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The MOBAFire community works hard to keep their LoL builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Viego build for the S12 meta. Learn more about Viego's abilities, skins, or even ask your own questions to the community!

If you're looking for the best rune build for Viego we've got you covered. Below you can find the best items and runes to build for Viego, as determined by calculations of thousands of Plat+ League of Legends games. If you are already familiar with how to play Viego this is a great resource to quickly get a good rune selection for Patch 12.8.

However, if you are a new Viego player we highly recommend reading through some of the guides above to learn why this build is strong on Viego! Learn 's counters and discover matchups where they have an advantage! When you're starting a game of League of Legends you should always keep in viego lol if you'll be at an advantage or disadvantage against your opponent, so you can know whether to bully them or play safe.

You can find detailed breakdowns of each matchup on CounterStats, and you can also check out some Viego guides to see how to build and play against other champions you may find yourself up against! This viego lol data is viego lol Viego Jungle in Plat+ games. The percent shown is the enemy champion's counter rating against Viego. Counter rating is our own statistic that factors in counter kills, overall kills, early lead ratio, comeback ratio, and win percent to give the whole picture of that champion's effectiveness as a counter pick.

The souls of enemy champions that die within 3 seconds of being hit by Viego become wraiths. Viego can attack wraiths to possess them, restoring 3% (+3% per 100 bonus attack damage) (+2% per 100 ability power) (+5% per 100% bonus attack speed) of enemy's max health and gaining access to their non-ultimate abilities, attacks, and items for 10 seconds. During this time he replaces their ultimate with a free cast of his own and gains 10% movement speed towards enemy champions.

Passive: Viego's attacks deal an additional 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6% of the target's current health as physical damage.

His first attack against an enemy he has recently damaged with an ability hits a second viego lol, dealing (+0.2 attack damage) (+15% of ability power) physical damage and restoring 150% of damage dealt as health. These bonuses are kept during Possession. Active: Viego stabs forward, dealing 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.7 attack damage) physical damage.

Viego discards any souls he is currently possessing and teleports. On arrival he attacks the champion with the lowest percent health, briefly slowing them by 99% and dealing 15 / 20 / 25% (+3% per 100 bonus attack damage) missing health as physical damage.

Other nearby enemies are viego lol back and take 120% physical damage. Teamfight Tactics • Passive Sovereign's Domination Enemies who fall before Viego become wraiths.

viego lol

By attacking a wraith, Viego temporarily seizes control of the dead enemy's body, healing for a percentage of his target's max health and gaining access to their basic abilities and items. He replaces their Ultimate with a free cast of his own. • Q Blade of the Ruined King Viego's spectral blade passively deals bonus percent current Health damage On-Hit and strikes twice vs. enemies he recently hit with an Ability, stealing Health.

Viego can activate this Ability to thrust his zweihander forward, impaling enemies in front of him. • W Spectral Maw Viego charges up viego lol dashing forward, releasing a ball of concentrated Black Mist that stuns the first enemy hit. • E Harrowed Path Viego commands viego lol Black Mist to haunt and surround a piece of terrain. Viego can hide in the Mist as a wraith, gaining camouflage, Move Speed, and Attack Speed. • R Heartbreaker Viego teleports to a nearby location and executes an enemy champion on arrival, piercing their heart and causing a destructive shockwave around them that knocks away their allies.
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Transformed into a powerful, unliving wraith tortured by an viego lol longing for his centuries-dead queen, Viego now stands as the Ruined King, controlling the deadly Harrowings as he scours Runeterra for anything that might one day restore her, and destroying all in his path as the Black Mist pours endlessly from his cruel, broken heart. Few know of the kingdom to the east, far across the seas, whose name lies all but forgotten among the ruins that dot its shores. Fewer still know of its foolish young ruler, whose lovestruck heart was doomed to destroy it.

Now a grave threat to all, that man’s name was—and is—Viego. The second viego lol of a dynastic king, Viego was never intended to lead. Instead, he lived a life of comfort that made him complacent and selfish. Yet, when his older brother died unexpectedly, Viego, who possessed viego lol the inclination nor the aptitude for rulership, suddenly found himself crowned.

He showed little interest in his position until he met a poor seamstress, Isolde. So taken was he by her beauty that the young king offered her his hand in marriage, and thus, one of the most powerful rulers of the age was wed to a peasant girl. Their romance was enchanting, and Viego, who’d rarely shown interest in anyone other than himself, devoted his life to her. The two were inseparable—he scarcely went anywhere without Isolde, always lavishing gifts upon his queen, and his attention could seldom be broken when she was present.

Viego’s allies fumed. Unable to interest him in governance, and with the nation beginning to unravel under his questionable rulership, some plotted in secret to end their new king’s reign before it had begun. His nation’s enemies, meanwhile, saw an opportunity to strike. And the vipers began to circle.

Thus did an assassin’s poisoned dagger one day come for Viego. But the king was well defended, and the dagger did not strike true—instead grazing Isolde. The toxin worked quickly, and Isolde fell into a ruinous torpor, while Viego could only watch in horror as his wife’s condition grew ever more serious. Overwhelmed with fury and despair, he spent every last coin within his coffers trying to save her.

But it was all for naught. Isolde perished in her bed, and Viego was consumed by madness. His search for an antidote became desperate, crazed. Unable to accept his viego lol death, every treasure of the kingdom—every scrap of wealth—was sacrificed to his quest to return her to him. As the land fell into disarray, Viego hid himself away with Isolde’s body, becoming hateful and violent.

Then came the day he learned the secret of the Blessed Isles, of its water that healed any ailment.

viego lol

With his great army, he stormed the peaceful country by force, slaughtering everyone who stood in his way until he at last breached its inner sanctum and let his wife drift beneath the blessed water.

She would return to him, viego lol matter the destruction he wrought. No matter the cost. And for just one moment, she did. Isolde arose a horrifying wraith of shadow and rage, and in her pain, her anger, her confusion at being ripped from death, she took Viego’s own enchanted blade and thrust it through his heart. The magic of the waters and the ancient sword clashed, and the chamber’s energy erupted, tearing across the Isles and trapping everything it touched in tortured, conscious undeath.

Yet of this, Viego lol remembers nothing. His country collapsed into ruin, great nations rose and fell, and in time, even his name was forgotten. until, a thousand years after his death, Viego stood once more. And this time, he would not fail. His mind twisted by the same dangerous obsession he possessed in life, Viego’s unflinching, deranged love fuels his every action, his every desire, his every atrocity. The deadly Black Mist pours freely from Viego’s broken heart—ripping the life from everything it touches—and he uses the Mist to scour the world for some way to return Isolde to his side.

Legions will fall before him only to rise again in his service, continents will be swallowed by living darkness, and the world will pay for every moment of happiness it stole from an ancient ruler laid low by all-consuming love.

He cares naught for the destruction he causes, so long as he can see Isolde’s face again. His reign is terror.

His love is eternal. And until Isolde returns to him, all will fall before the Ruined King. "No price is too great. No atrocity beyond my reach. For her. I will do anything." - Viego Each time Viego thought of her face, it looked a little different. Sometimes, the eyes were just too far apart, or too close together. Or her cheeks were a little too thin or a little too wide.

Sometimes, her hands lacked the calluses of a seamstress, but other times, they were gnarled and thick from long days holding scissors and needles. She wore a gown some days, and others, a simple work frock, and on others still, she wore nothing at all.

She was never the same, but always the same, never there, but always present. A ghost of the heart Viego no longer possessed, rent open when.

when. Viego, on his shattered, blackened throne at the bottom of the world, slammed his king’s blade deeply viego lol the rock beneath, cracking the obsidian and sending a brutal tremor across the entirety of the Shadow Isles.

To his left lay a painting he could no longer bear to look at, for viego lol fair Isolde’s countenance had been too perfect to lay eyes upon, too lovely to grant him any peace or respite. He had torn her away, leaving only the image of a foolish young king who had believed the world was kind centuries before, but who now was rightfully dead. Or if not dead, something else. Viego could not remember much of his old country that was not twisted by shadows or anguish.

In his memories, he stepped out upon the sandstone streets and only saw Isolde before him. Every fresco on every wall contained her within a painted world that only he could touch, viego lol he could see. Yet when he went to reach for her, the illusion broke away, and he was here, surrounded on all sides by the putrid waters that had stolen her all over again.

Viego ripped his blade from the ground and stood, smashing its great heft into the floor and walls as he wailed. Then he was still for a long while, regarding the ancient painting from the old kingdom as if he had seen something new.

Regarding himself as he was before the Isles had been swallowed up by darkness.

viego lol

“Viego,” he said. “So handsome. So young. What became of you, Viego? Where have you gone?” He dropped the painting to the floor, its frame cracking awkwardly as the canvas crumpled beneath it. “Where are you, Isolde?” said Viego. “Why won’t you come back to me?” But he already knew the answer. To most, the Black Mist is a plague, a vector for monstrous, life-sucking wraiths to assault viego lol living and steal them away until the sun dies and the world crumbles into nothing.

To Viego, it is his great, unending sadness, pouring ceaselessly from his broken heart. A testament to his love, of better days long gone by, and a cruel reminder of what was taken from him so long ago.

viego lol

It is this very Mist that scours the land, tendrils infecting everything with their grim power, draining the life from whatever they touch until all that remains glows with the soft, necrotic green of the Ruination. Yet this, too, has a purpose, for as Viego’s sadness ebbs and wanes, the Mist surges forward, searching as if drawn to something.

something old, familiar, safe. The wraiths and spirits that travel within it do what they will, but the Mist itself, no—it grasps ceaselessly for her. Everything Viego does is for her. And now, it has found something, far from the shores of the Isles, far past the docks of Bilgewater and the coasts of Ionia. Something on the mainland, hidden within a modest city at the edge of a river.

The object calls to Viego, screams for Viego, demands his attention at all costs. And though the people wail, though they run from the blanket of death that rolls softly across their homes and fields, though the wraiths shriek and the horrors stir to feed, Viego hears but one voice, and one voice alone. “Viego,” he imagines it says, for he cannot make out the words.

The Ruined King bursts from the fog like a hungry shadow, tearing through the first guard he sees as he lifts his blade high above the ground. The man’s face contorts in pain as his body melts away and his spirit is absorbed into the Mist, but Viego barely pays him any attention before he brings his sword down upon the second. Everywhere around him, ghouls feast upon the living, tearing them apart as their souls are dragged away to join the king’s legions.

Searing flesh sails through the air, arrows tumble across space, swords clatter, and warriors fall. It does not matter to Viego. He raises a single hand before the city’s great wall, and the Mist rushes forward, stones falling away as the structure becomes tainted with decay. Viego simply steps across the threshold, and suddenly, he is through. He cuts down two more men as he moves silently toward the source of the voice, then another.

They mean nothing. None of them bear any weight, and not one matters at all. Their viego lol simply rise behind viego lol, to do as he wills. The ruler of this city now stands before him, a proud man protecting a treasure of some kind, Viego is sure. But as a fellow leader, as a skilled warrior, perhaps he would make a better vassal than hungry spirit.

“Stop,” says Viego, raising a single hand once more. The Mist, the wraiths, the horrors, the fighting—everything seems to freeze on the Ruined King’s command. “Behind you is a treasure you could not fathom the importance of. I will see it returned to me, and in exchange, you will serve me personally.” The man seems to stumble over his words, grasping at something he cannot quite muster the courage to speak.

But Viego gives him time, and slowly, the words form on his lips: “If I give you this treasure, will you spare the city?” The Ruined King seems disappointed. Whether he ponders an answer or reflects on the situation, this man will never know, as Viego suddenly appears above him, his great blade slicing down through the heart of this small, frightened warrior-king.

His body slides harmlessly down the massive greatsword, as blackness spreads across his skin. Viego rips the door behind him open, and there, the treasure lies. An old, worn-down music box, a gift from Viego’s wedding day, whispering something he cannot quite hear.

It seems possessed by grief, by boundless, immeasurable sorrow, but Viego simply holds it before his eyes, imagining the soft smile that will surely dance across Isolde’s face the day he sees her again. “What have they done to you, my love?” he coos, as the man he slaughtered slowly rises from the earth, ghostly greens and blues throbbing from between the cracks in his skin. “Do not worry,” he assures the music box. “I will find you. It is simply a matter of time.” And with that, Viego is gone, vanishing as wraiths devour the city.

Abilities [ ] Innate: Viego can temporarily possess enemy champions he helps kill for 10 seconds, healing for (+3% (+3% per 100) (+2.5%) (+500% bonus Attack Speed) of the target's maximum health). During possession, Viego's items, attacks, and non-ultimate abilities become those of his slain enemy's, and he gains a free cast of his own ultimate, Heartbreaker.

While possessing an enemy, Viego also gets 10% bonus movement speed when moving toward enemy champions. Viego lol Viego’s attacks deal a percent of the target's current health as bonus damage on-hit.

The bonus damage has a min. threshold and is capped at 50 vs. monsters. When Viego attacks an enemy he recently hit with an ability, the attack strikes twice. The second strike deals (+20% total) (+15%) physical damage and heals him for 150% of the damage (155% against monsters and 10% against minions), applies on-hit effects and can critically strike.

This passive is maintained during possession. Active: Viego stabs forward with his blade, damaging all enemies hit (increased by 20 against monsters). Damage is increased by 1% per 1% critical chance. Bonus Physical Damage: [+2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6% current] Min. Damage: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Physical Damage: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (+70% total) Active: Viego discards any viego lol he is currently possessing and teleports forward, attacking the enemy champion in range with the lowest percent health, briefly slows them by 99%, and dealing bonus physical damage based on their missing health.

Other enemies in range are dealt (+120% total) physical damage and knocked away, increased by (+10% per 10%) critical chance.

Physical Damage: [15 / 20 / 25% (+3% per 100) % target's missing] Additional Content [ ] Champion Information [ ] • Viego's Champion Page • Universe of League of Legends Page • Ruined King: Gameplay Deep Dive • Champion Insights Others [ ] Champion Spotlight • Viego Champion Spotlight Cinematic • Ruination Champion Theme • Viego, the Ruined King Teaser • Champion Roadmap: September 2020 Fandom's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends.

Pages that were modified between April 2014 and June 2016 are adapted from information taken from Pages modified between June 2016 and September 2017 are adapted from information taken from Content is available viego lol CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Innate: Whenever Viego scores a takedown against an enemy champion while viego lol and within 3 seconds of damaging them, a Mist Wraith spawns from that champion's corpse for 8 seconds, disappearing prematurely when he dies.

Viego can basic attack a champion's Mist Wraith to possess it, heal himself for 3% (+ 3% per 100 bonus AD) (+ 2% per 100 AP) (+ 5% per 100% bonus attack speed) of the target's maximum health, and blink to its location after winding up for 1 second, during which he is untargetable (except to turrets) and unable to act. Possession lasts for 10 seconds and viego lol Viego's basic attacks, basic abilities, items, base stats (based on Viego's level), and appearance with the champion who spawned the Mist Wraith.

Viego also gains a free cast of Heartbreaker, which is initially placed on a 1. 5-second cooldown, and 10% bonus movement speed while moving toward enemy champions within 2500 units during this time. Not Disabled • Viego will copy the possessed champion's ability ranks. • Viego cannot level up their abilities with his available skill points. • Mist Wraiths will not expire while Viego is winding up on them. • Viego gains the bonus movement speed during possession even while moving towards nearby enemy champions that are untargetable.

• Finishing the possessing attack against a Mist Wraith kills it, rewarding Viego an extra 3 as he becomes the target champion. • The wind up's untargetability does not destroy in-flight projectiles from turrets. • The possessed champion's abilities do not cost any mana or energy even if that specific champion normally uses either as a casting resource. • Alternative resources, such as Fury, Flow, or Health, will still be utilized. • The current cooldowns of Viego's abilities will not be reset between transformations.

• Those of the possessed champion's abilities will be reset between transformations. • The passive cooldowns of items are shared between Viego's and the possessed champion's.

• This does not apply to Lifeline items. (bug) • Once possession ends, Viego returns to his normal state and certain effects gained from the possessed champion's abilities will be immediately removed. • Some buffs will be kept and some buffs will be lost. • Viego will almost always keep shields and spell shields. • Passive effects will be lost by default, as Viego no longer has their abilities.

• Channeled abilities maintained will be interrupted. • Toggled viego lol will be automatically toggled off. • Viego retains his own summoner spells, trinket item, and runes during possession.

• Mist Wraiths will still spawn while Viego is in a zombie state. • Sovereign's Domination will not summon a Mist Wraith from clones. • The possession will not expire while Viego is in a zombie state. • While viego lol a zombie state, Heartbreaker is disabled.

• If Viego enters a zombie state while winding up on a Mist Wraith, the possession will still last its normal duration. (bug) • The possession will not end prematurely if Viego enters resurrection. • The possession will acquire the basic abilities of shapeshifting champions (e.g. Elise's Spider Form / Human Form, Jayce's Transform Mercury Cannon / Transform Mercury Hammer, and Nidalee's Aspect of the Cougar) based on which form they died as. • Mist Wraiths are considered clones and can only be targeted by Viego.

• If Viego possesses an enemy champion who owns Dark Seal or Mejai's Soulstealer, he will gain their Glory stacks for the possession.

viego lol

• As Cull tracks its progress for each player even if they do not possess the item at the time, Viego may discharge stacks for the benefit of 1 each per minion kill, and if Viego killed 100 minions possessing Cull, no matter whether bought himself or acquired via a possessed champion's inventory, he receives the 350 payout and can no longer discharge stacks. • This entire interaction does not interact with the state of the Cull stacks of the enemy.

• The stacks shown on the item in the inventory and scoreboard may not update properly, however. • If Viego possesses an enemy champion who owns Relic Shield, Steel Shoulderguards, Spellthief's Edge, or Viego lol Sickle, the gold gained from using any one of the items will also count towards Viego's own Quest. • If Viego possesses an enemy champion who owns Tear of the Goddess, the stacks it has will be transferred to his Tear of the Goddess if he owns one.

• The following table refers for interactions while Viego is winding up on a Mist Wraith: Attacking Disabled Abilities Disabled Movement Disabled Items Usable N/A Disabled All items are disabled Interrupted by N/A Consumables Disabled Spells Usable Barrier Clarity Cleanse Exhaust Ghost Heal Ignite Smite Disabled Flash Teleport Viego lol Hexflash Interrupted by N/A Interrupted by • Death Additionally, damaging abilities apply a mark to enemies for 4 seconds.

Viego's next basic attack against a marked target consumes the mark on-hit to strike twice, with the second strike dealing 20% AD (+ 15% AP) physical damage and healing him for 150% of the post-mitigation damage dealt, increased to 155% against monsters and reduced to 10% against minions. N/A • The mark will not be viego lol to the primary target struck by Heartbreaker, but it can triggered from it. • Blade of the Ruined King's cast time is always 140% of the caster's attack windup time. • At base attack speed, Viego's attack windup is 0.

25 seconds. • An easy formula to calculate the cast time is [ 0. 23 seconds divided by total attack speed ]. • Reducing Viego's attack speed via attack speed reductions also increases Viego lol of the Ruined King's cast time by the same fraction. • It is calculated from Viego's total attack speed after cap (2.5) and floor (0.2), making the maximum possible cast time 1.

155 seconds. • Blade of the Ruined King's cast time becomes the same as the standard 0. 264 seconds cast time for most abilities at 32. 6% bonus attack speed.

• Applies area damage for the thrust and proc damage for the bonus damage on-hit and second strike. • This ability will cast from wherever the caster is at the end of the cast time. • Viego will not perform the second strike if the first attack was dodged, blocked, and missed.

viego lol

• The second strike rolls critical strike independently from the triggering attack. • If the second strike hits a dead unit, Viego will still heal based on the post-mitigation damage that he would deal with it. Interrupted • The following table refers for interactions while Viego is channeling: Type Charge channel Attacking Disabled Abilities Harrowed Path is usable.

Blade of the Ruined King and Heartbreaker are disabled. Movement Allowed Items Usable N/A Disabled All items viego lol disabled Interrupted by N/A Consumables Disabled, but can still use trinkets. Spells Usable Barrier Clarity Cleanse Exhaust Ghost Heal Ignite Smite Flash Disabled Teleport Recall Interrupted by Hexflash (Recasts) Interrupted by • Death • Grounding effects • Immobilizing effects • Cast-inhibiting effects Declaring a basic attack or casting an ability will break the camouflage and remove the bonus movement speed, preventing Viego from gaining them again for 1 second, reduced to 0.

6 seconds if he recasted Spectral Maw and increased to 2 seconds if viego lol attacked a monster. This duration refreshes on subsequent attacks and ability casts. N/A • The bonus movement speed and camouflage are granted by the same buff.

• Viego will enter camouflage even while Recalling. • Viego can cast Harrowed Path during the cast time of any ability or spell. • Ranking up Harrowed Path while the effect is already active will still immediately improve the bonuses it grants. • Harrowed Path can interact with player-generated terrain. Disabled • Heartbreaker will cast at the edge of its range if the target location is further beyond. • Heartbreaker will cast at maximum range from the end of Spectral Maw's dash if it is cast during the dash.

viego lol

• The knockback speed is 1000 units per second. The airborne is removed as soon as the displacement ends. • Viego lol maximum airborne duration is therefore 0. 4 seconds. Viego lol minimum is 0. 1 seconds. • Applies spell damage to the struck champion and area damage to all other enemies. • Viego will enter a 0. 25-second cast time if he strikes an enemy champion. • Heartbreaker's strike to the champion can be dodged and blocked, but not missed. • Viego will be ordered to basic attack the primary target afterwards.

Once ruler of a long-lost kingdom, Viego perished over a thousand years ago when his attempt to bring his wife back from the dead triggered the magical catastrophe known as the Ruination. Transformed into a powerful, unliving wraith tortured by an obsessive longing for his centuries-dead queen, Viego now stands as the Ruined King, controlling the deadly Harrowings as he scours Runeterra for anything that might one day restore her, and destroying all in his path as the Black Mist pours endlessly from his cruel, broken heart.

Former leader of a past Lunar Ox Squad, Viego decided that they would fight the Lunar Beast and actually defeat it.

His plan ended in tragedy as he watched the rest of his squad be devoured-- including his viego lol. Viego has stewed in bitterness over these losses for years, blaming everyone but himself -- including this year's Lunar Ox Squad. V12.8 • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: After possessing Yuumi, can no longer become permanently attached to an ally with You and Me! under viego lol conditions. V12.5 viego lol Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Magical Footwear no longer sometimes grants him duplicate Slightly Magical Boots.

• Bug Fix: No longer permanently gains Rock Surfing after possessing Taliyah. • Bug Fix: Ornn is now properly able to forge items for him with Living Forge, even if an enemy champion was possessed at one point. V11.24 • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Several issues that may occur while possessing Akshan or Ivern have been fixed.

V11.21 • Blade of the Ruined King • Active AD ratio increased to 70% AD from 60% AD. • Spectral Maw • Self slow reduced to 10% from 15%. • Heartbreaker • Critical strike chance ratio increased to 0% − 100% (based on critical strike chance) from 0% − 75% (based on critical strike chance). V11.18 • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Can no longer access Ornn's Living Forge to forge items while possessing him.

V11.17 • Stats • Base attack range reduced to 200 units from 225. • Sovereign's Domination • Base heal reduced to 3% maximum health from 8%. • Heal bonus AD ratio increased to 3% per 100 bonus AD from 2. 5%. • Heal AP ratio increased to 2% per 100 AP from 1.

5% per 100 AP. • Heal attack speed ratio increased to 5% per 100% bonus attack speed from 2. 5%. • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, when possessing Zoe, recasting Paddle Star would launch a second star that disappears. • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where his basic ability cooldowns would get permanently reduced after gaining Accelerando stacks while possessing Sona.

• Blade of the Ruined King • Critical strike chance ratio increased to 0% − 100% (based on critical strike chance) from 0% − 75% (based on critical strike chance). • Spectral Maw • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, when he has Violent Tendencies buff active as his possession ends, Spectral Maw will be on cooldown.

viego lol

• Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, when he casts Kindred's Wolf's Frenzy just as his possession ends, he would no longer be able to cast Spectral Maw.

• Harrowed Path • Detection viego lol increased to 450 units from 400. • Heartbreaker • Slow duration reduced to 0. 25 seconds from 0. 5.

viego lol

V11.16 - August 11th Hotfix • Harrowed Path • Bug Fix: No viego lol fails to grant its effects in the initial zone before terrain is struck. V11.15 • General • Bug Fix: Now responds to Shadow Isles voice interactions rather than Demacian.

• Sovereign's Domination viego lol Undocumented/Bug Fix: Now gains the bonus range from Jayce's Transform Mercury Cannon. • Blade of the Ruined King • Base damage reduced to 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 from 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85. • Bonus monster damage increased to 20 from 10. • Healing against minions reduced to 10% from 50%.

V11.13 • Sovereign's Domination • Undocumented: Can now use Ornn's Living Forge's quick shop menu to forge items for his temporary inventory and waste his gold. (bug) • Blade of the Ruined King • Healing against minions reduced to 50% from 100%. • Harrowed Path • Bonus movement viego lol increased to 25 / 27. 5 / 30 / 32. 5 / 35% from 20 / 22. 5 / 25 / 27. 5 / 30%. • Initial missile range (for wall collision) increased to viego lol from 700.

• Wall-spread missile speed increased to 1200 from 1000. • Undocumented: Wall spread distance cap (each direction) increased to 8000 from 6000. • Due to a bug, the changes to the wall-spread speed and distance were only applied to the counter-clockwise missile. V11.10 • Sovereign's Domination • Undocumented: Can no longer use Ornn's Living Forge to successfully forge item upgrades for allies, unless there is another allied Ornn in his team.

Viego lol • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Fixed bugs where he would not properly copy Kindred's and Shyvana's stacking passives. • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where, on possessing Kled, he would sometimes become mounted Kled with unmounted Kled's abilities. • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, after possessing Kindred, he would occasionally keep the Wolf's VFX for the rest of the game. V11.5 - March 4th Hotfix • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Dark Seal's stacks no longer underflow if Viego died with the item under certain conditions while transformed, which lead to Viego gaining viego lol values of AP.

V11.5 • Sovereign's Domination • New Effect: Enemy champions possessed who own Dark Seal or Mejai's Soulstealer and have Glory stacks will now also be gained by him during the possession. • Bug Fix: No longer loses stacks of Glory from Dark Seal and Mejai's Soulstealer upon possessing an enemy champion. • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he could sometimes possess a Mist Wraith from a massive range if cast right at the start of another possession.

• Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he would sometimes instantly possess Mist Wraiths without the wind up time on them. • Removed: No longer pops in-flight turret projectiles when he becomes untargetable from the wind up on a Mist Wraith. V11.4 • Sovereign's Domination • Undocumented: No longer pops turret projectiles at the start of the possessing's windup.

(Documented in 11.5) V11.3 - February 3rd Hotfix • General • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he was able to spam his Eternals. • Blade of the Ruined King • Healing against minions reduced to 100% from 150%. V11.3 Undocumented, but later documented in the hotfix notes • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Can no longer keep abilities with recasts such as Barrel Roll or Lucent Singularity while possessing the next enemy. • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he would automatically cast certain abilities when possessing an enemy shortly after possessing Hecarim and using Spirit of Dread.

• Bug Fix: Fixed viego lol bug where he would gain additional permanent ability haste from Transcendence when possessing enemies while he was level 8. • Undocumented: Scarecrow Effigy can no longer be kept under certain circumstances after possessing Fiddlesticks. • Undocumented: Many more specific bugfixes.

• Harrowed Path • Undocumented: Fixed a bug that would fatally crash and drop the current game under certain circumstances involving player-generated terrain. V11.2 - January 21st Hotfix • Sovereign's Domination • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where possessing Battle Queen Katarina would make her daggers invisible.

V11.2 - Added • Sovereign's Domination (Innate) • Innate: Whenever an enemy champion is killed by Viego or dies within 3 seconds of being damaged by him, a Mist Wraith spawns from their corpse for 8 seconds. Viego can basic attack a Mist Wraith to possess it, heal himself for 8% (+ 2. 5% per 100 bonus AD) (+ 1. 5% per 100 AP) (+ 2. 5% per 100% bonus attack speed) of the target's maximum health, and blink to its location after winding up for 1 second, during which he is untargetable (except to turrets).

• Possession lasts for 10 seconds and replaces Viego's basic attacks, basic abilities, items, base stats (based on Viego's level), and appearance with the champion the Mist Wraith was summoned by and grants him a free cast of Heartbreaker that is initially placed on a 1.

5-second cooldown. Viego also gains 10% bonus movement speed while moving toward nearby enemy champions during this time. • Viego cannot use item actives, consumable items, nor the shop while under possession. • Viego will preserve his current health percentage between transformations. • Blade of the Ruined King (Q) • Passive: Viego's basic attacks deal 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6% of the target's current health bonus physical damage on-hit. The bonus damage has a minimum threshold of 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 and is capped at 80 against monsters.

• Additionally, Viego's damaging abilities apply a mark to enemies for 4 seconds. Viego's next basic attack against a marked target consumes the mark to strike twice, with the second strike dealing 20% AD (+ 15% AP) physical damage and healing him for 150% of the post-mitigation damage dealt, increased to 155% against monsters.

The second strike is affected by critical strike modifiers and, while viego lol under possession, it applies on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness. • Active: Viego viego lol his blade in the target direction, dealing 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+ 60% AD) physical damage to enemies hit, increased by 0% − 75% (based on critical strike chance), and 10 bonus physical damage against monsters.

• Blade of the Ruined King's passive remains under possession. • Cooldown: 5 / 4. 5 / 4 / 3. 5 / 3 seconds. • Target Range: 600. • Width: 125. • Cast Time: 0. 35 seconds. • Spectral Maw (W) • Active: Viego charges while being slowed by 15% for up to viego lol seconds to increase Spectral Maw's mist missile range and stun duration over the first second of the channel.

Spectral Maw can be recast at any time within its duration. • If the viego lol completes without reactivation, Spectral Maw is canceled and goes on full cooldown. • Recast: Viego hurls a blast of mist in the target direction and dashes a fixed distance in the same direction, though not through terrain.

The mist deals 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 100% AP) magic damage to the first enemy struck and stuns them for 0. 25 − 1. 25 (based on channel time) seconds. • If the charge is interrupted, Spectral Maw resumes a reduced 3-second static cooldown.

• Spectral Maw resets Viego's basic attack timer. • Cooldown: 8 seconds. • Target Range: 300 / 500 − 900 (based on channel time). • Width: 120. • Speed: 1000 / 1300. • Cast Time: None. • Harrowed Path (E) • Active: Viego sends a spectre in the target direction that creates a trail of mist along its path which lasts 8 seconds. The mist spreads around the first instance of terrain encountered. • While inside the mist, Viego gains 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% bonus attack speed and, if he is not attacking or casting, he becomes camouflaged and gains 20 / 22.

5 / 25 / 27. 5 / 30% (+ 4% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed. • Declaring a basic attack or casting an ability will break the camouflage and remove the bonus movement speed, preventing Viego from gaining them again for 0. 6 seconds, refreshing upon further attacks and ability casts. • Harrowed Path can be cast during any of Viego lol abilities. • Cooldown: 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 seconds. • Detection Radius: 400.

• Cast Time: None. • Heartbreaker (R) • Active: Viego discards his current possession if he has one and gains displacement immunity over the cast time, then blinks to the target location. • Upon arrival, Viego creates a blast that deals 120% AD physical viego lol to all nearby enemies, increased by 0% − 75% (based on critical strike chance), and knocks back all but one up-to 400 units away based on proximity.

• The most wounded enemy champion, alternatively the closest one, is not knocked back and instead takes the blow from Viego's blade, which deals 15 / 20 viego lol 25% (+ 3% per 100 bonus AD) of the target's missing health bonus physical damage, slows them by 99% for 0. 5 seconds, and applies on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness. • If a possession is discarded, Heartbreaker will be placed on a 1. 5-second cooldown if it is not already on cooldown.

• Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds. • Target Range: 500. • Effect Radius: 300. • Cast Time: 0. 5 seconds. Trivia • Viego's visuals were first revealed in the Ruined King announcement trailer, however the character has existed since 2012 in the Twisted Treeline remake.

• His champion theme features a segment of the song Blade of the Ruined King by Pentakill. • Viego is possibly inspired by the Spanish word viejo (lit. "old") and the name Diego, as his kingdom appears to be inspired by Spain and Camelot. [2] • There are also the Spanish surname Viego [3] and parish Viego in northern Spain. • Isolde (~ Iseult) referrences Iseult of Ireland from the chivalric romance Tristan and Iseult • The first three new champions following Viego's release ( Gwen, Akshan and Vex) were directly tied to his return and continued his story with each release.

[4] • Viego's placeholder was a purple Jarvan IV during his development, due to the similarity between the length of their lance and sword. [5] See also • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • viego lol • • • • • • • • • • viego lol • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cancelled Champions
Once ruler of a long-lost kingdom, Viego perished over a thousand years ago when his attempt to bring his wife back from the dead triggered the viego lol catastrophe known as the Ruination.

Transformed into a powerful, unliving wraith tortured by an obsessive longing for his centuries-dead queen, Viego now stands as the Ruined King, controlling the deadly Harrowings as he scours Runeterra for anything that might one day restore her, and destroying all in his path as the Black Mist pours endlessly from his cruel, broken heart. Contents • 1 Background • 1.1 Early Life • 1.2 Resurrection • 1.3 Ruination • 2 Appearance • 3 Personality • 4 Abilities • 5 Relations • 5.1 Kalista • 5.2 Hecarim • 5.3 Vladimir • 5.4 Isolde • 5.5 Gwen • 5.6 Thresh • 5.7 Senna Abaru • 5.8 Vex • 5.9 Ruination • 6 Read More • 6.1 Biography • 6.2 Starring Champion • 6.3 Mentioned Champion • 6.4 Alternate Universes • 7 Trivia • 8 Change log • 9 References • 10 See also Background Early Life Viego was born centuries viego lol to the royal family of Camavor, signficantly later than his brother.

viego lol

Due to being the second born son of the king, he was largely neglected in favor of his brother and spent his childhood in his shadow. Viego was tutored by the greatest minds in the land and learned swordsmanship from his father's generals.

Viego's best friend was his own niece, Kalista, and she would end up becoming his most trusted general. When his brother had passed, Viego was crowned the king, despite being unprepared. Shortly into his reign, Viego had fallen in love with a peasant seamstress named Isolde. The two had a whirlwind romance and were quickly married. Viego had begun to neglect his kingdom in favor of his queen and his enemies began to conspire against him.

They had sent an assassin to kill the wayward king, but they were intercepted by general Kalista. However, Isolde was poisoned in his place. The king ordered the viego lol greatest healers and scholars to find a cure for the queen, but when they failed, he sent Kalista to search for one instead. While the king was preoccupied with keeping the queen alive, the kingdom continued to be neglected and uprisings plagued the country. He ordered commander Hecarim and his knights to quash these insurrections and hundreds were put to death.

Eventually, the queen viego lol pass and the king sank into a deep depression. Hecarim proposed invading foreign lands as retribution for the queen and Viego approved. As the armies of Camavor prepared to set sail, Kalista had returned with word of a cure. Kalista had sailed to the Blessed Isles and learned of the Waters of Life, which could cure any disease. But by the time she had returned, the queen was dead.

Kalista did not believe the cure was of any use after the queen had passed, but Viego refused to believe her and had her imprisoned for treason. Kalista was eventually convinced to show the king the location of the cure and he and his armies would sail to the Blessed Isles. The residents of the island refused to viego lol him access to the waters, so Viego ordered Kalista to slay them, but she refused.

Hecarim and his knights would be more then happy to follow the king's orders and clashed with Kalista's forces, while Viego searched for the waters himself. Viego lol king fought his way to the waters, guided by the conniving warden who become Viego lol. When he made it to the vault, Viego lowered Isolde into the waters' healing properties and watched with hope.

The queen revived as a former shadow of herself and attacked the king with his own sword. The magic of Viego's blade and the blessed waters mixed, transforming it into the Black Mist and unleashing ruination. The Blessed Isles would transform into the Viego lol Isles and Viego slumbered within his blade for centuries.

Resurrection Main article: Ruined King Viego would eventually be awakened by Gangplank and Thresh, who planned on using him to conquer Bilgewater.

Still weak from his slumber, Viego gathered his strength, fueled by his desire to be reunited with his queen. Eventually Gangplank would try to subjugate Viego with a powerful amulet, but would fall to the king's power. He would possess the pirate and used him to hold off Ahri, Braum, Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Pyke, and Yasuo, while he flew to Bilgewater to search for his queen.

The champions of Bilgewater would eventually defeat Viego, weakening him with his own memories and imprisoning him within the amulet. The amulet would be hidden by Illaoi. Ruination Main article: Rise of the Sentinels At some point Viego would escape the amulet and resume his search for Isolde.

He would be made aware of a fragment of her soul within Senna and intercepted her and her husband Lucian. Viego would unleash Harrowings in Demacia, Ionia, and Noxus while he tried to separate the fragment from Senna.

He would manage to pry a portion of the fragment within her before they escaped. Viego soon encountered a gloomy Yordle on the Shadow Isles named Vex. Vex was enamored by Viego's darkness and agreed to help spread the Black Mist across the world. With the help of his new companion, Viego would unleash a global Harrowing to scour the world for the soul fragments. He would obtain the fragments and bend several champions to his will including Draven, Karma, Miss Fortune, Pantheon, and Shyvana.

Along the way he and his forces would be confronted by the Sentinels of Light. After obtaining most of the fragments, the Sentinels launched a final assault on Viego on the Shadow Isles. There viego lol would obtain the last three fragments within Senna, Gwen and the Maiden of the Mist.

His forces held off the Sentinels while he took the fragments to Camavor to revive his queen. Viego resurrected Isolde, but she was horrified at what he had become. Isolde prompted Akshan to kill her, reviving Senna, Gwen and the Maiden, and the Sentinels would defeat the king, leaving him imprisoned in Hallowed Mist. Appearance As a wraith, Viego has a pale complexion and white hair. He is adorned by viego lol green, spectral crown and a triangle shaped wound in his chest, where Black Mist pours out.

Viego wears a black leather jacket and pants with light armorments and no shirt. He wields a spectral Zweihänder, which has the crest of Camavor on its hilt. Viego can also manifest armor made from Black Mist, including a helmet and a chest plate.

In life, Viego had a tan complexion and brown hair. He wore a blue leather jacket and undershirt with black pauldrons and gauntlets with gold accents. He also wore brown pants with black boots. He wielded a Zweihänder adorned by gold and jewels. Personality Viego was an incredibly passionate, yet arrogant man. Due to being raised in nobility, Viego was given everything in life and believed all was his. He was deeply enamored with his wife Isolde, and would dote on her. His devotion to his wife lead him to be highly disinterested in ruling their kingdom and neglect his responsibilities.

He has shown himself to be a perfectionist, having high expectations of his queen and would berate her when she viego lol live up to them. When Isolde was poisoned, Viego became obsessed with saving her, using all of the kingdom's resources to try and keep her alive. When the queen had passed, he was willing to slaughter thousands and defy death itself in order to bring her back. Centuries later, his obsession remains, willing to plunge the world into darkness in order to revive his queen.

Abilities • Expert Swordsman: Viego is an adept swordsman, having had the best fighters of Camavor teach him. • Black Mist Mastery: Having been the source of the Ruination, Viego has control of the Black Mist. • Flight: Viego was shown to be able to fly with the aid of the Black Mist in Ruined King. • Mind Control: Viego can use the Black Mist to possess and control his opponents.

This power can also be used on flora. Notable victims include: Draven, Karma, and Shyvana. • Healing: Viego can restore himself with the Black Mist.

• Shadow Travel: Viego lol can travel through the Black Mist at incredible speed. A limitation of this ability is that he cannot travel if the Black Mist is interrupted. • Black Mist Creation: Viego endlessly generates Black Mist from the triangle shaped wound in his chest.

• Resurrection: Viego can use the Black Mist to revive the dead. Notable examples include: Pantheon and Isolde. • Mistwalker Control: Viego can create and control mistwalker ghouls.

• Enhanced Strength: Viego was shown to have strength to rival someone as powerful as Pantheon and could collapse buildings with a single strike. • Undead Body: Viego does not appear to have the same physical limitations as someone who is alive, like the need for rest or nourishment.

His body has been preserved to look as it did centuries ago. Relations Kalista Kalista is Viego's niece and was his most trusted general in life. Despite being her uncle, Kalista and Viego were around the same age and friends for a long time since he was largely ignored in favor of Kalista's father. When her father died and Viego became king, his negative traits were worsened and they began to drift apart, however she was still loyal to him.

Kalista managed to protect Viego from an assassin, but resulted in Isolde getting poisoned instead. She would set sail in order to find a cure, but found it too late and was imprisoned as a traitor for her failure. She was eventually convinced by Hecarim to lead Viego and their army to the Blessed Isles for the Waters of Life.

When the masters of the island refused to let them use the water, Viego ordered her to kill anyone who opposed them. Kalista refused and was stabbed by Hecarim before her forces clashed with the Iron Order. Hecarim Hecarim was the leader of the Iron Order, a brotherhood of knights which viego lol to protect the king's lands. Under Viego, Hecarim and the Iron Order acted as the king's enforcers and quelled growing dissent after Viego began neglecting his duties. Hecarim and his knights accompanied Viego to the Blessed Isles.

They held off Kalista's forces and pillaged the city while Viego attempted to heal Isolde. In The Despoiler of Havenfall, it is revealed that Hecarim does not think highly of Viego and only continues to follow him because he can spread the Black Mist across Runeterra and allows him to pillage the land.

Viego lol Although Viego calls Vladimir his uncle in game, they are only distantly related due to both descending from the royalty of Camavor. [2] At some point after being taken by his Darkin master, Vladimir started sending customary, yearly letters to his original kingdom. After Isolde was poisoned, a grief stricken Viego refused to viego lol, not knowing Vladimir had the power that could have saved her.

[3] Isolde Viego's wife is a seamstress named Isolde. Viego was selfish, self-centered, young, immature, and had a lot of power. So when he saw someone as beautiful as Isolde, he had to have her. She accepted because she was a commoner from a conquered country.

[4] Viego was a perfectionist in his relationship with Isolde, so when she couldn't live up to his expectations, he would berate her.

However, the thought of not being the perfect husband for her disturbed him and he would abandon the memories of the times they fought. [5] It is uncertain if Viego truly loved Isolde or loved that she was his because he was raised to take anything he desired.

Regardless, he doted and focused on her and ignored his duties as king. Viego’s love for Isolde is characterized by utter obsession to the exclusion of everything else, and driven by a lack of understanding of any motivations other than his own.

[6] Isolde stabbed Viego with his own blade after he resurrected her. The magic of the waters and the ancient sword caused Ruination which turned the Blessed Isles into the Shadow Isles.

When Viego resurrected Isolde a second time, she was disgusted at what he had become and the atrocities he had committed to bring her back. She would allow Akshan to kill her again with his Absolver to revive Gwen and Senna and weaken Viego. Gwen Gwen was created by Isolde and she associates him with the pain of Isolde being taken away from her. She opposes Viego and sided with the Sentinels of Light to stop the pain he has caused in his search for Isolde's soul fragments.

Gwen contained a fragment of Isolde's soul.

viego lol

Thresh Thresh led Viego to the Waters of Life where he resurrected Isolde. Thresh and Gangplank woke Viego up from his slumber in order to use him to conquer Bilgewater. Thresh plotted against Viego during Rise of viego lol Sentinels and secretly siphoned the excess Black Mist he was producing in order the unbind himself from the Shadow Isles.

Senna Abaru Senna was cursed to have a fragment of Isolde's soul within her, leading to her being relentlessly hunted by the mist. Later, she learned the truth about the mist during her time inside Thresh's latern. After being freed from it, Senna and her husband Lucian were determined to defeat Viego. Upon finding out about Senna's relation to Isolde, Viego confronted her and Lucian and partially separated Isolde from her body.

She, Akshan, Gwen and a Sentinel Rookie would eventually defeat him in Camavor and leave him restrained in Hallowed Mist. Vex Viego unleashed a global ruination with the aid of Vex during Rise of the Sentinels.

Vex was enamored by Viego's desire to plunge the world into darkness and aided him in causing a global ruination, but would later abandon him when she discovered that he was doing it for love Ruination Maokai and Yorick were hunting for Viego in hope of restoring the Blessed Isles. The Maiden of the Mist was one of the fetters of Isolde's soul. During the events of Ruined King, Ahri, Braum, Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Pyke and Yasuo set sail to the Shadow Isles to confront Viego in order to protect Bilgewater.

Viego tried viego lol tempt Miss Fortune into joining with him, promising her the power to viego lol Bilgewater and even bring back her mother, but her will proved stronger and she would imprison him in a Buhru artifact. Miss Fortune would eventually join Viego during Rise of the Sentinels, viego lol months of fighting over Bilgewater with Gangplank.

Viego would eventually escape the Buhru artifact and unleash harrowings viego lol multiple regions to begin his search for the fragments of Isolde's soul. These harrowings were repelled by multiple champions including: Darius, Karma, Poppy, Samira, and Vayne.

He corrupted multiple champions, such as Draven, Karma, Pantheon, Miss Fortune and Shyvana, to aid in his search. [7] Multiple champions were recruited by the Sentinels of Light to stop him such as Diana, Graves, Irelia, Olaf, Pyke, Rengar, Riven and Vayne.

⮞ Starring: Viego lol, Braum, Gangplank, Illaoi, Maokai, Miss Fortune, Necrit, Pyke, Rafen, Thresh, Viego Mentioned: Ashe, Elise, Fiddlesticks, Fizz, Gwen, Hecarim, Isolde, Ivern, Janna, Jarvan IV, Kalista, Ledros, Lucian, Nagakabouros, Nautilus, Olaf, Ornn, Riven, Senna, Swain, Tahm Kench, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Volibear, Viego lol, Yorick, Zed Video Made with Love Once upon a time, a seamstress made a darling little doll.

This doll loved her maker very much, but sadly, tragedy ripped them apart, sending the doll to sink beneath sea and sorrow. Centuries passed, but the doll was not deterred, for she knew love would find her again. Starring: Gwen Mentioned: Isolde, Viego Short Story • 3 Minute Read No One Viego lol By Graham McNeill Icy waves crashed on the bleak shore, red with the blood of the men Hecarim had already butchered. The mortals he had yet to kill were retreating over the beach in terror.

Black rain doused them and stormclouds boiled in from the mourning heart of the island. He heard them shouting to one another. The words were a guttural battle-cant he did not recognize, but the meaning was clear; they actually thought they might live to reach their ship.

True, they had some skill. They moved as one, wooden shields interlocked. But they were mortal and Hecarim savored the meat-stink of their fear. Starring: Hecarim Mentioned: Thresh, Viego Short Story The Echoes Left Behind Viego lol Anthony Reynolds Lenné Blood viego lol beneath him, bright crimson against pristine white stone. His sword lay nearby, its blade broken. His killers stood around him, shadows on the periphery, but he saw nothing except her. Starring: Kalista, Ledros, Thresh Mentioned: Hecarim, Ryze, Viego ⮜ The Voices of the Dead By David Slagle There's a saying on my island.

“ Only through stealing our breath can the wind speak.” You want me to describe the Black Mist that greeted me when I first arrived in the Ionian village, hood raised, relic cannon on my back? Starring: Lucian, Senna Mentioned: Isolde, Thresh, Viego ⮞ I: Herald of the Forbidden God Starring: Viego Mentioned: Karthus Trivia • Viego was in his 20s during the first Ruination.

[8] • One of the "cures" Viego purchased was a spell that prevented Isolde's corpse from decaying. [9] • Viego's country, Camavor, was located east of the known map of Runeterra. [10] • Camavor is based on a combination of early modern period Spain and Camelot, his name was chosen to reflect this origin. [11] • The country was originally hinted in Viego's voice lines to be called "Camaveia", however that voiceline was cut because it sounded similar to the Brazilian Portuguese words "cama véia" meaning "old bed".

[12] The new official name of the kingdom was later revealed in his champion insight. • Viego is the "Ruined King" because he was emotionally ruined when Isolde was killed, which caused him to trigger the Ruination.

[13] • The black mist corrupts people and makes them look altered and monstrous. Viego controls the black mist and not vice versa, so he hasn't been corrupted by it at all and become monstrous like other Shadow Isles beings. [14] • As mentioned in the Riot Report of February 2021: • After being stabbed by Isolde, Viego actually died and fell into the same state as a normal person would, not knowing all the details that happened shortly before.

During that state, he still grasped the general ideas (though not in details) of the events that happened. • Viego's form is distorted by his delusion and personality. • Viego's magic is something he doesn't even fully understand, it is deeply tied to Helia and the Black Mist. The Black Mist is parasitic in nature and rips life, bringing souls to an undead state.

• The Blade of the Ruined King is a royal weapon passed down among kings. When a new king incarnated, it would absorb part of their soul in order viego lol revive them should they get fatal injuries in battles. When Isolde stabbed Viego in the heart, the magic of the blade tried to revive him at the same time with the magic of the blessed water, but due to the soul part inside the blade itself, it could not do it. The cycle of the healing magic viego lol a feedback loop that became overloaded and finally caused the Ruination.

• The version of the blade that appears in Ruined King and League of Legends is its physical form after being affected by the Ruination, while the blade Viego uses is more of a soul-life version as he remembers it. • Viego uses the physical blade in Ruined King. After he was sealed by the Buhru, the whereabouts of the physical blade became unknown.

viego lol

• Once he was awakened, Viego set out to revive Isolde by gathering the fragments of her soul, which were stored in fetters scattered across Runeterra. • The fetters include: Senna, Gwen, The Maiden of the Mist, a hand mirror, an ivory comb, a wine flagon, a silver flower, a copper sundial, a parasol, a jade mask, a brass bell, and a reed basket. Change log Character blurb 8 Jan 2021 (During V11.1) Added.

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Viego can temporarily possess enemy champions he helps kill, healing for a portion of their max health.

During possession, Viego's items, attacks, and non-ultimate abilities become those of his slain enemy's, and he viego lol a free cast of his own ultimate, Heartbreaker. While possessing an enemy, Viego also gets bonus movement speed when moving toward enemy champions. • Q - Blade of the Ruined King Passive: Viego’s attacks deal a percent of the target's current health as bonus damage on-hit. When Viego attacks an enemy he recently hit with an ability, the attack strikes twice.

The second strike siphons health from the target instead of dealing regular damage, but still applies on-hit effects and can critically strike. This passive is maintained during possession. Active: Viego stabs forward with his blade, damaging all enemies hit. • W - Spectral Maw© Copyright 2013-2022 All rights reserved. isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends.

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