Haruto birthday

haruto birthday

Python Basic Assignment (ineuron.ai) Assignment_1 • In the below elements which of them are values or an expression? haruto birthday values can be integer or string and expressions will be mathematical operators. • 'hello'-87.8-/+6 • What is the difference between string and variable? • Describe three different data types. • What is an expression made up of? What haruto birthday all expressions do? • This assignment statements, like spam = 10. What is the difference between an expression and a statement?

• After running the following code, what does the variable bacon contain? bacon = 22 bacon + 1 • What should the values of the following two terms be? 'spam' + 'spamspam' 'spam' * 3 • Why is eggs a valid variable name while 100 is invalid? • What three functions can be used to get the integer, floating-point number, or string version of a value? • Why does this expression cause an error? How can you fix it? 'I have eaten ' + 99 + ' burritos.' Assignment_2 • What are the two values of the Boolean data type?

haruto birthday

How do you write haruto birthday • What are the three different types of Boolean operators? • Make a list of each Boolean operator's truth tables (i.e.

every possible combination of Boolean values for the operator and what it evaluate ). • What are the values of the following expressions? (5 > 4) and (3 == 5) not (5 > 4) (5 > 4) or (3 == 5) not ((5 > 4) or (3 == 5)) (True and True) and (True == False) (not False) or (not True) • What are the six comparison operators?

• How do you tell the difference between the equal to and assignment operators?Describe a condition and when you would use one. • Identify the three blocks in this code: spam = 0 if spam == 10: print('eggs') if spam > 5: print('bacon') else: print('ham') print('spam') print('spam') • Write code that prints Hello if 1 is stored in spam, prints Howdy if 2 is stored in spam, and prints Greetings! if anything else is stored in spam. • If your programme is stuck in an endless loop, what keys you’ll press?

• How can you tell the difference between break and continue? • In a for loop, what is the difference between range(10), range(0, 10), and range(0, 10, 1)? • Write a short program that prints the numbers 1 to 10 using a for loop. Then write an equivalent program that prints the numbers 1 to 10 using a while loop. • If you had a function named bacon() inside a module named spam, how would you call it after importing spam? Assignment_3 • Why are functions advantageous to have in your programs?

• When does the code in a function run: when it's specified or when it's called? • What statement creates a function? • What is the difference between a function and a function call? • How many global scopes are there in a Python program? How many local scopes? • What happens to variables in a local scope when the function call returns? • What is the concept of a return value? Is it possible to have a return value in an expression? • If a function does not have a return statement, what is the return value of a call to that function?

• How do you make a function variable refer to the global variable? • What is the data type of None? • What does the sentence import areallyourpetsnamederic do? • If you had a bacon() feature in a spam module, what would you call it after importing spam? • What can you do to save a programme from crashing if it encounters an error? • What is the purpose of the try clause? What is the purpose of the except clause?

Assignment_4 • What exactly is []? • In a list of values stored in a variable called spam, how would you assign the value 'hello' as the third value? (Assume [2, 4, 6, 8, 10] are in spam.) Let's pretend the spam includes the list ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'] for the next three queries. • What is the value of spam[int(int('3' * 2) / 11)]?

• What is the value of spam[-1]? • What is the value of spam[:2]? Let's pretend bacon has the list [3.14, 'cat,' 11, 'cat,' True] for the next three questions. • What is the value of bacon.index('cat')? • How does bacon.append(99) change the look of the list value in bacon? • How does bacon.remove('cat') change haruto birthday look of the list in bacon?

• What are the list concatenation and list replication operators? • What is difference between the list methods append() haruto birthday insert()? • What are the two methods for removing items from a list? • Describe how list values and string values are identical. haruto birthday What's the difference between tuples and lists? • How do you type a tuple value that only contains the haruto birthday 42? • How do you get a list value's tuple form? How do you get a tuple value's list form?

• Variables that "contain" list values are not haruto birthday lists themselves. Instead, what do they contain? • How do you distinguish between copy.copy() and copy.deepcopy()? Assignment_5 • What does an empty dictionary's code haruto birthday like? • What is the value of a dictionary value with the key 'foo' and the value 42? • What is the most significant distinction between a dictionary and a list?

• What happens if you try to access spam['foo'] if spam is {'bar': 100}? • If a dictionary is stored in spam, what is the difference between the expressions 'cat' in spam and 'cat' in spam.keys()?

• If a dictionary is stored in spam, what is the difference between the expressions 'cat' haruto birthday spam and 'cat' in spam.values()? • What is a shortcut for the following code? if 'color' not in spam: spam['color'] = 'black' • How do you "pretty print" dictionary values using which module and function?

Assignment_6 • What are escape characters, and how do you use them? • What do the escape characters n and t stand for? • What is the way to include backslash characters in a string? • The string "Howl's Moving Castle" is a correct value. Why isn't the single quote character in the word Howl's not escaped a problem? • How do you write a string of newlines if you don't want to use the n character? • What are the values of the given expressions?

'Hello, world!'[1] 'Hello, world!'[0:5] 'Hello, world!'[:5] 'Hello, world!'[3:] • What are the values of the following expressions? 'Hello'.upper() 'Hello'.upper().isupper() 'Hello'.upper().lower() • What are the values of the following expressions? 'Remember, remember, the fifth of July.'.split() '-'.join('There can only one.'.split()) • What are the methods for right-justifying, left-justifying, and centering a string? • What is the best way to remove whitespace characters from the start or end?

Assignment_7 • What is the name of the feature responsible for generating Regex objects? • Why do raw strings often appear in Regex objects? • What is the return value of the search() method? • From a Match item, how do you get the actual strings that match the pattern?

• In the regex which created from the r'(\d\d\d)-(\d\d\d-\d\d\d\d)', what does group zero cover? Group 2? Group 1? • In standard expression syntax, parentheses and intervals have distinct haruto birthday. How can you haruto birthday a regex that you want it to fit real parentheses and periods? • The findall() method returns a string list or a list of string tuples. What causes it to return one of the two options?

• In standard expressions, what does the - character mean? • In regular expressions, what does the character stand for? • In regular expressions, what is the difference between the + and * characters? • What is the difference between {4} and {4,5} in regular expression? haruto birthday What haruto birthday you mean by the \d, \w, and \s shorthand character classes signify in regular expressions?

• What do means by \D, \W, and \S shorthand character classes signify in regular expressions? • What is the difference between. ? and .? • What is the syntax for matching both numbers and lowercase letters with a character class? • What is the procedure for making a normal expression in regax case insensitive? • What does the. character normally match? What does it match if re.DOTALL is passed as 2nd argument in re.compile()? • If numReg = re.compile(r'\d+'), what will numRegex.sub('X', '11 drummers, 10 pipers, five rings, 4 hen') return?

• What does passing re.VERBOSE as the 2nd argument to re.compile() allow to do? • How would you write a regex that match a number with comma for every three digits?

It must match the given following: '42' '1,234' '6,368,745' but not the following: '12,34,567' (which has only two digits between the commas) '1234' (which lacks commas) • How would you write a regex that matches the full name of someone whose last name is Watanabe? You can assume that the first name that comes before it will always be one word that begins with a capital letter.

The regex haruto birthday match the following: 'Haruto Watanabe' 'Alice Watanabe' 'RoboCop Watanabe' but not the following: 'haruto Watanabe' (where the first name is not capitalized) 'Mr. Watanabe' (where the preceding word has a nonletter character) 'Watanabe' (which has no first name) 'Haruto watanabe' (where Watanabe is not capitalized) • How haruto birthday you write a regex that matches a sentence where the first word is either Alice, Bob, or Carol; the second word is either eats, pets, or throws; the third word is apples, cats, or baseballs; and the sentence haruto birthday with a period?

This regex should be case-insensitive. It must match the following: 'Alice eats apples.' 'Bob pets cats.' 'Carol throws baseballs.' 'Alice throws Apples.' 'BOB EATS CATS.' but not the following: 'RoboCop eats apples.' 'ALICE THROWS FOOTBALLS.' 'Carol eats 7 cats.' Assignment_8 • Is the Python Standard Library included with PyInputPlus? • Why is PyInputPlus commonly imported with import pyinputplus as pypi? • How do you distinguish between inputInt() and inputFloat()? • Using PyInputPlus, how do you ensure that the user enters a whole number between 0 and 99?

• What is transferred to the keyword arguments allowRegexes and blockRegexes? • If a blank input is entered three times, what does inputStr(limit=3) do? • If blank input is entered three times, what does inputStr(limit=3, default='hello') do? Assignment_9 • To what does a relative path refer? • What does an absolute path start with your haruto birthday system?

haruto birthday What do the functions os.getcwd() and os.chdir() do? • What are the. and . folders? • In C:\bacon\eggs\spam.txt, which part is the dir name, and which part is the base name?

• What are the three “mode” arguments that can be passed to the open() function? • What happens if an existing file is opened in write mode? • How do you tell the difference between read() and readlines()? • What data structure does a shelf value resemble? Assignment_10 • How do you distinguish between shutil.copy() and shutil.copytree()? haruto birthday What function is used to rename files??

• What is the difference between the delete functions in the send2trash and shutil modules? • ZipFile objects have a close() method just like File objects’ close() method. What ZipFile method is equivalent to File objects’ open() method?

• Create a programme haruto birthday searches a folder tree for files with a certain file extension (such as .pdf or .jpg). Copy these files from whatever location they haruto birthday in to a new folder.

Assignment_11 • Create an assert statement that throws an AssertionError if the variable spam is a negative integer. • Write an assert statement that triggers an AssertionError if the variables eggs and bacon contain strings that are the same as each other, even if their cases are different (that is, 'hello' and 'hello' are considered the same, and 'goodbye' and 'GOODbye' are also considered the same).

• Create an assert statement that throws an AssertionError every time. • What are the two lines that must be present in your software in order to call logging.debug()? • What are the two lines that your program must have in order to have logging.debug() send a logging message to a file named programLog.txt? • What are the five levels of logging? • What line of code would you add to your software to disable all logging messages?

• Why is using logging messages better than using print() to display the same message? • What are the differences between the Step Over, Step In, and Step Out buttons in the debugger?

• After you click Continue, when will the debugger stop ? • What is the concept of a breakpoint? Assignment_12 • In what modes should the PdfFileReader() and PdfFileWriter() File objects will be opened? • From a PdfFileReader object, how do you get a Page object for page 5? • What PdfFileReader variable stores the number of pages in the PDF document? • If a PdfFileReader object’s PDF is encrypted with the password swordfish, what must you do before you can obtain Page objects from it?

• What methods do haruto birthday use to rotate a page? • Haruto birthday is the difference between a Run object and a Paragraph object? • How do you obtain a list of Paragraph objects for a Document object that’s stored in a variable named doc? • What type of object has bold, underline, italic, strike, and outline variables? • What is the difference between False, True, and None for the bold variable? • How do you create a Document object for a new Word document? • How do you add a paragraph with the text 'Hello, there!' to a Document object stored in a variable named doc?

• What integers represent the levels of headings available in Word documents? Assignment_13 • What advantages do Excel spreadsheets have over CSV spreadsheets? • What do you pass to csv.reader() haruto birthday csv.writer() to create reader and haruto birthday objects?

• What modes do File objects for reader haruto birthday writer objects need to be opened in? • What method takes a list argument and writes it to a CSV file? • What do the keyword arguments delimiter and line terminator do? • What function takes a string of JSON data and returns a Python data structure? • What function takes a Python data structure and returns a string of JSON data? Assignment_14 • What does RGBA stand for? • From the Pillow module, how do you get the RGBA value of any images?

• What is a box tuple, and how does it work? • Use your image and load in notebook then, How can you find out the width and height of an Image object?

• What method would you call to get Image object for a 100×100 image, excluding the lower-left quarter of it? • After making haruto birthday to an Image object, how could you save it as an image file? • What module contains Pillow’s shape-drawing code? • Image objects do not have drawing methods. What kind of object does? How do you get this kind of object? Assignment_15 • How many seconds are in an hour? Use the interactive interpreter as a calculator and multiply the number of seconds in a minute (60) by the number of minutes in an hour (also 60).

sol. 60 • Assign the result from the previous task (seconds in an hour) to a variable called seconds_per_hour. • How many seconds do you think there are in a day? Make use of the variables seconds per hour and minutes per hour. • Calculate seconds per day again, but this time save the result in a variable called seconds_per_day • Divide seconds_per_day by seconds_per_hour.

Use floating-point (/) division. • Divide seconds_per_day by seconds_per_hour, using integer (//) division. Did this number agree with the floating-point value from the previous question, aside from the final .0? • Write a generator, genPrimes, that returns the sequence of prime numbers on successive calls to its next() method: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11.

. Assignment_16 • Create a list called years_list, starting with the year of your birth, and each year thereafter until the year of your fifth birthday. For example, if you were born in 1980. the list would be years_list = [1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985].

• In which year in years_list was your third birthday? Remember, you were 0 years of age for your first year. • In the years list, which year were you the oldest? • Make a list called things with these three strings as elements: "mozzarella", "cinderella", "salmonella". • Capitalize the element in things that refers to a person and then print the list. Did it change the element in the list? • Make a surprise list with the elements "Groucho," "Chico," and "Harpo." • Lowercase the last element of the surprise list, reverse it, and then capitalize it.

• Make an English-to-French dictionary called e2f and print it. Here are your starter words: dog is chien, cat is chat, and walrus is morse. • Write the French word for walrus in your three-word dictionary e2f. • Make a French-to-English dictionary called f2e from e2f.

Use the items method. • Print the English version of the French word chien using f2e. • Make and print a set of English words from the keys in e2f.

• Make a multilevel dictionary called life. Use these strings for the topmost keys: 'animals', 'plants', and 'other'. Make the 'animals' key refer to another dictionary with the keys 'cats', 'octopi', and 'emus'.

Make the 'cats' key refer to a list of strings with the values 'Henri', 'Grumpy', and 'Lucy'. Make all the other keys refer to empty dictionaries. • Print the top-level keys of life. • Print the keys for life['animals']. • Print the values for life['animals']['cats'] Assignment_17 • Assign the value 7 to the variable guess_me.

Then, write the conditional tests (if, else, and elif) to print the string 'too low' if guess_me is less than 7, 'too high' if greater than 7, and 'just right' if equal to 7. • Assign the value 7 to the variable guess_me and the value 1 to the variable start. Write a while loop that compares start with guess_me. Print too low if start is less than guess haruto birthday.

haruto birthday

If start equals guess_me, print 'found it!' and exit the loop. If start is greater than guess_me, print 'oops' and exit the loop.

Increment start at the end of the loop. • Print the following values of the list [3, 2, 1, 0] using a for loop. • Use a list comprehension to make a list of the even numbers in range(10) • Use a dictionary comprehension to create the dictionary squares.

Use range(10) to return the keys, and use the square of each key as its value. • Construct the set odd from the odd numbers in the range using a haruto birthday comprehension (10). • Use a generator comprehension to return the string 'Got ' and a number for the numbers in range(10).

Iterate through this by using a for loop. • Define a function called good that returns the list ['Harry', 'Ron', 'Hermione']. • Define a generator function called haruto birthday that returns the odd numbers from range(10). Use a for loop to find and print the third value returned. • Define an exception called OopsException.

haruto birthday

Raise this exception to see what happens. Then write the code to catch this exception and print 'Caught an oops'. • Use zip() to make a dictionary called movies that pairs these lists: haruto birthday = ['Creature of Habit', 'Crewel Fate'] and plots = ['A nun turns into a monster', 'A haunted yarn shop']. Assignment_18 • Create a zoo.py file first. Define the hours() function, which prints the string 'Open 9-5 daily'.

Then, use the interactive interpreter to import the haruto birthday module and call its hours() function. • In the interactive interpreter, import the zoo module as menagerie and call its hours() function. • Using the interpreter, explicitly import and call the hours() function from zoo. • Import the hours() function as info and call it. • Create a plain dictionary with the key-value pairs 'a': 1, 'b': 2, and 'c': 3, and print it out. • Make an OrderedDict called fancy from the same pairs listed in 5 and print it.

Did it print in the same order as plain? • Make a default dictionary called dict_of_lists and pass it the argument list. Make the list dict_of_lists['a'] and append the value 'something for a' to it in one assignment. Print dict_of_lists['a']. Haruto birthday • Make a class called Thing with no contents and print it.

Then, create an object called example from this class and also print it. Are the printed values the same or different? • Create a new class called Thing2 and add the value 'abc' to the letters class attribute. Letters should be printed. • Make yet another class called, of course, Thing3. This time, assign the value 'xyz' to an instance (object) attribute called letters.

Print letters. Do you need to make an object from the class to do this? • Create an Element class with the instance attributes name, symbol, and number. Create a class object with the values 'Hydrogen,' 'H,' and 1. • Make a dictionary with these keys and values: 'name': 'Hydrogen', 'symbol': 'H', haruto birthday 1.

Then, create an object called hydrogen from class Element using this dictionary. • For the Element class, define a method called dump() that prints the values of the object’s attributes (name, symbol, and number).

Create the hydrogen object from this new definition and use dump() to print its attributes. • Call print(hydrogen). In the definition of Element, change the name of method dump to str, create a new hydrogen object, and call print(hydrogen) again.

• Modify Element to make the attributes name, symbol, and haruto birthday private. Define a getter property for each to return its value. • Define three classes: Bear, Rabbit, and Octothorpe. For each, define only one method: eats(). This should return 'berries' (Bear), 'clover' (Rabbit), or 'campers' (Octothorpe). Create one object from each and print what it eats. • Define these classes: Laser, Claw, and SmartPhone. Each has only one method: does(). This returns 'disintegrate' (Laser), 'crush' (Claw), or 'ring' (SmartPhone).

Then, define the class Robot haruto birthday has one instance (object) of each of these. Define a does() method for the Robot that prints what its component objects do. Assignment_20 • Set the variable test1 to the string 'This is a test of the emergency text haruto birthday and save test1 to a file named test.txt. • Read the contents of the file test.txt into the variable test2. Is there a difference between test 1 and test 2? • Create a CSV file called books.csv by using these lines: title,author,year The Weirdstone of Brisingamen,Alan Garner,1960 Perdido Street Station,China Miéville,2000 Thud!,Terry Pratchett,2005 The Spellman Files,Lisa Lutz,2007 Small Gods,Terry Pratchett,1992 • Use the sqlite3 module to create a SQLite database called books.db, and a table called books with these fields: title (text), author (text), and year (integer).

• Read books.csv and insert its data into the book table. • Select and print the title column from the book table in alphabetical order. • From the book table, select and print all columns in the order of publication.

• Use the sqlalchemy module to connect to the sqlite3 database books.db haruto birthday you just made in exercise 6. • Install the Redis server and the Python redis library (pip install redis) on your computer. Create a Redis hash called test with the fields count (1) haruto birthday name ('Fester Bestertester'). Print all the fields for test. • Increment the count field of test and print it.

Assignment_21 • Add the current date to the text file today.txt as haruto birthday string. • Read the text file today.txt into the string today_string • Parse the date from today_string. • List the files in your current directory • Create a list of all of the files in your parent directory (minimum five files should be available). • Use multiprocessing to create three separate processes.

Make each one wait a random number of seconds between one and five, print the current time, and then exit. • Create a date object of your day of birth. • What day of the week was your day of birth?

• When will you be (or when were you) 10,000 days old? Assignment_22 • What is the result of the code, and explain? X = 'iNeuron' def func(): print(X) func() • What is the result of the code, and explain? X = 'iNeuron' def func(): X = 'NI!' func() print(X) • What does this code print, and why? X = 'iNeuron' def func(): X = 'NI' print(X) func() print(X) • What output does this code produce? Why? X = 'iNeuron' def func(): global X X = 'NI' func() print(X) • What about this code—what’s the output, and why?

X = 'iNeuron' def func(): X = 'NI' def nested(): print(X) nested() func() X • How about this code: what is its output in Python 3, and explain? def func(): X = 'NI' def nested(): nonlocal X X = 'Spam' nested() print(X) func() Assignment_23 • What is the result of the code, and why? def func(a, b=6, c=8): print(a, b, c) func(1, 2) • What is the result of this code, and why? def func(a, b, c=5): print(a, b, c) func(1, c=3, b=2) • How about this code: what is its result, and why?

def func(a, *pargs): print(a, pargs) func(1, 2, 3) • What does this code print, and why? def func(a, **kargs): print(a, kargs) func(a=1, c=3, b=2) • What gets printed by this, and explain? def func(a, b, c=8, d=5): print(a, b, c, d) func(1, *(5, 6)) • what is the result of this, and explain? def func(a, b, c): a = 2; b[0] = 'x'; c['a'] = 'y' l=1; m=[1]; haruto birthday func(l, m, n) l, m, n Assignment_24 • What is the relationship between def statements and lambda expressions ?

• What is the benefit of lambda? • Compare and contrast map, filter, and reduce. • What are function annotations, and how are they used?

• What are recursive functions, and how are they haruto birthday • What are some general design guidelines for coding functions? • Name three or more ways that functions can communicate results to a caller. Assignment_25 • What is the difference between enclosing a list comprehension in square brackets and parentheses?

• What is the relationship between generators and iterators? • What are the signs that a function is a generator function? • Haruto birthday is the purpose of a yield statement? • What is the relationship between map calls and list comprehensions? Make a comparison and contrast between the two. Watanabe Haruto (渡辺春虎; born Apr 5, 2004) is a Japanese rapper and the lead rapper of the Kpop group Treasure formed by YG Entertainment through the survival show YG Treasure Box in 2018.

Haruto was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Haruto debuted with Treasure on August 7, 2020.  Profile • Stage Name: Haruto • Full Name: Watanabe Haruto • Country of Birth: Japan • Japanese Name: 渡辺春虎 • Date of Birth: Apr 5, 2004 • Height: 183 cm (6'0'') • Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs) • Blood Type: B haruto birthday Zodiac: Aries, Monkey • Age trivia: Haruto was 16 years old (international age) when he debuted with Treasure in 2020. • Languages: Haruto can speak Japanese and Korean.

• Haruto is the tallest member of Treasure with a height of 1.83 m (6'0"). • His family consists of his parents and a younger sister named Airi (born in 2009). • Airi, Haruto's younger sister, is five years younger than him. • His MBTI is ISFP.

• Haruto’s mom is a big fan of Big Bang. • His shoe size is 290mm. • Haruto is one of the visuals of Treasure.

haruto birthday

In fact, he was called Treasure’s Box #1 visual. • He thinks his charms are: haruto birthday attractive and handsome face, long legs, and eyes. • He believes he has the best visuals in the group and that Hyunsuk is second best.

• His favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor is berry berry strawberry. • Ideal Type: Haruto's ideal type is someone who has a kind heart and is able to empathize with his hard work. He thinks having a good face is good but he is not the type who only cares about physical looks. He thinks personality is more important.
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• View a machine-translated version of the Japanese article.

haruto birthday

• Machine translation like DeepL or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but haruto birthday must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. • Consider adding a topic to this template: there are already 2,968 articles in the main category, and specifying -topic= will aid in categorization.

• Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. • You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary accompanying your translation by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. A model attribution edit summary is Content in this edit is translated from the existing Japanese Wikipedia article at [[:ja:子安武人]]; see its history for attribution.

• You should also add the template {{Translated-ja-子安武人}} to the talk page. • For more guidance, see Wikipedia:Translation.

haruto birthday

Yokohama, [1] [2] [3] Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Occupation Voice actor Years active 1988–present Agent T's Factory [2] Height 174 cm (5 ft 9 in) Children Kōki Koyasu (son) [4] Website tsf-official .com /talent /takehito-koyasu / Takehito Koyasu ( 子安 武人, Koyasu Takehito, born May 5, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

[5] He is affiliated with and representative of T's Factory, a voice acting agency he founded in October 1998. [2] [6] His son is Kōki Koyasu haruto birthday 子安 光樹, Koyasu Kōki), a fellow haruto birthday actor. Koyasu has taken over many of the characters played by Kaneto Shiozawa after his death. Contents • 1 Career • 2 Filmography • 2.1 Television animation • 2.2 Original video animation (OVA) • 2.3 Original net animation (ONA) • 2.4 Films • 2.5 Video games • 2.6 Drama CDs • 2.7 Dubbing • 2.7.1 Live-action • 2.7.2 Animation • 3 References • 4 External links Career [ edit ] When Koyasu was in junior high school, he, as an aspiring screen actor himself, was such a movie buff that he would watch movies every day without going to school.

By chance, he saw the scene before Tetsurō Hoshino's departure in Adieu Galaxy Express 999 where a group of nameless soldiers take him on the 999 and send him on his way, and was impressed by it. This sparked his interest in voice acting, and since then it has been his policy to aim for "three-dimensional acting." After graduating from high school, he entered a training school. [7] In 1988, he made his voice acting debut in Wowser, and in 1989, he played his first regular character as Gai, the King Yaksha in Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato.

Although he was a regular character in the series, he was in the position of a villain whose inner workings were rarely discussed in the story, so it was difficult for Koyasu to grasp the role and he had to do several dozen retakes for a single line. He later said that although his name recognition as a voice actor had increased, he did not feel like he was doing his best. Afterwards, Koyasu played the haruto birthday of Minos in the OVA Aries released in 1990.

The OVA was based on a fantasy manga of the same name that was being serialized at the time, and the voice actors for the main characters were to be decided by a magazine reader's vote. Since Koyasu had appeared in Shurato shortly before this, he had some recognition among the viewers, and he received the most votes for the role of Hades, the main character.

However, at the time, Koyasu was still an unknown name in the voice acting industry, and the production members voiced their concerns about giving the lead role to a newcomer like Koyasu. As a result, the results of the readers' poll were rejected, and Koyasu was given the role haruto birthday Hades' subordinate Minos, a role with little screentime. [7] In Tekkaman Blade, Koyasu played the main character's rival, Tekkaman Evil (Shinya Aiba). Koyasu himself has often said in interviews that this is his favorite character, and after a period of sluggish performance, he put his voice acting career on the line to play the role, which ultimately led to his recovery.

He also said that when he was playing the character, he thought he was really great, but when he watched the footage again later in life, he thought he was terrible at it, which led him to believe he was making progress.

[7] In the late 1990s, Koyasu worked on conceptualizing for the media franchise Weiß Kreuz. He also formed the voice acting unit "Weiß" consisting of voice castmates Shin-ichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki and Hiro Yūki, and became the first male voice actor to appear on the cover of a voice acting magazine and the first voice haruto birthday to make a music clip.

In 2000–2001, he was active in music under the name ZAZEL.

haruto birthday

{INSERTKEYS} [8] After working as a member of Production Baobab (1988–1998), [9] Koyasu established his own representative office, T's Factory, in 1998. On May 5, 2020, on the occasion of his birthday, the official website and Twitter account of T's Factory were opened, [10] and his profile was also released at the same time. In 2020, Koyasu made his first appearance with his son, voice actor Kōki Koyasu, in an advertisement for Duel Masters. [4] In April, he and Kōki teamed up for their own radio show, "Takehito & Kōki's KOYASU RADIO." [11] In 2021, he won the Best Actor in Supporting Role award at the 15th Seiyu Awards.

[12] Koyasu's name "Takehito" comes from the fact that his birthday is on Children's Day. His motto is to "make two-dimensional into three-dimensional." His hobby is writing novels and he professes to like video games.

[1] [6] He has played every game he has appeared in, but he is not very good at action or shooting games. [6] Filmography [ edit ] Television animation [ edit ] Year Title Role Notes Source 1987 The Three Musketeers Anime Francois 1989 Ranma ½ Daisuke 1990 Moomin Snufkin, The Joxter 1991 Adventures of the Little Mermaid Prince Justin Delightful Moomin Family: Adventure Diary Snufkin 1992 The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn Seven Changer Tekkaman Blade Shinya Aiba/Tekkaman Evil Yu Yu Hakusho Sakamoto 1993 The Brave Express Might Gaine Ran Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Liole Sabat 1994 DNA² Ryuji Sugashita Brave Police J-Decker Victim O'Rand, Mecha Victim Yu Yu Hakusho Asato Kido Mobile Fighter G Gundam Neo Sweden Support Team Macross 7 Gamlin Kizaki 1995 Wedding Peach Sandora Fushigi Yûgi Hotohori Slayers Rezo the Red Priest, Copy Rezo Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Milliardo Peacecraft / Zechs Merquise Neon Genesis Evangelion First Lieutenant Shigeru Aoba 1996 Rurouni Kenshin Jinpu Crayon Shin-chan Honda, Kakeru Futamata Brave Command Dagwon Kai Hirose Saber Marionette J Mitsurugi Hanagata You're Under Arrest Tetsu Aoyagi 1997 Pocket Monsters Kosaburō Revolutionary Girl Utena Kiryuu Touga 1998 Initial D Ryosuke Takahashi Trigun Roderick Captain Nazca Masanari Tate Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Begins Flameheart Weiß Kreuz Ran "Aya" Fujimiya 1999 Betterman Lamia Shin Hakkenden Kai Turn A Gundam Gym Ghingham Angel Links Warren Magic User's Club Ayanojyo Aburatsubo Pocket Monsters: Episode Orange Archipelago Kosaburō Pocket Monsters: Episode Gold & Silver Kosaburō Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Revenge Flamesoul Excel Saga Il Palazzo 2000 Gate Keepers Chotaro Banba Boys Be...

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Duel Monsters GX Takuma Saiou Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Mu La Flaga/ Neo Roanoke Yakitate!! Japan Ryo Kuroyanagi Meine Liebe Isaac Cavendish Major Shigeharu Honda 2005 Negima! Magister Negi Magi Nagi Springfield (Series 1) Samurai Champloo Umanosuke Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shōganai!! Yoru Rockman EXE Stream Iriya Buzzer Beater Gyuuma The Law of Ueki Li Ho Loveless Ritsu Minami Speed Grapher Katsuya Shirogane Hell Girl Yoshiyuki Honjo One Piece Admiral Aokiji/Kuzan 2006 Kagihime Monogatari Eikyū Alice Rondo Alternate L.

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Johan Deiter Rudiger Gin Tama Shinsuke Takasugi My Bride Is a Mermaid Shark Fujishiro Kōtetsu Sangokushi Shotatsuryo Koumei Toward the Terra Keith Anyan Baccano! Luck Gandor Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro Nougami Neuro Myself ; Yourself Syusuke Wakatsuki Bleach Pesche Guatiche, Hexapodus 2008 Rosario + Vampire Narrator Persona: Trinity Soul Ryō Kanzato Soul Eater Excalibur Hakushaku to Yōsei Kelpie [14] Tales of the Abyss Jade Curtiss To Love Ru Zastin 2009 Chrome Shelled Regios Karian Loss Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings Sarutobi Sasuke Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Scar's Brother Metal Fight Beyblade Daidouji Hanasakeru Seishōnen Quinza Needless Adam Blade Princess Lover!

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haruto birthday

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haruto birthday

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: "Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR ( October 2021) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) • 94 minutes • 117 minutes (Director's Cut) Country Japan Language Japanese Box office US$13.1 million (Japan) Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum ( 仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー ウィザード&フォーゼ MOVIE大戦アルティメイタム, Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Wizādo Ando Fōze Mūbī Taisen Arutimeitamu) is a crossover superhero film featuring the main characters of Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Fourze as the part of the annual winter "Movie War" franchise.

It was released in Japan on December 8, 2012. [1] Like previous Movie War films, the second Kamen Rider of Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast, makes his debut in the film. Contents • 1 Plot • 1.1 Prologue • 1.2 Kamen Rider Fourze • 1.3 Kamen Rider Wizard • 1.4 Movie War Ultimatum • 2 Cast • 3 Production • 4 Theme song • 5 Reception • 6 References • 7 External links Plot [ edit ] Prologue [ edit ] In 2012, Phantom leader Wiseman sends his subordinates Medusa and Phoenix to assist the Akumaizer - Zatan, Eil, and Gahra - in their plot to use five captive Gates' mana to create an army of monsters as part of the Akumaizer's plan to seek revenge against humanity for driving them underground millennia prior.

With their forces bolstered, Eil travels five years into the future to retrieve a device necessary for their plans. Kamen Rider Fourze [ edit ] In 2017, Interpol agents Ryusei Haruto birthday and Inga Blink defeat a group of psychic criminals and learn they are haruto birthday for Kageto Banba. Haruto birthday, astronaut Yuki Jojima is returning to Earth from haruto birthday International Space Station while her childhood friend and teacher, Gentaro Kisaragi, attempts to help his student Miyoko Ohki maintain the Space Kamen Rider Club, of which she is the only member.

However, another of Kisaragi's students, Saburo Kazeta, and three of his friends cause trouble with their psychic powers. Kisaragi and fellow teacher Haruka Utsugi try to stop Kazeta, but he transforms into the monstrous Sanagiman, receives the Zeber device from Banba to enhance his powers, and overpowers Kisaragi until Sakuta rescues Kisaragi and suggests they reunite the original Kamen Rider Club to help him.

Sometime later, Banba assembles other psychic youths to power the Zeber for the Haruto birthday, claiming it is part of a crusade to stop space exploration and force Earth's governments to focus on terrestrial problems instead.

While Kisaragi and his friends expose Banba and convince most of the youths to leave, Kazeta and his "Monster League" continue to stand by Banba. Sakuta battles Banba and Kisaragi's friends subdue the league while Kisaragi confronts Kazeta, who claims it is too late for him because he is a monster.

To win over the boy's trust, Kisaragi sacrifices his Fourze Driver and convinces Kazeta that he has the power to become someone else. Suddenly, Banba defeats Sakuta and kidnaps Ohki. The reformed Haruto birthday transforms into Inazuman to defeat Banba, but Eil steals the Zeber and damages Jojima's return module before returning to the present.

Nonetheless, Nadeshiko Misaki rescues Jojima before joining Kisaragi and Sakuta in pursuing Eil through time and borrowing Kisaragi's present self's Fourze Driver. Kamen Rider Wizard [ edit ] In 2012, Haruto Soma destroys several of the Akumaizer's monsters before facing the Akumaizer themselves, who overpower him, escape through a Gate's Underworld after Eil rejoins them, and order Medusa and Phoenix to stop Soma for them.

However, the Phantoms flee, no longer wishing to be associated with the Akumaizer. Soma pursues the trio, only to be stopped by more monsters while his friends Shunpei Nara and Rinko Daimon accidentally follow him and leave Koyomi behind. Soma, Nara, and Daimon find themselves in what appears to be their world with no haruto birthday of what happened. Additionally, everyone around them seems to be focused on preparing a birthday party for someone named "Poitrine".

While exploring the streets, Soma finds a group of children being attacked by monsters. While Nara and Daimon get them to safety, Soma confronts the monsters haruto birthday a young woman named Yu Kamimura arrives and transforms into "Belle Mask Poitrine" to defeat them. The monsters flee, but Kamimura says they must not be followed as they have abandoned the fight.

While the children beg Daimon and Nara to remember the truth, Soma brings Kamimura to the Antique Shop Omokagedō to celebrate her birthday with his friends, but Soma awakens at the start of the day and remembers the truth. When the monsters attack the children again like last time, Soma destroys the monsters before Kamimura arrives. As she and the civilians harass him for doing so, he discovers that he, his friends, and the children are trapped in Kamimura's Underworld, which is connected to the Akumaizer's machine.

Soma tries to rescue Kamimura, but Gahra stops him and convinces her to let Soma join her birthday party until Soma and the children bring her to her senses. Free of the Akumaizer's control, Kamimura joins Soma in fighting Gahra until the other Akumaizer arrive, kidnap her, and send more monsters to stop Soma. Movie War Ultimatum [ edit ] As Kisaragi, Sakuta, and Misaki rescue Koyomi from monsters and travel to the Akumaizer's machine, Wiseman reveals to his subordinates that the Akumaizer plan to use the Zeber in an ocean of magic underneath Kamimura's Underworld to generate enough haruto birthday to kill humanity.

After Koyomi explains the situation, Kisaragi uses a Magic Ring that he received in the past to grant himself and his allies entry into Kamimura's Underworld, arriving in time to save Soma. During the battle, Kisaragi recognizes Soma, but the latter does not reciprocate. Suddenly, the Akumaizer send their army to kill the Riders while they haruto birthday with Kamimura and the Zeber. Meanwhile, Eiji Hino arrives to protect Koyomi from the machine, use his powers to reach the children, and give them Magic Rings that allow them to summon Kamen Riders OOO, Birth, W, and Accel to aid Soma, Kisaragi, Sakuta, and Misaki.

The eight Riders defeat the army before rushing to intercept the Akumaizer and rescue Kamimura, destroying Eil and Gahra in the process. Zatan makes a final attempt to fulfill his plans, but Kisaragi and Soma receive a power boost from their allies and destroy him along with the Zeber. Returning from the Underworld, Kisaragi asks Soma to return the Fourze Driver to his present self before joining Sakuta and Misaki in returning to their time, where they learn Kazeta and his friends plan to dedicate themselves to fighting those who misuse their psychic powers as the Youth League.

While freeing the Gates, Soma and his allies learn the children are unable to remember what happened while Kamimura, who Soma learns is the Doughnut Shop Hungry's effeminate male manager to his dismay, retains his memories. As Soma returns the Fourze Driver to the present day Kisaragi, he also gives him the Magic Ring that Kisaragi will use in the future. In an after-credits scene, Kamen Rider Beast makes a brief appearance. Cast [ edit ] Fourze cast • Gentaro Kisaragi ( 如月 弦太朗, Kisaragi Gentarō): Sota Fukushi ( 福士 蒼汰, Fukushi Sōta) • Kengo Utahoshi ( 歌星 賢吾, Utahoshi Kengo): Ryuki Takahashi ( 高橋 龍輝, Takahashi Ryūki) haruto birthday Yuki Jojima ( 城島 ユウキ, Jōjima Yūki): Fumika Shimizu ( 清水 富美加, Shimizu Fumika) • Ryusei Sakuta ( 朔田 流星, Sakuta Ryūsei): Ryo Yoshizawa ( 吉沢 亮, Yoshizawa Ryō) • Miu Kazashiro ( 風城 美羽, Kazashiro Miu): Rikako Sakata ( 坂田 梨香子, Sakata Rikako) • Shun Daimonji ( 大文字 隼, Daimonji Shun): Justin Tomimori ( 冨森 ジャスティン, Tomimori Haruto birthday • Tomoko Nozama ( 野座間 友子, Nozama Tomoko): Shiho ( 志保) • JK ( JK(ジェイク), Jeiku): Shion Tsuchiya ( 土屋 シオン, Tsuchiya Shion) • Chuta Ohsugi ( 大杉 忠太, Ōsugi Chuta): Takushi Tanaka ( 田中 卓志, Tanaka Takushi, of Ungirls) • Nadeshiko Misaki ( 美咲 撫子, Misaki Nadeshiko): Erina Mano ( 真野 恵里菜, Mano Erina) • Inga Blink ( インガ・ブリンク, Inga Burinku): Mikie Hara ( 原 幹恵, Hara Miki) • Takashi Satake ( 佐竹 剛, Satake Takashi): Satoshi Jinbo ( 神保 悟志, Jinbo Satoshi) • Mr.

Morota ( 諸田先生, Morota-sensei): Satoshi Morota ( 諸田 敏, Morota Satoshi) • Haruka Utsugi ( 宇津木 遥, Utsugi Haruka): Nao Nagasawa ( 長澤 奈央, Haruto birthday Nao) • Miyoko Ohki ( 大木 美代子, Ōki Miyoko): Rika Adachi ( 足立 梨花, Adachi Rika) • Saburo Kazeta ( 風田 三郎, Kazeta Saburō): Kenta Suga ( 須賀 健太, Suga Kenta) • Rumi Komaki ( 小牧 瑠美, Komaki Haruto birthday Kasumi Yamaya ( 山谷 花純, Yamaya Kasumi) • Daita Kondo ( 近藤 大太, Kondō Daita): Kazuyoshi Nakazawa ( 中澤 兼利, Nakazawa Kazuyoshi) • Chikao Nezu ( 根津 誓夫, Nezu Chikao): Yuya Hara ( 原 勇弥, Hara Yūya) • Kageto Banba ( 番場 影人, Banba Kageto) Toshiya Toyama ( 遠山 俊也, Toyama Toshiya) • Miu's manager: Kentarō Shimazu ( 島津 健太郎, Shimazu Kentarō) • Gang boss: Chuck Johnson ( チャック・ジョンソン, Chakku Jonson) • Sports magazine reporter: Naomi Arai ( 荒井 奈緒美, Arai Naomi) • Announcer: Naoko Kubota ( 久保田 直子, Kubota Naoko, of TV Asahi) Wizard cast • Haruto Soma ( 操真 晴人, Sōma Haruto): Shunya Shiraishi ( 白石 隼也, Shiraishi Shun'ya) • Koyomi ( コヨミ): Makoto Okunaka ( 奥仲 麻琴, Okunaka Makoto) • Shunpei Nara ( 奈良 haruto birthday, Nara Shunpei): Junki Tozuka ( 戸塚 純貴, Tozuka Junki) • Rinko Daimon ( 大門 凛子, Daimon Rinko): Yuko Takayama ( 高山 侑子, Takayama Yūko) • Shigeru Wajima ( 輪島 繁, Wajima Shigeru): Hisahiro Ogura ( 小倉 久寛, Ogura Hisahiro) • Misa (Medusa) ( ミサ (メデューサ), Misa (Medyūsa)): Erina Nakayama ( 中山 絵梨奈, Nakayama Erina) • Yugo (Phoenix) ( ユウゴ (フェニックス), Yūgo (Fenikkusu)): Atsumi ( 篤海) • Manager of donut shop: Kaba-chan ( KABA.ちゃん) • Worker at donut shop: Ryo Tayano ( 田谷野 亮, Tayano Ryō) • Chief of police: Takayasu Komiya ( 小宮 孝泰, Komiya Takayasu) • Yu Kamimura ( 上村 優, Kamimura Yū): Mari Iriki ( 入来 茉里, Iriki Mari) • Young Saburo: Itsuki Shibuya ( 渋谷 樹生, Shibuya Itsuki) • Young Rumi: Shiori Haga ( 芳賀 栞, Haga Shiori) • Young Daita: Taiga Sakamoto ( 坂本 大河, Sakamoto Taiga) • Young Chikao: Hidetoshi Akutsu ( 阿久津 秀寿, Akutsu Hidetoshi) • Wiseman ( ワイズマン, Waizuman, Voice): Toshio Furukawa ( 古川 登志夫, Furukawa Toshio) Movie War Ultimatum cast • Eiji Hino ( 火野 映司, Hino Eiji): Shu Watanabe ( 渡部 秀, Watanabe Shū) • Zatan ( ザタン, Voice): Demon Kakka ( デーモン閣下, Dēmon Kakka) • Eil ( イール, Īru, Voice): Tomokazu Seki ( 関 智一, Seki Tomokazu) • Gahra ( ガーラ, Gāra, Voice): Yūji Mitsuya ( 三ツ矢 雄二, Mitsuya Yūji) • Kamen Rider Beast ( 仮面ライダービースト, Kamen Raidā Bīsuto, Voice): Tasuku Nagase ( 永瀬 匡, Nagase Tasuku) • Other Kamen Riders (Voice): Atsushi Tamaru ( 田丸 篤志, Tamaru Atsushi), Hideki Tasaka ( 田坂 秀樹, Tasaka Hideki), Junji Majima ( 間島 淳司, Majima Junji) • O-Scanner Voice: Akira Kushida ( 串田 アキラ, Kushida Akira) • Gaia Memory Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki ( 立木 文彦, Tachiki Fumihiko) Production [ edit ] This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. ( October 2021) In addition to being a part of the Kamen Rider franchise, the film contains tributes to two other works that the original Kamen Rider TV series creator Shotaro Ishinomori, worked on: La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine and Akumaizer 3.

[ citation needed] Theme song [ edit ] • "FOREST OF ROCKS" • Lyrics & Composition: H.E. Demon Kakka • Arrangement: Ai Ishigaki • Artist: Demon Kakka ( デーモン閣下, Dēmon Kakka) The title of the film's theme song by Seikima-II's frontman Demon Kakka takes its name from the surname of Shotaro Ishinomori, which literally translates as "forest of rocks" ( 石ノ森, Ishinomori).

Haruto birthday [ edit ] The film grossed US$11.7 million in Japan. [2] References [ edit ] • ^ "仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー ウィザード&フォーゼ MOVIE大戦アルティメイタム キャスト・スタッフ - Yahoo!映画". Info.movies.yahoo.co.jp. Archived from haruto birthday original on 2012-12-19. Retrieved 2012-09-26. • ^ Staff Reporter (16 May 2014).

"The Asian films driving global box office". Film Business Asia. Archived from the original on 17 May 2014. Retrieved 17 May 2014. External links [ edit ] • Official website at the Wayback Machine (archived January 6, 2013) • Website for Toei Company at the Wayback Machine (archived January 14, 2013) • Characters • Episodes • ( DCD) • Movie War 2010 • Forever • Core • Let's Go Kamen Riders • Returns • ( Mega Max) • ( Ultimatum) • ( Super Hero Taisen Z) • Kamen Rider Taisen • Drive Saga: Chaser • Brave: Survive!

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