Submit Thank you. In this article When you deploy your web app, web app on Linux, mobile back end, or API app to Azure App Service, you can use a separate deployment slot instead of the default production slot when you're running in the Standard, Premium, or Isolated App Service upinslot tier.

Deployment slots are live apps with their own host names. App content and configurations elements can be swapped between two deployment slots, including the production slot. Deploying your application to a non-production slot has the following benefits: • You can validate app changes in a upinslot deployment slot before swapping it with the production slot.

• Deploying an app upinslot a slot first and swapping it into production makes sure that all instances of the slot are warmed up before being swapped into production. This eliminates downtime when you deploy your app. The traffic redirection is seamless, and no requests are dropped because of swap operations. You can automate this entire workflow by configuring auto swap when pre-swap validation isn't needed.

• After a swap, the slot with previously staged app now has the previous production upinslot. If the changes swapped into the production slot aren't as you expect, you can perform the same swap immediately to get your "last known good site" back.

Each App Service plan tier supports a different number of deployment slots. There's no additional charge for using deployment slots. To find out the number of slots your app's tier supports, see App Service limits. To scale your app to a different tier, make sure that the target tier supports the number of slots your app already uses.

For example, if your app has more than upinslot slots, you can't scale it down to the Standard tier, because the Standard tier supports only five deployment slots. Add a slot The app must be running in the Standard, Premium, or Isolated tier in order for you to enable multiple deployment slots. • in the Azure portal, upinslot for and select App Services and select your app. • In the left pane, select Deployment slots > Add Slot.

Note If the app isn't already in the Standard, Premium, or Isolated tier, you receive a message that indicates the supported tiers for enabling staged publishing. At this upinslot, you have the option to select Upgrade and go upinslot the Scale tab of your app before continuing. • In the Add a slot dialog box, give the slot a name, and select whether to clone an app configuration from another deployment slot. Select Add to continue.

You can clone a configuration from any existing slot. Settings that can be cloned include app settings, connection strings, language framework versions, web upinslot, HTTP version, and platform bitness.

Note Currently, VNET and the Private Endpoint are not cloned across slots. • After the slot is added, select Close to close the dialog box. Upinslot new slot upinslot now shown on the Deployment slots page.

By default, Traffic % is set to 0 for the new slot, with all customer traffic routed to the production slot.

• Select the new deployment slot to open that slot's resource page. The staging slot has a management page just like any other App Service app. You can change the slot's configuration.


To remind you that you're viewing the deployment slot, the app name is shown as /, and the app upinslot is App Service (Slot). You can also see the slot as a separate app in your resource group, with the same designations. • Select the app URL on the slot's resource page. The deployment slot has its own host name and is also a live app. To limit public access to the deployment slot, see Azure App Service IP restrictions. The new deployment slot has no upinslot, even if you clone the settings from a different slot.

For example, you can publish to this slot with Git. You can deploy to the slot from a different repository branch or a different repository. The slot's URL will be of the format http://sitename-slotname.azurewebsites.net. To keep the URL length within necessary DNS limits, the site name will upinslot truncated at 40 characters, the slot name will be truncated at 19 upinslot, and an additional 4 random characters upinslot be appended to ensure the resulting domain name is unique.

What happens during a swap Swap operation steps When you swap two slots (usually from a staging slot into the production slot), App Service does the following to ensure that the target slot doesn't experience downtime: • Apply the following settings from the target slot (for example, the production slot) to all instances of the source slot: • Slot-specific app settings and connection strings, if applicable. • Continuous deployment settings, if enabled.

• App Service authentication settings, if enabled. Any of these cases trigger all instances in the source slot to restart. During swap with preview, this marks the end of the first phase. The swap operation is paused, and you can validate that the source slot works correctly with the target slot's settings.


• Wait for every instance in the source slot to complete its restart. If any instance fails to restart, the swap operation reverts all changes to the source slot and stops the operation.

• If local cache is enabled, trigger local cache initialization by making an Upinslot request to the application root ("/") on each instance of the source slot.

Wait until each instance returns any HTTP response. Local cache initialization causes another restart on each instance. • If auto swap is enabled with custom warm-up, trigger Application Initiation by making an HTTP request to the application root ("/") on each instance of the source slot. If applicationInitialization isn't specified, trigger an HTTP request to the application root of the source slot on each instance.

If an instance returns any HTTP response, it's considered to be warmed up. upinslot If all instances on the source slot are warmed up successfully, swap the two slots by switching the routing rules for the two slots. After this step, the target slot (for example, the production slot) has the app upinslot previously warmed up in the source slot. upinslot Now that the source slot has the pre-swap app previously in the target slot, perform the same operation by applying all settings and restarting the instances.

At any point of the swap operation, all work of initializing the swapped apps happens on the source slot. The target slot remains online while the source slot is being prepared and warmed up, regardless of where the swap succeeds or fails.

To swap a staging slot with the production slot, make sure that the production slot is always the target slot. This way, the swap operation doesn't affect your production app.

Note The instances in your former production instances (those that will be swapped into staging after this swap operation) will be recycled quickly in the last step of the swap process.

In case you have any long running operations in your application, they will be abandoned, when the workers recycle. Upinslot also applies to function apps. Therefore your application code should be written in a fault tolerant way.

Which settings are swapped?


When you clone configuration from another deployment slot, the cloned configuration is editable. Some configuration elements follow the content across a swap (not slot specific), whereas other configuration elements stay in the same slot after a swap (slot specific). The following lists show the settings that change when you swap slots. Settings that are swapped: • General settings, such as framework version, 32/64-bit, web sockets • App settings (can be configured to stick to a slot) • Connection strings (can be configured to stick to a slot) • Handler mappings • Public certificates • WebJobs content • Hybrid connections * • Service endpoints * • Upinslot Content Delivery Network * • Path mappings Features marked with an asterisk (*) are planned to be unswapped.

Settings that aren't swapped: • Publishing endpoints • Custom domain names • Non-public certificates and TLS/SSL settings • Scale settings • WebJobs schedulers • IP restrictions • Always On • Diagnostic settings • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) • Virtual network integration • Managed identities • Settings that end with the suffix _EXTENSION_VERSION Note To make aforementioned settings swappable, add the app setting WEBSITE_OVERRIDE_PRESERVE_DEFAULT_STICKY_SLOT_SETTINGS in every slot of the app and set its value to 0 or false.

These settings are either all swappable or not at all. You can't make just some settings swappable and not the others. Managed identities are never swapped and are not affected by this override app setting. Certain app settings that apply to unswapped settings are also not swapped. For example, since diagnostic settings are not swapped, related app settings like WEBSITE_HTTPLOGGING_RETENTION_DAYS and DIAGNOSTICS_AZUREBLOBRETENTIONDAYS are also not swapped, even if they don't show up as slot settings.

To configure an app setting or connection string to stick upinslot a specific slot (not swapped), go to the Configuration page for that slot. Add or edit a setting, and then select deployment slot setting.

Selecting this check box tells App Service that the setting is not swappable. Swap two slots You can swap deployment slots on your app's Deployment slots page and the Overview page. For technical details on the slot swap, see What happens during swap.

Important Before you swap an app from a deployment slot into production, make sure that production is your target slot and that all settings in the source slot upinslot configured exactly as you want to upinslot them in production. To swap deployment slots: • Go to your app's Deployment slots page and select Swap. The Swap dialog box shows settings in the selected source and target slots that will be changed. • Select the desired Source and Target slots.

Usually, the target is the production slot. Upinslot, select the Source Changes and Target Changes tabs and verify that the configuration changes are expected.

When you're finished, you can swap the slots immediately by selecting Swap. To see how your target slot would run with the new settings before the swap actually happens, don't select Swap, but follow the instructions in Swap with preview. • When you're finished, close the dialog box upinslot selecting Close. If you have any problems, see Troubleshoot swaps. Swap with preview (multi-phase swap) Before you swap into production as the target slot, validate that the app runs with the swapped settings.

The source slot is also warmed up before the swap completion, which is desirable upinslot mission-critical applications. When you perform a swap with preview, App Service performs the same swap operation but pauses after the first step. You can then verify the result on the staging slot before completing the swap.

If you cancel the swap, App Service reapplies configuration elements to the source slot. To swap with preview: • Follow the steps in Upinslot deployment slots but select Perform swap with preview. The dialog box shows you how the configuration in the source slot changes in phase 1, and how the source and target slot change in phase 2.

• When you're ready to start the swap, select Start Swap. When phase 1 finishes, you're notified in the dialog box. Preview the swap in the source slot by going to https://-.azurewebsites.net. • When you're ready upinslot complete the pending swap, select Complete Swap in Swap action and select Complete Swap. To cancel a pending swap, select Cancel Swap instead.


• When you're finished, close upinslot dialog box by selecting Close. If you have any problems, see Troubleshoot swaps. To automate a multi-phase swap, see Automate with PowerShell. Roll back a swap If upinslot errors occur in the target slot (for example, the production slot) after a slot swap, restore the slots to their pre-swap states by swapping the same two slots immediately.

Configure auto swap Note Auto swap isn't supported in web apps on Linux and Web App for Containers. Auto swap streamlines Azure DevOps scenarios where you want to deploy your app continuously with zero cold starts and zero downtime for customers of the app. When auto swap is enabled from a slot into production, every time you push your code changes to that slot, App Service automatically swaps the app into production after it's warmed up in the source slot.

Note Before you configure auto swap for the production slot, consider testing auto swap on a non-production target slot. To configure auto swap: • Go to your app's resource page. Select Deployment slots > > Configuration > General settings. • For Upinslot swap enabled, select On. Then select the desired target slot for Auto swap deployment slot, and select Save on the command bar. • Execute a code push to the source slot.

Auto swap happens after a short time, and the update is reflected at your target slot's URL. If you have any problems, see Troubleshoot swaps. Specify custom warm-up Some apps might require custom warm-up actions upinslot the upinslot. The applicationInitialization configuration element in web.config lets you specify custom initialization actions. The swap operation waits for this custom warm-up to finish before swapping with the target slot. Here's a sample web.config fragment. For more information on customizing the applicationInitialization element, see Most common deployment slot swap failures and how to fix them.

You can also customize the warm-up behavior with one or both of the following app settings: • WEBSITE_SWAP_WARMUP_PING_PATH: The path to ping over HTTP to warm up your site. Add this app setting by specifying a custom path that begins with a slash as the value. An example is /statuscheck. The default value is /. • WEBSITE_SWAP_WARMUP_PING_STATUSES: Valid HTTP response codes for the warm-up operation. Add this app upinslot with a comma-separated list of HTTP codes.

An example is 200,202. If the returned status code isn't in the list, the warmup and swap operations are stopped. By default, all response codes are valid. • WEBSITE_WARMUP_PATH: A relative path on the site that should be pinged whenever the site restarts (not only upinslot slot swaps). Example values include /statuscheck or the root path, /. Note The configuration element is part of each app start-up, whereas the two warm-up behavior app settings apply only to slot swaps.

If you have any problems, see Troubleshoot swaps. Monitor a swap Upinslot the swap operation takes a long time to complete, you can get information on the swap operation in the activity log. On your app's resource page in the portal, in the left pane, select Activity log. A swap operation appears in the log query as Swap Upinslot App Slots. You can expand it and select one of the suboperations or errors to see the details.

Route traffic By default, all client requests to the app's production URL ( http://.azurewebsites.net) are routed to the production slot. You can route a portion of the traffic to another slot. This feature is upinslot if you need user feedback for a new update, but you're not ready to release it to production. Route production traffic automatically To route production traffic automatically: • Go to your app's resource page and select Upinslot slots.

• In the Traffic % column of the slot you want to route to, specify a percentage (between 0 and 100) to represent the amount of total traffic you want to route.

Select Save. After the setting is saved, the specified percentage of clients is randomly routed to the non-production slot. After a client is automatically routed to a specific slot, it's "pinned" to that slot for the life of that client session.

On the client browser, you can see which slot your session is pinned to by looking at the x-ms-routing-name cookie in your HTTP headers. A request that's routed to the "staging" slot has the cookie x-ms-routing-name=staging.

A request that's routed to the upinslot slot has the cookie x-ms-routing-name=self. Note You can also use the az webapp traffic-routing set command in the Azure CLI to set the routing percentages from CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions, DevOps pipelines, or other automation systems. Route production traffic manually In addition to automatic traffic routing, App Service can route requests to a specific slot.

This is useful when you want your users to be able to opt in to or opt out of your beta app. To route production traffic manually, you use the x-ms-routing-name query parameter.

To let users opt out of your beta app, for example, you can put this link on your webpage: Go back to production app The string x-ms-routing-name=self specifies the production slot. After the client browser accesses the link, it's redirected to the production slot.

Every subsequent request has the x-ms-routing-name=self cookie that pins the session to the production slot.

To let users opt in to your beta app, set the same query parameter to the name of the non-production slot. Here's an example: .azurewebsites.net/?x-ms-routing-name=staging By default, new slots are given a routing rule of 0%, shown in grey. When you explicitly set this value to 0% (shown in black text), your users can access the staging slot manually by using the x-ms-routing-name query parameter.

But they won't be routed to the slot automatically because the routing percentage is set to 0. This is an advanced scenario where you can "hide" your staging slot from the public while allowing internal teams to test changes on the slot. Delete a slot Search for and select your app. Select Deployment slots > > Overview. The app type is shown as App Service (Slot) to remind you that you're viewing a deployment slot. Select Delete on the command bar. Automate with PowerShell Note This article uses the Azure Az PowerShell module, which is the recommended PowerShell module for interacting with Azure.

To get started with the Az PowerShell module, see Install Azure PowerShell. To learn how to migrate to the Az PowerShell module, see Migrate Azure PowerShell from AzureRM to Az. Azure PowerShell is a module that provides cmdlets to manage Azure through Windows PowerShell, including support for managing deployment slots in Azure App Service.

For information on installing and configuring Azure PowerShell, and on authenticating Azure PowerShell with your Azure subscription, see How to install and configure Microsoft Azure PowerShell.

Create a web app New-AzWebApp -ResourceGroupName [resource group name] -Name [app name] -Location [location] -AppServicePlan [app service plan name] Create a slot New-AzWebAppSlot -ResourceGroupName [resource upinslot name] -Name [app name] -Slot [deployment slot name] -AppServicePlan [app service plan name] Initiate a swap with a preview (multi-phase swap), and apply destination upinslot configuration to the source slot $ParametersObject = @{targetSlot = "[slot name – e.g.

"production"]"} Invoke-AzResourceAction -ResourceGroupName [resource group name] -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites/slots -ResourceName [app name]/[slot name] -Action applySlotConfig -Parameters $ParametersObject -ApiVersion 2015-07-01 Cancel a pending swap (swap with review) and restore the source slot configuration Invoke-AzResourceAction -ResourceGroupName [resource group name] -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites/slots -ResourceName [app name]/[slot name] -Action resetSlotConfig -ApiVersion 2015-07-01 Swap deployment slots $ParametersObject = @{targetSlot = "[slot name – e.g.

"production"]"} Invoke-AzResourceAction -ResourceGroupName [resource group name] upinslot Microsoft.Web/sites/slots -ResourceName [app name]/[slot name] -Action slotsswap -Parameters $ParametersObject -ApiVersion 2015-07-01 Monitor swap events in the activity log Get-AzLog -ResourceGroup [resource group name] -StartTime upinslot -Caller SlotSwapJobProcessor Delete a slot Remove-AzResource -ResourceGroupName [resource group name] -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites/slots –Name [app name]/[slot name] -ApiVersion 2015-07-01 Automate with Resource Manager templates Azure Resource Manager templates are declarative JSON files used to automate the deployment and configuration of Azure resources.

To swap slots by using Resource Manager templates, you will set two properties on the Microsoft.Web/sites/slots and Microsoft.Web/sites resources: • buildVersion: this is a string property which represents the current version of the app deployed in the slot. For example: "v1", "", or "2019-09-20T11:53:25.2887393-07:00". • targetBuildVersion: this is a string property that specifies what buildVersion the slot should have.

If the targetBuildVersion does not equal the current buildVersion, then this will trigger the swap operation by finding the slot which has the specified buildVersion. Example Resource Manager template The following Resource Manager template will update the buildVersion of the staging slot and set the targetBuildVersion on the production slot.

This will swap the two slots.


The template assumes you already have a webapp created with a slot named "staging". { "$schema": "https://schema.management.azure.com/schemas/2015-01-01/deploymentTemplate.json#", "contentVersion": "", "parameters": { "my_site_name": { "defaultValue": "SwapAPIDemo", "type": "String" }, "sites_buildVersion": { "defaultValue": "v1", "type": upinslot } }, "resources": [ { "type": "Microsoft.Web/sites/slots", "apiVersion": "2018-02-01", "name": "[concat(parameters('my_site_name'), '/staging')]", "location": "East US", "kind": "app", "properties": { "buildVersion": "[parameters('sites_buildVersion')]" } }, { "type": upinslot, "apiVersion": "2018-02-01", "name": "[parameters('my_site_name')]", "location": "East US", "kind": "app", "dependsOn": [ "[resourceId('Microsoft.Web/sites/slots', parameters('my_site_name'), 'staging')]" ], "properties": { "targetBuildVersion": "[parameters('sites_buildVersion')]" } } ] } This Resource Manager template is idempotent, meaning that it can be executed repeatedly and produce the same state of the slots.

After the first execution, targetBuildVersion will match the current buildVersion, so a swap will not be triggered. Automate with the CLI For Azure CLI commands for deployment slots, see az webapp deployment slot. Troubleshoot swaps If any error occurs during a slot swap, it's logged in D:\home\LogFiles\eventlog.xml. It's also logged in the application-specific error log.

Here are some common swap errors: • An HTTP request to the application root is timed. The swap operation waits for 90 seconds for each HTTP request, and retries up to 5 times.

If all retries are timed out, the swap operation is stopped. • Local cache initialization might fail when the app content exceeds the local disk quota specified for the local cache. For more information, see Local cache overview.

• During custom warm-up, the HTTP requests are made internally (without going through the external URL). They can fail with certain URL rewrite rules in Web.config. Upinslot example, rules for redirecting domain names or enforcing HTTPS can prevent warm-up requests from reaching the app code. To work around this issue, modify your rewrite rules by adding the following two conditions: .

• Without a custom warm-up, the URL rewrite rules can still block HTTP requests. To work around this issue, modify your rewrite rules by adding the following condition: . • After slot swaps, the app may experience unexpected restarts.

This is because after a swap, the hostname binding configuration goes out of sync, which by itself doesn't cause restarts. However, certain underlying storage events (such as storage volume failovers) may detect these discrepancies and force all worker processes to restart. To minimize these types of restarts, set the WEBSITE_ADD_SITENAME_BINDINGS_IN_APPHOST_CONFIG=1 app setting on all slots.

Upinslot, this app setting does not work with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) apps. Next steps Block access to non-production slots Feedback Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019.

By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Summer Game Fest will kick off this year on June 9th at 2PM ET / 11AM PT, with a live show hosted by, as my colleague Ash Parrish described him, “consummate video game hype-man Geoff Keighley.” According to upinslot press release, the upinslot will be streamed on basically every platform, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook.

After the big premiere show will be Day of upinslot Devs, where indie game developers can show off what they’re working on. As GameSpot notes, developers submit their games for consideration to be included in the show.

Like last year, that show is being presented by Iam8bit and Double Fine, the studio behind games like Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, and Broken Age. The SGF website says to “stay tuned” for its announcement of other partners that will be part of the show.

Who needs Upinslot The elephant in the room for this announcement is E3. Earlier this year, we upinslot that the gaming convention was canceled for this year. It traditionally happened around the same time that Summer Upinslot Fest is scheduled for, but in recent years, there’s been a trend of the big game studios just holding their own press conferences or events. That seems to be the case this year as well; the Summer Game Fest website notes that on June 12th, Microsoft is holding an Xbox and Bethesda games showcase.

Keighley and others seem to be aware of the shifting landscape. Summer Game Fest was announced just as we heard about E3 being canceled, and one person on Twitter joked about the fest being upinslot “Keigh3” this year. It seems that if you’re upinslot for news on a game, Summer Game Fest will be the thing to watch this year. At the show last year we saw an Elden Ring gameplay trailer and the announcement of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
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I plan on heading over to my friends to hang out and check if my SD card works with his Wii. Do you know any common problems with the SD card slot and ways to fix them? Oh and also my Wii is up to date if that affects anything. Click to expand.Yes has happened to me before.


If you have a CLEAN TOOTHBRUSH, damp it gently, and try to brush the inside of the SD SLOT, it's probably dust gathering there. DO NOT BLOW ON IT. DO NOT CLEAN WITH WATER. Just a nice rub with a damp toothbrush. EDIT: YOU BETTER USE ALCOHOL. Forgot about that. Click to expand.Use a flashlight to look into the sd card upinslot if you see dust piling up in there, get a q-tip and insert it in there, if it's tight for it to fit in, use a toothpick and gently scrape the dirt/debris to the outside, repeat for afew times and make sure the pins are apparent on the inside and clean, then insert the sd card adapter and test again.

Also if you don't mind me asking, why are you using a 2GB sd card? Apart from that it has a much higher chance to fail/corrupt, due to it being atleast a decade old, sd cards are so cheap these days you can get 32GB one under 8~7$, and to insure that it would work correctly and to last you longer.

Use a flashlight to look into the sd card reader if you see dust piling up in there, get a q-tip and insert it in there, if it's tight for upinslot to fit in, use a toothpick and gently scrape the upinslot to the outside, repeat for afew times and make sure the pins are apparent on the inside and clean, then insert the sd card adapter and test again.

Also if you don't mind me upinslot, why are you using a 2GB sd card? Apart from that it has a much higher chance to fail/corrupt, due to it being atleast a decade old, sd upinslot are so cheap these days you can get 32GB one under 8~7$, and to insure that it would upinslot correctly and to last you longer. Settings Notifications • Miscellaneous • Inverse message direction • Display editor on top • Enable maximized mode • Display images as links • Hide bot messages • Hide statuses • Upinslot chatter list • Show upinslot from ignored users • Temporarily disable chat • • Receive mention alerts Sound notifications • Normal messages • Private messages • Whisper messages • Mention messages • Bot messages Desktop notifications • Normal messages • Private messages • Upinslot messages • Mention messages • Bot messages Options • Mark Esper details his time in President Trump's Cabinet • Suicide, self-harm, depression and anxiety rates rising among Upinslot.

kids • The leak of the Supreme Court's draft decision on abortion rights • Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share first picture of their daughter • First lady Dr. Jill Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine • Sources: Hunter Biden enlists Hollywood mega-lawyer for counsel, funding • Pelosi says Supreme Court "slapped women in the face" • Police investigating fire at anti-abortion office as arson • Northern Ireland parties vow to work together after Sinn Fein win • • Shows • Live • Local • More • • Latest • Video • Photos • Podcasts • In Depth • Local • Global Thought Leaders • • Log In • Newsletters • Mobile • RSS • CBS Store • Paramount+ • Search • Upinslot • Login With favorite Epicenter and Zandon dueling in front, Rich Strike came charging up the rail for a stunning 80-1 upset in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Upinslot Sonny Leon guided Rich Strike from far back in the 20-horse field to beat 4-1 favorite Epicenter by three-quarters of a length. Zandon was another three-quarters of a length back in third at Churchill Downs in front of a crowd that included former President Donald Trump. Rich Strike (21), with Sonny Leon aboard, beats Epicenter (3), with Joel Rosario aboard, at the finish line to win the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May upinslot, 2022, in Louisville, Ky.

Mark Humphrey / AP "I about fell down in the paddock when he hit the wire," winning trainer Eric Reed said. "I about passed out." Rich Strike triggered the second-biggest upset in the race's 148-year history, paying $163.60 to win.


Only Donerail in 1913 upinslot a higher payout of $184.90. Rich Strike ran 1 1/4 miles in 2:02.61. After taking a bite out of his much costlier competition, Rich Strike playfully chomped the pony that guided him to the winner's circle.

Rich Strike wasn't even in the Derby field until Friday when Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas scratched Ethereal Road, making room for the chestnut colt trained by Eric Reed. "We found out about 30 seconds before the deadline on Friday," Dawson said.

"It put us in the race and really we always felt if we just got in we've got a shot." Both Leon, from Venezuela, and Reed were in their first Derby.

Leon regularly rides on small upinslot, including Ohio. Reed endured a tragedy five years ago when he lost nearly two dozen horses in a barn fire at his training center in Lexington. An exercise rider works Kentucky Derby morning-line favorite Zandon during morning workouts at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, May 5, 2022. Jamie Rhodes-USA Today Sports Leon's rail ride was reminiscent of jockey Calvin Borel's stealth move aboard Mine That Bird upinslot 2009.

Mine That Bird sprang what was then the Derby's third-biggest upset, paying $103.20 to win. "When I was in the last 70 yards, I said, 'I think I got this race,'" Leon said. Rich Strike was purchased by Dawson, who races as RED TR-Racing LLC, for $30,000 last fall when the colt was entered in a low-level claiming race by former owner Calumet Farm.

Calumet Farm owner Brad Kelley might be ruing that decision now. Calumet Farm has won a record eight Kentucky Derbies, but none since 1968, when Forward Pass was placed first via disqualification.

Rich Strike earned $1.86 million for just his second career victory. The colt lost to Zandon in the Blue Grass Stakes last month and was beaten by Epicenter in the Louisiana Derby in March. Simplification finished fourth and Mo Donegal was fifth. This year's race went on without suspended Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert, whom Churchill Downs suspended for two years following Medina Spirit's failed postrace drug test and eventual disqualification as the winner of last year's Derby.

Like other major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Final Four and Major League Baseball games are any indication, the atmosphere for upinslot first jewel in horse racing's Triple Crown had a pre-pandemic feel, though masks were optional.

The 2020 running was delayed until Labor Day weekend, then upinslot without spectators. It returned to its familiar spring slot eight months later in 2021, but with limited capacity.
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5 NFL Draft Prospect Who'll Outplay Draft Slot - The Draft Network football-player football-score football-helmet football-ball Accuracy Arm-Strength Balance Ball-Security Ball-Skills Big-Play-Ability Block-Deconstruction Competitive-Toughness Core-Functional-Strength Decision-Making Discipline Durability Effort-Motor Elusivness Explosiveness Football-IQ Footwork Functional-Athleticism Hand-Counters Hand-Power Hand-Technique Hands Lateral-Mobility Leadership Length Mechanics Mobility Pass-Coverage-Ability Pass-Protection Pass-Sets Passing-Down-Skills Pocket-Manipulation Poise Power-at-POA Progressions RAC-Ability Range Release-Package Release Route-Running Run-Defending Separation Special-Teams-Ability-1 Versatility Vision Zone-Coverage-Skills Anchor-Ability Contact-Balance Man-Coverage-Skills Tackling Lifted Logic Web Design in Kansas City clock location phone email play chevron-down chevron-left chevron-right chevron-up facebook tiktok checkbox checkbox-checked radio radio-selected instagram google plus pinterest twitter youtube send linkedin search arrow-circle bell left-arrow right-arrow tdn-mark filled-play-circle yellow-arrow-circle dark-arrow-circle star cloudy snowy rainy sunny plus minus triangle-down link close drag minus-circle plus-circle pencil premium With an overwhelmingly deep pool of talent, the 2022 NFL Draft did not disappoint under the bright lights of Las Vegas.

From eligible underclassmen to fourth, fifth-year, and even some sixth-year talents, value and pop were to be had on all three days of draft weekend. While seven rounds have come and gone, and 262 players have settled into new homes over the past week, here are a few players—with draft position in mind—that I expect to outplay where they heard their name called on NFL Draft weekend. 1.

EDGE George KarlaftisKansas City Chiefs (No. 30 overall) Karlaftis’ pro projection enjoyed its fair share of ups and downs upinslot the weeks and months leading up to Vegas. One of the least-sexy edge threats in this year’s class, Upinslot won’t blow you away with sub-4.6 speed at 260-plus pounds, jump out of the gym in the vert, or turn heads in the broad jump, but if you’re Kansas City in search of an uber-physical prospect whose aggressive upinslot of play and high IQ allows him to turn the edge with upinslot, Karlaftis is the guy. After three years of standout play at Purdue following a move from Athens, Greece in eighth grade—when he initially began playing football—Karlaftis, in comparison to his fellow rookie classmates, remains upinslot the honeymoon phase with the gridiron While he wasn’t granted the opportunity to compete in the trenches at a young age, where prospects today first put on the pads upinslot they ever learn to tie their shoes, his grace period to learn the intricacies of football from the inside-out allowed little room to upinslot his way from position to position.

And while the saying goes that it takes upinslot 10,000 hours to truly master a craft, the expeditious approach to his learning process and ability to transfer it within the hashes has introduced a prospect with one of the highest performance floors in the entire 2022 class. Double and triple-teamed throughout his time as a Boilermaker, while his sack and intricate analytical numbers won’t jump off the screen in comparison to some of the class’s other 5-tech defenders, sometimes the old-fashioned eye test is all you need upinslot sell yourself on a player.

He’s often been compared to Upinslot Commanders’ sack artist Ryan Kerrigan—a former Boilermaker in his own right, upinslot if anything rings true of upinslot two pocket pushers, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to have success at the upinslot highest level, and I expect Karlaftis to develop into a force to be reckoned with early in his career. 2.

EDGE David OjaboBaltimore Ravens (45th overall) With all the tools in the world to progress into the premier pass rusher in the 2022 class, grabbing Ojabo in the second round was flat out highway robbery from Ravens GM Eric DeCosta. Although many expected Ojabo to redshirt his rookie campaign, he’s expected to be good to go by October and will immediately become a threat to push the pocket working opposite of 2021 first-rounder Odafe Oweh.

His performance ceiling is truly uncapped if everything comes together. 3. QB Malik WillisTennessee Titans (86th overall) The league really let Willis slip upinslot the third round, huh? The most gifted athlete in the class with the skill set upinslot become a top-10 quarterback in football with the necessary skill development, I don’t expect his tenure working behind Ryan Tannehill to last long. At some point, the Titans will have to deliver the ball through the upinslot with some success, and adding Willis’ dual-threat ability will keep defenses honest in defending both the ground game and countering Willis’ elite arm strength. 4.

WR Danny GraySan Francisco 49ers (105th upinslot Who knows what will happen with Deebo Samuel moving forward, but Gray has been a popular name within league circles for a while, and if Samuel does depart, I expect he and Brandon Aiyuk to holster the majority of targets from Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo upinslot fall. A smooth, fluid route runner on the perimeter, Gray’s best football remains down the road, and his game should jigsaw nicely in a heavy play-action, shot play offense under Kyle Shanahan.

5. IDL Thomas BookerHouston Texans (150th overall) A versatile lineman that can slide up and down the defensive front, Houston needs players, and Booker fits the script—and then some. A locker room culture changer who stood out throughout the week at the East-West Shrine Bowl, it won’t take Texans fans long to become enthralled with their versatile stalwart along the guts of their front seven.BONUS DEPOSIT MEMBER BARU 20% ( max 100.000 ) (Slot Livecasino Sportsbook) - berlaku untuk member baru wajib claim bonus di awal.

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Selain banyak permainan Ipinslot yang dihadirkan, Spadegaming juga tahu betul apa yang diinginkan oleh setiap para slotter dengan memberikan pula keuntungan bonus jackpot terbesar yang bisa pemain dapatkan pada setiap putaran permainannya.

• Microgaming Sebagai salah satu pelopor industri iGaming tertua dalam ranah permainan judi slot online, tentu saja Microgaming sudah memiliki lebih banyak pengalaman dalam menghadirkan permainan Ipinslot mudah menang, jackpot terbesar dan pilihan yang sangat lengkap. Terbukti, selama lebih dari 20 upinslot ini Microgaming sudah menyuplai ratusan permainan slot online dengan menawarkan kelebihan lengkap, khususnya dari segi kemenangannya.

• Play N’ Go Daftar provider judi slot terbaik dengan permainan Ipinslot yang paling layak anda mainkan di situs slot online terpercaya adalah Play N’ Go. Memang, Play N’ Go hanya memiliki permainan slot sebanyak 50 jenis permainan, tapi semua permainan slotnya patut diakui mampu memberikan peluang menang yang besar dengan tingkat RTP yang tinggi, serta keuntungan jackpot yang bernilai sangat fantastis, Panduan Cara Daftar Judi Slot Online Resmi Mudah dan Cepat di Situs Ipinslot Terpercaya Jika anda ingin dapat bergabung dengan situs judi slot online terpercaya dan dapat merasakan kepuasan bermain Ipinslot, maka tentunya anda harus melakukan tahapan proses pendaftaran akun terlebih dahulu.

Karena, untuk bisa mengakses semua permainan slot di dalamnya, anda harus mempunyai ID atau akun untuk login yang tentunya bisa anda dapatkan lewat layanan daftar judi slot online resmi di Upinslot. Siapapun bettor yang hendak bergabung dengan situs Ipinslot terpercaya dipastikan mudah dengan syarat daftar yang tidak menyulitkan dan senantiasa bisa dilakukan kapan saja dengan layanan daftar slot online 24 jam yang diberikan.

Nah, untuk bisa lebih memudahkan anda gabung dan bermain di situs judi slot online gacor terpercaya di Indonesia, berikut beberapa cara daftarnya yang perlu anda lakukan: 1. Akses ke situs judi Ipinslot resmi dan terpercaya melalui perangkat apa saja yang anda gunakan. 2. Di halaman utama situs judi slot online resmi, anda bisa pilih menu upinslot yang terdapat di pojok kanan atas.

3. Isi dengan lengkap formulir pendaftaran dengan menyertakan beberapa data valid seperti username, password, alamat email, nomor handphone / telepon, metode pembayaran atau jenis bank, nama rekening bank, nomor rekening bank dan beberapa data lain yang juga memungkinkan untuk disertakan. 4. Klik daftar / submit di bawah, maka pendaftaran anda akan diproses sebelum nantinya anda akan diberikan username dan password sebagai akses untuk bermain judi Ipinslot.

Selain mendaftar akun, syarat lain dimana anda bisa memainkan permainan Ipinslot dan beberapa jenis game lain yakni melakukan proses transaksi deposit. Sama seperti layanan daftar judi slot online yang diberikan, situs agen Ipinslot terpercaya juga akan memberikan anda kemudahan deposit dengan pilihan metode pembayaran yang lengkap serta minimal deposit yang sangat terjangkau.

Pilihan Jenis Taruhan Judi Online Terbaik yang Tersedia di Situs Judi Slot Terpercaya Judi slot upinslot merupakan permainan judi online utama yang disediakan situs judi slot terpercaya di Indonesia. Meskipun demikian, banyak pula pilihan jenis taruhan judi online lain yang tidak kalah menariknya dari game slot dimana juga bisa anda mainkan melalui situs Ipinslot paling terpercaya.

Dengan menghadirkan banyak pilihan jenis permainan judi online, tentu pihak agen judi slot berharap setiap pemain atau member di dalamnya bisa lebih puas bermain judi online yang tidak hanya diperoleh dari bermain judi slot saja. Lantas, permainan judi online apa saja yang disediakan situs Ipinslot selain permainan judi slot online? Berikut kami informasikan kepada anda mengenai beberapa daftar jenis taruhan judi online terbaik yang disediakan situs judi slot terpercaya di Indonesia: • Judi bola Dari daftar jenis permainan judi online terbaik dan paling populer di situs Ipinslot terpercaya selain permainan slot tidak lain adalah judi bola online.

Judi bola adalah taruhan sportsbook atau taruhan judi olahraga yang sangat banyak diminati para penggemar taruhan online karena menarik dan juga terbilang mudah untuk dimainkan. Bahkan, bermain judi bola online di situs judi slot terpercaya bisa membuat anda merasa puas dan berpeluang mendapatkan keuntungan lebih mudah dengan banyaknya pilihan jenis pasaran judi bola yang disediakan.

Karena memang, dalam taruhan judi bola sendiri setiap pemain atau bettor perlu memilih salah satu dari beberapa jenis pasaran judi bola yang disediakan sebelum dapat bertaruh. Untuk beberapa daftar pasaran judi bola terbaik dan terlengkap yang disediakan situs slot terpercaya antara lain meliputi judi bola mix parlay, handicap, 1 x 2, half time / full time, odd / even, over / under, outright dan pasaran judi bola terbaik lainnya.

• Bandar Togel Online Seperti halnya judi bola, permainan judi togel atau toto gelap juga menjadi pilihan taruhan judi upinslot populer lain dimana dulunya hanya bisa dimainkan lewat bandar togel darat upinslot.

Tetapi saat ini, situs slot terpercaya yang juga berperan sebagai bandar togel online terpercaya menyediakan permainan judi togel dengan lebih mudah, lebih menguntungkan dan lebih memuaskan dengan banyaknya pilihan pasaran togel paling lengkap. Di bandar togel online terpercaya, anda bisa meningkatkan peluang kemenangan atau keberhasilan menebak angka upinslot pasaran dengan adanya infomasi prediksi togel paling lengkap dan akurat untuk semua jenis pasaran.

Soal keuntungan, bandar togel online terbesar juga hadirkan berbagai macam jenis keuntungan dan promo menarik untuk taruhan togel ini, baik itu diskon togel, bonus new member hingga keuntungan lain yang bisa didapatkan. • Live Casino Online Jenis taruhan judi terbaik dan paling menarik lain dimana juga layak untuk anda mainkan di situs judi Ipinslot terpercaya yaitu permainan live casino online.

Live casino sebenarnya adalah permainan taruhan judi yang biasa banyak dimainkan di tempat-tempat khusus tertentu yang menyediakannya saja. Namun, permainan live casino online yang kita kenal sekarang sudah semakin gampang diakses dan dimainkan dengan pilihan jenis permainan live casino online paling lengkap.

Sebagaimana yang upinslot anda dapat temukan di situs slot online terpercaya, dimana banyak pilihan jenis upinslot judi live casino online yang dapat dimainkan seperti baccarat, live roulette, blackjack, sicbo, dragon tiger dan taruhan upinslot live casino online terbaik dan populer lain. Baik permainan slot, judi bola ataupun live casino online ini pastinya upinslot situs agen judi slot dari platform judi paling ternama dan berkualitas.

Tips dan Trik Cara Menang Main Judi Ipinslot Mudah dan Cepat Hanya karena permainan judi slot online mudah dimainkan, belum tentu anda bisa mudah mendapatkan atau meraih kemenangan jika tidak dibarengi dengan cara main yang tepat. Karena itulah, untuk bisa memenangkan taruhan judi Ipinslot, anda pun perlu memiliki setidaknya beberapa trik atau strategi paling jitu yang biasa digunakan para slotter profesional.

Adapun beberapa tips dan trik cara menang main judi Ipinslot dengan mudah dan cepat diantaranya sebagai berikut: • Tentukan beberapa jenis permainan judi slot paling sesuai untuk anda mainkan. • Cobalah bermain di permainan slot terbaik yang memiliki nilai RTP tertinggi.

• Jangan pernah berhenti bermain judi slot sampai anda mendapatkan bonus pertama. • Tidak terburu-buru saat memainkan permainan judi slot online • Main slot dengan kombinasi taruhan besar dan kecil. FAQ – Upinslot Umum Seputar Situs Judi Online Upinslot dan Judi Ipinslot No. 1 di Indonesia Apa itu situs judi Ipinslot? Sesuai namanya, situs Ipinslot adalah situs judi slot online upinslot menyediakan layanan bermain slot online bagi bettor dengan menghadirkan beberapa banyak jenis permainan Ipinslot dengan peluang menang yang sangat besar.

Karena seperti yang kita ketahui, setiap permainan slot online mempunyai peluang menang yang berbeda dan tidak selalu sama. Untuk situs Ipinslot dan terpercaya ini menyediakan permainan slot mudah menang upinslot biasanya bisa dilihat dari nilai RTP lebih tinggi pada setiap jenis-jenis permainan slot yang disediakannya tersebut.

Apa saja provider judi slot terbaik dan paling gacor yang ada di situs slot upinslot terpercaya no. 1 di Indonesia? Dengan menghadirkan banyak pilihan jenis permainan judi Ipinslot, maka sudah pasti kalau situs judi slot terpercaya juga mengusung beberapa banyak provider slot gaming pilihan terbaik serta berkualitas. Adapun beberapa nama provider judi slot terbaik dan paling gacor yang ada di situs slot online terpercaya no.

1 di Indonesia diantaranya meliputi: • Pragmatic Play • Upinslot Soft (Pocket Game Soft) • Habanero • YGGDrasil • Isoftbet • Joker Gaming / Joker123 Slot • CQ9 Gaming • Microgaming • Spadegaming • Play N’ Go Permainan judi online apa saja yang disediakan oleh situs Ipinslot dan terpercaya di Indonesia?

Untuk memberikan rasa puas serta kenyamanan dalam bermain judi online bagi membernya, situs judi Ipinslot dan terpercaya di Indonesia juga menghadirkan banyak sekali pilihan jenis permainan judi online terbaik dan menarik yang bisa member akses seluruhnya dengan mudah. Umumnya, tiap jenis permainan judi online yang disediakan situs agen slot terpercaya adalah permainan-permainan yang populer serta paling banyak diminati para bettor seperti: 1.

Game judi slot online 2. Judi bola online & sportsbook 3. Live casino online 4. Judi togel dengan bandar togel terpercaya 5. Arcade game, dll. Kapan keuntungan bermain judi slot online gacor bisa saya dapatkan di situs judi slot terpercaya?

Keuntungan bermain judi slot online gacor bisa anda peroleh apabila anda telah mendaftar dan tergabung sebagai member resmi situs resmi judi terpercaya Ipinslot. Keuntungan terbesar juga bisa anda peroleh ketika menang bermain judi slot dengan beberapa keuntungan menarik seperti bayaran kemenangan yang realistis, promo bonus menarik hingga keuntungan jackpot terbesar.

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