Tv xiaomi 43 inch

tv xiaomi 43 inch

9.2 10 When Xiaomi entered the market with her TVs, many were worried that they would come to us as well. In the end, we were pleased with Xiaomi and started distributing 32 ″ TVs, 43" and 55 ″ also in Europe. We chose the golden mean, so we bring you a test of the 43-inch version Xiaomi Mi TV 4S. Technical parameters Xiaomi Mi TV 4S: Let's start with a few technical parameters: • Diagonal: 43 ″ (108 cm) IPS display • resolution: 3840 x 2160 px, HDR support • Viewing angle: 178 ° • Dynamic response: 8 ms • Refresh rate: 60 Hz • Processor: 64-bit 4-core • memory: 2 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM • GPU: Small 470 MP3 (frequency up to 650 MHz) • Speakers: 2x 8W, DTS support, Dolby Audio • support DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 • Network connection: Wifi 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, Ethernet • Bluetooth 4.2 • Operating system: Android TV (Android 9) • Dimensions: 959.55 mm x 208,33 mm x 608,14 mm • Electricity consumption: 85 W Where to buy Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 ″ We bought the TV from a popular online store Banggood.

At the time of writing the review was available in Czech warehouse, from where it will be delivered to you in a few days by courier. As this is a fragile product, we recommend that you thoroughly inspect the packaging upon receipt from the courier and, in the event of any damage, write a record of the damage shipment.

We ordered a version with full Netflix support and also with a CI slot, ie a slot for a satellite card. We received the shipment without any damage in 4 working days. As this is a European warehouse, no additional fees apply.

Are you shopping for Gshopper for the first time? 1. Tv xiaomi 43 inch the Gshopper site you sign up for an account or sign in. You can also sign in via your Google Account or Facebook. 2. Click on our orange button Take advantage of the discount in our article, you will be redirected to the product. Then click on "Buy Now". 3. In the cart first fill in the delivery address WITHOUT DIAKRITICS.

4. Enter the discount coupon in this field: 5. After entering the coupon, you continue to pay with the "Checkout" button, which redirects you to select a payment method. It is possible to pay by credit card or via PayPal. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can also check your order in the account on the site.

Watch the price of this product. We'll send you an email as soon as we issue a new coupon. You can unsubscribe at any time. Contents of the package The packaging is relatively minimalist. You will find here only the TV itself, remote control, stands with screws for attaching them and a manual. He would also like a stand for wall mounting. Design and quality of workmanship since 43" version is sold for around price 280 € (with a coupon sometimes for 250 €), we did not have high expectations in terms of quality of workmanship.

Due to the price, it had to be saved somewhere. This was mainly reflected in the materials. The TV is very light, it weighs only 7,2 kg.

Overall, the touch processing is not very good, but this is the aforementioned tax at a low price. In terms of design, however, it is a very successful piece. On the front, you will enjoy a thin aluminum frame with the MI logo in the middle of the bottom. The thinnest is the TV at the edges, because the frame is only wide 0.9 cm. The coarsest part of the TV is almost up to 10 cm. Compared to other TVs (such as Samsung), it's quite a lot. When viewed from the side, the TV is not one of the thinnest.

Rich connectivity When it comes to connectivity, you'll be happy. Xiaomi Mi TV 4s has HDMI 3 ports (one with the function ARC). You will also find here 3 USB 2.0 ports, ethernet port for internet cable connection, 3.5 mm audio jack, AV - in, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2, CI + (most commonly used as a decoder for a satellite card) and optical output for connecting external speakers.

From wireless connections is here 2.4 GHz aj 5 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2. First start-up, first problems At first glance, the TV has no physical button. You won't find any at second glance. Xiaomi namely, the power button tv xiaomi 43 inch perfectly. It is located at the bottom under the MI logo, but it is very small and you will not feel it for the first time. Many people in our area who bought this TV were frightened that the TV could not be turned on.

They did not find any button and tried to turn on the TV only with the remote control, which does not work without pairing. So sometimes it will help if you reach for the instructions for use first. The first time you turn on the wizard, it will guide you through the basic settings, where you set the language, connect to the Internet and pair the remote control. The presence of the Czech and Slovak languages ​​will be pleasing, as it is an international version. Remote control Xiaomi Mi TV 4s you control using technology bluetooth.

This eliminates the need to use the remote control that comes with the TV. But he is quite good. It is thin, simple, holds well in the hand and you will find almost everything important on it. It has a separate button to launch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Google Voice Assistant. But we were missing buttons to pause or rewind the video. There is also no button to turn off the sound immediately, the so-called "Mute".

But if you install a remote control application on your smartphone, you will get much more. Just select one from the Google Play store and pair your phone with your TV. It's very simple, tv xiaomi 43 inch though it happened to us that the TV could not be paired with some applications. One of them was the official Mi Remote application, which could not find our TV at all. We therefore use the application CetusPlay. In addition to the usual navigation buttons, you will also find other interesting functions.

There is an example touchpadwhich comes together when using a web browser or keyboard. Tv xiaomi 43 inch very interesting feature is the ability to do screenshots TV screens and tv xiaomi 43 inch them directly to the smartphone memory.

PatchWall user interface Interface patch Wall replaces the classic Android TV launcher and can be changed if it doesn't suit you. It provides switching between individual tv xiaomi 43 inch and a simple menu for quick launch of applications.

This interface is not available in English. Main smart menu We really like the Smart TV interface. It is simple and clear. Its design was really successful and we have nothing to complain about. There is a quick search panel and several logically grouped categories.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

The first group are applications. Here you will find all the applications you currently have installed. Because the TV uses the operating system Android TV (version 9 - Pie), you can easily install other applications or games from the Google Play store. Pre-installed include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and more. Netflix a Prime video display recently viewed and new content directly on the main screen.

For series, you can easily continue watching the next part even after a long period of inactivity. Android TV is not the Android you have on your phone A slight disappointment came when we found that despite the presence of the operating system Android TV here you will not find all the applications that are available for Android on smartphones.

The tv xiaomi 43 inch surprise was the finding that Google Chrome isn't even here. Unfortunately, this browser does not have an Android TV version. In the shop Google Play you will find several web browsers (eg Puffin, TvWeb Browser).

But neither of them suited us very well. They all seemed confusing, slow and outdated. We were therefore looking for ways to install it Google Chrome, eventually Firefox, although not officially supported. It's more complicated than it may seem at first glance. On the Internet, you will find a number of sites that tv xiaomi 43 inch .apk application files for download. We tried it, we downloaded .apk Google Chrome, but the installation always failed without any error message.

Sideload launcher, or how to launch any Android application To solve the above-mentioned problem, it is necessary to launch unsupported applications using a launcher, which will allow you to launch applications designed for smartphones (the most used is Sideload launcher - in the photo below).

Unofficial applications can be downloaded, for example, via the app Analysis, which allows you to download the file directly from a web link.

The second option is to download the .apk file through a browser such as mentioned Puffin. After installing from an .apk file, such applications will appear after opening the Sideload launcher. You can simply launch them from there. Here's how to resolve the issue with Google Chrome. In the image below, you can see what the Xiaomi Planet page open in Google Chrome looks like. As an alternative to Google Chrome, we were able to install a web browser in an unofficial way Firefox.

However, it is not possible to run any application that you find and install from the downloaded .apk file.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

The installation will be successful, but after running an unsupported application, it may not work properly. We tried to install a screen recording application in this way so that we could show you the environment in the video as well. Sorry, we failed to run it. Controlling the browser can be problematic Google Chrome, as well as Firefox, worked, but their control is problematic.

The included remote does not control Google Chrome at all. You need to have a mouse and keyboard. These will be replaced by any better application on your phone that has a touchpad and a remote keyboard (for example, the mentioned CetusPlay).

However, the function would solve all these problems Air Mouse. Who doesn't know it, it's actually controlling the cursor with the remote control. With a remote control that has this feature (thanks to the built-in gyroscope), all you have to do is move in the air to control the cursor on the TV.

LG, for example, gives such drivers to its TVs. Too bad Xiaomi doesn't offer this feature in the remote control. However, you can buy a driver with BangMod support with AirMouse support for a few change.

We can recommend the product Wechip W1, which is also available in the Czech warehouse. Enjoy quick system responses Tv xiaomi 43 inch to the 4-core processor, the system is very fast. It responds to instructions immediately, without freezing. Previously, we owned a smart TV from Samsung (without Android TV) with the same diagonal, but without 4k resolution.

But the speed is incomparably better with the Xiaomi Mi TV 4s. It takes a little longer to turn on the Xiaomi Tv xiaomi 43 inch, but after a complete load, the operation is completely smooth and very fast. With Samsung, responses have always been slow and the system was not smooth at all.

There is no voice control As we have already mentioned, you will find an activation button on the remote control Google Voice Assistant. Unfortunately, it only works in English, but if you don't mind, you'll use it. With Google Voice Assistant, you can, for example, turn off the TV, search for a video on YouTube, ask about the weather forecast, or turn on an app.

It works very well and we were happy with it. He recognized the instructions surprisingly well, even though we spoke quieter. Wide range of settings The settings window appears on the right side of the screen.

When watching TV, the broadcast will not be interrupted even after opening this menu.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

There are really many options here, so you can customize the system to your requirements. What are speakers? We probably won't please anyone here. The sound is the biggest disappointment of this TV for us. It is very flat, indistinct, almost without bass. Compared to smart TV from Samsung, there is a significant difference. We solved it by buying a sound bar with tv xiaomi 43 inch subwoofer.

There are several options for connecting external speakers. We connected the soundbar with an optical audio cable, which should be the best option for quality sound transmission. In addition to the optical cable, it is possible to connect, for example, bluetooth speakers. There is even a gradually damned 3.5 mm jack.

One of the top features - Chromecast Built-in Chromecast support will please you. With this feature, you can easily share content from your smartphone to your TV.

All you need is the TV connected to the same network as your smartphone.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

This way you can share pictures from the gallery, videos or even mirror the entire screen of your smartphone. Chromecast works very well here. Sharing is fast, seamless, and screen mirroring goes without any slowdowns or interruptions.

Watching Slovak TV In the Google Play store you will find applications of almost all the largest Slovak operators such as Antique TV, Magic GO whether Skylink Live TV. You can also use the very popular KODI application, which is also tv xiaomi 43 inch on Google Play, to watch Live TV. Conclusion: Is it worth buying Xiaomi Mi TV 4S?

In short, definitely yes. It is a great TV in price / quality ratio. The system is well tuned, smooth and very well designed. We have been using the TV daily for several months now with the Antik TV application to watch regular broadcasts.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

It replaced the Samsung Smart TV series 5 with its own operating system, to which we had an Android TV box connected. At the current prices of this TV, we did not hesitate to replace the Samsung Smart TV with Android box with the reviewed Xiaomi 43 ″ TV, to which we do not need to connect any other smart TV box to get real smart features. You can also play games comfortably on it. All you have to do is buy a gamepad that you connect via bluetooth or use a mobile phone instead of a controller.

Despite minor shortcomings such as poorer speaker quality or the use of lower quality materials, we recommend this Xiaomi TV to everyone. For a price under 280 € it is a great buy. Are you shopping for Gshopper for the first time?

tv xiaomi 43 inch

1. On the Gshopper site you sign up for an account or sign in. You can also sign in via your Google Account or Facebook. 2. Click on our orange button Take advantage of the discount in our article, you will be redirected to the product. Then click on "Buy Now". 3. In the cart first fill in the delivery address WITHOUT DIAKRITICS.

4. Enter the discount coupon in this field: 5. After entering the coupon, you continue to pay with the "Checkout" button, which redirects you to select a payment method.

It is possible to pay by credit card or via PayPal. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can also check your order in the account on the site.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

April 6, 2021 at 19:57 Hello It bothers me that there are hundreds of reviews of this product singing superlatives, but nowhere does anyone pay attention to the main function that every television should fulfill. This is television broadcasting. It's nice that the features of Android TV are being praised. But I can buy you for 1.500 CZK for every television such as Xiaomi Mi TV Box and I get practically the same.

These reviews should focus more on picture quality, sound and also the possibility of tuning TV programs, managing their list, etc.… Or do you want to tell me that this is not a TV, but just a slightly larger tablet? So a display with Android that can't do anything else? Thank you 28 December 2021 at 22:49 I have this TV and it's a disaster in terms of image viewing angles disaster and the image is either very light or dark… .

The motion tv xiaomi 43 inch feature is one big disaster….

tv xiaomi 43 inch

So can anyone advise me how to set the colors of the constellation and the like, because I don't have a good picture either One of the most popular in the line of Xiaomi TVs is the Xiaomi Mi TV Smart TV with a diagonal of 43 inches, they are bought for any purpose, from watching movies and shows, ending with use as a monitor and for use with a game console.

In 2022, these models continue to be in high demand due to the combination of compact size with high quality video and audio components. Also, the popularity of this line is maintained due to the stylish design that fits any modern interior.

• 1 Overview of the Xiaomi 43-inch TV line – what are the popular solutions • 1.1 Characteristics, installed OS • 1.2 Technologies used in Xiaomi Smart TVs • 1.3 Ports, outputs interfaces and appearance • 2 Pros and tv xiaomi 43 inch of the Xiaomi TV 43 line • 3 Connecting and configuring Xiaomi TVs – primary and further finer • 3.1 Application installation • 3.2 Firmware • 4 The most popular 43-inch Xiaomi TV models: top 5 models for 2022 Overview of the Xiaomi 43-inch TV line – what are the popular solutions The manufacturer Xiaomi monitors fashion trends, which allows it to produce TVs in 2022 that can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

The line of devices with 4K image quality indicators is one of the most popular in the segment.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

Compactness can be distinguished as the main “chip” in 43 inch models. It is achieved not only by the size of the screen, but also by a thin body, and also due to the absence of frames, as a result of which you can completely immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen.

Thanks to clever placement options (the TV can be installed on legs or hung on the wall with a bracket), Smart TV 43 inches can be called universal and can be used in the living room, bedroom, office or kitchen. Among the functions present in all models, it is necessary to highlight the presence of voice control, high definition, high-quality sound.

The price segment is affordable – from 28,000 rubles for a budget option with a basic set of functions and capabilities. Characteristics, installed OS Any Xiaomi TV with a 43 diagonal has a set of features that are mandatory for this line.

Let’s start with an overview tv xiaomi 43 inch the build quality. The body is made of durable plastic and metal. This combination guarantees durability and reliability. The next characteristic is image quality. At Xiaomi, they focus on this. Users receive: • Image clarity in 4K. • Availability of HDR technology. • High-quality matrix, which provides the depth of colors and clarity of the image. The next characteristic is the operating system. Here you need to take into account that you can buy devices that are made in China, as well as assembled, for example, in India.

In the first case, the TVs will have their own OS and the absence of the Russian language in the settings, in the second, they will be controlled using Android version 9.0, for example, as on Xiaomi Mi TV 43 TVs. In this case, all models will have additional features regarding video playback, listening to audio, downloading additional programs.

The language pack already contains the Russian language. Xiaomi Mi TV led tv 43 4s Power characteristics also need to be considered. In this line, processors for 2 and 4 cores are installed. There are internal disks for storing information (8.16 GB), some models provide the possibility of additional expansion of free space (up to 16-32 GB depending on the model). Also, powerful speakers should be attributed to the features of the technical plan – from 5 W in budget options.

Another feature: the presence of a proprietary launcher called Patch Wall. Additional characteristics: • The presence of wireless communication – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. • Voice control. • Integration into the Smart Home system (not only from this manufacturer, but also from Yandex, for example). • The presence of a remote control with the possibility of voice control. If we take the TV of the popular model Xiaomi Mi TV 4s 43 for consideration, its review must be supplemented with the fact that the technical equipment allows you to receive and amplify the incoming TV signal.

This is possible due to the availability of DVB-T2+DVB-C technology. The line of TVs in question supports and reproduces all possible video and audio file formats. If for some reason the TV cannot play a tv xiaomi 43 inch or movie, then you need to download and install an additional player.

Technologies used in Xiaomi Smart TVs Before buying a TV, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with what technological developments are included in the kit. Depending on the model, the user can use the following technological solutions: • Direct LED – is responsible for the realism, colorfulness and depth of the picture broadcast on the screen.

tv xiaomi 43 inch

• HDR (+Dolby Vision) – the image becomes more saturated, contrast and clear. • Dolby Audio – Responsible for rich and deep sound. • Possibility of voice control. In the medium and high cost segment, which includes, for example, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4s 43 TV, there is an option to adjust the frame rate, which guarantees a stable 60 fps when playing information broadcast from various mobile devices. Ports, outputs interfaces and appearance The standard set of connectors and ports will necessarily include: • USB: 2.0 and 3.0 versions (2-3 pieces in total).

tv xiaomi 43 inch

• A.V. • ethernet. • HDMI. Optional: CI module slot, headphone jack and/or fiber optic port. Pros and cons of the Xiaomi TV 43 line An affordable price category is the first thing that attracts a user who wants to buy a modern, compact, but at the same time functional TV. The main advantages are tv xiaomi 43 inch following points: • Stylish design.

• The use of metal and high-quality plastic, even in budget models. • Variety of features and functionality available. • Integration with mobile devices and smart home. • Ability to use as a full-fledged monitor. • Saturated sound (the presence of surround sound in expensive models). Having fast internet and a strong signal for stable operation of Smart TV functions is another bonus. Before purchasing a Xiaomi TV, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the cons that are noted in reviews and reviews.

The main ones are: • The absence of the Russian language at the first start (Chinese or English is set by default). You need to download the language pack, and then install it. In this case, the TV will have to be turned off and on again so that the package is installed in the system.

• Weak reception of the standard signal (sometimes you need to purchase an additional tuner). Many users note that there is advertising in the menu and it contains a large number of paid services, services and paid online cinemas. Connecting and configuring Xiaomi TVs – primary and further finer In order to start using the TV and all its functions tv xiaomi 43 inch full, you will first need to install all the necessary components and programs on it.

The connection is quite simple: you need to insert cables and wires into the appropriate connectors, fix them, and then plug the TV into a power outlet. HDMI TV port for connecting a set-top box After that comes the setup phase. It includes the following algorithm of actions: • Pressing a button on the body (the remote control will be inactive when turned on for the first time).

• Waiting for the menu to load. • Connect your TV to your home wireless connection. • Bluetooth setting. • Login to your personal Google account. If it does not exist, you will need to create it in order to continue setting up the TV and all its functions.

The PatchWall launcher is installed on all modern Xiaomi MI TV 43 TVs Next, you need to go to the main menu of the TV. Then you need to fill in the main items on the menu, indicating the region, date and time. If headphones or external drives are present, they must be plugged into the appropriate jacks before use. In order to connect the remote control to the TV, you need to do only one action – hold down 2 buttons on it and hold them for 3-5 seconds.

After that, it will be possible to control the functionality of the TV remotely or even by voice. For more fine-tuning, you will need to enter the main menu of the TV. Then go to Google Play and install the programs and applications necessary for playing video or audio.

Applications installed on Xiaomi MI TV Application installation It is produced using the Mi TV Assistant application. If it is not included, you will need to download and install using Google Market. After completing the installation process, you need to synchronize with your smartphone. For all downloaded applications, you need to select the item in the menu called “Install application” and then agree to perform further actions that the program offers in automatic mode.

Applications can also be installed using a Tv xiaomi 43 inch flash drive for this purpose. On it you need to download programs and components. You can do this on a tablet, computer or even a smartphone. After the download is complete, you need to connect the USB flash drive, transfer information to it, and then connect it directly to the TV to transfer files to the system.

Xiaomi P1 43″ – a tv xiaomi 43 inch of a real buyer a month later, all the pros and cons: Firmware For TVs of the line in question, official Chinese or additional firmware can be used, which already have Russian as part of the packages. You can also choose models in which Android is installed immediately.

In this case, it will be easier to use the device, since the Russian language is immediately present there. Xiaomi MI TV 4S 43 – Xiaomi TV review: The most popular 43-inch Xiaomi TV models: top 5 models for 2022 In order to choose the appropriate option, you need to pay attention to the rating, which is compiled by specialists and ordinary users, who are guided by the experience of operating such devices.

The following models were recognized tv xiaomi 43 inch the best in terms of price-quality ratio: • TV Xiaomi MI TV 4s 43 – high-quality image, bright colors and rich shades. The sound is powerful and clear, the speakers deliver 16 watts. The design is designed in a strict corporate style. There are wireless sources of information transmission. Attention is paid to image quality. Price – 34,000 rubles. • TV Xiaomi MI TV 4 a 43 t2 – the device has a high-quality matrix, which provides a complete immersion in the broadcast image.

There are all the necessary connectors and inputs for connecting cables, external drives or headphones. The sound power is 16W. Android TV installed right away. Price – 36,000 rubles. • TV Xiaomi MI TV 4 s 43 l43 m5 5 aru offers the user a high-quality matrix. It provides crisp images and rich colors.

The sound is clear, powerful, the speakers give out 16 watts. There is a full set of connectors and ports, wireless communication. Price – 38,000 rubles. • TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 T2 Global 42.5 – allows you to completely immerse yourself in the image due to brightness and saturation. There is a surround sound function, wireless communication.

There is a built-in Android TV. The sound quality is high, the speakers are capable of delivering 16 watts of power. Price – 34,000 rubles. • The Xiaomi E43S Pro 43 TV offers a stylish design and thin bezels. A feature is the presence of teletext and integration into the smart home system. Picture and sound quality, there is Android firmware. The price is 37000 rubles. Recent Posts • Телевизоры DEXP – топовые модели, новинки 2021-2022, как подключить • Обзор линейки телевизоров Xiaomi MI TV 4s • Просмотр телевизора через интернет бесплатно – популярные каналы • Куда сдать неисправный старый или продать рабочий телевизор за деньги и бесплатно • Как выбрать крепление для телевизора на стену, крепеж на гипс, пеноблок, кирпич
* Large 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM internal memory: Because the operating system takes up memory, actual available capacity is less than the total storage capacity specified * There may be a negligible variation in the dimensions of the actual product from those specified * The latest version lets you disable the "Smart Update" option (enabling is recommended) to cancel automatic ROM updates.

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Veramente pentito dell'acquisto fatto. Algoritmo di adattamento della definizione scadente: le trasmissioni non HD sono inguardabili. Immagini in movimento che laggano, le partite sembrano meno vere che sulla PS. Audio non parliamone, la chiarezza della voce tasto dolente, alte frequenze inesistenti e bassi pure.

Il software TV manca delle più normali funzioni (es tv xiaomi 43 inch precedente), il cambio canale dura mezza giornata, tronca le Info del programma a una sola riga e non c'è modo di leggere la trama di un film. A distanza di un mese ora la TV ai spegne a caso, senza cadenza regolare, a intervalli che vanno da 15' a 2 ore.

È diventata lentissima: abbasso il volume e lo streaming lagga, inoltre la grafica del cursore appare circa 10 secondi dopo la regolazione.

Non basta avere android per essere una buona TV. IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of conventional twisted nematic TFT displays: limited viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction.

PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) is a type of IPS screen developed by Samsung, with increased brightness and lower production costs.
*Requires Chromecast-enabled apps *Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Please refer to Google Assistant's official website for more info. *Google, Android TV, Chromecast built-in and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. *The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.

*Unless otherwise indicated on this product page, all data come from Xiaomi laboratories, product design specifications and suppliers. The testing data may vary slightly due to different software versions, tested phone versions and testing environments and may not reflect the actual product.
• "Saya mau menonton film" • "Film populer apa akhir-akhir ini" • "Saya mau nonton drama" • "Saya mau nonton film action" • "Saya mau nonton film superhero" • "Mainkan film Ready Player One" • "Saya mau menonton film" • "Film populer apa akhir-akhir ini" • "Saya mau nonton drama" • "Saya mau nonton film action" • "Saya mau nonton film superhero" • "Mainkan film Ready Player One" Beli Mi TV mendapatkan gratis berlangganan HOOQ 6 bulan.

Beli Mi TV 43 Inch mendapatkan gratis berlangganan HOOQ 12 bulan. (limited quantity) 1. Selama Event 20 September, pengguna yang membeli Xiaomi TV 4A 32-inci akan menerima keanggotaan HOOQ senilai Rp.294.000 jika melakukan pemesanan dan tidak mengembalikan barang; 2.

Kartu keanggotaan HOOQ akan dikirim melalui email ke alamat email Anda, email akan dikirim dalam waktu satu minggu setelah pengiriman TV berhasil; 3. Kartu keanggotaan HOOQ berlaku mulai 20 September 2018 - 20 Oktober 2018, dan setelah itu tidak dapat digunakan; 4. Tv xiaomi 43 inch pelanggan melakukan pengembalian dalam periode pengembalian 14 hari, kartu membership akan dicabut secara otomatis; 5. Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan lain, silakan email : 1.

Akses,atau CATCHPLAY app di google play app store melalui smart phone. 2. Pilih menu di pojok kiri atas. 3. Pilih kode promosi. 4. Daftar dengan nomor HP dan ikuti prosesnya. 5. Masukan Kode Promosi ,Kode promosi berlaku hingga 3 Oktober 2018.

6. Aktifkan kode promosi di bagian VIP dalam MiTV Anda. 7. Pilih Catchplay. 8. Pilih “LAIN KALI”. 9. Log in dan selamat menonton. Lakukan pembayaran penuh sekarang dan produk akan dikirim dalam waktu 1 minggu • Jadilah yang pertama untuk mendapatkannya Pra-order untuk amankan produk Mi • Tersedia untuk dikirimkan dalam 1 minggu Beli dan lakukan pembayaran sekarang.

Perkiraan pengiriman dalam 1 minggu. • Alamat pengiriman tidak bisa diganti Untuk mengurangi aktivitas calo dan melindungi kepentingan fans Mi, alamat pengiriman tidak bisa diganti • Harga tidak dapat diganti Dalam hal penyesuaian harga produk sebelum pengiriman, harga pesanan berbayar tidak akan terpengaruh Produk Xiaomi 11T Redmi 10 2022 Redmi 9C Redmi Watch 2 Lite Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 Pro Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200 Dukungan Panduan Pengguna Kewajiban pendaftaran IMEI ponsel Anda Layanan Pelanggan Garansi Service Center Resmi Gerai Terdekat LAYANAN EKSKLUSIF VIP Media Sosial MIUI Facebook / Twitter Instagram Tentang Xiaomi Leadership Team Culture Privacy Policy Integrity & Compliance Trust Center

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 43-inch Review: Affordable Android TV 4K HDMI 2.1