When Boruto successfully used a Summoning Jutsu everyone including Sarada witnessed in shock as he pulled off a summoning. When the girls won the competition, Sarada asked Boruto if he had any complaints but Boruto said no.

Sarada thanked Boruto for saving Chōchō. Everyone listens to Shino’s speech about working together. When Boruto wanted to take everyone to try a new hamburger Sarada agreed but the two were told that they needed to help clean up. When the school began to fall apart everyone watched in shock as the school was destroyed, both Shikadai and Sarada are seen talking to Boruto when Konohamaru was thinking about how Boruto was able to pull off a summoning. When Mitsuki, the new transfer student introduced himself.

Everyone was surprised to hear that he was from the Hidden Sound Village. In the training hall, everyone watched how he moved like a snake and nearly killed Iwabee. When Mitsuki asked Boruto why he stopped him, he said that he was about to win the fight, shocking everyone. When Shino was struggling to connect with his class. Shino wore a funny outfit the next day, shocking everyone.

Everyone was shocked to see that Shino threw a party for Mitsuki. When Mitsuki revealed that he knows both Lightning and Wind Release.

Sarada watched as Boruto and Mitsuki were talking. Everyone watched as Shino announced his finale and when he made the stuffed toy animals and the flowers. When the bugs broke out of the stuffed animal toys and bugs everyone panicked. After Mitsuki used the Wind Release: Breakthrough to clear the bugs and further damage the school, when Shino went to talk with the public worker he heard how unimpressed he was, even hearing from Boruto and Sarada. After the first period, everyone in the class was told by Sumire that they were going to have a study hall.

When they later heard a ruckus from one of the public workers Shinobi Boruto, Shikadai, Denki, and Iwabee went to go check it out, Chōchō brought Sarada along because she was worried about the snack bar. Boruto, Denki, and Sarada were seen hiding behind a pillar of the school after Bourto dodge a wooden pillar that almost hit him. Everyone except Chōchō and Denki went in to stop the worker and dodge another one of his wooden pillars. When the worker and Boruto fell off the balcony Sarada saw as they nearly fell on the ground with a rough landing but was saved by Mitsuki.

After doing the extracurricular lesson with Shino. Outside of Lightning Burger, Sarada was talking about how Boruto and the others wasted their time. When Sumire said that they may have had an emergency, Sarada said told to Sumire to not let them fool her.

And that they wanted to get out of cleaning duty. In class, everyone heard Chōchō talking about a stalker. After class Chōchō found the stalker. Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki hearing a noise went over to investigate only to see that Chōchō had a guy pin to a wall. Sarada looked at Boruto when she told him that she didn’t have to be so violent. When they were looking at Magire Kakuremino seeing it was the guy the girls were talking about.

All were surprised to hear that the one he was following was a Sumire. When Magire confessed his feeling for her and ask her to go on a date with him and got regretted everyone was surprised.

During an art class, everyone was shocked to see a message written on the board. After class Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Chōchō, and Sumire meet up discussing Magire.

Later after messages written in the paper came falling from the sky everyone looked up seen a lot more messages. Later the six were walking down the fall protecting Sumire. Later they have split up a metal wall. After Sumire was taken by Magire, Boruto along with Shikadi and Mitsuki found Sarada and Chōchō at the Ninja Tool Prep Room and finding an unconscious Denki. Boruto asked them where Sumire was, but they didn’t know.

After hearing her scream they realized that she was on the roof. After finding her on the roof the five confront him. As the fight with Boruto and Shikadai facing Magire began when Boruto dodges his Kunai. Sarada said how that happened when they don’t have a plan. After Chōchō defused the situation everyone watched him cry for his mistake and his apology to Sumire and watch him pass out. One night when Boruto was walking around.

He spotted a poster of Kagemasa, supposedly talking to it Sarada spotted him asking him what he was doing. Boruto asked her the same thing, Sarada said that she was on her way home from night training and she was also going to report to her sensei.

Boruto replied that honor students must have it tough. Sarada asked him if he was a fan of Kagemasa, Boruto denies this but Sarada from closely observing him from earlier said that he seems interested in the poster. She also told him that they might not make the sequel. Boruto asked why Sarada said that the actor who plays Kagemasa was under a lot of stress.

When Sarada told this to Boruto he saw a mysterious figure being possessed by a specter. Sarada noticed this and asked him what was wrong. When Boruto ran off, Sarada making him act crazy. Sarada, surprised by this, asked that he was serious about it. When she asked if the grown-ups should handle it and it was Boruto to do. Boruto said that it was only him who could see the shadow and it should be him to stop him. Sarada said whatever he was planing she told him that he shouldn’t fail.

Boruto asked she believe him about the shadow. Sarada told him that she didn’t know anything about a shadow but she does know that he isn’t a liar Boruto thanking her Sarada also said that she is an idiot. Sarada told him to not let his guard down and from observing him knows that he’s really strong, Boruto said that he would do his best. When Sarada and Boruto came out of hiding they tried to attack but he easily dodges and grabbed Boruto later revealed to be a clone.

Sarada later threw a fūma shuriken at him but he dodges it again. But that shuriken was revealed to be Boruto transformed into a shuriken.

After the two took him down the two later told him that if he wants people to believe he should stop eating junk food. After they detain him, Boruto said maybe he should be Kagemasa the second but Sarada disagreed. When Boruto wanted to talk to Sarada about the shadow. Sarada said that she still needed to report to her Sensei and two would later part ways. When the class was given workplace experience everyone picked where they wanted to go for followed him to a construction site and she asked him what he was doing.

When Boruto told her that there was a shadow hovering around the figure. Sarada asked about it and Boruto told her to trust and when he went after him, Sarada shouted for Boruto but to no avail. During the fight with Kagemasa, she saved Boruto who was pinned to a wall by a metal pole.

She threw a Kunai to redirect the pipe from hitting Boruto’s head. Calling Stupid Boruto and told him to get a hold of himself. When Sarada asked who he was, Boruto told him that it was Kagemasa even though he seemed different, shocking Sarada. When Kagemassa was about to attack Sarada threw a smoke bomb and ran to hide somewhere.

When Boruto was looking at the hole in his jacket, saying so uncool. Sarada asked if this was the thanks she got for saving him. When she asked what was going on, Boruto told her that he was possessed by a shadow and that’s what was their workplace experience. When Boruto and Mitsuki and Shikadai split up to deliver mail. At the nail salon, Sarada and Chōchō saw Boruto in the air.

And wonder why he was in a hurry. After hearing that Sumire and Namida and Wasabi were in the hospital when Boruto arrived he apologized for not being there to protect them Sarada watched his conversation she would later drag him out of the room. Weeks after the end of the Ghost incident and Sumire turning herself in.

In class, both Sarada and Boruto were seen sitting next to each other when Shino announced that they would be forming a new three-man team. When Sarada asked about Sumire, Boruto looked at her when she asked if Sumire was going to quit the academy.

Boruto also listens to Sarada and Namida’s conversation about her trying to visit Sumire at the hospital and when Sarada said that they should leave her alone so that she can recover.

When picking members for their team Boruto heard when Iwabee tried to team up with Sarada. The next day for the practical training, when Shino left class and put Sarada in charge. After finishing, Boruto asked Sarada where Shino went.

Sarada told Boruto that she didn’t know and heard him mumble about Sumire and left. Run, Sarada! During a lesson on walking on water, Boruto is seen watching Sarada and the other half of the class standing on water, and watch as they fell on the uneven surface of the water.

After Sarada bought vegetables from the store, on her way home she saw Boruto, Shikadai, Inojin, and Denki jump off the roof of the train. After Boruto saw Sarada he said hey as a way to saying hello to her. Sarada expecting that they may be up to no good.

Sarada was told that their taking Denki fishing, Boruto told her that he never went fishing. Boruto invited her to go but Sarada told him that she needed to go home and get dinner ready.

She later told them that they should ride a train normally before someone gets injured. Boruto told her not to be uptight and that riding on the roof of the train is great and sitting on the roof and feeling the wind against their face. Sarada saying that she’s not a child, Boruto told her not to knock it before she tried but Sarada saying that she doesn’t have to try it and leaving said that she already knows.

Boruto later angrily complained about what an attitude she has. After Sarada accidentally left the package with a stuffed animal on the train. Sarada trying to think about getting it by going straight across the rooftops to get it. When she was about to take a step she later contemplated saying that makes her no different from Boruto. After missing the train to get the package she later ran into where the train is she jumped on top of the roof of the train.

While on the roof she later admitted that he was right and how great it felt being on the roof. After Shikadai spotted her for a moment and hid she complained of all the trains Boruto and his friends could have been on it had to be the same train she’s on. Shikadai told Boruto, Inojin, and Denki that there’s no way that Sarada would be on the roof. Boruto denying that would be the chance and that hypocrite if she got on the roof of the train after what she said. Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin wanted to catch her so that they could tease her until they graduated with an evil smirk on their faces.

On the roof of the train, Boruto didn’t see her, after being told that she was seen hiding behind a pillar on the train. Boruto tried a catch her but she disappeared but found her footprints on the roof. After getting the wrong package ceremony at the hidden waterfall.

After getting the package and spotting Boruto fishing, Sarada wondering where he is causing her to slowly fall in the water. But before she fell in she threw the package to Chōchō. After felling in, Boruto was busying fishing Sarada who was underwater Boruto thought that she was a big fish. Sarada later emerged from the water Boruto’s friend wondered why she was in the river. Sarada intimidating them said that it was hot and she was taking a little swim and asked if they got a problem with that.

Boruto’s friends in fear respond not at all. Sarada Uchiha Arc One day Sarada watches Boruto vandalizing his father’s face on the Hokage Rock from afar. After ran landed somewhere in the village, Sarada found where he was. Saying that idiots don’t give up. Boruto not wanting her to give away her location shushes her and hid a in a manhole. After Sarada was asked where Boruto was and mislead him in a different direction. Boruto coming out of his hiding place saying he should be thanking her.

And later saying that getting upset for graffiti over a Great Stone Face is nothing to worry about. Sarada believing that he wanted him to come after him and it was the only way for Boruto to get his father to give him more attention.

Boruto denies this saying that he was only “playing tag” with him and that he was trying to break the record since the last time they played. After Boruto was caught by Shikamaru’s Shadow Paralysis Jutsu, Sarada watched the conversation between Boruto and Shikamaru. At the gates of the village after Boruto was told sorry and was about to go home with his father’s lunch. Sarada asked if she wanted her to deliver the lunch box for him. Sarada telling Boruto that she and Chōchō were getting ready to leave for a trip and that she could take that to Lord Seventh.

Boruto said no and told her that she was giving it back to his mother. Sarada later grabbed his shoulder and told him that she will deliver the lunch box continuing to offer her request.

Boruto trying to pull away and saying no thanks, and telling her to mind her own business. Sarada tells Bourto that he knows the person who will deliver it and tell him that she is qualified to deliver it. Sarada promised that she’ll deliver it and wouldn’t let the lunch that his mother made go to waste, later begging him to trust him.

Boruto asking why it was important for her, Sarada telling him that lunch isn’t about the food in it and was really about the person who made it for someone. After Shikamaru told them where Naruto was going and told Boruto to let her give it to her.

Boruto finally deciding to give it to her, Sarada promising that she will give it to him. After giving her the lunch box, Boruto watches Sarada and Chōchō leave the village for Sarada to deliver the lunch box to his father then later comments that she is weird. After meeting her father after, him being away for a long time and having her mother kidnapped. At Orochimaru’s hideout after she falsely believed that Karin was her real mother after doing a DNA test.

Naruto mentioned Boruto when he was telling Sarada about everyone in the village is family to the Hokage. After Sarada awakened her Sharingan and meeting her father and rescuing her mother.

The next when Sarada was at the academy, Boruto thanked her for delivering the lunch box. Sarada thanked him for helping him realize her goal shocking Boruto that she wants to become Hokage. One day in the Training Hall, after Sarada had multiply bullseye with her shurikens. After Sarada told her friends that she was going to become Hokage. Boruto telling Sarada that she used to make fun of ninja not so long ago and asked what was the change of heart. Sarada simply replied that she chose not to be childish anymore.

Boruto asking what was childish about him. Boruto her that being Hokage is fine but throwing shurikens isn’t enough and that she should also master a skill. Sarada while Boruto was using Shadow Clones uses her Sharingan coping Boruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu. After Boruto and the clone threw shurikens at the target and hitting Iwabee and Metal with a shuriken, Sarada sarcastically said how that was great, Boruto told that he hit the target anyways but Sarada said that was just luck.

After Boruto asked Mitsuki what he was laughing about. Mitsuki said that he thought that the two make a very nice duo (in the English sub he said couple) both looking a each other and blushing a little said no way at the same time. When ChōChō most told the boys about her Sharingan Sarada stopped her before said anything about it.

When she asked why Sarada told her the reason why and told her about mastering it so she can rub it into Boruto’s face saying this with an evil smirk. After Sarada was training with ChōChō and revealing to her that she copied Boruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu with her Sharingan and after fainting and being saved by Konohamaru. After begin told Konohamaru wanted to become Hokage and it will be tougher with her and Boruto.

Sarada was shocked by this saying that he had no interest in becoming Hokage. But Konohamaru told Sarda that he believes that he is frustrated that people see him only as the Hokage’s son with Konohamaru could relate as he grew up as the grandson of the Third Hokage. Sarada having her work cut off her saying that she’ll beat that bratty attitude of his out of him. Konohamaru telling Sarada that a friend she could compete with is also a dependable friend to have Sarada possibly thought of Boruto when she agrees with Konohamaru.

When Sarada was looking at the Great Stone Faces at the Hokage Rocking she saw Boruto at the hillside. When Boruto was about to deface the Great Stone Faces, Sarada threw a pebble at him getting his attention.

Sarada telling him that he has a lot of free time. Sarada and Boruto fought each other as Sarada was to stop him from defacing the Hokage. When Boruto asked why she cared and commented that their useless and old fashion. Sarada explaining that Lord Seventh told her everyone in the village is so close that there just like family to him. Boruto thinking that was a load of crap before throwing a strike and Sarada dodging it and jump to avoid her.

Boruto used Shadow Clones causing her to use her Sharingan and disperse the clones it was also revealing that she can do shadow clones and trade blows. Both exhausted Boruto tricked Sarada into a draw, but as they are about to agree Boruto dissipates revealing it to be a clone and defaced the Hokage Rock. Sarda called him a coward and told him to come back but Boruto said that he was ok being a coward and that he owns it. Sarada grabbed her Kunai started to cut the rope, Boruto saying that was a cowardly move but Sarada reminded him that he was ok with that.

Boruto used a Sexy Jutsu on her that caused her to go red with embarrassment. Mitsuki while watching this and still thinking that the two were a very good duo while the two were arguing about what would happen if she would cut the rope, later Sarada has heard her yelling Boruto’s name.

School Trip Arc After Boruto tried to pull a prank on Iruka he was seen tied and hanged upside with his mouth being muffled in class. Sarada asked what he did calling him an idiot and hearing and answering after hearing what he did. When no one wanted to volunteer Sarada nominates Boruto as the class field trip leader shocking Boruto. {/INSERTKEYS}

boruto x sarada

Sarada pointing out that he is always the center of attention and cheerful, energic and loud, and thinking that theirs no one better. This caused the whole class to agree, making him the class field trip leader dismaying him, Boruto still being muffled try to say something Sarada noticing this threw a shuriken freeing him and the let him down.

Boruto x sarada class, Sarada told him not to, embarrassed them in another village, Sarada would later watch Boruto and Shikadai’s conversation about the Hidden Mist Village. She would later wish that Boruto would see the same resolve in him during regular school hours.

The four would later hear about Iwabee hearing how it used to be known as the “Bloody Mist”. Boruto also watched as Sarada angrily berates him for not listen to Shino and Shikida’s comment that she’s excited.

Before going on the field trip, Sarada is seen how unbelieved she is when Boruto arrived as the last one there at the gate. On the boruto x sarada ride to the Hidden Mist Village, on the upper deck of the boat, Sumire asked Sarada why she picked Boruto as the trip leader making Chōchō also wondering why she made him a trip leader.

When Sarada was about to answer Boruto showed up and asked if they were talking about him. Sarada annoyed told him that it wasn’t his business and telling him it was nothing and telling him to go away. Boruto replying that he had every right on the upper deck to look at the ocean. Sarada says that Boruto takes nothing seriously, Boruto replying that she’s too tense and needs to calm down. Boruto mentions that she’s been lately being high-strung.

Sarada scoffs at this and asked if he had a problem. Boruto said no and could be stressed as she wanted and that he’s not interested in becoming Hokage. Sarada later says that Boruto is the only one in the village that couldn’t see how great Naruto was. Boruto replying that he was the only one seeing how much a loser seeing his dad is.

When Boruto mentions how Sasuke was unbelievably strong and that’s way cooler. But Sarada saying that they weren’t talking about him. Sarada tells Boruto that her goal is to be a shinobi like Naruto is. Boruto said if she was that determined to be Hokage, she should take over as the field trip leader.

Sarda chuckled and revealed to Boruto why she made him the leader. It was all to make sure that Boruto didn’t go on his own and making any trouble, making sure that their trip would be fun. After Boruto learns of this tells Sarda that’s she’s sneaky for someone who wants to become Hokage. Sarada chuckled and Boruto mimicked saying how it’s not funny.

Chōchō and Sumire would later watch Boruto chasing Sarada complaining how it was not funny, Boruto also mimick Sarada’s chuckling making Chōchō saying that she’s not getting involved with them.

When arriving at the Hidden Mist Village the two were seen standing next to each other admiring the view of the Hidden Mist Village. After meeting Kagura the class was taken into the village. When Iwabee went off on his own, in a flashback Sarada knowing that he’s friends with Iwabee and told him to look for him.

Kagura would later be seen escorting the class to the Mizukage’s office. And later meet Mei on the way to the Hokage’s office. And would later Mei would escort the class with Kagura to the Mizukage’s office. The class would later meet Chōjūrō, when Boruto yawned do to him being bored by Chōjūrō’s lengthy speech Sarada tried to discreetly him. But when Chōjūrō hearing them talk when Boruto tried to apologize, Chōjūrō only does concede long speeches are boring both were surprised by this.

Sarada was also annoyed as Boruto signed in relief. When Boruto was talking to Shikadai and Denki about him getting a tongue tie. Sarada told him that the trip leader shouldn’t be doodling, but Boruto only saying that he knows that.

In a hotel check-in area, everyone was talking about Kagura. When Boruto did not know about Kagura being the next Ninja Swords Men. Sarada wasn’t surprised that he has no interest in history. Kagura would later take the class to the Hidden Mist Academy. And were surprised about the learning in the academy. The class would also watch Boruto and Kagura’s sparring match and were surprised to see Boruto’s defeat by Kagura. During sightseeing, Boruto bought a grilled squid but when he was two squids he was told boruto x sarada share one with a friend.

Boruto later found Sarada on her own and tried to give her one. Boruto would tell her it was a squid that he was giving her, Sarada told him that he was impolite having food in his mouth. Boruto asked if Sarada wanted the squid, Sarada tried to decline but when her stomach growled, she blushed a bit a took the squid. The two were later seen watching the ocean view, Sarada took a bite off of the squid saying how good it is.

And Kagura was delighted to hear that their local specialties were to their taste. Both would later hear about the earlier life in the Hidden Mist Village on how it was a poor village. The class would later pay their respects at the memorial for those who died in the era of the Boruto x sarada Mist.

The class would later learn how they would have to kill each other to pass the graduation exams. The class would also later learn about Iwabee’s problems with the Hidden Mist Village on how the Fourth Mizukage murder Iwabee’s Grandfather. And later would run up with Tsurushi and his gang.

And would watch a fight with Iwabee and Kagura and Tsurush’s gang. After rescuing Denki and getting to know Kagura and his past and of him being Yagura’s grandson.

When they were playing Shinobi Bout, Sarada came into the room and told Boruto it was time for an evening roll call. But Boruto was not interested in doing boruto x sarada call and wanted to keep playing Shinobi Bout, Sarada intimidated Boruto to make him do roll call. When Boruto gave Kagura his Shinobi Bout deck, Sarada angrily called his name again, making Boruto say that he’s coming.

After Boruto met Shizuma and Kagura joining them, Boruto fell unconscious and was later found by Sarada and tends to his wounds. When Boruto was waking up, Sarada is calling his name and when Boruto regains conscious Sarada was the first person’s face he saw and later said her boruto x sarada. Sarada was relieved to see that Boruto boruto x sarada awake, as Boruto was getting up he asked how Sarada found him while he was holding his injured arm, Sarada told him to be careful while.

When Sarada reveals that it was Tsurushi, Sarada would later watch as Boruto was still holding his injured arm while he already knew that Tsurushi worked for Shizuma. Sarada would later tell Boruto how Shizuma and his gang beat up Tsurushi and how he ran away.

Sarada would also reveal that Shizuma was using Tsurushi and when he was done with him, they would assault him telling Boruto this. Sarada angrily asks what was he doing, Tsurushi would tell them how Shizuma deceived him. Sarada reminded Boruto that he wasn’t supposed to cause trouble on the field trip and wondered what were they going to do. Boruto replied that they were going to have to do the one thing that has to be done. Boruto told Sarada that he has to find Kagura and save him, making Sarada ask how he was going to do that.

Sarada asked Boruto if it was Shizuma who took Kagura as a hostage. Boruto revealed that he wasn’t taken as a hostage but was trying to get Kagura on their side. Tsurushi boruto x sarada reveal what happened to Kagura and Boruto x sarada past and how Kagura was traumatized. Both have concluded the reason why Kagura doesn’t like swords is everyone because he injured him and that Shizuma is taking advantage of Kagura’s feelings and weakness to be manipulated him. Sarada wanted to let all the sensei’s know.

But Boruto grabbed her arm to stop her, Sarada seeing the look on Boruto’s face told him not to give her that look and that he couldn’t be serious. Boruto said that it was his call as the field trip leader and that nothing bad was going to happen on his watch. Sarada knew that it was useless trying to stop him and that she was going to have to go with him.

Boruto was confused by this but Sarada said that it’s her responsibility to keep an eye on him during the trip until it’s over, unfortunately for her. Boruto x sarada would also tell them that he would never forgive himself for the things that he did to Kagura. Boruto stated that it was going to have to be the three of them to save Kagura together.

Sarada wondering if they could keep it a secret, wondered what would happen if Shizuma’s gang continued to bring more trouble. Sarada was confused about how that there isn’t going to be any war.

After Shizuma and his gang stole the other Mist blades and the two Mizukages finding out the blades were stolen. Boruto and Sarada found where the Mizukages, both tried to plead for Boruto x sarada life and tried to get Chōjūrō not to kill him.

Sarada also wondered what was Boruto trying to do as he cleverly saying that it was just a fight with kids. Sarada asked if that was the best idea that he could come up with, Sarada also brought that they have a roll call at 10 pm, but Boruto said that they would get it done before that. When Boruto brought up his injury with his arm he mentions that it could be a diplomatic incident if he came back home with more injuries. Sarada was shocked at how he cleverly did that.

Chōjūrō also told them that he’s coming with them. On the way back, Sarada thought that Boruto didn’t have the guts to bring up his father but told her to trust him and that it was the last thing he wanted to do. Sarada looked at him when he mentioned that the situation would worsen if he couldn’t help a friend.

When Boruto and Sarada met up with their class, he told Denki that they have something to do and if they don’t make it back before roll call, they asked Denki to cover for them. Both Shikadai and Inojin knew that they were sketchy and knew that they were caught up in some trouble. At the Memorial Park when Shizuma was about to destroy it Boruto, Sarada, and Chōjūrō showed up to face Shizuma’s New Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

Shizuma used the Crimson Mist Barrier Technique, and Sarada was separated from the group by Ichirōta’s Shibuki blade, Boruto noted that Sarada fell in a hole.

During Sarada’s fight with Buntan Kurosuki, Sarada stated that she hates to admit that Boruto’s Jutsu (the Shadow Clone Jutsu) saved her from being killed by Buntan’s Lightning Fish (Snakehead) when she was hiding on a boat. After Boruto defeated Shizuma, Sarada called Boruto’s name as it was almost time for rollcall, telling all of this while Sarada was being carried by Tsurushi as she couldn’t walk. Boruto wanted to catch his breath but Sarada said that there isn’t any time.

Iwabee had to carry Boruto on the way back. While trying to get back both argued about how fast or slow they should go to get back. When it was time to leave, nobody saw Karuga their way off. Sarada told Boruto that she hoped that he punched him in the face if he should up. Boruto asked why he should do that, and that it was him that gave them a great field trip.

Sarada asked if he was serious and that he almost got them killed. After returning home Boruto, Sarada, and Iwabee were asked to go to Iruka’s office. But thought that they make it back for roll call on time, Boruto told them that he got it and let him do all the talking. At the principal’s office, Boruto tried to lie about what happened at the Hidden Mist Village. But Iruka revealed their actions in a letter from Chōjūrō.

All three were punished and had dentition and where to paint the roof. Sarada told Boruto that he should have come clean and apologized instead of coming up with a lame excuse. Sarada and Boruto would later argue but broke them up so that they could finish their punishment. After was told that he has forgotten to give Himawari a souvenir, Sarada saw Boruto jumping over rooftops wondering what he did. She would hear that Boruto was trying to get Water Cinnamon Sweet.

When Boruto told Mitsuki that he forgot to give Himawari a souvenir. Sarada overhears this and told Boruto that she figured something like it and told Boruto that he was looking for Water Cinnamon Sweet.

boruto x sarada

Boruto asked if she had any but she said no, Sarada told Boruto that she knows a place that might have them. Sarada asked that Boruto that she was never to asked how she knows the shop, which Boruto promises that he won’t but Sarada does not believe him but she still tells him where to find the store. The Super Beast Scroll Slump! After Inojin lost the ability to use the Super Beast Imitating Drawing, Sai was a guest lecturer and during Art class, both Sarada and Boruto were seen sitting far apart from each other.

At the Training Hall, Shino decides on a three-man team battle, both Boruto and Sarada were seen standing far apart from each other. When Himawari was made a guest boruto x sarada, both Boruto and Sarada were seen sitting across from each other on the same table.

The Last Day at the Ninja Academy! In the Novel, Mitsuki went to visit all of his classmates to seek advice for writing his graduation essay from the academy. Mitsuki finds Sarada and ChōChō at a cafe and asks them on what they would be writing about in their essays.

Mitsuki tried to ask Sarada but ChōChō interrupts and suggests that Sarada‘s topic might mostly revolve around Boruto. This caused Sarada to all flustered and stutter and tries to regard the subject. Mitsuki noted that Sarada’s tone always changes when it comes to Boruto, however Mitsuki decided to keep it to himself.

Graduation Exams Arc After Boruto was given a long lecture from Shino ran to his class. Finding Sarada there telling him that he doesn’t need to be so loud. Sarada told Boruto that they probably went home since graduations are coming soon. Boruto didn’t understand anything special about graduating. Sarada comments how it must be easy it is for Boruto to not have any worries. Boruto was confused boruto x sarada this asked that friendship is supposed to be enteral. Sarada only looked at him and said that Boruto might be the only one who believes that.

When Boruto sees his friends being busy and training more. Boruto had a flashback to what Sarada said. Boruto later arranges a camping fishing trip with his friends. Sarada agrees to go when Boruto asked if they want to go when he asked his friends.

When Sarada was at home, Sakura was excused to her that Sarada going on a camping trip with her friends, but finding that Sarada wasn’t excited Sakura asked if something happened. Sarada told her mother that Boruto was just being stupid. After Sarada asked a question about friendship being enteral, Sakura told Sarada that Boruto is Boruto boruto x sarada that if she’d mistreat him that she owns him an apology but Sarada denies any of that.

On the day of the camp, they went to the Kaminarimon Camping grounds. At the campsite, they started their camping trip and began doing the preparing for camp when it came time to do fishing they all went to the lake.

After hearing that the enteral carp were somewhere else and were told to give up. After one of the fishing caught a bite and after the line broke, everyone walked away as they didn’t get any fish, Sarada was seen looking back at Boruto.

On that night everyone got to enjoy Iwabee’s curry and discussing that everyone changed. Everyone noticed that Boruto was sitting by himself and not talking. When Boruto grabbed a fishing pole left, Sarada watched him running off. Sarada and Sumire later followed him, Boruto asked what they were doing. Sarada said that it was nothing and later asked when Boruto loved fishing so much making Boruto ask if she got a problem.

Sarada asked if what she said is still bothering him. And told Boruto that she thinks if they eat the enteral carp would create an enteral friendship with them but Boruto denies it. He would tell Boruto that what she said did bother him, Sarada would later apologize for that.

Boruto noted that wasn't like her and wondered what's gotten into her. But Sarada, annoyed by this asked if he always has to get the last word. Boruto would later say that trying to make something you want to be eternal isn't boruto x sarada to be easy.

Sarada asked if he was saying this because she backed down. But Boruto replied that it was him who was supposed to say. The two would later hear Sumire laugh and about how she changed because of the two of them to hear about what she decides but was interrupted as Boruto got a bite from the eternal carp. The three would later see the eternal carp. As the carp started pulling Boruto, Sarada went in and grabbed him to prevent him from falling in. Telling him not to give up, which wasn't planning on doing.

Sumire would tell the two her decision to become a shinobi with them and helped them. She summoned Nue to make sure that the fishing line wouldn't break. Sarada holds the line with Boruto and told him to sync his movements with hers, which he agreed to.

As they were slowly getting pulled in, all their friends came to help them. Shikadai prevents the two from falling by using his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu. With their combined efforts they caught the carp in the air. Sarada told Boruto that it was his chance to get the carp. After they got the carp, they enjoyed eating the carp.

Boruto would reminisce on how they all played a part to catch the carp. Sarada would later chuckle at this, she would later tell Boruto how her mom was still friends with the people in her childhood, still didn't know if that was eternal. Later the group looks at the stars, Sarada would look at Boruto's face with a smile.

After having a transformation father does parent and teacher conference holiday and being interviewed by Kakashi who was disguised as Sukea, after coming to class the next morning Boruto asked Sarada what was going on between Namida and Wasabi, which she resonates that Namida decidesKonohagakure not to become a shinobi and continue the middle school curriculum. And tells Boruto that Namida is going to tell Shino that she’s gonna quit being a ninja.

After talking with Sukea about the need for Shinobi not being needed as much, Boruto has a flashback about Sarada’s interview about her goal of becoming the Hokage. As the issue with Namida and Wasabi was continuing, outside of class Boruto found Sarada standing next to the doorway. As noticed that it was just him, Boruto noted how harsh her comment was.

As Boruto mentioned that Sarada was hesitant on helping out with Namida and Wasabi’s problem. Sarada told Boruto that it was easy for him to help out on someone’s problem but not for her.

She would later tell Boruto that she believes that Namida wants to become a shinobi with Wasabi, but is currently dealing with family trouble and that it wasn’t her place. Boruto reminded Sarada that she wanted to become Hokage shocking her boruto x sarada asking him why he brought that up. Boruto brought the fact that she isn’t going to become a great Hokage if she isn’t going to help out with someone’s problem.

A statement that shocked her, Boruto would later bring boruto x sarada that it might be ok that if she makes herself a little less tactful or she’ll never surpass his father. A statement that made her say his name and got her to go into class to talk to Namida and Wasabi, but before she got into the class she thanked Boruto before she went in, Boruto would watch before he left.

Boruto would later she Sarada, Namida, and Boruto x sarada as Namida got to get her parents to let her continue being a ninja. On the next day, the whole class is seen taking the written part of their graduation exams. After finishing the written exams and hearing about Denki and Iwabee stealing the teacher’s lounge, he considers cheating. Both Boruto and Sarada are later seen sitting across from each other after the written exams.

But Sarada points out that a week ago, Shino told them to check the questions and make a strategy before telling them to do it. Sarada would watch Boruto and Sumire’s conversion about him not needing to study for the exams. And later she would watch him finishing up the exams so that they can all be ninja together. The next day while preparing for the practical exam they all saw the senseis on top of a tree.

They were all given a white bandanna and were told what the headbands were for and that the practical exams were a combat situation and were told about the targets on them. Boruto thought that it would be easy since their facing Shino. Sarada asked if they should be careful around Konohamaru since he’s aiming to become Hokage, Boruto did not know this and thought that make a less of a big deal. They all were surprised to see Kakashi the Sixth Hokage and that he’s going to be the proctor for their exam.

After the exam started Sarada chased after Boruto as he went after the proctors. As Sarada was talking about how they should not go after Lord Sixth and should come up with a strategy. Boruto later showed up and says that they should worry about it once they face him. While running they see Konohamaru and later see Boruto leaves the fight, Sarada is seen stunned that the fact that Boruto left the fight.

But as Sarada and Sumire stayed to fight Konohamru, he asked if they should be going after him. But Sarada said if going that way was the boruto x sarada way, he wouldn’t have to allow Boruto to pass easily. Konohamru replies that he knew that she would understand this better than Boruto. After being rescued by Mitsuki and regrouping with the others.

All of them heard about Boruto Kakashi’s assessment of Boruto’s influence and apologizes.

boruto x sarada

And also were shocked to hear about how Boruto couldn’t break his arm to free himself from Kakashi. They would all watch as Iwabee aggressively tell Boruto that made it far because of him. And they would later hear Denki boruto x sarada Sumire share Iwabee’s opinion. Boruto x sarada the group takes notice of the 24 hours time limit and that they still have their bandannas despite the fact some of them were knocked unconscious and while they were injured. And that the sensei’s didn’t pursuit them.

They later concluded that the real test namely how they choose to be the tackle the problem. After Boruto formulates a strategy to rescue their classmates. Boruto and Sarada along with Denki, Iwabee, and Mitsuki faced Konohamaru.

They later used a fūinjutsu on him and were pushed back when Sarada almost used a heavy hit. After Konohamaru’s target glowed red revealing it to be hit. Both Boruto and Sarada revealed that they used a transformation into one another. Konohamaru applauded them both due to the Sharingan and the craftiness that Boruto inherited from his father.

They later met up with Tsuru and regroup with the others to face Kakashi. When Boruto seemly used more clones it was revealed to be that they transformed themselves to make them look like Boruto, Sarada was revealed to be one of them. They all used a Multiple String Light Formation on Kakashi letting Boruto a chance to take the bell.

When Kakashi used his Purple Lightning making them fall to the ground. But they all refuse boruto x sarada give up the seal to be broken but time ran out before Boruto can get the bell. They were surprised to hear that they all passed the practical exam despite the fact none of them got the bell.

They listen as Kakashi mentions how the ninja world is harsh and those who break the rules are considered scum, but those who didn’t value their comrades are worse and that they understand that idea.

When Shino is congratulating them both Boruto and Sarada were seen standing next to each other, even when they told Shino that their very tired to talk. They all were given their forehead protectors both Boruto and Sarada were seen still standing next to each other when they got it.

Formation of the Three-Man Squad? At the Academy, Boruto discusses teaming up with Shikadai but Sarada told him that the sensei get to decide who teams up together. She also stated that she would hate to be on a team with him. Since he also acts without a plan and leaves to chance without success.

As Boruto took a step forward Sarada tried to take a step back. Boruto asked if she ever heard the phrase playing it by ear. Sarada puts her hand in front of his face and mentions that he’s too close and that he’s spitting on him.

When Namida tells the class that the senseis are coming Iwabee accidentally bumps into Boruto knocking him into Sarada almost accidentally making them kiss. But Sarada blocks Boruto with her foot. This causes both Boruto and Sarada to argue with each other but Shino shouted to get their attention. As everyone expects Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki were announced their assigned team. When they were told that they would be Team 3, Sarada acknowledges Boruto’s skills.

But their compatibility was another matter. As Boruto x sarada mentions that it was more fun if she didn’t know where she was going to end up, if she’d didn’t understand that then Boruto didn’t want to be on the same team as her shocking her. Both Boruto and Sarada talked with Konohamaru at the teacher’s lounge. When Sarada was given an appeal she left but Boruto yelled after her to not beat him to the Hokage’s office. As Boruto was catching up with Sarada, Boruto tries to ask her to wait up.

But Sarada dismissed him and said that she’ll admit it by herself and threw a paper bomb to prevent him from following her. But as Boruto caught up with her asking her his f he’ll let her do what she wants, Sarada tells him that he’d better stay out of her way revealing her Sharingan to him. Boruto noticed that her eyes had the Sharingan and that he knows about it but Sarada telling him that it wasn’t his business. Both would arrive at the rooftop of the Hokage’s office, as Sarada called Boruto annoying both of them were caught by Shikamaru’s Shadow Paralysis.

Both tell Shikamaru that they have a request that they both don’t want to be on the same team. Both were informed that the Hokage was out and that his location was disclosed and both left. In the forest, Sarada asks why they couldn’t disclose his location. But Boruto mentions that he didn’t know and when it happens he doesn’t dad for a while, Sarada noting that he goes through this stuff a lot. Boruto wanted to ask Sarada for a truce so that they could find his father.

boruto x sarada

Sarada asked how they were going to find him and if he had any ideas, but Boruto couldn’t guess any location that he could be in. Boruto x sarada Mitsuki arrives with a copy of Naruto’s schedule. As Shikamaru asked, the Hokage’s escort let them know that Boruto and Sarada were going to his location and when he checked who the Hokage’s escort was for the day, he noted that they both are against it a bad opponent.

Mirai and her team were told not to go easy on them even though their newbies Mirai wanted to bring them in a torment them a little bit. As Boruto and Sarada were getting close to the bridge they were stopped by Mirai. Since she’s not going to let them through, Boruto says that they’ll have to get past her by force but Sarada noted that she’s a Chūnin. Boruto asked her what they should do, Sarada comes up with a plan and asks if he’s in on the plan to which he agrees.

As Boruto was on the bridge the ropes that were holding the bridge were cut making the bridge fall but Mitsuki caught the supports for the bridge. Boruto and Mirai fight each other while Sarada observes her with her Sharingan. When Boruto tries to use his Shadow Clones Jutsu Sarada tells him to get out of the way but it was too late.

As Sarada was caught in a genjutsu Boruto came to Sarada’s rescue. Boruto tells Sarada to try the plan again, Sarada angrily tells Boruto to not tell her what to do. Mirai would later kick Boruto knocking him back into Sarada and both get knocked back. Sarada tells Boruto that she can’t find any weakness, but Boruto tells her that she shouldn’t feel sorry for herself. Boruto x sarada mentions that she’d analyzed the situation and couldn’t find a solution. Boruto reminds her that she going to make a direct appeal no matter what.

This causes Boruto and Sarada to argue with each other for a bit. As Sarada was about to quit.

boruto x sarada

Boruto asked if she was willing to give in easily, as Mitsuki noted that they both are trying to fight effectively while they’re canceling each other out of their strengths. Mitsuki tells both of them boruto x sarada they’re not doing what they’re usually doing. Both conclude that their natural opposites of each other and that they try to get in sync too fast without thinking it through. Making Sarada asked that they should play it by ear.

Both would try to fight Mirai again after Sarada threw a shuriken she told Boruto to keep at it. After overwhelming Mirai, Konohamaru compliments them for playing it by ear. Both pointed how ard is it to submit a direct appeal but he still let them try it. All would hear him pointing out the values of hard-earned cooperation and hear about how Naruto used to say how there are no shortcuts to becoming the Hokage. When Sarada was asked if she still wants to be on another team. Boruto asked if she was still against teaming up with him, Boruto mentions that he’d be more than happy if he was on her team.

All three would later go to Naruto to promote their team into Team 7 which Naruto allowed. The Path Lit by the Full Moon Sarada complains to Mitsuki that Boruto is late which Mitsuki noted that she’s quite hard on him.

Sarada asked Mitsuki what he likes that makes him happy but only to find out it’s the same thing that Boruto does. After Mitsuki finishes reminiscing about his past, Boruto arrived, and Sarada reminds him that he’s late.

Boruto apologizes and tells them that he ran into a lost kid but Sarada doesn’t believe him and thinks he lying. This causes them to argue with each other. They were both shocked when hearing that Mitsuki didn’t care if Boruto was telling the truth or not. He also told both of them that he trusts them. A statement that both of them look at each other in confusion.

They both later left alongside Mitsuki to the Hokage’s office. Genin Mission Arc Boruto meets up with his team at the Hokage’s office.

They are told were a ninja for every ninjaRank, Sarada would also listen to Boruto as he was telling Mitsuki that they should finish their mission quickly and that it would be easy and later listen as Boruto’s father boruto x sarada him that no mission is easy. And later they go to the office to be assigned their first boruto x sarada. After Konohmaru told them to take their assignments more seriously, Sarada angrily points out his father at Boruto being reckless and stupid and does not lump her in with him.

This causes them to argue with each other. They all later go for their first mission. On the way to the Green Banks, Sarada asked Boruto if they could talk, She asked him not to do anything reckless that would leave a mark on her record that could prevent her from becoming Hokage. Boruto gives her attitude and they begin arguing. This causes Mitsuki to comment on how well they get along, which shocks them.

After stopping for a break they all listen to Konohmaru about teamwork as the success of any mission. But as Boruto already knew that and thought it to be boring Sarada asked him to stop complaining and to let the Sensei talk.

They later listen to how they should respect each other’s skills and worth. They boruto x sarada later told not to counter the danger by themselves and that they should work as a team. Sarada told Boruto that he should listen carefully and that it applies to him. As Boruto asked why she pointed out that he’s the most reckless on their team. They were all later startled by a rattle in the bushes.

But as it was revealed to be a Boar, they were later relieved to not be a threat but told by Konohmaru as if they have a long way to go if they tell from one type of danger to another.

They all later arrive at the Green Banks and soon cross over the bridge. They all were welcomed and told of the village’s history and the previous village leader and the new village head Kiri and the village’s problem. They later met Kiri, the new village head. As Boruto noted that she was still young, Sarada shushed him. Both Boruto and Sarada were angered at Kiri’s comment on how the Leaf being short on manpower but Konohmaru stated that they were skilled enough as he said this to Kiri.

She would later tell them of their village’s problem due to drought and people from another village trying to steal from their storehouse. They were later told that now that rouge Shinobi were attacking their village. Konohamaru would ask them to excuse them so that they could talk and Sarada drags him out of the room.

Outside they wondered about the situation of the mission, Sarada doubted they would be able to carry out the mission as long it involved rouge shinobi but Boruto thought that they couldn’t turn back as it would look uncool to which Sarada agrees. They all later agreed to convinced Konohamaru to let them finish the mission, they would also hear a villager being killed by a shinobi. Sarada would watch as Boruto would fight him, and she would yell out that it wasn’t worth it.

Later while walking Sarada asked how Boruto could be calm when he was attacked and nearly got killed, but Boruto said that he was in control of the whole situation and showed annoyance by this. Later Kiri that the shinobis are after the deed to the bridge. That night they watch on top of a tree branch as a house is set on fire, later they watch as Boruto went off on his own to save someone and later met up with him and Sarada reminded him that their sensei told them not to go off on his own, but Boruto told her to shut up.

They all later learn that all the villagers are being controlled by Genjutsu. They all later determines that the Jutsu user would withstand if Mitsuki used Wind Release. After Mitsuki used Wind Release to make them all fall to the ground.

They all later noticed that the village head is missing. Sarada boruto x sarada also seen giving Boruto a look when Konohamaru scolds Boruto for acting on his own. After Kiri was kidnapped, Sarada is attending to Boruto’s injury she asks if the wrapping of the bandage is too tight, to which Boruto brushes off and saying that it doesn’t hurt and that it was just a scratch.

Sarada seeing this smirk and told him that she knows that he likes to act tough and made the bandage tighter while she tells him to be more careful and caused him pain, but he tried to act as boruto x sarada didn’t hurt. They would later be told that they were attacked by Shinobi by the Pale Blue Valley and listened to what the letter said as they ignored repeated warnings and demanded the deed to the bridge. Sarada would listen to the reason why Kiri kept it a secret and asked for their protection.

They were told by Matsuba that Tofu Kiri’s father and their previous village head didn’t try to solve problems on his own and that he listens to everyone. Even though Kiri was young and mature for her age and was trying to protect everyone in the village. They would have if she didn’t act on her own. They all later came up with a plan to rescue Kiri and that Konohamaru would take down the rogue Shinobi.

Both Boruto and Sarada knew that he would be valuable if he fights the rouge Shinobi on his own. They later rescued the village head, noticed her injury, and figured that she got hurt in the earlier attack.

They all were told by Konohamaru to take the village head out of the battlefield. They run and later attend to her injury and set a few traps. They all were told the story about her father. Boruto x sarada Boruto reminisced on the similarities Kiri’s father had with his father, Sarada asked if this reminded him of something. Sarada points out that Boruto and Kiri’s father are very similar. But Boruto denies this telling her that she was way off, Mitsuki comments that she was right on the mark much to Boruto’s annoyance.

They all see that their traps didn’t work on Ashimaru. As Boruto wanted to get out of there but Sarada told him not to be an idiot, she figures that he wanted to take Kiri and run for it. She points out what boruto x sarada they get overtaken.

Boruto wanted to boruto x sarada up with a plan but Sarada figures that they just figure it out. She points out that they’re outmatched. Sarada had an idea and try to come up with a plan to work together. When Boruto told Kiri that she’ll show her what teamwork is.

boruto x sarada

Sarada angrily states all of them will show her. During the fight with Ashimaru Boruto and Mitsuki fought him while Sarada analyses him with her Sharingan, she arrives to meet them. Boruto mockingly brings up that she is late to which she gruffly apologizes. She later tells them that he doesn’t dodge and that he blocks and then she tells them that he doesn’t dodge because she believes that he has a lot of self-confidence and that he blocks boruto x sarada counterattacks.

They all work together to bring him down, both Mitsuki and Boruto used the Wind Release and use a Boruto Stream to launch Sarada. All note on what they don’t have Boruto who didn’t have Sarada’s eyes to read an attack, Sarada didn’t have Mitsuki’s speed to fool with an opponent, and Mitsuki couldn't use the Wind Release creatively like Boruto.

But together they could beat him as she brutally punches him to the ground create a crater. To which Boruto comments on her superhuman strength, and that she could kill him if she wanted to which Mitsuki remarks that he got his hands full with Sarada and Himawari. Konohamaru returns and both Sarada and Boruto are seen arguing with each other and Boruto almost picked a fight with her to which Sarada wanted to do, but Boruto boruto x sarada afraid of her superstrength and wanted to fight when they got back home Sarada wanted to fight right now, they would argue with each other they would later return Kiri to the village.

They would later see her as she apologizes to her people and her thanking them for her rescue and teaching her the importance of teamwork. Sarada would mockingly tell him that he’s acting high and might when he told her to do her best. They return home and Konohamaru thanks them for their hard work. The next day at Lightning Sarada would watch listen as Boruto is talking a completely different story on how their mission when to which she replies that he is too much.

Team Konohamaru is on a mission to capture a runaway pet, they would later catch the pet. They were given thanks by the cat owner. Voiced his dismay at how boring their neighbor-based mission, Sarada told him that their part of being a Genin is an important part of the mission Boruto knowing that brings up previous missions that they did, and he asked if they should be doing better missions.

Sarada chased after Boruto and Mitsuki as they were going to the mission assignment desk as Boruto wanted to get a flashy mission. Sarada would listen as Boruto would request a flashier mission from Suika.

After Boruto was scolded by Konohamaru about how mission with combat against other shinobi is very rare during a time of peace.

Sarada told him boruto x sarada to think about them being handymen instead think about serving the village by helping people then every job is important. After Boruto left not wanting to do any missions, Sarada comments on how childish he is and an idiot. After Boruto bought a new game, Sarada found them there and told them what she’s been looking for them.

She would tell them that they’ve been summoned by Konohamaru. Boruto told that it was a mission to find someone’s lost dog. But Sarada told him that wasn’t the case and that there’s a bank robber in a bank. They leave to go to the bank and arrive and they are greeted by captain Kōtarō Fūma of the police force.

As both Kōtarō and Sarada knew each other, Boruto asked if he was for real, Sarada asked him to be quiet and told him not to run his a big mouth and that he is a special Jōnin and the captain of the police force. As they saw the bank robber both Boruto and Sarada were disappointed by the situation and the bank robber wasn’t as they pictured.

Sarada noted that they were assigned to talk out the bank robber, she asked if Boruto wanted out of the mission she’s fine completing the mission without him and she told Boruto that she’ll tell Konohamaru that he wasn’t any help after the mission, but Boruto wasn’t out of the mission. As Boruto went into the bank, outside of the bank Sarada commented that he’s too reckless to be in there by himself. This made Mitsuki to asked if she was worried, but Sarada was only worried about the safety of the suspect.

Both Boruto and Sarada would later get to know about Haguruma and the change in the quality of life and boruto x sarada gap between the rich and the poor. Outside of the bank, they wonder why Boruto was taken too long, Sarada said that he would detonator the moment he had the chance and thought that it was too difficult for him to complete by himself. They later noticed a spark and knew that it was the Lightning Release, Sarada was about to get into the bank but noticed that Boruto was walking out of the bank with Haguruma.

Later at the Police Force, they were told Haguruma was under a lot of mental stress that affected his decisions. And that the explosives were worthless that couldn’t cause harm, they were later told by Kōtarō that his punishment would not be too severe. Later that afternoon boruto x sarada were walking and Boruto said that he wanted to go home and play his game and that he would have to be ready for tomorrow’s surprising Sarada.

She wondered about what causes his change of heart Boruto would tell her that if there’s no glory there’s still value in a job for someone. Boruto x sarada Sarada that she heard him say that, she said that she might say that pig fly soon. This angrily made Boruto ask about that but Sarada asked if he’s got a problem with that. Byakuya Gang Arc Team 7 arrives at the bank and is informed by Kōtarō and Konohamaru that the hostage situation was a distraction and that the vault was completely emptied.

They were later told about the group called the Byakuya Gang who call themselves Noble Thieves. They were told about them stealing from other villages and that there mysteries. As Boruto went into the vault and outside of the vault Sarada told Mitsuki that she imagines that he’s shivering and that’s very cool. At Lightning Burger, they talk about the Byakuya Gang and what’s the meaning of a Noble Theif. But Boruto said that stealing is stealing and tried to Sarada about his opinion but she told him that she was trying to read her book.

After Boruto asked his opinion with Shikidai but he answers about them having their reasons and boruto x sarada is more to learn from what they know at the Academy. Later Sarada said that she couldn’t believe that he’s the same age as them and Boruto agreed. Sarada made a breakthrough and Boruto and Mitsuki followed her to the library.

At the library, she asked about the flower she was holding but Boruto thought it was just a flower, Sarada told him that it was a frozen flower that was in front of the bank safe. She told him how a flower outside the safe was frozen and told them that she realized that it was the Ice Release.

She told them about all five Ninjutsu elements and other Jutsu passed down to a certain clan called a Kekkei Genkai. She would tell them that the Ice Release User came from the Land of Boruto x sarada. Boruto concluded that whoever was able to use the Ice Release can bring down their body temperature.

Sarada was impressed by his observation, they concluded whoever used the Ice Release was able to bring down their body temperature to enter the safe. Sarada wanted to tell Kōtarō, but Boruto told her that facing Shinobi would make their mission B ranked and that their only allowed to do missions up to C Rank since their Genin. If Sarada was to report this they will be left out of the loop. Sarada asked if they should report this and act like they know nothing.

Boruto asked if she’s got a problem with that and Sarada thought that was a great idea. Boruto asked if she had any idea where they but she didn’t know and it bumped out Boruto as it got their boruto x sarada up high. None of them could come on someone they could rely on. Boruto had one person in mind but wasn’t sure about him since he’s strange. Boruto takes him to Katasuke and Sarada askes how he knows him, he tells him that he’s an old acquaintance of his dad and does research and comes home to their house and gets him a new game.

Sarada wondered the fact that Katsuke called him Young Lord. They asked him if he knew anything about Ice Release. They asked where they might hang out and he takes them to a place in the village. He shows them a wall where secret messages are sent and comes up with an idea to boruto x sarada up as the buyers for the stolen jewels. As Shikadai was learning more about shogi.

The next day they disguised themselves and met with the thief. Sarada was disguised as a briefcase everyone and undid the transformation and dropped their disguises to tackle the thief. They later saw it as a decoy and were rigged with an explosive tag that could kill him.

The thief used a flash bomb and they followed him they noticed that he left frozen footprints and wondered if it was a trap.

boruto x sarada

They later went to a lake noticed a well. They later arrive at a village on the mountainside. The thief boruto x sarada trapped them with ice and reveals about the village’s damaged water system and that the stolen jewels were used to fix the damaged water system.

After they were released from the ice they tried to pursue him but stopped as Boruto didn’t. All teams were summonsed in front of the Police Force to ask their help to capture the Byakuya Gang.

But as they were Genin they were told to search and track and report to a Chunin or a Jonin and that they were not to fight or pursuit them. Also, both Boruto is seen standing in front of Sarada and Sarada are seen standing behind him. Team 5, 7, 10, and 15 all gather together and Boruto and Sarada are standing next to each other and the group was talking about what they should do if Byakuya Gang attacks them since they can’t pursuit them first.

Sarada is seen looking at Boruto when Iwabee asked Boruto if they could attack them first and possibly get the chance to capture them. The next day at Lightning Burger Team 5,7, and 10 were trying to cheer up Denki as his team were suspended and were discussing the gang, their merits, and their methods. As Boruto wanted to capture them, Sarada pointed out only Chunin or Jonin can capture them, and because of boruto x sarada Genin ranks, they can only report and track them.

Later Boruto said that he going to deal with a real-life problem and Sarada asked about his real-life problem and tells them that he blew through his allowance and couldn’t buy video games.

Sarada asked if he was going to borrow from Katasuke and Sarada asked if he was going to see him again.

But Boruto told them that he’s got a ton of games. At Lightning Burger, Boruto came to his friends to see if they heard the news. Sarada pointed outside from a window that the protest is getting bigger. And all concluded that they couldn’t fight Byakuya Gang and an angry mob of people. As the protest on the KaminarCompany, all of the Genin expect Team 5 assembled at the Police Station.

At an alleyway, Boruto question the place they were and thought that not any of the Byakuya Gang or protesters are going to be there. Sarada told him that they were still on a mission and that they have to stay alert. Later they noticed Shikadai passing by, Boruto went to follow Team 10 making Sarada wonder where he was going. But Boruto said that he had to go, and Sarada said he could not leave his post. But Mitsuki told her that his Boruto’s instincts must have picked up something.

As the protest was happening Sarada was not to blame her if they get yelled at. The Genin Documentary After Team 5 made a documentary video at Lightning Burger, Sarada looked at Boruto as he’s questioning that they put his father in the documentary and complains that they should have been in the documentary and that they should have been in the documentary.

Wasabi and Namida At the Hokage’s Office, Boruto and Sarada are arguing with each other about them being late. Sarada blames Boruto for losing the map, they later see Sumire and greet her and talk to her. Boruto told Sumire that they got back from finishing a mission but Sarada brings up that Boruto made them take longer than it had to.

Boruto told Sarada that he was sorry but Sarada said kind of. Sumire laughed and told them that they get along so well. Making Boruto and Sarada ask why, but Sumire pointed out that moment and Mitsuki nodded. Versus Momoshiki Arc After a mission, Boruto talked about how easy the mission was as they were guarding someone’s pet, Sarada told him not too comfortable as not all missions will be that easy.

Boruto brushed it off and offered the team to eat somewhere, he asked Sarada were on what she wanted. Boruto wanted to go to Lightning Burger, much to Sarada’s disliking. Boruto overhears a group of Genin gossiping about them, which gets under Boruto’s skin.

Outside Sarada told him not to let guys like them get boruto x sarada him. But Boruto x sarada tells them boruto x sarada he doesn’t and it is because he’s always being judged by his connection with his father and runs off, Sarada asked if they were supposed to get hamburgers, but Boruto lost his appetite. Boruto has a flashback to his birthday, Sarada and Sakura came to their house to wish him a happy birthday.

Boruto was surprised that Sarada came along and she asked if he was disappointed and told him that her mother told her to while surprised that Mitsuki was there. As Sakura asked where Naruto was Hinata told her boruto x sarada he would be home soon. Making Sarada ask if that was good news, Boruto said that he couldn’t care less if his father came home or not. Later into the party, Boruto tried to his frustration that his father hasn’t shown up after receiving a phone call.

Boruto went up to his room to sulk, Sarada went up to his room to assume that his father was too busy that he couldn’t ignore it. Boruto responds that his father blew off his birthday. The Other Side of Anxiety When Team 5 was tasked to escort a plate that was a national treasure.

They returned with the plate broken since Metal got nervous and dropped it. Both Boruto and Sarada were shocked as Metal started wearing a necklace that supposedly cures anxiety and was incredulous to hear the reason why he was wearing it.

After Metal faced his father and opened The Gate of Opening the First Inner Gate, one of the Eight Inner gates. Team 5 went to see what was their next assigned mission, both Sarada and Boruto were surprised to see that he no longer had the necklace. And was confused when he did say that the anxious him his genuine him.

A statement that confuses them. Parent and Child Day Arc During the new Konohagakure holiday, both Boruto and Sarada decide to go train together at that time. At the apartment, Sarada told her mother that she promises to help Boruto with Shuriken training.

Sasuke came back to the village, Boruto told him about the new holiday and that he told him where Sarada was at the training grounds. Sasuke would later arrive at the training grounds and tell Sarada that it was Boruto who told him where she was which surprised her, this causes her to almost blush.

After Sasuke was struggling to connect with Sarada, back at the training grounds Boruto noticed that Sarada was by herself when he asked this Sarada replied that her dad didn’t know who she is, and that very thing he tried to connect with her didn’t work. Boruto asked if she understands him either which confused her. Boruto notes that it’s a family day that she should be upfront and tell him she wants to do with him.

Boruto boruto x sarada that Sasuke wants to spend time with her. After Sasuke successfully connected with Sarada, while walking home Sarda saw Boruto. As things tired fine, Sarada owns Boruto one, she giggles when Boruto says be grateful.

Sarada would later give Boruto his advice for Boruto’s father. Boruto thanked Sarada after he said he had nothing to worry about. A Wound on the Heart After Mitsuki visited his parent about his distress, Mitsuki was at home Boruto mentioned that Sarada wanted to see Mikazuki. X Cards Proxy War While Sarada was walking in the village, she heard Boruto, Shikaidai, and Metal as they bought the popular x cards game.

Boruto would tell Sarada about the game. Sarada thought that he was wasting money that they got from doing missions to buy cards and considered them to be childish. As Chōchō asked Sarada to eat a new set of desserts at the cafe, Boruto would consider them the same way. After Shino and Rock Lee were put on an X Card, Sarada asked if they were buying more cards. Team 25 (episode) Both Boruto and Sarada and other Genin or Shinobis teamed up together to deal with a bomb threat sent through the mail.

Boruto and Sarada were paired up together to disarm the bombs. Make-Out Tactics (episode) Boruto was looking for the boruto x sarada Tactics” books from Jiraiya since he said it could help him be a greater ninja. Boruto told this to Sarada, and she tried to help him find the book. On the way, they found the book, but nobody let them get those books since they were too young to read them. Boruto x sarada later, Sarada wrote a card to Sasuke to ask him if he knows anything from those books, and asked him if he could help find them for Boruto.

Fanon This ship is extremely popular in the Boruto fandom, coming to be the most popular ship in this series generation. When the two characters were introduced, this ship skyrocketed in Japan polls. This ship rivals against ships like SaraSumi, BoruMitsu, KawaSara, and BoruSumi. This ship mirrors NaruSaku and SasuNaru as they both argue with each other are compatible and work well with each other as a team.

It also has some similaries to NaruHina and MinaKushi as Minato and Hinata watched Kushina and Naruto from a far. This ship also has some similarities to SasuSaku, as Sakura and Sakura would be level head until when it came to Sasuke and Boruto being harmed or endangered. Fan works of the pair will often show their reactions to their relationship. Typically having Sasuke and Naruto disaproving while Sakura, Hinata and Himawari approve of the relationship.

Many also depict Sarada as embarrassed when her friends, such as Mitsuki, suggest they are a couple. Accidental kisses are also popular, given the previous accidental kiss between their parents. Some fans think that they might be dating in the flashforward of Boruto and Kawaki’s fight in the future.

Fandom FAN FICTION Boruto/Sarada tag on AO3 BoruSara stories on Wattpad ART BoruSara tag on Pixiv BoruSara tag on DeviantArt SaraBoru tag on DeviantArt TUMBLR BoruSara posts on Tumblr SaraBoru posts on Tumblr WIKIS BoruSara on Naruto Couple Wiki Sarada Uchiha on Love Interest Wiki Trivia • Both Boruto and Sarada are the only members on their team to have a Dōjutsu also known as a Kekkei Genkai.

• Sarada was the only person to believe him about having a visual jutsu. • Both of them are from a clan that was nearly extinct. • Although Boruto is also a member of the Hyūga clan. • Both are children of the reincarnates of Indra and Asura. • Both are children of the powerful shinbois. • Sarada claims that Boruto's eye's are bluer that his father's eyes.

• Both Boruto and Sarada's names pay tribute to the late family members. • Boruto knowns that Sarada is watching him, and it causes him wanting to look good in front of her. • Chōchō tells Sarada that she knowns that she's always watching Boruto when she thinks nobody is looking at her. • Sarada describes that Boruto's smile causes her chest to unintentionally throb. • Sarada describes that Boruto's smile could melt anyone's heart. • In the novel Sarada is described on feeling lonely when she's apart from Boruto and is seen kicking stones in frustration Gallery BoruSara/Gallery Videos SHIPS het AsuKure • BoruSara • ChouKaru • GaaSaku • ItaIzu • KakaHana • KakaRin • KakaSaku • KawaSara • LeeSaku • MenSaku • MinaKushi • MitsuSara • NaruFuu • NaruHina • NaruSaku • NaruShion • NejiTen • SaiIno • SaiSaku • SasuIno • SasuKarin • SasuSaku • ToneHina slash GaaNaru • HashiMada • KakaIru • KakaNaru • KakaSasu • KoteIzu • NaruKiba • NaruLee • NaruSai • NejiNaru • OroSasu • SasuNaru • ShikaNaru • ShikaSasu poly SasuNaruSaku femslash SakuHina • SakuIno • SakuKarin family ItaSasu • NarSasuNaruBoruSara CHARACTERS m/f Kakashi Hatake • Sakura Haruno • Sasuke Uchiha • Naruto Uzumaki
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Not strong enough to keep up with the distance, they decided to break up and ignore the feelings they had for each other. Diary entries, small chapters. Language: English Words: 1,943 Chapters: 8/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 7 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 130 • New Life by Damin216 Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Mature • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M • Work in Progress 08 May 2022 Tags • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto & Original Female Character(s) • Uzumaki Boruto/Xenovia Quarta • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Original Characters • Kawaki (Naruto) • Uzumaki Himawari • Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sasuke • Ootsutsuki Toneri • Xenovia Quarta • Shinobi • Gods • Demons • Harems Summary During Boruto and Kawaki's fight, Kawaki manages to kill Boruto.

Momoshiki, not wanting to let his container die, decides to save Boruto and as a result transports him to another world. #Devil #Harem Language: English Words: 10,244 Chapters: 21/? Kudos: 13 Hits: 581 • The Rookery by ShearBolt Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Explicit • No Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Boruto x sarada in Progress 07 May 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Yuino Iwabee • Izuno Wasabi • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Rogu - Log (Naruto) • Uchiha Sasuke • Haruno Sakura • Uzumaki Naruto • Hyuuga Hinata • Uzumaki Himawari • Kawaki (Naruto) • Hoshigaki Kisame • Uchiha Itachi • Kaminarimon Denki • Akimichi Chouchou • Alternate Universe - Modern Setting • Forests • Boruto x sarada • Neighbors • Mystery • chainsaws • Small Engine Repair • Family History • Eventual Smut • Smut and Intrigue Summary When Sarada Boruto x sarada is tasked with readying her family's remote bed and breakfast for spring, she finds her deceased uncle's lodge in disarray.

However, the complications within in the sprawling residence are nothing compared to those caused by her obnoxious neighbor with a mysterious past.

Language: English Words: 52,711 Chapters: 18/? Comments: 249 Kudos: 148 Bookmarks: 8 Hits: 2577 • Kawaki e Sumire na Vila da Folha by Kawakisumireedit Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • General Audiences • No Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Work in Progress 06 May 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Kakei Sumire/Kawaki • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Boruto x sarada Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto • Kawaki (Naruto) • Uzumaki Naruto • Kakei Sumire • Uzumaki Boruto • Suzumeno Namida • Uchiha Sarada • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Izuno Wasabi Summary No episódio 195 depois que Naruto e Kawaki jácompraram o vaso e comeram lámen, na volta para casa Sumire estava passando na rua e vem falar com eles.

Kawaki se sente incomodado e prefere ignorá-la por completo, com um misto de culpa e desconfiança. Depois que ela sai, Naruto tem uma conversa reveladora com Kawaki que acaba desabafando algumas coisas que o pertubavam. Language: Português brasileiro Words: 77,185 Chapters: 15/? Comments: boruto x sarada Kudos: 80 Hits: 465 • Boruto x sarada King by Damin216 Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Mature • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M • Complete Work 05 May 2022 Tags • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto/Original Female Character(s) • Xenovia Quarta/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Kawaki (Naruto) • Ootsutsuki Momoshiki • Xenovia Quarta • Original Characters • Uzumaki Naruto • Uzumaki Himawari • Uchiha Sasuke • Hyuuga Hinata • Haruno Sakura • Drama • Romance • Alternate Universe - Harem • Harems • Ecchi Summary Sequel story "New Life" After three years of training with Sasuke and Toneri, Boruto returns to face the impending threat.

Language: English Words: 540 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 4 Hits: 70 • Like a Dream by naruhina_soup (vegebul_soup) Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Explicit • No Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Complete Work 04 May 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Yamanaka Inojin • Uchiha Sasuke • Haruno Sakura • Uzumaki Naruto • Alternate Universe - Modern Setting • Alternate Universe - College/University • Insomnia • Dreams and Nightmares • Japanese Mythology & Folklore • Stalking • Art School • Eventual Smut • Sexual Content Summary One night while working late at the university library, Sarada finds herself charmed by a handsome stranger.

But when they keep meeting so coincidentally, she can’t help but wonder is it fate or is he following her? BoruSara. Modern AU. Language: English Words: 25,632 Chapters: 13/13 Comments: 235 Kudos: 337 Bookmarks: 17 Hits: 6023 • Headstrong by DanganWhatNow Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Teen And Up Audiences • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings • F/M • Complete Work 02 May 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • References to Drugs • Sex Work • Crimes & Criminals Summary Sarada Uchiha has lived a hard and rough life, and ended up imprisoned for her troubles.

When she is finally released, she finds herself with no place to go. When Boruto Uzumaki, a preppy blonde with a fast car, offers her a ride and a place to stay, she's hard pressed to say no. Can Sarada finally let down her guard and put her trust in someone? Language: English Words: 1,120 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 3 Kudos: 12 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 124 • The Affair by ThatCoolMom Fandoms: Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Explicit • Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M • Work in Progress 02 May 2022 Tags • Rape/Non-Con • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto • Haruno Boruto x sarada Sasuke • Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto • Sai/Yamanaka Ino • Karin/Uchiha Sasuke • Mitsuki/Uchiha Sarada • Uchiha Sarada/Yamanaka Inojin • Konan/Nagato - Pain • Haruno Sakura & Sasori • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Hyuuga Hinata/Ootsutsuki Toneri • Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sasuke • Haruno Sakura • Hyuuga Hinata • Akatsuki (Naruto) • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uchiha Itachi • Yamanaka Ino • Sai (Naruto) • Karin (Naruto) • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Yamanaka Inojin • Kara (Boruto) • Romance • Fluff and Smut • Organized Crime • Police • Hurt/Comfort • Angst • Drug Addiction • Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism • Death • Manipulation • Mental Health Issues • Self-Harm • Murder • Torture • Abuse • Alternate Universe - Modern Setting • Cheating • Divorce • Drama • Drug Use • Humor • Marriage • Smut • Suicide • Trauma Summary Reeling from estranged spouses and uncooperative children, Naruto and Sakura drink beyond their capacity and make a lust-fueled mistake.

Acting as a married couple for their mission, Sasuke and Karin find themselves blurring the line between real and fake affection. While these four deal with life, the world keeps moving, and dangerous things are being set in motion around them. Whether they boruto x sarada out their situations or continue to dawdle, it's safe to say that nothing will be the same.

Language: English Words: 321,681 Chapters: 39/50 Comments: 116 Kudos: 120 Bookmarks: 22 Hits: 10246 • Uchiha Sarada: Ways to become Hokage by ZsaberTooth Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Mature • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M, Gen • Work in Progress 01 May 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada boruto x sarada Mitsuki • Nara Shikadai • Yamanaka Inojin • Action/Adventure • Action • Action & Romance • Mystery • Fanfiction • Hokage Uzumaki Naruto • Boruto - Freeform • Konohagakure - Hidden Leaf Village • Doctor Haruno Sakura • Otsutsuki • sasuke uchiha - Freeform • borusara - Freeform • Fantasy • Shikadai - Freeform • Ninja • kara - Freeform Summary Following the actions of Uzumaki Boruto, he has left Konohagakure without explanation, and every single leaf shinobi is left clueless by his actions.

New ninja are transferred to Konoha from the other five boruto x sarada. Uchiha Sarada, on the other hand, still unable to get over her friends' death, becomes blind slowly and slowly, her eyes not healing even with the help of the best medical ninja in the village. Walk through Sarada's story as she conquers her boruto x sarada and works on becoming a Hokage. I don't own any of the characters, almost all of them belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Language: English Boruto x sarada 52,145 Chapters: 25/? Comments: 41 Kudos: 101 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 4129 • What could have been by ReinaMyrrah Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Teen And Up Audiences • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings • F/M • Work in Boruto x sarada 01 May 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Akimichi Chouchou/Mitsuki • Hyuuga Hanabi/Sarutobi Konohamaru • Haruno Sakura & Uchiha Sarada & Uchiha Sasuke • Uzumaki Himawari/Yamanaka Inojin • Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Himawari • Akimichi Chouchou • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Uchiha Sasuke • Haruno Sakura • Uzumaki Naruto • Sarutobi Konohamaru • Hyuuga Hinata • Hyuuga Hanabi • Nara Shikamaru • Nara Shikadai • Sai (Naruto) • Kunoichi Tsubaki of Konohagakure • Original Characters • Kaminarimon Denki • Kakei Sumire • Suzumeno Namida • Kawaki (Naruto) • Izuno Wasabi • Romance • Tragedy • Treason • Family • Secret Identity • Inspired by Music • Shinobi • Original Character(s) • Older Characters • Pain • Secret Relationship • Past Relationship(s) • Complicated Relationships • Sad • Konohagakure - Hidden Leaf Village • Emotional Hurt • Character Death • Children • Brothers • Revenge • Love/Hate • Resentment • Dreams and Nightmares • Nightmares • Psychological Trauma • Loneliness • Human Outsider (Dishonored) • Exile • Promises • Flashbacks • Enemies to Friends to Lovers • Friends to Lovers • Family Secrets • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence • Canon Universe • Deception • Lies • Discovery • Fights boruto x sarada Manga & Anime • Mangekyou Sharingan • Sharingan • Partners to Lovers • First Kiss • Last Kiss Summary That night I lost everything.

There is no way back. I thought I had everything. But I realized that they were just illusions of mine. I had to lose everything. To open my eyes. And realize the reality that surrounded me. Now I see everything clearly. But. At what cost?.

Sarada disappeared years ago and there is no trace of her, everyone sinks into despair. And her own parents don't talk about her, it's like it's a taboo subject, even when the Hokage asked them for details of their daughter's disappearance, they were reluctant to answer honestly.

Many think she is dead, but those who love her hope to see her again. Many have given up. But he won't. -Sarada, where are you? - 🌸Set in the Shinobi World. 🌸There will be some songs that I will normally place in case they inspired me to write the chapter or because it fits the boruto x sarada of said chapter. 🌸The characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

🌸There will also be some OC. Language: English Words: 12,688 Chapters: 10/? Comments: 18 Kudos: 41 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 1311 • DAMAGED Naruto-Boruto fic by BleedingTrash Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Mature • Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Underage • No category • Work in Progress 30 Apr 2022 Tags • Rape/Non-Con • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Underage • Hyuuga Hinata & Uzumaki Boruto & Uzumaki Himawari & Uzumaki Naruto • Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Himawari/Yamanaka Inojin • Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke • Uzumaki Boruto & Uzumaki Naruto • Uzumaki Naruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Himawari • Hyuuga Hinata • everyone • Haruno Sakura • Uchiha Sasuke • Tsunade (Naruto) • Nara Shikamaru • Nara Shikadai • Uchiha Sarada • Rape • Rape Recovery • Rape Aftermath • Psychological Torture • Torture • Aftermath of Torture • Angst and Feels • Heavy Angst • Father-Son Relationship • Family • Family Feels • Family Drama • Family Issues • Family Bonding • BAMF Uzumaki Naruto • Uzumaki Family • BAMF Hyuuga Hinata • Protective Uzumaki Naruto • Weird Plot Shit • I'm Bad At Tagging • Suicide Attempt • Boruto - Freeform • Dead Boruto x sarada Do Not Eat • Eventual BoruSara • Hints of inojinxHimawari • Blood and Gore Summary They all expected Naruto to do something, perform a miracle.

he expected that too. Because he was Naruto Uzumaki damn it! He could perform the impossible. He was the strongest shinobi in the world. If he was all these things people said he was, then why couldn't he do this one thing, why couldn't he save his son? idk man, I'm trying to sound clever and shit, but your just gonna have to read it. Language: English Words: 116,720 Chapters: 23/?

Comments: 53 Kudos: 222 Bookmarks: 22 Hits: 6779 • Jealous of You by Thunder_18 Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Mature • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M • Work in Progress 29 Apr 2022 Tags • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Kawaki (Naruto) • Boruto x sarada Sasuke • Jealousy • Rivalry • Childhood Friends • Friends to Lovers Summary Team 7 comes back form a dangerous mission and Sarada is becoming jealous of the fact that Boruto is getting stronger than Her.

Boruto x sarada English Words: 714 Chapters: 1/3 Comments: 1 Kudos: 9 Hits: 200 • I Guess That's Love by Kallie (dxxtkyw) Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Teen And Up Audiences • No Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Complete Work 29 Apr 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada & Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Nara Shikadai • Akimichi Chouchou • Attempt at Humor • Humor • Romance • Alternate Universe - Neighbors • Enemies to Friends to Lovers • Enemies to Lovers • it's my first story and to be honest i don't know what i'm doing • hope it's enjoyable • Fluff and Humor • Fast Pace Summary Relationships with neighbors might be complicated, even more when there's something else in the mix.

What started out as a spar filled by pure spite can, faster than imaginable, become an enemies-to-lover-worthy story. Language: English Words: 6,403 Chapters: 4/4 Comments: 21 Kudos: 73 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 1324 • The Benediction by jarynw02 Fandoms: Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Mature • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • F/M • Work in Progress 25 Apr 2022 Tags • Graphic Depictions Of Violence • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uchiha Itachi • Hatake Kakashi • Uchiha Sasuke • Uzumaki Naruto • Sarutobi Hiruzen • Time Travel • Boruto x sarada Uchiha Sarada • BAMF Uzumaki Boruto • Time Travel Fix-It • Gore • Amaterasu - Freeform • Uchiha Sarada is a QUEEN • Uzumaki Boruto as Shadow Hokage • Hokage Uchiha Sarada • itachi redemption • General Violence and Badassery • Sarada and Boruto aren't playing games • Adoption • Sort Of • Big Sister Sarada • Justice for everyone • Except Orochimaru • Bc Mitsuki is a PURE BEAN • and deserves to exist eventually Summary “You could call us gardeners, even.” “Gardeners?” Kakashi asks, near incredulous.

He can feel most of his Anbu team in the front of the crowd lingering around them, as well as others— both on-duty and those at rest. They’ll wait for his signal, he knows, and when he gives it, there will be no delay in action. But the girl lifts her chin, eyes ablaze in a way that could raise Uchiha Madara from the grave.

“I believe you have a root problem, Hatake Kakashi.”OR Sarada and Boruto in their twenties travel back in time just after the Uchiha Massacre. Language: English Words: 5,133 Chapters: 2/? Collections: 1 Comments: 45 Kudos: 303 Bookmarks: 63 Hits: 2941 • incorrect boruto quotes because i was bored by bobslasagne Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Not Rated • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Gen • Work in Progress 24 Apr 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Mitsuki & Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada & Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto & Uzumaki Naruto • Kawaki & Uzumaki Boruto • Kawaki & Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sasuke • Uzumaki Boruto • Mitsuki (Naruto) • Code (Naruto) • Ootsutsuki Momoshiki • Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sarada • Kawaki (Naruto) • Minor Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Very Minor • like im being dead serious • Crack • Boruto Manga Spoilers • Like Lots • Probably cringe Summary literally the title.

no i am not original. Series • Part 3 of Boruto fics because there aren’t enough Language: English Words: 651 Chapters: 1/? Comments: 1 Kudos: 12 Hits: 202 • maybe it means nothing but i have to say i think about you often by Nomannic Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Explicit • Boruto x sarada Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Work in Progress 24 Apr 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Nara Shikadai • Yamanaka Inojin • Kawaki (Naruto) • Kaminarimon Denki • Depression • boruto is whipped • Recreational Drug Use • Slow Burn • sarada is a bassist • sarada is afraid to dissapoint • boruto has daddy issues • everybody does • references to death • possible references to suicide • everybody is rich • boruto centric fic • traumas and stuff • eventual sexual stuff and references • kawaki is a sweetheart trust the process • young lord drives a bike • i guess this can make some ppl uncomfortable or whatever • non chronological at first and sometimes haha • Minor Character Death • Toxic People • sad ppl • Eating Disorders • Smoking • Sex Summary Thruth was, Boruto had dropped his heart a long time ago, all it was of him now were heavy feelings on his head and a light agony on his chest.

He peeked through the creeks of his ego, cried a river and somehow learnt to breathe under water. All he had left were cold hands and a couple of cigarrettes. or SadBoy Boruto had 99 problems and a bitch was definetly one.

Language: English Words: 2,859 Chapters: 3/? Comments: 4 Kudos: 29 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 795 • Boruto: Fire and Lightning by TheFirstSeed Fandoms: Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Teen And Up Audiences • No Archive Warnings Apply • F/M • Work in Progress 22 Apr 2022 Tags • No Archive Warnings Apply • Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke • Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto • Nara Shikamaru/Temari • Sai/Yamanaka Ino • Sarutobi Asuma/Yuuhi Kurenai • Hagane Kotetsu/Kamizuki Izumo • Kawaki/Uchiha Sarada • Akimichi Chouchou/Mitsuki • Uzumaki Himawari/Yamanaka Inojin • Uchiha Sarada/Original Male Character(s) • Hatake Kakashi/Original Female Character(s) • Shinki/Original Female Character(s) • Kankurou/Original Female Character(s) • Shiranui Genma/Original Female Character(s) • Akimichi Chouji/Karui • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Hyuuga Neji/Tenten • Namiashi Raidou/Original Female Character(s) • Inuzuka Kiba/Tamaki • Kakei Sumire/Uzumaki Boruto • Kabuto/Original Character(s) • Gekkou Hayate/Uzuki Yuugao • Uzumaki Naruto • Uchiha Sasuke • Haruno Sakura • Nara Shikamaru • Yamanaka Ino • Akimichi Chouji • Sai (Naruto) • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Yuuhi Kurenai • Metal Lee • Rock Lee • Hyuuga Hinata • Temari (Naruto) • Gaara (Naruto) • Hatake Kakashi • Kankurou (Naruto) • Original Characters • Inuzuka Kiba • Uchiha Shisui • Uchiha Obito • Nohara Rin • Uchiha Itachi • Sarutobi Asuma • Shinki (Naruto) • Yamanaka Inojin • Akimichi Chouza • Akimichi Chouchou • Kawaki • lots of characters • Slow Burn • Fluffy • Cute scenes • semi canon • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence • Canon Compliant • Sorta follows Canon with little changes • long series • The Uchiha family needs more love • Def doing more father daughter moments with Sasuke and Sarada • This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things • no beta we die like men • Angst • Fluff and Angst • Humor • Many characters got a happy ending after Naruto Summary The dust settles, blood covering the ground.

The clashing of swords in the distance. Great stone faces nothing but rubble on the ground, years of shinobi history broken. The Village Hashirama and Madara built, The Village they had fought for in countless years of blood-filled battles. For the loss and the grief to be lost at the hands of men like monsters with power unimaginable.

The wind shifts behind them, in a flash the very creature with its hand around her neck Team Seven might have sealed away Kaguya Ōtsutsuki but troubles don't end there to plague the Shinobi world. To it's people the world appears at peace but there are secrets lurking in the shadows ready to strike. Open Boruto: Fire and Lightning to delve into the Shinobi's life during the Boruto Era, uncover the secrets and explore the depths of each others bonds.

The fine line one treads between right and wrong. Language: English Words: 94,908 Chapters: 24/? Collections: 1 Comments: 26 Kudos: 23 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 3428 • Their Daddy Issues by Sweet_Words Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations • Mature • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings • F/M • Complete Work 21 Apr 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Naruto • Hyuuga Hinata • Haruno Sakura • Uchiha Sasuke • Angst • Character Death • Daddy Issues • Affairs • Secret Relationship • Friends With Benefits • Childhood Friends • Death Summary "Sarada" "Boruto.

Touch me. Just one last time" It's just so funny how they ended up like this Language: English Words: 6,097 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 47 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 465 • Jump force: return of the franxx by 6Absolutemadman9 Fandoms: Jump Force (Video Game), DARLING In The FRANXX (Anime), Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 - JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, 僕のヒーローアカデミア - Boku no Hero Academia - My Hero Academia, 鬼滅の刃 - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Manga), Black Clover - Tabata Yuki (Anime & Manga), 呪術廻戦 - Jujutsu Kaisen (Manga), BURN THE WITCH (Manga) • General Audiences • Major Character Death • Other • Work in Progress 19 Apr 2022 Tags • Major Character Death • Hiro - 016/Zero Two - 002 • Kamado Tanjirou/Tsuyuri Kanao • Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako • Asta/Noelle Silva • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Hiro - 016 • Zero Two - 002 • Uzumaki Naruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sasuke • Uchiha Sarada • Monkey D.

Luffy • Boruto x sarada Kaizoku - Strawhat Pirates • Kurosaki Ichigo • Shihouin Yoruichi • Son Goku (Dragon Ball) • Kujo Jotaro • Kujo Jolyne • Giorno Giovanna • Midoriya Izuku • Bakugou Katsuki • Todoroki Shouto • Uraraka Ochako • Asta (Black Clover) • Liebe (Black Clover) • Noelle Silva • Yuno (Black Clover) • Leopold Vermillion • Kamado Tanjirou • Itadori Yuuji • Okkotsu Yuuta • Fushiguro Megumi • Sukuna - Ryoumen Sukuna • Niihashi Noel • Ninny Spangcole • Sonic (One-Punch Man) • Kyuubi - Nine-tails - Kurama • Nibi - Two-tails - Matatabi • Ootsutsuki Momoshiki • Broly (Dragon Ball) • Kawaki (Naruto) • Yamato (One Piece) • Undine (Black Clover) • Jinbei (One Boruto x sarada • Amnesia • Angst and Hurt/Comfort • Past Child Abuse • Past Character Death • Grief/Mourning • Insecurity • Post-Spade Kingdom Arc (Black Clover) • Post-Thousand Year Blood War Arc • Post-Paranormal Liberation War Arc (My Hero Academia) • Post-Shibuya Incident Arc (Jujutsu Kaisen) • Post-Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga • Post-Wano Arc (One Piece) • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Summary One year after the defeat of prometheus, the world of jump is thrown upside down yet again when a giant robot falls from the sky containing a boy and girl with no memories of their past, boruto x sarada the current director of jump force; naruto uzumaki to send a team that includes izuku midoriya, tanjiro kamado, sarada uchiha, asta, and the two who were found in the robot, hiro and zero two, to collect the seven dragon balls in hopes that they can restore their memories *currently going through rewrites* Series • Part 1 of Jump force extended universe Language: English Words: 8,030 Chapters: 10/?

Comments: 11 Kudos: 30 Hits: 1034 • Drift Away and Turn to Ash by ShearBolt Fandoms: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto • Teen And Up Audiences • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings • F/M • Complete Work 15 Apr 2022 Tags • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto • Uzumaki Boruto • Uchiha Sarada • Alternate Character Interpretation • Angst and Feels • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence • Revenge • Enemies Summary Sarada Uchiha has a pack of cigarettes and a bad personality even before she follows a path seeking only power.

The Hokage's son is the only person in Konoha who can save her or stop her. Language: English Words: 4,754 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 21 Kudos: 27 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 378 Filters Filter results: Submit Sort by Include ?

Include Ratings • Teen And Up Audiences boruto x sarada • General Audiences (132) • Mature (44) • Explicit (44) • Not Rated (32) Include Warnings • No Archive Warnings Apply (169) • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (168) • Graphic Depictions Of Violence (53) • Major Character Death (38) • Underage (25) • Rape/Non-Con (11) Include Categories • F/M (346) • Gen (35) • M/M (35) • Multi (34) • F/F (24) • Other (20) Include Fandoms • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (346) • Naruto (247) • One Piece (2) • Dragon Ball (2) • Hunter X Hunter (2) • Fairy Tail (2) • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 - JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2) • 僕のヒーローアカデミア - Boku no Hero Academia - My Hero Academia (2) • Death Note (Anime & Manga) (2) • Black Clover - Tabata Yuki (Anime & Manga) (2) Include Characters • Uchiha Sarada (368) • Uzumaki Boruto (358) • Uchiha Sasuke (153) • Uzumaki Naruto (149) • Haruno Sakura (136) • Mitsuki (Naruto) (119) • Hyuuga Hinata (100) • Nara Shikadai (97) • Yamanaka Inojin (86) boruto x sarada Akimichi Chouchou (86) Include Relationships • Uchiha Sarada/Uzumaki Boruto (392) • Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke (91) • Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto (81) • Uchiha Sarada & Uzumaki Boruto (26) • Akimichi Chouchou/Mitsuki (25) • Uzumaki Himawari/Yamanaka Inojin (22) • Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (19) • Sai/Yamanaka Ino (14) • Uchiha Sarada & Uchiha Sasuke (13) • Kawaki/Uchiha Sarada (12) Include Additional Tags • Fluff (70) • Romance (53) • Angst (35) • Aged-Up Character(s) (28) • Humor (26) • Alternate Universe (23) • Cute (22) • One Shot (21) • Smut (20) • Friendship (19) Other tags to include Exclude ?

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime adaptation recently brought to a close the battle against the Kara Organization, with Konoha managing to kill Jigen in a battle that left the Hidden Leaf Village without the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, which was boruto x sarada in the body of Naruto since he was born. With the anime taking a break from the events of the manga and instead diving into a new series of Chunin Exams, a special scene hinted at the current relationship between Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki, as the teammates from Team 7 take a break following the death of Isshiki.

The new Chunin Exams have begun, with Team 7 once again diving into the fray in order to ascend the ninja ladder and hopefully become Chunin themselves, rather than their current ranks as Genin. With Boruto and his teammates proving themselves in their battle again Jigen and his forces, it's surprising to see that they aren't given the rank as a result of their boruto x sarada, but Naruto's plan as the Seventh Hokage has been to start the Exams once again to help the Hidden Leaf Village forget about the attack by Kara and instead focus boruto x sarada this new, more peaceful event.

Boruto x sarada User Abdul_S17 shared the latest images from the recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime that shows Boruto and Sarada sharing an adorable moment with one another as the Chunin Exams continue and they take a moment to breathe following the defeat of the leader of the Kara Organization: Boruto and sarada forehead tap! #Boruto— Abdul Zoldyck (@Abdul_S17) October 17, 2021 Boruto x sarada, the relationship between Boruto and Sarada is definitely one that is reminiscent of siblings, especially with Sarada recently becoming the de facto leader of Team 7 during their fight against Kara's Boro.

While there haven't been any hints of romantic feelings between the two, it would be quite the twist considering how their parents all interacted with one another over the course of the earlier moments of the Shonen franchise. 0 comments What do you think of the current relationship between Boruto and Sarada? Do you think any members of Team 7 will be able to become Chunin in these latest Chunin Exams?

Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Boruto x sarada @EVComedy to talk all things comics, boruto x sarada, and the world of boruto x sarada Hidden Leaf Village.

Boruto and Sarada ((●[AMV]●))