The tinder swindler netflix

the tinder swindler netflix

There is no shortage of true-crime documentaries on Netflix and beyond, but "The Tinder Swindler" sounds more like a fiction movie than a documentary. The documentary tells the story of Shimon Hayut, an Israeli con man who used Tinder to meet his marks and gain their trust in order to con them out of thousands of dollars. Victims Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte share their stories in the Netflix project.

How Did the Tinder Swindler Con Women? Hayut's con spanned multiple countries, as the Netflix documentary shows. During a spree that ended in 2019, he used Tinder to target and catfish women from Norway, Finland, and Denmark.

Hayut posed as Simon Leviev, a Russian oligarch and the son of a billionaire diamond-mine owner, and charmed his dates into trusting him. From there, he would convince them to take out lines of credit under their names in order to "help" him "protect himself" from the many enemies he claimed were out to get him.

Of course, there were no such enemies, and the money the women had lent to him was long gone. How Did the Tinder Swindler Get Caught? According to The Times of Israel, Hayut was caught and arrested in July 2019 for using a fake passport in a joint operation between Interpol and Israeli police.

What Was the Tinder Swindler's Prison Sentence? The tinder swindler netflix to Variety, The tinder swindler netflix went to prison in Israel in December 2019 and was sentenced to 15 months behind bars.

the tinder swindler netflix

However, he only served five months before he was released. This wasn't his first stint in jail, either. In 2015, he served two years in a Finnish prison for conning three women, according to The Times of Israel.

the tinder swindler netflix

His time in Finland wasn't even the beginning — he was in Finland on a fraudulent passport after fleeing Israel to avoid (you guessed it!) accusations of theft, forgery, and fraud from 2011. Where Is the Tinder Swindler Now? After being released from prison in early 2020, Hayut reportedly pulled off yet another con. The Times of Israel reported that he posed as a front-line medical worker in December 2020 to get a COVID-19 vaccine when vaccines weren't yet available to the general public in his age and risk categories.

Hayut disputed the accusations to Channel 12, claiming he had a medical condition that allowed him early access to the vaccine. Channel 12 refuted his medical claims.

the tinder swindler netflix

Hayut reportedly threatened to sue the medical center where he received the vaccine. "I am not someone who waits in line or at places. . I am a businessman," he told Channel 12, according to The Times of Israel.

the tinder swindler netflix

"I have money. I can buy anyone or anything that I want." In 2022, Hayut the tinder swindler netflix Cameo, a website where public figures can sell personalized video messages to fans.

His prices range from $300 for personalized messages to $1,400 for business advice. The subject of "The Tinder Swindler" also revealed he has plans to enter the Hollywood sphere. Hayut was signed by talent manager Gina Rodriguez of Gitoni Inc., she told "Entertainment Tonight." "I was intrigued with the Netflix story.

I saw the world's greatest salesman," Rodriguez told the outlet. "It left me with a lot of unanswered questions and was very biased. I believe there are two sides to every story and everyone should have the chance to tell their side of the the tinder swindler netflix Hayut is looking at opportunities to host a podcast or a dating show and/or write a book.

Sjoholm appeared on "Tamron Hall" on Feb. 17 and reacted to Hayut's latest business ventures. "To be honest, I was heartbroken to see any company to collaborate with a criminal. . [I'm] honestly heartbroken," Hayut's victim said. "We're coming out here, sharing our story and trying to share [with] the world a criminal and what he's doing, and for anyone to collaborate with these types of people, like, it's honestly — it's very heartbreaking." Of Rodriguez taking on Hayut as a client, Sjoholm said: "As a woman, I don't know how you can go to bed at night and [be] doing this.

I mean, this could be your daughter that this happened to, it could be your sister, your family member that this happened to. It's not that he scammed us, he put death threats on us. It's serious things." Although Hayut was released from prison in early 2020, where he is now is anyone's guess.

His current whereabouts are not officially known, and now, with the high profile of his story, they're likely to stay that way for some time until he tells his side of the story. According to Sjoholm, "He's just hiding in Israel at the moment." AURORA, Illinois -- An Aurora, Illinois woman said a man she met online swindled her out of more than $90,000.

the tinder swindler netflix

Kathy, who asked to only share her first name, said she didn't realize she was being played until she watched the popular Netflix show "The Tinder Swindler," but by that time, she had already shelled out her entire life savings.

She said after nearly two years of staying home during the pandemic, she was lonely. "And that got me thinking. If something like this happened, you know, again, I don't want to be alone.

the tinder swindler netflix

You know, I want somebody here," Kathy said. So she decided to try online dating and signed up for SilverSingles, a site for people aged 50 and older.

She said she met a handsome older gentleman who swept her off her feet. "I thought I was in love because every time I would the tinder swindler netflix from him, my heart would just burst open.

And it was interesting, exciting," she said. "And after every phone call before we hung up, we took turns praying and even that, he was really cute." Kathy said he wooed her with messages like "Good morning wifey, I hope you had a good night's rest" and "I love you more than you can ever imagine." But she never met her new love in person.

"I asked to meet him. And he said, 'well, I'm leaving for a job up in Toronto, and I have to go quickly,'" Kathy said. "A couple of weeks after he was there in Toronto, supposedly, he said, 'I need these permits to work here and I need $5,000 for this permit. And they won't take a check or anything.' So I'm thinking, well, yeah, I want to help this man.

You know, I'm falling in love with him.

the tinder swindler netflix

Why wouldn't I want to help them?" Kathy said she sent him $5,000 for the permit. Then she gave him more money after he got into an accident. And then she gave even more money for his surgery. "And I said, 'I don't have that kind of money.' And then we started talking about where we could get that money. And he kept offering suggestions, you know, so The tinder swindler netflix ended up doing a refinance and taking out money against my house," she said.

And when he needed more money for his various misfortunes, she said she took out loans and sent him the funds. Kathy said the love of her life sent her a screenshot of his bank account, showing he had the money to pay her back.

And though she still hadn't met him in person, she had faith that he would be with her soon. Then one evening she said her friend recommended she watch "The Tinder Swindler" on Netflix, where several women said they lost thousands of dollars to a man they met online.

And that's when everything clicked. "I'm going 'Oh my gosh,'" she recalled. "Everything matched." "I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul so I can get this payment in because he ruined my credit too," Kathy said.

"I got kicked out of my bank. They closed my account and they were afraid I was laundering money." The total amount she sent him is sobering. "A little over $92,000," Kathy said. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in the past five years, people have reported losing a staggering $1.3 billion to romance scams, the highest of any FTC fraud category. In fact, money lost to romance scams increased sixfold from 2017 to 2021. Steve Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois, said reports of online dating scams went up during the pandemic, but still remain grossly underreported.

"Some feel that they're really embarrassed that their family will find out and some that we've talked to still believe that they exist and they're gonna come out of the woodwork again," Bernas said.

"People lose their life savings, and it's all being done by a scammer doing this to hundreds of people." Our sister station WLS-TV has chosen not to show a picture of Kathy's love interest because most of these fraudsters steal photos online to draw you in. The bottom line, Bernas said, is you can't fall in love with someone you've never met. "And it's always a reason they can't meet you.

And that's what we call the tip off to the rip off," Bernas said. It was a sobering realization for Kathy, who still the tinder swindler netflix believe she fell in love with a scammer. Now she is paying the tinder swindler netflix she can on her loans and has delayed her upcoming retirement until she can get out of debt. SilverSingles warns its users that if someone online is asking you to send them money, stop communicating with them and report the profile.

Full Statement from Spark Network, parent company of SilverSingles: Safety is always a top priority in everything we do, across all our brands at Spark Network.

Upon detection of any potential fraudulent behavior, we apply many countermeasures. Spark utilizes external AI-based tools, robust transaction detection, internal filters and employs a sizeable, dedicated fraud team for the manual review of cases.

Unfortunately, as with any online activity, there are "bad actors" out there, however we remain dedicated to keeping our users safe on our platforms. We also invest in user education, as exhibited by the safety pages on our sites (see links below), because it's crucial to arm our community/audiences with the right tools to mitigate against the risks of online dating. We also refer our users to the Federal Trade Commission's Online Dating Scams site:

Dating should be fun, so we want to ensure our platforms are a safe and comfortable space for our users.

the tinder swindler netflix

We urge any user who has suspicions about someone they are in contact with, or if they find themselves in any of the below listed situations, to immediately cease communication and report the account to our Customer Care team. Below is a list identified by our fraud/security team of potentially concerning behavior that should be flagged to our Customer Care team. • If there is an immediate request for outside communication within the first message(s), mostly via email, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Skype.

• If the suspected scammer is asking for contact details because they are "taking their profile down". • If the suspected scammer's message seems to be very generic and not personalized. • If the suspected scammer is using overly loving or complimentary language, especially in the initial stages of communication. • If the message is written with poor grammar and spelling errors. • If there are any requests for money, no matter the amount. • If there are any requests to log into their bank account "for" them.

the tinder swindler netflix

• If there are any statements declaring that the suspected scammer is currently overseas. • If there are any statements that a suspected scammer's loved one is sick or injured and they need funds to help them. • If the suspected scammer makes excuses as to why they cannot meet in person or FaceTime/Skype. • If the user receives emails from the suspected scammer stating they are leaving the site, but their friend/colleague/family member saw the user's profile and wants the user to contact them.

Additional information on safe online dating can be found on our safety pages: Thank you for getting in touch on this important topic.
A woman in Aurora, Illinois, realized she had been the victim of a dating scam after watching the Netflix hit documentary The Tinder Swindler. The woman was watching the documentary one evening after a friend recommended it, when she realized that the experience of the women in the Netflix film—scammed out of millions of dollars from a charming, elusive man they had met on a dating app—was very much like her own experience, the woman told ABC7.

"I'm going 'Oh my gosh,'" she told ABC7. "Everything, you know, matched." The Aurora woman—who has asked to remain anonymous and goes under the name Kathy—said she had been feeling lonely after two years of pandemic when she decided to join a dating app called SilverSingles, aimed at people who are over 50 years old, she told ABC7.

Picture taken on July 1, 2019 shows the so-called "Tinder swindler" as he is expelled from the city of Athens, Greece.

A woman in Aurora realized she was victim of a dating scam after watching the Netflix documentary. TORE KRISTIANSEN/AFP via The tinder swindler netflix Images On the platform she met an older man with whom she fell in love, as she recalled talking to ABC7. She told the channel that he wrote her messages saying things like, "Good morning wifey, I hope you had a good night's rest" and "I love you more than you can ever imagine." The scammer of The Tinder Swindler, an Israeli man called Shimon Hayut who falsely introduced himself as Simon Leviev, the son of Russian-Israeli "diamond king" Lev Leviev, also showered his victims with his professions of love and promises of marriage.

Love bombing—the practice of giving someone excessive attention and affection as a way to make them dependent on that love and then manipulate them—is widely considered by psychologists a significant the tinder swindler netflix flag for abusive and toxic relationships. But Kathy was completely swept off her feet by the man she met on The tinder swindler netflix.

And, understandably, she wanted to meet him. Read more • People Are Getting Spam Text Messages From Their Own Cell Number • 'The Crypto King'—What Happened to QuadrigaCX and Is It Still Operating? • Accused Leader of GoFundMe Scam With Homeless Vet Sentenced to 27 Months "I asked to meet him. And he said, well, I'm leaving for a job up in Toronto, and I have to go quickly," Kathy told ABC7.

But while he was in Toronto, the man told her he was having a problem with his work permit to stay in Canada. "He said I need these permits to work here and I need $5,000 for this permit. And they won't take a check or anything," she recalled talking to ABC7. So, Kathy decided to help him. "I'm thinking, well, yeah, I want to help this man.

You know, I'm falling in love with him. Why wouldn't I want to help them?" she told ABC7.

the tinder swindler netflix

Kathy sent him $5,000 for the work permit the man claimed he needed to work in Canada. But his requests did not stop there. Kathy told ABC7 she then sent him money to pay for his health care after he got into an accident, and then more money when he apparently needed it for surgery. Exactly like the women in the Netflix documentary, Kathy did not have that kind of money.

Under his suggestion and pressure, she took out loans and even money out against her own house. He promised her he would pay her back, Kathy told ABC7, showing her screenshots of his bank account allegedly proving he had the money to refund her of what she had spent.

Some of the women scammed by the Tinder Swindler—here Felicity Morris, Pernilla Sjoholm, Cecilie Fjellhøy and Bernie Higgins—attend a special U.K. screening of 'The Tinder Swindler', ahead of its launch on the 2nd February on Netflix, at Soho House on February 1, 2022 in London, England.

The documentary helped the Aurora woman understand she had been scammed. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Netflix But the money was never returned. Watching The Tinder Swindler, Kathy realized she had fallen prey to a very similar romance fraud. She told ABC7 she was "kicked out" of her bank, which closed her account thinking she was laundering money.

Since that first payment of $5,000 she had made to the man, Kathy had spent a total of over $92,000 to support a partner who, ultimately, does not the tinder swindler netflix. It's common for scammers to use pictures of unknowing strangers taken the tinder swindler netflix the internet, and even voices can be faked, as in the case of the podcast Sweet Bobby, where a woman suddenly discovered she had been catfished after 10 years of believing she had a relationship with a handsome cardiologist.

the tinder swindler netflix

Kathy is now postponing her retirement to repay her debts, ABC7 reported. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports of romance fraud hit record highs in 2021, with median individual losses at $2,400. Between 2017 and 2021, people have reported losing $1.3 billion in total to dating scams. The FBI recommends the following tips to avoid being scammed while dating online: - Research the person's photo and profile online to see if their details match elsewhere; - Go slowly and ask lots of questions; - Watch out for people asking immediately to take it off the dating app and use other ways of communication; - Beware of any attempt from the person to isolate you from friends and family, requests inappropriate photos or your financial information; - If the person always promises to meet in person but then never does, coming up with some excuse why they can't, that's a red flag you should take note of; - Never send money to anyone you have not met in real life.

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